EeeeeVeeeees and “Withholding”

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One of the greatest psychological gyps ever devised by the brigands who constitute what is styled “the government” (which is itself the ultimate psych given that “the government” is exactly that, i.e., a band of brigands who have managed to make it lawful to do what ordinary brigands are punished for doing) is what’s styled “withholding.”

By which is meant the pre-taking of even more of your money than the government-brigands say is “owed.”

More of your money is automatically “withheld” from your paycheck – for the interest-free use of the brigand-government, which then proffers a “refund” sans interest at the end of each tax year.

And the sheep bleat joyfully when they receive what was previously theirs – sans the cost of not being able to use it for the prior year as well as the loss of 8-12 percent of its buying power, courtesy of the currency devaluation engineed by the brigand-government that is innocuously styled “inflation” – as if to imply a natural force of some kind, like a weather front.

Having accepted such a stupendous gypping, the sheep are primed for further gypping, as in the case of this EeeeeeVeeee business. Which proposes to increase the cost of owning a car and make it far less convenient.

Such a deal!

But there’s another gyp coming that combines withholding and EeeeeeeeVeeeeeees. Instead of – in addition to – the “withholding” of your money, the brigand-government plans to “withhold” your power, too.

Using your EeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeVeeeeeeeee to do it!

The Art of the Gyp begins by convincing people that they must get rid of their car or truck that burns hydrocarbon fuels internally for one that burns hydorcarbon fuels externally – at the power plant, where hydrocarbon fuels are burned to create the electricity that powers the EeeeeeeeVeeeee.

They must do so, they are told, because if they do not do it, the 0.04 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere that is carbon dioxide might increase by a fraction of that fraction and cause the “climate” to “change” in a “catastrophic” way.

The gyp poceeds by not telling them that they won’t be able to able to “fast” charge their EeeeeeVeeee at home. Because few, if any, homes are wired to deal with 400-800 volt “fast” charging loads – for which you need commericial-grade wiring and infrastructure. They are not told they will therefore have to “fast” charge somewhere else that isn’t at home – and wait there – or wait even longer, at home (where they can trickle-charge their EeeeeeVeeee in “only” a few hours).

The gyppers tell them they will never have to pay for gas again . . . in order to avoid any discussion of how much they’ll be paying for the EeeeeeVeeeeee, instead. And its inherently short-lived battery, which will cost them more than the value of the EeeeeeVeeee, itself, when it can no longer hold a charge.

But these are merely the preliminary gyps.

The ultimate gyp will take the form of Vehicle to Grid Technology. The using of EeeeeeeeVeeeeeees as batteries  . . . the power stored therein to be “withheld” by the government-brigands as they like. Plug your  EeeeeeeeeeVeeeeee in at night and wake up in the morning to an empty battery – all the electricity having been “withheld” by the government-brigands, who control the power your EeeeeeeeeeeVeeeee was plugged in to.

The template for this gyp is already in place. People who bought into the Home Solar Gyp know all about it. They bought in to the enticement of never having to pay a utility bill again.

Just sign here!

What they weren’t told was that part of the deal – the brigand-government subsidized home solar system – is that their system must be connected to the big system, i.e., the grid. And that the gyppers in control of the grid – who are the same gyppers behind the EeeeeeeVeeee gyp – could (and do) withhold the power stored in the gypp’d person’s batteries, which he was led to believe was his power – in the same way people erroneously believe it’s their money, having paid for it with their labor.

“Green” energy, you see, is largely dependent upon sunshine. It is produced during the day – but much of the draw is at night – when there is no sunshine to replace what is drawn. Ordinarily, more hydrocarbon fuels would be burned to create more power and there would be no problem.

But “green” power doesn’t work that way.

The gyppers’ solution is to take back what you already banked – by draining the power stored in your EeeeeeeeeeVeeeeeee’s battery pack, whenever they need it. The gyppers  might deign to give it back at some point in the future. Sans, of course, any refund for the lost opportunity cost of not being able to go where you needed to go because your EeeeeeeeeVeeee you thought was full turned out to be empty.

And just like the older form of withholding, there’s nothing you’ll be able to do about it other than be grateful for what you get back – whenever they deign to give it back.

For which the sheep will probably bleat in gratitude, as they do when they get a “refund” at the end of every tax year.

. . .

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  1. Is driving an electric car immoral? Here’s what they DON’T tell you

    to say an EV is a zero-emission vehicle is not at all valid as 80 percent of the electricity generated to charge the batteries is from coal, natural gas, and nuclear,” writes Stein.

    In effect, 20% of the EVs on the road are powered by coal, 40% by natural gas and 20% by nuclear power.
    95.1% of all electrical energy comes from so called dirty non green sources
    (green source solar and wind supply 4.9%)….but solar and wind are not green so there is no green energy source…

    Hinderaker adds that the extraordinary volume of mining needed to produce electric vehicles not only is “environmentally disastrous,” it also carries “large human costs.”

    The cobalt that is needed for every electric vehicle comes mostly from the Congo, where the United Nations Children’s Fund estimates 40,000 children are working in cobalt mines.

    And Hinderaker emphasizes that the solar panels that produce some of the energy stored in EV batteries are mostly produced by slave labor in China.

    75% of Lithium batteries made in China come from Uyghur Muslim concentration camps. Slave labor for Green Energy….Uyghur slaves are also producing solar panels……………..

    500 tonnes of Earth are needed to be unearthed and mined for every tonne of Lithium. more destruction of the Earth for EV fallacy
    That’s a lot of work for those 6 year old cobalt hand miners in Congo .
    NOTE: mining lithium is racist so EV’s are racist….so EV pushers are racist…..
    Who knew the greenies would be the biggest promoters of strip mining in the world

    “And, for what it’s worth, Chinese solar panels are produced with coal-fired power plants.”

    Hinderaker concludes:

    “Green” energy is a catastrophically bad idea. I think many people understand that wind and solar power and electric vehicles are economically ruinous, but when we also take into account environmental degradation and child and slave labor, one can seriously question whether it is immoral to buy an electric car.

  2. Hey, Eric,
    Thanks for the video of the sheep bleating.
    Gives me an idea:
    Perhaps some “brilliant techie” {laughing up me sleeve} will start a new “social media” site.
    Competition for “Twitter” (for the birds, or twits, whichever) could be named “Bleater,” for the sheep.

