Diaper Report: 9/7/22

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This report is an update – about my friend the nurse who got “vaccinated” and then got sick. Who is still sick, though not dead.

At least not yet.

He still has joint pain and strange pain in the back of his head. But this report concerns a new symptom I noticed when I last saw him, which was just the other day. It manifested when I asked him how he was feeling, whether better – or worse – or just the same. His response was . . . vacant.

Instead of looking at me and answering, he seemed to be looking into the distance. His eyes had an unfocused aspect and he seemed to have trouble focusing his mind. For several awkward seconds, he didn’t say anything. And then – when he finally did say something – it was a vague collection of near non-sequiturs.

My question wasn’t elaborate. The answers one would generally expect falling into one of three boxes. Yes, I am feeling better. No, I’m not feeling so good.

Or, I’m not sure.

Instead, nothing along any of those lines. I rephrased my question and tried again. Eventually, he told me that he was feeling more or less the same but the back-and-forth had me feeling as if I were trying to communicate with my mother, who has dementia. She has that same vacant aspect. The same unfocused eyes that look into the distance but seem to not actually be seeing anything. Her mind no longer understands questions, even simple ones – and when she answers, it is usually a random ensemble of non-sequiturs.

But she is in her eighties. My friend is in his 40s. People his age don’t generally evince symptoms of dementia.

Unless, of course they have been “vaccinated.”

Though the “mainstream” media isn’t reporting on it yet – just as it isn’t reporting the odd and alarming almost-weekly dying of young people from “heart disease” that is almost certainly the result of their having been “vaccinated” – equally alarming signs of extremely-early-onset dementia are also becoming evident, even if not being “covered” by the “media.”

People all over the country are reporting it. Talking about it, among themselves. Noting the odd and alarming behaviors they are personally encountering, among “vaccinated” friends and family. People decades away from the age at which people normally begin to manifest sings of senility manifesting signs of just that. It is as alarming as teenagers and people not much older all-of-a-sudden developing symptoms of heart disease, which disease used to normally afflict people two or three times that age.

And keeling over “suddenly” – for no apparent reason.

Well, for any reason except the one that is likely explanatory.

That reason being the one factor that is different and so probably accounts for it. Teenagers and not-much-older weren’t regularly “suddenly” dying before about a year ago. Before a year ago, when a teenager or person not-much-older “suddenly” died, it was cause for investigation as well as sadness, because such a death is . . . unnatural. Also extremely uncommon, once upon a time – because people in the prime of life don’t frequently die “suddenly.”

Or at all.

Death comes naturally when people are elderly.

But that was two years ago. This is now.

The same as regards signs of senility.

It is – it was – largely (almost universally) an affliction of the elderly, a natural part of the end of life for the aged. But my friend is not aged. And until just recently, his eyes didn’t stare into the distance, unfocused. He responded to questions normally, as you’d expect from a healthy man in his 40s.

But that was before he got “vaccinated,” which he was all-but-forced to do, despite not wanting to. His employer gave him the “choice” of being “vaccinated” – or not being employed. Millions of people were offered this same “choice,” one which the man who “warp speeded” these “vaccines” into circulation assured they’d have to make, even though it wasn’t “mandated.” This being the man’s way to evade responsibility for placing millions of people in the position of having to choose between their job – which is to say, their livelihood, their ability to pay their bills and take care of their families – and taking a “vaccine” they were assured was “safe” and effective.”

By people who knew these “vaccines” were neither.

Now the consequences are percolating up, including the “sudden” deaths of teenagers and not-much-older from diseases teens and not much older were previously all-but-immune from. And signs of senility in people who ought to have decades of lucidity left.

The common denominator? It is that which must not be spoken of – but which millions of Americans are beginning to suspect is likely the underlying cause of it.

Also, who is responsible for it.

. . .

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    • On Sunday, MailOnline observed at least 52 private jets landing at Glasgow – while estimates put the total number flying in for the conference at 400. Conservative predictions suggest the fleet of private jets arriving for COP26 will blast out 13,000tonnes of carbon dioxide in total – equivalent to the amount consumed by more than 1,600 Britons in a year. then there was Biden with his 85 vehicle motorcade.

      Prince Charles was among those travelling by non-commercial plane from the G20 in Rome, MailOnline can reveal. Flight records suggest the plane was an MOD jet. -Daily Mail

      Yes, the same Prince Charles hypocritically calling for a “vast military-style campaign” with trillions at it’s disposal in order to force “fundamental economic transition” when it comes to the environment (the reset).

      charles owns forests in wales where trees are harvested for profit, he is the biggest slum landlord in london which produces lots of pollution. he is also at the top of the elite nobility at the very of the control group running the planet and the lockdown/cull you are enjoying right now.


  1. East TN

    Overall level of diapering is low, but increasing. Mostly old white women, fat people, and blacks are diapered up. I don’t speculate on the patterns. I just observe them. If I were to speculate I would say that it’s a gift from God because we can see them easier now.

  2. Risk assessment is a personal responsibility. Whoever, wherever, whatever. You are abruptly confronted with some “ask” you weren’t anticipating, but nonetheless find it intuitive to say “no, not doing it” even if millions are apparently gliding along with an easy “Yes”. The fact that they can do it, while you cannot … meh. Not acceptable in my world ever ever. You have to back down, not me.

  3. I suppose I finally caught this thing. Wicked cold for two weeks and lingering two weeks longer, Broke out my Mexican Ivermectin supply. Started with coughing attacks/ chills/ sweating and then regular cold with fatigue wipeouts, I guess it’s a slighly more mean / dangerous cold virus. Yeah lets shut down the world.

  4. Greenpeace Co-Founder Patrick Moore Says Climate Change Based On False Narratives

    Moore said:
    Many globalist/communist ‘environmental’ leaders were now saying that ‘humans are the enemies of the Earth, the enemies of Nature.’ I could not accept that humans are the only evil species.
    This is too much like ‘original sin,’ that humans are born with evil, but all the other species are good, even cockroaches, mosquitos, and diseases,” Moore argued.
    NOTE: Man is evil, diseases are good, see that….

    He said the new dominant philosophy is that the world would be better if fewer people existed.

    “The Aztecs threw virgins into volcanos, and the Europeans and Americans burned women as witches for 200 years claiming this would ‘save the world’ from evil people.

    The bat germ narrative:
    There is an evil germ that will kill everyone on earth today, was broadcast 24/7 for 2 1/2 years, the solution? injections from big pharma.

    What people didn’t realize was they (the evil) were the target for elimination, not the (good) bat germ…….. this would ‘save the world’ from evil people….injections from big pharma….the new volcano or witch burning post….

    safe and effective meant the injection was effective at getting rid of them (the evil) and safe for the bat germ….lol

    The Origins of the World Economic Forum Go Back to the Third Reich nazis.
    schwab runs the wef his family was connected to the nazis in germany.

    The first environmentalist was Hitler. He also promoted being vegan even though he ate meat.

