Reader Question: Curve Flattening?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Chris asks: I enjoy your “Live from Corona Country” videos (well, wish you didn’t need to do them, but appreciate alternative voices willing to speak out against the “official story.” I live in Ohio and the governor and his health director said last week that his stay-home orders and “social distancing” protocols were working and that is why Dr. Fauci and other experts revised their death estimates downward; if not for social distancing the toll would indeed have been much higher.  He also said that he still didn’t think mass gatherings should happen “for awhile” just to be safe. (The current “stay home Ohio”  order is through May 1 at present.) To me, this sounds like a case where the governor and his “health director” can’t lose — if the deaths are low, they claim it’s due to their policies; if there’s more deaths, they can blame the public for “not following the rules”. So it seems they get to take all the credit but accept none of the blame. What is your take on these claims that “social distancing helped flatten the curve”?

My reply: Naturally, they’ll say that their totalitarian measures are responsible for their predictions not coming true. But this is a lot like a medicine man taking credit for the sun coming up.

What we know, for certain, is:

The actual death toll never approached the estimated death toll.

The numbers have been deliberately “bulked up” to compensate for this by counting many deaths – from other causes – as Corona deaths.

Most of the actually dying were almost all close to death already.

In any event, the idea that the totalitarian measures prevented what never happened is very much like the claims made about speed limits. We are told that countless lives would be lost were it not for those measures, too.

Remember: These are the same people  who lied serially about 911 and “weapons of mass destruction.” What was it The Chimp (Bush) said about fool me twice?

Anyone who continues to listen to people who’ve had to retract their projections from 2-3 million to 250,000-300,000 to maybe 60,000 (but probably no more than 30,00 or so) is ready to buy a bridge someplace.

On easy terms, too.

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  1. Curve fittin’ does flatten.

    Humanimal runs on fear, from the top down.

    Fear & fear (greed).

    And the fear is fueled, cornlessly, from childhood get-go. In that institution traditional curve-fitters have deified: the family.

    Which is also the same institution progressive curve-fitters have deified: the state.

    Founding fookers & kernels off the cob.

    Take pruning shears to the dutchboy’s & girls thumbs so’s they can get clear & they just jam their remaining thumb into another weeping hole.

    Thumbs in curved dykes.

    Cobs in curved holes.

    Lookin’ for the flatten.

    “So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it. . . well, he gets it. ….” ~ Cool (thumbless)Hand Luke

    Getting drunk & cutting the heads off parking meters is a lot like donning plague doc get-ups to go grocery shopping….

    Ruby Thewes:

    • Anon, spent my whole life doing that. I had a doctor’s appt. at 8 am one day. The doctor was between the pit I had to load and the place I had to unload. So I was sitting there first in line, got loaded pretty quick but it was 60 miles of twisty on Farm to Market roads to the doc’s. I straightened every curve and tried to flatten the hills. Got there about 10 minutes late and apologized but she said it wasn’t a big deal.

      She first took my BP and said Wow, you’re BP is really high. I told her where I was at 7am and she just looked at me and shook her head. Sorta reminded me of the day a guy argued I couldn’t jump a 100′ bridge on a dirt road in my Chevelle. It wasn’t a one time thing and every time I’d have to head to the station, blow out my underhood and change air cleaners and then wash the car for an hour but yes, it could be done, was done, more than once. The real factor was the incline on each end, both perfect for taking off and landing. Then I told him I’d done 130 mph countless times on dirt roads. That was just too much for him. I guess you had to be there.

  2. Don’t forget all those projected death totals, from 2 million on down were based on “models” that assumed full implementation of all social distancing and lockdown orders.

    So to argue after the fact that the lockdowns lowered the numbers is complete and utter garbage. And morally reprehensible given the devastating consequences to everyone.

      • eric, I don’t mean to correct you and agree with you but your vocabulary probably has a more accurate description than despicable. Despicable might described what happened in Grenada but the next event surely has a worser sounding descriptor.

        I’m certainly proud we don’t live in a McMansion and have all those taxes and other costs surrounding the ownership of such. We probably won’t go hungry.

        Yesterday we took the dirt road to the nearest vet. We noticed a Pete 389 with a big box van sitting at the local grocery. In the afternoon going back to pick up our cat, we stopped at the store first and it was stocked to the hilt with the exception of being completely out of yeast. And going down that road, the deer with thick as usual. It’s turkey season and tomorrow when it’s warm and the N wind isn’t blowing so hard, I’ll call up old Tom and we’ll be dining fine.

