Are You Still Voting for a Democrat or a Republican?

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Do you think voting for one party over the other is the answer? Do you think one party has your kind of answers and the other is wrong on the issues? If yes, then you are a duped fool without a clue of what is destroying the U.S.A. and your lifestyle.shyster

Reprinted from Zerohedge –

The U.S. House just passed a bill called H.R. 992 – the Swaps Regulatory Improvement Act – that was literally written by mega-bank lobbyists. It repeals the laws passed in 2010 to prevent another meltdown like the one that crashed our economy in 2008. The repeal was co-sponsored by a former Goldman Sachs executive and passed with bipartisan support from some of the House’s largest recipients of Wall Street cash. It’s so appalling… so unbelievable… so blatantly corrupt… that you’ve got to see it to believe it:

In 2010, Congress passed the “Dodd-Frank” law to clamp down on risky “derivatives trading” that led to the financial collapse of 2008. Dodd-Frank was weakened by banking lobbyists from the start and has been under attack by those lobbyists ever since. Now a new law written by Citigroup lobbyists (we couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried) exempts derivatives trading from regulation, and was passed this week by the House of Representatives with broad bipartisan support.

It sounds bad… but don’t worry, it gets much, much worse:

  • The New York Times reports that 70 of the 85 lines in the new House bill were literally written by Citigroup lobbyists (Citigroup was one of the mega-banks that brought our economy to its knees in 2008 and received billions in taxpayer money.)
  • The same report also revealed “two crucial paragraphs…were copied nearly word for word.” You can even view the original documents and see how Citigroup’s lobbyists redrafted the House Bill, striking out ideas they didn’t like and replacing them with ones they did.
  • The bills are sponsored by Randy Hultgren (R – IL), and co-sponsored by Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) and others. Himes is a former Goldman Sachs executive, and chief fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
  • Maplight reports that the financial industry is the top source of campaign funding for 6 of the bills’ 8 cosponsors.
  • Maplight’s data shows that members of the House received $22,425,740 million from interest groups that support the bill — that’s 5.8 times more than it received from interest groups opposed.
  • “House aides, when asked why Democrats would vote for this proposal even though the Obama administration opposes it, offered a political explanation. Republicans have enough votes to pass it themselves, so vulnerable House Democrats might as well join them, and collect industry money for their campaigns.” — New York Times

Yep, it’s actually that bad. For the full story, check out this revealing piece by Represent.Us Communications Director Mansur Gidfar. You can also find out if your Rep. voted for H.R.992 here.

We elect Representatives to the House to represent us, the people — but both parties now refuse to do the job we elected them to do. And they won’t until we force them to

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  1. 8, jacob and gary, the NRA has always been a “wholly owned subsidiary” of the GOP since it was established. It was formed by members of the GAR, which was the biggest gang of statist assholes ever to form a veteran’s group. The NRA has proposed, and/or lobbied for, and/or written (through its ILA) EVERY SINGLE MAJOR GUNCONTROL LAW EVER PASSED BY CONGRESS, staring with the 1934 federal firearms act.

    The NRA is the oldest and largest guncontrol organization in the US. Just thought I’d throw that out there in case y’all didn’t already know it.

    • @Ed – Exactly. That is why the “We will only give you the limited opinion news we want you to hear” media always uses them like they are Moses coming down from the mountain.

      Someone sure screwed up letting Alex Jones and Larry Pratt loose. I could almost hear the emergency damage control meetings from here.