    The holocaust itself was carried out under a green cover because Nazi racism was largely rooted in the Social Darwinism of German Romanticism that laid the ecological foundations for what today is otherwise known as environmentalism.

    the anti-Christian bias of the environmental movement in America now
    parallels the anti-Semitic bias in Germany during the 1800’s. “Nazi Oaks” describes why the holocaust is best understood as a modernized form of human sacrifice carried out under biological/ecological camouflage that is rooted in the sacrificial oak imagery of ancient paganism.

    Unbeknownst to many, the highway to modern environmentalism passed through Nazi Germany. By 1935, the Third Reich was the greenest regime on the planet.

    It was also a sinister eco-imperial plan designed to Germanize the landscape by removing populations of people who were unsuited to their environment, and by turning it into a beautiful natural park for the future health of the German race.

    removing populations of people who were unsuited to their environment: today that is you, they call you an evil invasive species, you will be exterminated

    Hitler himself was not only a devout eugenicist (whose racial purification policies emerged through the funding of the Rockefeller, Carnegie Foundations as well as British establishment), but was also a devout Malthusian saying:

    “The day will certainly come when the whole of mankind will be forced to check the augmentation of the human species, because there will be no further possibility of adjusting the productivity of the soil to the perpetual increase in the population.”
    now gates is saying the same thing, depopulation is good.

    After the war, eugenics-promoting organizations and think tanks changed their names while continuing their work, morphing into new forms by the 1960s such as the
    NOTE :environmental movement, transhumanist movement, including the pharmaceutical/healthcare sector. now we have the wef pushing this with the great reset.

    these satanists have decided that the useless eaters on the bottom are an evil invasive species, the plan? end goal 7 billion cull.
    the billionaires at the top see themselves as a different species than the useless eaters, so they don’t need to be culled.

    Climate change is purely political and religious, based on fake science. Climate change, the new GAIA cult religion, a big favorite of the communist, reset, one world government, satanic cult freaks,

    This cull is a modernized form of human sacrifice carried out under biological/ecological camouflage that is rooted in the sacrificial oak imagery of ancient paganism.

  5. Four months, the hits just keep coming:

    ‘Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide
    It’s Really True: They Know they are Killing the Babies’

    Dr Naomi Wolf – May 29

    “I’ve been silent for some weeks. Forgive me.

    The truth is: I’ve been rendered almost speechless — or the literary equivalent of that — because recently I’ve had the unenviable task of trying to announce to the world that indeed, a genocide — or what I’ve called, clumsily but urgently, a “baby die-off” — is underway.” …


  6. I wonder what you all think of this:

    …”“It would appear there was never any need to waste an extortionate amount of taxpayers’ money on propaganda to coerce the public into getting the COVID-19 injections because the taxpayer never had a choice in the matter,” wrote Mac Slavo of SHTF Plan. “All they had to do was breathe. The choice was already taken away.”…”

    ‘Study confirms COVID-19 vaccines SHED and SPREAD via aerosols’


    Should we all be taking Ivermectin as a prophylactic?
    Or, if you haven’t already been doing that, is it too damn late?

    “Dr. Eads says there are treatments for vax injury, but Dr. Eads says totally stopping the ill effects from the CV19 injections are not known. Dr. Eads says, “We don’t know what the mechanism is to turn this off. Right now, there is no way documented to turn that off. So, if you got the Pfizer or the Moderna, that mRNA is going to continue to make spike protein. We do not know the endpoint. We need to study this, and we are in the process of doing that. . . . but we know the effect of the spike protein on the immune system and the fact it is dysregulating . . .and causing cancers. We are two years out, and my feeling is we are going to continue to have spike proteins made over the next x-number of years until we figure a way to turn off the lipid nano mRNA envelope.” …

    ‘CV19 Vax Causing Extreme Disease – Dr. Betsy Eads’


    I keep thinkin’ of the film, ‘The Blob’. With a dash of, ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’.

  7. I had a conversation recently with my very extremely liberal friend. He told me his daughter had a stroke. She is in her early 30’s. He didn’t have to tell me they were all jabbed but it is quite clear what happened. He made some comments which almost questioned that…something was going on…but he couldn’t quite articulate what that might be. I do not have the heart to throw this back in his face that…it was the vaccine stupid.
    My liberal sister has also had heart problems post vaccine…Hmmm?
    Both my daughters took the jab living overseas last year. They were thinking this would get their life back to normal if everyone would just do this and be done with it. I pray every day that their health does not deteriorate. While the Orange-man continues to run around the country bragging he saved millions of lives. If anything happens to my daughters, I will never be able to forgive the Orange-man even if he was duped by the Elf.

    • Something evil has already happened to your daughters. They accepted needle-rape for convenience. Coerced? Of course but nobody held them down I trust.

      I pray neither received a hot lot. Chances are good they’ll be ok. Hopefully they’ve learned a dangerous lesson.

  8. The vaxx craze has gone wild!

    It was a setup from the getgo.

    Covid, the disease, came from some Chink Chick eating bat soup in Chinklandia. Yeah, right. Tell me another one.

    All of a sudden, it is all over the world, enough to give anybody the heebee geebees. Then it was broadcast far and wide no matter where you were. A definite red flag.

    Free vaccine kiosks along major four-lane roads was a red flag.

    What medicine shop does that?

    If it’s free, then it is suspect. They were pushing it hard.

    Mark Crispin Miller has an update on sudden deaths for the week.

    Meth, crack, whatever you want to call them, are sex drugs. People use them because it makes them crave sex.

    I read a story at resist.ca, aka Mostly Water; has been years ago now, it was an article about methamphetamine and crack. The article described how the drugs are used by people for sexual gratification.

    Difficult to persuade people to not use drugs, they do and will.

    Mind and body altering substances will always be used and there is nothing that can be done to stop it.

    • Andrew Weil wrote a book about the desire to alter one’s consciousness decades ago, called The Natural Mind. One of his examples was the fact that creatures like elephants and birds tend to hang around plants with fruit that has fermented, until the fruit is gone.

  9. Hey Eric, is there some sort of filter here on the comments ? Tried posting something like 3 times on this article – a funny experience I had with the world of “the medicine” and its related paperwork in Pakistan – but its not letting me post!! (incase it comes up 3 times pls delete!)

    • Hi Nasir,

      Just saw – and caught it. The site has been bombarded lately by truly obnoxious spammers, including one that assures you can earn $25,000 each month from home… 12-15 times in a row. It is named – alternatively – “Sarah” or “Anglia” or “Kelly.” I ban one, another pops up! I’ve had to alter the filters to prevent it from overwhelming the comments section with its scheisse… apologies!

  10. Want to hear a funny story – I mentioned I recently went to Pakistan, a country which mandates the jab for all travellers. Now one of the many argument I had with my parents was that I should get the relevant “official” paperwork made for the Jab incase they ever get strict with the requirement and my “replica” paperwork doesn’t work anymore and I need to come to Pakistan quick for any reason. Though I opposed it initially, my parents and Mrs won and you call a guy who knows a guy who can do that for you and enter your name on the official poison database.

    When the guy logged on to mark me as having been poisoned- he noted me and the Mrs had already been double jabbed !! I wasn’t in the country at that time – but somehow we’ve already been jabbed in Pakistan over a year ago with the Russian one !! Now if only we could all just get jabbed like that and get on with life !! There are a number of theories as to why this happened – the most prominent being that they were using the names of Pakistanis abroad to get the poison issued and then selling it on the black market to retards who wanted to die……. all I say is thank God for dodgy bureaucrats. Who may have actually for once done a good deed in life….

