“Low” Gas Prices – for Another Month – Maybe . . .

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The “low” gas prices – only twice as high as they were! – we’ve had the great privilege of enjoying for the past two months or so courtesy of the Biden Thing’s emptying of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve has temporarily salved the supply problem created by the Biden Thing.

Enjoy it while it lasts – like the still-warm weather most of us are enjoying this October.

Come November, both are going to change.

They may change sooner – as often happens as regards the weather this time of year. It is not unusual for a 75 degree October day to give way to a next day in the 40s.

Another change is already coming, as a result of OPEC’s turning down of the Biden Thing’s request to open the spigot to keep the “low” prices from going up prior to the mid-term elections – after which they are certain to really go up, as the increase in supply is merely temporary and cannot be maintained absent an increase in supply. Which the Thing has made very clear he intends to limit.

Assuming, of course, that the results of the election endorse the engineered scarcity policies of the Biden Thing.

Who is perhaps the most politically cynical (as well as senile) Thing to have ever occupied – just the right word – the White House.

We will probably never know how many people actually voted for the Thing – as opposed to unvetted absentee ballots cast for the Thing. It is an important difference but one that no longer matters because it is the things that control the counting now. And that counts – literally – a great deal more than the voting, itself.

It was the apotheosis of political cynicism for the Thing to drain the Strategic Reserve to temporarily salve the supply scarcity his deliberate policies engineered. He – his handler-things – did this solely to salve the pustulating anger amongst the people being deliberately impovershed by these policies – in furtherance of this “wonderful transition,” as the Thing styled it – in order to avoid the political problem of too many actual votes being cast to be compensated for by ballots counted.

It is one thing to tilt an election when all it takes is the addition of a relative handful of ballots to counter a close-shave number of votes. It may smell fishy – but it’s harder to gainsay, especially when the “winner” has the power to prevent a reconciling of votes to ballots. It is another thing when the number of people voting – against the last-time “winner” – is so obviously disproportionate that it is politically impossible to “rectify” the results via the counting of the necessary number of ballots. Because to do that, in-your-face-style, would have the effect of rendering obviously El Presidente-illegitimate the “winner” of such an election.

So, the Thing opened the spigot – hoping it would “reduce” the cost of the fuel his policies caused to nearly triple in cost. Just for the now. Just enough to get enough people to vote for their own impoverishment.

And so – just for the now – we are only paying about double for gas and diesel.

Many are grateful, in the manner of Stalin’s chicken, for the grains he tossed at its feet afer rudely plucking the beast.

The Thing hoped the “low” prices would last just long enough – that being into the first week of November – after which, he could safely (electorally) resume impoverishing the American people in furtherance of the “wonderful transition” he has in mind (what there is left of it) for them.

Anyone who doubts this is what he has in mind for them deserves what they get if they vote for it, come November.

The Thing needs energy scarcity – in order to be positioned as the “solution” to it. That is how government works. The Thing’s solution, of course, being what is styled “clean” energy – by which it means electricity. Which it needs us to “transition” to because electricity is easier to centrally control. It is easy to meter how much power you are allowed to use at any given time, according to the whims of the Things who control it.

And the Things know perfectly well that there is not enough electrical energy available to replace the chemical energy – the abundace of oil – they have deliberately made scarce.

And so, artificially expensive.

Well, there won’t be enough electrical energy for you – and the other deplorables outside the orbit of government employment. The Things will have all the power they need. Just as they always have enough money – having unlimited access to ours.

You will be told to make do with what they allow.

Energey rationing – whether via cost (you can’t afford it) or literally, via the meter – will be a fact once the “wonderful transition” passes a certain point of inevitability. That point will be reached – and we’re getting close – when there are no longer realistic alternatives and end-runs around it. Once the car companies invest beyond-redemption in EeeeeeeeeVeeeeees – and the people who “cling” to their non-EeeeeeeVeeeees are forced to put them on blocks via outright bans on their use or via impossible-to-pay costs, such as gas that costs $7 or even $10 per gallon.