    Personally, I am not interested either way, but I’ll bet you could get significant numbers of people to sign up, with a “clever” (i.e. idiotic) “marketing” campaign.

  3. Deadly Globalist Scam: ‘Global Warming to Alternative Energy Sources, It’s All One Big Hoax’

    the non-governmental International Panel on Climate Change publication that focuses on physical science. It’s nearly 1,000 pages long and has 1000s of peer-reviewed papers. “This one specifically shows that there’s no climate emergency. This is the kind of information that is actually being censored by government and by media,”

    cobalt is mined by Chinese companies employing child labor in the Congo, breathing in radioactive dust in horrible working conditions. And then the cobalt is shipped to China, where again, with terrible environmental controls, 75% of Lithium batteries made in China come from Uyghur Muslim concentration camps. Slave labor for Green Energy….Uyghur slaves are also producing solar panels……………..

    the batteries are manufactured for Western green virtue signalers.

    Wind turbines kill birds and bats in huge numbers. With Ontario’s growth and wind turbines, some bat species will be entirely driven to extinction. In California, thousands of golden eagles have been killed at one wind farm alone. And they’re not very reliable, producing power only about 30 percent of the time.

    anyone interested in the subject of climate change to visit a website called . There, you will find information that supports the idea that fossil fuels have, in fact, been a good thing for society. Not only have they massively increased our standards of living – there can be no denying this from any side of the argument –

    but they have also aided our protection of the environment by preventing the complete destruction of Britain’s forests, for example, once coal became the energy source for the country. He also recommends that readers watch documentary maker Michael Moore’s film Planet of the Humans. “People were quite shocked when he actually revealed the incredible damage that’s being caused by wind and solar power.”

    On the subject of electric cars, Harris has plenty to say.

    “If you feel that it is important to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, then stay with your gas-powered car.” Ron Stein, a California engineer and the author of Clean Energy Exploitations, nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in 2022, has performed a lifecycle analysis to show how much greenhouse gas is produced when you mine the cobalt and the various materials that are needed in electric vehicles,

    then ship them to China, then charge your car, then dispose of these highly toxic materials at the end of their life. “He found that the lifecycle analysis shows clearly that it increases greenhouse gases if you move over to electric vehicles.

    This is just one of the many scams that are out there. They’re saying they’re saving the planet, while actually, they’re causing far more environmental damage,” says Harris.

    “All of this doom and gloom, we hear from the city, there’s a climate emergency; where is it? Not here now? Do you know what it’s based on? It’s based on computer models.” That’s all it’s based on.

    Climate scientists use computer models to forecast what they think the climate will be in 50 or 100 years. The climate scare is not based on what’s happening in the real world. So, what is it that’s driving the climate scare? “There are a lot of vested interests,” says Harris. “World government, they want to have massive profits for the wind and solar sector. They want to take away a lot of our freedoms.”

    computer models are useless….

    How good are the models at forecasting climate if we use what we already know? Pretty poor is the answer. “If we go 30 years into the past, and we plug in the conditions that we know existed, temperature, density, pressure, all that sort of thing, and we run computer models to the present, do we get today’s conditions?” Not so much.

    They call it hindcasting, in contrast to forecasting. Hindcasting shows the temperature rise in the last 30 years should be three times higher than it actually is. “They’re off by 200 percent,” says Harris. “And yet, those are the models that are being used by the UN, by the climate activists by the governments,

  4. EV’s catching fire……

    This year, Chinese conglomerate BYD announced that it had overtaken Tesla as the world’s No. 1 producer of electric vehicles. BYD EVs are sporty and economical, and the windshield wiper fluid is the tears of Uyghur children forced to watch the execution of their parents.

    There’s only one problem with BYD’s electric vehicles: They keep charbroiling Chins. Seven EVs a day catch fire in China, 680 in the first quarter of 2022 alone.

  5. St. Augustine said basically the same thing in “City of God” in 426 A.D. — “What are kingdoms, but great robberies?”

    Nothing’s changed since.

    Hate to sound a contrarian note, but just today I got my tax refund after a six month wait… and mirabile dictu, it was $21 MORE than I filed for, because they added interest!!! Didn’t expect THAT.

    Aside from that… I agree with everything else Eric said about the EV flim-flam.

  6. rivian ev no steering issue ….lol

    Ok, you did lose your steering, but you also got almost 180 miles of real useable range on one tiny 8 hour charge, and a $1300 monthly car payment.

    Ford Model T had working steering in 1913

    and…………Why is NO ONE asking WHAT will be done with all these millions of toxic batteries in five years?

    An EV, if adjusted for its rapid depreciation, due to limited battery pack lifespan, costs about as much as a 1 bedroom apartment on the west coast. So, if you can afford to spend twice your rent, then you can afford an EV, with the only difference is that in less than a decade, that expense will be worth nothing.

    EV’s are disposable cars with no resale values.

    When Jobs figured they could sell people phones and laptops with pemanently sealed lithium cells, automakers looked and that and said: “Let’s make a disposable car, with a sealed gas tank! Battery goes dead? You throw away the whole thing. Only this time it costs 2x the alternative ice vehicle and lasts 1/4 as long.” Because people are made of money.

    A car that can be auto-driven can be driven into a wall remotely or stolen remotely, singularly or in mass

    • from zh comments….

      There was a fiction novel published in 2011 titled “Robopocalypse” by Daniel Wilson. The book was placed at some time in the near future and concerned sentient AIs battling mankind. As a novel, it was about par for the genre but there was a very interesting twist in the beginning.

      As the AIs were making the first assault on mankind, they first simply took over all the driverless cars and essentially rounded up every one driving one so they could all be killed in one place. They also sent messages and phone calls to everyone’s cell phones telling them to meet at a specific place. These calls came from people that sounded like relatives and friends.

      When I first read the novel (10 years ago) I scoffed at the idea of people being so gullible. Now however, it seems much more believable. Whether it’s some mythical AI or just a government agency rounding up people I can easily see many many people falling for the ruse. And the driverless cars are just around the corner.