    • Ed, I live the aftermath every day. I was young and idealistic once and it finally hit me how duplicitous an organization it was. I withdrew my support and consent and then during the 80’s it became so obviously apparent what their agenda was even some of my friends caught on too. What they did in the 90’s though with blow job was not to be forgiven and now I have to live with the tyranny of their legislation. Yep, I get it. I do appreciate your calling them out on the 1934 gun control law since they could have defeated it. Just like all good pols, looking to eat some shit so they can pass it on(their absolute joy in life)and add to it. See me, see how much better I am than you are? Kiss my ass long enough and I’ll eventually let you suck me off and give you a pat on the head cause I’m the NRA and my shit doesn’t really stink, not if you BELIEVE. Let me introduce you to my biggest turd, Glenn Beck. He’s making a killing off you since you don’t have the insight to use the internet. And now a Faux News special report, this just in, Hannity is really a good guy. Remember where you heard it boys and girls, Hannity is The Man. Yeah yeah yeah Oh, no, I’m not really The Man, I’m giving him a reach around right now…ain’t I Rupert?

      • 8, remember that the GAR was the grand army of the republic, a union veteran’s organization formed after Lincoln’s war that lobbied for all kinds of bennies for union vets. The NRA was their organization and they funded it with money they squeezed out of Congress.

        The NRA is a very visible reminder of the duplicity of the GOP.

        • Garysco, sitting here listening to King of the Cowboys. Too bad this generation of thugs didn’t have role models who never killed anyone, maybe shot the worst in the arm to disarm them, knocked ’em out and tied ’em up, but killing was going too far.

          • @8 – That is what the global masters want for us. It is drenched in the movies, magazines, TV shows, news, Grand Theft Auto games, military worship and culture. The dystopian – dialectic mind game is once the public plays along it brings on the police state, Brady laws and Mothers Against Guns to protect us from it. All while the bosses at the top are insulated with armed guards up in the castle. A clever plan don’t you think?

          • Garysco, I’m no great fan of Wayne La Pierre but her wrote a great article in this months NRA mag outlining how BO had signed an executive order in Jan in direct violation of a law passed by congress to not allow govt. sponsored organizations like the CCDC(communist center for disease control and anything else they want to control)to effect anything such as a gun control measure or using those funds to do anything along those lines. Of course they ignore shit out of it. I have the print version so don’t have a link but this is a worthwhile read. I give Wayne a hearty attaboy even though I’m not too hot on the NRA since they wrote the spray and pray legislation in the Brady Bill that’s been used against countless people to steal their property and their freedom so they never get a chance to defend themselves. They have a record of throwing some group or another to the wolves for some asshole thing like a bayonet lug on a rifle. Of course the entire federal system is based on un-Constitutional means and laws. I”m amazed that no one has ever written about this since so many people have been deprived of everything with it and its use is widespread. Maybe I should contact Napolitano about it.

          • @8 – The NRA has had to rethink their money pot since Larry Pratt over at GOA made them look like the political gun control lackeys they are.

          • Garysco, GAO is where my money goes. A friend who doesn’t do internet thinks NRA is the premier service due to their PR, not realizing what all is really happening. He bought my wife a sub to them. I can’t get across to him how much info he misses by watching tv shows and reading mainstream firearm mags… this week’s fiasco with Dick Metcalf at G&A. I haven’t bought a G&A since the 80’s.

          • Larry Pratt, and the GOA, are the shizzle.

            Let us not forget that Piers Morgan’s douche baggery to Larry Pratt was a big source of Alex Jones’ best performance:


            The fake british accent mocking near the end…epic. I have talked shit about Alex Jones before, but especially the more I’ve been watching him lately, the dude is spot on. (I just can’t stand his bullcrap products he tries to shove down my throat…)

            The NRA can go shove it right up their asses, with their “Rand Paul” tactics of sucking off the establishment in a pathetic attempt to “make a difference”.

            Ron Paul, Larry Pratt, Alex Jones. People who don’t bend over and take it in the butt in order to further the agenda of freedom.

          • Jacob I wish everybody would catch on. NRA has been throwing various groups to the fed dogs since decades before you were a gleam in your mama’s eye. I was a member starting in the 60’s and watched all their shenanigans and gave them up in 1980, my “stick me with a fork” moment for them.

          • @Jacob – AJ is alright to get people long enough to listen to what is happening. But he is like the annoying loud alarm clock you throw your shoe at in the morning. Sooner or later you have to move on to deeper knowledge, or be stuck just yelling at the cops on the parade route.

