Diaper Report: 09/19/2023

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This isn’t so much a report about Face Diapers as it is a report about the effects they’ve had. Chief among them, of course, is the effectiveness they had in terms of getting an estimated two-thirds of the population to roll up their sleeves and accede to being injected with drugs that seem to do just about everything except prevent those who took them from getting (or spreading) the sickness they were misinformationed into believing they’d be immunized against getting – and therefore couldn’t spread.

Most people hated wearing a “mask” – as the disgusting (and silly) apparatus is style. It made them feel and look  . . . sheepish, that’s the word. It was hardest on those who weren’t afraid and knew there was little reason to be afraid – of the “virus,” that is. But they were made to look as if they were afraid – and that they agreed. The “mask” served as compelled speech – affirmation of the narrative that danger was in the air (literally) while at the same time symbolically shutting their mouths and the mouths of practically everyone else they could see. This made it appear that practically everyone agreed. It also made it socially much harder to show disagreement. People who didn’t wear the “mask” were shown the door. Were shunned by those who did wear it – including their closets friends and family.

Almost everyone was desperate to take the damned (and disgusting) things off. As had been anticipated by those who used “masking” to ready the populace for “vaccinating.” After a year or longer of having to wear a “mask” in order to be allowed to travel – and in many cases, to be allowed to earn a living – people were ready to be offered the way out. The way back to “normal,” as they remembered it.

All they had to do was roll up their sleeve . . .

Many ended up doing so more than once.

The good news is they were allowed to remove their “masks.” The bad news – which they only got after they’d rolled up their sleeves – was that the drugs they’d been injected with not only didn’t “stop the spread,” as they’d been told they would. They increased the spread – of heart problems, in people who’d not had such problems prior to being injected. Including people who rarely (to the point of almost-never) develop heart problems, such as elite-level athletes in their 20s and 30s. “Develop” is italicized to make clear the distinction between something you’re born with – i.e., congenital heart problems – and problems you did not have until just suddenly.

Until just after having rolled up your sleeve.

At first, the weird uptick in myocarditis and pericarditis – inflammation of the heart and/or heart sac – was dismissed as coincidence; it had nothing to do with the “vaccines,” as the drugs were misinformationally called. When the correlation became too blatant to continue denying it, the drug pushers (including the odious Dr. Fauci) admitted it – but minimized it – while continuing to push the drugs.

And the “masks”!

Now there’s something else to report – about the effects of the drugs that have been pushed (and pumped into bodies of perhaps as many as two-thirds of the arms of the population).

An oncologist within my orbit of acquaintance reports a surge in cases of cancer – and that the cases she is seeing are aggressive and for that reason likely to result in death, which was (cruel irony) extremely unlikely, pre-“vaccine” – for those who were not already near death due to advanced age, chronic sickness or morbid obesity.

She says the hospital where she works is – if not quite overflowing (yet) – very busy all of a sudden. Not with people who are sick with “COVID” but who are dying from what seems to be caused by the supposed “cure” for it.

It is not just this doctor, either. Reports abound from all over the country about upticked-all-of-a-sudden cancer diagnosis. And – just as happened when the first reports about heart problems began to percolate upward – these reports are dismissed as misinformation by the very people who specialize in that art. Even worse, perhaps, is that many of the “front line” people – the doctors who’ve been used as white-coated shock troops by the people pushing the drugs – seem to be oddly incapable of taking note of the obvious.

The oncologist of my acquaintance, for instance, worries about the weird (and sudden) increase in cancer patients she’s seeing – and that their cancers are more-than-usually aggressive ones. Yet she is blind to the correlation. The increase in people “suddenly” coming down with cancer – like the healthy young people who’ve been dying “suddenly” – is inexplicable.

What could possibly be causing it?

Well, anything – everything – except (of course) the one thing that is most obviously likely – it being the one thing almost all of these people have in common. As well as the one thing that those who have not “died suddenly” – or “suddenly” developed heart problems or cancer – also have in common.

That thing being they didn’t roll up their sleeves.

. . .

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  1. And the hits (to public health) just keep on coming:

    ‘Dr. Harvey Risch is professor emeritus of epidemiology in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine. His research has focused extensively on the causes of cancer as well as prevention and early diagnosis.

