Open Letter to Small Businesses

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My gym – like thousands of small businesses around the country – has been out of business for more than a month now. Not because customers aren’t coming – but because customers are not allowed to come. 

What follows is an Open Letter to the owner of this business, urging her to resume doing business – on the theory that in a free country, people have that right and that government has no right to say otherwise. 

Dear Patsy –

I and many others are more than willing to take the chance we might get sick in exchange for being able to live again.

This includes being able to work out at Crunch. 

We believe in what used to be a given in America – free association. That you – as a business owner – have the right to open your business and that we, as free Americans, have a right to choose for ourselves whether to do business with you.

We fully support the right of those who are “at risk” of contracting the Corona virus or the ordinary flu or the common cold or whatever they’re “concerned” about to take whatever steps they consider appropriate to reduce their risk. 

But we dispute their right to use force to compel others to adopt these measures for the same reason that we would object to the use of force to “flatten the curve” of ordinary flu, which as you may already know routinely infects millions of people each year and – according to the CDC – causes or contributes to more than 30,000 deaths every year (generally, of older people – from pneumonia and so on). 

No one is putting a gun to anyone’s head to work out. No one should be putting guns to anyone’s head for trying to work out. 

This isn’t merely about working out, either. It is about freedom. 

It is about living.

The “lockdown” – where did the government get the authority to “lock down” people who aren’t inside a prison? – is based on the idea that existence  – its parameters defined by government bureaucrats – trumps our right to live.

That “safety” – as defined by government bureaucrats according to their own arbitrary criteria – endows these bureaucrats with open-ended power to turn us into prisoners and (inevitably) paupers. 

That they have the rightful power to take away our lives – based on the assertion that we might otherwise lose them. In the manner of parents over children. And of guards inside a prison.

If this principle is accepted it will become normalized and then routine.

An enormously dangerous precedent is being established. 

If your business can be “locked down” and most people’s ability to earn a living can be declared “non- essential” (by a government that never declares its business “nonessential”) on the basis of a possibility that people might get sick – then why not “lock down” your business any time people might get sick? 

Or even sometimes die. This was accepted as part of life – until just a couple of months ago. 

40,000 people die in traffic accidents each year. This is not a happy thing, obviously. But it would be a vicious, miserable thing to “lock down” driving to prevent them. And people would still die. 

Should cars be limited to speeds no higher than 10 MPH – and required to maintain a “social distance” of at least three car lengths – to “keep us safe”? 

250,000 people die each year because of medical malpractice, misdiagnosis and because they caught something lethal in the hospital, such as SARS/MRSA. By the numbers, hospitals represent an exponentially greater threat than the Corona Virus.

Should hospitals be “locked down”?

If not, why not?

2.6 million cases of ordinary flu were identified last year alone; the ordinary flu can and sometimes does lead to pneumonia and is a definite risk  …  like the Corona virus. But mostly to the elderly and those with weak immune systems and other underlying health problems.

The ordinary flu annually contributes the deaths of about 30,000 people – approximately the same number of people that the CDC claims have died of complications caused by the Corona Virus. 

Each flu season, the elderly and others at risk are encouraged to take precautions, such as avoiding public places where they might be at higher risk of coming into contact with someone who is contagious; to get a flu shot as a pre-emptive measure – and so on. But the entire population wasn’t forced to take them. Ordered to stay home and close their businesses because someone might catch the flu, even if they might possibly die from complications arising from the flu virus.

Why is it justified to force you to close your business or anyone’s business because of this virus but not because of the flu virus? Why are hospitals allowed to remain open given the risk they present?

If it’s a numbers game, then what is the number? If it’s 30,000 deaths, why not 20,000 deaths?

Why not 5,000?

Why not one?

Who gets to decide? The government? Or you and I and every single American, for themselves?

At what point does our right to live – which includes our right to earn a living, in order that we may eat and so live – get cancelled out by someone’s else fear of risk? You have harmed no one by opening your business – but you are being harmed by those who have forced you to close it.

Risk is an assertion, based on speculation.

The damage being done is inarguable fact.

It is equally inarguable that poverty is a much greater threat – of death – than Corona Virus and flu virus combined. Starvation has a 100 percent mortality rate. How many Americans will starve because they can no longer work, because they can no longer have money to buy food? More than 22 million Americans are now unemployed. Millions will lose their homes, because they have lost their businesses.  Who will feed these people? Who will give them shelter? What about their lives?

What gives the government the right to definitely harm millions of people on the basis of a vague assertion of risk to some people?

Free people have the right to assume risk. It is not the proper business of government in a free country to dictate to people which risks they may assume. Its proper business is to protect their rights – not suspend them.

When it tramples rights, government itself is the greatest threat of all.

I encourage you to open your business – before you go out of business, forever. Let people decide for themselves whether it’s “risky” to work out. If they consider the “risk” to great, let them stay home.

But leave others free to associate.

Let the government send out its Hut! Hut! Hut! crews. What have we got to lose? The freedom we’ve already lost?

We might just get them back.

. . .

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  1. Hi Eric,
    Did you see Governor Cuomo respond to questions yesterday? He says that we are all a danger to him, that’s why we wants to keep the lock down going. He doesn’t seem to give a hoot about people going broke and unable to put food on the table. Unbelievable. Even in the machine shop I work at in NH, masks are now mandatory. We went thru all this time and all of the sudden some nervous nelly’s can’t deal with people without masks? Give me a break. My wife and I are trying to deal with all of the sour looks we get when shopping at the grocery with out masks. I think they all look like the living dead… Anyway, I am in for the fight and not ready to throw in the towel…

  2. If you get a response, please let us know.

    It’s truly mind-boggling that small business owners are willing to sacrifice their livelihoods for public saaaaaaaftey concerns over a very questionable bug. Is virtue signalling THAT important?

    • very few paeople outside a microscopic percentage on blogs like this are capable of critical thinking now. Unfortunately includes small business owners. Even Orange Judas is criticizing the governor of Georgia for his latest obvious common sense moves. Perhaps Judas can become a CNN commentator when he loses to Weekend at Bernies Joe Biden

      • Hi Mark,

        I agree that many people aren’t critical thinkers – obviously – I am not yet prepared to give up on everyone. I still believe there may be enough people left who are capable of critical thinking to stop what’s happening and possibly even reverse it. Because it is always a small minority of active people who turn the tiller of history.

        For good – and for bad.

        • Well. Thinking leads to critics of thoughts not their own. And/or “their own.”

          Nothing’s free, unmitigated; along with all the good comes all the bad. Leavening. Breaking bread & bad loaves. Sourdough. Sour grapes. Good wine. & Ripple.

          But thinking or no, the eternal questions underlie: who, or which, will dominate, who\which will be dominated? Mama Nature’s got a weak ego.

          And so too all the various & sundry Weus! are full of critical thoughts about each other.

          Meet the new femme fatale’ism, same as the old…

          “History” ain’t mystory. Yours, either. Yet the “mystery” of history being embrace-conflated with all those other stories keeps on keeping on.

