An Open Letter To Fellow Patriots – We Have A Way Out (Capitulation Or Showdown)

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by Keith
March 13, 2013

I can’t remember how long I’ve been listening to Alex Jones lead the constitutional freedom movement, but I do know that I have been a 54 year witness to the degradation of American life and the tyrannical takeover of the United States of America by usurpers of power.

Sometimes, when I’m alone in quiet thought, I think about how sorry I am for this country. I literally swell up with tears at the possible death of a great nation. I remember visiting Gettysburg in Pennsylvania when I was a child and taking in all the great history this country offered. I remember how proud and privileged I was to be an American citizen. I felt like I was a small, but important, part of an exclusive club. I was part of something that most people in the world knew nothing about. How great it was that I was a citizen of a country that, with hard work, moral living and God’s Grace, I could achieve a slice of the American pie. I also knew that the American pie was not a right, but a privilege. The harder one worked the more one could attain. I remember promising myself that when I grow up and have children, that I would, like my father did, make sure they knew the level of sacrifice people gave to secure a future for them. Well, five children later, I can honestly say I achieved that goal. Our dinners are filled with political talk that, unfortunately, most Americans would not understand today. My children know more about current events than most adults. They know that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land and that we are not a democracy but a constitutional republic, a country of laws and not men. But this letter is not about my stroll down memory lane, nor is it about my children. These words are about the answer to the problem that confronts this nation today, the erosion of quality of life in America by the new world order, the United Nations and the international bankers.

For years I have noticed that most people love talking about the problems that face America today. We rarely talk about the solutions to ending the communist/fascist invasion of our country. The reason for this is because we are so used to being involved in the democratic process that we automatically think the only way we can make change in the United States is by voting the rats out of office. America is a nation of city hall fighters. We are taught that, beyond the democratic process we are familiar with, the When, Where and How of making revolutionary change is limited. We forget that there is another way to take back our country and that it has always been in front of us right from the beginning.  So, to those patriots with the courage to dare something different and to those patriots that want to shake the tree to get the bad fruit out, here is the answer.

I’m sure many of you know that in November 2009 a continental congress was convened and actually took place. The congress was organized through the We The People Foundation For Constitutional Education, under the leadership of Robert Schulz, Chairman. Actual voting took place on a national level to choose 153 delegates from among a larger list of nominees. Each state was represented at the congress as well as Washington DC. Most people know of Robert Schulz’s work and his tireless dedication to the freedom movement. It was through this foundation that I discovered the tremendous work of Alex Jones and have been a fan of Alex ever since. The continental congress was held in 2009 from November 9th to the 22nd at a major conference center in St. Charles, Illinois. I believe that just about all of the expenses for the delegates were paid for by money raised for the event. Under the direction and leadership of congress president, Michael Badnarik the group met tirelessly, on a daily basis, for over two weeks to create a document called the Articles of Freedom. The articles covered 15 grievances that needed redress by the government. They covered taxes, immigration, war powers, the federal reserve as well as many other violations of constitutional powers ignored by our federal and state governments. Each topic or grievance had three components attached. The first, Demands to the officers within the United States government, the second, Demands to the state legislatures and the third, Advice for citizen action at the local level. This 61 page document of our listed grievances was the end result of the congress. The Articles of Freedom were sent to all members of the house of representatives, the senate and the president. The document that was worked on by so many patriots was ignored by every one of the criminals at the federal and state level. But this should not surprise anyone. Is there anyone out there that really believed that things would change by requesting redress from our leaders? I didn’t think so. Now that you are familiar with the workings of Continental Congress of 2009 let me tell you how we can defeat these criminals.

WE WILL CONVENE ANOTHER CONTINENTAL CONGRESS, only this time for a different reason.

– That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect  their safety and happiness.

We will abolish the existing illegal government to ”effect our safety and happiness“. Now I know a lot of you are critical at this point but read on and you’ll see what I mean.