      EV’s aren’t cars, they’re toasters on wheels

      Aren’t they really just coal powered cars?

      a lot of Tesla’s spontaneously combusted with the flood in Florida. That’s not a bug that’s a feature.😉

      Automakers rushed to release EVs and the rate of recall is demonstrating the United States isn’t anywhere close to “transitioning” to the Green New Deal… Not to mention the communists occupying the White House along with their puppet masters fail to understand at the foundation of EVERY electrical energy source is fossil fuels, there is no green energy….

      My cousin works at Rivian assembling doors. I say “where do all of the parts come from?” He says “out of a shipping container.” I say “where does the shipping container come from?” He says “China.”

      So on the EV scorecard, we have:
      Rivian – might lose all ability to steer
      Tesla – might catch on fire or, in self-driving mode, run into a fire truck
      Mustang – can turn into a large paperweight when it bricks
      Toyota – wheels can fall off
      Volt/Bolt – battery fires like Tesla
      GM Hummer EV that is bricked in the middle of the road …see utube…

      OLD: mechanical power steering pump, even if it loses pressure and fails or fluid leak still can still drive and turn wheel just like before they invented it, cost to fix, $50-75 + 1 hour labor

      NEW: electronic power steering with a electric motor attached to the steering column activated by sensors and a chip saying you are turning wheel and how much so to determine assist or torque on electric motor, most mechanics cannot fix or diagnose without a computer, steering wheel ;may not move if broken, dangerous immobile, in need of tow, parts not sold separately, need to replace whole steering column, $2,000 parts + 10 hours labor………HA HA new EV electronic BS

      Electric power steering sucks. My mom’s old nissan rogue had it, needed to replace the entire steering rack because the electric motor was intermittently cutting out. $5000 bucks.

      The CDC has labeled Rivian a “safe and effective” automobile.

      Back in the 60’s there was no concern about weight or the size of bolts etc etc. Fuel was cheap and so pushing a 2.5 ton car down the road wasn’t a big deal if you had the horse power. The power steering pump on a 66 Bel Air was the same as that used on the 1/2 ton truck….so it worked.

      Today it’s all about how small and light the components can be to perform the function without failing….and they test for that continually.

      Now it’s about how to achieve the government mandated efficiency by any means possible…lighter components, smaller fasteners, etc…to save weight and save money. We have plastic intake manifolds and composite exhaust manifolds, it’s all fair game now…and it shows.

      We now have very high failure rates in engines because they can’t really do anything more about efficiency or weight without major expense. The engines we see now, especially GM, do not last, but neither does the car in total, so off it goes to the JY.

      Odd how government mandates are completely contrary to what would be the greenest choice possible.

      But what really gets me is building thing as light as possible uses more energy in the end because these parts fail more frequently. Plus they design the parts so they can’t be rebuilt, and HAVE to be thrown away and replaced with new.

      You should see the old caterpillar 3406 diesel engines from the 80s I work on in the shop. The injection pump is 50 pounds and last for over a million kms. And when they do start to fail they are easily rebuilt. Those trucks are FAR more reliable than anything built today.

      The only reason companies like this exist is because of the trillions of dollars that were created from nothing over the past decade……Malinvestment at its finest.

      Videos on YouTube of “electronic steering” failure…total loss of steering control, wheel rapidly rocks R.L.R.L.R.L…….at 70mph…yikes.

      • this is why I always look for cars with manual steering racks….more reliable, cheaper to fix, safer, better road feel so better for a driver’s car, vehicle burns less fuel….no power steering pump….car is lighter and quicker, less maintenance…. greener….

        NEW cars : electronic power steering with a electric motor attached to the steering column activated by sensors and a chip saying you are turning wheel and how much so to determine assist or torque on electric motor, most mechanics cannot fix or diagnose without a computer, steering wheel ;may not move if broken, dangerous, immobile, in need of tow, parts not sold separately, need to replace whole steering column, $2,000 parts + 10 hours labor………HA HA new EV electronic BS….new ice cars same problem….

        plus………and you need to connect the vehicle to a computer to align the steering if the battery was disconnected.

      • need to replace whole steering column, $2,000 parts + 10 hours labor………HA HA new EV electronic BS

        ….part not available….scrap the whole $66,000 ev…lol….

        or 6 month wait for the part….lol

        i will just keep my old analog cars….

      • Back in the Before Time, rack and pinion steering, about as simple a system as you can have, was frequently touted as a desirable feature, typically on “sports” or “sporty” cars, which were alleged to handle well.

    • A car that can be auto-driven can be driven into a wall remotely or stolen remotely, singularly or in mass………………

      if you drive an EV and don’t follow, believe, the official communist/woke/satanist narrative….look out…lol

  7. To everyone who made the brilliant comments here:
    Thank You!
    Reading these comments encourages me that eventually there will be enough rational thinkers left after the fall of civilization to rebuild … just as Ayn Rand predicted in Atlas Shrugged.
    Bring your wisdom and join other rational people in the Gulch:
    (I have no financial interest in that site.)

  8. How GM plans to “convince” car buyers to make the EV switch.

    Some real doozies in there, none of which remotely seem like sound marketing strategies. My favorite:

    “Influencers are the new media channels,” Wahl said.

    Joining forces with Breland, a TikTok influencer who went viral for making music, GM debuted its first TikTok for Chevrolet. Performing a parody version of his song “My Truck,” Breland sang about Chevy trucks, while various Chevrolet Silverados were showcased throughout the TikTok.

    “It allows us to get the core messages out to the right audiences at the right time,” Wahl said. “It’s pretty easy to see, you know, which influencers impact which targets.”


    Now, I don’t even know WTF a tiktok is but this is how they’re gonna sell 50-100k EVs? People buy cars because tiktok “influencers” tell them to? Laughable.

    • TikTok is like a video-based Instagram and seems to be primarily targeted towards the youngest generation, i.e., the broke-ass no-account fools that are lucky to have two nickels to rub together (never mind a job, decent credit and 20% down payment).

      It’s becoming well known that China is using it to steer the opinions and attitudes of our younger generation. It’s a Chinese company and the content in China is vastly different (and less “liberal”) than is provided in the US. It’s a total manipulation platform and US kids are apparently suckers for it.

      • Makes sense in that case then, since GM is in the business of selling social engineering rather than mechanical engineering these days. This added to the Chicom/EV connection thickens the plot further.

