Another Glendale HUT! HUT! HUTTING!

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Glendale, Arizona appears to attract particularly vicious armed government workers. It is the city in which a man was infamously Tasered in his crotch (see here) over a made-up traffic infraction and a mentally disabled man was beaten and Tasered by a “high risk” armed government worker with “years of disciplinary problems” named Joshua Carroll who was kept armed and badged by his department notwithstanding those “years of disciplinary problems” (see here).

And here we go . . . again.

A Glendale AGW is under investigation for his Hut! Hut! Hutting! of a skinny old man who failed to properly Respect his Authoritah. The man – who was pulled over for some reason – clearly posed no physical threat to anyone, let alone a heavily armed and steroidal AGW. But he commits the offense of failure to be sufficiently submissive, dares to question the AGW – who proceeds to roughly pull him out of the car and then apply the joy juice – Taser him.

AGWs seem to get a real jolt from applying their electronic torture devices.

In this case, as in so many others, there was no obvious need to apply either electricity or fists. The man wasn’t “fleeing.” His car was parked. The man was old and obviously no Mike Tyson.

But the AGW almost immediately escalates the situation to a roadside discipline session. The man is literally beaten to a bloody pulp as he screams in agony, writhing on the ground – by a government thug probably 30 years younger and twice his size and strength.

Before America turned dark, a cop would have talked to the man, tried to de-escalate the situation and probably gotten him to step out of the car without torturing him. There’s something despicably pathetic about a jacked-up and “trained” AGW who is unable to arrest a frail old man without resorting to torturing him and then pummels him until bloody while face down on the ground.

Imagine that old is your father or Uncle. Someone you know. And even if not, if you have any humanity you’ll be disgusted by what happened here.

Because it’s wrong – and because if it happened to this man, it could happen to any man. Or woman.

Or kid.

This AGW is but one of many just like him. The more routinized atrocities such as this one become, the more common such atrocities will become.

. . .

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  1. Evidently “America” isn’t dark enough. Pre-emptive strike will prevent this sort of thing. Shame on you if you allow these thugs to live in your community/neighborhood.
    The police are the enemy of freedom. “The whole good cop/bad cop question can be disposed of much more decisively. We need not enumerate what proportion of cops appears to be good or listen to someone’s anecdote about his Uncle Charlie, an allegedly good cop. We need only consider the following: (1) a cop’s job is to enforce the laws, all of them; (2) many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even cruel and wicked; (3) therefore every cop has agreed to act as an enforcer for laws that are manifestly unjust or even cruel and wicked. There are no good cops.” ~Robert Higgs
    “Pity the poor, wretched, timid soul, too faint hearted to resist his oppressors. He sings the songs of the damned, ‘I cannot resist, I have too much to lose, they might take my property or confiscate my earnings, what would my family do, how would they survive?’ He hides behind pretended family responsibility, failing to see that the most glorious legacy that we can bequeath to our posterity is liberty!” ~ W. Vaughn Ellsworth
    If the issue was truly about officer safety, they wouldn’t be initiating violence against people. In reality, it’s about protecting their power to steal from people to get a paycheck.

    • Hi EWM!

      Well-said, sir. I’d go a step farther, though and point out that all AGWs are tax-feeders whose salaries are paid via funds stolen from unwilling victims and so cannot be “good” even if they don’t enforce the obviously immoral laws on the books.

      No one has the right to make their living at someone else’s expense – leaving aside the nature of the work they do.

      An AGW has no more right to force me to pay his salary than I have to force him to pay mine. The “services” we each provide are beside the point.

      • How can we resist this, though? I’m active in local politics, I show up at city hall meetings and voice my objections to any kind of pro-police policies and taxes, and spread pamphlets around the neighborhood. Because of this, I’m that “nut” who doesn’t support the local heroes, and anything I say is ridiculed, and not just me, but others who share this sentiment. I’m also viewed as nuts for supporting more housing in our area which has a housing shortage, and for supporting the second amendment.

        We live in a “democracy”, which makes me want to vomit, because the majority is stupid.