Let’s start from the beginning. The continental congress cannot create a new government. According to the Constitution only the people can do that. This continental congress will lay the legal framework to abolish the existing government and set the stage for new elections in the new government. After all, isn’t that what our founders did at the inception of our nation? They had the courage to create a government and a nation before the british left the continent. Whether it be through war or peace they did not wait for british authority to grant them the power to govern themselves. Now, legality is a very important here. Historically, we must show legal evidence or argument for our need to abolish. The congress could draft another declaration of independence to argue justification for abolishment, The congress could call for national elections for a new president, a new house and a new senate. Maybe the congress could create a legal document for citizens to send into the State Department to declare themselves free from the illegal government. They could repatriate the American flag and the Constitution back to the new, free Constitutional United States. The most important part of the congress would be to call for new elections. Anyone in the libertarian movement that wished to be nominated could run for office. Keep in mind that these elections are NOT to replace the existing house and senate members in Washington. The continental congress would have already abolished those bodies.

Now, I know that many of the readers, at this point, are thinking the following thought. “So, we convene a continental congress, create a legal basis for a new government, execute new elections and declare ourselves free”. NOW WHAT!!

NOW, WE HAVE JUST CREATED AN “US vs. THEM!! That’s right. Where before we had Me vs. the new world order, Alex Jones vs. the new world order, Robert Schulz vs. the new world order, My mother vs. the new world order…and so on and so on and so on. Now, we have the Constitutional United States vs. the new world order. Two separate governments that will oppose each other. Remember this, when the garbage hits the fan, and it soon will, wouldn’t you like to be part of a united government that gives legal authority to you and me to fight back? As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t doubt that at some point, the new world order, through the Obama administration, would threaten arrest of all officers of the Constitutional United States if they did not disband. At first the folks at CNN would laugh at the idea of a new government. Newspaper articles will be written and interviews given about the comedy of a government with only 500,000 citizens. But with each passing day, as more people are signing and sending in their citizenship papers to the State Department, our ranks will swell to immense proportions. Not only will individuals become citizens of the Constitutional United States, but so will businesses, towns, counties, members of the military and police and, yes, even states. Just imagine a baby being born in a hospital and the parents are given social security documents to register their children and instead of handing in the social security documents the parents give the hospital back paperwork notifying them that the child is a citizen of the Constitutional United States. Slowly, like an antibiotic inside the infected new world order, we will take over. And IF the terrible happens and they start arresting our officers and citizens then this will be an act of war and may there be Godspeed to our side. You have to realize how time is important to the globalists. The more time we give them to prepare, the more they will solidify their position of authority over us. This is a strategy that should force the illegal government of the new world order to act before they are actually ready to act. Remember, this is a plan to force capitulation or showdown. If this plan brings us to war then it is far better that it happen now rather than 5 years from now when they have taken our weapons away from us. And most importantly, if we find the tyrants trying to stop the continental congress from convening then we know we are on the right track. In game theory this is called “forcing the hand” or forcing your opponent into play.We can now become the strategic controller, the surgeon cutting the cancer from the tree of liberty.

The work to establish another continental congress can start immediately. There must be money raised, committees organized and locations picked out. It is important to remember that this continental congress will not be given the task of creating another set of Articles of Freedom. This was already done at the continental congress of 2009. The new continental congress will be convened to abolish the usurpers and give rebirth to the original governing model that was created for us in 1776. The act of our current government refusing to give redress to our grievances of the continental congress of 2009 gives us legal right to convene another congress to actually fix the problem.

I must say one more thing before I end this letter. I have seen the level of resolve of the globalists. They are willing to kill both you and I when the time is right. Men do not simply convene a continental congress at a whim. It takes immense tyranny to force a break in allegiance. Calling another continental congress to abolish the illegal invaders is the right thing to do. I promise you it will work. There, however, will be sacrifice needed from everyone. Let’s finally stop complaining and start fighting back. Let’s stop letting the criminals make the history and let’s give the communist run SPLC another freedom loving, law abiding, libertarian organization to fear. WE are the true writers of history.