      • I didn’t realize the regard in which the controllers hold this tiktok. I was reading a piece about Brandon pardoning folks who were convicted by the Feds of simple possession of MJ (not a bad thing but clearly a vote attracting attempt, apparently young people and blacks) and it mentions tiktok specifically.

        But the media environment has changed dramatically since then (1994 when another vote attraction scheme “tough on crime legislation” (how 180 different and ironic) was attempted by Dems in an October surprise), especially among young voters, who tend to get their information from social media apps like Instagram and Tik Tok.

        “It was all over their news feeds,” he said.


        Creepy targeted political pandering via executive action, then diffused as propaganda to the youth on tiktok.

  9. Something failed to be mentioned in your article Eric (unless I missed it), is the added battery degradation, and shorter battery life, that will transpire from all of the added charge/discharge cycles, from the utilities Co.’s robbing your juice for their needs. Oh wait, for the greater needs of all of us! (eye roll)

    You can bet your bippy that won’t compensate owners for it, or meet you at a dealership to help pay for the earlier needed battery replacement, which will happen much sooner than would otherwise be required.

    What they will do is – guilt trip you, “we’re all in it together. Do it for the polar bears. Save Mother Earth, etc.” Their bullshit knows no bounds.

    After all, The Dear Leader – Klaus Schwab has told us, “we’ll own nothing and be happy!”
    Think Bobby McFerrin’s 80’s song!

    Oh how I miss the 80’s Eric; especially their petrol prices (even when factoring inflation).

  10. Eric,

    While I may be somewhat of an EV fanboy, I’m not blind to their problems or limitations. While they may have made serious progress in recent years, they’re not quite ready for prime time just yet. Because I’m interested in EVs, I occasionally follow some EV and green websites, so I’m familiar with what you’re talking about here WRT incorporating a home’s solar power and EV batteries in to the grid.

    While this article covers most of it, I don’t know if it tells the whole story. The green and EV websites have been discussing this for years. They envision a world with what they call “micro grids”, where solar powered homes and plugged in EVs provide power locally on an as needed basis. The idea is to only use what’s needed when it’s needed. That is to say they wouldn’t need or want to take all of your EV’s power; they’d only use a little bit from a fully charged EV. If you’re driving your EV on a mostly local basis, whether it’s SOC is 80% or 90% won’t make much of a difference. The idea is to decentralize power production, so as to not be totally dependent on a centrally located power plant. Is decentralization ever a bad thing? Usually not.

    I don’t know for sure if TPTB could drain your EV’s batteries. To do so, the EV would have to be physically plugged in, so that could easily be defeated; an easy defense would be to disconnect the cord once it’s reached the desired SOC. With a smartphone and your EV’s matching app, you can get an alert for when it reaches the desired SOC; at that time, you could disconnect the power cable. These apps are normally used at public chargers, so an EV owner knows when to clear the charger for anyone else who’s waiting to use it. I know that TPTB can remotely shut off the power to our homes with the smart meters many of us have had foisted on us. According to Wired, a mainstream source, the utility can remotely shut of power to your home via the smart meter. You can read more about that here:

    Anyway, I just thought I’d fill in some blanks here, as this info is only now going beyond the EV community…

    • Mark, I am all for decentralization. It is smart. However, the only way it works is with a small nuke plant. Solar can’t do it, even just trying to do heat-AC, ad EV’s and your SOL.
      Reseach just your house on solar, no assist, your whole house usage on solar.
      I am a believer is solar ‘assist’ but that’s all it can do.

      • Chris,

        I haven’t read about this in a long time, so I don’t know if this called for a local power plant or not. What you say makes sense though. I looked in to solar for my place. I could be self-sufficient 9-10 months of the year; a solar system with battery storage would be enough to run my place independent from the grid for 9-10 months of the year. Where I’d have problems is July, August, and part of September, because I’m running my central air then. The only way I could do it all 12 months is if I didn’t run the A/C. Fans are all right, but not during the dog days of August…

        • Hey, MM,
          Gotta remember: The weak link in solar, just like EVs, is the batteries. Batteries are expensive. Constant charging/discharging wears ’em out….as does time. Work battery replacement into the equation, and solar becomes even less financially feasible. None of this stuff is quite ready for prime-time, and likely never will be. It’s all sleight-of-hand which wouldn’t exist without schemes and subsidies. It’s practical only on a very small scale….like for someone who lives in a small off-grid alternate-style house that is heated and cooled by other means, and uses electricity for other things sparingly- and even then, when you see the real-life eggsamples of how much it cost these people to erect and maintain their systems… sure doesn’t seem worth it.

          • right on Nunzio, plus maintenance replacement cost of inverters, chargers, and the panels themselves. The batteries are the kicker though.
            Mark, how many panels did you come up with? For my 3bed house to run full time was like 1/3 to 1/2 an acre if I remember correctly (in the NE).
            Again, I’m all for supplemental solar, it can do good things if your don’t do big amps., but it will cost you though, way more than grid (in majority of cases/locations).

            • Exactly, Chris! And the thing is, all of the examples I’ve seen, are in the northeast, and the part of the NE with the very highest cost of electricity…and STILL it doesn’t make sense. In places where electric is cheaper, it would make even less sense.

              LOL….you never see solar panels where I live here in southern KY- though we get lots of sun- ’cause electricity is cheap. My house is fully electric- even heat and hot water- and the only time my electric bill is over $75 is in the dead of winter. Imagine the COST of using solar here- when even on Long Island, with a $400 electric bill (and that doesn’t even include heat or hot water) it doesn’t pay.

          • The government has stupid solutions for the climate change lies……technology that is far more destructive to the environment…..

            NOTE: solar panels, lithium batteries and wind turbines are all catching fire, they are very dangerous…

            95% of lithium batteries aren’t recycled, Solar panels can’t be recycled, Used wind turbine blades can’t be recycled, Each blade weighs 81,000 pounds, they are made from fiberglass.

            Lithium batteries:

            Can’t be recycled = really green energy….haha
            A typical EV battery weighs one thousand pounds, (tesla batteries go up to 1800 lb., hummer battery is 3000 lb. ) It contains twenty-five pounds of lithium, sixty pounds of nickel, 44 pounds of manganese, 30 pounds cobalt, 200 pounds of copper, and 400 pounds of aluminum, steel, and plastic. Inside are over 6,000 individual lithium-ion cells.
            It should concern you that all those toxic components come from mining. For instance, to manufacture each EV auto battery, you must process 25,000 pounds of brine for the lithium, 30,000 pounds of ore for the cobalt, 5,000 pounds of ore for the nickel, and 25,000 pounds of ore for copper. All told, you dig up 500,000 pounds of the earth’s crust for just one battery.” For the larger batteries multiply all that by 2 X.