Which it will – as surely as winter weather is coming – if enough people fail to vote to counter the number of ballots that will be counted.

. . .

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  1. I don’t care what the idiots in charge do and say, I’m still going to drive a truck and probably buy another one. You have to plan ahead to make sure you stay one step ahead of the madness out there.

    You have to remember that your dollar is worth approximately five cents with US minted silver coins, a one dollar silver coin costs maybe 35 dollars when you pay the premiums, so your 2022 dollar is worth probably a whopping six cents then.

    Four dollar gas is 24 cents per gallon in 1956 dollars.

    Seven dollar gas is 42 cents per gallon.

    The weather turned on a dime and now there are some cold temps at night, but warmed up again yesterday. It was one degree above the record low for Oct 5. On a sunny 65 degree day in the fall, the ground still warms up above your body temperature.

    Another dark winter coming your way according to the wisdom of Joe Biden, the sage of sages, the smartest man alive.

    A winter of death and misery is in the forecast. You need to live in fear and be very afraid. Your discontent makes Joe happy!

    The most loved and inspiring president ever elected to the office has it all under control.

    • Your dollar is worth three cents, not six cents, at 35 dollars for a silver eagle these days. Gas would be 12 cents per gallon, not 24 cents.

      Another stupid idiot you can’t do simple math, it was an honest mistake. It’s always something.

      • Guys, guys! C’mon… It’s hard to make a linear comparison concerning the reality of inflation- it’s not as simple as comparing the dollar to it’s historical value based on how much silver or gold it would buy. For instance: The price of housing and transportation today is so out of proportion to other things.

        In 1952 my mother rented a brand new brick house with large garage for $50 a month, in southern CA.! Comparable cost for such a rental today would be what- (I just looked up some examples on a RE website in the same area] c. $6K per month! An ounce of gold was $38 in 1952. So one could rent that house then for just over an ounce and a quarter of gold. Today, it would take nearly 4 ounces of gold to rent that house……

        So, real estate has inflated even compared to gold…but even more compared to FRNs…..

  2. On my way home from work Wednesday the Love’s Truck Stop was $3.15 for 87 octane. The next morning, $3.59. Today the going rate is $3.69.

    I realize this is below the national average but, the uptick is setting in. Saudi an OPEC+ is giving the finger to The Biden Thing. We could be on the cusp of the meltdown. If so, expect the 7 billion folks not part of The Rules Based Western Order to piss all over the 1 billion that are. Decades of hubris is about to cometh to The Fall.

    Sorry to be such a downer but, at least we got some great stuff in our garages…if we can get them to run.

    • Just remember, Mark, the System always has an ace up their sleeve. They’ll come up with something at the last minute to keep the rotten edifice from collapsing, as usual.

  3. It speaks volumes about the character of current-day America seeing that such an evil and incompetent turd is in the WH, and yet we hear no outrage from the general public; no disgust; no mourning, as should be expected of a sane society when it realizes just who is running their country and occupying one of the highest places of power in the world.

    Instead, all we get is a possibility that next time, they may choose the lite version of the same…maybe……

    By contrast, when T-rump was on the throne, we heard nothing but constant complaining and discontent from the masses -And although such was warranted, the reality was that such sentiments were expressed not because of the guy’s own evils- but because he wasn’t evil enough, in that he didn’t overtly do as much evil as the current Bozo [Although he certainly did in reality].

    And I’m not talking about sentiments heard in the media- I’m talking about IRL.

    A society that has sunk to such levels can not produce a good outcome, but can only produce dysfunction and ruin.

