Chinless Mongoloid AGW Convicted of Assault

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An armed government worker has actually been convicted of assault… despite the best efforts of the system to prevent it.

Michael Sippel is – was – an armed government worker who Hut! Hut! Hutted! a man named Christopher Spate, whom Sippel claimed “matched the description” of someone he was supposedly looking for. When Spate objected to being accosted – his ID demanded – Sippel commenced Hut! Hut! Hutting!

Sippel and his AGW partner ripped off Spate’s bookbag, Tasered him and punched him repeatedly, breaking his jaw and damaging his eye socket.

News coverage here.

The AGW’s lawyer claimed that criminally charging this AGW could have a “chilling effect” on AGW’s being willing to serve and protect in this manner.

Here’s to hoping.

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  1. (from NWI Times) Police ticketed retired judge and current Lake County (Indiana) Clerk Lorenzo Arredondo and former Sheriff Rogelio “Roy” Dominguez for school bus stop-arm violations last month, shortly after several local police departments stepped up enforcement thanks to state grants.

    The former sheriff was also charged with reckless driving.

    Cops ticket former judge, sheriff for passing stopped school buses

    Got to love how these stings net these types of public “servants”

  2. Ok, we “won” one. Of course, Spate wasn’t a winner, not with a broken eye socket.

    While the police in America, I believe, are a cut above those in China and Hong Kong in terms of outright thuggery, they are devolving towards that same puerile obeisance to their masters.

    Government on all levels is never to be trusted.

  3. Apparently chinless co-thug just stood around watching the crime take place and got off. One is not required to give ID unless placed under arrest,,, or at least that is how it used to be. And sadly, most of the time it’s a White officer. I get a little tired of hearing the racist Bs but situations like this are fresh ammunition for the race baiters. One would think the LEOS in a city that has a Black Mayer with 50% or more of the population POC would pick up on this even though Rochester is a very high crime ridden city. From observing the crime stats I wouldn’t live there.

  4. Sadly, there will be no justice under the “law”, which is set up to protect abusive fools like “Officer” Chinless. The only way to find justice is with vigilante justice. Put a bounty on his head and let that be a lesson to his “brother officers”.

    • Hi James,

      In time, it will come to that. It already is coming to that. In no way am I justifying it, but I get it. People are being pushed and pushed and eventually, some – out of desperation and rage – will push back.

      • When will we see that, Eric? Everyone likes to say that the French are spineless cowards, but the Yellow Vests are STILL protesting! Almost a year later, they’re still protesting. Why don’t we see that here?

        • Hi Mark,

          It’s a damned good question; I wish I had the answer. Americans – most of them – seem to be habitually quiescent. So long as they have fuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhtttttttball and plenty of soda and chips to eat.

          • Good morning eric. I believe the choke-hold Big Pharm has on the country is a large part of it plus the crap in the food from Big Ag and Big Pharm via FDA is another large part.

            I work with a guy who’s a felon, although not one that hasn’t done anything to be one. You can tell they’re giving him all sorts of drugs. I wish to hell he was gone since I hate to turn my back on him.

            If I knew anyone who would drop a dime on him, I’d have them do so. He has no DL but drives a county pickup all the time. There is no telling what he’ll do and he flubbed a few days ago and said as much. He said “I don’t need a gun” when I spoke of buying a 4X12 BDC 600 scope after he called me out for being a felon and began to say I couldn’t have a gun(not true)and couldn’t vote(not true) and all sorts of shit the probation court has told him. He might be right in that he’s still on probation but he’s damned sure right when he said he couldn’t be trusted with a gun(his words) and he sometimes goes off and can’t control himself(not doubt that’s true) and then continued to say “I had a knife and stabbed my buddy one day”. He thinks he’s normal I suppose. None of us old men think there’s anything normal about him and we’d just like him “gone”. He gets on a piece of equipment and without looking, tears off with people standing all around it. One thing he’s taught us though is to get far away when he fires something up cause he’s gonna tear off at speed, right from inside the shop. Never mind somebody might be pulling up to the overhead door outside in a pickup or just walking in. He blasts into the county road as if there couldn’t possibly be a pickup coming at 30 mph as is often the case. You could already have destroyed a pickup and occupants with the front of a grader before you got to the point you could see out the door. This is indicative of what we have too much of in 37 year old people in this country. He has kids he can’t see, an ex he can’t get near and child support he can’t pay. And females are no exception.


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