Presumptively Corona’d?

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A reader sent in some interesting data – some from the CDC itself  – that presents an interesting juxtaposition. On the one hand, deaths attributed to Corona (that is to say, people who died with it in their bodies as well as from it – the distinction being important but no longer mattering) are increasing but deaths attributed to the flu – which means, flu that developed into pneumonia (mostly in older people) and resulted in death from that – are decreasing.

At least that is what is being reported:

There is a very active discussion of this on Reddit: Pneumonia Deaths have fallen off a cliff this year, I wonder what could have caused this to happen.

Via: According to Hoyt:

…the 2019-2020 season shows week by week pneumonia mortality to be low compared to the last few years, which is not what I expected. What I truly did not expect was the sharp decline over the last few weeks.

Could it be that “Corona” deaths – at least, a lot of “Corona” deaths – are actually deaths of people who got the flu – and then pneumonia – rebranded as “Corona” deaths?

It certainly seems to be the case that numbers are being fudged for the purposes of making “Corona” seem worse than it is – very much in the way that the EPA made the “emissions” produced by “cheating” TDI diesels seem Exxon Valdez-esque and used that to justify the “locking down” of an entire line of cars that made electric cars look silly.

We heard lots of dire talk about the “threat” these diesels presented when it was really an affront – to Uncle’s testing/certification regime, which demands “compliance” with practically nil emissions, no matter what it costs and no matter how little actual harm is at issue.

Similarly, the carbon dioxide con. The average person believes the earth is suffocating under a toxic cloud of man-made C02 when in fact the entire earth produces so little C02 that it constitutes less than 1 percent of the total. And “human activity” produces a fraction of that – yet the “climate” is in “crisis” because of that?


The problem with that fraud, of course, was that i was too obvious to see that the “climate” isn’t in “crisis.” It wasn’t getting traction as the latest Fear Sell to get the public to buy a radical diminishment of their lives and a radical increase in the power over the life of the public  . . . by the very people making the “sale.”

Well, it wasn’t working. The Green New Deal was going nowhere. And the Orange Man appeared to be on track to going back to the White House for four more years  long enough to undo most of the manufactured “crisis.”

So a new one had to be invented – one that you can’t see.


It is everywhere! It can strike anyone! Therefore, everyone must accept the most extreme measures – else we’ll all die from Corona! This brilliant because it is possible – in the same sense that we might all die from a Coronal Mass Ejection. But is it actual? Is it likely?

There is another problem.

Bodies must be produced to support the narrative – enough of them to make it credible. One very good way to do that is to exaggerate the numbers, by conflating them with the numbers of pretty much everyone who dies, from whatever reason.

They are presumptively Corona’d.

And we’re being conned.

People die in the thousands every day in this country – because it is a big country, with lots of people in it, among them lots of older people who by dint of being old tend to die every day. What is the mortality rate at a nursing home vs. a college dorm? Everyone knows the answer, yet many accept at face value the equivalent of the nursing home fatality rate as a predictor of the college dorm fatality rate.

No one wants anyone to die – unless of course they deserve it. And we expect older people to die – sooner and easier. Because they are old. The same as regards the tubercular, the diabetic and hypertensive. All of them cause death. Corona – which is a relative of the flu and so easily conflated with the flu – may accelerate the demise of such but to say it caused it is not unlike saying that wind storm we had last night caused the termite-eaten treehouse to collapse.

Shall we outlaw the wind? Social distance it?

It is easy to dread that which you cannot see. So have a look around you. Do you see bodies stacking up like cordwood? If not, shouldn’t that worry you at least as much as something you cant see?

. . .

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  1. I’ve seen a bunch of reports about how the virus can linger in the air and on surfaces and is so highly contagious that we all need to wear masks and gloves and sanitize everything.
    A simple question:
    If this stuff is SOOO contagious, why does the test for it require jamming a swap 3 inches up your nose into the sinuses?
    Shouldn’t just spitting into a test tube be enough?

    • WHY? Because they’re taking your DNA. (Seriously- I had postulated that upon seeing a vid of someone getting a Corona test, that it looked like they were swabbing DNA- then later found out that that’s exactly what they do- They test one’s DNA for “the virus”. Wonder what else they do with one’s DNA?- Like enter it into a database?)

      This raises another question: Since when do they have to test DNA to be able to ascertain what strain of the flu one has? When I was a kid (and thus forced to go to the doctor) in the early 70’s, before there were DNA tests (or even any real knowledge of DNA) they just used to take a throat swab, and look at it under a microscope….and VOILA! Now thet “have to” test your DNA?

      Yet another stench of rotten fish in this whole charade!

  2. I’m looking at the good side of this lockdown. Much worse here in Oz than the US. I drove to and from work today. 40 minutes to get to work, normally 80 minutes. Coming home, 32 minutes instead of 90 minutes. Fuel usage down 50%, that’s right 50%. Not stopping at every light. Not having to put up with the half asleep dud drivers of both sexes and mainly overseas nationalities. And petrol prices down 50 cents per litre. What a hoot. I am taking 1 zinc tablet and so is my wife, amazingly. Plus vitamin C at 1 gm per day.

  3. THE CORONAVIRUS DEBACLE: Our Leaders Have Lost Their Minds (article with links)

    Updated APR 4, 2020: Lynn Landes & Louise Frances, Co-Founders, (HAP) // Also on OpEd News

    Our leaders have lost their minds. They are collapsing the economy and trampling on our constitutional rights. For what? Trying to contain an uncontainable virus no worse than the flu for the overwhelming majority of Americans? Our leaders appear to be unaware that exposure to infectious diseases is a necessary and good thing for the development of a robust immune system. Isolation and vaccinations will only delay and sabotage that process, leading to a wide array of severe and devastating harmful health effects.

    The Coronavirus debacle is another case of fear-mongering about the latest disease de jure by federal health authorities, including The Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Dr. Anthony Fauci and company should be investigated, not heralded. This manufactured crisis needs to end. The draconian response to Coronavirus is already doing more damage to the public health and welfare than the virus itself.

    Americans need to get back to work and fast. Most people, 8 in 10 U.S. workers, live from paycheck to paycheck, meaning no savings for the basics such as food and shelter. Even before this crisis hit, many children in America went to school to get their only meal of the day. This shutdown has made starvation even more likely. A very real potential for violent civil unrest is growing in the U.S. and around the world. Businesses are boarding up in Center City Philadelphia. There is a mile-long line for food outside of Pittsburgh, and fear of riots in Italy. Suicide hotlines are jammed. In fact, suicides are outpacing Coronavirus deaths in Tennessee.

    One Pennsylvania State Representative, Daryl Metcalfe, has stood apart from the crowd, calling on PA Governor Wolf to “Rescind and Replace COVID-19 Shutdown Orders with Hope of Economic Freedom”. And not every state and nation is in lock down. As of this writing, eighteen U.S. states are not in lock down. Some cities that tried to lock down, as in Mississippi, were ordered by the governor to remain open. Two-thirds of the world’s nations are not in lock down. And, the homeless are not in lock down. If this is such a health emergency and everyone has to stay at home, why are the homeless exempt in many cities and states, wandering the streets, living in the subways, and potentially spreading the Coronavirus and other infectious diseases?