    • Hi Nasir

      they were using the names of Pakistanis abroad to get the poison issued and then selling it on the black market…..

      they may be faking injection numbers to get cash from the WHO too for cooperating, probably happening in many countries, if they don’t fake the numbers they get sanctioned or fined probobly..

      no wonder these 80% injected numbers sound like bs

      just politicians grabbing more cash for their offshore accounts, for them the bat germ bs was a get rich scheme the best thing that ever happened…..

      • the politicians said about the bat germ narrative……..I get $900 million for cooperating and I am exempt the nazi needle…life is good…lol….I’ll lock these useless eaters down and mandate them, no problem….lol

      • Hi Anonymous1,

        I think thats also a real possibility – they tried to fudge the numbers to get money from the the west. But the issue with that theory here is I was given the Russian poison in my absence, which I dont think is approved by the WHO/western countries. Maybe it was a similar russian scheme they were trying to milk?

        That said – unfortunately I think in Pakistan, especially urban areas and amongst educated professional / upper / middle class I think acceptance of the Jab has been very high. They proudly show of their vaccine passports and make fun of anyone who distrusts the medicine. The problem is of cultural hegemony. Amongst these circles, people still trust and believe the western media…. they really want acceptance amongst the western world. If it means putting your sleeve up for a jab when the white guy on the BBC tells you to- they will happily do so….

  11. I believe there is some component to this “Mark of the Beast” that alters some people’s souls. I’ve seen that same thousand yard stare in several of the shanked but certainly not all.

    And call me crazy but those afflicted don’t seem like they have a real presence anymore. Almost like they’ve been replaced with a poor replicant.

    We had a recent family gathering on the one remaining side (The other side are insane Covidians). Everyone there was shanked except my immediate family. With the exception of a young cousin they all seemed…. well… dead. There was no light inside. They were not the same people as 3 years ago. We all felt the same way… it was intensely creepy.

  12. The scariest adverse reaction that has been reported in VAERS, IMO, is Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, the human version of mad cow. Spongiform encephalitis, caused by infectious proteins (prions) eating holes in the brain. There is no treatment, and it’s 100% fatal. This may account for some of the cognitive impairment. Sorry I’m so pessimistic here, but if it helps one person avoid these horribly dangerous injections, it’s worth it.

    • This article, & the comments, reminds me again of the commercials I hear on the A.M. radio about how if a baby is not babbling by 12 months of age,… it could be a sign of dementia.

      Smells like, cover-up, but what do I know?

  13. Wow. An excellent piece. I have not seen your writings before. I guess I got lucky! I will come back and read more. I also must complement those who have commented. Well thought out comments, making some very salient points.

    I will admit, it was painful to read your piece on Trump and his connection to the toxic ‘vaccine.’ I too wish he would stop taking credit for it’s development, and walk away from it as quickly as possible. I’ll agree with Raider Girl that if he fell on the ‘vaccine bad’ sword, he would be so villified that he would end any possibilities for 2024.

    I am 77, my wife 74. I researched the vaccine early, refused to take it, despite pressure from my doctor. My wife did the same. Of 11 people in my immediate family, 4 have been vaccinated. Three willingly and one under threat of career loss. One has had problems. I am most worried about my 19 year-old granddaughter. It terrifies me how toxic it could be to her future.

    I am very sorry for your friend. I lost my mother some years ago to dementia/alzheimers. It was a horrible, insidious disease that she sufferred with for more than 10 years. I truly hope that your friend has a recovery.

    And now, I will go to your donate button, and thank you for your work.

  14. By this definition what everyone is calling a vaccine is not a vaccine it’s a chemical concoction. “A preparation of a weakened or killed pathogen, such as a bacterium or virus, or of a portion of the pathogen’s structure that upon administration to an individual stimulates antibody production or cellular immunity against the pathogen but is incapable of causing severe infection”. What is being pushed is a dangerous drug.

    • Technically it is called transfection. mRNA is encapsulated with cationic lipid nanoparticles that invade cells everywhere it goes. Once released the mRNA tricks your cells into making the toxic spike protein which your immune system will regard as foreign and self attack. The LNPs are also toxic.

      It is a bioweapon

  15. On a “positive” note here…..I don’t think that everyone who got the vax will necessarily get sick or very sick or “die suddenly” and unexpectedly. That depends on how many shots they got (PLEASE STOP GETTING BOOSTERS!) and what was in the vax they got. Not all vaxes were equal apparently. It seemed to vary by lot and perhaps by region (red states may have got heavier “worse” doses. It seems like TPTB wanted to stagger the effects of the shots so that the death/morbidity rates would not be too obvious or overwhelming at first so some people got saline, and some got varying or lower does of whatever crap they put in these. Big Pharma Russian Roulette. And some batches simply were not kept effectively at their needed temperatures or conditions to stay viable. Thank God. So not everyone, even if vaxed is going to die from this as long as they STOP getting the shots – it seems like the boosters accelerate the results.

    We also have to consider that the first effects are probably going to be seen, as they have been, among those who are elderly and/or already sick. My SO calls this “pushing people into the ditch” – taking those who are probably on a longer road to death and giving them a short cut so they can blame it on cancer, heart disease, dementia, whatever. There might be a lot of elderly or infirm people who have died in the past couple of years who might have lived quite a bit longer if they had not taken the shots but it will be blamed on old age. Just as the nursing home murders of thousands – perhaps tens of thousands of nursing home patients in various blue states were attributed to COVID or other causes, when they were actually deliberately exposed to contagion to give a sharp, frightening boost to those initial death rates. Have to get that panic going somehow!!!!

    And no one will ever be held to blame. Ex-Governor Cuomo is probably working on his next book, for example. And “Rachel” Levine is working as Health Secretary in the Biden regime. How pathetically and evilly laughable.

    • Does anyone know what “TPTB” or “SO” is? Why are you using code words? Can you not understand everyone who took the “experimental gene therapy” going to die in the next three to nine years because it is like h.i.v.?!!! It erases your immune system. I’m sick of people downplaying the genocide going on here reasoning it out in their heads that is not that bad and over now.

      • These are common abbreviations. TPTB = The Powers That Be. SO = Significant Other (i.e., partner, spouse, etc). They’re not code words. I don’t believe everyone who took the shot is gonna to die because not everyone GOT the MRNA in the shots, or the full amount. Many of the shots were saline or had degraded MRNA materials in it. They might get somewhat sick but not deathly ill. We can see that in the variability of effects when people got the shot initially and what’s happening to them right now. We don’t need to go overboard about this, the final effect is going to be exceedingly deadly and I anticipate a significant drop in the world wide population unless we can figure out how to detox these people.

        • Mehitable,
          I understand most of such, but I have no problem whatsoever writing them out. It takes seconds, and avoids any and all confusion about what I might be talking about.