I would like to know your opinions on this strategy. I would love to hear Alex Jones’ opinion. We must start a debate on the issue. I fear if we do nothing then we will collapse. Remember, the idea is to solidify our power under one authority and use that rightful authority to take back control. Two governments cannot govern one land. There will have to be capitulation of one of the authorities or a showdown. To keep doing what we have been doing is suicide and I refuse to believe that constantly talking about our problems will bring us victory.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Keith Hayden, Winsted, Connecticut


  1. What is my Religion? It’s occasionally taking the time to deal with the less fortunate than myself, when I feel like it. Voluntarily. Truth be told, the huddle masses are often intolerably bad people. Should you break up a huddle and free even one soul, congratulations, you have performed a true mitzvah, a good deed.

    The writing of a check to UNICEF or to build a new terrorist proof Baptist Church, is sending money down a rathole, IMHO. The rats usually use your money to increase their pestilence, rarely to help anyone other than themselves.

    Serj Tankian – Saving Us

    Just a music video, but there’s some honest religious sentiment mixed in there with the anti-consumptionist propaganda.

    – – – – – –

    [Jewish Perspectives – Seinfeld Sitcom]

    The Bet (also known as The Gun) is an unproduced episode for Season 2 of Seinfeld. It was not made due to its controversial subject. It would have been the fourth episode of season 2, and would have aired on February 13, 1991.

    In the episode, Elaine bets against Jerry on the ease of buying a handgun to protect herself. In a subplot, Kramer returns from a vacation in Puerto Rico and tells Jerry and George he had sex with a flight attendant during the flight back. George makes a bet with him and goes to the airport with Jerry and Elaine to ask the flight attendant if Kramer’s allegation is true.

    The episode was written by Larry Charles to make a funny “dark-themed” episode, using elements that were unusual in sitcoms. Sets for the episode were built, and Bobbi Jo Lathan was cast as flight attendant Lucy Merrit and Ernie Sabella was cast as gun salesman Mo Korn, who was described in the script as “overweight, greasy, slow and low-key”. The table reading of the episode was held on Wednesday, December 12, 1990.

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus stated, “I read the script and I remember thinking, ‘We’re not going to do this.'” According to Alexander, when she read a scene in which she holds the gun to her head stating, “Where do you want it, Jerry? The Kennedy? [holds the gun to her stomach] The McKinley?”, Louis-Dreyfus turned to Alexander, stating, “I’m not doing this.” Both Alexander and Cherones, who would direct the episode, felt that the gun content in the story was too provocative. Richards was concerned that his character would be open about arming Elaine, though in a later interview he stated, “Although, why not? I think Kramer could justify the use of a weapon.”

    The cast began rehearsing, but after 20 minutes stopped and turned to Cherones, who agreed to talk to Charles. While on his way to Charles’ office, Cherones met NBC executive Glenn Padnick and informed him about the cast’s reaction to the episode. Cherones said that Padnick was relieved to hear this, and they both discussed the problem with Charles, and decided not to use the script since the network execs thought the gun content was too controversial. The replacement episode, The Phone Message, was written by David and Seinfeld in two days.

    The Bet is most likely not the only un-produced episode, although it is the most infamous. It is also probably the only one that was partially filmed.

    Larry Charles (Net Worth $85 Million) – Cracking the Code

    Nothing Unites or Divides a People Like Religion – Charles/Maher

    • “We give them a fake god, a dead-end god. If they were once burning with authentic faith, we derail that and take them to another place…”

      All gods, faiths, and noble ideas are fake and dead end, if you accept the tenets uncritically and substitute someone else’s beliefs for your own mind, you are a slave.

      Many Jews understand this, and that is why they were hated by National Socialists and other victims of psyops. Long ago, Jews concocted the great Christian psyop, the greatest so far, soon to include 2 billion people. Are modern Jews still profiting from this, or is the Jewish Conspiracy yet another psyop?