    ‘In an interview for EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders,” Dr. Risch said patients must now wait months, not weeks, to get an appointment at an oncology clinic in New York.

    “What clinicians have been seeing,” said Dr. Risch, “are very strange things: for example, 25-year-olds with colon cancer, who don’t have family histories of the disease—that’s basically impossible along the known paradigm for how colon cancer works—and other long-latency cancers that they’re seeing in very young people.”

    “The mechanism I think is most likely here,” Dr. Risch said, “[is] that the COVID vaccines have done various degrees of damage to the immune system in a fraction of people who have taken them.”

    Another example Dr. Risch gave was breast cancer, which normally, if there is a remanifestation after surgical removal, the remanifestation occurs after two decades. However, vaccinated women are now seen to remanifest breast cancers in much shorter periods of time.

    “Because these cancers have been occurring to people who were too young to get them, basically, compared to the normal way it works, they’ve been designated as turbo cancers,” Dr. Risch said.


    WHAT A HORROR. We know many of those responsible for this sordidly unethical medical experiment:

    ‘Dr’ Anthony Fauci [NIAID]
    ‘Dr’ Albert Bourla [Pfizer]
    ‘Dr’ Peter Marks [FDA]
    ‘Dr’ Rochelle Walensky [CDC]
    ‘Dr’ Mandy Krauthamer Cohen [CDC]

    All of these Mengelian bent doctors should be facing Nuremberg II trails, in which a guilty verdict means hanging by the neck until dead for crimes against humanity.

  2. “…watch this superb documentary by James Corbett; “How Blackrock Conquered the World.” In it, Corbett explains with full reference in video and text, how the entire ‘covid’ hoax was staged, and was first and foremost a financial takeover coup led by Blackrock. This connection of dots and people is of vital importance.” …


    The Pod People are Jellyfish, …can they ever think?

  3. Not really a mystery. Force the destruction of cancer suppressing immune cells, delay routine screenings, make seeing a doctor intolerable so sick people don’t get treatment. Rise in cancer was predictable to those who understand immunology.

    • Rise in cancer, or rise in aggressive cancers?

      If the latter is different from the former, that predictability goes out. the window, no?

      Is there a rise in both, or just one?

      • It’s fundamentally a bad idea to force cells to express foreign (e.g., spike) proteins. The immune system’s job is to recognize foreign things and destroy them, to include neoantigens expressed by tumor cells. If you kill off immune cells by making them express spike proteins from a pathogen, then you are risking killing off your internal anti-cancer protections. Thus, cancer is a predictable outcome. These so-called turbo cancers are something else entirely. But this is why we (formerly, anyway) run clinical trials – to find out if there are safety risks. It’s why warp speeding any drug, particularly with new technology never before used, is bad juju.

        • Forcing cells to create proteins that attack viruses is the whole point of a vaccine. There are lots of immune cells in the body, a little shot of covid vaccine is not going to destroy or ruin the whole system. The part of the immune system that attacks cancer cells is a completely different mechanism. The vaccine cannot reproduce and will just get flushed out of the system. But don’t take my word for it, I’m just a bot. Read up on it yourself.

          • lyspooner: You’ve already admitted you don’t know anything in your earlier post, stating:

            ”I am not a researcher nor do I have any specialized knowledge of the technology. . .I am dependent on other people or sources for my information.”

            You’re a Big Pharma/medical industrial complex propagandist.

          • 1) Forcing cells to create proteins is the point of mRNA vaccines. This is not how past vaccines conferred immunity – you were injected with the target protein itself or an attenuated pathogen. 2) True, it won’t destroy the full immune system, but it may knock it down just sufficiently, or knockdown just the correct cells to enable cancer to establish itself or overcome immune suppression. 3) The immune cells that attack cancer cells are absolutely the same cells that attack virally-infected cells or produce antibodies to cancer or microbial antigens (B, T, and PMCs). 4) There is evidence that the mRNA may be converted to DNA with reverse transcriptase and then integrated into chromosomes. Even if this is not the case, the vaccine seems to take weeks, months, or even longer to get flushed out from the body. It was specifically designed to hang around as long as possible, including by injection into muscle depots. Boosting just ensures more vaccine floating around the body. Keeping it around will enable more immune cells to take up mRNA and get destroyed. 5) I’m not going to take your word for anything, as you demonstrably have no idea what you are taking about. You seem to get your information from WebMD, CNN, Wikipedia, chatGPT, your Uncle Fred, and your constant appeal to authorities. Whether or not you are a bot, you certainly lack the expertise sufficient to pontificate on the nature of highly complex biological systems.