    Some experts in the field of pandemics believe we are doing the exact opposite of what we should be doing. According to Journeyman News, “Professor Knut Wittkowski, for twenty years head of The Rockefeller University’s Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design, says that social distancing and lockdown is the absolutely worst way to deal with an airborne respiratory virus. Further, he offers data to show that China and South Korea had already reached their peak number of cases when they instituted their containment measures. In other words, nature had already achieved, or nearly achieved, herd immunity. Professor Wittkowski urges that the schools be open now, so that the virus may spread harmlessly among the young, and thus shorten the amount of time the elderly and immune compromised must be sequestered. Our current course, he warns, will only prolong the crisis and likely guarantee a second wave of infections in the Fall.”

    How lethal is the Coronavirus, anyway? Not very, even according to the unreliable Dr. Fauci, who says that COVID-19 case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. Independent researchers have already stated that, but also pointed to faulty data, most notably Dr. John P. A. Ioannidis, Dr. Eran Bendavid, and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya.

    Dr. Fauci speculates that potential deaths lie somewhere between 100-200,000 deaths. In a population of 330 million, 200,000 deaths amounts to 0.06% of the population, which is negligible. However, Dr. Fauci is not consistent on this matter, and continues to promote draconian measures, suggesting that deaths could spike to hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, based on questionable data and faulty models.

    Importantly, it is universally admitted that the overwhelming number of people who have died from Coronavirus, or with it, have had other serious health problems. Dr. Ioannidis points out, “A positive test for Coronavirus does not mean necessarily that this virus is always primarily responsible for a patient’s demise.”

    Detailed analysis of death records in Italy underscores this point, showing that 99% of fatalities occurred in people with preexisting and serious medical conditions.

    Alarmingly, U.S. federal authorities are deliberately skewing the data in order to attribute all deaths ‘with’ Coronavirus be attributed ‘to’ the Coronavirus, including many that may have only a “presumptive” diagnosis. The CDC’s National Vital Statistics System advises that COVID-19 be reported on the death certificate “for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death.” ( Given that COVID-19 symptoms overlap with other conditions such as influenza and pneumonia, it seems plausible that the U.S. record-keepers could be over attributing deaths to COVID-19, just as they did in Italy, reports Bloomberg.

    State authorities may also be using data that is not reliable. Governor Andrew Cuomo says that New York State is using a model that comes from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Cuomo has suggested that the White House is using that same model. If so, isn’t this an enormous conflict-of-interest, to use data and modeling financed by the Gates Foundation, an organization that aggressively promotes global vaccinations, surveillance, and population control? Perhaps this is why the predictions are so dire, compared to the reality on-the-ground. And was it a coincidence that the Gates Foundation was involved in a pandemic simulation, Event 201, only 6 weeks before the Coronavirus allegedly struck in Wuhan, China?

    The authors of the Imperial College study in the United Kingdom, who helped initiate this panic, have been strongly criticized for their modeling. But no one is asking why the CDC didn’t do its own model to begin with? Why rely on a UK study?

    It should be noted that using fear and faulty data is the CDC’s stock-in-trade in order to promote vaccines. Every year, they wildly exaggerate the flu death rate and minimize the damage due to the flu vaccine itself. “To buttress their alarmist message for 2018-2019, representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other health agencies held a press conference and issued a press release on September 27, citing a particularly “record-breaking” (though unsubstantiated) 80,000 flu deaths last year… CDC’s media relations experts frankly admit that “framing” the current flu season as “more severe than last or past years” or more “deadly” is a highly effective strategy for garnering strong interest and attention from both the media and the public…The Cochrane research community have observed that when actual death certificates are tallied, influenza deaths on average are little more than 1,000 yearly,” reports Children’s Health Defense.

    And why wasn’t the CDC better prepared when they and their parent agency, The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have been planning for a flu pandemic since at least 2005? Why did the CDC hold back on test kits to determine who had the virus? Why did the tests have problems with producing false-positives? Why didn’t the CDC also test for antibodies to find out if the virus was already in the population?

    Was it the CDC’s plan to panic the public, giving everyone the impression that we were under sudden attack, when in fact the virus had been around for months, if not much longer?

    How accurate is the current testing protocol, anyway? Not at all, according to some researchers, including David Crowe, “While the definition of SARS, an earlier coronavirus panic, was self-limiting, the definition of the new coronavirus disease is open-ended, allowing the imaginary epidemic to grow…if the coronavirus test has a problem with false positives (as all biological tests do) then testing an uninfected population will produce only false-positive tests, and the definition of the disease will allow the epidemic to go on forever.”

    Work is proceeding on a vaccine, per usual, but vaccines such as the flu vaccine don’t work well, if at all. In the case of the measles and mumps vaccines, they clearly don’t confer permanent immunity, as getting the disease naturally does, which is why it has been reported that the majority of the disease “outbreaks” consist of primarily of young adults who were previously vaccinated as children. Vaccines have also been linked to a wide array of severe and permanent injuries, including: neurological damage, chronic illness, autoimmune disease, and death (including SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). No vaccine on the market has been tested for its potential to 1) cause cancer, 2) damage DNA, or 3) impair fertility. That admission is on every vaccine package insert, in Section 13. No long term health studies, no true placebo studies, no studies comparing vaccinated with unvaccinated populations have been conducted. Vaccines are so problematic and in order to escape an avalanche of lawsuits, the vaccine industry ran to Congress for relief and was granted blanket immunity from prosecution in 1986.

    Yet the CDC and WHO continue to tell the world that vaccines are “safe and effective”, as Big Pharma makes billions from vaccine sales.

    The development of a Coronavirus vaccine is being held to a still lower standard than other vaccines, in that it excludes animal studies. It is also admitted that a Coronavirus vaccine could spread the virus, as other vaccines do. “Studies have suggested that Coronavirus vaccines carry the risk of what is known as ‘vaccine enhancement’, where instead of protecting against infection, the vaccine can actually make the disease worse when a vaccinated person is infected with the virus. The mechanism that causes that risk is not fully understood and is one of the stumbling blocks that has prevented the successful development of a Coronavirus vaccine.” report Reuters. Virus transmission is a problem for many vaccines, as admitted in Section 5.8 of vaccine package inserts. Mutant strains of the polio vaccine now cause more paralysis than wild polio.

    Can the Coronavirus be the result of flu vaccines? Yes. A recent military study shows military personnel evaluated who received the flu vaccine were at 36 percent increased risk for Coronavirus with varied benefit in preventing some strains of the flu, reports the medical journal, Vaccine.

    The Coronavirus is not containable, we could all get it, if we haven’t already had it, according to health professionals and epidemiologists. “…the likely outcome is that it (Coronavirus) will ultimately not be containable,” says Harvard epidemiology professor Marc Lipsitch, in an interview with The Atlantic. “As many as 25% of people infected with the new Coronavirus remain asymptomatic,” said Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as reported in LiveScience.

    Which means that a considerable percentage of the population are unknowing vectors. In addition, an MIT researcher says that Coronavirus might be able to travel up to 27 feet in the air, not 6 feet as previously reported. Meanwhile, many commercial hand sanitizers contain triclosan and other ingredients that are not only ineffective, but toxic.