      IMHO a healthy relationship with your god or gods should be no different than your relationship with your earthly father.
      You can love and honor your god and your father, but if you see either of them running around town gunning children down with an M16, you don’t simply say “well that’s my father’s way” or “that’ok because he’s god”

      What you do is take action to survive. To protect your loved ones. If possible, you take steps to stop him if you can do so safely. Anyone who charges at him unarmed to be a hero. Unless you succeed. If you get shot and killed. Then you just died for a faith or noble idea psyop. Leave him be, if you can’t make it to a truck and run him over or do something rational with a good chance of you living. He’ll run out of bullets, or some other psyop sap will do your dirty work for you.

      The reality of a truly awakened man is stark. Much of what people believe and act on as their “moral compass” is hopelessly entangled with psyops.

      • ” Long ago, Jews concocted the great Christian psyop,”

        You know, it makes me wonder why you’re allowed to continually ride this hobbyhorse of yours here. Whatever has you thinking that the evil Jews invented Christianity as a plot to slaughter millions of people, it really has no place in most discussions that take place here.

        Your insistence on trying to proselytize humanity against religion is extremely tiresome. Respond if you like, but I’ve just read the last post of yours that I intend to read until you learn that the world doesn’t revolve around your paranoid fantasies of religion as an evil scheme.

        • Seems to me, religion sure makes a great hiding place, if you’re a psychopath!

          Tell me, who supports all the Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests? Aren’t they looters and moochers, just like the government? How are they different?

          You misunderstand me. It’s not religion I have an issue with, it’s institutions based on violence. Institutions like almost all Jewish and Christian churches. These are unecessary and deadly middlemen who should be thrown in the woods.

          These institutions have a long history of murder, and they haven’t even begun to admit it yet. All they claim is to be less violent than countries and muslims, nothing else. They are fake religious heroes just like cops are fake justice heroes.

          – – – –

          If Christians believe you should be fruitful and multiply, then shouldn’t there be a centerfold in the bible? A Miss Deuteronomy? Turn offs: floods, locusts, and smokers. Turn ons: myrrh.

          Disciples my ass! They’re losers, why don’t they get a job?

          I’ve got a solution to world hunger. Stop sending them food. I say send some trucks and some boxes and move the starving to where the food is. They live in the desert. What are they supposed to eat, sand?

          • lol…funny clips. Dunno’ about the “Jewish plot”, but the libertarian-who-apologizes- for-mystic-parasitism-&-wonders-why-you’re-allowed telegraphs clearly enough.

  2. Recommended Civic Actions – Articles of Freedom – 2009 Continental Congress

    1. Break the chains of government dependence by refusing to participate in any unconstitutional government welfare program, whether individual or corporate, including but not limited to: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, grants, subsidies, or any other form of federal welfare;
    2. Make informed choices regarding health insurance, vaccinations, mental health screenings, dietary supplements, medications and other health decisions based on personal choice, and not merely in obedience to intrusive and offensive federal laws, with a willingness to disobey such laws when conscience or reason dictate;
    3. Seek out information about companies that use federal and state governments as their agents to rob us of our wealth and enrich themselves through bailouts, grants, subsidies and other corporate welfare, and to communicate to them our refusal to do business with them while they persist in their thievery;
    4. Refuse support to churches, religious organizations and charities that denigrate our Constitution by availing themselves of unconstitutional government programs rather than voluntary charity; and instead to vigorously and generously support churches and religious organizations that boldly stand for the Principles of Liberty enshrined in our Constitution; and, additionally, to rebuild strong community structures on the basis of voluntary association rather than government coercion.
    5. Refuse to give the federal government absolute control over our children’s education while compelling us to pay for it; and to practice our parental rights by providing our children education at home or through private institutions, thereby protecting them from harmful, dishonest, and subversive government indoctrination.
    6. To live our lives as free individuals, not ceding any authority to the federal government which we have not expressly granted to it in our Constitution; and to disobey, when appropriate, any unconstitutional laws; and use every means at our disposal to challenge usurpations through the courts, political action, and any other means deemed necessary.