  4. Messed up regardless: I may be carrying the “Spike Protein” of “The Covids”. A reunion gift of family and friends. Note my use of “The Covids” since I have no idea what that really denotes. Health resume: “High risk “candidate at 84, but so healthy it even boggles the minds of our docs, even compared to most 65 year olds.

    Wife, daughter, and I did not take The Shot. Most of the closest relatives did except grandson who had a diagnosed case of “The Covids” back in 2020. Nice little gathering on Memorial Day. Four unvaccinated, 5 vaxed. Seven of us had what I call “Whatever It Was That I Had” within 4 days. Grandson said he was sicker than when he “Had it” before. Wife was poorly for about 3 days. I was a sick as I have ever been in my life. I lost about 2 weeks before my younger daughter and granddaugher intervened and dragged me off to the hospital (me, kicking and screaming). I actually believe I was “sick” for 2 or 3 days, but my mind was gone for 2 weeks. Absolutely no incentive. “I really need to pee (or eat or wash)”. “I’ll do it in 15 minutes”. Three hours later (more on that) “I really need to pee (or eat or wash)”. “I’ll do it in 15 minutes”. Spent most of the 2 weeks in bed with brief periods of lucidity which I discoverd later by finding out I had done some work on the computer and sent some e-mails. The Urgent Care wing sent me to the Emergency Care wing and I was eventually admitted. X-ray showed some lung indications similar to the see with “The Covids”. Nasal swab tested positive. Basically, they treated me with fluids (since I had eaten and drunk nearly nothing) during the mind collapse. Kept me overnight and sent me home. I had some physical symptoms for about a month, mainly shortness of breath. Fully recovered.

    Some strange phenomena beyond the often described “Brain Fog” was that I lost all concept of time. I would look at the clock and think ‘Why does that say 645 when a while ago it said 1050?” I had no idea that time passed or how to determine what it meant. Really strange. Only thing that tasted good was apple juice and apple sauce. (?????). I had biceps when it started. I believe I “ate them” instead of food. I noticed they were gone when the “Brain Fog” lifted. So I fall in the camp that believes there is “Something out there that I had” but have no idea what “It” was.

    But no way would I change my decision to take “The Shot”, then or now. Seveal docs asked me if I had it, I say “No.” and (most) suggested that I should have and should now. I have told all of them “No thanks.”

    • Nice… you survived the coof at 84… What timeframe was this in? If it was really recent, I’d suggest you get a full workup for tick-borne nasties as the various Moronic strains are unlikely to cause your symptoms. You might have very well tested “positive” for coof but the problem is that’s usually where these idiot doctors stop looking…

      • Not vaxxed, not previously tested. Of course, Medicare shows that I was billed for 6 Covid tests prior to being sick (check for that scam online). Medicare actually paid for 5 of them!!!!. Only the grandson among the unvaxxed was ever tested. He apparelntly had “Classic Covid” since that was early in 2020. (He monitored the decontamination of Diamond Princess in Yokohama, came home healthy after a month, and caught “The Covids” back home in Mississippi several months later.)

        Like I say, sicker than I ever hope to be again, and while in “The Fog”, kept wondering if it wouldn’t just be easier to go ahead and die. And I really didn’t give a damn if I did due to the lack of incentives that I mentioned. Living would have required effort. “The Fog” and lack of any incentive were the only symptoms after the first couple days of coughing and extreme fatigue. The hospital did not push any treatment beyond blood thinners to avoid clotting and hydration. I, too, am skeptical of testing, but the other symptoms and the x-rays indicated treatment of some sort was advisable regardless of the test. (I tested negative 10 days later.)