  16. Thanks for the sad story about your friend.
    At his young age it is possible that strong pain killers are causing the problem.
    But you have experience with dementia as, I do (Mother, Mother-in Law and Father-in Law) to know the vacant stare and failing short term memory. There are bad days and better days, but the sad journey is only downhill.

    Unless the problem is caused by pain killers, which happened to a friend for a few weeks earlier this year while her back fractures were healing, She was in la-la land, unable to get out of bed for weeks. Okay now that her back has healed and she discontinued narcotic pain killers as soon as she could walk again.

    Strong depression drugs can also cause brain fog, especially when combined with marijuana and liquor. A very rich friend of ours did that. Then she committed suicide,

  17. Many people I work with (a local military base) now wish they hadn’t taken the shots. They are saying that if boosters are mandated, they will refuse. They applaud me for “standing up to the man” and not getting the poison. Wish they had all listened sooner and stood up to command. Now I’m fearing many will start dropping over dead.

    • They will! And this is o.k.! You want to know why? Because no one is going to do anything about it of any significance! I will forever remember everyone coming to the realizations of what’s going on but never following through on one dm fck thing to do anything about it of any significance. You might as well be involved with implementing this genocide. Oh, well, I guess, huh?

  18. Wow, my son is 30 and just started showing signs of dementia. I do believe it’s been around 18 months since his 2nd covid shot. If you don’t mind me asking, how long ago did your friend get vaccinated? Thanks

  19. COVID was obviously a long range plan conceived and executed by globalists and their supporters to achieve various ends, mainly de-population (perhaps their major goal which they have discussed for decades) and social/political control. The point of the COVID “plandemic” was THE VACCINES. The vaccines are a kill weapon, if you don’t believe this, you just haven’t done the research. The POINT of these vaccines, other than to make vast amounts of undeserved money for a product that was never properly tested, IS to make people sick and kill them. Not in one wave, that would be too obvious, but over time. In 5 years, I predict you will see a significant drop in the world’s population, either from direct deaths & sickness from these fake vaccines….or from lack of births resulting from infertility or stillbirths, again, resulting from these fake vaccines. We cannot go back and pretend this is not happening, there is too much evidence now and it is too widespread even if the media simply will not cover it – we see it among people we know. And it’s only going to get worse. Much worse. The only hope I see is if people STOP taking the Boosters (and other vaxes like the flu vax, etc) and also stop wearing these foolish mask that don’t stop anything. Hopefully we have real scientists who may figure out, before it’s too late, how to detox people from whatever the hell has actually been put into the MRNA shots.

    • Sounds like a conspiracy theory claptrap.
      People manufacturing the vaccines are taking them
      Democrats are taking then (there is some good news!)
      They are not fake vaccines — they just don’t work as promised,
      and have the worst adverse side effects in vaccine history,
      which was to be expected after a rushed nine month development process.
      Vaccines are a moot point now — no effect on Omicron, which is just
      a common cold.

      • In five years…..you will see the population of the world drastically lowered with no explanation…unless they do a nuclear war. It’s already happening in most of the heavily vaccinated countries – including countries as far apart as Singapore and Sweden and Taiwan…the birthrates have dropped radically since the vaccine was introduced. You can call it conspiracy if you want, but conspiracies are real. The rich and powerful conspire against the rest of us ALL THE TIME, whether you believe it or not, you will see the results.

        As for what they took – many were given saline – not the actual MRNA. Many of the leaders took no real vax at all. Nurses have reported that the shots that people like Trudeau took were actually fake – not real needles and not given as a real injection would. Also, there are reports from actual celebrities like Eric Clapton who was so severely injured by the vax he didn’t think he’d be able to use his hands again. Others like Justin Bieber have obviously been vaxed injured but will not say anything. If a vax’d person falls in the woods….was he really vax’d?

        Time will show the extent of this conspiracy. By then it will be too late.

    • Dr. Naomi Wolf recently put up a post tying the vax to reducing sperm counts causing male infertility. Maybe the long term plan is to keep any more of us being born while they cull the current population. I’d bet my house nobody in the Davos crowd got the shot.

      • Hi Mike

        ATTENTION: Places you can work where the jab is NOT mandated

        1. The White House 2. The CDC 3. The FDA 4. The WHO 5. Pfizer 6. Moderna 7. Johnson & Johnson

        ATTENTION: in australia all doctors are exempt from injection.
        i would bet the doctors in lots of other countries are exempt too, that explains why they don’t say one word about the injections, they don’t care and are probably paid well to cooperate.

        a scientist working on gene modification says he only has a piece of paper saying he is injected (faked)….haha….sounds like the scientists are exempt…
        NOTE: sounds like the exempted ones get a passport saying they are injected, but aren’t….so they can dine out etc.

        the nurses aren’t exempt, when the population is reduced 90% (the wef goal) less nurses are needed,
        same applies to enforcers, plus they will be replaced by robots soon, they are cheaper and follow any order. some of them are starting to push back because they are getting mandated now, joining with the little people on the bottom.

        The Governor of Virginia is making all Commonwealth employees take the jab or be fired.
        attention: but He has EXEMPTED POLITICIANS AND JUDGES, so it looks like that group are exempt too.

        NOW ALSO: Members of Congress, their staff, and federal court system employees are exempt from the Biden administration’s new vaccine mandates,

        another exempt group: U.S. postal service

        NBA players exempt

        ATTENTION: 6 million foreign chinese students exempt (the ccp doesn’t control the leftist governmebt…haha)

        NOTE: All illegal immigrants or non citizens are exempt because if they are injured big pharma can be sued, all citizens were sold out to big pharma, they have no liability.

        NOTE: if you have a lot of money you can probably buy a faked exemption like the exempt get. so again this is just bashing poor people……….

        NOTE: here is another exempt group, don’t get the extermination injections….the billionaire elite:

        gates and other .0001% rich families don’t vaccinte their own children,

        gates, his wife and their children have never been vaccinated….
        NOTE: gates uses hydroxychloroquine.

        elon musk and his family will not be vaccinated

        the 17 elite nobility families are exempt of course:
        one example of the families: the queen of england and her family (they are at the top of the pyramid of power on the planet at the top of the elite nobility control group, controlling the whole thing), they use homeopathic medicine.

        rockefeller who created our worldwide, fake, fraud, germ theory based, allopathic medicine, didnt use his own allopathic nazi death medicine, NOTE: he used homeopathic medicine.

        FAUCI TAKES 6,000 IUs OF VITAMIN D PER DAY. but he tells you to get poisonous vaccines

        NOTE: Dr Suhab Siddiqi, Moderna’s former Director of Chemistry told CNN that he would not allow the vaccine to be injected into his body


        Putin said he will not mandate injection of their military,

        (xiden and blackface are owned by china)……..canada and the US will mandate injection of their military, (helping china’s agenda) that will cause them to lose the next war, maybe.

        china only has about 3% of their population injected, they do not use the mrna injection and they do not inject their military…..then they are healthy for the next war. china doesn’t exter minate it’s citizens for the elite nobility. (it had enough them in the opium wars).