    1. Meet with your County Sheriff and ask for assistance and guidance in establishing a Constitutional Militia.*
    * The term militia, inherently separate from the State National Guard, means ‘Constitutional Defense Force’ comprising all citizenry capable of bearing arms and under proper authority, in defense of themselves and the states.
    2. Converse, build coalitions, and develop networks of communication with like-minded organizations concerning the importance of Constitutional Militias, preparedness, and the protection of our Right to keep and bear arms;
    3. Lobby State Legislatures to introduce and/or pass a version of what is commonly referred to as the “Firearms Freedom Act”;
    4. Utilize existing “Second Amendment Scorecards” on each of their representatives.

    1. Visit and click on the Privacy Reference List, study all information provided in that list, and act in their best interest according to the information provided; 2. Inform themselves about the police and surveillance state that is being created in America in direct violation of the 4th, 5th, 9th, and 10th Amendments; 3. Submit open records requests to the appropriate agencies requesting the items listed below. Consider coordinating these efforts with other activists; a. Copies of all Memorandums of Understanding (MOU’s) between participating Fusion Center agencies and any other party, agency, organization, institution, governmental body or individual that relates to Fusion Center information/data sharing; b. Copies of Fusion Center Privacy Policies; c. Copies of all Strategic Reports produced by or received by said Fusion Centers, including the distribution list and citations for each produced Strategic Report; to include identification of the authoring agency of any received Strategic Report; 4. Expose the findings of said open records requests through online social media, existing liberty media, liberty-minded organizations, and other means of public dissemination;
    5. Approach fellow citizens and groups to build an issue-based coalition in order to lobby local and state government to ensure that:
    a. Unless directly involved in a crime, no private sector entities will be involved in the operation of Fusion Centers;
    b. Only data and intelligence concerning federal crimes may be made available to any federal agency;
    c. Fusion Centers are not to be used to conduct surveillance on an entire group based on the presence of one suspicious individual;
    d. Ensure the creation of a “privacy committee” to oversee the privacy policy of your local Fusion Center and ensure compliance;
    e. Ensure compliance with CFR 28, part 23;
    6. Lobby your state legislature to nullify the Patriot Act;
    7. Implement a Community Response Hotline; the People are encouraged to develop alternative means of communication, i.e. ham radio, short wave, or any other means of electronic communication;
    8. Be aware that no citizen is required to release their social security number and should not release it if there is an alternative method;
    9. Conduct business only with companies that do not require a social security number;
    10. Use non-traceable forms of currency (i.e. prepaid credit cards) and non-traceable technology (i.e. prepaid cellular phones);
    11. Use open-source software solutions, encrypt their computer hard drives, and use proxy servers when connected to the Internet, for computer security and privacy reasons;
    12. Understand that everyone, including the government may record photos and video on public property;
    13. Read licensing software agreements and be aware of the privacy ramifications of signing up for such services;
    14. Promote local and state legislation that forces local and state governments to further scrutinize the process of accepting grants or other funding concerning surveillance and the militarization and federalization of local police departments from Federal Agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice;
    15. Lobby for a local resolution banning red-light cameras or other surveillance equipment in public areas.
    16. Furthermore, without delay, the public is advised to contact their state and local representatives to open up a dialogue to assure that they repeal and propose no further legislation that violates the Privacy Clauses of the Constitution. Americans should also contact their local sheriff and demand they uphold their sworn oath or affirmation to protect and defend the Privacy Clauses of the Constitution.