  3. And for my fellow churchgoers: If your church has closed, send a letter to the pastor telling him why you are never going there or donating there again. Find a real church and go there instead. Real churches don’t close because a tyrant tells them to, or because somebody might get a cough. “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.”

    • I got myself into a wee bit of trouble with the local leaders of mine own faith (LDS) for posting a saying commonly spoken in the US Navy, which, IMO, applies to some of those old geezers running the Church in Salt Lake:

      “Iron men in wooden ships have been replaced by WOODEN men in iron ships”.

      What would Joseph Smith or Brigham Young have done? Clue: Not taken any crap from the Government.

      • Doug, can you even imagine what J. Golden Kimball, would have had to say about today’s croup of GA’s, and the course the Church has taken? If we had more people like that, I’d not be nearly as concerned about the dark times we are heading into.

  4. Eric: during the 1918 flu outdoor hospitals had approximately half of the mortality of indoor hospitals. All of the “healthy young people” who died of Coronavirus appeared to be overweight. And probably deficient in vitamins& minerals.

    Being in the house depressed & eating lots of shelf stable food Watching porn and not socializing is very unhealthy.

    If they wanted to flatten the curves, we would be flattening our own curves. Gyms, trails, beaches, sportsball are essential places.

    And they also closed the churches. And its absurd cause old Christians literally look forward to living in heaven with jesus. And antisocial distancing makes people care less about others. Blaming people doing normal stuff for killing others is also bad. Media should be shut down for hate speach & fear mongering

    The media is making this a race issue too cause illegal alliens were left out of the stimulus package. And black people be dieing more. Probably cause they be in the house eating junkfood watching tv

  5. I’m of two minds on the lockdown. On one hand, this virus seems to spread more easily and be more debilitating and dangerous than influenza; I feel the “powers that be” initially feared hospitals would be overwhelmed and there would be panic in the streets.

    On the other hand, the “powers” lacked foresight, seem confused and have imposed draconian, unconstitutional measures to tackle the problem — and their “cure” may in fact turn out to be worse than the disease.

    At this stage it’s pretty clear that the population at large is growing restless. We have to start on the road to normalcy before riots break out all over the nation. Some towns and cities should reopen immediately; cautious folks could stay home. Let’s find out if the lockdown is having any real effect. Then we can assess the risks unemotionally and take well thought-out steps toward recovery.

  6. There is an interesting episode of the Twilight Zone where people were euthanized when they became in their words “obsolete”. I can’t remember the title , but reminds me of where this road of “essential” leads.

    • “The Obsolete Man” is the episode you’re thinking of. I had the same thought when government types started going around declaring things “nonessential”. I even pictured the judge in that episode walking down the aisles of a store pointing at various products and intoning “NONESSENTIAL!” instead of “OBSOLETE!” This cries out to become a meme. 🙂

  7. I put links to the damning evidence that leads to Bill and Melinda Gates, Soros, Fauci and others. They should be exterminated. They committed wholesale murder intentionally for power and wealth. I’ll post them again here. I want as many people to see these articles as I can possibly get them to.,208a92df,20a9fd4a&et_cid=DM514852&et_rid=856291845

    • Great links Eight, I’ve been reading Bill Sardi and Dr. Mercola for awhile, they’re the best at cutting through the official bs to reveal the true agenda of our overlords. Bill Gates has his “Foundation” which masquerades as a charity while actually being a front for Big Pharma and their plan to vaccinate the planet and tag all of us with a microchip mark of the Beast. I’ll inject some lead into anyone attempting to force anything into my body; I’m 72 and in decent health so I’m happy to pit my immune system against whatever invisible boogeyman they dream up.

      • Thanks Mike, they’re both very credible people that I live by so to speak. The wife and I wondered why they’d want to vaccinate a couple people who were room temperature even though their guns still smoked. I spent a couple hours a few weeks ago changing some M193 and Green Tip to Australian Outback. I have a few still loaded with cheap practice stuff but they’re just stored in ammo boxes. My bandaleros are full of the good stuff.

  8. a lot of my friends who thought I was crazy have told me that I was right about many things. One was the fact that the satanic Bolshevik pedophiles want you looted then dead. the only way to stop them is to kill them

  9. Bravo…I agree 100% and I am not a business owner but know a few who are. I am 70 and don’t give a darn about catching some virus. I’d rather let my immune system protect me as it has for several decades. Social distancing and masking have little or no scientific proof to back up their usage against this virus. Isolation is much more detrimental to your health than a virus.

    It is quite possible this is something different from other viruses. It does seem to spread quicker and is mainly lethal for those already with some immune issues or other health problems. I doubt the numbers are close to accurate and we will never know the truth. By the way, if you have had enough of this fake panic, turn off your TV, or at last ignore the news. IT IS NOT THE TRUTH.

    If we don’t start fighting this lockdown it is going to drag on and on. Imagine it lasts past the summer and into next fall. Guess what, that is the start of the next flu season and braindead politicians and medical authorities will want the lockdown to continue into next spring…an entire year from now. A depression of unimaginable consequences anyone?

    It is very possible that there will not be a vaccine any time soon, if at all because this virus attacks the lungs and possibly the digestive system where a vaccine will be useless. I fully support small businesses reopening in May no matter what. In my state, Michigan, the governor really does not have constitutional power to shut down commerce. But dictators do what they want until they are stopped. Remember that. The Coronavirus panic of 2020 is a total scam.

    • Social distancing WAS hurting my emotional and mental health, until my “Beloved Snips” could finally find someone to look after her elderly mother and fly out from Texas. She could only afford an extended weekend, and there was precious LITTLE “distance”, as in NONE. Today, I’m proverbially “walking on air”, and as for her…well, she may not be able to walk a straight line for WEEKS, nor suppress the urge to giggle.

  10. I’m a dubvul (Newspeak for double vulnerable,) over age seventy with lifelong but thankfully not debilitating asthma. I fully agree with your open letter. My dojo is closed and I hope it will re-open soon even if I may need to absent myself for however long.

    But consider that the lockdown may have a cause other than our wellbeing.

    Those in charge of the Deep State (the gauleiters of Orwellia) know that the economy was about to blow up and that they’d come to the end of their down the road can kicking. A massive recession, possibly a depression, is necessary to keep the exploding debt bubble from taking them with it. Who, then, needs to take the hit? The Deplorables re-named the Expendables. So there’s them what get their paychecks and them what don’t. When the pot simmers down, the economy may re-open. That the midwork class may be devastated and never recover, well, time marches on.

  11. Fortunately I’ve been crushing my workouts at home, and thus weened myself from dependency on the gym, which, incidentally, I’ve been going to my whole life. As it turned out, it wasn’t that hard to do; it only required a little more willpower, motivation, and self control. And a curl bar, dumbells, a sit up mat, 100lbs of free weights, a backpack, and resistance straps. Now that I’ve established a routine and habit, I don’t think I’ll much need the gym again. My health is too important.