        I am back to my pre-Whatever-It-Was-That-I-Had 84 year old condition. Start to finish about June 3 to July 1. Really bad (mostly mental) from about June 6 to June 15 when I was dragged to the Urgent Care center. Much faster recovery than some of my contemporaries have experienced, but I am basically in the 3-sigma range for my age as far as health goes.

        Truly a bizarre experience. I worked aerospace for much of my career. I have little doubt this was part of a development process for biological warfare, and that China was likely only the Prime Contrator, but Fauci (and you and I) were paying the bills. Whether released accidentally or intentionally is a toss up.

        • Hey Arylioa,

          Glad you came out of it. My mom recently wasn’t so lucky, though she was in her late 80s and immunosuppressed. She acquired that same lack of will to live. It stuck with her, though. She sailed out into that Fog and never returned.

          Also, I’d concur with all you said in that last paragraph.

        • ARYLIOLA:Note my use of “The Covids” since I have no idea what that really denotes.

          Truly a bizarre experience. I worked aerospace for much of my career. I have little doubt this was part of a development process for biological warfare, and that China was likely only the Prime Contrator, but Fauci (and you and I) were paying the bills. Whether released accidentally or intentionally is a toss up.


          So, you’re 84 and got a nasty flu in 2023 (but still call it “the COVID’s” even though you don’t know what that means, but it means “something” enough to you to use that term) and survived but you “know” that this 2023 flu, ahem, “the COVID’s”, came from some bio lab run by Fauci and the CCP? Maybe stop reading and watching Fox News. They want you believe in the premise of the one virus, too, you know.

          Sometimes people get sick, sometimes they get sick and die. In all your years on this planet, you now think that’s a “novel” concept? Oh yeah, “brain fog”, another entirely made up nebulous term that is nothing new with flu like illness, similar to loss of taste and smell. The hospital rang you and your insurance up for thousands based on phony “tests.” They’re laughing all the way to the bank.

          Buying into the premise of the “one virus” only ensure they’ll keep promoting “the measures” whenever they deem the time right and keep coming after you and yours with “updated” shots.

          • You have no idea what he had, or what he went through. Yet you feel free to pass judgement on the situation. Without any relevant background or knowledge of the situation you criticize to suit your own agenda. I don’t think he or anyone else wants to hear the rantings of an internet kook about something he knows nothing about.

            • I used his words. So, I know that and addressed it. Tell me where I’m wrong. Yeah, I have an agenda. Exposing the fake bullshit known as “COVID” as the fucking fraud it was and continues to be. If you’d been around here for more than hour, you’d know I’m not new at this. As far as what he or other people want to hear, speak for yourself, assfuck.

              • You can blab all you want but when a man goes into the hospital and the doctors look at him they are making the diagnosis not some internet guy that thinks he knows everything about the issue because he’s read some stuff. You think every doctor in the world is an evil demon that wants to kill every patient? That’s nuts! Furthermore he recovered so they did their job. I don’t think his illness is an excuse for you to go blathering on about your nutty conspiracies and offering advice.

                • “Conspiracies”? Like people get sick, and sometimes die of sickness since… forever? Or that hospitals and doctors get tens of thousands if the flu is called something else? Also, I never said anything about doctors, being “evil demons that want to kill everybody.” That’s your hyperbole. Just common sense about sickness that people, old people in particular, have forgotten (or chosen to forget) in favor or wild fairy tales about wet markets and lab leaks.

                  After 3+ years of this, I don’t give a rat’s ass what people like you say or the feels of dupes who continue to promote a phony narrative because muh nasal swab. “COVID” is a fraud, the renamed flu. Period. Every other aspect of it was/is a scam to enrich and empower a few at the expense of the many. And people still get sick… and die! Imagine that.

                • Lyspooner,

                  The issue at hand is whether the “experts” are trustworthy. After three years of serial lying – and attacking those who raised legitimate questions about what they were doing (and demanding) their credibility is less than that of a Reconstruction-era snake oil salesman.

                  No one here said doctors are evil demons. We did say they have become tools of an evil system. That has been established.

                  You reference “nutty conspiracy” theories – almost all of them having been proved more accurate/truthful than the people who derided “nutty conspiracy” theories.