        Already a year ago this happened…….whole parts of the globe are no longer complying: China, India, Russia, most of Africa, Japan, Indonesia, US Red states, Denmark, Sweden, many more have stopped all restrictions, mandates….North Korea never did and has zero cases and no injections…

        japan just dumped millions of doses of the injections because they are contaminated with metal, they stopped complying, switched to just using ivermectin….then recently their ex prime minister was assasinated….no connection….haha

        it is hard to exterminate the japanese with the experimental gene therapy extermination injection, they are too high IQ. japan has no injection mandates, in the U.S. children are mandated 72 injections. japan will survive, the whites won’t.

        what is in there?

        • Excellent information, thank you for posting – it’s very telling who did NOT have to get the shot! I find it interesting that the CEO of Pfizer, Mr. Bourla, was apparently not allowed into Israel initially because he hadn’t gotten his own vaccine.

        • anonymous1 wrote: “ATTENTION: in australia all doctors are exempt from injection.”

          How many doctors went into each other’s offices and signed the paperwork? I know if my job were dependent on a rushed vaccine I would have no problem with signing off on a coworker’s paperwork in exchange for mine. Or even if they just felt pressured to take the drug.

          Now there’s a concept: The same government who tries to eductate kids about not bowing to peer pressure when it comes to taking drugs now pressuring people to… take a drug! One that doesn’t do anything but make you feel better…

        • NOTE: All illegal immigrants or non citizens are exempt because if they are injured big pharma can be sued, all citizens were sold out to big pharma, they have no liability.

          ATTENTION: 6 million foreign chinese students exempt (the ccp doesn’t control the leftist governmebt…haha)

          proof they know it harms…..

      • You’re exactly right, Mike. Note the result of many of the programs the Left is pushing today. Abortion until birth (or even after!). Pro-LBGTXYZ. Gender transitions. Poison Covid injections. Limiting production of fertilizer, cattle and food. Manufactured shortages of energy. Created pandemics.

        All are in order to limit reproduction and reduce population. The globalists want 90%+ to die, so they can have the world to themselves.

        • Hi Sloan,

          Engendering chaos and demoralization is also part of the “plan.” These serve to leave people at loose ends, anxious – desirous of stability and order. Which the Left will then helpfully provide…

  20. Some drug pushers have immunity from prosecution. Even to the manufacturers and local dealers of ‘government sanctioned’ drugs. Most other drug manufacturers, pushers and dealers don’t. Will those high level drug pushers, manufacturers and local dealers ever be held to the legal standards that non-government sanctioned drug pushers, manufacturers and local dealers enjoy?

  21. Their brains are rotting. Ever since the lethal injection began there’s been a constant stream of fatal vehicle and aircraft accidents on the local news affiliates across the country. Every time I have to drive I encounter people who can’t keep it in between the lines or maintain a speed. Some of this is definitely widespread drug use as a coping mechanism, but I’ve never seen so many news reports of planes falling from the sky or extreme car accidents. It’s like these folks are dropping dead behind the wheel and mashing on the gas into traffic or off into the ditch.

    DDG “plane crash” from past week

    DDG “car crash” past week

    the latest from NH this last weekend:

    Heres more from po-dunk NH over the past 2 weeks:








  22. You nee to replace that photo of Trump with a photo of Biden. HE is the guy who MANdated the shots. Trump might’ve warped but never mandated. Nice narrative though, sorry for your friend. Yes, I have friends who’ve been blinded, heart damaged, suddenly died, didn’t wake up, etc, etc. NONE ever died from covid.

    • Hi Mrs. Ramsey,

      My issue with Trump is that he continues to tout the “vaccines.” This is not forgivable. It is as vile as continuing to tout “masking,” is it not?

      Trump’s failure to “come to Jesus” as regards “vaccines” certifies him as either an idiot ideologue (like the “maskers”) who refuses to see the truth and so enables falsehood (evil, actually) or someone who is complicit with evil.

      I agree Biden is scum. But what is Trump?

      • He is an egotistical con man. I don’t think any of us dispute that. He wants to be portrayed as the hero who saved the world. He believes that his warp speeding of the shots showed that he was capable and effective. If we did have a truly deadly disease does one want a career politician or a businessman handling things? I believe most of us would choose a businessman because unlike the politician they get things done. Trump has established in his mind that this is the case. He honestly believes he saved lives. It is like the cat that drops the dead mouse on your bed and looking content glances at you and telepathically says, “see what I did, I saved you. Now scratch behind my ears and pour me a bowl of milk, because I deserve it.” This is how Trump thinks.

        I don’t believe Trump is evil. I don’t believe Biden is evil. That doesn’t mean they are good men (they aren’t). They just aren’t evil. There are truly evil beings out there. I believe most of them can be found in Davos in January. These men and women are messing with our food supply, our water, and our health. If anger is to be directed at anyone it those that want our wealth, our assets, our freedom, our happiness, but most of all our life.

        • Hi RG,

          I agree with most of this. I do not agree that Biden isn’t evil. This man showered with his daughter… does it get more evil than that? He clearly has a vicious authoritarian streak, too. I am certain he would have people like you and I shot, if he could get away with it.

          As far as Trump: I do not fault him for making mistakes. I am appalled by his inability (or refusal) to see them and acknowledge them. The man could do much good by saying: I meant well by “warp speeding” the “vaccines.” I wanted to end the “pandemic.” I wanted people to get their lives back. But I now understand that these “vaccines” are neither “safe” nor “effective” and I regret that millions were forced to take them n order to keep their jobs. I deeply regret setting a dangerous precedent – that of government colluding with Big Pharma at the expense of the people. I will never make that mistake again and I ask your forgiveness.

          If he said that I would forgive him. Until he does, I never will.

          • That isn’t coming, Hon. That would get him sued…quickly and often. Somebody is going to fall on their sword for what is happening. The Left would love Trump to take the fall and then they could push it on those evil “semi fascists” MAGA officeholders. The Left would win the narrative, because they control the media.

            Do you think anyone would side with Trump if he apologized? Very few people forgive. They may forget for a while until they need leverage and then whatever was said or done would be thrown back in the apologist’s face. It happens all the time. Ask any husband or wife.

            Personally, I would settle for Trump to stop broadcasting the “vaccines”.

            On a good note, though – The Bleach Bit Queen has decided she is never running for President again, so the day wasn’t a total loss. 😉

            • Get him sued? Really RG. He’s been sued more times than than the Clintons have flown Epstein Air. This guy could give a fat turd about being sued. His sole reason for not being accountable is, he doesn’t believe in it. Say what you will about his positive traits, fine. Admitting he was wrooooong, and being accountable ain’t in his wheel house.

              • Hi Norman,

                Getting sued by a contractor or the local taxing authority is quite different than being sued by 230 million people in a class action lawsuit. He isn’t Pfizer and cannot turn around and write a check for $3 billion dollars. It would bankrupt him. I know many disagree with me, but I have a hard time suing the guy that lessened regulations when there are other guys out there much more dangerous and that won’t even get a slap on the wrist. Gates and the WHO are much more dangerous to me than anything that Trump has instigated.

                • Hi RG,

                  You as an accountant know the man must have his wealth well protected. I would be surprised if any oligarch has assets that are within the reach of common folks or governments. I’m sure Trump could find some kind of bankruptcy to wiggle out of any judgement. He’s proven he’s good at bankruptcy.

