Where is the Electricity for EeeeeeVeeeees Going to Come From?

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If EeeeeeeVeeees are “the future of transportation” then why isn’t generating capacity being increased to provide the electricity necessary to power this “future”?

The fact that it isn’t tells us what EeeeeeeVeeeees aren’t. Or rather, ought to. But most people – including people who believe EeeeeeeeVeeeees are “the future of transportation” – do not know that generating capacity isn’t being increased to deal with the putative (the impending) additional load-demand of hundreds of thousands – millions – of EeeeeeeVeeeees.

Because they haven’t been hipped to the fact.

It begs the question, why haven’t they been hipped to it?

Do you suppose it might be for the same reason, fundamentally, that people weren’t hipped to the fact that a “positive” result on a sketchy PCR test is not the same thing, medically speaking as a case? Instead, people were told – hourly – about the latest “cases.” But not told that many – most of them – weren’t seriously sick. Or even sick, at all.

Since it is impossible to believe the people at the helm of this operation – many of whom are medical doctors – did not know what the difference is between a positive test result and a case, medically speaking (which until two-ish years ago was always understood by medical men to mean a person very sick and under the care of a doctor) it is default logical to presume they did know and thus were being deliberately dishonest, in order to further some broader objective.

Logically, the same presumption can be made as regards EeeeeeeeVeeeees.

Each EeeeeeeeeeeVeeee requires a truly stupendous amount of electricity to power its battery pack, which operates at 400-800 volts, in case you didn’t know that. It is why dealerships that are preparing to sell EeeeeeeeeeeeeVeeees are having to “invest” in several hundred thousand dollars’ worth, each, of EeeeeeeeeeVeeeee “fast” charging infrastructure. It takes serious juice to “fast” charge an EeeeeeeVeeee – as well as commercial-grade cabling to safely handle it.

You cannot “fast” charge an EeeeeeeeVeeeee at home – because no private homes have wiring that can safely handle that kind of juicing. They can be slow-charged at home, but this draws a lot of juice, too – just not as quickly. But think about the power demands of an EeeeeeeeVeeee and its 1,000-plus pounds of 400-800 volt batteries. Is there any single appliance in a private home that equates? It is true the load applied by essentially trickle-charging an EeeeeeeeeVeeee at home – which is all you can do at home – isn’t the same as the power consumed by the EeeeeeeVeeee when it is moving, under power.

But the point is that power must be regularly replaced – and the power has to come from somewhere.

From where will it come?

The non-answer to this question is the elephant in the room.

Just as it is known the “vaccines” do not stop the getting – or giving – of the putative sickness they don’t immunize against and yet are still being pushed on people with an aggressiveness that would shame a carpetbagging snake-oil salesman from the 1870s – so also are EeeeeeeeeeeVeeeees being pushed onto the market in spite of the known fact that there isn’t sufficient grid capacity to keep them powered up and no provisions being made to change that.

And just as we’re not supposed to notice the strange phenomenon of young people dropping dead from heart problems that used to be all-but-unheard-of among young people – and never mention “vaccines” when discussing this – so also we’re not supposed to notice the public warnings of impending power shortages and possibly no power at all (i.e.m blackouts) arising from there being too much demand – and not enough supply.

California – the state most aggressively pushing EeeeeeeeeVeeeees by banning the sale of new cars that aren’t EeeeeeeeeeVeeeees – has already been urging people who have bought EeeeeeeeeVeeees not to charge their EeeeeeeeeeVeees, because all of that charging load might just fritz the grid.

Bear in mind that even in California, EeeeeeeeVeeeeees are not even 3 percent of the total cars in service. What will happen when it is 30 percent? Or 50 percent? And there isn’t a corollary increase in electricity to power them up?

Asking that question ought to answer it.

Absent more generating capacity, there will not be enough electricity to go around. And that will mean rationing electricity – whether by actually rationing it (as via “smart” meters) or by economically rationing it, as by raising the price of it such that most people who own EeeeeeeeeeVeeeeees will not be able to afford to plug them in, “fast” or not.

In Europe, the cost of recharging an EeeeeeeVeee has gone up by more than 40 percent – and that is probably just for openers. It is entirely possible that charging an EeeeeeeeeVeeee may eventually cost more than it costs to gas up a non-EeeeeeeeVeeee because the supply of electricity is limited while the demand for it is steadily increasing, because of EeeeeeeeeeeVeeeeeeees.

This ought to tell people something about EeeeeeeeeVeeeeeees. Or rather, what EeeeeeeeeVeeeees are for.

And it has little to do with EeeeeeeeeeVeeeees as such. As other than a vehicle for getting most people out of cars, period, by making it too costly for most people to afford a vehicle and the “charge” that comes along for the ride you’re not going to be able to take.

If it sounds a bit much, consider that fact that more generating capacity isn’t being  . . . generated. Given that fact, what other conclusion can be drawn? It may be as hard to compute as this business of still-pushing “vaccines” on people that are known to not immunize (and that are known to not be “safe,” either) until you put aside the mental hobble of assuming good intentions.

Once you understand that it’s the opposite, you begin to understand  . . . everything.

. . .

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  1. An intelligent look at the inside of the wacko green movement killing off ice cars, with Patrick Moore…

    People in the environmental movement are now just political activists, social activists, entrepenuers trying to make money, just a way to get a huge amount of cash, they have no formal science education, they just use fake science, their beliefs, so it is just a religion. they are intellectualy and scientifically bankrupt.

    They take more and more extreme positions to keep the good guy bad guy narrative going, like banning all hydrocarbons, which is impossible and insane.