    • Nunz – we are so lost. What level of outrage will finally wake people up, if anything? Nothing from Covid/diapers/shutdowns, nothing from a stolen election, nothing from the clot shots, nothing from confused men beating girls in women’s sports, nothing from freaks in an ugly woman costume letting five year olds touch their pee pee, nothing from sending untold billions into the Ukrainian shithole, nothing from collapsing the economy, nothing from sending the gestapo to ramshackle Christian soccer moms, and now nothing from taking the world to the brink of nuclear annihilation. And people think things are going to change when they go vote next month? It’s not going to end well. I read something recently that said something to the effect that America will not go out with a bang or a whimper but with a fart. Yup.

      • Exactly, BAC!
        I guess it’s hereditary too, ’cause our grandfathers didn’t make a peep when we were sold into slavery via the income tax, and even fought for their oppressors when they implemented the paying of those taxes in advance via withholding. They let ’em take their guns or render them useless in mosty places; they foisted a de facto military upon us within our own borders while allowing wetbacks to flood the country while handing them the money they extorted from us…..but we’re such a nation of dumb sheep that everyone just keeps waving their flag, voting for their favorite oppressors, and fighting the wars of the NWO, while they pay extortion to one of the many layers of government to be allowed to live in their cookie-cutter boxes on a 40×100 lot where they have to apply and pay for a permit to erect a simple shed in their backyard…….as they cheer for freedom……

        It’s sickening.

        • Hey, Nunzio,
          Sans “withholding,.” there would be riots in the streets. You and I (and most who read this website) know that perfectly well, but the average Jane and Joe Schmo are happy to get a tax ‘refund” of money that was stolen from them, and no interest on the return of stolen goods, either. So it goes…

        • Hi Nunz,

          Sickening, indeed. Of course, most are alseep in this Woke time and don’t feel their chains or even see them. They believe the are “free” – especially conservatives, though what it is they’re trying to”conserve” is hard to understand since everything that they seem to value gets less and less each year.

          • Well-said, Eric. I mean, I’m conservative, but not a Conservative…..and you are spot-on. The turds they vote for match or even out-do the Libtards in spending- but what really kills me is the “patriotism”- the siding with the very people who are destroying their country and the world, under the delusion of defending an America which has ceased to exist decades ago- as if cheering and doing the bidding of tyrants will somehow bring it back…..

            This is why there will be no revolution for freedom (A revolution, maybe…but not for freedom), because there are two major sides…and they are both deluded/sick in the head, and not advocates of liberty in anythoing but word.

            • Hi Nunz,

              The fearful thing is that – as in pre-Soviet Russia – there are still millions of good people in this country. The “whites” – as they were known – were forced to fight and then flee. Countless numbers were slaughtered by the Communists. This may be the fate of people like us, here. It is very bad. These Leftists are fanatics, murderously so. We’d better come to grips with that and also with the fact that the “leadership” of what is putatively our side is corrupt and cowardly and will sell the Left the rope they’ll hang us with.

              • Exactly, Eric! It seems like the 1917 Russia example is the exact juncture we are at- in so many ways. The avalanche is coming…it can’t be stopped, all one can do is get out of the way.

    • Nunzio,

      Don’t forget the role of the corrupt, Media Industrial Complex. They way over amplified discontent with OM, while keeping quiet anger over the Biden Thing. You have to remember that most people get their news either from the MSM or from Fakebook and Twatter. Fakebook and Twatter are de facto arms of the Deep State. The news sources Joe Normie uses all suppress bad news about the Biden Thing. If you’re relying on the same news sources, you won’t SEE discontent with the Biden Thing!

      I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but on gas pumps here, I often see those “I did that” stickers; you know, the ones showing the Biden Thing pointing at the pump prices. Also, in alt media organs, such as the Gateway Pundit, whenever Biden goes somewhere, there are hundreds, if not thousands, chanting “FJB” when his motorcade passes. Also, at big sporting events, like NASCAR races or college football games, the fans will chant FJB. It was at a NASCAR race that the “Let’s go Brandon” meme got started. Driver Brandon Brown had won his first race. The fans were cheering “FJB”, and the hack NBC reporter tried to say that the fans were cheering “Let’s go Brandon”; that blew up in the MSM’s face, and the rest, as they say, is history… 🙂

      So yeah, Nunzio, there’s PLENTY of discontent out there! There’s plenty of anger, because this is hitting people where they live. Thanks to the MSM and Big Tech carrying the Biden Thing’s water, we hear little or nothing about it.