  12. Small Businesses ought to wage “Lawfare” against the lockdowns. Small Businesses should retain legal counsel and the various units of government (state, county, city) should be given an ultimatium: Rescind the lockdown by a certain date or face massive class action lawsuits with the intent of making the businesses whole and forcing the various units of government into bankruptcy.

    • Hi Dale,

      Indeed. There is arguable a constitutional as well as moral issue at hand. The First Amendment clearly enumerates the right of the people to “peaceably assemble.” Without exception or qualification. People going into a gym or coffee shop or what have you are peaceably assembling. No one is forced to “assemble.”

      This whole thing is about conditioning the populace to accept police state measures that make those which followed Nahhhnnnnnleeevvn seem mild in comparison.

      • Rock, paper, scissors… good cop — cut&paste scripted&dilemma’d prisoner — bad cop.

        Law of the land, sea, air, outer space – “the constitution” & the .44 magna carta & mobs immobable o’ dirty tom dick & harrys — is the jingo-jenga-jungle, as jargoned into credulous-revered documents by lawyers in return for a cut of the credulous host.

        Constitution was a ploy. A feint. A coup. Why cite it as otherwise? (Piggy. “I got the conch!” Lord of the Flies.)

        You know who loves it when you cite it? (Besides other true believers, I mean?)

        The priests who gave it to you to believe in, that’s who. Pic the chimp gibbering “mission accomplished.” (Pope’y. I got the catechism. I got the rosary beads I traded for Manhattan. I got Vatican city. & I got you, babes.)

        In related news, the better ¾ made a costco run the other day. Charmin – vastly superior to parchment sez I (but not so according to hair shirt’ists & wipe’ists) — is back in mountainous stock. Wipe Crisis is concluded.

        Morels might lip service morals. But when the wind blows the spores go. Again, sez I, futile – ‘cept for the exercise — to debate, or attempt to shame, fungus. And “futile” puts it politely.

        “Despite attempts to assert personal free choice, in the case Zucht v. King the US Supreme Court decided that states have the right to exert “police power” to enforce vaccination. The court stated that protection of “public health” overrode any consideration of personal choice or liberty.” [“Compulsory Vaccination,” The Mississippi Law Review, vol.1, no.4, March 1923, p.79]”

        Lead, South Dakota, April 24, 1902:
        “There was some excitement in this city & Deadwood last night when several hundred miners were forcibly vaccinated. So many cases of small pox has occurred in the two cities that an order was issued compelling vaccination. The miners refused. Last night the Sheriff, five deputies, & four policemen accompanied the city physician & four assistants in a round-up of the saloons, theatres, & gambling dens… Several fights occurred, but the miners were overawed… At first the miners were disposed to be ugly, but finally turned it off in merriment but for some time last night it appeared a riot would ensue.” [“Miners Resist Vaccination, Sheriff & Party of Officers aid Physicians in Enforcing the Law in South Dakota,” New York Times, April 25, 1902]”

        Passaic, New Jersey, April 11, 1901:
        “There was a lively time in the works of the American Tobacco Company this afternoon, when the 350 girls employed objected to being vaccinated by the physicians sent there by the health officers… When the health officers went to the factory the girls were informed that every one of them would have to be vaccinated. Some of them fainted, others became hysterical, & there was a general rebellion. About 200 of them, led by Florence Haskell, attempted to get out of the works, but they found all the exits locked. The police were called & the work of vaccination began. Some of the girls fought the officers & were led up to the physicians screaming, struggling, & kicking. The greatest excitement prevailed & all work had to be suspended. At one time some of the girls threatened to destroy the factory if they were not allowed to go out, but all were finally vaccinated. [“Factory Girl’s Resistance, American Tobacco Company Employees’ Fight Against Compulsory Vaccination,” New York Times, April 12, 1901]”

        Boston, Massachusetts, January 26, 1902:
        “In order to stamp out small pox, which is semi-epidemic here, the Board of Heath started compulsory vaccination to-day. The work was begun in East Boston, where 125 surgeons, each accompanied by a policeman, made a house-to-house canvass, vaccinating all who had not been recently inoculated. Those who refused to allow the operating will be hauled into court.” [“Fighting Smallpox in Boston, 125 Surgeons, Accompanied by Policemen, Vaccinated 15,000 Persons Yesterday,” New York Times, January 27, 1902]”

        Atlanta, Georgia, December 17, 1897:
        “Miss L. Miller a modiste (one that produces, designs, or deals in women’s fashions) of 91 Crew Street, was fined $25.75 [estimated value of $680 in 2009 dollars] by Recorder Calhoun to-day for refusing to be vaccinated. She was unable to pay the amount, & was ordered to serve 25 days in the city prison. After having been in prison for three hours Miss Miller said she would allow her family physician to vaccinate her. She was subsequently vaccinated & released.” [“Vaccination Before Prison, Atlanta Woman Submits Rather Than Spend 25 Days in Jail,” New York Times, December 19, 1897]

        Macon, Georgia, December 23, 1904:
        “Refusing to submit to vaccination at Sandersville, Boss Garrett shot & killed special office Gideon Mathews to-day. Garrett escaped, but a strong posse of citizens started in pursuit. The fleeing man was overtaken one mile north of town. He attempted further flight & was shot through the thigh by Deputy Marshal Wilson, arrested & lodged in county jail. Garrett also suffered a serious wound in the right side, inflicted by special officer Mathews. It is thought he will not live.” [“Murder Over Vaccination, Man Kills An Officer & is Shot, Perhaps Fatally,” New York Times, December 24, 1904]”

        Camp Dodge, Iowa, May 1, 1918:
        “Elmer N. Olson of Goodrich, Minnesota, a soldier in training here, refused to submit to vaccination. He was tried by general court-martial & was sentenced to 15 years in the disciplinary barracks at Fort Leavenworth.” [“Refused Vaccination, Got 15 Years,” New York Times, May 2, 1918]”

        & on & on ∞∞∞

        Notice the dates. The good ol’ days illusion some of ya’ll are in love with. Back when men were manly men & little wimmens kept kitchen linoleum spotless with their bare feet, & the “girls” kept the doctors say it’s good for ya’ cigarette factories running. etc yadda.

        It has always been about the pre-existing condition of “capitalizing” (parasitism) on pre-existing conditions (hosts) – not “conditioning.” There is no before Eden, & after Apple.

        *all snips from Humphries Dissolving Illusions

    • The only problem with that strategy is that government has a habit of using the (bogus) doctrine of “sovereign immunity” to keep itself from being held legally liable for its crimes if it decides that it’s too inconvenient and potentially costly.

      • Contrast that with herd immunity.
        Herd is a hide. & sovereign is the tannery…but also a hide.
        First rule of fight club is…peekaboo.

    • Thank you, Dave!

      Now, if we can just get people to act. To stop accepting their own diminution. To stop participating in Sickness Theater. Take off the idiotic masks. Refuse to stand on the taped “x.”