    They hire the best PR firms to push their bs narrative and their main focus becomes just fund raising, just a racket.

    They lie and use photo shop to back up their lies, like the island of floating plastic in the ocean twice the size of Texas, ……it doesn’t exist it is another lie…….it is remote so it is hard to fact check

    They pick something that is invisible or remote or both, like CO2 so it is harder to fact check. Big pharma did this with the bat germ narrative (bat germs are invisible) they just used a cgi image…lol.

    All the environmental problems they talk about are all lies, it is all fraud. Some of them are being charged with fraud now.

    CO2…plants are actually starving for CO2 today, it is too low.

    Under obama the EPA said CO2 is a pollutant…but is the most important food for life on the planet.

    Because the EPA said CO2 is a pollutant, which is a lie, all ice cars are being banned….

    CO2 went from 2500 ppm a long time ago, when there was huge forests everywhere down to 180 ppm in the ice age (150 is when all plants die) back to 400 ppm today….plants are actually starving for CO2 today, it is too low.

    These liars are banning all ice cars because of CO2, they are insane…..


  2. EV’s haha

    Envirowackos should be recognized as mentally unstable and approached that way, starting with that mentally unstable Bolshevik brat Greta.

    Greenpeace Co-Founder Patrick Moore Says Climate Change Based On False Narratives
    Moore said:
    “Many [so-called] ‘environmental’ leaders were now saying that ‘humans are the enemies of the Earth, the enemies of Nature.’ I could not accept that humans are the only evil species. This is too much like ‘original sin,’ that humans are born with evil, but all the other species are good, even cockroaches, mosquitos, and diseases,” Moore argued.

    He said the new dominant philosophy is that the world would be better if fewer people existed.

    “But the people who said this were not volunteering to be the first to go away. They behave as if they are superior to others. This kind of ‘pride’ and ‘conceit’ is the worst of the Cardinal Sins,” Moore said.

    the demonization of CO2 as “completely ridiculous.” He added that CO2 is the basis of all life on Earth and its concentration in the atmosphere today, even with the increase, is lower than it has been for a large majority of life’s existence.

    Rising CO2 Correlates With Increased Plantation: Study
    A study in 2013 found that increased levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) have helped boost green foliage across the world’s arid regions over the past 30 years.

    the climate is that the Earth is colder today than it was for 250 million years before the Pleistocene Ice Age set in. And CO2 is lower now than in more than 95 percent of Earth’s history.

    from zh comments…
    climate change is caused by sun cycles, you can’t control it, that is insanity…
    Sun is the main driver of climate on planet Earth.
    Changes in the solar cycles (Schwabe (11 yrs.), Hale (22 yrs.), Gleissberg (90 yrs.), Suess/DeVries (200 yrs.), Eddy (1000 yrs.), Hallstatt (2300 yrs.))

    The environmental movement has always been the home of the communists and anti capitalists. They are a demon possessed death cult.

    It is not just Greenpeace scaring people to extract money; There is a lot of money in having gov regulators force you to buy an EV, solar panels, subsidizing wind farms, etc. Crony capitalists have hijacked teh farce to make a buck.
    Tesla would not exist and you would not know Elon Musk’s name if it was not for the carbon credits and $7,500 a vehicle subsidy.

    Envirowackos should be recognized as mentally unstable and approached that way, starting with that mentally unstable Bolshevik brat Greta.

    Cap and trade , CO2 emissions trading is very big business .Ask Goldman Sachs.


  3. The funnest thing about all this is that there is no need to argue any of it with anyone.

    We can just sit back, be a little patient, and watch what happens when reality bites.

  4. EV chargers, another part of the EV nightmare being forced down your throat….

    30% of the chargers in San Francisco are broken, don’t work. these chargers are maintenance intensive, which means lots of them won’t be working, repairs and maintenance not done.

    How do you charge your EV when half the chargers are broken?

    EV Charging Station are using Liquid Cooling systems and are very complicated/fragile, these are maintenance intensive, which means lots of them won’t be working, repairs and maintenance will cost a lot, paid by taxpaying ice vehicle owners…lol

    a Level 3 charger will cost between $30,000 and $80,000. plus installation costs, plus huge maintenance costs, so maybe $40,000 to $90,000 installed for one charger, plus huge ongoing maintenance costs, the ice vehicle owning taxpayer is forced to pay for this….lol

    a Level 3 charger will cost between $30,000 and $80,000. plus installation costs, plus huge maintenance costs,….tell your local government you don’t want to pay for this……

    a level 3 charger at home:
    even worse they will eventually limit it’s use to 3 hr per week, your ration….lol

    …and they want to install millions of these, at $90,000 x only one million chargers = 90 billion dollars, plus 100’s of millions of dollars in ongoing maintenance costs….lol

    (what about the trillions of dollars to upgrade the electrical grid to supply the power?….lol)

    the federal government prepares to begin doling out $5 billion allocated in last year’s bipartisan infrastructure bill so states can seed a coast-to-coast network of fast-charging stations.

    Government guidelines say the taxpayer-funded chargers should be accessible to travelers, just off the interstate and have amenities like food and restrooms

    with ice powered cars the gas station and pumps use is free…..lol….now they want to scrap that and make you pay trillions of dollars to replace it with a dangerous, expensive, maintenance intensive, mess/nightmare……

    Mishaps involving overheating the use of equipment including EV chargers
    There have been many plug-in vehicle fire incidents all over the world.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the United States. Mentioned accidents such as thermal runaway incidents. Overheating or overcharging can lead to an accident.

    These fast types of charging stations require liquid cooling so inverters don’t fail due to overheating and umbilicals are cool enough to handle.