      • True, MM, about the media. Here in fly-over land, the Trumpies definitely outnumber the other ‘things’- but still, I never hear those Trumpies complaining- compared to the whining the ‘things’ did when T-rump was in. And what’s weird is, even though the average person is much more polarized now-a-days than 40+ years ago, back then you’d hear people of both major parties complain not just about the opposition party, but about their own when they’d do something that was not in keeping with decency or the values of the majority. Today it seems to be the opposite-regardless of side, one’s “own guy” can get away with murder, and yet their loyal subjects will almost unanimously defend him- he can even do the exact same thing that the other side would do/has done…but because HE does it, it is tolerated and even cheered. Politics has become more of a religion than anything else.

  4. Can’t have that pesky free market can we?

    Where gas is probably about 70 cents a gallon.

    They just can’t stomach the fact that most people have very different goals in life than they do. Can’t have average joe with a nice paid off house on a big lot that isn’t near a big city, three vehicles with V8’s, a weekend cottage or cabin, a fun boat. A small business instead of the 9-5 in some soulless corporation or government job, enough (real) wealth to retire much younger in life, maybe more than two kids.

    Their “utopia” is a nightmare.

    But all utopias end up like that.

  5. The disconnect here in WA is just mind blowing. Only new vehicles 2035 and on, electric. Meanwhile, Führer Inslee still pushing for breaching the Snake River dams, which provide 10% of our power. He’s now got the attention of the Feds so I’m sure it’s just a matter of a few years till it’s a done deal.

    Wednesday was my annual motorcycle ride from central WA to Orofino, ID, most of this ride is on backroads then US 12 through Lewiston and up the Clearwater River. Seeing this area with those “big beautiful” transmission lines and towers, the water reservoirs, the barges loading up with many products in Lewiston – makes me sick to think of this all going away. Just because salmon, which despite the lies of the Greenies, are actually increasing numbers again. There were folks fishing all up the Clearwater, if no fish why would they be there?

    No mention of the exploding seal population, factory trawlers from other countries decimating the Pacific fish population.

    • “The disconnect here in WA is just mind blowing.”

      Is there an active secession movement among the western counties in both Washington & Oregon? At one time there was talk of forming the state of Jefferson.

      • “ Is there an active secession movement “

        Yes, the current idea is to split the counties east of the Pacific Crest and join Idaho:


        Really have had it here, what I wrote re: dams, is one issue of many. The electric cars, banning natural gas and propane heating and appliances for new construction, banning R134a refrigerant, constant issues with building restrictions, irrigation water restrictions and domestic water well drilling regulations. And on it goes.

        • Just curious, Sparkey,
          Are wood burning fireplaces prohibited?

          Personally? If I had the misfortune to live there, I would just never take a (cold) shower, and let the world deal with the consequences.

          When ya’ll get tired of smelling me, by all means petition “your ” government to allow me to set a propane tank. Problem solved. Or not. Meanwhile, enjoy the smell. Hey, it’s natural.

          • Follow up:
            Back in the 1970s, my sister and her then fiance lived in the wilds of Coconino County, AZ, out beyond the power lines. Kerosene lanterns for light, propane for refrigeration (keeping food from spoiling). “Electricity” did not enter into the equation. End of story.

            Dan’s ’48 Binder flatbed started up just fine after we replaced the plugs, which required cleaning the rat turds off the top of the flat head 6, a 233 GRD (Green Diamond) IH engine, for which a pan gasket was readily available in Flagstaff, along with (Ford) brake parts.