            Sixty-eight percent of the world’s cobalt, a significant part of a battery, comes from the Congo. Their mines have no pollution controls, and they employ children who die from handling this toxic material. Should we factor in these diseased kids as part of the cost of driving an electric car?”

            Open pit lithium mining for battery manufacture, often done with child slave labour, is worse then tar sands mining.

            95% of lithium batteries aren’t recycled……someone said there is a $4500 recycling fee, so they will get thrown into the woods probably.
            Lithium fire bomb batteries catch fire, are very dangerous….

            Solar panels:

            The main problem with solar arrays is the chemicals needed to process silicate into the silicon used in the panels. To make pure enough silicon requires processing it with hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrogen fluoride, trichloroethane, and acetone. In addition, they also need gallium, arsenide, copper-indium-gallium- diselenide, and cadmium-telluride, which also are highly toxic. Silicone dust is a hazard to the workers, and the panels cannot be recycled.
            Solar panels can’t be recycled…..what will they do with them (and wind turbine blades)? throw them down old mine shafts like nuclear waste?…

            solar panels are toxic. They sterilize the ground they sit on. Birds that fly over a solar farm are roasted mid-flight.
            Have you researched the temperature directly above a solar farm?? These farms have been accused of creating warming in the regions around them.

            Solar panels catch fire, they are a fire hazard…

            The alarmists will always show you pictures of solar panels on green grass – which have to taken as soon as the panels are installed. They leach cadmium and other toxic chemicals and sterilize the soil. Just try to find anything growing under a solar farm that has stood for a few years.

            Going 100% wind and solar would mean the landmass that both wind and solar would take up would be most of the farmland in America.
            Right now we’re not even at 3% electrical production of both. We’re going down a doomed path!

            Wind turbines

            Wind turbines are the ultimate in embedded costs and environmental destruction. Each weighs 1688 tons (the equivalent of 23 houses) and contains 1300 tons of concrete, 295 tons of steel, 48 tons of iron, 24 tons of fiberglass, and the hard to extract rare earths neodymium, praseodymium, and dysprosium. Each blade weighs 81,000 pounds and will last 15 to 20 years, at which time it must be replaced. We cannot recycle used blades. Sadly, both solar arrays and windmills kill birds, bats, sea life, and migratory insects.

            Wind turbines are junk energy yes the cost is enormous! They have a lifespan of roughly maybe 20 years and to decommission one costs $500,000! And the landmass that both wind and solar take up will take up most of the farmland in America. Right now we’re not even at 3% electrical production of both. We’re going down a doomed path!

            Used wind turbine blades can’t be recycled, Each blade weighs 81,000 pounds, they are made from fiberglass.

            The average wind farm has 150 turbines. Each wind turbine requires 80 gallons of oil for lubrication, and this isn’t vegetable oil; this is a PAO synthetic oil based on crude… 12,000 gallons. Once a year, that oil must be replenished.

            The wind farm in Mt. Pulaski has been running for 3 1/2 years. They have been replacing the generators in all the wind towers. There are 100 of them in this wind farm. So evidently the life span on the generators on these things is about 3 to 4 years. It takes 12 semi trucks and trailers, A 9 axle 500,000 pound crane, A 100,000 pound crane and 12 pick up trucks to change each generator. That is a huge amount of diesel fuel being used to maintain these wind towers. And the “Green Groups” would like You to believe they are all fueled by magic fairy dust.

            they leak oil from their motors. They cannot be recycled so they are buried in Landfills. They use more electricity than they create. They can fling ice for hundreds of meters. They kill large predatory birds, bats and insects. Their infrasound negatively affect the hearts of humans and animals that live near them. The huge cement footings damage aquifers.

            wind turbines catch fire, they are dangerous a fire hazard……

            But truly, there is no making sense of these people anymore.
            They are ready to shell out hundreds of billions to take over arable acreage with solar panels even as we face a food crisis,

            and festoon the countryside with bird-slaughtering windmills rather than permit more pipelines and refineries to open.


  11. Eric, the withholding tax was started when the sheep could not come up with funds to pay annual income tax. This is because of inflation, pushing up all costs, including taxes, and increasing the size of government programs.

    Thus some clever chap came up with the idea that the sheeple could pay part of the tax with each paycheck, withhold the tax before the sheep actually got their slave wage earnings, so that they wouldn’t miss it, when they never had it in the first place, and then like you say they were in glee when they got their tax “refund”.

    Few Americans know that prior to 1914 there was no income tax, and even fewer can find Amerika on a world map. So fleecing the lambs is easy, the sheeple have no memory of freedom, that was erased in their public schooling, which teaches them it is their duty to pay tax to the overlords.

    Miss Teen USA 2007 – South Carolina answers a question

    quoting Caitlin: “I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some, people out there in our nation don’t have maps and, uh, I believe that our, uh, education like such as, uh, South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and, I believe that they should, our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S., uh, or, uh, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future, for our children. ”

    Sow when it comes to the carbon/climate issue, do you think the sheep are anywhere near the intellectual level to perceive the real politik of what is going down? NOT A CHANCE!


    So if the question was posed to Miss South Caroline about the future of EV’s, how would she respond?

    “I personally believe that U.S. Americans should drive electric cars but are unable to do so because, uh, some, people out there in our nation don’t have power cords and, uh, I believe that our, uh, our infrastructure is like such as, uh, South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and, I believe that they should, send their power cords over here to the U.S. that should help the U.S., uh, or, uh, and should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future for EVs, for our children.”

    Most U.S. Amerikans believe Climate Change is a fact. They believe we must sacrifice out gasoline cars for EeeeVees to save the planet for our future children.

    That is what they believe Eric.

    And they are going to vote it to make it happen.

    So be advised and go read Atlas Shrugged and move to Montana to save yourself. LOLROFL

    There is no saving our system.

