What’s the Number?

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Cattle are easily startled and prone to stampeding – on the basis of nothing. Human beings shouldn’t be.

Especially over a bug.

Yet they are stampeding – and mask-wearing, too.


Yes, I know . . . people have died! And so will we all, eventually. From one thing or another. But very few of us from Corona. Why limit the shutdown to just Corona? Does this make any kind of logical sense – assuming the logic (people have died!) that has been used to cripple the entire country?

Is there a specific number of deaths due to “X” – you name it – that is too few to justify another “lockdown”?

We are told about 23,000 people have died from Corona (though many of these probably died from old age, or from smoking, or a variety of things and just happened to have the bug in their systems when they died).

But let’s say it’s 30,000.

If this justifies the government assuming dictatorial powers, the suspension of basic civil liberties and the imposition of extreme, open-ended restrictions on millions of people then is there any logical basis for objecting to the same measures applied because of the ordinary flu?

Roughly the same number of people die each year, their deaths attributed to – or accelerated by – the flu, sans the Wu.

This was considered normal – not a happy thing, of course – but part of the cycle of life. People get sick and some of them die. A police state lockdown on the basis of the flu season was never proposed – even though the “ordinary” flu can be very bad (fatal) news for a small percentage of the population, if they catch it.

Each flu season, the vulnerable elderly and others in that category – those vulnerable to illnesses becoming their final illness – have been encouraged to take precautions. To avoid public places; to stay home. Maybe take a flu shot as a pre-emptive.

But the rest of the population wasn’t ordered to take them.

Why the change? And what’s the difference?

WuFlu is worse than flu!

Well, maybe. The actual death toll so far is not.

But it’s certain that medical malpractice is worse than both the flu and WuFlu combined, in terms of the number of people killed – about 250,000 every year – and those deaths are arguably much more tragic because they are the direct result of human negligence/recklessness applied to specific innocent victims.

An elderly person developing pneumonia because they caught the flu or WuFlu and dying is just life, unfortunately. It catches up with all of us.

You cannot avoid old age – and the declining ability of the body to withstand physical stress. This includes running marathons as well as bouncing back from a bad bug.

Should marathon running be “locked down” because it poses a higher degree of risk of dying for the elderly and asthmatic? Should we all be forced to live in hyperbaric chambers – or wear masks/get vaccinated as a condition of being allowed outside – because “someone” might get sick?

How many “someones” is too many?

Winter kills, too. Should cold weather – or hot weather – also trigger mass “lockdowns”? If not, why not?

People die!

It’s not a joke question. It’s a question about a principle. If it is acceptable to impose extreme restrictions on everyone because someone – or a few someones (no specific someone, just “someone”) may be at higher risk of death because of a possibility – whether catching WuFlu or just the flu or running marathons or walking up three flight of stairs, or because it’s -20 outside – then is there any logical end to this crusade?

And a crusade is exactly what this is.

We are in the midst of a religious movement – one premised upon faith in “experts.” And religious movements run amok often end up justifying the most extreme things – from burning people at the stake for heresy to locking down an entire country. With health and safety priests serving as the grand inquisitors.

If it saves even one life. Remember that one?

If 30,000 deaths justifies a police state lockdown then why not 20,000? How about 10,000?

How about one?

Where is the line? What’s the number? This many is acceptable – but this many plus one more isn’t? 

Maybe kill them all – or at least threaten to – and god will know his own?

It’s now the operating principle of the Corona’d States of America. The same principle that can force you to wear a seatbelt – at gunpoint – can force you to wear a mask, also at gunpoint. The same principle that forces you to accept being required to produce your “papers” on demand in order to be allowed to use the public right-of-way can also force you to produce “papers” that you have been vaccinated to be allowed in public.

In both instances, you are presumed to be a potential “threat” to the “safety” of . . . “someone.” Not anyone in particular. Just “someone.” It works just as well for sickness as it does for “safety.”

There is no number.

Just because.

. . .

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  1. “Winter kills, too. Should cold weather – or hot weather – also trigger mass “lockdowns”? If not, why not?”