                  I wouldn’t sue him, or want him sued, I don’t hate him. At this point I almost pity him. It is really pathetic to watch him and his followers. Even if I took the clot shot, on his urging, I would still feel it was nobodies fault but mine. I’m weird like that.

                  In todays world everyone gets so easily affronted, looking to become a victim. Agree that Gates the megalomaniac is a huge threat to humanity. Trump barely rates on that scale. Its nice to be able to swap ideas with you, without you getting offended.

                  • Hi Norman

                    The only separation between protected assets and bankruptcy is a good lawyer. 😉

                    I am seriously questioning the ones that Trump has hired in the last few years. They are not what I describe as “the best of the best.” Doors have been closed to him due to his politics and demeanor which keeps him from recruiting the most effective and capable.

                    No one should ever be offended by a healthy debate. I have found myself disagreeing with someone vehemently on a subject only to see them post something profoundly brilliant on another thread. We don’t see eye to eye on everything and that is what keeps it entertaining. Plus I just like to argue. 😁

        • I agree with some of your comments on Trump and the vax but I think we also have to consider that he was lied to repeatedly by the people around him, especially the medical/scientific staff who have been in NIH/CDC for decades, like Fauci & Birx. Birx actually has admitted openly in her recent book that she lied repeatedly to Trump & is apparently proud of it. So yes, he should have known better, but it was an almost unrivaled situation and ALL THE EXPERTS AROUND HIM UNANIMOUSLY LIED TO HIM TO ACHIEVE THEIR OWN GOALS. We cannot underestimate that. As for evil, no I don’t think Trump is evil but he’s flawed of course. Joe Biden, however, is an EXTREMELY EVIL MAN and I mean every word of that. He has been evil as far back as we know about him and I could give many many many examples. He does not have a decent bone in his body or anything praiseworthy or commendable. He is an effortless liar, someone who reflexively lies when he does not have to. We should not give this truly evil man, the man who would dictator, any cover in a misguided attempt at fairness or objectivity. There is no good in Joe Biden.

            • I agree. Trump is terrible at judging people. I am very surprised by this considering his business background but maybe it doesn’t extend to politics. Some of these people though, like the medicos/scientists have been around in the System for years or decades. Maybe he just could not believe they would be so political or actually openly lie to the President of the United States, for whatever reasons (many probably financial). But they DID.

        • RG:

          Biden is most definitely evil! The older I get the more I believe there’s a demonic force out there that manifests itself through despicable creatures like Biden, Fauci, Newsom, George W. Bush, serial killers (perhaps I repeat myself), et al. All of them are clearly psychopaths.

          Using the implied force of government to coerce people to inject a foreign substance into their bodies is evil.

          I’m not sure if Trump’s evil.

          • Maybe he once was. He is creepy, but he no longer has a functioning brain, so I don’t view him as evil. Biden can’t remember what he ate for breakfast, so I don’t view him as a leader in worldwide domination. The puppet masters holding his strings…yes.

      • Trump rushed the vaccines to market with good intentions but how can any sane person trust a nine month process that usually takes 10 years with a 98% to 99% failure rate? mRNA had over a dozen failures before 2020, with only one success for some obscure disease. The wife and I decided no vaccine in late 2020 — only a crazy person would take a chance with a nine month vaccine for a respiratory virus that would mutate to evade the vaccine.

        All prior virus and vaccine knowledge was thrown away. I read five mask studies in Spring 2020 — they do nothing — so we social distanced in 2020.

        Trump had Covid, recovered, perhaps with ivermectin, and no longer needed a vaccine (as if anyone ever did). But he got one anyway. Not a bright guy. And he still boasts about the vaccine — not a bright politician. Trump only looks good because Biden is so bad. Biden makes anyone look good by comparison.

        The vaccine was a huge failure
        US ecess deaths never went down
        US all-cause mortality never went down
        Deaths with Covid increased a lot in 2021.
        Excess deaths continue at a high level through June 2022
        Can’t be caused by Omicron — that’s a common cold with a very low infection fatality rate. Has to be related to reduced immune system function from repeated Vaccines and boosters. Excess deaths are high everywhere that releases data — Canada, UK, EU, Israel and Australia.

        The wife and I used this homemade “Vaccine”: Vitamin D,’Vitamin C, zinc and quercetin. I’ve taken the first three supplements for over 50 years. Results so far: No Covid, no Omicron, no influenza (ever), and not even a common cold for many years. And no adverse side effects!

        • china benefits more from the bat germ narrative then any then any other country
          Anybody supporting this is a paid ccp/globalist troll, paid to spread lies.

          China behind the bioweapon injection

          zhang yongzhen was the chinese scientist that released the genome data for the so called sars cov 2 virus, this data was used all over the world to put in place masking, lockdowns, destruction of small business and now forced extermination injections and to make, concoct, manufacture the vac……ci,,nes

          This faked data was fed into another software program that produced the mrna vac..ci,,ne in one weekend.
          ATTENTION: Made in one weekend, zero tests for safety (but the government said 24/7 safe and effective), Normal vac…..cines take 10 years to develop, test, produce.

          ATTENTION: The problem was he used fabricated manipulated data, scientific fraud to fabricate the sars co…v 2 vir…us genome, he used their megahit software program. no controlled experiments were ever done.
          Around the world virologists used 49 different software programs and could never duplicate his results. nobody seems to care………..

          They relabeled mild flu as the deathly bat germ disease and used 24/7 fear mongering to scare people to death.

          a huge bat germ demon will jump out of the dark and get you, like a cheap horror movie…total insanity…

          the next one was supposed to be a deathly monkey germ demon….people laughed at the name so they went with BA.5

          germ phobia (that would get you put in a nut house in the recent past), was pushed 24/7 for two straight years, they relabeled mild flu to a deadly bat germ disease, fear mongering never stopped,
          people wore masks 24/7……. (masks keep deadly bat germ demons out)….lol…..

          the official narrative was it came from a bat mating with an armadillo in a wet market….lol

          All the ingredients for these shots are made in china

          china supplies all the materials used to make drugs and vaccines for all the world so china will make huge profits from the monkey germ bs.

          armies of Chinese bot accounts on Twitter were instrumental in promoting early lockdowns in countries like Italy while bombarding political figures who refused to order strict lockdowns, such as South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, with criticism and abuse.

          This chinese professor says china defeated the U.S. with biological warfare.

          Some say we are in WW3, so weakening your enemy with deadly injections would make sense.
          the germ phobia mind game was the marketing campaign to suck you into the bioweapon shot


        • Because it didn’t take 9 months. MRNAs have been manufactured for decades. They just could not get them out of animal studies and ready for human consumption. The research is well known and troublesome. They needed a Plandemic to see how human trials would go. They got it and the results are very similar to those found in the mice, cats, and ferrets that they experimented on.

          • Hi RG

            zhang yongzhen was the chinese scientist that released the genome data for the so called sars cov 2 virus, this data was used all over the world to put in place masking, lockdowns, destruction of small business and now forced extermination injections and to make, concoct, manufacture the vac……ci,,nes

            ATTENTION: The problem was he used fabricated manipulated data, scientific fraud to fabricate the sars co…v 2 vir…us genome, he used their megahit software program. no controlled experiments were ever done.
            Around the world virologists used 49 different software programs and could never duplicate his results. nobody seems to care………..