      In my state, it is reported that 320 or so people have died – a number that likely includes a large percentage of very elderly and already sick people, many of whom died naturally as the result of old age or underlying sickness, which is common and natural and been happening as long as there have been humans on this Earth – but even accepting this number, it is a tiny fraction of the state’s population of millions of people. How is it that this is tolerated? Should every functional man be required to wear a lockable codpiece since every functional man might commit rape? Rape happens, after all. And we can’t be too safe, eh?

  13. Hi Eric,

    Do I have your permission to plagiarize your letter and send it to the small business that I deal with?

    Thank you,


  14. I agree with your letter wholeheartedly. I was speaking with a friend last night, he’s a carpet fitter and hasn’t worked for 5 weeks now. He tells me he’s got 2 months worth of money left before he’s broke. We’re in Scotland and if you want to claim tax payers money (he doesn’t) he’d have to fill in a massive amount of forms to get a handful of dimes, he’s not gonna do it. With all the fear amongst cowards everywhere how many of these people will be wanting carpet fitters in their house when this is over? Not many i bet. The fear the government has installed in millions is why they’ve done this. They want you in your house, they don’t want us mixing, they don’t want our kids learning social behaviour only government approved behaviour. It won’t work though because the men and woman among us who live to enjoy life, whom work hard and play harder will win through. Plenty of people are going to be so ashamed of their cowardice they’ll deny they were one of them when this is all over. I won’t forget though. I won’t forget the bakers that closed, the garages that closed anyone in fact who crumpled and let down their fellow man. I will never do business with these people again and i suggest every one of us spends our money with business that stood firm.

    • Hi Biker,

      It’s remarkable how history repeats. In this country, some 244 years ago, there were people willing – eager – to tolerate whatever the British King/parliament did to them. And a relative handful who were not. Here we are today – and many of the descendants of these same Americans are just as eager to bow low.

      A gulf is becoming apparent between the saaaaaaaaafety-seeking (and demanding) cattle and the rest of us. This is an irreconcilable difference.

      Us – or them.

      • Eric, we should not forget that many of the people who supported the resistance to the King did so because they wanted their own super-duper central government, that would centrally plan the economy, and would do all of the things that came to pass.

        Like Lysander Spooner, we should jettison our fix on people like Adams, Hamilton, and Washington. They should not serve us as an inspiration as they had no problem using force, up to, and including, murder, in order to ge their way.

        • Just so.

          Just as it is so that taxes give or take trebled (& every other part of the corrosive metastasis began inexorable spreading & swelling, too) as soon as the king was supplanted — not ousted – long live the skingks.

          Meet the new crew, same as the old cutters – only worse…a la Hoppe’s comparison\contrast of monarchy vs all the other forms of protection racketry…& worship.

          The addiction to creation fairy stories is damn near un-kickable.

          And the end result of that addiction beats swords into plowshares & backhoes: start with myths, end with meth-head filled graveyards a la Mencken’s Graveyard of the Gods.

          If one does not start at the start, there is no chance. Disqualification is automatic, a priori, axiomatic. Outta’ the race.

          But still runnin’ the treadmill “race.” Sisyphus.

          That false starting is the same as people listening to, hanging on every word of, known liars re the covid thing just now.

          That is the history that repeats, rolls in place.

          Fourth turning of that roll? So what? Mere counting doesn’t getcha’ to price, cost, value, diagnosis, or prescription.

          Not that there is a prescription. Humanimal’s gotta’ be what it is.

          “Cecil Graham: What is a cynic?
          Lord Darlington: A man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.
          Cecil Graham: And a sentimentalist, my dear Darlington, is a man who sees an absurd value in everything and doesn’t know the market price of any single thing.”
          ― Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere’s Fan

          ‘Market price’ being nothing more than human price, cost, after all. The true human price/cost.

          But & alas, nuthin’ doesn’t sell like the truth. So what markets?

          Weus! got’s all the mark of the boasting beasts a bestiary could want, but not much marking to market the bb’s don’t want.

          Even kiddie lemonade stands have been rolled (4x? who cares?) up into the rackets, many places.

          Sentimentality. Scratch that veneer, find fear.

          And fear is self-interested like nuthin’ else can even approach.

          Fear is the center self of humanimal “reality.”

          Freedom – or is it just another compulsion — of association ? :: Lie down with dirty dogs (lies) wake up (a liar) with fleas.

          But hey – sarc — at least there’s compulsory vaccines for what’s in the flea spit & polish ya’ off.

          Still no vaccine nor cure for mythic hero worship, including hero’icized ancestors, tho. Those dusty dead are worshipers’ shadows what knows – dancin’ on the cave wall.

          “I been shadow boxin’ — & getting’ my ass kicked — my whole life!” First rule of fight cavern is don’t stop expecting the hoped for different result….

          One foot past, one foot future, adult diapers catching the ever-gushing present.

          Too bad those Depends™ is so undependable tho…”relaxed” fatty-fit leaks all over the place…& poor-to-nonexistent sanitation has always been a humanimal hallmark.

    • Thanks, Luke –

      I don’t expect to get a reply; but just maybe… I’d like to think so. But if not, the next step is to start shunning businesses that play along with this Sickness Psychosis. Seek out – or start – a business that will do business. And when this is all over, never again have dealings with the poltroons who played along.

      • Eric, I totally agree with you. (You KNOW there is a but coming… ^^) But most people are simply not going to confront our dear Leaders. At this point, in many states, any small business that did that, would be tied up in so much legal expense, it would likely bankrupt them any way. It can go quite a number of ways. The personal (being arrested/jailed), the professional (loss of business license, loss of membership in various associations). Not to mention how the local media *would* go into hysterics over someone “endangering” the public. Then there are the various “inspections”, that could find any number of expensive problems with ones business. Yes, those can all be
        fought, if one has the money to hire GOOD legal talent. But thats really expensive.
        As much as I wish it was other wise, its just not likely to happen. It would take an exceptional person to take those risks, and there simply aren’t that many around.
        You asked what gives our Dear Leaders the authority to do that? Nothing of course. But power gives them the *ability* to do that, and that in all too many cases is all that matters.
        We haven’t been a “free country” for a VERY long time. Not when government can take your property (in various fashions) and take your life (conscription, killed by their enforcers) any time there is a “compelling State interest”. As much as I wish it was otherwise, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are wonderful ideals, but they are part and parcel of the illusions/delusions, that allow those who Rule us, to extract trillions every year from our productive class. Now that is the type of power, that attracts the very worst types of people, as we know all too well.

        • Hi BJ,

          Of course; indeed. But – per Solzhintsyn – what have we got to lose? Our “freedom”? That is already gone. We have one last chance to take it back. Those who don’t at least try deserve the contempt of those who do.

          • Excellent point. But the Devil is in the details… Focus on actions not words. Not to mention logistics. They can tell one more than many other elements.

            • There’s trying. There’s the appearance of trying. There’s the hammer’s all I got so I’ll project the world’s a nail. The devil’s detail sets up the devil’s rejects what symbiotes & suckles at those fake DD’s, pretty much continuously. Just like this (& even though that el dorado *needs* to be turned into an abattoir, the heart still tugs…up to each heartmathmetician to reign it in – with the “up to” – or not — being carved in at conception. The bird…you cannot change….


