Another AGW Pummels Another Handcuffed Victim

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Another video has surfaced of another armed government worker punching out a victim – a woman – with her hands literally tied (manacled) behind her back.

The incident took place in St. Albans, Vermont.

The woman, who had been arrested for something or other, can be seen in the video below sitting in a jail cell, her hands cuffed behind her. She is upset and kicks at the door to her cell. This infuriates the AGW, who decides to tune her up for being disrespectful of his Authority.

First, he pushes her – full force – against the cement wall, warning her to “listen to me real good” (this AGW having never mastered elementary school grammar, which probably accounts for his government employment).

When the woman – who is crying at this point and says, “he hurt me” – doesn’t assume the proper attitude of submission, the enraged AGW rushes into her cage and delivers a right hook to the woman’s face. The woman is completely exposed; she cannot put up her hands to ward off the blow – her hands being manacled behind her back.

It is important to note that at this moment, all the woman is doing is sitting on the bench and crying . . . and, of course, not being sufficiently submissive in attitude.

Two other AGWs assist their colleague, a “sergeant” – in air quotes to emphasize the stolen valor of civilian government workers who aren’t in the military but award themselves ranks.

Neither intervenes to protect the woman from a criminal assault by their psychopathic “sergeant,” for reasons of either poltroonery, indifference or camaraderie.

The woman is left to sit, her face bloodied from the violent assault of a “man” who lost control of himself and punched out a handcuffed woman who posed no conceivable “threat” to his “safety” but had affronted his childish sense of importance.

Ultimately, two of the three “heroes” lost their government jobs . . . with this government employer. They are not barred from seeking employment as armed government workers with another “department” in another state – notwithstanding that they are clearly guilty of having committed a criminal physical assault.

Neither “man” was arrested or charged with anything.

Yet had the woman – or anyone else – punched an AGW, she would have almost certainly been charged with felony assault upon an “officer” and faced not just prison but lifelong repercussions as a convicted felon.

The double standard is halting.

Speaking of which. You may have read or heard about the mayor in California who has proposed that all gun owners be required to carry liability insurance – because they “might” harm someone with their gun.

The proposed law does not apply to AGWs, who are specifically exempted from its provisions. Because AGWs never harm people with their guns.

Or their fists.

. . .

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  1. Israeli’s have carte blanche as far as entering the US, much more than citizens of this country.

    I’ve said for decades all the controllers of Israel want is to drag the US into a losing war and with so many of their own in high places, simply take over virtually with the stroke of a pen. And then US citizens become real 2nd class citizens. It’s already happening in Fl. and Tx. Firing people for not signing a loyalty oath to Israel. When does it stop? We all know the answer to that.

    • The Texas statute actually is on their contractors to not participate in a boycott of Israel. While I agree that it’s not the business of the STATE of Texas as to the private political leanings or activity of its citizens and/or contractors, as long as that activity itself is not advocating or promoting the VIOLENT overthrow of the US Government or promoting insurrection in the State of Texas, this isn’t a “loyalty” oath. Have you any anecdote that civil servants employed within the State of Texas are being required to sign such an oath? If so, please cite a reference or provide a link.

      • Hi Doug,

        This article is interesting.

        “But this year, all of that changed. On August 13, the school district once again offered to extend her contract for another year by sending her essentially the same contract and set of certifications she has received and signed at the end of each year since 2009.

        She was prepared to sign her contract renewal until she noticed one new, and extremely significant, addition: a certification she was required to sign pledging that she “does not currently boycott Israel,” that she “will not boycott Israel during the term of the contract,” and that she shall refrain from any action “that is intended to penalize, inflict economic harm on, or limit commercial relations with Israel, or with a person or entity doing business in Israeli or in an Israel-controlled territory.”


        • Yep Jeremy, that’s the one I read. And our great guvnah signed into law six weeks or so ago, it is now a felony to protest a pipeline. I’m sure the oil companies and pipeline companies are completely surprised by it, surely, having no hand in it at all.

        • “To find out who (truly) rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – by Kevin Alfred Strom

          • That’s ((((one way)))) to look at it.

            A more rational way is to realize that politicians typically are lacking in common sense and intelligence and have only one tool at their disposal. Faced at what they see as a rising tide of bigotry and hatred they try to legislate against it in various ways. (When the only tool you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail.)

            Of course not only are such things unconstitutional on their face, it just eggs ((((them)))) on. Driven by rabid, blind hatred, vast conspiracies are constructed on the flimsiest pretexts.

            Kevin Alfred Sloan for those not familiar with him is just another bigoted maggot; a liar, coward, and child pornographer. A great guy to hitch your wagon to.

            • “Kevin Alfred Sloan for those not familiar with him is just another bigoted maggot…….”

              Agreed. But his quote was bang on.

              OOOOhhh, he is a monster has been used too many times to distract people from the message. True words are true words no matter how despicable the author.

              • As I said, his quote is paranoid rubbish. What we’re seeing is idiot politicians addressing what they see as a problem in stupid and destructive ways.

                  • His quote assumes that because there are stupid laws being passed against criticizing a minority group (in this case Jooooos), that group rules over us.

                    I say that is rubbish. To accept that one must believe that the majority of Americans are inherently inferior and that the country has been “taken over” by a tiny minority right from under our noses. I don’t buy that.