    Don’t know about anywhere else, but here in the northeast, we’re pretty much at that point. Our governors (especially Idiot Murphy and his predecessor, Krispy Kreme…er, Christie) love to declare “state of emergency” before the storm hits! When I first moved (back) to “Joisey” 18 years ago to live with my pops and my brother, I remember it would have to be at least 6 inches of snow on the ground before folks would even think of shutting anything down. Now? The mere mentioning of a storm causes the sheep to practically clean out the stores!

    • Hi Blue,

      Yup; it’s the same here – and it’s all the inevitable result of the Safety Cult. I know.. I’ve ben ranting about it for years. But it’s here, now.

  2. The fraud of fraud is easier, quicker, “more efficient,” than the fraud of force.

    (& even if it doesn’t grab the Gollum ring, it sets up by softening up muscle memory for a bit of force at the end that gets the dominoes processed.)

    So the first moves are FofF. If that doesn’t stampede ’em to where desired, then FofF! is deployed.

    That was storyline of art imitating life VfV…

    …Assume preceding faked pandemic\s didn’t work the desired consolidation magic, so the false flaggers went ahead & actually spiked water supplies. That got ‘er done.

    A feint. (many can’t cope syncopes.) Then the punch. (syncope-a-dope.)

  3. So let that be one of the distinctions. Or possible distinctions. Human vs humanimal startle response.

    But also let it be. Because it is what it is. Who would say cattle shouldn’t be what they are? Quixote maybe.

    The death by bugaboo numbers are gamed. (Even before it was made “official” it was known that the numbers came out of the mouths of gamers.)

    But it is also numbers gaming to proceed as if humanimal is, or cattle are, capable of understanding numbers, or subject to numerical understanding (among other understandings), beyond “safety in numbers.”

    Fallacy of composition? Hasty (makes wastey) generalization? Isn’t this where we are the world cumbayah rad egalitarianism comes in from the cold? Huddle together & get warm. Mooo. Weus!

    It’s more about who, or what, is the principal, than it is about “what’s the principle.”

    There are fewer things in humanimal & cattle, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy of principles. And unlike in the matrix, you can’t just jack in Kung Fu mastery.

    But if you bear that crucifix, well, that’s on you. Because it’s the principal in you. Comme ci comme ça, que sera sera.

    Religious “movement” is never not the midst. Weus!

    The premise of the expert premise is…parents. (Those are the original big fibbers, too; or, if you wince & prefer, the original big fib passer on’ers.)

    A lot of children get physically larger like & for the same reason crabs upsize: the hermit principal needs a bigger shell. & more cartridges. The better to impose-project the inner principal.

    Been thinking Fauci looks like, reminds me of, Sméagol. Gates, too. “Now” they’s got the ring, if can keep it awhile, inner principal Gollums should be appearing outer soon.

    There is a number, tho. E. pluribus unum. All is one. The union preceded the states preceded the people preceded the persons preceded the person.

    Is that like mystical, man, or what? I can imagine Lincoln burnin’ a huge spleef before rolling that one out. Not that he invented the halluci•nation. That’s ollllld time religious shite, right there.

    When ya’ got that principal munching (Steve Mnuchin?) ya’, nothin’ does the trick like fondue.

    (Watched The Pianist again the other night. Crammed the youse know who’s into the warsawG. Built a trump José’s wall to keep ‘em in there. Plastered signs on the walls: No trespassing! Epidemic! And as the youse know who’s was being emptied from the warsawG into cattle cars, a nazi says “off they go to the meltpot.”

    Truth? Just a different meltpot, albeit the final in-solution destination. But some of ‘em “decided” to stay in-solution right where they were. & some few of *those* were bound – just numbers – to have been actual individual people.)

  4. Couple of thoughts:

    1) This is why we don’t put the smart people in charge. They come up with insane ideas that in hindsight turn out to be cutting off our face to spite our nose. Oh you silly peasant, you can’t possibly understand things at our level, what with your 105 IQ and lack of enlightenment. And they never seem to have enough data. Even when the data is clearly not lining up with their hypothesis they revert back to ego-driven speculation about how the data cannot be trusted, or there’s not enough of it, or they just manipulate the numbers to suit their story. Kind of like… oh, pretty much every data driven top-down idea that’s come down the pike over the last 30 years. Solar and wind power? Well, of course we can run our economy on it… as long as we have some unobtainium battery backup. Global warming? Moving manufacturing to far-off lands? Raid the pension fund and 0% interest on savings?