  15. People are catching on, hat tip to the family who put this obituary in today’s paper: “Rev. Thomas G. Cleveland died peacefully on 4/18/20, he was 92 years old and died of general old age complicated by pneumonia. The Covid -19 virus had nothing to do with his death”.
    Guess they realized anyone dying of anything in that age group will have it blamed on Coronavirus so they made sure it wasn’t. Good for them!

    • Until the next shoe is dropped. “Catching on” is mostly short attention spans (& memories) & high time preferences.

      • Several centuries in fact Oyz?… This is a very old and complex game. But I suspect we are moving into a phase/change/reset. It remains to be seen if we are out of the Woods yet… Best to hang on to something stable, its bound to be a very bumpy ride, all the way down…

        • Old, yes. From before time being mapped but not territorialized.

          But complex? I don’t think so.

          From the organism’s complexity emerges simplicity. Or simpletonism, a cynic (realistruthonest) might clarify.

          Getting lost in recombinant dna (detail notation analysis) looks complex & gives specialists titles & things to do & “power” but it loses the elephant in the make-work process.

          Dunno how stable Bette Davis was or the type is but hanging onto her for the bumpy ride is an option. My preferred Bette is a surfboard, tho.

    • I emailed the assholes at Wikipedia to let them know that they need to KITFO with listing “COVID-19” as cause of death for every other notable person they list in their daily “Deaths of Notable Persons.” No, I most certainly don’t expect a response, let alone a correction (Wikipedia is a widely-acknowledged font of SJW disinformation), but it felt good to let them know that not everyone is buying their propaganda bullshit.

  16. “Open Sesame” letters won’t open Plato’s closed cave-dwellers…them’s natural state closed – shadow(ord)s on the walls are the real thing — it’s the design, & can’t be un-designed.

    Yesterday, when I was that much younger:

    Bakery (which has reduced its week to Friday-Sunday) had one masked couple when I was there. Plenty of san fran sourdough.

    Grocer, everybody masked, except me & 2 others. Complimented one on not wearing a fear mask. He’s a mechanic the next town over & is open for biz as usual. Truck could use a tune-up & looks like I’ve found the guy to do it.

    Hardware, mostly masked, but several not. One grizzled luna had a plexi contraption on his head, sealed around his face, a wrist-thick hose dangling down into something pouched at waist.

    Pet Supply, the two gals working unmasked. The manager told me they’ve gotten scolds from other groomers that have “taken” the greater good grooming to heart.

    I notice the maskies avert their eyes when you look at them. And some of them scuttle when you get “too close.”

    Fear does a number on thinking. Distorts it. Can stop it altogether. ‘No atheists in foxholes’ prima maskies that fact.

    Cowardice, a personality trait, a wiring schematic, a much wider zzzt! cable than fight, tho not so wide as freeze, is chronic fear.

    So chronic distortion.

    & chronic abortion of all those thought-babies.

    The rad egal handicaps a la Bergeron are built in.

    And when not built in, can more & more easily be appended upon.

    If appendaging doesn’t trick the treats, there’s always the Harrison option, which kills a bird & tightens the flock in hand with one stone.

    Cuz p/h/easants under glass don’t throw stones. & the p/h/easant-eaters know it.

  17. Cracks are forming all over the lockdown measures. The figure heads have lost credibility and the hoi polloi are getting antsy. The power brokers are even trotting out Nancy (Bella) Lugosi to chastise us on a federal level now. The more they tighten, the looser their grip becomes. The time to just say F it and take your chances may be getting near, with a critical mass starting to form.


    Look at the statists filling their diapers over Jacksonville opening the beaches, and they’re powerless to stop it. All they can do is blather in about social distancing, which few actually care about at the end of the day. Speaking of which, what happened to the big wave of infections coming from all those spring breakers, what, about 5 weeks ago now? Didn’t happen, yet not a word of this.

  18. Guys and gals…this is straight out of the Bolshevik playbook. They are planning to starve the masses, just like they did in Christian Russia, when it was Christian. The virus is the ruse….a disguise for their nefarious and dastardly plan. Peel back the onion, and you’ll see its the same people over and over again throughout time behind governmental mass murders…it ain’t whooowite people. I’ll give ya all a hint…the nose knows.

    • Anon,

      The political system that dominates the West is not Marxist, Bolshevik, or communist, it is a soft variant of fascism. Most of the people who wield the power of this system are whooowite. There are also many Jews who are part of, and benefit from, this corporate/government alliance as well. But, just like whooowite people, they are a tiny majority of Jews and their sins condemn themselves only, not the group as a whole.



      • May i interest you in a bridge I own? great income opportunity..
        It is indeed marxist – only a public shool indoctrinated fool would deny it – and it is backed by jews. The jews themselves admit that they are revolutionary communists by nature. It IS all of them; well, ok, maybe not all, but a vast majority that are approved by all. Its in their genes. Even they admit it. This is wholly a (((nwo))) move. wake up.

        • Luke,

          The political system that dominates the West is not Marxist, no matter what nonsense you believe. Many Jewish intellectuals advocated communism, as did many non Jewish intellectuals. The merchant and working class, Jewish and otherwise, not so much. BTW, how can all Jews be revolutionary commies by nature and ruthless money grubbers at the same time?

          • Morning, Jeremy!

            None of what’s going on could go on were it not for the cooperation – the connivance – of so many people. Whatever malevolent individual or “leader class” posited, they can only do so much by themselves. It’s the cattle who stampede. Get the cattle to calm down and – ideally – to not be cattle – and the stampede never occurs.

            • Morning Eric,

              I agree with that. Unfortunately, most people consider the State to be an honest institution and are predisposed to believe that it is acting in “our” interests. It is very easy to scare such people, and education doesn’t seem to help much as those few who resist do so more out of temperament than knowledge, intelligence or political beliefs.

              Anyway, despite the ravings of Club Parentheses, what’s going on is not a Jewish/Marxist plot. It is the common and predictable result of the ever increasing power of the State, and the subsequent diminishing of the power of the individual; what Nock called social power. All political institutions seek to arrogate more and more power to themselves. For the most part, it is not that the people involved are evil and nefarious, though some are. It is due to simple self interest and confirmation bias. If able to legally wield power over others, most people will psychologically align their self interested exercise of power with the “public good”.

              This tendency in men is much harder to combat than the caricature of the politician as consciously evil; they do evil, but most believe that they are doing good. Years ago, Lloyd Blankfein claimed that Goldman Sachs is doing God’s work on earth. Most consider this boast to be a shameless lie, it is not. He almost certainly believes this to be true, which makes him far more dangerous than a cartoon villain.

              You are correct that this could not happen if people didn’t go along with it. The only hope I see in this is if distrust and skepticism of government becomes the norm, not the exception. All the members of Club Parentheses achieve, spouting their ignorance of basic political theory and insisting that one group is responsible for all the ills of the world, is to convince people that those critical of government are nuts.