    Fast charging?…start a fire….lol
    Extreme fast chargers, for example,can push battery pack temperatures to 270ºC, 514ºF after just a few minutes of charging.
    If you fast charge a lot, you wreck the battery, if you don’t…. you wait hours to charge….lol

    The wires in EV chargers that are prone to aging cause the chargers to heat up, then no fan lubrication exacerbates the temperature rise and gets out of control. Creating a vicious cycle that causes long-term damage to chargers. That can result in accidents.

    In comparison gas and diesel pumps are 100% reliable, simple and trouble free and they don’t need a complicated cooling system. They are not paid for by taxpayers,

    EV charging stations are another multi billion dollar bill for taxpayers, fire all politicians pushing them….lol

    These chargers are a fire hazard:

    In Damascus, Maryland, on April 1, a fire started from an electric car charger in a garage and caused $350,000 in damages.

    Watch This Severe Electric Car Fire And Explosion At A Charging Station
    More than 40 firefighters and 8 fire trucks were involved at the site, and thanks to quick action, they managed to put out the fire. Watch the toxic smoke…

    Tell your city they will need another 50 fire trucks….lol
    An ice car fire only needs one fire truck….lol

    Watch the video then think………What happens when 2200 Ev’s (a new complex in planning stage will have 2200 parking spaces)….imagine 2200 lithium fire bomb EV’s are parked in underground parking at an apartment block or office tower and they catch fire? You can’t take propane into underground parking, but you can take a fire bomb lithium battery car underground.


  5. Any new pickup truck is sixty to ninety grand, 2017 used are forty grand.

    Forget it.

    Look for used that are fixable and at a bargain basement price.

    For your information, today is the second centennial of Brazilian independence. September 7th 1822 was the day the evil Portuguese had to give up dominion.

  6. Solar panels on the roofs of EVs and park them in the sun
    Tow a diesel-powered generator
    Only drive downhill
    Extension cord to your neighbor’s house.
    Don’t drive more than 15 miles a day – work from home
    These are minor inconveniences.

    The big problem is EVs cost a lot more money:
    MSRP 2022 Tesla model 3 clown car = $46,990
    MSRP 2023 Toyota Camry LE ICE = $25,945
    MSRP 2023 Toyota Camry LE Hybrid = $28,080

    Camry will have lower priced insurance, much higher reliability, a larger car and good mileage with the hybrid 51 mpg city / 53mpg highway

    • I would expect Eric “the speed demon” Peters to have more good things to say about EVs, such as their low 0 to 60 times, and high torque at low rpm — things that speed demons like. People who love to drive at 140mph, and 80mph in reverse.

  7. This article could have also been titled ‘Where Are the Homes Going to Come From?’.

    The lack of homes from government regulation and fees is truly outstanding. For one thing, getting a new subdivision approved in Oregon requires an act of God, the green enviro crazies hate the single family home – even though all these wealthy libtards live in upscale homes.

    They just don’t want you to have one, because they are selffish pricks. As a result of anti-development policies, which stems from greed and selfishness of the ruling class PLUS every increasing population, the result is a housing crisis. An unsolvable housing crisis, which is band aided over with subsidized apartments for poor people, which is paid for by property taxes.

    Thus the first problem caused by government is solved by another problem, and it just keeps getting worse.

    On and on and on it goes, the government never ever figures out they are the problem, nor will they ever relent with their controls. The solution will always require your sacrifice, higher taxes, and more controls.

    So just use the housing crisis as a model for the upcoming car crisis. Government will wreck the free economy and then dole out favors to the well connected – and all the while they will make emotional laden speeches on how something must be done to fix the problem.

    So in the near future what can we expect? Driving and owning a car will be a rich man’s privilege. The fees will go up, who gets the electricity for their EV will be based on who is necessary. The priority will be:

    1. The owners, the rich bankers, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and George Soros will never be without energy for travel.

    2. The Pentacon. F-15s being used to straf the population will always have JP4.

    3. All the politicians and those that service them. Air Force One will never be without fuel.

    4. The utility trucks, and self driving Amazon trucks.

    5. Worker slaves who have green cards in approved jobs, like tax collectors and weapon manufacturers.

    6. Those who plead and vote correctly. Registered Democrats will be allowed to charge their Teslas over Republicans, because we all know only Red states harbor terrorists.

    If you want a visual of the future, then just look at the Gaza strip. On one side of the fence are the chosen ones, and the other side are the unwanted dispossed. The people of the correct political party and viewpoint will have everything, the other side will be the hated terrorists who need to be exterminated.

    Yes Virginia, by 2029 Amerika will be a living hell.

  8. If a photo is worth a thousand words, that one of a generator connected to the stranded EV is worth a million. I recall seeing a photo a while back of an EV station powered by a diesel engine driven generator at a rural interstate highway service stop. Anyhow…

    “Where is the Electricity for EeeeeeVeeeees Going to Come From?”

    How much more rhetorical can a question get?

    The Biden campaign ran on the platform to, number one, put an end to fossil fuels and therefore an end to the internal combustion engine.

    With the gift of the Anyone-but-Orange-Man (aka Two Scoops) crowd added to the mission statement (By. Any. Means. Necessary.) of the DNC and its weaponized federal bureaucracies, TDS zealots, Green Energy whack jobs, SJWs, MSM marxists, big-tech CCP puppets and libertarian mummers, Mumbles won the election and reversed the America First administration’s successful U.S. energy dominance policy, among all the others.