  12. ‘The Art of the Gyp begins by convincing people that they must get rid of their car or truck that burns hydrocarbon fuels.’ — eric

    Italian site automototech administers a vigorous thumping to the diesel haters:

    PSA’s four-cylinder 1.5 BLUE HDI turbodiesel made its debut on the European automotive market in 2019 and was immediately crowned the class-leading engine because it offered quite brilliant performance in the face of strict compliance with the emission limits imposed by the stringent EU 6 standards.

    In many ways it was the symbol of the recovery of the diesel cycle engine after the lynching triggered by the unfortunate Dieselgate case and the avalanche of inconsistent anti-diesel imbeciles that proliferated on the wave of Greta Thumberg’s neurotic screams — and which failed politicians, totally incompetent in scientific, energetic and technical issues, have made their own by legislating in an irresponsibly hostile tone to the auto industry, with diesel cycle engines at the center of the target.

    The “useless failures” of Brussels / Strasbourg have legislated under the leadership of Ursula van der Leyen and David Sassoli, enacting regulations that impose strangulation limits on internal combustion engines. And their ignorance about combustion and energy conversion is so massive that they have not yet realized that the diesel cycle engine is the wrong target because it necessarily emits less CO2 than the Otto cycle engine due to the simple fact that, thanks to its superior thermodynamic efficiency, the diesel consumes less for the same power used and therefore “throws out the exhaust” less CO2.

    Contrast this chest-thumping rant by our Italian fratelli to the soy-boy EeeVee huggers of the US automotive press, whose Greta Thunberg posters dominate their dank incel bedrooms.

  13. Great article Eric.
    You will be pleased to know that a good friend was visiting with us for a long weekend and said “I am most likely buying a Tesla, unless all you engineers can talk me out of it”
    My brothers were with us and we debated with him all weekend, with a lot of fun thrown in.
    I think the biggest debate with him was value. He keeps his cars 10years 150-200K miles.
    Hey xxx, your Tesla will be worthless before that………..”What?……………..”
    And he is an on-the road salesman, so there’s that range/time issue.
    “I drove one, they handle so great, It is so fun to drive”. Yeah, coming from a grand cherokee a lot will handle better, so does a caddy CT5-V and a bmw M5. The debate even went to “just go buy one xxx, and let us know how it works out this time next year, we’re placing bets now”
    A week later “I bought another Grand Cherokee, even though I’m not happy about it”
    He desired the ‘coolness’, the ‘intrigue’, the ‘different’, I’m guessing a lot do.
    He’s an upper middle class smart but very practical guy, and the $/time, got him.
    Finally won one Eric, I’m 1 for 4 (with my brothers help). Unless you count the 3 that got one and won’t again.

  14. I think V2G (vehicle to grid) technology is a pipe dream. Sure, it’s what they’d like to see happen for the very reasons mentioned in this article, i.e., so they can keep robbing people for the fallacious “common good”.

    Robbery is violence. Replace the term with any other act of violence and the lack of morality becomes crystal clear, e.g., beatings… rape… for the common good. It just doesn’t work unless you’re a member of the cult.

    Part of why I never wanted (and still don’t want) solar panels on my house is precisely because it gives back to the grid. Fuck the grid and fuck the common good. If I collect it, I want all of it even if that is to piss it away on self-indulgence or straight out entropic return to the universe.

    I refuse to accept the assertion that anyone’s (mine especially) refusal to participate in the fallacious “common good” is bad or wrong. See two paragraphs up for details. It’s a guilt-ridden cult of denial that is wrong about everything. And it’s dangerous as well.

    If I ever have to endure a stupid, self-defeating, liberty-/soul-killing contraption such as an EV, I will hook that sucker up to my propane generator. Let’s see these bastards suck the electrons from that!

    But as I started this comment. I don’t think they’ll get V2G to work en masse. Vehicle batteries and 120v/240v household electrical circuits — while they could be adapted to bidirectional use — are not designed for that as it stands in the vast majority of houses and apartments today.

    With the stupid regulatory constraints adopted in the Communist Republic of Maryland, the house I build new in 2014 has the most fragile electrical system I’ve yet to endure. The breakers pop if you look at an outlet sideways. There’s zero chance these circuits can be used for arbitrary flow reversal especially with any considerable amount of amperage. The entire house would have to be torn apart and all circuits replaced.

    But “good” luck to these people. Sounds like a “genius” fucking idea.

    • If you have AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) breakers, they can easily be changed out and replaced with ordinary circuit breakers. You will be doing yourself a favor by replacing them. Plus, ordinary circuit breakers are much cheaper than AFCI breakers. You can do the same for AFCI receptacles. Replace them with ordinary or GFCI receptacles.
      As to “backfeeding” your house, there is nothing wrong with using a double-pole circuit breaker being fed by a generator in case of utility power loss. The circuit breaker will provide protection regardless of direction of current flow.
      Most important! Make sure the main breaker is “off” before connecting your generator. You definitely do not want to backfeed into the utility, endangering someone who is working on the utility side. When reconnecting to the utility, reverse the sequence. Generator “off” and disconnected, generator breaker “off”, Only then is it OK to turn the “main” breaker “on” to restore utility service.

      • Jim & Anarchyst, yup. That’s what I have alright. I’ve had a couple electricians come to the house and they always try to blame the problems on “old equipment”. I tell told them stuff like, “they put the refrigerator on the dining room circuit and my laptop, which is newer than this house, trips the breaker when I’m not even using it!”

        I have come home to the fridge having been out all day long and the only other thing was the laptop power supply (in the dining room)!

        Then their double-talk spiel kicks into high gear, “well, you know, just because the laptop is new doesn’t mean the power supply is new! they’re probably using old technology!”

        I’ve never believed a word about it and even if that were remotely true, it boils down to me asking, “can’t you replace those AFCI breakers with the old-fashioned ones?”

        No, no. Not possible. Illegal. Immoral. You’ll burn the house down! Think of the children! (just kidding about that one 😂)

        But anyway, they won’t do it and I’ve been afraid of doing it. Maybe I shouldn’t be.