    So, why isolate the population from the inevitable? Why employ sanitation strategies that do more harm than good? Why not instead let everyone get exposed and develop immunity, except for the highly vulnerable?

    It has long been predicted by political and health activists, that various governments & businesses would use a pandemic to force the entire global population to be vaccinated. The U.S. federal health agencies, The World Health Organization (WHO), select business leaders, and others have been promoting a globalist/Big Pharma agenda for decades, most notably, vaccination and population control. Bill Gates, who is heavily invested in vaccine development, has a skin implant ready-to-go that would track individuals, show who has the disease, and who has received a vaccine. It’s Big Brother on steroids.

    In fact, the federal government already has a National Vaccine Plan. “It is a Plan designed to make sure you, your child and everyone in America gets every dose of every vaccine that government officials recommend now and in the future,” says Barbara Loe Fisher, President of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC).

    The U.S. Constitution & the Bill of Rights does not say that we have rights unless there’s a pandemic… in which case we can be put under house arrest and forced to take prescribed medications. Our Founding Fathers had rampant diseases at the time and understood their consequences. Keeping any part of this nation in lockdown over a virus no worse than the flu is medical and political tyranny. We should be ashamed that so many American leaders are participating in this travesty, and that so many Americans are letting it happen. We need a ton more Daryl Metcalfes to get this ship of state back on course.

    • Hate to bust your bubble, but more governors have succumbed to the herd. As of this morning, 8 April 2020, only FOUR states are still free…

  4. There is no sane relationship between the effect of the virus, and what is being forced on us to combat it. What exactly is the most common cause of death in the world? POVERTY! because in addition to malnutrition, it exacerbates all other causes exponentially. Yet that is what’s being imposed on us in response to a disease for which there has already been found a cure. While the sample size is small, mostly because it has been forbidden, when used Chloroquine + antibiotic has been shown 100% effective. But of course there’s not much money for Pharma in a 55 year old drug who’s patent is long expired. There are boatloads of money in a vaccine, especially if the Sociopaths In Charge command its total use. This entire fiasco is being used to cover the already impending doom of our debt dependent economy, and to institute total control over us all, killing two birds with one stone. I’m astonished that Bill Gates, who promotes population reduction, eugenics, and chipping us all so we can be constantly monitored, is being put forth as an authority. While being assumed to be a digital genius, the primary cause of his success lies in stealing the work of others, and successfully avoiding the consequences. Meanwhile, Doc Mengele, errr Fauci, put forth in the New England Journal of Medicine that the Cvirus may likely prove no more dangerous than seasonal influenza, mortality of 0.1%, while claiming publicly that we must destroy our economy to prevent it. He’s proposing keeping us locked down for the foreseeable future. A highly contagious virus, like influenza or the Cvirus, typically ends up infecting most of the population every year. We were initially told the lockdown was to “flatten the curve”, now we are being told the virus must be avoided. The US Sociopaths In Charge and their Mockingbird media have lied to us so much and so long, from “Remember the Maine” to “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction”, only a moron would believe a singe mother efffing thing they say. The 6 trillion dollar “stimulus” bill is nothing more than a transfer of wealth from the tax slaves to the banks and corporations, with a pittance thrown our way to keep us from picking up the pitchforks. We get $3.50 for every 4500 the banks and corporations get. Not to mention that the banks will walk through the country foreclosing on the forced unemployed. The result is we all work in company towns, and purchase our goods from the company store. It all stinks to high heaven.

    • You don’t get the reason for it. The Fed collapsed. All the best economists knew it was going to. This is how they covered their tracks. Give everybody something to remember that’s life-shattering for some but just taking everyone’s money for everyone else.

      It’s just a global 911, an act to cover a robbery. Each plane flew into the offices of two different accounting agencies who nobody remembers and most never knew. It’s the $2.3T Donald Rumsfeld spoke of the day before and the secret was in the computers in the Pentagon too. It wasn’t happenstance the missile pretend plane hit the computers in the Pentagram and destroyed the evidence. 3 for 3 and then we attacked a country that nobody in it had anything to do with it. That worked so well with everybody chanting USA USA they totally forgot Iraq had nothing to do with the attack. What Iraq had was the unforgiveable leader who had talked the other countries in the middle east to trade and sell oil for the Gold dinar.

      And that’s another reason the Fed had to pull something besides a war. Russian has unbeatable weapons. How many people remember the first week in office Trump ordered a large missile attack on Syria? It was quickly forgotten because the Russians were able to divert the missiles and they didn’t hit anything they were fired at, most just hit water or sand.

      It was a slap in the face for the US military sitting around looking stunned saying “who knew?”.

      No need to try to jack with Russia over the oil fiasco that just happened since they have unstoppable hypersonic missiles now that can hit every target of any importance in the US and we can’t do a damn thing to stop them.

      So, how do you cover up the Fed destroying the economy again? Ah, you create a furor over a pandemic that really isn’t one. It’s more smoke and mirrors but this time, the middle class will be completely destroyed in the US and everywhere else. They will effectively turn the entire world into a 3rd world country. The specifics don’t make a shit. Only the bullshit people remember. Don’t do downtown DC and have signs saying what really happened. You’ll disappear so fast nobody will even remember the crazy guy who supposedly had a story.

      Like the people who want a civil war, they don’t realize they’ve been in a civil war their entire life and have lost. Wait a year and the why and how won’t be of consequence as people starve and the country collapses except for the deep state who will keep politicians safe so it looks the same but never will be. This is the culmination of what was first started in 1913. Sayonara boys, it’s all over. We’ll be proud to live another year and not starve and some fools will still be speaking of the big pandemic. i’ve watched lies all my life. Lee Harvey Oswald my ass, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Grenada, 911, the crash of ’08…….and the great pandemic that didn’t kill as many people as a heat wave in the US.

  5. I find it hard to believe that I have to explain this on a page that I once viewed as being full of critical thinkers. But, alas, here I go. Influenza is spread through social contact, the largest part of this spread comes from children in schools bringing it home and then spreading it to their parents. Then the parents bring it to work and spread it amongst their coworkers. I am not sure if you have notified but there seems to be fewer kids at school and people at work to spread influenza. This could probably cause a drastic drop in the transmission of influenza. Just an obvious thought that everyone in their echo chamber seems to have completely missed. “Oh but Covid cases are still increasing, though!” You might say. Well, first is that influenza does not seem to spread any where as easily as Covid and it takes several weeks for people to know they have it. This is what is causing this situation with the numbers. Y’all need to leave the tin foil hats alone.

    • Maga, the common flu can take two weeks to manifest symptoms in an infected person too- so how do you tell the difference? At least by admitting that it is often spread by school children, you are admitting that the almost 100% vaccination compliance rates in schools these days is of no apparent benefit….so we do have that…….

        • Not until the Bad Old Orange Man is out of office of course… This is ALL his fault of course. Or so the Progs corporate media would have one believe. At this point, with many millions out of work, many businesses destroyed, and all of the disruptions to the supply chains, and peoples lives, the only wonder is that its not worse. But give it another month or two and this will seem like the good old days. After all, “if it saves just one life”…

    • Maga,

      You accuse people here of not thinking critically, yet purvey “what if” arguments rather than facts. What if it spreads to millions? What if millions die?