            Fuck the bozos…

            • One more rant, they’re wound up over wood stove smoke, meanwhile we’re blanketed in wildfire smoke for weeks on end now, the official line:

              “ When it comes to fires locally, Quilcene Fire Chief Tim McKern spoke on behalf of the response for the Bolt Creek Fire. At this time, crews are mostly allowing the fire to burn itself out. KOMO News asked if that is the right approach, given that air quality in the area is poor, contributing to breathing problems for those in nearby towns.

              “It’s the right strategy,” McKern said, mentioning the difficult terrain.

              “It’s just not safe to put our firefighters in some of those hillsides. There are some ravines that no one would want to go into. We want safety for the citizens, we understand that, safety for the firefighters obviously, and safety for the landscape. It’s best to just let it come down. We’ve set a box up and we’re going to come to the box,” McKern added, “I understand it’s really smoky,” saying that air monitoring for those communities has been set up. “

              If it’s difficult terrain where are the water air tankers? There are a few small planes at Moses Lake airport, but jumbo jet fire fighters have been proven effective yet we don’t have a fleet of those. Russkies developed this decades ago, we also have a few but clearly not enough.

      • The “Jefferson” movement is in SW Oregon and NW California. Interestingly, Rick Harrison of “Pawn Stars” fame lives in the area, in an “off grid” compound deep in the boonies of Oregon near Coos Bay.

        Western WA State up and down the I-5 corridor between Portland and Tacoma is heavily dependent on government spending to keep the local economies alive unless a Native American casino operation has set up a “reservation” in town. The people there have no interest in succession.

  6. ‘electricity. Which it needs us to “transition” to’ — eric

    Transition your power source, transition your gender: that’s freedom under the Biden butt-bonk regime.

    As tranny-portation ‘secretary’ Mayor Pete likes to say with a crooked leer, ‘I’m walking behind you.’

    Winter is coming, little citizens. Now bend over and take your medicine. As Uncle Joe says while reaching for a bar of soap, ‘It’s shower time!’ Image:


  7. Prices in Nevada are already on a sharp uptick. My last fill-up at a Sam’s Club in North Las Vegas was $4.72 per gallon. Last update of the statewide average I heard on the radio was $5.55. The lowest I’ve paid since the first run-up was $4.20 and the highest price I paid at the last peak was $5.15. Some gas stations have gone up 10¢ or more per day recently.

  8. Electric vehicles are exploding from water damage after Hurricane Ian, Florida official warns

    “There’s a ton of EVs disabled from Ian. As those batteries corrode, fires start,”

    critics have blasted the administration for giving a “false impression” about EVs, noting that they are expensive and often unreliable.

    “[The EV push] is really kind of a con job,” Myron Ebell, the director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Energy and Environment, told FOX Business in July.

    in 2012……….EV caught fire under water
    during the storm and flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy on the night of October 29, 2012, one Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid and 16 Fisker Karmas caught fire while being parked at Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal. The vehicles were partially submerged by flash floods caused by the hurricane…an EV under water can catch fire…..
    ice cars under water don’t catch fire …..lol


  9. Currently, Chinese companies make up 56% of the EV battery suppliers, followed by Korean companies (26%) and Japanese manufacturers (10%). rest of world 8%….buy an EV support the ccp….lol


    Electric vehicles are exploding from water damage after Hurricane Ian, Florida official warns

    from zh comments…..

    The push towards EV is not about the environment, it is about energy control and geofencing. The cost is intentionally high so cars are unobtainable for most of the population. You will not own a car, you will own a monthly plan for travel. The elite will own the vehicles. They will control how we travel, where we go, and ultimately what we see. No more wandering the countryside exploring

    The EV project only serves to destroy the great auto market and turn everything over to China. Because China could never ever compete with US and EU combustion engine technology. When did u ever drive a decent chinese combustion engine car?

    Dirty mineral mines, carbon producing manufacturing, and carbon producing maintenance. Lets tell it like it is. It is a move to control, tax, and limit driving. Driving is the ultimate freedom.

    within 10 years, the wokesters’ and climate changists’ false green energy narrative will have been exposed with a crisp slap to the face with reality. the environmental costs of switching to EVs far outweigh the costs of continued ICE usage.