        • In your case, youtube is your friend. There are tutorials on replacing circuit breakers for just about any brand of panel. Changing out circuit breakers safely is within the purview of just about any semi-skilled homeowner. Unlike many, I do have faith in my fellow man.
          I am a licensed electrician with over 50 years experience and would not hesitate to advise homeowners to “change out” AFCI circuit breakers, replacing them with “normal” circuit breakers especially in situations where nuisance tripping is evident.
          Just make damn sure that that an AFCI “trip” is nuisance tripping and not due to a faulty appliance.
          Another aspect of electrical “codes” being questionable is that of GFCI protection for sump pumps. Most sump pumps are inaccessible to the homeowner, being in the bottom of a sump pit. The possibility of electrocution due to a “ground fault” is next to nil, if not impossible. A flooded basement due to a false GFCI “trip” is not an acceptable “solution” or “trade-off”..
          I realize there are those who will disagree with me, but that is within their right.

          • Yeah, replacing the breakers is easy enough…only downsides: It might void insurance in the event of a fire or other electrical damage if the AFCI is required by “code”, and if you have “licensed contractors” ever doing work, and they notice the retrofit, they may report you to the local gestapo.

            Had that happen to a friend of mine back in commie NY: He hired someone to do something in his basement…they “saw something” and reported it to the fire marshal! (Can you imagine? Someone whom YOU hire and pay to do something, rats on you?! It wasn’t even anything that was an actual problem- just a “code violation”).

            • I agree with your premise that the local gestapo can be notified by others who are hired to do work, but I still maintain that if you change out your breakers, who is to know?
              As long as the work is done in a professional manner, there should be no problem.
              As to insurance companies, plausible denial is always possible. “That’s what was installed” or “that’s the way we bought the house” is always a valid excuse.
              As to your friend’s troubles with the local “code gestapo”, is it possible that the “code violation” was obvious, such as an open-air splice. I still think that the contractor was dead wrong and should not have “ratted” on your friend. It was none of his business. Your friend should post the contractor’s business name (and the problem that he had to deal with) on social media sites, giving the contractor a taste of his own medicine.
              As always, best regards,

              • And I agree with you, Anarch! Good point about “That’s the way it was when I bought it”!

                Personally, I would change out the AFCIs in a heartbeat if it were me….even if I lived where there are ‘codes’ and all of that BS- but then again, I do all of my own work….and if I had been my friend back in NY who got ratted on, I would have told the fire marshal to GFH unless he had a search warrant.

    • I am not familiar with the details, but from a distance it sounds to me like an attempt to create a perpetual motion machine. Even Homer Simpson knows better than that: “Lisa! In this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics!”

    • **” If I collect it, I want all of it even if that is to piss it away on self-indulgence or straight out entropic return to the universe.”**

      Amen! -But in reality there wouldn’t be enough for very much self-indulgence, unless one’s idea of self-indulgence is a light-up yo-yo, -which is why they must have this grand scheme of subsidies, credits, rebates, and you-never-see-what’s-behind-the-curtain, because if the average plebe who falls for this crap did get to see, the charade would be over and there would be a sudden realization that this green energy BS is much ado about nothing and just a ploy to destroy the functionality and autonomy we once had under a somewhat free market, and to replace it with total state control while destroying the advances that the free-market brought us.

      And despite the above being quite obvious, the propaganda and bribes have worked so well -as they always do- that the victims of this crime see US as the bad guys for not rushing over the cliff with them, as they praise their master who is dstroying every facet of their lives, including economy, health, and liberty. They can not sign on the dotted line fast enough to indebt themselves for 25 years (But their electric bill will be a few dollars cheaper!) as they pity their ‘non-compliant’ neighbor for being so ‘ignorant’ as to not do the same, as they sanctimoniously say “One day it will be illegal to live like that!”- and that day is just about here in many places.

      • Ha! I didn’t know that! Light up yo-yo! I’m getting a good chuckle out of that. Figures though.

        My main concerns about solar panels is the cost, maintenance of the panels, and then maintenance of my roof. I never bought the “pays for itself” jive — because they don’t know how much I draw in the first place and secondly they’re speculating out of hand without even doing any math (e.g., available sq ft of panels, direction they face, amount of sun light per day, etc).

        That was before I heard about panel replacement stories and then the grid connection fees and all the rest of it.

        Then they try guilting me. And that fails on me with almost anyone that tries it in any case. “Don’t you want to save money?” (never mind they’re talking about going into serious debt!) I tell ’em, “No, I don’t. I’m good.”

        Yeah, I bet the neighbors (who largely don’t like me anyway) think that kind of shit. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for the inevitable issues they will have with their panels, if they don’t already. We’re a relatively new development, so it’ll take a few years but it’s coming!

        • Hey, they really had light-up yo-yo’s, EM -I had one when I was a kid! It was pretty cool- used a AAA battery.

          Yeah, you’ve got a handle on the solar thing. With the cost of the panels…and most people don’t even figure-in the interest, and maintenance, and repair if they get broken, etc. Usually at BEST, it ends up being a wash. I know several people back on Long Island who bought into the BS (I really need to get more intelligent friends! ) and even with all of the blue-state extra goodies and all, now that they’ve had them for quite a few years, they see that if anything, they’re losing money on the deal…and it’s getting worse as the things age.

          Funny thing too, is that when houses are built in tracts and or where codes and zoning are involved, one’s house is rarely oriented in such a way so as to maximize sunshine on the panels [and or the neighbors trees or houses, etc, cast shadows…) and usually the local gestapo requires that the panels be symetrical to one’s roof, so that even if you wanted to have some kind of funky arrangement to try and maximize sun exposure, you often cant, even if physically possible.

          • Oh, and another thing: From what I’ve seen, the cost-benefit analysis that they promote seems to be based on a 25 year life expectancy for the solar system. In reality, the panels become less efficient much sooner- and from what I’ve seen from the people I know who have ’em, 25 years is a pie-in-the-sky number. They’ll start losing money long before then.

            Another issue is if ya sell yer house. If the buyer wants solar and is willing to assume your contract…fine. If he doesn’t, you can’t just give ’em back and walk away…….

            • Hey Nunz!
              The other weak link with solar panels are the inverters- DC to AC at 60Hz under varying load. A friend who bought early on into the solar BS found out the hard way that the electronics only have a 10 year warranty and his lasted only slightly longer 😆.
              As you mentioned if you lease your roof space for the panels you’ll have to eat the cost of the remainder if you sell the house, unless the sucker will buy out the lease along with the house.
              Plus I have a slate roof, no way in hell am I letting some bozo up there drilling holes in it.