      What if the ocean levels rise 30 feet by 2030?

      Yes, influenza – and the common cold – are spread “from children in schools bringing it home and then spreading it to their parents” and social contact generally. WuFlu too. So? Do we lock down schools each flu season? People, tens of thousands of them, do die as a result of flu – though millions recover (as with WuFlu). In both cases, most who die do so because their bodies are old and their immune systems weak and the flu/WuFlu becomes pneumonia and they become dead.

      You (all of us) have no idea how many people have had WuFlu and recovered from it – as is the case with the regular flu. The number of “cases” is very likely not representative of the whole. Yet based on a Worst Case Scenario purveyed by the same people who purveyed the “climate crisis” and “weapons of mass destruction,” you amen the most draconian measures this country has ever seen, which have already cost millions their livelihoods and may well cost millions their lives as people slide into destitution and desperation.

      What gives you or anyone the right to impose such a regime?

      • But Eric! Its for the Greater Good!! Its obvious that many people can’t see past their fear, and can’t see how they are being manipulated. As I’ve mentioned, its not about right, its about might. The people wearing the Funny Hats, get to control the Enforcer class. How do you get a Funny Hat? By winning a popularity contest (“election”) of course. It goes around and round, and ends up at tyranny. But as long as they are kept distracted, most people will never even notice.

        • Gates & the davos dillionaires is mad as hatters, but they don’t wear funny hats.

          They do hand out funny hats…to enforcers.

          And if the enforcers they’ve all hatted but no cattle’d don’t heed the call o’ the cowbell, or heed well enough, they get taken out just as easy as they were put in.

          And every enforcer knows ‘bout that enforcement clause, too.

          “Ask not what your country can do for you…ask what the country-wielders can do to you.”

        • Speaking of distraction, I was telling some of my coworkers today that if it wasn’t for the “con-venience” of online-everything-from-home, there would have been riots all over the place.

    • Uh…you do realize that exposure (especially to a virus that is no more lethal than the seasonal flu) is actually necessary to build immunity, right?

  6. IMO, I don’t think bioweapons actually work. Chemical weapons yeah sure. But all bacteria & worms just die off fast when exposed to sunlight and/or air for a short time. So noone could even spread one en masse, due to the laws of microbiology & physics. I assume all militaries already know this.

    Also, any organism smaller than bacteria can’t really exist because it’s too small to have the parts it needs to sustain life. Same reason there’s no such thing as subatomic parasites — it’s too small for an organism to exist because organisms are built of atoms & molecules etc. But viruses can’t exist for the same reason… everyone already agrees they’re not even lifeforms, they’re dead, sooooo how can it be something that can make you sick or kill you? The only way it could hurt you would be if it were a chemical or radioactive element, but everyone says it’s not… so then it’s just little bits of biological garbage leftover parts lying around that your body cleans up without any problem.

    I’m not the world’s foremost expert on microbiology, but I did read 5 books related to the subject, and over the last 15 years listened to countless doctors on various radio shows, and read countless articles about general health topics, and I took notes. Plus I have a basic self-education in general science too, which still helps because there’s certain law of physics & common sense principles that apply to everything.
    in the universe.

    • The idea that viruses do not exist, while not malignant in the manner of hatred-based bigotry, is just as ludicrous as the aryan chuckleheads’ idea that Joooooos are responsible for all the evil in the world. For that matter it’s as idiotic as the ideas purveyed by the flat-earthers. (Both inane belief systems have a lot in common when it comes to the veracity of their “proofs”.)

      Cripes, you “read 5 books on the subject” and conclude in the face of massive evidence and scientific understanding to the contrary that “viruses do not exist.” It’s hard to even know how to respond to something like that. There is a saying scientists have when something is so ludicrous and illogical that one cannot even get enough of a handle on it to prove or disprove it: “It’s not even wrong.”

      You are not even wrong.

      Viruses do indeed exist, they can be seen with electron microscopes, and the way they function is well understood. I’ve tried to find something at a level you might understand that explains this, but I expect you will still believe that it’s turtles all the way down:

      • I’ll explain something to you JF. Viruses die with UV rays and heat. That has been known for countless decades. There’s nothing magic about the one they’re purporting a pandemic about.

        Vit C and D and Zinc will kill this virus toot sweet. Putting people into their houses to not get sunshine and fresh air makes the situation that much worse. Plus the fact, there are no bodies stacked up. There are a lot of people going to hospitals all over the country and posting it on Reddit. The fact of the matter is there are few dying percentage wise, less than the regular flu that is at an all time low this year in the US and maybe worldwide. Probably because it’s been such a mild winter.

        I always wondered why they called it the “Spanish flu” when it was started at Ft. Riley in Kansas. How does that work again? They only had a lab there to develop anything and not that good control plus a huge amount of soldiers.

        Sorta like the tuberculosis pandemic in WW11 that got a great toe-hold in Garden City, Kansas where the soldiers were packed like sardines in barracks without heat. I know it well since my father was there and spend a couple years in a sanitorium in Kerrville, Texas where he lost a lot of friends and barely survived himself.

      • Sorry I wasn’t clear… I’m not saying viruses don’t exist… yeah I said that but what I MEANT was that they’re not big enough to exist as a lifeform. IOW, they’re just some kind of ‘machine’ that’s dead… but still has some effect on the body. The reason they beccome a problem is probably due to other parasites (bacteria & worms) that contain viruses and protect them from the immune system, and also due to toxic chemicals or metals in ppls’ bodies that prevent the immune system from cleaning them up or maybe even create the viruses by damaging normal/other things/dna etc. This day & age is full of toxins, including laundry-grade bleach (that you can buy at stores), and that’s probably why ppl get cancer and even get sick in the winter, in the first place. The fake news has everyone worried about the wrong things.

  7. All men are created equal, then why is it forever forgone that I might never write a Declaration of Independance for myself or author my own Constitution authorizing my own authority, I can sign a check, or elect to hire an attorney, pay taxes to be represented by that for which I have no control or authority, apparently those men were more than this man. If I can authorize a check, contract or voter registration how is it this may be entirely disregarded? If one is disregarded it all should be disregarded. Chuck it all in the wqoods

  8. It is always in the counting. When Nixon imposed the 55mph NMSL the federal government also changed how traffic fatalities were counted. This plus a gas crisis dramatically lowered the numbers. Proof 55mph made things safer! It took 20 years just to start to peel that back.

    There are countless examples in a variety of fields but that’s the one where I have the cite on my bookshelf. It’s always how things are counted that matters.

  9. Consumptively tuberculed? “Oh, I wasn’t quite as sick as I made out.” ~ Kilmer’s Holiday, Tombstone

    Shall we…tilt at windmills? In windfarms? Slipstream Tiptoe…thru the turbines? ~ Gandolfini’s Pinkwater, Terminal Velocity

    It’s easier to dread what your mind’s eye’s been beamed, even as that blocks out all those pesky motes.