    1. Encourage self-education of property rights protected by the Constitution;
    2. Get involved concerning the benefits of free market solutions to the generation and distribution of all sources of energy;
    3. Establish a petition drive throughout the state indicating that energy generation and distribution must be free from all government control;
    4. Develop initiatives to place on the ballot that indicate your individual right to a free market in energy generation and distribution;
    5. Contact your state senator, representative, and the Governor and demand that they pass legislation that ends the federal government regulation of energy generation and distribution within the state;
    6. Educate yourself about the truth behind climate change and the reality that global warming is not caused by man through carbon emissions;
    7. Go to city council meetings to listen and participate in discussions;
    8. Inquire through your council members during a meeting, or by setting up a personal meeting, to determine the role of the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) in driving policy at the local level;
    9. Build coalitions of like-minded groups in order to build opposition to the implementation of “Agenda 21” (“sustainable development”) at the local level;
    10. Demand that your local government respect your right to a “republican form of government” as enumerated in the United States Constitution and the various state Constitutions by ceasing the use of the “consensus process” and predetermined outcomes and “comprehensive planning” in order to dictate policy and implement anything that interferes with private property ownership;
    11. Reject the local reception of federal, non-governmental organizations (NGO), or foundations, grants and/or funding to the extent that they further the implementation of Agenda 21;
    12. Actively oppose local government participation with federal programs or agencies that seek to further the implementation of Agenda 21 (“sustainable development”);
    13. Actively oppose the creation of “public/private partnerships” (PPPs) between local government and private industry;
    14. Educate yourself concerning methods to combat the “consensus process”, which seeks to manipulate the public into predetermined outcomes;
    15. Address, petition, and support all states to reassert and reaffirm the 10th Amendment by passing legislation exerting 10th Amendment powers for land use management;
    16. Encourage, petition, and support county officials to notify all government agencies – state and federal – to comply with the 10th Amendment and other Constitutional provisions;
    17. Counsel and lobby Congress to return ownership of public lands, parks, preserves, recreation areas, and areas designated to the states in whose boundaries the land lies.

    1. When appointed to a jury, throw off the restraints of judicial tyranny by refusing to capitulate to any judicial instruction to judge only the facts; and
    2. When appointed to a jury, demand to have all issues of law argued in the presence of the jury, and have the last say by judging the law;
    3. Educate your family, friends, and community to learn about the Fully Informed Jury Association (“FIJA”), and the power of judging the law as well as the accused.

    1. Study and understand the research done by Bill Benson in his book, “The Law that Never Was,” and once they have a firm understanding of the argument, they are encouraged to educate their family, friends and fellow Americans about the truth behind the 16th Amendment;
    2. Contact their local county government, (including the sheriff) and demand cooperation in enforcement of State and federal laws, prohibiting the illegal filing of notices of federal tax liens and the filing of a federal tax lien or levy without proper federal court orders attached; it is the duty of the sheriff to protect the citizens of the county from rogue federal agents acting under a color of law;
    3. Put their banks and employers on notice that federal income tax levies should not be honored without a federal court order attached and without an affidavit from the sheriff that the levy is legal and proper;
    4. Prepare to replace any sheriff or county or State government officials at the next election or sooner, through impeachment or recall, who refuse to cooperate and honor their Oath of Office to protect and defend the federal and State Constitutions and the People;
    5. Be prepared to withhold their income tax from the government once the above steps of self-defense are in place.
    6. Furthermore, without delay, the public is advised to contact their county sheriff, State and federal representatives and Senators demanding the unconstitutional taxation and withholding of earnings be stopped immediately.

    1. Encourage networks of like-minded individuals to increasingly buy hard money coinage to use among their communities with the goal of increasing financial independence, and
    2. That the aforementioned individuals, upon having established trade procedures in said hard money, shall be prepared for the replacement of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve upon its failure or abolition.

    1. If your State has engaged in irresponsible spending resulting in a large public debt, we recommend that citizens instruct their government to cease those practices;
    2. Increase our power to produce by increasing our education level; keep our eyes open for changing dynamics and look for new opportunities; learn and develop new crafts/skills; and learn how to create more value for more people;
    3. Learn how to be self-reliant rather than government-dependent. Any benefit that the government provides to one individual must be taken from others;
    4. Increase your savings by selling fiat currency and buying hard assets; eliminate all forms of personal debt.
    5. Introduce the principles of barter and alternative media of exchange and educate your local community;
    6. Businesses are encouraged to begin accepting gold or silver as a viable payment for commodity and service exchanges;
    7. Work with local businesses to implement an alternative local bartering system or establish a local private medium of exchange;
    8. Only vote for candidates for office who are true Constitutionalists and who are committed to reducing government spending and borrowing;
    9. Encourage elected State officials to return to the gold and silver standard; pass “sound/honest” money legislation to provide a competing currency to the existing fiat currency;
    10. Share the information contained in the Continental Congress 2009 documents with your State legislators, county and local officials, and the media.