  2. JHC!…. Glendale! I was raised in the Phoenix area, (Laveen), in the early 60s. Glendale was the western edge of the Phoenix Metro. Population then about 400,000. Cops were no where near like this. This cop was heartless. Remember the cop that shot a man in a hotel begging for his life…. That was in the Metro area as well,,, Mesa Az. Arizona must now be the go to place for sick cop wannabees.

    Worse, they let him resign when the the investigating board recommended firing…. Since he resigned he can likely find another position with another thug force.

    I have lost all respect for ALL law enforcement. (Federal, State and Local) I see no difference between the Corpgov Leo’s today and the Mafia enforcers of yesteryear. It will get far worse as a nation circles the toilet drain….. it always does.

  3. or is this Glendale, AZ ? Any reports made to news media or city or state officials ? It appears the location is in a parking space at a motel–not on a roadway.

  4. All I can say is be prepared for this when it happens to you. Will you take it like a whining bitch like this guy did, or will you fight?

    Sure this guy lives another day, but at what cost?

    Maybe it could be said that as a human being, it’s your duty to make sure these thugs don’t get to do that to another person ever again.

    • Hi Anonymous,

      I have thought about this a great deal. I don’t fly anymore because the last time I did, I came very close to losing control and going Braveheart on a blue suited geek. I actually hallucinated ripping out his larynx. The cretin stole several bottles (all sealed) of high-end whiskey that I was trying to take home with me from my parents’ house in AZ. My dad had just died and these were his and now mine. I forgot about the tyrannical rule about liquids – Jesus Christ! what idiocy – and packed them in my duffel. The son of a bitch at the “security” relieved me of them. That’s when I damned near lost it. I decided to never place myself in that position again, if possible. So far, so good.

      A caustic mix of loathing and hate wells up in me whenever I see an AGW. They are on the wrong side. I wouldn’t lift a finger to help one. May god have mercy on them.

      I won’t.

      • I too have thought about this a great deal. I have come to the conclusion that I will never allow myself to be placed in chains. I will do everything in my power to prevent it, even if it means certain demise. And I have a lot to lose. Kids, wife, family.

        If I’m ever put in that position, I hope I can follow through. Words are easy, but actions…

    • If Jesus calls you to bring a state sponsored terrorist unto Him, well… It is wise to do it smartly and manifest His Majesty in its entirety. A direct confrontation will not bring said terrorist to Jesus, your freedom and likely your life will end futilely.

      The Irish Republican Army methodology proved incredibly effective in checkmating RUC terrorism was to bring Jesus into the bedrooms of sadists. A wake-up visit that brought unto Jesus in front of the terrorist’s wife and children when they were most vulnerable.

      In no way should one advocate anything other than to be smart in one’s callings. It is always sad to see a martyr cut down who failed to accomplish his calling from Jesus.

  5. I still don’t get what mythical time you are talking about where police didn’t assault citizens. Not in my lifetime and I’m in my 60s. Appreciate the reporting of these incidents but why do you act like it’s new?

    • when i was growing up it wasnt that bad – say the 80’s. –usually– if you werent bothering anyone you were generally left alone. there werent no-knock swat raids / checkpoints / body armor and black nazi police cars with military trained police. some who go to israel for training. Erics right its a different world.

    • Hi Rick,

      The difference is it’s now common – routine. It did not used to be thus. Most cops did not wear body armor and carry multiple mags and semi-auto pistols. You could argue with them – and not be Hut! Hut! Hutted!. You had to do something genuinely threatening to have a gun drawn on you – or even for the cop to put his hand on his gun. They didn’t shoot people – routinely, as policy. Guns were a last resort.

      There were no checkpoints in this country prior to the mid’80s. You were free to travel without having to show “papers” and prove you weren’t drunk. Cops needed probable cause to stop you.

      It was qualitatively different.

      • My mother and father showed up unannounced, as usual. Didn’t matter what we might be doing, they’d just walk right in. I guess they never heard of sex on the table in the middle of the afternoon.

        Well, we weren’t having sex but were drinking beer and I was smoking pot although I didn’t care if they saw me, it just sorta ruined my stone.

        With little fanfare, my mother, the gossip she was, begin spilling her guts about something that had happened to a local deputy, a guy I couldn’t even stand to look at, much less speak of.