    • “How do you make them want to get off of a nuclear submarine?” ( The Hunt for Red October)
      On the upside, i notice that mass shootings are way down. (snark)

  10. So many coincidences so little time! Perhaps the Event 201 gang had preparation for other things in mind! Now here’s something to be afraid of. Back when this testing first started and they made the breakthrough it became quite controversial and the testing stopped. Apparently, one of the contributing factors to the outcry was that the testing was not being done in the highest level bio-containment rooms. It stopped for a while and now it’s back!

    For the curious:

  11. The government will save us from death. We must remain under a suspension of the constitution and fascism until the government cures us from death. If it can save 1 life it would be worth it. The government is always right.

  12. I’ve wondered if the coronavirus has been with us a lot longer than we thought. Back around Pearl Harbor Day of last year, my wife was working at a holiday job at the local Target, and she got sick with the exact same symptoms of coronavirus. I proceeded to get sick around Dec. 21. We were both sick until about January 10…again, we had those exact same symptoms, except that the worst of it was concentrated in the nasal area, not so much the chest.

    I know a lot of people who were sick over the 2019 holiday season with “really bad colds and flu-like symptoms.”

    Wouldn’t it be something to find out that a lot of people were already sick from the coronavirus?

    Again, I am no expert, but the patterns of illness I’ve seen last fall and winter comport with that. Maybe there’s another strain that evolved to be especially bad, but I would not be surprised if it turns out that Patient Zero was sick at that time and spreading it everywhere, and most people have some immunity.

    While I’m not saying that this is a hoax, I do think we’re going about it wrong, and it’s naive to think that there aren’t people who’re taking advantage of the situation for their own political or financial gains.

    And I have to wonder if the Evil Queen or Bolshevik Bernie was in the White House, what the response would be.

    • I became ill on 2/07. Was bad until 2/10 and then got better afterwares. Symptoms were cough, elevated temperature, piercing aches and pains. After 2/10, the cough went from dry to a more moist one. Shortness of breath persisted until 2/14 or so. Pretty sure I had it. I am keeping my immune system up and i’m NOT wearing a mask

    • I had similar symptoms back in January-February; I had that nasty bug twice! I didn’t go to the doctor either time though. I just slept a lot, drank lots of fluids, and popped vitamin C like candy…

      • Yeah. I ate a bunch of grapefruit. Took Elderberry syrup, drank a bunch of water and slept a lot as well. I did go to the doctor and she told me I had flu like symptoms. Gave me a bunch of stuff I never took. I was better in about 4 days. fully recovered in 7.

      • Hi Anon,

        I’ve received dozens of emails from people all over the country who’ve described having had what sure seems to be the WuFlu/Bat Flu last fall. Granted it’s all anecdotal but having experienced it myself, along with several close friends who had the same unusually harsh – and different than usual – symptoms now ascribed to the WuFlu, I am persuaded that this virus has indeed been around for at least several months longer than the conventional wisdom says it has. And if this is the case, then the WuFlu, while nasty, is much less lethal than advertised – at least to people who are otherwise healthy and not elderly.

  13. I am becoming very slightly more optimistic that almost a critical mass of people will see that we’ve been had. If so, an undercurrent of protest might gain some attention. Some Americans are willing to put with a few inconveniences for a preceived “common good,” but I am getting the idea that they will have to back off of this in a shorter rather than longer time frame. The imagery of Wal Marts being hit with crime tape and barricaded is too much for a few. I’m never going to darken that place again. Going online or going to buy at the Ace Hardware. I may pay a little more, but at least there is dignity. The egregiousness of corporate America’s attitude towards its customers has been laid bare. I will NOT be treated like the fleas on Pavlov’s dog.

    • The weather’s warming up in most places…so the flu is starting to wane. Will they pull the same BS next flu season?

      • I’ve been contemplating the very same thing for a month now, and for good reason. If big bro will shut down the country over a supposed 20k deaths (just to pick a number let’s say), then won’t their logic be the same to try to avoid the 40-50K supposed yearly deaths from the flu? You bet your sweet bippy it will! We’ve allowed a whole new precedent to be set as Eric has warned. And once we started traveling down this highway of insanity it just might be impossible & too late to get off.

      • Wouldn’t put it past them. The marks fell for the fake virus hook, line and sinker,,, Most Pneumonia, Colds, Flu and Flu like are now marked Covid due to the fake PCR test that shows a positive for any of the Corona viruses. I look for the possibility of another round or two. Like an assassins head shot to ensure we are morally broke and thoroughly busted. Looking at the cattle reaction today, I give it 3 out of 5 chance.

      • Next year? Hard to say. Will it become regular? Yes it will. The time between events or groups of events will narrow over time.

        • I can just see the “news” shows (and “shows” they are!) next fall:

          “Well, Bob, I’m here at Saint Lincoln elementary School, where a young child has apparently contacted the flu. The school is being evacuated and fumigated, as this latest pandemic begins. Stay tuned for a speech from the governor. Now back to you, Bob”.

          • Hi Nunz,

            Yes. I see no reason – logically – why this precedent will not become practice. The Corona Cows currently demanding social distancing and “shelter in place” won’t demand it again when fall comes and “thousands of people are dying” from flu?



            • But Eric, the bodies! The bodies! (Well, I haven’t seen any- but for some reason, everyone I know who watches TV seems to have seen them 😀 Oh sure…your hospital may be empty, and mine sure is; but I hear Potemkin General is THRIVING! Thriving, I tells ya! I’ll bet they have those Tesla semi’s outside to catch the overflow!)

              [Kills a fly] Look! Another victim!

            • Autozone will not sell me a mower battery,,,
              it’s not essential per the fuhrer. I can buy a car battery though! And of course you cannot go into the store. Social distancing. I’m trying to figure out how there gonna hand me 30lb battery keeping the 6 foot fatwa. A long stick? This is just dirt stupid, but we’re talking government bs here so anything is possible.

              • Ken, I was surprised today, that a private (i.e. non-chain) hardware/supply store in a little town where I go shopping was actually open. I bought some pool filter sand and a mower tire. My first time in that store…wouldn’t have discovered it, had it not been for this scamdemic.

                Only caveat: When I went to check-out, they wanted my name. I said “I’m paying with cash!”. Got some mumbo-jumbo about anything over $50 we have to get a name. I told them “Joe Blow”. Cashier says “I can’t put that in…”. I said “Spell it B-L-E-A-U”….it worked. (Oh no! I inadvertantly made myself French!)

                Then I went to Walmart, where things were not so rosy. They had lines and arrows on the floor- you could only go down the aisles in the direction that the arrow pointed- I guess one-way aisles prevents the flu now.

                They actually had employees monitoring the aisles! One caught me backtracking. I said “I’m not going all the way around to get to something that’s 10 feet behind me!”, and proceeded to get my stuff unhindered.

                And they talk about North Korea?! I’ll bet even there, they do not dictate the direction one must go in the grocery aisles!

                This is getting old, fast- and they’re ramping it up more and more…asd the flu season winds down.

                • A pool? In Kentucky? What’d those Beverly hillbillies call it?

                  I’ve used glass. Makes a “sand” filter equivalently to a DE filter.

                  Pea gravel (to just covering the laterals. Then water. Then media.