          • Hey Jeremy, probably the same way so many of these idiots go around claiming that their “aryan” ancestors were the true Israelites and in the next breath foam at the mouth about the Talmud – which of course if their first assertion were true means their own ancestors wrote that little ditty.

            Reason, logic, and common sense are not really the aryan warriors’ strong suit.

              • Bobster,

                Debates require arguments, backed up with evidence and logic. Evidence free assertions, and what you perceive to be insults, does not a debate make.

              • Please, BOTH of you…this “who’s the REAL ‘anti-Semite’ stuff gets TIRING! Don’t fall for those that want to see us all at each other’s throats, instead of choking the miserable life out of the A-holes that richly DESERVE it!

            • Hey Jason,

              Once again, the Bobster seems to think he owns the place! He told you to get lost before, why are you still here?

              But, his contribution did make me think of an appropriate appellation for you: “Chief Moron Disruptor”.


        • Ah, another ((((idiotic craven coward)))) heard who indulges in the worst kind of collectivism while looking for a scapegoat rather than refusing to acknowledge the evil done by his “own kind”.

          • Hi Jason,

            Indeed. Individuals are evil; assigning collective guilt to individuals is evil. It also backfires. If you buy into collective guilt for them, then why not apply it to you? This is in fact precisely what underlies the Safety Cult (and now the Health Cult). “Some people” – those people – might cause harm, or some of them did cause harm – and therefore everyone must be presumed to have caused harm and treated accordingly.

            • As to further illustrate your point, Eric, as a (jack)Mormon, I get a TON of shit for it, with some real whoppers being told. Fine. I get it. They don’t care for my faith. It’s not for everyone. But at least don’t stereotype ME, even if some of the things other LDS folk have done you wrong by are true. I can no more have control over 200 years of history nor nearly 17 million other members of my faith worldwide than I can of every Mopar owner.

              I don’t, however, have the benefit of being ascribed as a “victim” class, nor do I seek such a status. Indeed, it seems that in the popular media that I’m “Fair Game”, and you know what? I could freakin’ care less! Being right SELDOM makes one a winner of a popularity contest!

              Whatever bad things said of those “damnable J-O-O-s”, in my estimation, tend to, IF they are true, actually describe the misdeeds of a distinct FEW, whom often are patently NOT living IAW the teachings of most sects of Judaism that I’m aware of. I think the late Jeffrey Epstein or the (unfortunately) still living Harvey Weinstein are examples of exactly that. Their crimes and/or misdeeds are THEIRS, and IDK any credible authority in Jewish circles that endorsed them in that capacity. To damn other Jews, many who DO live decent and moral lives, and lump them with those cretins, is not only reprehensible, it’s, as another Jewish fellow, an actor, in his most famed role would say, “Highly ILLOGICAL”.

              The only thing I can agree on is that if I criticize those aforementioned cretins, or some of the less noble acts of the Zionist State of Israel, that does not of itself make me some foaming, treacherous “Anti-Semite”, ready to shoot up a synagogue or once again throw hapless Jews into gas chambers. As long as the criticism is fair and based on TRUTH, it cannot inherently be “Anti-” ANYTHING.

            • Anon,

              He’s mocking you. BTW, ridiculing your evidence free assertion does not make one a Jew, it’s quite possible to recognize bullshit without being Jewish.

      • So, anon made the fantastic claim that the virus, and the response to it, is a ruse by the Bolshevik Joooos to disguise their dastardly and nefarious plan to starve the masses, and you say he’s correct. Of course, neither he nor you provides any evidence. But, members of Club Parentheses don’t need evidence, all that’s needed is logic: the Jooos are ultimately responsible for all bad things (even when the bad things are actually done by White folks), Corona hysteria is a bad thing, therefore the Joooos are behind it. Unassailable, “only a public shool indoctrinated fool would deny it”. I’m not sure what a shool is but, according to Luke, I’m not very well educated.


        • I didn’t know Fauci or Bill and Melinda Gates were Jewish. Soros, yep, I get that. Zuckerberg must be one simply because of his name and he does everything he can to sway public opinion against the right and flyover country people regardless of their religions.

          • Hey Eight,

            “I didn’t know Fauci or Bill and Melinda Gates were Jewish”.

            You must secretly be a Jew, or you’re hopelessly deluded. You see whoooite people only do bad things because they’ve been duped by the dastardly and nefarious Jews, all of whom are born with the, soon to be isolated, “Marxism gene”. This gene is dominant in almost every Jew and renders them “revolutionary communists by nature”. Apparently, the gene is recessive in a very small number of Jews, but ALL of these Jews still approve of the actions of their dominant brethren.

            “This is wholly a (((nwo))) move. wake up!”


            • Jeremy, I believe I was merely being facetious. Bill and Melinda Gates are evil as is Fauci by the things they have done and other nefarious things they had planned to do. None of these people are Jews as I know. It would be like calling Hitlery Clinton a jew because she’s evil. I believe evil comes in all flavors and religions.

              Did you read the articles I posted?

              • Hey Eight,

                I know, just as I was being sarcastic. Of course, evil and good come in all flavors and religions. No tribe is uniquely evil or uniquely good, asserting such is inimical to liberty and, as Douglas correctly points out, aids “those that want to see us all at each other’s throats, instead of choking the miserable life out of the A-holes that richly DESERVE it!”


                • Jeremy, maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I’d like to get each and every one of those who engineered this mass murder, out behind the barn.

                  For one thing, I really want to see if Bill has a bifurcated tail. I don’t even want to shoot them. I just want to stake them down where the hogs come through at night. Naw, scratch that. I intend to eat those hogs as I can shoot them. I have a lot of brush I need to burn.

  19. Hope the letter works but I doubt it. Every closed business has a sign reading something on the order of “We are closed for yours and our safety” Each try to one up each other in saying how much they care for us. They’re actually looking forward to those government loans to restart their business that was shuttered by government.
    Good luck with that,,, gov has already spent all the funds allocated with only 5% of the businesses complete.
    Here in Northwest Florida their is nothing to close the restaurants. The only restriction is their limited to 1/2 their capacity,,, yet all are closed except for takeout. They are doing it on their own. The local Sheriff tried to explain it but got nowhere.
    The local power structure has went to the dark side. Although the Fuhrer (governor) said to open the beaches the local powers said they will wait until April 28 to “discuss” which beaches should be open. They are also including a auto parking social distance of 20 feet apart. Absolute lunacy.

    Now a couple of the more comical headlines concerning this virus.

    Daily Mail:
    The testicles may harbour coronavirus and give it a sanctuary from the immune system which allows the infection to persist for longer in males, a study has suggested.
    Broadway Star Nick Cordero Has Leg Amputation Due to Virus
    Tony Award-nominated actor Nick Cordero has had his right leg amputated after suffering complications from the coronavirus, his wife says.

    The CDC, WHO and politicians have to be laughing their asses off.