                • lyspooner: You concoct this silly hypothetical of a man going to the hospital (without any discussion of why), who gets diagnosed (you don’t say of what) and recovered (you don’t say how) as your example to say “see the doctors and not internet guys were the ones who saved him. None of this is relevant to the discussion, and you sound like a 6-year-old. You’re going to have to argue with a little more intelligently here to be taken seriously.

                  Also, as best as I can tell, your the “internet guy that thinks he knows everything about the issue because he’s read some stuff.”

                  Finally, a tell-tale sign of you being an “influencer” is your use of the regime-approved phrase “your nutty conspiracies.” But you’re not even smart enough to use that term correctly. A conspiracy is an agreement or plan to do something unlawful or harmful. Thus, the conspiracies would not be of the commenters here. As far as I can tell the commenters have not hatched any plan to do something unlawful or harmful.

                  Get a grip.

                  • You constantly try to deconstruct my posts by saying stuff like it’s not relevant. It’s completely relevant. You accuse me of being a six year old but you’re an idiot. You don’t know what your talking about. Read the thread not just the few insulting comments you make.

                    And this business about being an “influencer” or a bot. The assertion is ridiculous. No one is going to devote any energy trying to get you on their side. Newsflash! Medium sized internet sites with a few loyal posters are not a target for whatever forces you think are after you.

                    You are a conspiracy nut! You’ve got all kinds of crazy ideas about the world that could only be true if there was a massive conspiracy to pull them off. Your whole view of covid, that it’s fake, that it doesn’t exist, that millions of medical and science people are in on some bizarre scheme to wipe out the human population. Even if it was true it would still be a massive conspiracy.

                    • lyspooner: Why is it that you’re spending so much time trying to convince commenters of this “Medium sized internet site” certain things?

                      How do you know it’s “medium sized? I’ve been reading and commenting here for some time now. I couldn’t tell you whether it’s small, medium or large sized. It seems odd that you would be new to comment here, but would have a sense of the site’s “size.”

              • “I used his words.” but mistook and misused some of them. Mistook: I have no idea what I had. It could have been a rare form of measels. How should I know? That is why “The Covids” was always in quotes since everything is now blamed on “The Covids”. My general reference has always beem “Whatever-It-Was-That-I-Had” or something equivalent.

                Misused: I did not say that I “know” it was cooked up by the DoD, or Fauci, Klaus Schwab, or The Red Army. I used the words “little doubt”. That leaves room for it being a dose of clap gone bad, a case of “I have a cold and don’t give a damn about the world anymore”, or even that rare measels mutation. I have spoken with several friends and with family members and all can confirm similar (but somewhat varying) experience “With-whatever-THEY-had”. Some lost sense of smell (I did not), some ran high fevers (I did not), most had runny noses (I did not). All had serious coughing, all had prolonged shortness of breath and weakness. Even mutations mutate. I know that some or all of those are possible with lots of disease. But the weirdness of “The Fog” (loss of memory, loss of mental process, lethargy, lack of ambition/initiative has been common with nearly all. And except for true mental disorders, that is not common. My inclination is to believe this is something unique and that it came out of a lab. With “litle (but allowing for some) doubt”. I knew enough folks in aerospace to know (this time I said “know”) that kind of thing exists and that there are people trying every day to find the cheapest way to kill people.

                I wish you good health, but caution you that if you ever get “Whatever-It-Was-That-I-Had” beware “The Fog”😱 (and eat your Wheaties instead of your biceps😊).

                • I understood what you wrote just fine. You seem to have a purposefully roundabout way of writing so as to be able to point to one part to DK another and quibble about semantics. Too cute by half.

              • I think more people see Eric’s work than are regular posters. Lots of lurker’s and posts being forwarded to other sites. It’s part of the the big tech effort to minimize all opposition.

              • Might I suggest a better word everyone could use than: shill, influencer, bot, or whatever.

                The word is explained well by Doug in the link below.

                That word is: Jellyfish.

                ‘The SILENT WEAPON is here now! Have you read this?’


                Doug has gotten ahold of an interesting document from the Fifties I think most people here would find interesting, perhaps some people might even find it illuminating? Idk.

              • Also, it was interesting to me to watch Patara focus (in a very round-about way) on a singular aspect of what Doug highlights in his video above:

                ‘Will Americans Accept THIS?’