                  • I hardly even run the filter on my tin swimmin’ hole. Been a few years since I’ve changed the sand. I like your idear though….DE…without the expense of buying 150 lbs. of it! I do my best thinking in the pool- a few hot days, I might be able to understand your posts! 😉

                    • I quit DE. Switched to cellulose fiber*. Product is called CF-138.

                      But it can be a trick with sand filters, too.

                      Like after an algae bloom kill. Lots of fine particulate settles out, you start vacuuming, & lots of it passes thru & back into the pool. Put a half DE scoop, or so, of fiber into the skimmer, vac some (until filter pressure gets too high), backwash, repeat until finished.

                      *Those old Frantz filter ads: “I gots 2 million miles on my Yugo & ain’t never changed the oil once. Just swap in a new roll o’ Charmin every now & again, top ‘er off, & done!”

                      Never got around to trying it, always wondered….

                      Maybe it was those frantz folks that bought up all the TP….

                      Maybe add (more) mint juleps to your floats. That’s a Kentucky thing, ain’t it?

                    • Ha! Ozy, I could have used that advice last year- the one time I had a bad algae problem- there was definitely a fungus among us! Darn pH level is always down around the level of winter Yukon temps after the winter though, and I didn’t get enough bicarb into the pool soon enough- but after that, I’d say the existing sand must be pretty funky. This year, I just have some leaves to scoop out….the water has stayed nice and clear.

                      Mint Jew Lips? I think Miester Brau and bourbon (not together) is the standard here.

                    • Ah. Maybe tip toein’ thru the julips is more popular around that big hoss racin’ thing ya’ll got there.

                • Nunzio, have you noticed its the big box stores and chains, that are actively engaging in this edict nonsense? They are all taking their marching orders from corporate headquarters, and everyone is already afraid of losing their jobs (and health coverage…). Thats why I try not to get annoyed with the locals. Most people are really frightened, and doing the best they can. We’ve had prosperity for generations, so people just do not have the mentality to deal with what is coming.
                  I can imagine how terrified many of these people must be, given that they have been living pay check to pay check, and have little in the way of savings or supplies. That in and of itself, is what makes the current situation so extremely dangerous. Once enough people get desperate enough, someone offering to “save” them will look mighty tempting.
                  It doesn’t help, that we are heading into one of the most important elections of our life time. Lets hope for the best.

                  • Very true, BJ. Hell, if I were still in NY I’d be worried, both economically and healthwise (But then again, those are always valid concerns in densely populated collectives).

                    Then again, if the average person would practice sound economics and live below their means, instead of above them through debt, most people wouldn’t have a problem.

                    Heck, I live at or below “the poverty line”- and am likely going to have no income this month….but since I don’t buy new or financed vehicles; don’t have a mortgage (Because I live in a mobile home I paid cash for, on property that cost me what would barely make a down-payment for the average ‘Mercan) and save a good deal of what little I make…..this could last a year, and it would hardly affect me.

                    Why can’t the average Joe, who makes multiples of what I make, do the same? Because they didn’t choose to.

                    Maybe, like the Great Depression made our parents and grandparents learn to practice sustainable economics in their own lives, this will cause people to sober-up and do the same (Nah, more likely, considering the level to which people have been indoctrinated today, they’ll just demand more socialism…)

                    Elections are meaningless though- it’s a show for those who can not see. You can see pretty well- and I’m sure that you will come to this realization before long.

                    The government is not swayed by those at the bottom, any more so than slaves control the plantation. Put on a good show for the salves though, and they will be pacified, because they think they have a choice.

                    • Nunz, I mentioned to the wife we need to see if we can get some money back from car insurance.

                      She said “Well, we’re already paid for the year.

                      Not sure how I feel about that since we might not make the year but I guess everyone can say that.

                      Then she say “I don’t want them to think of us cause they might drop us because of our age.

                      Oh yeah. Age discrimination is illegal…..except for insurance companies.

                      I have reached that magic number where I am virtually unemployable operating heavy equipment and driving trucks. Shit!!

                    • 8, you always remind me of the guy I hired to build my mother’s septic system when she moved onto the property here.

                      This guy, Ed, was 69…and ran the backhoe and did pretty much everything else, with his nephew as his helper.

                      Ours was his first job since recovcering from having flipped his backhoe, and having his leg almost severed. They had tried to talk him into going on disability, because, ya know, he was “old” and everything…but he wouldn’t have it. He was anxious to get back to work- and he could do anything.

                      Sadly, he passed away about 2 years after putting in the aforementioned septic system.

                      10 years later…that septic system is still problem-free….and was a bargain for just under $3K.

                      I don’t know what it is about guys named Ed…but for some reason, I’ve always had good experiences with them (“Freds” are even better!).

                      When my regular dentist, and then another, referred me to an oral surgeon for an upper molar that needed to go bye-bye, I wasn’t having it.

                      Searching for a regular dentist who would do the job, I came across a listing for one whose first name was not just Ed, or Edward…but “Eddy” (It’s his legal name!)- I said to myself “This’ll be the guy”- and sure enough….he dug that baby out of there, and did a great job….for $180, including several follow-ups – vs. at least $500 for the “surgeon” (And there was no way I was going to the surgeon, ’cause they MAKE you bring someone else with ya “to drive”, ’cause apparently we’re all too feeble to be able to drive after a few shots of Lidacane….. That right there killed it for me- be damned if I’ll be treated like an incompetent child! Unless they expect to be paid with Monopoly money…)

                    • Nunz, sorry to hear about Ed. Certainly none of us are invincible but reaching a certain age doesn’t just remove every skill you ever had.

                      A couple years ago I worked with a trucker who was 84. When the insurance was renewed, he was dropped, fired for being a certain chronnological age.

                    • Individuals aren’t mapped. Cohorts are. Weus!

                      What’s the average of the sample, junior (hee haw)?

                      Then, rule of thumb (that legal stick size for wife-beating), “everybody” (doesn’t actually exist, where the borg meets the bog, except as a word), is that average.

                      More utilitarian, rad egalitarian – downward equalitarian, accounting.

                      Ice floe’d from the day you was born.

                      Further besides…maps ain’t territories. And a floe’ll take an outboard, or a sail.

                    • 8, I’ll bet that 84 year-old dude was a great trucker, too! There’s 84…and then there’s 84. We can’t “profile”….but “they” sure can.

                      My friend/client needed someone to drive an F800 bucket truck from Detroit back to NY- so he enlisted the help of an old Dago we know: Old Man Carl…who was 86 at the time. They hit a good bit of snow coming back on the PA. Turnpike too. Not so much as a complaint from Carl. (My friend driving his F250 with two trucks on a 35′ trailer…and Carl driving the c. 20 year-old F800)- Made good time, to boot.

                • eric, I know how you feel. I have to go to the store and so far, everyone’s just been bs’ing and acting like they always do. I don’t see many children though. Of course I’m sure they’re home studying hard.

                  I did have this 4′ tall really fat little guy taking groceries out of the store the other day looking at me very strangely. He is so pathetic he wasn’t able to get the door open with the dragging the cart and I just reached over and pushed it open. He didn’t say a word but he had the strangest look on his face.