    The successful By-Any-Means-Necessary mission will seek to make sure no America First candidate ever sees office again to a final demise of non-RINO conservatism. Eventually even The Fauci and NIH/CDC Pfizer/Moderna stakeholders won’t be needed, they being 110% responsible for every aspect of the Covid responses and their current and long term disasters.

    What a skipping record this place has become. We ARE going suffer at the hands of the elite apparatchiks who will prosper, and perhaps we’re deserving of it, regardless of your years-persistent upbraiding prattle.

    I come here to read and dream about cars and motorcycles for as long as that can last. How about you drop your politics category? Or at least drag them off your home page. Cheers!

  9. I always ask three questions of these greenie/EV fanatics:
    1) where’s the power coming from?
    2) how is it getting here?
    3) what’s it gonna cost?
    These uber-enviros fight every pipeline or powerline proposal made, they’re fighting a tie line to Hydro-Quebec that would bring actual “renewable” power down here. The gas-fired Mystic generating station is scheduled to go offline in a couple years, they’ve already sold the property to a casino- seems fitting because you’ll be gambling if your lights stay on. The general population of idiots should be required to take a basic science course to get a clue as to how stuff works in the real world; back when I was still working for the power company I told the bosses we should keep a list of all these people and make sure their power was restored last after any storms. Just can’t fix stupid.

  10. “Biden’s” August 5, 2021 executive order mandates that 50 percent of all new passenger cars and light trucks sold in 2030 be zero-emission vehicles. It also contains the astonishing Section 6(c):

    “Given the significant expertise and historical leadership demonstrated by the State of California with respect to establishing emissions standards for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles, the Administrator of the EPA shall coordinate the agency’s activities with the State of California.”


    California’s mole in the NHTSA is Dr Steven Cliff. According to his bio posted at transportation.gov, “Cliff’s most recent work as deputy executive officer at CARB included program oversight of regulations for passenger vehicle emissions, medium- and heavy-duty engine emissions, vehicle and engine emissions and on-board diagnostics certification, and incentive and investment programs for reducing emissions.”

    Any questions?

    Busted down on Bourbon Street
    Set up like a bowling pin
    Knocked down, it gets to wearing thin
    They just won’t let you be

    — Grateful Dead, Truckin’

  11. Never underestimate the ability of politicians to screw things up. They thrive in chaos, the political parasites love to make the host all confused so they can rule over them. The first comment by anonymous is spot one – the world population is being culled by the vaxx, that will solve the demand problem, and those that survive will only get anything by maintaining their social score.

    That means Eric, you will get electricity for your EV so long as you are a good little underling who is politically correct. So if you want to own your own mind, and make your own decisions in the future you must be out of the system and self sufficient, but, of course, such a person will then be an enemy of the state.

    This is no exaggeration either, as the USGov has already classified home schoolers, church goers, veterans, conspiracy theorists, 911 truthers, gun owners, Constitutionalists as terrorists. This means in the future such people will be severely persecuted by the criminal state, even hunted down and killed, and lest we forget, the criminal government did go after Koresh compound and off-the-grid Randy Weaver.

    And asking logical/sensible questions about the ability of the electrical grid to keep up with EV demand is never on the mind of these parasites, they have been chosen/installed to carry out some hidden master agenda.

    Your leaders are puppets, political news is a clown show, thinking is above their pay grade, they have been hired to sell the agenda by lying to you, they are not in charge, they are not thinking about any consequences, all they care about is power, having the power to rule because they decided to submit to being a Ziowhore:

    Smirking & Smiling – Large Group of World Leaders Show Secret Society Hand Sign

    If you actually want to understand why the world is the way it is, then listen to two very informed people discussing it, this is outstanding information if you allow yourself to hear it:


  12. For the U.S. to go to 100% EV’s it would require 13x the energy generated today.
    A reduced population would require fewer EV’s and a reduced demand on the grid….

    World Economic Forum Futurist: ‘We Just Don’t Need the Vast Majority of the Population’

    Klaus Schwab’s eugenicist lieutenant, Yuval Noah Harari – the Himmler to his Hitler – said the quiet part out loud in a recent TED interview.
    “People realize — and they’re correct in thinking that — that, ‘The future doesn’t need me.

    The elites view us as an industrial resource, not peer citizens

    we just don’t need the vast majority of the population because the future is about developing more and more sophisticated technology, like artificial intelligence [and] bioengineering.”

    Harari explains that your only utility to the technocracy now is as a data reservoir:
    “Most people don’t contribute anything to [artificial intelligence and bioengineering], except perhaps for their data, and whatever people are still doing which is useful, these technologies increasingly will make redundant and will make it possible to replace the people.”

    The elites view themselves as Gods, bestowing and extinguishing life at will
    The unelected WEF technocrats have anointed themselves transhuman demigods and bestowed upon themselves the concomitant ultimate power:

    “Science is replacing evolution by natural selection with evolution by intelligent design, not the intelligent design of some god in the clouds, [but] OUR intelligent design, and the design of our ‘clouds’. These are the new driving forces of evolution.”

    The ruling class, headed up by Klaus Schwab and advised by the likes of Bill Gates, has a solution: eradication of what it considers the “surplus population” – the eating, shitting, fucking hordes of useless humans it no longer needs.

    They’re obsessed with curbing population growth and, beyond that, dramatically cutting down the population.

    Here’s Bill Gates at a 2010 Ted Talk:
    “So you’ve got a thing on the left, CO2, that you want to get to zero, and that’s going to be based on the number of people, the services each person is using on average, the energy, on average, for each service, and the CO2 being put out per unit of energy. So let’s look at each one of these, and see how we can get this down to zero. Probably, one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero.”