    1. Encourage the people of each of the several States to become further educated and to build
    coalitions of like-minded people into groups with sufficient numbers to instruct their fellow
    citizens how to hold their public officials accountable;
    2. Get to know your sheriff within your community and determine if he/she will hold public
    officials accountable to their Oath of Office; let them know that you are there to help them and
    support all lawful effort;
    3. Work with fellow citizens within your county to form and conduct a lawful citizen’s Grand Jury
    which are paneled and conducted according to the State Constitution;
    4. Participating in an unconstitutional war is militarism not patriotism. In the event of an
    undeclared war, we urge all citizens to avoid supporting or participating in the war in any way,
    including military service or weapons production. If just 10% of the population refused to fight,
    the undeclared war would be unlikely to ever happen. We the People are the ultimate check on a
    tyrannical government.

    1. Educate yourself, your family, and your community about your government officials’ duties and all of the current immigration laws.
    2. Meet with your county Sheriff and ask him to execute the current Federal and State immigration laws for which he is authorized.
    3. Lobby your State legislator/legislature to demand your State Governor to execute all of the current immigration laws, where applicable.
    4. Lobby your Congressman to bring impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States of America for failing to assure execution all of the current immigration laws.

    1. Each of us, beginning with ourselves and our family, set apart a day of fasting, weekly, monthly or whenever, to appeal to and to meditate and pray for the blessing of Divine Providence, in guiding our steps and assisting us in our struggle against the enemies of liberty, in reclaiming our freedom, and to encourage our friends and neighbors to do the same.
    2. Encourage your minister, priest, rabbi, or other religious or spiritual leader to lead their congregation in a monthly day of fasting, meditation and prayer, for the blessing of Divine Providence to guide the success of our efforts.

    Andrew Napolitano – Articles of Freedom

    Bob Schulz – What If

  3. “signing and sending in their citizenship papers to the State Department” – That seems kind of dumb. Is that the same thing as renouncing citizenship?

    “There must be money raised,” – Red flag?

    “committees organized” – another red flag? Is that like having meetings? Those are usually a waste. It seems like it’s deciding who the new boss is, are.

    “give rebirth to the original governing model that was created for us in 1776” – He means The Articles of Confederation? If so, how is the next step not leading to a more powerful coup of a Constitution?

    “gives us legal right to convene another congress to actually fix the problem.” – Meet the new boss, same as the old boss?

    “I fear if we do nothing then we will collapse.” – Who is “we” here? Is this whole thing more about maintaining the status-quo than anything else? Is it more likely if nothing is done the monster crashes due to it’s own overweight lopsided bankrupt bureaucracy? Is there only one option? Nullification is off the table?

    “the idea is to solidify… power under one authority” – That’s the new boss, more powerful than the old boss?

    “and use that rightful authority to…” – wield it firmly?

    “To keep doing what we have been doing is suicide” – why is that?

    No mention of the crack-up-boom?

    Consider this:

    How a State Collapses

    “… Preeminently, in the 1550s, Etienne de la Boetie wrote Discourse on Voluntary Servitude, a tract emphasizing that “in order to have liberty nothing more is needed than to long for it.”
    This is because tyrants are “automatically defeated if the country refuses consent to its own enslavement: it is not necessary to deprive him of anything, but simply to give him nothing; there is no need that the country make an effort to do anything for itself provided it does nothing against itself. It is therefore the inhabitants themselves who permit, or, rather, bring about, their own subjection, since by ceasing to submit they would put an end to their servitude.”
    What did Boetie suggest that a subjugated people do? “I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break into pieces.” …”

    When the money runs out, when few get paid, when the paychecks become less and less as is happening now, people will just walk away. Or do people love to work for empire for free?
    Why not ask them?

    • ““There must be money raised,” – Red flag?”

      Yep. Bear in mind, this guy starts out by talking about how inspired he was by visiting a battlefield. He seems to want to be a leader. I don’t follow leaders.


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