                  Call us hicks or anything else you like but we don’t seem to be taking this shit seriously.

                • At grocer yesterday saw the mask metastasis is still expanding. If chance arises: “I tried to be like ya’ll, get my mask on – solidarity! (raised fist) – but I couldn’t get it over my stiff upper lip!” ☻ “It looks so *rude*! Like I’m walking around with a tent pole *on my face*!” ☻☻

      • You can certainly count on that Nunzio. Its been my experience that these matters take on a life of their own. At this point, nothing that the Progs do would surprise me in the least. I’m truly starting to believe, that at least some of the current madness is the result of malice, not mere stupidity. It is obviously calculated to inflict the maximum amount of fear, misery and damage as its possible to achieve, without making it obvious enough, to incite action against those responsible. But for a more nightmare inducing vision, imagine that She who would be Queen, was currently in power, rather than the God Emperor Trump. Of course, that presupposes that we’d not already had a thermonuclear exchange with the Russians, which She is more than psychotic enough to have provoked. If Trump manages to minimize the damage this time, look for a repeat of this in the fall, much closer to the election.

        • Hey BJ!

          I think they all take orders from the same place. They just use different words to appeal to different people, to keep the charade of a “represntative democracy” alive in the minds of the people. Notice how the Republicants are always speaking of “democracy” just as much as the Dumbocrats do; how “The Swamp’s” involvement with Epstein just magically got swept under the carpet; and how the Clinton bitch is still scot-free.

          Call it Trillions for a “Green New Deal” or trillions for a “stimulus”- the underlying agendas are the same, and ther money still goes to the same players. You might have voted for Trump, but ya still got martial law and Goldman-Sachs, and destruction of more liberties, including 2A…more militarization, and more fellatio for Israel…and Syria still got bombed…and we are still on the brink of major war (and just like the Great Depression led to a huge round of socialism, and culminated in war…so too will this coming depression- regardless of who wins or loses the next election. It makes zero difference)

          • Nunz, I keep forgetting to buy my MAGA hat. Seriously, I think you have a screw loose to even wear one.

            Having said that, I know people who seem to be holding a grudge they never got to give the “shrub” a BJ. Now a couple of them have re-labeled themselves ‘libertarians” but every time the shit hits the fan they’re obviously still caught in the Republican net.

            Being a dyed in the wool “any political party” is, in my view, like being a child molester… can’t think any other way.

            My wife worked with a woman(white gal)who lived with a black guy, a really nice, hard-working guy who didn’t do the speedy drugs(or not any I could tell)she did and was loyal as hell to her. She used to say “Once you go black, you’ll never go back”. Good deal, seemed like a match made in heaven. But once off her long probation for speed, all of a sudden she had this young boy that turned out to be female. I guess whoever had the most speed was the person of choice and she didn’t go back in that she didn’t go back to white men, she just became a muff diver and after a few months was back in jail for the same old speed thing. Speed must be worse than heroin since I know many people who finally kicked horse and left it behind. The only people I know who kicked speed did so by becoming room temperature.

            • Yeah, 8, I’ll wear a MAGA hat right after I get one’a them faggot/dyke/tranny rainbows!

              Wonder if anyone makes a ‘Nuke America’ hat? That’s what we really need; that’s the only way all of this BS will ever stop.

                • Absolutely,8. Even if it were a direct hit, you can be sure that they’d flee like rats[that they are] long before the event. But they’d lose their plantation, and their slaves.

                  • Nunz, that’s the beauty of those hypersonic missiles. 3 times the speed of sound and very difficult to see with radar. What could get that bunch of fatasses moving fast enough to survive?

                    I realize they’d be a bit faster having emptied their overstuffed bowels.

                    I’d love a framed photo of Mitch Mc Connell trying to run with a stream of shit close behind. I’d rather not have it signed since……well, you know…..

                    • Ah, 8, they’d be out of there days before…just like they sold their stocks long before the market imploded.

                  • My neighbor and his wife are only 30 or so. I’ve been educating him slowly since he’s not conducive to seeing how he’s been had. I give him a little more impetus to learn by pointing out what will happen to his 3 children.

                    He’s already worried by the uptick of crime recently by crack heads. I have officially become my brother’s keeper….and his children. He’s gone from home and his wife is too during the day since he’s a pumper and she’s a nurse. 3 kids at the house but at least the two older girls are good shots. But you know how that goes.

                    It’s easy to shoot Bambi but a man walking up to the house……..but not for me.

                    I learned rapidly one day to react quickly in a shoot-out. Never did know who was shooting at me and my best friend just taking a walk on a country road.

                    I barely noticed when my buddy rolled about a dozen 5.56X45 empties down my collar. Later I had a plethora of tattoos on my back. A week later you couldn’t see anything. At least I didn’t have to pick up the brass since it was gathered up around my waist. That reminds me, I need to buy some powder, primers and bullets. Now might not be the best time though. I got a reminder from Midway USA today that ammo was only up 34% if you bought a case.

    • Swamprat,

      I don’t think that this nonsense will go on too much longer, either. Why? Simple: because if it does and we have a depression, people will lose everything; hell, they’re in danger of that now! Anyway, as the man once said, there’s nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing left to lose. Actually, there is something more dangerous than a man with nothing left to lose: millions of people with nothing left to lose. TPTB don’t want millions of angry people coming after them, so they’ll be backing off soon. This psyop was done to soften us up.

      Many were making doomsday predictions prior to Y2K. It made sense because our world is totally computerized, and the computers back then only used two digit dates. Texe Marrs predicted that it wouldn’t be that bad, because TPTB had to keep us on our diet of bread and circuses. I think a similar principle applies here.

      Others said that we’d be on a slow, downward trajectory rather than experience a dramatic collapse. Why? Because people would react to a sudden, catastrophic collapse, and we’d have rioting in the streets. No, they’ll continue gradually raising the temperature, so the frog doesn’t realize it’s being boiled to death.

      • I agree with you on the idea of a “slow downward trajectory.” For one thing, I’ve noticed that, especially in the last 20 years, for so many things too numerous to list here, we’ve been paying a lot more and getting a lot less. Two examples that come to mind are ethanol-laced gasoline and health insurance.

        There also seems to be a lot more fragility and less slack in so many areas, along with a perceptible loss in freedoms, even if that loss is merely freedom from the judgmental remarks of the Karens of the world.

        • I concur, especially WRT health insurance. I noticed HUGE change after Obamacare was passed. My deductible went up by 10x! My copays, depending on medication went up 2x-3x. My premiums went up too, though not quite as drastically. All I can say is that, when I left my job, I dropped COBRA 2-3 months later. I figured why should I pay over $500 a month to have the privilege of paying THOUSANDS before any “insurance” kicked in. Legally, I’m covered by the VA, so I don’t need to get insurance to comply with that stupid, onerous law known as Obamacare…

  14. Two lines from movies come to mind-
    “Deserve’s got nothin to do with it…” William Munny in “Unforgiven”
    “I’m not dead yet”… Anonymous commoner in “Monte Python and the Holy Grail”

    And this brings me to the relevant one-
    “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” Patrick Henry speech to the second Virginia Convention

  15. Effective immediately, Tesla is terminating all contract employees at its northern California assembly plant and its Sparks, Nevada battery plant.