          • Dear Gary, 8sm,


            Been away from the USSA for many years now.

            But I had already dropped my support for the NRA and switched it over to GOA before leaving.

            The NRA wimped out too many times. GOA by contrast, stuck to its guns. Pun intended.

  2. Shit. That article made me lose all interest in everything. I’ll probably just go hang my ownself now. To think that such a self absorbed bunch of vapid and evil ninnies are in charge of everything I might try to do is demoralizin’.

    • Ed, it’s more than disgusting, it’s downright demoralizing….or is that what you just said? I’m not easily swayed but you, Mama Liberty and others were saying voting is only enabling the very people who abuse us. I concur. Again, stick me with a fork, I’m done… that is. I read yesterday where a Libertarian politician made an amazing advance, 6.5% of the vote, up from .7%, disgusting. And now after what happened in Va. with the supposed Libertarian candidate, just another tool of the ruling elite.

      • Yep. Ron Paul was my last hope for the system. Now that I see he got thoroughly silenced the mainstream media and the sheeple public who said “he could never win, just vote for the lesser of two evils”, I’m fucking done. Moving out of the city, to a farming community, American society can go fuck itself if they think they can come running to people like “us” because I personally am totally done trying, at least in the “official” sense.

        Gary Johnson ran on the Libertarian ticket, but even he supported the war in Afghanistan, so fuck him (despite the fact I agreed with him on pretty much every other one of his points). Fuck voting, fuck the government. And screw everyone who is too stupid to recognize there is no hope left for “saving” the country. It has been going bad and will continue going bad until it finally collapses in on itself. Will “we” see that day? I really don’t know. All I know is I’ll be living as self sufficiently as possible so if/when that day comes when I’m still alive, I won’t be as screwed as the rest of the sheeple.

        Despite the glass being less than half empty, it’s cool to know there are others who think and live likewise.


        • Jacob, I have a skill set for you to learn if you don’t know already, home canning. Nothing better than canned anything. Got a hankering for fish but don’t want to thaw that package of blue cat or crappie out, just grab a jar of carp cubes and go to town. Okra not in season, grab a jar and eat it cold if you like…and get a jar of that spicy pickled okra out and put in the fridge for when you want a good munchie that’ll clean your palate too. Anything you can eat, you can can except dairy although canned milk is fine. Wish you had some of that good chili you made from wild pig and deer? Go get a jar. Green beans, blackeye peas, all that good stuff is great canned.

          • Thank you for the tip, and it is certainly on my list of “self sufficient things to learn”. Not to expose too much about myself, but I already know how to grow plants, organically, and very well (if I do say so myself). Canning is certainly the next step in the self sufficient equation, but thank you for reiterating it. Saying so puts it that much higher on my priority list.

            I have other youtube videos in mind, but now that I’ve quit smoking weed (yes, I just typed that. Because fuck you government, I’ve got jack shit for you to raid and show to the public now that I’ve quit) but at some point in the near future I will document my indoor growing of plants (and yes, indoor growing. Since I’m planning on selling my house within the next year I am not going to attempt outdoor growing in my backyard, it would just be a total waste of my time. I will do that at my next, rural, house). And now that you’ve said canning, I really need to make videos of my exploits of learning how to can said plants, for the benefit of anyone else trying to learn how to can things themselves. Because I’m sure that when I first attempt to try canning, just like my first attempts at everything else, I will fail miserably but I will learn valuable facts and I hope to share those facts with other like-minded people.


          • And since I just mentioned “indoor plants”…the first indoor plants I will be growing and (hopefully, showing on youtube) is garlic. I have a few cloves sitting on my counter top right now that I’m waiting for roots to sprout, once they do I will move them into organic soil under some fluorescent lights in a grow box I already have constructed.