    “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines*, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that.”

    for the few remaining useless eaters, after their 7 billion cull.

    turning people into appliances plugged into an all-seeing internet, more transhuman robots than people, dutifully following orders but unable to produce anything beyond what is programmed into their quantum microchips, bereft of the sparks of inquiry, innovation and joy in a electric panopticon that’s sterile and joyless, you are better off dead.

    they implant an operating system in you and connect you to the grid, they also connect an AI robot to the grid, this is so you can train the robot to do your job. you won’t be needed then = soylent green.

    the dissenting and disenfranchised will find themselves branded as “terrorists”, gathered up into the box cars, and shipped away to be disappeared by the millions.


  13. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    The entire “business model” for EVs, if it can indeed be called a business model, is NOT for people to purchase them and own them outright by paying cash, or to finance them and own them at the end of the loan term, but for people to rent them, either via leases or transportation-as-a-service by subscription or as needed á la Uber.

    What this means is that you’ll always be making payments.

  14. Commiefornia car dealers succumb to Stockholm syndrome; praise and worship their captors:

    SACRAMENTO, CA – With the California Air Resources Board expected to meet tomorrow [8/25/2022] and approve a ban on the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035, the California New Car Dealers Association reaffirms our commitment for being all-in on electric vehicles.

    Franchised new car dealers are committed to working with lawmakers and regulators to increase the supply and adoption of ZEVs. New car dealers will be crucial in educating consumers about what this new technology means for their driving habits and transportation needs.

    “CNCDA is officially requesting that the California Air Resources Board incorporate a formal midterm review to evaluate progress on regulations to ensure Californians have continued access to affordable and available electric vehicles,” said Brian Maas, CNCDA president.


    Buy used … put a Leftist car dealer out of business.

  15. I hope someone can do the math on the fact that the CA law says a min. of 35% of vehicles sold in 2026 must be EV’s. I don’t know how many are sold per year, nor how many are currently on the road.
    So, that’s a certain amount, then replacing the current 97% ICE.
    So how many EV’s is that in 2026? And then what would be the percentage EV on the road in 2026?
    And then of course, how much electricity would be needed?

    • Chris,

      California’s auto market is running at about a 1.8 million annual rate.


      Thirty-five percent of that would be 630,000 EeeVees in 2026 — if sales stay the same.

      “Electric vehicle sales reached the highest numbers reported in the last five years, hitting 15.1 percent year-to-date—a sharp increase from last year’s 9.5% total,” says CNCDA.

      That would project an annual rate of 272,000 EeeVees this year — assuming the grid’s near-collapse yesterday doesn’t provoke some Californicators to think (distressing, I know) about what’s coming.

  16. Up until the 1970s power companies encouraged greater use of their product. My namesake, Ready Kilowatt (and in rural co-ops his redneck cousin Willie Wirehead) would show how electricity was a faithful servant, always able to help perform a task. But then someone did some back of the envelope math and figured if everyone would insulate their houses it could reduce the number of new nuclear plants needed. So instead of having “luxuries” like snowmelt systems in the driveway (which is a thing in Aspen) you have to wear a sweater. Imagine all the old men who wouldn’t die from a heart attack if they didn’t need to shovel out the driveway and sidewalk. I’m not against insulating houses, the cost-benefit analysis almost always makes sense. But when it becomes national energy policy in ordre to restrict new production, that’s a problem.

    Once Greenspan got to be in charge of the banking cartel it set us up for what should be a libertarian dream: A free market in electricity production. But of course constructing (and financing) a new generating station is extremely expensive, and most municipalities require houses to be connected to the (price controlled) electric grid if it is available, so not really a free market for consumers. And because the regulatory bodies still controlled the distribution system producers were subject to whatever political winds happened to blow.

    Whenever anyone talks of the “power grid” it is usually stressed that energy is just the right amount produced for just the right amount of need, like a perfectly choreographed ballet. What they’re missing is that real demand has increased over time while production has remained stable, or even declined if you don’t count random producers like renewables. My co-op has a big push to get us to install heat pumps. I have a great gas boiler that was installed back in 2018 that uses half the fuel my old boiler did (good thing too since “I did that!” also applies to natural gas). A baseboard hot water heat pump (yea, that’s a thing) would probably use less fuel but also be extremely expensive to install (even more than a mini-split) and not save me money, even with my solar installation (which would have to be expanded if I want to remain net positive feeding power to the grid). And most of the power needed to run the heat pump would be coming from… natural gas.

  17. “The non-answer to this question is the elephant in the room.”
    Which I’ve been saying, in nearly the exact same words, ever since the beginning of the great EV push. California is not even addressing its inability to maintain its power grid’s capacity to handle AIR CONDITIONING, much less adding EVs to it. Instead California blames God, for “record” high temperatures. In my days as a plumber/pipefitter, I often had to account for how cold or how hot it MIGHT get. I did this by looking up the record temperature for the date, and adding or subtracting 10 degrees. Apparently Sacramento isn’t that smart.
    They have no intention of getting us all into EVs. First off, most of us can’t afford one, and second, there is ZERO effort to increase generating capacity, much less grid capability, to charge them. They want you walking, biking, or riding public transportation, if it happens to be working that day. Much easier to control stationary targets.

    • There won’t be any energy supply to charge your EV and if there is it will cost a fortune, you won’t be driving.

      The wef/globalist/communist morons are destroying reliable cheap energy production because their fake science gaia religious cult, says there is global warming, but there is none, they are insane.

      Unreliable Wind & Solar Primary Reason For Rocketing Power Prices because….

