Reader Question: The Green Behind the Fever?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Chris asks: Here’s a link that this sheds a lot of light to me on the agenda behind the “Corona crisis.”

I have every reason to think there will be a push to continue the “social distancing” in an effort to put fewer cars on the road and build/renovate fewer buildings, etc. After all, we won’t need cars and physical businesses if we can “work from home,” have products delivered to our door, and so forth. And if we could do that during COVID-19, why can’t we do it all the time, right?

This, IMO, will cause huge hits to the automotive industry, and construction and hospitality industries and others deemed “non-essential” for this “green economy.”  And of course, just like the Coronaphobia is less about disease than about control, so the “green agenda” will be less about the environment than about implementing sweeping new government controls — and after all, as the article even alludes to, we’re being conditioned to “obey the rules” without question.It appears there’s no longer a “hidden agenda” — these people are very clear and very public about what they want to do.

My reply: No question – in my mind, at any rate. Whether it’s merely a convenient coincidence, I think it’s inarguable that the “Corona Crisis” is being used to serve the same agenda as the “Climate Crisis” – which wasn’t selling well enough. But now, the prescriptions – and restrictions – demanded by the latter are being implemented on the basis of the former.

Perhaps the ugliest aspect is the escalation of the conditioning to cattle-like obedience. Worse, of prisoner-like obedience. Has anyone noticed that the taped lines – stand here, wait there – are just like what you’d find inside a booking facility or prison?

If this isn’t stopped – by us refusing to accept it – America is truly over.

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