            And even though I just said in a previous post I won’t be growing outdoors, that was a lie because I have a tomato plant in some composted soil sitting on my back patio growing right now (here in AZ I can grow outdoors year round pretty much worry free of any frost. And I didn’t even plant this tomato plant, it either came from the compost pile I had or the pigeon shit that flowed off my roof). But I will also be planting some russet potatoes in containers outdoors too, I just don’t plan on documenting them.

            And while I’m hyped up talking about myself and my shitty youtube videos, if I get drunk enough tomorrow off of egg nog and brandy (both were on sale at my local supermarket) I will be videotaping myself singing a christmas carol, while shitfaced on said drinks, to the government, wearing a “christmas sweater” much like Larken Rose is wearing in his video “I’m allowed to rob you” (I’ve been singing the carol to myself in my head every time I’ve gotten drunk over the past week or two)


            Fuck the government. And much respect to all like minded, self sufficient, personal responsibility loving people out there reading these typed words.

          • Jacob, you won’t fail canning. It’s easy. Expertise is just getting to know how much to put in and how much liquid to maximize your jars and you’ll have that down after a couple batches of what ever you are canning, probably have it down after the first batch. I have pulled some fairly old jars out of basements and cellars where the veggies look like they were canned yesterday. Hell, just grow some pinto beans, peas, tomatoes, squash and a couple other things in flower beds, works well and if they’re under the eave you won’t have to water as much. I’ve grown under lights too and NOTHING is as good under lights as it is outside, nothing. Good luck with your videos, wish I could have viewed the one you did but dial up sucks.

          • Thank you again for the tips. I have heard that same thing from others, that nothing compares to outdoor grown. I very much look forward to learning/tasting/appreciating homegrown outdoor plants.

          • Jacob – have fun and good luck with growing garlic! I think you’ll find your harvest to be much better than what you can find in a typical grocery store – most garlic sold in the US is from China, where they crowdsource production to poor peasants, who use “nightsoil” for fertilizer. US production couldn’t compete on price. Ten years ago I worked for a season at an experimental farm for garlic and onions, and a lot of the US farms were shifting to other crops.

            Btw – track down some bulbs of Spanish Garlic, we had some on the farm; cloves about double the size of regular g, and very mild and sweet, no metallic taste at all, Very tasty to eat raw, and doesn’t give you Mustard Gas breath.

            Garlic is an attractive and interesting plant – the flower fruits into a cluster of tiny garlic cloves.

          • Horse Badorties, thank you for sharing that knowledge. I will absolutely try to track down some Spanish garlic. I don’t doubt the garlic sitting on my counter top is some Chinese bull crap.

            And just to explain: I chose garlic because I god damn love garlic. I am a short and stout person, and get fat extremely easy. I have found that eating white meat (mainly chicken) at least 4 or 5 days out of the week, keeps me slim, and I god damn love me some chicken marinated in soy sauce and garlic. Super basic, super cheap, super tasty, super healthy. (at least compared to my other meat of choice, ribeye motherfucking steak with Worcestershire sauce, russet potato loaded with sour cream, salt, and pepper, and asparagus aka super smelly piss maker. You can bet your balls I’ll be cooking some of that on my day off tomorrow god frickin’ dammit!)

          • Jacob, first things to plant when you’re where you want to be, asparagus, it takes a while, 3-4 years to really hit its stride and a garlic bed too cause it’s almost as slow to make permanent. Home grown asparagoo after the first year or so will be as big as your thumb, so tender you can suck it through your teeth and a taste so sweet you won’t believe the stuff you’ve eaten your whole life is the same veggie….and not the same smell either.

          • 🙂 cool. I’ll share another story aout garlic, that doesn’t apply to you now, but I think you’ll relate to.

            More than a decade a go, I was staying with friends, looking for full time work, and helping in mod development for a Q2 game, and creating maps for Q3. My roomie was one of those, “Oh, I have to do ____________, better smoke a joint first.” types. I never got that – being high all the time is like not being high, only more expensive.
            So one morning he’s going to do a computer upgrade, wants me as his “wingman.” So of course we had to make an offering of smoke. Right after that, the phone rings – it’s for me; a place I’d applied to wants me to come in in an hour for interview and drug test.