      The cost of additional transmission lines running 1000’s of miles from nowhere; the staggering cost of running highly-inefficient Open Cycle Gas Turbines (or diesel fuelled ship engines) to cope with total collapses in wind and solar output for backup; and running traditional coal-fired power plants inefficiently for backup– all add up and power consumers get whacked for every last cent of it.

      Plus they are shutting down reliable gas, coal, nuc, energy production so you will freeze to death.

      As to coal-fired power plants, the subsidies to wind and solar mean they can’t dispatch power to the grid according to consumer demand (the subsidies allow wind and solar operators to underbid them) but they are still required (by government directions) to remain online and burning fuel, ready to dump power back into the grid whenever the sun sets and/or calm weather sets in – what’s called ‘spinning’ reserve.

      The mandates, targets and massive subsidies to wind and solar were designed to wreck the business model of reliable generators, which they have duly done. Now, it’s households and businesses that are left to suffer the consequences.

      Europe’s renewable energy push has made power prices increasingly high with the nations retiring too much baseload generation, mainly coal, and pushing too hard on boosting renewable energy.

      “We hear a lot about heat deaths and that’s a real problem, what we don’t hear is many more people all across the world die from cold” Mr Lomborg told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

      About nine times more people die from cold than from heat.
      The green EV pushing nutcases are evil, they want people to freeze to death.

      “Now if the prices goes through the roof it’s very likely people won’t be able to heat their homes as well and that will mean many more people dying from cold”.

      Five out of every six homes in Britain use natural gas for heating and 40% of the electricity is generated using gas. Although almost none of that comes from Russia, the spiking global market for gas is still driving up UK utility bills from $2,000 a year for the average home to as high as nearly $8,000 by next spring. .

      Stephen Jarvis: If those bill increases go through for this coming winter, more than half of the entire country will be classed as being in energy fuel poverty.

      In the UK, fuel poverty is where more than 10% of household income goes to energy.

      Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet.


      • About nine times more people die from cold than from heat…..so shutting down the energy grid makes sense if your goal is depopulation…

        World Economic Forum Futurist: ‘We Just Don’t Need the Vast Majority of the Population’

        Klaus Schwab’s eugenicist lieutenant, Yuval Noah Harari – the Himmler to his Hitler – said the quiet part out loud in a recent TED interview.
        “People realize — and they’re correct in thinking that — that, ‘The future doesn’t need me.

        we just don’t need the vast majority of the population because the future is about developing more and more sophisticated technology, like artificial intelligence [and] bioengineering.”

        “Science is replacing evolution by natural selection with evolution by intelligent design,…..like maybe mrna injections??

        The ruling class, headed up by Klaus Schwab and advised by the likes of Bill Gates, has a solution: eradication of what it considers the “surplus population” – the eating, shitting, fucking hordes of useless humans it no longer needs.

  18. Since the greenies believe in pie in the sky plans on a all green energy, I’m sure some actually believe that the “Mr. Fusion” gadget from Back to the Future is real too. I maybe over exaggerating their mental state, but I bet I’m not far off. Those people cannot be reasoned with. Facts and logic be damned just like the devotion of the masked & jabbed Covidians.

  19. This is all an effort to artificially create scarcity and chaos. When there is scarcity and chaos, the power to decide will come from government and tyrants, to ration who gets what and when.

    • Enron is the model Hans. Take down generating stations and distrubution lines for “maintenance” and watch the spot price increase. Shift distribution out of the state and watch the spot price increase. Stop cutting down trees and as the fires start blame drought (and watch the spot price increase). When the regulators finally get around to issuing token fines, well, you’ve got your options and quarterly bonus spent on the new condo in the Jenga building, the oversized yacht, the new Corvette. And you can brag about it to all your investor pals at The Four Seasons over Martinis and coke.

      We’re into the second generation (at least) of psychopath traders now. The old days of commodity desks being boring went away when someone figured out how the boys screwed Duke and Duke in Trading Places, and Oliver Stone’s Wall Street was considered a documentary (and “how to” training video). They don’t see beyond the screens, it’s all just a game. Maybe that’s what you want for your 401(k) manager, but it is no way to run a utility that can kill people if it isn’t exactly right all the time.

  20. “Where is the Electricity for EeeeeeVeeeees Going to Come From?”… Well we already know the answer; it’s even in that one picture. People will end up attaching gas or diesel generators to their EVs! (yeah, I know, the generators that would fit couldn’t keep up the electricity demand, but still…)

    • If CA an others force people/companies to use EV pickup trucks that do actual heavy work, you will absolutely see them with generators in the back. There will be nice ‘kits’ made for them. hahahahah……. so pickups will now be 8-10K lbs, wow.
      Can’t wait.

  21. The big problem is the War on Coal. The Left and their wars on Christmas, white people, Western Civilization, architecture, cars, etc. All of these utilities are “decarbonizing,” which means they won’t have the baseload “always on” coal and natural gas plants. Instead, they’ll have the intermittent use of some solar panels (which require huge swathes of land) and wind turbines, which kill birds and must be buried when their usefulness expired.

    The greenies talk about “batteries” to store electricity from “renewables,” but the problem is they can’t store but maybe half the certificated output of the solar farm or windmills and use the same lithium/ion cells as the cars, thus increasing the supply pressure on those. Besides, the sun isn’t shining and the wind usually isn’t blowing when people would be home charging up their glorified golf carts.

    It’s a pincer movement by the ruling class. Get rid of baseload generation in favor of useless “green” sources and then force people to drive glorified golf carts that they won’t be able to charge. You not only have people stuck in their homes, you immiserate them by keeping their thermostats up high in the summer and low in the winter and put all sorts of restrictions on their power usage, which of course won’t apply to the ruling class.