  15. On taxes…

    …I had a BIL that fancied himself a truck driver. In reality he was a lazy bum. The bum worked just enough to get beer money. What he said publicly was his ex-wife and the government would take everything he worked for so to hell with it.

    There’s something to be said about it, tho. No income. No income taxes. Charmed life if you can get away with it.

    • Hi Mike, “No income, no income taxes”. Which is probably why the PTB came up with property taxes. Even here in Taxachusetts my (state) income tax isn’t that bad, being retired and lower income than when I was working. Problem is while my income will never increase from its current level my property taxes increase constantly. Plus the double whammy of the Fed inflating the price of everything while simultaneously tanking my 401k. I may end up in a van down by the river.

      • Amen, Mike –

        Were it not for the several thousand dollars I am required to pay the brigands who are the “government” of my county, I could get by on very little income. But because I must pay the brigands – in order to avoid being evicted from the house I paid for 20 years ago (or so I thought) I am obliged to generate more income, in order to be taxed.

        It is the whole point of the thing, you see. Marx understood. Communism doesn’t work when people are financially (and so, otherwise) independent. They must be made perpetually dependent.

        Over the past 20 years, I have paid these thieves some $40,000 – so far. After another 20, it will be twice that and a sum equivalent to about 30 percent what I paid for the house. It is obscene.

        But I despise above all the way this robbery has been routinized and made almost blase. The brigands ought to be hanging from lamp posts.

    • Ha! I know a guy just like that too, Mike!

      Drives a truck, but only several months out of the year, so as to get more money back in Unearned Income Credit or something like that, than what he paid in in taxes; Gets entitlements for his five kids; was AWASH on COVID money…and is a perpetual drunk (I don’t know how he manages to maintain a CDL)….

      The guy lives in one of the most expensive areas in the country……

      The free market is dead. Only those who participate in the communistic system can live a decent life, while those who actually earn themselves a decent life are relegated to paying for the lives of others while everything they are trying to work for is destroyed.

  16. ‘the brigand-gov plans to “withhold” your power, too’ — eric

    Stanford researchers in Commiefornia let the cat out of the bag, and now that mean kitty won’t crawl back in:

    ‘The vast majority of electric vehicle owners charge their cars at home in the evening or overnight. We’re doing it wrong, according to a new Stanford study. Shifting current EV charging from home to work and night to day could cut costs and help the grid.’

    ‘Help the grid’ … protect the ozone … save the whales … ah Christ!

    *hurls into a wastebasket*

    It’s way too early in the bait-‘n-switch scheme to clue victims that one of the promised conveniences of EeeVees — plugging in at night when rates are low — was just a mirage.

    Solar panels and windmills produce peak power in broad daylight. Thus green power shoots its own foot off, making EeeVees procyclical (i.e., increasing daytime peak consumption) rather than the nighttime load-levelers promised by the grandiose fictional Narrative.

    ‘You’re a liar, Fred. You lied to me.’ — Roxie Hart, Chicago

    • You can’t engineer for what people “should” do, because they won’t.

      Think about how many people there are out there who don’t change their oil regularly, even though everyone knows they should.

      You have to engineer for what people are actually going to do. The more you impose on them, the less compliance you are likely to get. If your success depends on compliance, you are then screwed.

      This is why totalitarianism fails.

  17. The withholding tax was a brilliant and evil move by the US Psychopaths In Charge to “Fund the War”, as in WWII. Somehow, when the war was long over, withholding tax remained. It’s another assault on our time. Taking away a part of your life. Fractional murder. IN ADVANCE!
    Taking one’s property without due process is illegal per the Constitution. I know, it means nothing, and hasn’t for some time. Except to prove the US Psychopaths In Charge are nothing but the largest criminal enterprise in the world. Stealing your battery storage without even telling you they are going to. Just like a burglar. You wake up and discover your TV is gone. Or your battery charge is.

    • You can thank “economist” Milton Friedman for introducing the concept of “withholding” to the U S government.
      If I had my way, “withholding” would be abolished. Income taxes would be due on the day before election day.

      • anarchyst,
        If I had my way there would be no taxes. If a government doesn’t deserve people voluntarily supporting it, exactly why would it deserve the power to forcefully extract that support?
        How tiny our government would be, as it should be, if it depended on donations.

    • The income tax was established to replace the revenue that disappeared when alcohol was prohibited. The whiskey rebellion was the first test of the federal government’s “right” to collect taxes, and alcohol taxes would need to be replaced. So the progressive nanny-staters came up with taxing income. An odd choice, given that taxation is a way to discourage an activity. I guess because everyone needs to eat. It was sold to the public by lies about how it would only affect the top 1% of earners (sound familiar?).

      But then the banks extended too much credit to the allies during WW1 and “we” had to go make sure Germany lost, ‘lest the banks go under for backing the wrong side. So income taxes became a fact of life. We’re still paying off the debt accumulated during WW2 since the government just keeps rolling it over.

  18. Some news coming out of Florida states that Teslas that were flooded during the hurricane are now spontaneously catching fire after the wet batteries started to corrode. Owners are advised to move them away from structures to prevent additional damage. I guess safety only applies to ICE’s. Go green and get suckered!

    • Allen salt water and electronics don’t mix. Unless the whole box is covered in conformal coating (and it wasn’t comprised) the boards will corrode quickly. As the boards corrode the modern (lead free) solders will grow “tin whiskers” leading to shorts. Get a lot of them and sensitive electronics will destroy themselves. Battery management systems fail, leading to runaway problems. There are ways to engineer around the formation of tin whiskers but once you dunk a board in salt water that all pretty much goes out the window.

      And that’s just one thing that can happen. In a 140 MPH wind there’s going to be debris impact. The roof collapses there’s going to be impact. The automobile gets blown into a stationary object there’s going to be impact. Can’t really engineer around that.

      God looks at the engineer and chuckles…

  19. This year, Chinese conglomerate BYD announced that it had overtaken Tesla as the world’s No. 1 producer of electric vehicles. BYD EVs are sporty and economical, and the windshield wiper fluid is the tears of Uyghur children forced to watch the execution of their parents.

    There’s only one problem with BYD’s electric vehicles: They keep charbroiling Chins. Seven EVs a day catch fire in China, 680 in the first quarter of 2022 alone.


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