            This should be fun.
            I’d read back in the 70’s that garlic was a blood cleanser, and the technique seemed to work, helping with colds and various other conditions. So I went into the kitchen, peeled & lopped the hard bits off of three cloves of garlic, which I swallowed like pills with about a half gallon of distilled water. Took a shower, got out, pissed like a racehorse, etc.

            Interview went well, and the drug test… she came up to me & said that the test showed just the faintest indication of THC, they had to wait the full development time of the test to see anything. Was there any other meds that I was on? I told her that I’d been on a muscle relaxant a week or two before for back problems – (true story, but I only took one because it made me feel like a zombie for 36 hours.)
            Ah, that must be it. Hired.

            If you’re trying to control your weight, explore

          • Thank you very much, everyone, for all the advice.

            8: Again, thanks for the advice and especially since I love me some asparagus and because you’re mentioning it, it is that much higher on my priority list.

            So far, I think the things to plant outdoors once I’m where I want to be will be the things I most commonly eat now:
            Russet potatoes
            Sweet potatoes
            (although I already mentioned I am currently growing a tomato plant, tomatoes can go F themselves, I’m just not that big a fan of them and they’re a ridiculous nitrogen hog. Although now that I type that, I suppose broccoli is probably a ridiculous nitrogen hog too. I only assume that because it’s such a big, green, plant. More research needed…)

            My plan, at least at first, is for a few egg laying chickens and a garden. Thanks to all the advice and my prior knowledge, I think the garden aspect will be well planned. And again, it will be all organic. I’ll chop up any weeds growing, and compost them, into the super clay soil that is prevalent here in AZ, amended with store bought soil and organic fertilizers like earthworm castings and bat guano. (I’ve already made my own earthworm castings and now that the temperature is cool again here in the desert, I need to buy me some more worms to continue composting my kitchen scraps).

            All that said, I have seen way too many people (online) get way too excited about the planning stages of their supposed life. Here’s toasting to the fact that I’ll actually do it, or be shunned. *clink*

          • Good story Horse, and couldn’t be timed better:

            I last smoked weed on 10-31-13. My new job just drug tested me yesterday (11-7-13)…and yes government, you’re very fucking welcome for me documenting this shit…anyways…. Although I was tripping balls in my head about the drug test, I decided to say fuck it, I shook all my coworkers hands (I work for a really small company, less than 12 employees), said it was nice knowing you but I’m about to get fired… told my boss I was going to fail the test, he said fuck it, just piss and see what happens… I passed the test hahaha… I’ve decided to not smoke weed again until I sell my current home and plant my ass in a farming community… so to the government reading this, once I move and have my ass planted, you know when to raid my house now, you fucks (lol). But until then, I’m one drug free, tax paying, law abiding mofo. Who is now this much more amped up to tell my story to the world, because I have jack shit for the government to jump on, although I’m sure they can pull some super duper shit right out of thin air… but that said, especially since I’ve quit smoking weed, my testosterone and I are saying “BRING IT ON MOTHERFUUUUUUCKERS!!!!” Now excuse me while I violently masturbate…

          • Horse that was weird. I had a long thought about a pot episode from 40 years ago and then check in and find your post, deja vu….all over again. I was looking at a wine making kit and got to thinking about an old friends mother whose house was the only one I ever knew to be the place of an explosion of home made wine. And that led me to remembering a story she told me back then. She smoked pot with her kids, my friends, and her son who was grown lived next door. She lived in this big old house that was way off the ground, esp in the back where the ground fell off. She was at her son’s house smoking pot and it was so good she got really blasted. She was a very small woman so she probably got off quickly. It was night time in the winter so she leaves out in the dark for her house and as she’s coming up to the house she says the house just kept getting taller and taller and the back steps which actually were huge steps and like only 3 of them as I remember took you 3 feet or more into the house. So she’s getting intimidated by those steps, the house, the whole thing and as she gets closer the steps get taller and she said she didn’t think she would be able to get in the house. Of course she did but the feeling was so strong she quit smoking, never got high again. She was a great woman, really funny lady. Definitely not a clover since she was up for just about anything.