    God, I loathe these bastards with every fiber of my being. I also loathe the useful idiots who have no idea that their good intentions are being made to serve demonic people who seek their destruction.

    • ‘The big problem is the War on Coal.’ — dr_mantis_toboggan_md

      When your EeeVee quits, call a coal miner:

      TUCKER COUNTY, W.Va. (WBOY) – On Friday, an electric vehicle broke down along Corridor H in Tucker County on its way to a weekend getaway in Davis. Luckily, a group of local coal miners were happy to help.

      Tucker County’s Senator Randy Smith documented the moment on Facebook. The car broke down right in front of the Mettiki Coal access road on US 48, which is several miles from Davis. “Someone called one of our foreman and told him a car was broke down in the middle of our haul road,” said Smith’s post.

      Because the vehicle was plastic underneath, there was no way to tow it, so a group of miners decided to push it. “So here are 5 coal miners pushing a battery car to the coal mine to charge up.” You could even see mounds of coal in the background while the vehicle was charging.

      “Shows even though they aren’t crazy about electric cars they still have a good heart and treat people with respect and would help anyone in need.” Smith said that one of the group even dropped off a “Friend of Coal” license plate before he headed back home.


      Crowning irony: it appears from the photo that the vehicle bore a DeeCeeee license plate.

  22. BTW I just thought of a brilliant EV policy which I’m sure everyone will support. If the gov and politicians want to push EVs’ so much – why not first start by making their OWN cars EVs !! So the next Beast – an EV !! the next police cruiser – that bastardised suv thing they call a Mustang…. given they are so sure we support these policies, I’m sure once they make such a good example, they will encourage all of us lesser people to follow !!

  23. Eric – stop being so ignorant. The electricity will come from magic fairies. And if they dont turn up dont worry – the politicians will just print it just like the way they print money to solve every other problem that exists. And do a brilliant job at it… dont you know.

    • Money by fiat. Electricity by fiat. Production by fiat. Innovation by fiat. Growth by fiat.

      Some people just have no idea how anything works.

      The world is not just sitting there waiting to be told what to do.

  24. Several years ago, Nova had a good episode called ‘The Nuclear Option’ (here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsRL7IX3EJs).

    One of the facts they presented was a waste storage site in Paducah, KY had enough material to power the US for 700 years or something like that. Whatever the time was, the point is there’s renewed interest in safe nuclear power generation. Other than small modular powerplants, most of the technologies they discuss date back from the 50s/60s.

    This is PBS mind you. They had to take an hour off from their never-ending bitching about race, sex, anti-whiteness, etc.

    • Hi Mike,

      Yup. If EeeeeeeeVeees were truly meant to serve as an alternative to non-EeeeeeeeeeeVeeees, then nuclear power would be increased to meet the need. The fact that it isn’t being increased to meet demand says much about the EeeeeeeeeeeVeeee agenda.

    • There’s no such thing as “safe nuclear power generation.” First of all, it’s the most heinous way yet devised to boil water. Yes, that’s what the radioactive material is used for: Heat, for boiling water, then the steam turns the electricity-generating turbines.

      Look at the mining of radioactive elements — heinous health hazards.
      Look at the fact that all “nuclear power” plants vent off radiation and the local population is not informed about it. Reported cancer rates are higher around those plants. If they don’t vent, containers of the radioactive material will explode. Likewise, with containers of the waste.
      Look at Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Fukushima.
      Look at the horrific site that is Hanover, Washington.

      You think you found an issue about which the jews’ PBS told the truth.

      Look at what kind of people own the nuke industry.
      Look at what kind of people urged the making of atomic and nuclear bombs. Yeah, start with jew Einstein and his letter to Franklin jew Roosevelt.
      Look at what kind of people urged the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan even though the Japanese had been offering to surrender for months.

  25. ‘Because they haven’t been hipped to the fact.’ — eric

    Energy ‘Secretary’ Jennifer Granholm — a subject matter expert, thanks to her degree from Hahhhhvid Law School — is doing her best to hip folks … but they just won’t listen:

    “I love the fact that California is unabashedly bold about (green) energy policy,” Granholm stated, calling the state a green “leader” for the rest of the country.

    “California’s boldness has … shaped our willingness in the federal government to move further and faster,” she said of California’s green energy policies. — Fox 11 Los Angeles, via ZH

    Pimping green energy for America, while Europe’s disastrous green energy policies are tipping it into headlong collapse, is a heavy lift even for a Hahhhhvid lawyer.

    “Biden” inhabits a garden of pure ideology, monomaniacally devoted to the war on carbon, including carbon-based lifeforms. The chaos unfolding outside its walls is of no concern to him, if indeed he is even aware of it.

    Meanwhile, CARB moles imported into the EPA by ‘Secretary’ Michael Regan are drafting California-style EeeVee mandates and tightened ’emissions’ regulations that effectively will ban internal combustion engines.

    Since when did Americans sign up to be ruled from Sacramento?

  26. The setup for eliminating free movement, all travel freedom.

    Step 1 The bat germ narrative

    it had a purpose, it legalized lockdowns, the destruction of small businesses, forced job losses, reduced mobility, people were driving around a lot less, in some places it was illegal to move around. A lot less energy was needed. The future was revealed.

    Step 2 pushing EV’s, banning ice vehicles

    With people driving around a lot less there was less demand for fuel so suppliers cut back production.

    Now with the EV push and ice cars being banned soon, the fuel suppliers are not increasing production, they are cutting back more. soon there will be no fuel except dirty solar and wind electricity……. sometimes…lol.