    • “Here in Northwest Florida there is nothing to close the restaurants. The only restriction is they’re limited to 1/2 their capacity.
      This is what happens when you don’t proof read.

    • He who laughs last, laughs the longest……and that would be Bill and Melinda Gates. Ever see a pic of Bill’s backside? Does he have a bifurcated tail?

  20. According to the National Vital Statistics System in the U.S., for example, annual flu deaths in 2010 amounted to just 500 per year — fewer than deaths from ulcers (2,977), hernias (1,832) and pregnancy and childbirth (825), and a far cry from the big killers such as heart disease (597,689) and cancers (574,743). The story is similar in Canada, where unlikely killers likewise dwarf Statistics Canada’s count of flu deaths.
    “Even that 500 figure for the U.S. could be too high, according to analyses in authoritative journals such as the American Journal of Public Health and the British Medical Journal. Only about 15-20 per cent of people who come down with flu-like symptoms have the influenza virus — the other 80-85 per cent actually caught rhinovirus or other germs that are indistinguishable from the true flu without laboratory tests, which are rarely done. In 2001, a year in which death certificates listed 257 Americans as having died of flu, only 18 were positively identified as true flus. The other 239 were simply assumed to be flus and most likely had few true flus among them.
    The CDC is using the media to scare the public into getting flu shots they do not need to create demand and profit. In 2015 it was reported to be a 1.61 billion dollar business.8 The CDC gets much of its funding from pharmaceutical companies and owns more than 50 different vaccine patents.9

  21. “What gives the government the right to definitely harm millions of people on the basis of a vague assertion of risk to some people?”

  22. Truly Eric, what does a business have to lose by opening up? Being jailed and/or fined for doing so, or being confined in their home while losing ALL their income in compliance? The only rub I see is that businesses largely depend on banks to facilitate their operation, and banks long ago became agents of the state. If the IRS determines you MAY be guilty of tax evasion, they just call up your bank and tell them to lock your account. Your bank will do so without hesitation. Keep just enough money in the bank to conduct business. This entire fiasco is being perpetrated for a number of sinister purposes, none of which involves your health. This one in particular is to corporatize businesses, and to put whats left in receivership. With the side effect of foreclosure or repossession putting more assets in the hands of banks. The evil of governments has reared its ugly head. We can resist or die. What do we have to lose?

    • Completely accurate assessment of the situation. This is a play against average people. Too bad that most don’t have an idea of what is happening and why.

    • There’s another problem business owners face besides fines and jail. Somewhere along the way, as with firearms but more so, government was allowed to turn a right into a privilege that requires a permission slip. I speak, of course, of the “business license”.

      I saw a story the other day about a barber who planned to re-open his shop in defiance of the lockdown. One of the threats they used against him was the threat to pull his license. How many business owners (who are already financially strapped) can afford to fight that through the courts and how long will it take, assuming they win? If there’s a possibility that government will start backing off the lockdown sometime in the next, say, couple of months, an owner has to weigh the risks of staying shut that long against the risk of a much longer shutdown plus legal costs if his license is pulled. Government kind of has them by the short hairs with those licensing requirements.

  23. With very few exceptions women have no critical thinking ability as well as the vast majority of men. So unfortunately you very likely might as well be speaking to a wall in regards to this gym owner. What boosts immunity? Exercise – socializing – fresh air – and sunshine. All PROHIBITED now. Something very evil is happening here. How many more diseases will occur because of this lockdown? How many more divorces – broken friendships – bankruptcies etc, Meanwhile Harvard with 41 bilion in the bank just got 9 million tax dollars. The airtlines got 25 BILLION after 12 years of stock buybacks to juice their stock prices so the top executives stock options vest. And the sheep stay quiet.

    • not to mention the nauseating worship of all these quack doctors – the new ‘firefighters’ of 9/11. Soon to come — American flags on the back of ambulances

      • Hi Mark,

        Yup. “Health Heroes.” They are “on the front lines”… that term is already being used. Soon it’ll be obligatory to “thank them for their service,” too.

        • I’ve already seen signs on people’s lawns thanking doctors and nurses. It’s nauseating. That, and an unusual proliferation of American flags, some of which being flown at half mast. This is what people have been reduced to. Fly a flag, pat a doctor on the head, but don’t fight or resist or even publicly object to the situation. I want to throw things, particularly at the mask wearing clowns.

          Also reminds me, about these front line health heroes who keep family and loved ones from visiting with their ill or dying relatives, so that person gets to suffer or die alone. This is Unspeakable evil, not heroic. Should be condemned, not thanked.

          • Hi BAC,

            “…American flags, some of which being flown at half mast”.

            While it’s unlikely, I like to think that at least some of those flags are being flown at half mast to lament the engineered death of America, rather than in solidarity with the hysterics.


          • All of this “thank you for your service” is nauseating, postulating poseur virtue signaling crap. If I had a flag, I’d fly the damned thing upside down. Since 1933, this country has been under the longest bankruptcy reorganization in history. Now, more than ever, it is a nation under seige

          • Nurse that lives down the road has a sign in the yard that reads “A Hero Lives Here” Talk about conceited. I’ve been meaning to staple a cookie to the sign.

            • I saw one today and nearly threw up.

              We live in an era where everybody is vying for that 15 minutes of fame. I blame the narcissistic media platforms for this. Narcissism, self-righteousness, virtue signalling, and busybodyism increased exponentially since the advent of these platforms. It has actually destroyed human interaction. For all we know, that may have been its intended purpose from the get-go.

            • “Heros” many/most with government jobs and nice fat pensions. Ask them if they would do it if it paid less than what they could get doing something else where there’s still a free market. Many wouldn’t.

              I was stupid. I could have had a nice career in government research. Then with the same abilities and knowledge I would be an “expert” people would listen to. I would have a huge pension. I would probably even make more per year with far less effort. Instead I work in what’s left of the free market and I am a tax donkey.

              See how many “heros” stick around without receiving the wealth of tax donkeys. Very few I suppose.

              • Hi Brent,

                Yes – but the price of that would be incalculable. Your self-respect! You’re quite right, though, about these government-jobbed “heroes” – it’s easy to be a “hero” when you’re overpaid to be one, fawned over and – the big one – you get exempted from the hardships imposed on others.

        • And there will be special reserved parking slots for them at my local Lowes, next to the ones for the States paid killers, er Veterans.

      • “Hieronymus Bosch (hero & anonymous & bosch…great name) shows us not how scary the world is, but how ridiculous.”

        Absurdist existentialism, maybe, long before it became a named thing.

        Tulip bulbs. Dutchboy dike plugs…
        …Always been the end of the world as we know it. Might as well feel fine.

        (Not to suggest uncle milty was right about anything, including being free to choose to feel fine. Everybody gets what they get.)

    • With very few exceptions women have no critical thinking ability as well as the vast majority of men. So unfortunately you very likely might as well be speaking to a wall in regards to this gym owner.