    2) The elites are scared. Why? Because Ray Kurzweil (who is very very smart) told everyone that if they just wait a little longer they’ll be able to upload their conscious into a big computer and live forever. Or that if they just hold on for a few more years the medical “community” will figure out how to extend your (well, not if you’re reading this, but some rich guy’s) life indefinitely. Just need the blood of a young virgin or some such nonsense. If they catch the Wuhan flu and die they won’t be able to enjoy living forever.

    3) When did Bill Gates become a medial doctor? Oh, when he bought the WHO:
    “The Gates Foundation has pumped more than $2.4 billion into the WHO since 2000, as countries have grown reluctant to put more of their own money into the agency, especially after the 2008 global financial crisis.”

    • 1) It is why you don’t put specialists in charge. Specialists do that sort of thing regardless if they are smart or not. And often they are not smart, that’s why they are well educated specialists who can’t adjust when the measurements, when the data doesn’t support what they were taught. They are careerists and such as well.

      2) I doubt they are scared unless the wu-flu is some sort of bio weapon they created and it got out before it was time or something. otherwise it seems like another step to secure management power over the human race. Perhaps deliberately so or more likely just a crisis to be created and not to be wasted.

      3) It’s funny who people declare to be experts. Seems to be whomever TV tells them.

  5. In re numbers: since we know there are no limits to the lies and misinformation the government will promulgate, is there any basis to suggest the numbers on the ghoulish ticker tape/scoreboard they keep updating isn’t entirely made up?

    I mean, we already know they are fudging numbers, why not make it up entirely? It’s all literally unverifiable, so they can fabricate all they want. Not to mention it’s outright contradicted by actual evidence.

    • BAC:
      I have read that pneumonia deaths are down due to these same deaths being attributed to the WuFlu. Somebody is for some reason trying to make this situation worse than it really is.

      • Hi Oskar,

        Very much of a piece with attributing every traffic death to “speeding” – in order to justify lowered speed limits and more aggressive enforcement – WuFlu deaths are being inflated by including people who from other things (such as old age) who had the virus in them when they died. The CDC admits this, openly. It is also quite possible that the WuFlu tests are not accurate, resulting in conflation of WuFlu and flu.

        It’s hard to know precisely but something is definitely fishy as regards both the counting of “cases” and deaths.

        Bottom line, it’s not the legitimate function of government to “save lives.” It is to respect rights. This includes the right to freely associate, even if it does encompass a higher degree of risk. There is risk in freely associating in “bad” neighborhoods, too. Up to now, it would have been risible to suggest that the government “lock down” areas considered – by it – to be “unsafe.”

  6. Public education is apparently a complete success. How else could one explain the nearly complete acceptance of edicts from known professional liars? How else could one explain the nearly complete acceptance of proclamations from those same professional liars, and those from their Mockingbird media? From where else are we getting any information about what may or may not even exist? Simple examination of what we are told would demonstrate to any sane person that its a big fat lie. We are shown numbers that on an individual scale are huge, but on a national or world scale are nearly insignificant. 150,000 dead world wide, which is one of the lies, is a lot if you are looking at a pile of corpses, but compare that to the total deaths in the world so far this year, and not so much.
    shows about 17,000,000 have died this year. Which means that per the exaggerated number of CV deaths, they are about 0.009% of deaths. Since the world death rate would normally remain near constant throughout the year, and the rate from CV will decline, that percentage will decline. Unfortunately, due to the increase in deaths associated with poverty and psychology imposed by the professional liars in the form of lock down, world wide death will not remain constant, but will significantly increase, reducing that percentage ever further. Of course such does require the ability to apply simple math, so perhaps I expect too much.

  7. Speaking of numbers, lets talk about 6 ft…Max Igan of ‘thecrowhouse’ (great website, Bitchute channel/Youtube channel) made this keen point in one of his last videos (highly recommended daily viewing).

    “With regard to social distancing, facial/biometric cameras operate more efficiently with the targets being separated by 1.5 to 2 meters.”