    How about more gas, coal, and oil? It seems to be doing great for India and China. How did we turn into a third world country where only oligarchs get to decide policy?

    Most people could not even afford the cost of a replacement battery .

    500 tonnes of Earth are needed to be unearthed and mined for every tonne of Lithium. more destruction of the Earth for EV fallacy

    That’s a lot of work for those 6 year old cobalt hand miners in Congo . mining lithium is racist so EV’s are racist….so EV pushers are racist…..

    Who knew the greenies would be the biggest promoters of strip mining in the world .

    Where will they get the Lithium, because , it’s going to take 40 times more than the mining industry can deliver. Demand exceeding proven reserves by 2026, all potential reserves by 2035. Not looking to good on the Zinc front either. At some point before that price will exceed what all but the top 1% can afford, demand destruction will kick in.

    1. Lithium production costs are soaring and consequently all BEV vehicle prices will be going up proportionately. 2. It still takes a significant amount of time to charge these things, even with 240 volt lines that must homes don’t have. 3. Once the automakers go BEV only, they will put themselves out of business because the average person will not be able to afford them even with those damn tax credits.

    Buy EV and support China with our tax dollars, yeah that makes sense

    Lots EV that got flooded are now massive fire hazards as the rust and burst into flames. The future of EVs are over 4good… that used EV you bought…was it flood damaged?….lol

    Western leaders are insane. China controls this market, but we want to go ALL IN ON EV.
    Idiots and fools. It’s not a coincidence. They want us to own nothing, have nothing, and live with nothing.
    It’s neo-Bolshevism by another name, viz, “The Great Reset”, in the guise of environmental friendliness.

    NATO nations have Maoist govs in all but name..

    The Democrats complaining about Europe being dependent on Russian energy while making us dependent on Chinese minerals.

    75% of Lithium batteries made in China come from Uighur Muslim concentration camps. Slave labor for Green Energy….Uyghur slaves are also producing solar panels.

    These EV’s woke climate frauds never mind the lithium, got to produce more copper than has been produced in history of world? Carbon credit criminals and system idiots. No clouds, no sun in the data, no plant growth from good Co2 in models.. Math is a tool not a religion.

    over/under on the child labor to mine that cobalt. i think it exceeds nike-level child labor.

    • cool comment….lol…..ship 300 containers of depleted Tesla lithium batteries to the roads around Marthas Vineyard, park them all around the area, they mysteriously catch fire due to Antifa vandals.

    • buying a used EV?…lol…

      Lots of EV that got flooded are now massive fire hazards….. as they rust and burst into flames. The future of EVs are over 4good… that used EV you bought…was it flood damaged?….lol….rust………live near the ocean?….what about salted roads in the winter?

      • Whenever there’s a big flood/hurricane, a lot of the flood damaged cars end up elsewhere after being de-flooded and sold. I don’t know how they are doing it today but they are.
        I ended up with one of them, a used Suburban from a chevy dealer of all places. As I was signing the papers I had a weird thing happen. I asked about buying the ‘certified’ inspection/warranty price and/or a factory extended warranty. Their reaction told me something was wrong.
        They wouldn’t do it. So, I get or I walk. They relented.
        That truck went through an engine and the kicker, the entire drivetrain (less the trans) needed replacement over the next 1-2 years. It cost them almost more than the sale. But it cost me a lot of pain in time in the shop (but I got a rental car for free)
        So………..someone knew it was a flood car.

  10. Tom Harris, executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition (an anti-climate-hysteria group), mentions near the end of this interview another nightmarish aspect of electric cars and smart meters that I hadn’t thought of.
    If they can monitor and control your electricity usage remotely, what’s to stop them from treating your car’s battery as part of their storage network, so they can retrieve power from it as well as put it in?
    Imagine going to bed thinking that your car will be charged in the morning, only to find it with less charge than it had the night before – because they decided that somebody else deserved the electricity more than you.
    (The audio quality at the beginning of this interview is annoying, but it gets better.)