        Before she got through I interrupted her, not my normal thing, but I couldn’t help myself. I told her “Mama, if I was driving down the road and was dying to pee, got out and found that son of a bitch on fire, I’d hold it, get back in and go a couple more miles just so I couldn’t piss on him and put the fire out.” She sat there stunned, the wife sat there with a look that said the same thing I had, my father had a smile big enough he had to turn away from her and bring up the subject of a cat or dog or something else. He was civil to cops, unless they did something to piss him off and then he would get downright nasty to them.

        I never heard the end of the story since it didn’t involve his demise but would have had it been just he and I alone in the dark. She never mentioned him again.

        Back in about 71 or so, I, my GF and my best friend were headed home from college in the we hours of the morning. There is a 3 mile long grade off the caprock going into Post Texas. We started down the slope and all saw the cop car sitting there under a street light. I checked my speed and made sure it stayed legal like it was. It was only after passing under the bright lamp I understood why he sat there, so he could see into cars going by.

        Immediately after seeing two long-haired guys and gal, he turned on his cherry on top and pulled me over. The charge was speeding which I denied. He took me to the courthouse where the jail was and called the JP who was a very old man. It takes him and hour to get there while the others were sitting in the car wondering WTH was going on.

        Finally, this poor old man who obviously been asleep and wasn’t in a good mood. He listened to the cop and then asked me my story. I said I wasn’t speeding, I had seen him from 3 miles away and made sure of it. I told him where I lived, about 80 miles away. He looked at the cop and asked why he’d been called which I was wondering myself. Then he told the cop “this man has 10 days to address any ticket you give him, so why is he here?(again). The cop mumbled something and the JP continued speaking to me. “Son, you have 10 days to take care of a driving infraction, have a safe trip home”. I thanked him and left and the cop tried to but he was ordered to stop. I would have liked to hear that conversation.

        Here’s the kicker though, the cop wrote out the ticket, then turned the book so the signature line was pointed at himself and signed it. Once back in the car I showed it to my companions and said “Damn, I wonder how that cop got my license information for a ticket signed by him”? Everybody just sighed and said he must have found the license I had lost. I tossed the ticket and never heard another word about it.

        I got stopped at Slaton one day and they searched my car and after getting an emergency call, wrote me a ticket for loud mufflers that were brand new. When your car does the dance of Duntov they’re going to give you a ticket for something. Only one town between Lubbock and my parents home I didn’t get a ticket was Snyder where they set up a roadblock……behind me.

        Cops are lying a-holes down to the last man now although there were some decent ones back then(the young ones).

        I guess it’s no surprise we have few freedoms left since we lost some of them before the Constitution was written and lost more that are still in effect during the Whiskey War. It’s been a steady decline since.

        Giving women the right to vote really fucked things up since the only ones who voted were the radicalized prohibitioners, when our troubles began in earnest. When I was growing up a lot of women didn’t bother to vote with better things to do. Now, “some” of them want to do away with every right a “man” has although they don’t seem to relished being treated similarly.

      • Well, in 1979 I argued (reasonably politely) with a local cop in To-hell-you-ride after he hid in the willows and “stopped” me for passing a flashing school zone sign that was also hid in the willows still just a shade over 25 or whatever. I was headed to the gas station at the west end of town and he pulled in behind me. I told him I had my brakes on and was slowing down and they needed to cut back the bushes so you could see the sign in time to slow down without screeching tires. He mumbled a bunch of stuff and then finally let this long haired smelly logger go with a “warning.” I was living in a camper up on “the mountain” and damn sure intended to fight any ticket in court, or at least argue to pay my fine by public service of cutting down the willows along the highway, but of course it never got that far.

        That was the first time I had ever had an issue with any “peace officer” including the time that I was “surrounded” by two Alaska state troopers in a remote cabin in the snow. Apparently they were looking for somebody and saw the CO plates on my pickup parked down on the highway and followed my tracks to the cabin. Nice guys, they obviously weren’t looking for me, and kept their shotgun and pistol pointed down when I came out. It was all pretty funny but I decided to get the hell out of there in case whoever they were looking for actually did come around!


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