    Withdraw Consent, get rid of whatever piece of ‘their’ technology that you can do without, and for the icing on top….acquire a Guy Fawkes mask, and use it.

  8. Hey Eric – on an upside to all this corona scare keeping everyone home…. I just found out this fish and chips place I like in a neighbouringt town has started opening again, so decided to make the “essential journey” out to get some – which meant 8 miles of driving through bendy windy country roads…. and not a clover (or anyone) in sight… really made my day….

  9. Eric, the law is either hate or corrective hate. Suppose you, me, they or anyone hates the present machinations against the present machinations against you, me, they or anyone, they hate them for it. Hate makes hate somehow, I’d let it ride, and ride away if it would ride away. It can’t or won’t. As Peter Griffen said about The Godfather movie it insists upon itself. If this hate can’t extinguish this hate through hate, which it can’t without hating, there is no hope if that is where people focus their hope. It is forgone.

    Edit: pair of comma

    • Hi Max,

      Yes, hate. Of different strokes. Of live – and let live. Of MYOB. Of free association. Of voluntary, peaceful interaction. People seem to hate these things a lot. But they love force. Live as we say. Do as we say. We will organize and plan – and you will obey, or else. Because we know best – and we’ll force you to see it that way.

      • What the distributors of hate cannot fathom is that the source of their hate is their psychopathic response to their loss of freedom. Nearly all high order mammals have a burning desire for liberty, and react quite negatively if they are deprived of it. They likewise react negatively to being confined in small spaces. So, our beloved Sociopaths In Charge are inflicting insanity upon us. Combine that with their infliction of poverty upon us, and its not looking good.

        • Lifting a quote of one of history greatest uniformed killers, Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris of the RAF: If the idiots in charge keep sowing the wind, they will certainly ‘reap the whirlwind’, and it will be one BITTER harvest…for THEM.

  10. We are commanded to wear a mask, use hand sanitizer, don’t touch your face, stand no less than 6 feet apart, all to prevent the spread of this virus. If these measures are effective, then how are the compliant members of the public in any danger of contracting it from those who choose not to wear a mask? I’ve always washed my hands regularly, covered my mouth/nose when coughing/sneezing, I’ve tried to respect others “personal space” as much as is reasonably possible, and I’ve never gone around touching other peoples faces or coughing on people. Again, if these measures are effective, what masked person is in danger of catching Covid-19 from me if I choose not to wear a mask?

    • Well-said, Adam.

      And the same as regards vaccines. If you get one, you’re “safe.” So why force others to be vaccinated? Because – like the masks – it’s all about submission, domination – and control.

      Not health.

  11. An Israeli scientist analyzed reported Cheap Mexican Beer Flu data from more countries than I care to remember, and the conclusion he came to is that literally every country, regardless of population, regardless of whether they lock down or stay open, and regardless of the actual infection or mortality rate, has the exact same CURVE. A big, scary “exponential” growth phase through week six, followed by a leveling off, followed by a rapid decline from week eight onwards. There is literally no variable that changes this pattern. There are three possibilities this points to.

    The first possibility is that data are being falsified to support a narrative. The numbers are being manipulated to create fear, either to advance an agenda or run a simulation.

    The second possibility is that this virus is significantly less contagious than we have been told, and infection rates are being artificially propped up by deliberate spraying or other planting of the virus – again, to run a simulation. This could also explain the wild geographic disproportionality of the virus’s impact.

    The third possibility (likely, since China knew about this way before they told us) is, basically, a little of both. Numbers are being manipulated, and pathogenic material is being spread, to keep the simulation running on schedule.

    All of this doesn’t make me feel particularly hopeful about the next few weeks in Alaska. We started our partial lockdown fairly early in the process, so may not have herd immunity by the time the chains come off, in turn making us a sitting duck as soon as someone from a herd-immunity area decides to take a vacation here… or as soon as the (possibly unwitting) spray/spread goons get sent up here to make it look like reopening was a mistake and scare everyone some more.