      In general, I wholeheartedly agree. Reasoning with a woman is a foolish waste of a man’s time and emotional and intellectual energy. They simply aren’t hardwired mentally to reason or think critically, and are largely grounded in emotion.

      HOWEVER, in this case said woman stands to lose big time by having HER business fail, so visceral self-interest just MIGHT induce her to listen to a man’s reasoned argument and persuasion. It’s a very long shot, I admit, but this is one rare and exceptional situation where it might bear fruit.

      • I am a woman, but I have to agree about the thinking skills of many, not all, women. We are in a homeschooling group here in Calitopia and while I’m taking my teen boys to a protest, most of those moms are busy, get this, MAKING MASKS, as if they’re going to rob a bank. While I’m posting freedom memes on FB, those moms are posting picture of their masks. One woman had an order for a bunch of masks and then the order was cancelled and she posted THAT on FB. I just had to smile. Trying to post anything logical to their fear-filled minds is a lost cause.

        That said, a lot of moms are taking to the streets and protesting and defying this tyranny. I’m thankful I’m getting to know some of them.

  24. It’s time for the Mayor’s of small town USA to make a statement. Gather or poll your small biz owners and tell them you, the Mayor, will take the heat if you all want to open. Be bold.

    • How? This thing is tailor made for command and control remote politicians who rule by decree. They get to have remote town halls, screen questions and control dissent through omission. I like what the people in Detroit were doing. What astounded me though is the number of creeps who said that they are retrogrades for standing up for their rights. “You are endaaaaangering” others. I want to drink

      • You know, I’ve been doing some thinking on that. They claim I don’t have the right to endanger others- I think that has to be false. Every act has some degree of danger associated with it. The only thing that matters is verifiable harm and decent people usually forgive and forget if it’s not egregious- malicious.

        So yes, I do have the right to endanger others, and I have a responsibility to make amends if I actually do harm.

        This is the real core of the thing we have to push back against- there is no liberty at all without risk.

  25. Spot on Eric. There’s a gym opening on the other side of my state(Idaho). It’s in Boise area, the worst of the adherents to the “stay at home order”.

    One good thing I have noticed is that the police here–almost unbelievably–have stated several times that they WILL NOT enforce the stay at home order. There is no penalty and no enforcement. It’s VOLUNTARY. The bad thing I have noticed is that very few people understand that. They “voluntarily” remain closed. Another bad thing as that there are so many narcs that have called the police on “violators” that the police have to go to social media and tell everyone that they aren’t enforcing the order.

    It’s truly disappointing and scary when the governments “enforcers” have to tell everyone that they aren’t enforcing. It’s very telling about our society on the whole.

    • As much as I despise cops on principle- the ones which have a few years of experience (not the mouthy little buzz cut DI topper ass hats, but the rank and file which have lasted a few years)- they have to develop SOME judgement. And 1. there is no money to be made enforcing a lockdown and 2. It is increasingly likely to trigger physical resistance not of the passive civil kind.

      Were I ever to suffer hypoxia and partial brain death and become a cop- I wouldn’t do this (enforce lockdowns) any more than I would brace a Escalade load of rastas at 2AM without the assurance of LOTS of help. It’s likely to be unhealthy.

      • bile, don’t know what state he’s in but I’m in that state of “Apoplectic”. So many people have called Alex Jones every derogatory name in the book, but he’s been right. I have always known he was right and now it’s been proven. We should have an offical-nonofficial day dedicated to him. July 4 maybe or July 5, the next declaration of independence.

        There have been so many people online calling for civil war, a shooting war. I wasn’t one of them. I don’t scream like Alex but I scream softly and I think the worst thing to happen(or maybe not if this keeps up)is to have a shooting war. But I do carry the biggest stick I can and it will whack for a long time, well beyond my continued existence I fear.

        The head of the St. Louis Fed last week said things were going as planned. Do people need to be hit with a cattle prod to wake up? It would seem so. Only enough pain to move them past their “perceived” pain right now will get them off their asses and shaking their fists at every politician they can corner.

        We have reached Idiocracy and it really is US. I don’t even see any LEO’s these days, haven’t in a couple weeks. Where are they? Off in an area where there are more victims to berate and fine and jail? I just don’t know.

        But if we aren’t living Prison Planet I dare say I don’t want to see what it looks like. Proof positive you don’t have to be looking at bars to be held prisoner.

        I was disgusted with how few people turned out in Austin…..the land of the pussified fascists. I’ll turn this rant off, literally, but be damned sure it’s still running through every fiber of my being. I hate to use an old, tired cliche, but I am locked and loaded and looking for the enemy. Is that the enemy I see on my screen…..or in my mirror?

        • You still don`t get it…or do you ?
          Communist ! Read the commie manifesto
          It`s available online….Oh yeah…turn
          off your f######g tv / brain cell reducer

          • WJ, if you’re speaking to me, I don’t have a tv and haven’t in a dozen years. I am hooked in with a lot of people on the front lines not only in this country but others. Read what I posted on Open Letter to Businessmen. Read the links.

    • One good thing I have noticed is that the police here–almost unbelievably–have stated several times that they WILL NOT enforce the stay at home order. There is no penalty and no enforcement. It’s VOLUNTARY.

      I don’t know of any Sheriffs or Chief Swine here in Southern Arizona who have formally refused to enforce any kind of lockdown, but I know that there has been absolutely no noticeable increase in public police presence over the last couple of months. This may be due to staffing constraints, but it may also be due to the fact that they are damned well aware of the fact that antagonizing a heavily armed population by trying to impose Police State fiats will end VERY badly for them. Also, they (or at least the county sheriff’s deputies more so than the local meyro police) seem very sympathetic to the idea of resistance to centralized tyranny. Only “trial by fire” will tell.

      The bad thing I have noticed is that very few people understand that. They “voluntarily” remain closed. Another bad thing as that there are so many narcs that have called the police on “violators” that the police have to go to social media and tell everyone that they aren’t enforcing the order.

      It’s absolutely infuriating having to deal with the ovine stupidity when out in public. Maybe my ill humor over it is now palpable and I’ve begun to exude a psychopath-ready-to-snap-at-any-moment aura about me, but none of the zombies in charge of any public-facing organization has said a single word to me, which is exactly the way I want it. Honestly, I can’t guarantee that I’d be able to control myself the first time one of those imbeciles belched government panic-porn-speak in my face.

      As for the self-imprisoned, nothing would make me laugh harder than to learn that they have all starved to death in their living rooms, surrounded by a year’s supply of hoarded toilet paper. Good riddance to retarded rubbish.

      As for narcs, hereabouts they would probably wind up coyote fodder, or bones to be discovered in an abandoned copper mineshaft decades hence.

      • Ditto that, Liberranter!

        I am being deliberately provocative now when out in public, including the wearing of my ear tag. I have been secretly hoping some Corona Cow says something to me – or that a Sickness Hitler gives me the “social distance” rap. I’v already done some sickness pantomime, gasping/coughing abundantly and croaking Corona! when some geek cuts a wide circle to avoid passing near me…


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