            Jacob, you don’t eat peppers? Man, they’re my mainstay, all kinds of hot peppers that just make our meals to a great extent as far as spice/peppers go. We grow lots of herbs too, make basil pesto to die for. Oh, brussels sprouts, that’s a slow grower you’ll want to plant right away since it might not come off till several months later growing in a hot clime. We make specific beds for herbs but companion planting them in the garden is a great way to keep pests off other veggies. It’s easy to find a guide for that.Dang, I’m ready to garden right now. Let it rain.

        • Hey Jacob,

          I’ll gibs you on bit of advice I wish I had followed myself:

          Try your best to move to a place where there are like-minded people. Ideally, where you have friends who share your views and will have your back (and vice versa) when times get tough. Dom and I talk about this a lot. No matter how much you prepare, by yourself, things will be a lot tougher from any standpoint.

          The ideal scenario would be four or five guys who are tight locating themselves and their families in a rural setting, each on their own piece of land, but all within 5 or so minutes of one another.

      • Yep, 8. The way I see it, voting is the same as me agreeing to be ruled by whatever jackoff takes office. Even if I didn’t vote for the winner, I’ve gone along with their game and I’m obligated to be a good loser. What makes a good loser is practice. Lose enough times and you come to expect it.

        Come to think of it, nobody I voted for, the entire time I played their game, has ever won. The ones who won the elections I voted in went on to do the most mind numbingly evil shit imaginable.

        If I don’t vote, then I had no hand in selecting any of the assholes who take office. One guy I know said that if I didn’t vote for Romney then that was the same as voting for Obama. I said, well I’m not voting for Obama so ain’t that the same as voting for Romney?

        It makes no fuckin sense at all to me. It’s like saying I didn’t know whether to shit or go blind so I closed one eye and farted.

        • “One guy I know said that if I didn’t vote for Romney then that was the same as voting for Obama. I said, well I’m not voting for Obama so ain’t that the same as voting for Romney?

          It makes no fuckin sense at all to me. It’s like saying I didn’t know whether to shit or go blind so I closed one eye and farted.”

          …yet another awesome t-shirt quote that needs to be happen.

          • Dear Jacob,

            “One guy I know said that if I didn’t vote for Romney then that was the same as voting for Obama. I said, well I’m not voting for Obama so ain’t that the same as voting for Romney?”


            I’ve always rebutted fallacies by first scrutinizing them for defects in a priori logic. If fallacies can be rebutted by showing that their internal logic is defective, one does not even need to waste time and energy compiling a dossier on them.

            For example, one need not spend years studying Keynesian “economics” to realize that it is total bullshit. Keynesianism, which claims it can get something for nothing, is essentially the economic counterpart to perpetual motion in physics.

          • Thank you, Bevin, but that was Ed’s quote.

            But good points. Since I recently found out (from you telling Eric) that Russia has a 13 percent flat tax I’ve come to realize that there are a shit ton of “awake” people out there, they’re just not here in America. “We” Americans are too busy cashing “our” welfare checks and following pop culture to accept the fact “our” fate is sealed. Freedom in this country will continue to be incrementally eroded because the sheeple are sheep. Case in point, I just made a post about Alex Jones’ awesome performance on the Piers Morgan show. There are a ton of “pro gun” (excuse this word but I can’t help myself) faggots that claim to be pro-gun but think that if “we” just keep slowing sucking the dick of the establishment “we” will make a difference. They are a bunch of sheep, just like the people supporting Keynesian economics, and they are the exact reason “we” are going to straight to hell (arguably “we” are already there).