            This faked data was fed into another software program that produced the mrna vac..ci,,ne in one weekend.

            ATTENTION: Made in one weekend, zero tests for safety (but the government said 24/7 safe and effective), Normal vac…..cines take 10 years to develop, test, produce.

            • If something is thrown together in one weekend, it is sure to be safe and effective…lol….go ahead inject yourself over and over with it…..it is starting to make fentanyl look half safe….

              the official bat germ narrative was it came from a bat mating with an armadillo in a wet market….lol

              how fu k…k ing stupid do they think we are….lol

              but……. people actually believed that……they said it was an IQ test….

              Carlin on stupid…


              • Now that Queen Elizabeth has passed Chuck will take the throne. We already know he believes the world is full of too many people. I expect a few things to slip through while the world is watching the Queen’s funeral. Do not pay attention to the little birdie in front of the camera but what is going on behind the birdie’s back.

                • RG – whats the deal with Queenie out in the US – is she popular ? I do think one of the best things she did was keep Chuck away from power….

                  • Hi Nasir,

                    I don’t think too many Americans pay attention to the British Monarchy. I think there may be a bit of fascination from Hollywood and the elites, because it does have to do with Queens and Kings and Princesses and Princes and they are big on titles, for some reason. The rest of the USSA doesn’t care too much.

                    I think many share the view that you have – we liked her because it kept Chuckie off the throne. I expect her funeral to be watched only because how long her reign was, and she was a classy and gracious lady.

                    • naa i dont think too many will watch the funeral. Ever since royals have been pushing the green con and the jab I do feel that their popularity has dropped greatly here as well. Infact the most common question I’ve had from friends and colleagues at work after she died is “do we get a day of tomorrow !!!

                • Hi RG

                  at the top the controllers the elite nobility in the background, always hiding, nobody talks about them, the control group. The billionaires co operate with this group.

                  2nd level the Rothschild banksters provide financing for the elite nobility
                  3rd level more banksters

                  4th level down the administrators, gates, schwab, etc..

                  5th level the political prostitutes in the foreground, corrupt , bribed, owned by the elite
                  the politicians just follow orders from their bosses the elite.

                  Dr. Marc Faber says these governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

                  6th level down the enforcers

                  at the very bottom the little people, the common people, paying for everything, used and abused.

                  one elite example……..Prince Phillip, late husband of Queen Elizabeth II said ….“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.”

                  he also said the world’s population should be reduced from 7 billion to one billion,

                  NOTE: his son charles thinks the same…charles now the king…..

                  note…charles hired schwab to run the WEF….

                  Elite nobility families at the top:

                  • House of Bernadotte, Sweden

                  • House of Bourbon, France

                  • House of Braganza, Portugal

                  • House of Grimaldi, Monaco

                  • House of Guelph, Britain (the most important one)

                  • House of Habsburg, Austria

                  • House of Hanover, Germany (the second most important one)

                  • House of Hohenzollern, Germany

                  • House of Karadjordjevic, Yugoslavia (former)

                  • House of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein

                  • House of Nassau, Luxembourg

                  • House of Oldenburg, Denmark

                  • House of Orange, Netherlands

                  • House of Savoy, Italy

                  • House of Wettin, Belgium

                  • House of Wittelsbach, Germany

                  • House of Württemberg, Germany

                  • House of Zogu, Albania

                  • all the families you will find on the Windsor family tree

                  The royal family in Russia is missing….they were all shot

                  The elite

                  • maybe the depopulation agenda will get more priority now…

                    Prince Phillip, late husband of Queen Elizabeth II said ….“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.”

                    he also said the world’s population should be reduced from 7 billion to one billion,

                    NOTE: his son charles thinks the same…charles now the king…..

                    note…charles hired schwab to run the WEF….

      • Or, as I commented two weeks ago, Trump was given a private viewing of the uncut Zapruder film.

        It’s difficult for me to imagine a more dangerous occupation than heading what is arguably the largest government, that is, social tumor, ever created up to this point in the entire history of humans on this planet.

        “Emperor of Rome” was a VERY dangerous occupation. “Logger” or “commercial fisherman,” much less “AGW,” don’t even make the cut. These chiefs of state had ALWAYS to watch their backs.

        The scamdenic is part of a plan to seize control of the ENTIRE PLANET! The orchestrators of this plan will stop at NOTHING to achieve their plan of world domination. I would imagine that he and his family have been threatened in no uncertain terms.

        • Or, as I commented two weeks ago, Trump was VERY PROBABLY given a private viewing of the uncut Zapruder film.

          It’s difficult for me to imagine a more dangerous occupation than heading what is arguably the largest government, that is, social tumor, ever created up to this point in the entire history of humans on this planet.

          “Emperor of Rome” was a VERY dangerous occupation. “Logger” or “commercial fisherman,” much less “AGW,” don’t even make the cut. These chiefs of state had ALWAYS to watch their backs.

          The scamdenic is part of a plan to seize control of the ENTIRE PLANET! The orchestrators of this plan will stop at NOTHING to achieve their plan of world domination. I would imagine that he and his family have been threatened in no uncertain terms.

        • Sorry about the typo.

          Or, as I commented two weeks ago, Trump was VERY PROBABLY given a private viewing of the uncut Zapruder film.

          It’s difficult for me to imagine a more dangerous occupation than heading what is arguably the largest government, that is, social tumor, ever created up to this point in the entire history of humans on this planet.

          “Emperor of Rome” was a VERY dangerous occupation. “Logger” or “commercial fisherman,” much less “AGW,” don’t even make the cut. These chiefs of state had ALWAYS to watch their backs.

          The scamdenic is part of a plan to seize control of the ENTIRE PLANET! The orchestrators of this plan will stop at NOTHING to achieve their plan of world domination. I would imagine that he and his family have been threatened in no uncertain terms.

    • They went after the old people in the old folks homes first, the new Jews…..gets rid of pension liability….

      Catherine Austin Fitts says it is partly to cover up a financial crime. around 1995 during globalization money was looted, went offshore, all the pension funds were looted, there is no money left.

      Note: Dr. Marc Faber says all governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

      in 1998 they knew the math didn’t work to fund pension plans, wouldn’t be able to pay the pensions.

      ATTENTION: in 2003 they said between 2020 and 2025 there would be a huge drop in the population numbers. it is like managing cattle, if there isn’t enough resources to keep the animals, you cull the herd.

      Then along came the bat germ narrative, they can now say there is no money because of the bat germ problem…..lol
      (this is easier than trying to explain where all the money went….that is the key right there.)

      She thinks the elite nobility and the billionaires are tired of managing 7.5 billion people and want to cull the herd, they say 500 million is a better number.

      the depopulation agenda (they say is necessary because of global warming):

      history repeats…..the elderly were euthanized in Nazi Germany by POTASSIUM CHLORIDE INJECTIONS. The sad fact is, this was done for FINANCIAL reasons –

      Hitler did not want funds diverted to take care of the sick and elderly.