    Solar and wind are very intermittent and unreliable, they have to have fuel burning power plants running 24/7 as instant backup, the power plants can’t shutdown, that is insane and a huge waste of energy, now you have to have two systems running, for fuel burning power plant owners it isn’t profitable so they just shut down more capacity.

    At night when most people are charging their EV’s there is no sun, so the energy comes from dirty power plants, this is far worse then ice vehicles with their super clean, .00001% emission engines, which pollute far less then dirty coal power plants….lol

    Now add in more EV’s wanting to charge and the system is collapsing, there isn’t enough electricity to charge them, you will walk. The grid can’t handle the load anyways.

    Capacity is being cut not added, wind and solar is useless without fuel burning backup power plants and there won’t be any. They want 100% wind and solar, the so called green energy, which is impossible. You won’t be charging your EV. It is a trick, a trap.

    If stopping all human movement, putting them in a no mobility cage was the goal, it is working.

    In remote areas you will find huge diesel engines made for ships powering a generator as backup for wind and solar, what a joke, a huge added cost, electricity rates will go to the moon alice, these planners are nuts.

    At remote cell phone towers, you will find huge diesel engines powering a generator as a power backup along with huge tanks with 12 months diesel supply, that is hugely expensive, no wonder cell rates are so high.

    At Ev charging stations where the distribution lines are already over loaded, you will find hidden behind bushes, huge diesel engines powering a generator generating the electricity to charge your EV, what a joke, green energy….lol…EV’s are a bad joke.

    Where does electricity come from? The moron GM ceo said out of the wall plug….lol…

  27. One Billion People At Risk Of Power Blackouts As Global Grids Stretched

    Soaring natural gas prices are forcing U.S. utilities to quickly turn to more coal. This is expected to cause huge price increases for consumers of electricity in the future. The soaring natural gas, coal, and oil prices (these are burnt to produce 75% of electricity, 20% is nuclear), are a clear signal the green energy transition will not be fast or cheap. (what is green about burning natural gas, coal, and oil?…… haha)

    Push into EV’s but you can’t charge it = no mobility
    For the US to go to 100% EV’s it would require 13x the energy generated today. your EV will be imobile…lol

    I wonder how they plan to achieve that? There’s only one way I can see. 1/13th the pop. of today.


    from zh comments

    So…food shortages, power blackouts, fuel shortages, pandemics, war, inflation, ….all of these things just happen to coming at the same time, while WEF/Biden had the slogan “build back better” and are claiming this is a great “transition”.

    As We of your WEF say, the Transition from your world as you’ve known it to Our new world order Corporatocracy will be very painful for you. But it must be performed, the Transition, to save you from yourselves. A single generation or two takes the biggest hits and is quickly removed, but the next will thrive as serfs or proles.
    It’s for your own good that We, your World Economic Government via the United Nations, will govern you.

    Blackouts, food shortages, shortages of general merchandise and consumer goods, shortages of medicines, inflation and price hikes and price gouging, price spikes throughout economies… these are all symptoms of bad government, bad leadership, terrible people in the political class.

    They fail to mention all of the power plants they have destroyed in CA. Nuclear, peakers, etc. Gone. They didn’t just shut them down. They demolished them.

    When the power grid fails, production and modern life rapidly grinds to a halt. News of blackout and energy shortages raises the question of whether we are being “toyed with” by those pushing us towards what they see as a greener future. It could be argued these “outages” are why we need to, “build back better” the whole grid.

    Of course, the flip side of that argument is that overzealous environmentalists are causing most of the problems that have resulted in outages. Electricity remains the lubricant of modern life, without it society cannot function. More on this subject in the article below.


    And all on purpose. The globalists are deliberately destroying the energy systems.

    Only a leftist would ban oil pipelines, close down coal, discourage oil & gas exploration but demand moar people drive an EV….

    Re: Solar installation at home..The Solar panels will require frequent cleaning, the Lithium batteries will overheat and become un-rechargeable and the (US manufactured) inverter will fail because of faulty electrical components from China.

    Solar panels are catching fire, if your EV doesn’t burn down your house your solar panels might…lol

    Nikola Tesla had the secret to cheap wireless electricity for all, but TPTB saw to it that such a beneficial scenario would not infringe upon the exorbitant profits of the Big Utilities companies and their subsequent fossil fuel adjutants.
    Exactly right. JP Morgan yanked funding on wireless electricity after Hearst, who had recently sold his copper mines to Rothschild, accused Tesla of talking to little green men. Hence the wasteful global electric grid and all its associated spoils, while the “historians” have Tesla dying broke and in love with a pigeon.

    • A quote:

      I work in clean energy. I spoke on Friday with a distribution electrical engineer on Friday about this. He has a database of 24,000 electric distribution circuits nationally. He checked and found that 95% of them could not handle two cars charging with these 800 Volt chargers simultaneously.

      Biden’s Infrastructure Bill has billions for electric vehicles, but nothing for where it is needed; upgrading neighborhood electrical circuits so that the cars could be charged without shorting out entire neighborhoods.

      shorting out entire neighborhoods….you will freeze in the dark

      Researchers from the University of California Irvine (UCI) say they are trying to figure out how to provide enough electricity to charge all those cars once the rule comes into effect.

      “The grid does not currently have the capability to add millions of battery-electric vehicles today,” says Jack Brouwer, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at UCI.

      California electric company admits it will NEVER be able to charge everybody’s electric vehicles – NaturalNews.com

      Not being able to charge the cars is the plan.
      Stay in your pod. Live in the metaverse. Eat bugs. Own nothing.


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