          • Dear Ed, Jacob,

            Sorry for the misattribution.

            Anyway, it was one hell of an observation, all about seeing what’s right under one’s nose.

            That’s why Yogi Berra was so Zen like in his wit. He played on the obvious yet unseen.

            As he put it so well, “You can observe a lot by just watching.”

          • Dear Jacob,

            The Ugly Truth is that any words or deeds that strengthen the apparent legitimacy of “The Government,” merely contributes to the problem.

            Conservatives who persist in supporting the GOP as an ostensible “firewall” against liberal democratic socialism, merely add gasoline to the collectivist bonfire.

            There is no such thing as a “government that defends our liberties” as a bulwark against “tyrannical government.” All government is tyrannical government, by its very nature.

            The difference is not matter of degrees, but rather a matter of time. Over time a “government that merely defends our liberties,” such as the US government, reveals its true nature, and reveals that it was a “tyrannical government” from Day One.

            One might say that Annakin Skywalker did not become Darth Vader. Annakin Skywalker always was Darth Vader. He merely needed time to show his true colors.

            And so it is with “limited, constitutional government.”

          • Well said, Bevin.

            I believe this is a quote from you from a few months ago on this website, “Limited government is just tyranny in it embryonic stage”. That is an excellent quote dude. Spot on.

            Although I myself am an anarchist it’s too bad that the sheeple public have such a negative thought about the term “anarchy”. One thing I’ve found that helps nudge people into anarchy, at least some people in my family, is to discuss the farms “we” all lived on when “we” first immigrated to America. “Were we good people on the boats to America because it was law, or were we good because it was simply good to be good? And once we got to America, and lived on farms, were we good people on these farms because we wanted to please the government, or were we good people on these farms because it’s good to be good people?” The response is an obvious “because it’s good to be good” so then I say “So why do we need a government? It only taxes us, we can be good people without it.” To which there is a small pause, and then my grandma says “Jacob, you should run for office” and I say “god dammit grandma, did you not just hear what the fuck I said about the government not needing to exist?” Then I get excused from the dinner table without being allowed to finish my food. :'(

            I of course made up the last response after my grandmother telling me to run for office, because no way in hell am I that much of a dipshit to tell my grandmother that. But hopefully it was funny and I got my point across.

          • Dear Jacob,

            To which there is a small pause, and then my grandma says “Jacob, you should run for office” and I say “god dammit grandma, did you not just hear what the fuck I said about the government not needing to exist?”


            Case in point, the Libertarian Party, which I once supported.

            Merely reaffirms the Myth of Authority, which must instead be shattered.


          • Bevin, “One might say that Annakin Skywalker did not become Darth Vader. Annakin Skywalker always was Darth Vader. He merely needed time to show his true colors.

            And so it is with “limited, constitutional government.”

            So….drug out the big hammer to hit that nail eh? What percentage of the “public” do you think realize that? Got that many zeroes?

          • The USSA is ruled by fallacies. The top two in the political realm are “If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain” and “If you vote for someone other than a D or an R, you’re wasting your vote. ” In economics, it’s the insanity of Keynesianism.

            Reading Keynes, I get the impression that he must have intended his General Theory as a joke, a parody of an economics book, not expected to be taken seriously. For example, he correctly shows that savings = investment, but then spends chapters arguing that investment is good and savings are bad for the economy. And then his analysis of economic behavior in terms of aggregates is so outlandish that I can’t believe any serious person could buy it.

            All of the fallacies feed my pessimistic side, because so many millions of people who have decent instincts buy into them and have insufficient intellectual curiosity to figure out that they are indeed fallacious. The school system ensures that this will remain the case. It not only instills obedience to authority, it inculcates total submission to the pronouncements of “experts”. The government’s propaganda is presented as coming from the experts, so boobus Americanus can’t conceive of disputing it.

            Despite those negative thoughts, I remain generally optimistic. But that’s a topic for another time.