  23. As you stated, people are still randomly dropping dead for no apparent reason on a semi-daily basis.

    It’s something we grow a little desensitized to over time, but if you just step back and think about it, it’s truly incredible. It’s like the beginning of the covid hoax. I don’t know anyone personally that’s dropped dead, I just know people who know people.

    • Hi Brandon,

      It’s getting closer… my sister’s daughter (my niece) had a friend… just 20 years old when he “suddenly” died. Nothing wrong with him. But he was “vaccinated.” And now there’s nothing left of him – above ground, that is.

        • Hi Richard,

          I wish I didn’t have to relay these things; I am certain others feel the same. It is tragedy – because entirely unnecessary. The people responsible for this must face a reckoning.

          • people are refusing to talk about obvious vaccine problems.
            We need tospread the news
            A local friend who is very extroverted knows 100s of people.
            He refused the vaccine. We did to, but asked him why. The answer
            was that two friends died soon after their vaccines. Both in their 50s
            with no known health problems. We did not know the people but he did.
            Changes your mood about vaccines.

            … A 50 something relative took her vaccine and could not work for the next three days — I told her about VAERS — she never reported the adverse side effect — she’s a Dumbocrat — wouldn’t say anything bad about Joe Biden’s vaccine.

  24. The winners: so the uninjected are the winners…they didn’t get the lethal experimental injection the vaccine which is zero % effective.

    The losers: If you took the experimental gene modification injections (the non placebo) here is what you have to look forward to over the next 2-3 years:

    1) Sometime between October 2021 and April 2022 we will see if ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) strikes you like it did the animals in 2012.
    2) Around 18 months we will see if “mad cow” strikes you like it did to the humanised mice that were injected with the spike proteins.
    3) Around 24 months we will see if Alzheimer’s strikes you like it did the Macaque monkeys that were injected with the spike proteins.
    4) 60% of the injected have detected ‘microclots’ with the d-dimer test in the first week after injection. Right side heart failure within 3 years is common.
    5) The spike proteins impair your telemerase synthesis which is known to lead to cancer, CVD, diabetes, vascular dementia.

    These useless vaccines are now assisting those who were vaccinated at developing more severe symptoms and developing higher viral loads for the variants, because of this useless vaccine they become variant factories, super spreaders, the new zombies……

    NOTE: be careful these injected people are now biosecurity terrorists, super spreaders, spreading to the un injected people.

    Dr. Bryan Ardis says it is genocide https://www.bitchute.com/video/gJm9YGiaoOfe/

    the bottom line: Dr Sean Brooks PhD Oxford has a message he says:
    Anybody who gets it (the non placebo), will be dead in 6 months to 3 to 5 years. . It destroys your immune system and you die. Everybody gets blood clots and is sterilized, people are getting their children injected.


    Dr. Zelenko makes it very clear that, in his opinion, the Cv19 injections are neither safe nor effective nor necessary and that, in fact, forcing anyone to take the experimental injections equals genocide. zelenko said the injection is like the gas chamber and people are running into it.

  25. Hello Eric,

    Although your friend cannot sue Pfizer, your friend should sue the hell out of his employer. Maybe that will have the added benefit of scaring other employers from demanding the jab.

  26. ‘But that was before he got “vaccinated,” which he was all-but-forced to do, despite not wanting to.’

    I’m sympathetic to Eric’s friend’s situation, but he was not forced. It sounds like he knew something was not right, but he went along to get along. This is ALWAYS the wrong move. Dammit, he should have stuck to his guns, come what may.

    This is a cautionary tale about learning how to say no and sticking to it. Here are some examples to practice. Any of them will work, depending on the reaction you’re looking to elicit:

    -No thanks.
    -I think I’ll take a pass, thanks.
    -Hell, no!
    -Fuck off!
    -Go fuck yourself, asshole!

    • I agree with you Mister Liberty. It is sad and horrible what is happening to people, especially good people, but the information was out for there for anyone who was willing to open up their eyes. People did not want to rock the boat. They wanted things to go back to normal and believed this was the way it was done. Many were lied to and chastised, but everyone had a choice. Twenty-nine percent of the population went against the narrative. If one cannot stand for themselves, how can they expect anyone else to stand beside them?

      • Hi RG

        the official bat germ narrative was it came from a bat mating with an armadillo in a wet market….lol

        how fu k…k ing stupid do they think we are….lol

        but people actually believed that……they said it was an IQ test….

        in march 2020 this bat germ narrative sounded like pure bs, so you start fact checking, researching, the more you look, the more you find out it is pure fiction, fake science, 100% lies,

    • I’m no bible thumper, but as cautionary tales go its a helluva book. I keep circling back to the wide gate vs the narrow gate. So many reasons not to follow the crowd, Yet so many have no defense against the madness of said crowds.

  27. Wow, Eric- sorry to hear about your friend’s condition!

    I was just wondering if he is still working as a nurse?

    If he is, it makes one wonder, in light of what you’ve described here, how competently and attentively he is able to do his job; If he is not still working, due to the symptoms caused by the clot-shot, that would be extremely ironic, since the very purpose of his having taken the vax was to preserve his job.

    But the real scary thing is, is that the shot is obviously affecting him, systemically- and the effects rather than subsiding seem to be getting worse based on what you’ve said above. Sadly, I don’t see this ending well. 🙁

    • Yes, I am. At work. And they are aging before my eyes. Some have these grey racoon eyes. Most have lost the shine to their hair. Its a dull, bed head look.

      • Hi Paul,

        My girlfriend works with a “vaccinated” man who told her recently he is alarmed by the way he’s been feeling. He tells her his memory is getting bad and other such symptoms one usually associates with mental decline in the elderly. He’s in his 40s…

      • I have noticed people I know reporting they feel more tired, or looking suddenly older, or seeing men I have known for years having significant visible loss of muscle mass, or complaining of confusion, disorganization and memory loss. Conversely, the men and women I know who have not gotten the vaxx are doing fantastic. Looking healthy strong and feeling great.

  28. A good friend of mine, his wife and son all fell in line to get jabbed over 2 years ago. When he told me of it, I questioned why he would do that and stated my concerns about it. He saw reality like a lot of us that chime in on this page and that really set me back. The conversation got awkward after a several minutes and I dropped it. Last year, his wife suffered a stroke. Now she is in her late 40’s with no health issues at all. I have a suspicion on the cause but kept that to myself. It amazes me that some people who’d you think would know better would fall for the hype!

    • Most of our friends are Dumbocrats or don’t care about politics.
      They believe the government at all times
      They are victims of the Appeal to Authority logical fallacy
      I told them in early 2020 no one was an authority on Covid
      It was a new virus — they did not care.
      I have the Don’t Believe Authority frame of mind as a libertarian
      They don’t.

  29. ‘Now the consequences are percolating up’ — eric

    Another possible consequence: the ‘quiet quitting’ phenomenon of people doing the minimum required to stay employed.

    After all, if your employer forced you to get injected with a substance that may have injured you — and could have killed you — why not indulge in a little sub rosa payback to corporate overlords who regard you with complete contempt, as they cravenly toady to the US fedgov?


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