    “No one could have foreseen,” etc

    Just a step cried the sad man
    Take a look down at the madman
    Theater kings on silver wings
    Fly beyond reason
    From the flight of the seagull
    Come the spread claws of the eagle
    Only fear breaks the silence
    As we all kneel, pray for guidance

    — Emerson, Lake & Palmer

  16. As I’ve said, it’s the biggest con in human history and no matter how you disprove it people still believe it. Here is a link showing what citizen journalists have found concerning the hospitals being overwhelmed. Most will recognize the lady hosting it.

    They show there are no long lines, no stacked bodies,,, in fact they show empty hospitals. But no matter what,,, it seems the cattle will believe the liars on MSM and most,,, what used to be,,, Alternative media.

    It is so sad watching Americans giving up everything, relegating their offspring to a dystopian society without even considering it may be all horse hockey.

      • ken, I went there. It says This video has been pulled by the uploader. Whether the uploader pulled it or YT did, it ain’t there now. Not surprising since they probably had a choice of pulling it or being banned.

        • Not surprised anymore here in the land of the free….

          Censorship is the first sign of a scam. Even the brave Armstrong is cowed….

          • Well…them as is all in, or too in, the digital deal & dealings is just a lot like what’s being described will be will be que sera sera if & when currencies go digital: them that’s got the 5-finger-&-1-thumb-X-2 deathgrip throttling the chokehold neck of the interweb can squeeze off the revenues…if the censorship ain’t applied per SOP.

            Beddin’ down with wolves do invite bein’ ball-bit.

    • There is a con. That much I know. The question is where is the con and where it is not?
      Is this an escaped bio-weapon or research experiment? Is it a deliberately deployed bio-weapon? Is it natural occurring flu that is being hyped for an agenda? Is it all of the above?

      I don’t know. That’s the problem. I can accept the near empty hospitals if this is indeed a massive error where a bio-weapon escaped. Where they are doing this because they know they made a giant mistake and they are trying to keep it from getting worse. Or are they empty because it’s an entirely manufactured reality?

      I just don’t know where the lies are exactly and what they lead to. I only know there are lies.

      • I concur, Brent. Although m,y feeling is that they have just given this season’s common flu a name, and are merely hyping it.

        It’s impossible to know where to draw the line though. I always found it interesting that Long Island is the epicenter of Lyme Disease (If THAT is even a real thing…)- Lyme should be much more prevalent in the South…but it’s not. Bear in mind, that at the tip of Long Island is Plum of Uncle’s bio labs…. (Now abandoned…but was still in full operation during the advent of Lyme Disease, and for a couple decades thereafter).

        • Nunzio, some times its tempting to attribute much of this stupidity to malice, but its been my experience, that thats giving the Masters of the Universe™ far too much credit. I tend to see much of this as opportunistic. Given that the interlocking, multi layers of the various global ponzi schemes. have been under increasing stress, its been only a matter of time before it imploded on its own. The Usual Suspects, just used this viral out break, to be the scapegoat to divert attention from the real reasons for the collapse. That being the central banking cartel, and the debt based credit system. That, and the fact that the current system is simply a series of tax farms, run for the benefit of gangs of thieves and murderers writ large.

          • Morning, BJ!

            The “Masters of the Universe” are certainly leveraging malice – of the portion of the populace that is eager to punish anyone who doesn’t agree that “safety is the highest priority” … and so on. It’s appalling as well as frightening to see how many Americans are furious about those of us who aren’t playing along, who don’t “social distance” and participate in Sickness Pantomime.

            • The “con” is the same one that’s been running since 1913. On a YT channel a lot of people were calling for civil war.

              I didn’t laugh at them. I just told them “We’ve been in one our whole lives”. Who do you want to shoot? Your neighbor, your brother? Grab your gun and load it up and get your gear and kit and then try to figure out what you’re going to do. Stand in front of a mirror. Take a picture and get it out now and again so you can relive those days you were ready but all those cowards wouldn’t go with you.

              If you think you can track down and off every one of the .000001% who have all the money, be my guest.

              I didn’t feel nearly this helpless when organizing protests against the Vietnam war. Some people, enough of them in fact, had some guts and weren’t so brain dead they couldn’t march on DC. They could march in their own towns. They had enough sense to elect those who swore they were against the war. Find more than a handful now that aren’t bought off long before they get elected. And once AIPAC buys them, your opinion becomes null and void.

              • Con carne goes back a little further than that. To the caves go the pt barnum carney con’ers…& con’ees. Melville’s The Confidence-Man, set on the Mississippi, is a tasty stew.

          • Contempt is part of the mala in se malice.

            Hamilton & Marie & Hillary &&& weren’t quotin’ into a vacuum. And ilk & offspring regurgiquote them madders what hatted them.

            “The people, sir, are a great & deplorable beast – so persuade them to believe they can have & eat cake.”

            Always has it been thus.


            And, that contempt is largely earned.

            That contempt@contretemps is the cold fusion hot fission symbiosis that perpetually motors this treadmill.

            Would were every Hamilton a Burr. But no.

            Instead is for every Hamilton, fizz.
            Tiny bubbles, in the wine.
            The Ham’s what’s more equal than lesser Piggy’s hear ‘em singin’ inside the wire, can hear ‘em thru their whines.
            And know how good whines is…& isn’t to be wasted.


  17. Gee, I wonder why?

    Everyone is going to have their hands out for “reimbursement.” Only makes sense to put as much of the workload under the COVID line item. I know if I were in the accounting department I’d be doing it. Of course it’s theft, but if a CEO doesn’t go for the money the board probably should vote them out, after all, turning down free fun bux from Uncle is anti-American!

    • They can print all they want. Printed FedBucks is not the same as ‘earned’ bucks. When the cattle finally figure this out any bucks they have will become worthless. When they send the $1200 checks and start handing people an extra $600 per week of likely never ending unemployment watch those prices sky rocket. Then comes price controls just like Venezuela. (maybe) Then they’ll go to digital currency and have a bank holiday where they take $1000 old bucks and give $100 new bucks. Any savings, 401k’s wiped out. Soon everywhere will be a 3rd world shithole. No middle classes. Just ultra rich and poor and hungry. We’re all commies now….

      • ken you say right. While I realize cash is not “money” and has more value to typing paper…..if some other person concurs it does, it still seems a small bit better than digits on a computer.

        A year ago I saw this coming and so we have removed everything we don’t need in the bank to cover bills and that’s not much at all, but someone might prefer to take it soon rather than the plastic we live by. And we might be able to buy something we’d rather not with plastic.

        The wife and I were the last hold outs we knew for credit cards. We only got one when we couldn’t buy a bed for the night without one. Hotels and motels were the absolute worst for using cash. At that time cash was fine with every other bidness. We were pissed about it and it has never been our “emergency” fund. We don’t have a pure credit card. It can be used that way but we simply use it as a debit card.

        That might change to some degree. I believe we’ll have more bartering from now on than in the past.

      • Try telling that to an accountant. Or a CEO. Or someone who is afraid they won’t have any because they see that no one wants to buy their stock portfolio for what they paid for it.


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