          • Mike in Spotsy, I’m reading “Where Have All the Soldiers Gone?” by James Sheehan, a relatively new work published in ’08. He points out so many people at the start of the 20th century were such old school they feared complacency in society made it weak. The fallacy in that belief of course is that some other country is always waiting in the wings with a war of aggression, something people like Norman Angell rejected but people such as H.G. Wells wholeheartedly endorsed. The US was a country so caught up in it’s people progressing and moving along in life it was perceived by many of those “philosophers” or what I’d terms “old school backward statists” that the country was always at peril from some other country and this thinking was one of the main things that got the US in WW1. Of course the elephant in the room is the fact that no country would have remotely considered attacking the US. Sure, the European countries were still leery of each other since they’d been at war one time or another for their entire existence. Of course only those who feared it were the ones who would make it happen, with the public concerned only in living and creating a better life for themselves and future generations. Seemingly in some ways, nothing has changed. Except for this type of thinking and the sheer greediness of international bankers, the US definitely should have never been involved in another war after WW11 and in reality shouldn’t have been involved in another war after the war among the states. And who was promoting this new theory of economics? yep, him too. Idiots, all. Keynes theory in my opinion was as much based on his belief to fight wars more than any other reason if he’d admit it or could admit it. Just my two cents.

          • ” “god dammit grandma, did you not just hear what the fuck I said about the government not needing to exist?” ”

            Glad you admitted that you didn’t really say that to grammaw. If you had, your old man probably would have beat the piss out of you right there at the dinner table. ahaha.

          • Heh, not only is it the threat of violence that keeps me from just going off on my family, especially older family, but the simple fact of the innocence that is my grandmother. I can understand her point of view of wanting me to run for office, because it’s not that she actually meant she wants me to run for office, in my opinion that is her deeper conscious wanting real men to tell off these pussy ass shitbags (aka politicians) whose rules we are forced to abide by here in America.

        • Ed, yep, you’re right. I was given hell on the last election. Same old tune. Ok, then I vote for Romney and get what? Obamacare via GOP. If you vote for a third party, you’re throwing your vote away. Hey, I’m throwing my vote away anyway if I use it so if I’m throwing it away on GJ then that’s like not voting right? And it went round and round. Well, vote with your pocketbook. Sure. I noticed Karl Rove spent $164,000,000 of other peoples money to get no good results. Ok I’ll vote with my pocketbook, nothing. nada, zip, I’m done.

  3. Voting: To pretend to create a right you don’t have to begin with, then delegate that right to a sociopath who uses it against everyone.

  4. If you are still voting at all, I would say you’re wasting precious time at best, and participating in violence at worst.

    . Promises by ANY candidate are not enforceable by law, and are almost certain to be reneged on, no matter how sincere the candidate sounds.

    . By voting, you are tending to add legitimacy to a system that is inherently illegitimate.

    Human beings have certain basic rights (life, liberty, and property being a good condensation) which are being violated daily at every level of government. Government, if it ever was legitimate, has become completely illegitimate in the United States, and pretty much all of the rest of the world as well. Participating in an evil and illegitimate, not to mention seductive, entity will not help change society for the better.

    • I definitely don’t subscribe to the “If you don’t vote don’t complain” crap (Even though I do think some people who don’t vote don’t do so because they don’t care.) Sometimes there really aren’t any good options. 2012’s presidential election was a pretty good example. The least bad candidates, Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode, both still had pretty glaring flaws. Stein was obviously terrible. Romney and Obama were obviously even worse.

      But I don’t think voting is always a waste of time or not helpful. Even if it doesn’t really help politically, it might help educationally. Ron Paul is the best example of this. To a lesser extent, Amash, Massie, Sanford, and Rand Paul are to varying degrees helping to reduce the size of our government. These people aren’t perfect, but at least they’re willing to try to reduce the size of government. I think voting for those kinds of people is worthwhile.

      That said, I think education is ultimately more important than that.


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