        Funny that since the bread shelves had been thin and I’d bet few made bread that bought that huge amount of yeast and know they won’t be using it now that the bread aisle is completely stocked. OTOH, I need a bit of yeast because I WILL make bread.

      • I sit here at home on me 61st “boithday”, with a fractured “toof”, unable to see my dentist, due to this lockdown horse-hockey. Plenty of dough in the bank, but can’t leave town due to orders from my employer to NOT leave the “commute” area w/o permission (airline travel is DICEY these days, I do so far have permission to visit #2 son in Vegas about Memorial Day, as hopefully this nonsense is over by then, but my “South by Southwest” reservations have been changed THRICE, and now at least I’m going out on my original planned flight (works best for myself and the ‘boy’, himself a quite grown and productive, hard-working 34 y.o.).

        At least I get to go on “Fake-Book” and get to see well wishes, digital cards, and vids from my sibs, grandkids, nieces, “neffews”, and so on. Supposedly thanks to a temporary relaxing of the CA “likker” laws, there’s a nice assortment of various brews headed to me doorstep. That will probably NOT please a certain someone, but I’ve assured her that I’m still a dirty MIDDLE-AGED man, and getting a little pickled won’t take the ‘crisp’ out of the pickle…

        • Dammit Douglas, 61 and wiff a hurtin toofey. I myself, am about to take about half a 10mg Vic. Night before last I woke and was thirsty. We leave the kitchen lights on at night. 35 years of living here I thought I needed no light but miscalculated. Caught my left foot(just barely)on the corner of an end table so with my “lightning” reflexes my right foot goes out fast so I won’t fall. The problem was that black heater that blended in with the rest of the “black” I was venturing into. That sped me up a lot but stopping the forward motion of my foot doomed me to hit the floor like 210 lbs of old man. I thought I felt the house jump but I guess that was just my head on my arm.

          No need to hurry getting up. I was cozy enough wearing my birthday suit since in my old age I can’t tolerate clothes of any sort in bed. I had no stiffy but am now “stiffy” all over. No need to specify “where” I hurt since it’s a whole body thing but I luckily didn’t break my hand or wrist or anything but my pride.

          I was lucky I had plenty of furry fourlegged help checking me out and using those cold noses to get me up. They were damned lucky too I didn’t land on one but they are pretty fast being of the feline persuasion. CJ, the pittie was still snoring when I returned with my glass of tea. I was glad I hadn’t disturbed him. I spent the next couple hours alternating between Earl Grey and Evan Williams.

          Are you aware getting in that big tube is going to require a sample of your blood for the foreseeable future which means, probably forever? If the airlines don’t kill off the TSA I don’t know what it’ll take.

        • Well, screw that – the Chevy dealer is open as usual and we’re going to town tomorrow to see about that used pickup 😉

      • eric, just speaking about this to the wife and telling her about your note on the windshield, I said “Well, it is Trump’s stupidity” but after a few seconds I followed that with “maybe it’s not stupidity. He might have gotten and untraceable text on his phone that said “You have been warned and you recall the Zapruder film don’t you?”.

    • And those models were extrapolated by a British physician who’d been wrong every time he’d made a prediction by a factor of millions. But Rahm was correct. The FED knew it and knew it could be pulled off because nothing gets out of China if the govt. doesn’t want it to.

      This is the reason so many YT channels were either demonitized or outright pulled down. Google had a shitpot of money at stake since they’ve been doing big bidness with China for years developing a highly censored search engine for the masses.

      Once it became apparent what the spin would be I made the comment to the wife of “So, that’s how they’re going to do it”. Do what she asked and who’s going to do “it”?. I explained the FED was going to fail and this was their way to avoid the blame and make it where nobody knew about it. Hell, it was just human lives and destroying the world economy which plays right into all those trillionaires hands. They didn’t become that rich by ethical bidness practices…….ever.

      • True dat about the Fed Eight, according to Wall Street on Parade the Fed has been sluicing hundreds of billions to the Wall Street banksters since September, well before anyone heard about “Coronavirus”. Isn’t it conveeenient (Church lady voice) that they can rob us all in broad daylight and the MSM will hear their master’s voice and blame it all on the virus. There’s a virus alright, it’s Bill Gates and the 1% who won’t be satisfied until they control all of us and all our money.

        • Mike, that’s the entire point of the C 19, paid the Chinese(hence Google which has been making another fortune off the Chinese for years building a heavily censored search engine) to sit on it and then move it into the rest of the world.


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