  12. Well they’re throwing in the kitchen sink. Death toll said to be above 35,000 today. If you die of acne it will be credited to the C virus. I fully expect 60,000 or even above. Easy to do as even doctor Birx on the Trump ‘team’ has said:
    Dr. Deborah Birx, the Trump administration’s Coronavirus Response Coordinator, has admitted that when any patient has tested positive for the virus, the cause of death will be listed as being from that, even when it clearly is not.
    60,000 or even 100,000 should be no problem since we are now outright lying. But most of the sheep don’t take the time to investigate so they’ll believe the numbers as true. There seems no way to get through to them We are going full socialist (communist) now and it appears little that can be done. One more check in the mail should make everybody a believer… and they are working on that as I type. $2000 per month…. 4eva! for anyone 16 and older…. you just have to read it. lol.
    Read it and weep….

    • Pandemic math:


      The payout is higher if you “end up” on a ventilator. Oh, but financial incentives aren’t going to influence medical decisions, right? There’s no such thing as a doctor making the decision to put a patient on a ventilator “just in case” or maybe the administration issues a policy statement to CYA (and why the hell not? It don’t cost nothin’).

  13. “Who would have thought that, in the US of all places, you would see cops taking license plate #’s in church parking lots on Easter Sunday”. Yet another sign that Amerikkka is under occupation by its own POLICE forces, and, as George W Bush, aka “Bush 43”, or, as Eric refers to him, “The Chimp”, said it, the US Constitution is but an interesting scrap of paper on display in DC, aka, “District of Criminals”.

    At least a few days ago folks in Michigan made it clear to their ditzy governess they were tired of her shit. Of course, she spun it as a gathering of neo-Confederates (not that’d be a negative to ME, Suh!) and “Non-SD” ignoramuses, never mind that no one knows if the folks standing “too close” to each other and supposedly handing out candy to kids sans gloves were actually part of or sympathetic to the demonstration. For all we know, they were nothing but hired goons, likely AGWs in civilian costume, anxious to protect their union contracts and doing this governess a political favor.

    • We’ll know in two weeks, the incubation period of the plague. If there is not an explosion of cases in the areas where such protests took place, the jig will be up. At least it would be if we were to get anything approaching real numbers, and if any of the sheeple noticed them.

  14. Tyrants capitalize on the criminalization of normal behaviors and activity…using the populations ‘fear of death’ is certainly on that list. It is amazing that people seem to think that perhaps they aren’t ever going to die, and that therefore death is bad….and so therefore be afraid, be very very afraid. And in that emotional state of fear operates the tyrant. In such an emotional state, logic and reason depart from the decision matrix and the tyrant slips in to control the outcome… And how?

    Information controls Perception, Perception controls Behavior. Therefore, the tyrant must control the information (that fact is obvious to people like us). But it seems the vast majority really fails to grasp what the main stream media actually is….the MSM is controlled by ‘them’ and it is nothing short of a stage play.

    Here is an absolutely eye opening documentary just released by an A-list Hollywood stuntman and director. It covers information regarding the true nature of the media and entertainment industry. Although most of ‘us’ here are already aware of the scam, it may be a helpful tool to use for attempting to wake up the sleeping people that you care about. The opening line in the film is “Why do you believe what you believe?”

    “Out of Shadows”

    • Sorry for linking to youtube(one of ‘their’ platforms), but it was the only place that I could find that film today. Whenever possible, I use Bitchute and LBRY for video platforms…I suggest that all of you take a look at those and thereby continue in the effort to withdraw from ‘their’ systems.

      Consider dumping the smartphone while we are on the subject. And isn’t the definition of ‘smart’ of at least some importance? Ha ha, the joke is on us!
      Smart from Websters:
      1: to cause or be the cause or seat of a sharp stinging pain
      2a: to feel or endure distress, remorse, or embarrassment
      2b: to pay a heavy or stinging penalty

  15. There was a time when people flocked to these shores, knowing that life would likely be short and brutish, a struggle to just to eek out an existence, all to be free. Untold and unimaginable hardship and RISK endured to be freed from oppression, oftentimes religious oppression.

    Now, because of a mere flu-like bug, apparently “we’re” willing to throw it all away. Even the church, which is most shocking. Who would have thought that, in the US of all places, you would see cops taking license plate #’s in church parking lots on Easter Sunday. It is truly depressing.


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