                    The way I read it is that politicians and bureaucrats see what they believe is a rising tide of hatred by imbecilic bigots and “think” they can stop it, or at least control it, by such ridiculous and blatantly unlawful methods. Of course they are accomplishing the exact opposite, giving more ammo to people like Sloan and his fellow travelers.

                    That’s about as plain as I can make it. As far as the “aryan warrior” types go that tend to espouse such things, my opinion of them is about the same as that expressed by Jake and Elwood Blues:


                    • OK. You seem pretty sure.

                      “I say that is rubbish. To accept that one must believe that the majority of Americans are inherently inferior and that the country has been “taken over” by a tiny minority right from under our noses. I don’t buy that.”

                      I do.

                    • I figured that. 🙂 From my comments you can probably figure out what I think of that and the people who hold such opinions. Let me know though if I need to make it any clearer, I’ll be happy to oblige. 😉

                    • Please, pontificate to your hearts content.

                      And to be clear,

                      “From my comments you can probably figure out what I think of that and the people who hold such opinions.”

                      .. Which opinion is that?

          • The pedophile Strom was actually borrowing that quote, but even a “pre-vert”, akin to a broken clock telling correct time twice daily, can be right about SOME things.

            Just wait until in utter violation of the First Amendment that so-called “Holocaust Denial” laws get passed, as the Kosher Kartel would like. Fuck ’em…the Holohoax is still one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated in history (but Social “Insecurity” may yet outdo it), and still has monies going into the pockets of some THREE MILLION “Survivors”, even though the camps were “liberated” 74 and change years ago. Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of demographics would figure that three million folks aged 74 years and up would imply a significantly HIGHER population of “survivors”, as even by mere statistics almost HALF of the babies in arms in 1945 would have passed on by now, let alone adolescents and adults. For Israel, which likely got paid well to sequester Jeffrey Epstein after he faked his “suicide” and likely was already on an El Al flight to Tel Aviv when his “body” was “discovered” in his cell, it’s a great boondoggle, never mind our $5B in “aid” to a country with the highest living standards in Asia, save for Japan.

            • One would think that jews would be happy that 6,000,000 didn’t perish…
              Of course, that would destroy their whole holohhoax (oops, I mean “holocaust™” myth and scam.
              According to records kept by the International Red Cross, approximately 271,000 persons of all persuasions, not just jews, perished from ALL causes, NOT 6,000,000.

  2. Eric,

    Just a word of advice: If you’re feeling down and overwhelmed, as you have noted you were in other posts, might I suggest walking away from these stories for a little while.

    I know I followed these abuse stories closely for a number of years, and the suppressed anger, frustration and depression it caused, quite literally, made me physically ill.

    Push back from the continuing crisis for a couple weeks and roll the throttle back on one of the motorcycles.

    The collapse and death of the West will still be ongoing when you get back.

    • Thanks, AF!

      It’s hard to poinpoint the exact cause of these fugues; Scnarkle had some great advice – which I’ve been heeding – to set aside about 20 minutes each day to just be still and let things wash over you, so to speak. And realize that what you’re feeling is at the end of the day just a feeling. It may be the effusion of a bad memory or foreboding about something. Maybe you’re just tired. In any case, the key thing is will pass. He’s right. It always has so far.

      • That’s good advice: This too, shall pass.

        That’s not to say any of us has a free pass to just give up and walk away.

        But the founders planned revolution for just a couple hours a day at the pubs, AND they were drunk.

        We have the tyranny pounded into our brains 24/7.

        Gotta take a break from it somehow.

        Best of luck brother and for what it’s worth, you sounded great and on your game with David Knight from InfoWars the other day.

  3. (Sigh)…

    I wish I had the money and other resources to leave this country. Seriously. I’ve really had enough.

    Full-on abuse and nothing happens to the perps.

  4. Wait until the First Amendment is targeted as the Second is. It will be next after the Second Amendment is sufficiently neutered. Liability insurance for speech will be a windfall and work to silence the American Kulak as the American Bolshevik sets about making us scream.

    The American Balkanization cannot happen soon enough. We are marked for outrageous humiliation before our collective extermination, at least when the Balkanization happens some of us will take some of them with us. The way it is going now we bah quietly before our abattoirs

    • where have you been? jews are gnawing away at the 1st amendment 24/7 making it illegal in 26 states to speak against Israel. for 30 years jew financed and run orgs destroy any ones life if they state facts and truth about crime race phaggots etc. the 2nd amendment is being chipped away also. this is life under jewish Bolshevik rule

      • True,,, I live in floriduh and can no longer ‘legally’ speak ill of Israel or Jews. Example, I cannot speak of the Israeli treatment of Palestinians. Nor can I question the number six million which has been used as far back as 135 ad.

        Interesting read:

        Our fine governator (a Repub) went to Israel to sign this into law which was illegal in itself being contrary to the Supreme law of the land but doesn’t matter. In Texas one has to sign what amounts to be a loyalty oath to Israel to get a government gig.

        A Repub got us Floridians a shiny new Red Flag law which they have already used thousands of times. You know,,, at least the Demos are out and out about wanting to disarm us,,, not behind the back stuff Repubs do.

        Like coppers today, elected AGW’s (most are armed or have armed escorts) are little gods that can do whatever they want with impunity.

        And we the People say/do nothing.

        • how much worse could it have been if the kneegrow communist won instead of the rabbi gov in Fla lol. all the GOP cares about is Israel and open borders. ALL neo cons are for open borders except for pissrael. thanks for the link


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