  11. Great and timely thought-provoking article from Eric…again!

    The real question to ask, though, is how high will the Washington, D.(evil’s) C.(abal), try to get the fuel prices AFTER the midterms are over?

    Will they wait until the newly (((S)))elected CONgress criminals are installed in January??

    Or will it be an immediate increase??

    And what will be the point of outright rebellion by the sheeple???

    Will it be at $7 or $10/gallon?

    The price of gas in England is around $12/gal, from my understanding.

    Time will tell….but stock up now if you can…Good Luck!!

    • Saxon,
      “Will they wait until the newly (((S)))elected CONgress criminals are installed in January??”
      Here’s a hint. The Democrats will have a congressional majority at least until January. Those Democrats who lost to Republicans will have nothing to lose.

    • Its bad @Saxon.. but not that bad.
      Currently, diesel is $7.57 per US Gallon
      Gasoline is $6.73 per USG where I live (south west UK)

      Before we printed half a trillion pounds, and locked down our economies though, it was about 50% cheaper.
      The exchange rate is keeping the relative cost down at the moment though.

      • In Kilmarnock, Ayrshire the Gulf station is $5.78/US gal. The nearby Jet station is the same. The supermarkets are charging more than independants locally.

  12. Eric, your article nails it.

    The energy shortage is contrived.

    Out west we are paying $5.50 a gallon – and many people I know have stopped driving, and others still pay – because they have tapped their home equity.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Jack!

      And: Just now I saw a “Tweet” (God, I loathe that term) of Biden posing in his gas-engined, carbureted and “global warming” classic Corvette, urging Americans to get in and come along for the ride…

      • The Corvette a gift from Scranton Joe’s impovershed “just plain folk” Chevy dealer father for … law school … wedding (?) … college graduation (?). The exact event has never been made clear.

        I don’t know the Northeast very well, but I imagine that a Chevy dealer did well in the 60s, even in Scranton, PA.

  13. On Zero Hedge this morning:

    “Flooded Electric Vehicles Spontaneously Catch On Fire In Florida After Hurricane”

    That’s pretty much what numerous people here anticipated. I mean, you don’t need a crystal ball and the people that keep trying to bullshit us keep having to paper over the obvious.

    And that’s apart from the actual grid issues before, during and after the damn hurricane with respect to charging (or keeping) charged not-yet-fouled EVs. It’s so fucken stupid!!

    “Wonderful transition…” to worldwide poverty and misery. Yup.

  14. Of course not even mentioning the fact that this is not the purpose of the SPR. That its purpose is to fulfill supply in an EMERGENCY situation. Not an emergency for Democrats, but an emergency for the nation.
    Only in Washington DC would paying twice the price today of gas two years ago be considered a “cut” in price. Much like a reduction of expected spending increase is called a “budget cut”.
    Biden et al, with the emphasis on the “et al”, has done all the damage he can to the US petroleum industry, then goes begging abroad for more oil. Getting all pissy when he doesn’t get it.
    Well, after all, the US Psychopaths In Charge are effing crazy. Certifiably so.

    • Absolutely John,
      Brandon’s butt-kissing of the Saudis didn’t stop them from cutting production, leading to higher prices. Now that the idiot has depleted the strategic petroleum reserve they could really have us over a barrel (pun intended) by cutting back even more, or screw us over with an embargo. FJB!

  15. Biden was counting on Saudi Arabia to increase production based on “that’s what they always do” thinking. Saudi Aramco cut production back in ’73 and that triggered new exploration, leading up to a glut of oil all over the world. Saudi oil is still the cheapest to produce but once the wells are producing that higher cost pays back pretty quickly. But this time is different. There’s no supply problem. It’s purely because the US doesn’t like Putin. Saudi Arabia is buying underpriced Russian oil for use at home and exporting their own overvalued oil for dollars. If they ramp up production the price of their high dollar export will fall.

    The even bigger picture is that Biden needs to get all those dollars out of the United States and into foreign countries to get domestic inflation under control. This was the playbook during Obama’s recession and one of the reasons why there wasn’t any inflation despite loads of new government and debt spending. There actually was loads of inflation, but not in the US. Much of the Arab Spring debacle (and a fair bit of the collapse of Venezuela) was due to skyrocketing grain prices brought about by dumping devalued dollars into oil producing economies, mostly by China.

    But that concept is too hard to fit into a 150 character tweet or 10 second sound bite.

    Putin BAD! -Now that’s something that will fit on a bumper sticker.

    • Ready,
      “Biden needs to get all those dollars out of the United States and into foreign countries to get domestic inflation under control”
      The problem for Biden being that practically the entire Southern hemisphere, and much of central Asia, is rejecting the almighty dollar, or in the process of doing so. That’s why Kadaifi was murdered, and why Hussein was murdered. Because they both intended to abandon the petrodollar.

  16. Energy is the life blood of any society. It’s fixin’ to get very painful for the serfs.

    Oh, according to wikipedia, the US military consumes 4,600,000,000 gallons of fossil fuel per year (if you have any faith in wikipedia). I can’t find an equivalent for the overall fedgov’s alphabet agencies.

    • Mike,
      Preceding energy as the life blood of any society is its top soil. And we have been mining it for ethanol for quite some time. Turning food into fuel, at a net loss. But hey, big Agra is booming with all the subsidy, and that’s all that matters.

    • Good point Mike. Once again, this time is different. This time Putin isn’t going to be overthrown (indeed, the CIA can’t get near him), China and India are buying with Rubles and the USA World Police™ strategy is played out after Afghanistan.

  17. Eric,

    The Biden Thing’s policies PISS ME OFF! It’s the increased cost of energy largely driving inflation, more so than the helicopter cash dumped in to the system. While the money printing didn’t help, the Fed’s raising interest rates won’t help cure inflation that much; again, much of the inflation is due to the artificial scarcity of energy. I’ll be voting to flip Congress, so as to somewhat put the brakes on the Biden Thing…

    • Marky,
      “Somewhat put the brakes on the Biden Thing…”
      And that’s all you will accomplish. Since the only difference between Dems an Reps is the speed of the handcart to hell we ride on. The destination remains the same. The only difference in result is how far from the face of the cliff we land. Guess which party is most aggressively in favor of sending 60 billion plus to Ukraine while the US economy burns.

  18. I knew that prices for everything would be “down” (at least by the government’s reckoning) a bit in July, August and September. Those are the months they use to calculate cost of living increases for Social Security. Can’t be giving them deplorables no 11% raise! Now that they’ve driven the COLA down to about 8%, double digit inflation will come roaring back.

  19. Correct,
    Rationing will end up being a thing assuming their mandatory golf carts become a thing.
    But that is the point. Rationing is a tool to keep people under control.
    And that’s really the purpose of modern government.

    • Dan,
      The primary purpose of government is to keep the Psychopaths In Charge fat and happy. The easiest way to do that is through control. Control is the tool, not the purpose.
      All governments are founded on their assumption of authority to kill you if you don’t obey. They cannot exist without that assumption. This does not attract the sane. It DOES attract the socio/psychopath. Which is why all governments are soon saturated with them.

  20. I wonder what would have happened if Clowngress had let the mean tweeter refill the SPR when oil was under $25.00 a barrel? I guess we will never know now.

    Soon if they have their way we will be living in a greener world or maybe not as this article points out:

    Looks like it’s time to store a little extra fuel and fill up the car at the 3/4 level again.

    • Landru,
      “living in a greener world”
      Green is the color of fatal infection, viral, bacterial, or fungal. Or political.
      If you cough up yellow it’s bad. If you cough up green you’re dead.


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