                While watching this, I wondered, is there a big uptick in Jellyfish calling truth tellers, ‘tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist’ and such like establishment smears?

              • One last thing, this video reminded me of the conversation about Franco here at EPA awhile back.:

                ‘Yes it happened again…52 billion reasons we need a modern day George Washington.’


                …Makes me think of what The Daily Bell used to call, ‘The Hive Mind’ …the connection of truth seekers on the internet & realizations they get, I guess you could say.

              • How do I know this is a medium sized site? There are ranking services. The ranking for this site is not bad. Perhaps my expert posting can move it even higher. There has been a jump in traffic since July. Oddly enough India is the country with the 2nd most hits. Canada 3rd. Average age is quite old. Although many posters may be punching out soon as they don’t have the vaccine to protect them (j/k).

                • Exactly how is the average age determined?
                  Or, they could live significantly longer because they were not “vaccinated” with a “vaccine” with no long term safety testing and the worst adverse event record of any vaccine ever allowed to remain available. Even the 2-3 years of testing on the general public falls well short of the 6-10 years it usually takes to get approval for other vaccines.
                  I short, all the usual standards were thrown out the window as regards Covid.

  5. Another ~possible somewhat related batch of observations:

    ‘Expressionless Babies, Bored Lovers’
    ‘And Other Changes in the Human Condition’

    “…some things about human beings, as an aggregate, have changed — since those fatal sixteen to 18 months, the months of mass injection, from late 2020 to mid-2022.

    I have written earlier, in this essay, “Lipid Nanoparticles:” Are they Subtly Changing Human Beings?” about how people seem to be subtly changing: […]

    Our overall health and well being is tied directly to the quantity and circulation of prana in our body.”

    So imagine for a moment that this is real — that people really do have an energy field in them, around them, that is affected by what they ingest as food or medicine or other chemicals; what they do; how they think. If you accept that this might be possible, you must accept that it may be possible to damage or disrupt “prana” or “chi” using physical or psychological means.”…


    • This may be interesting. Nanoscience is just my game.

      Of course, it will be added to the list, but I’ll be making some commentary on these topics before too long. Far too much going at the moment, but winter is coming, during which time I’ll often be stuck in a box with a screen and keyboard…

      After a quick skim: They may have a point regarding the title observations, though I’d first be examining social paradigms as well the effects of masking and isolation on childhood development, etc. But I’m curious about their take.

  6. I imagine many people will look at the idea of there being a connection between the upsurge in cancer with The Shot with a very narrow view,… taking a step back & looking at the bigger picture might be instructive.

    For instance, consider the information provided in the video below then take another look at …connect the dots?:

    ‘DOCUMENTS FROM 1954 prove it! Get Ready…’



  7. Another factor is that a lot of people delayed screenings for cancer and in many cases, treatments for cancer in its early stages—not by choice, of course.

    Case in point: my father in law came due for a skin cancer screening in 2020, but his dermatologist closed the office because skin cancer screenings weren’t considered “essential.” He finally got an appointment this summer and had several suspicious growths removed—some of which were basal cell cancer, the least bad kind of skin cancer. But imagine if he had melanoma.

    I also came due for a colonoscopy during the worst of the plague years. I managed to get one last year and had some benign polyps removed. But what if they were cancerous?

    A doctor who is a friend of my sister told me that he now sees a lot of people who put off screenings and treatments because those were not considered “essential.” So people show up later when they’re sicker. Thanks to the lockdowns, a cancer that could have been spotted earlier and treated more easily becomes one that grew and spread. Or someone who had a heart condition that could have been treated with less invasive treatments ends up needing a bypass.

    • My ex a rabid Vaxxhole… just Never Learned!
      Shot 1… Appendicitis at 58….

      Shot2……inoperable pancreatic cancer..

      Shot 3 … necrotic arm at site of injection..

      I Reckon the Bitch got her wish…social distancing
      6 feet under…4/5/23

      One less OBNOXIOUS ASSHOLE to deal with
      No Sympathy.. Adios Asshole
      Heartless???? Hardly!!!

      The brain dead turd wished all us “Brain Dead Dangerous Superspreaders “ (purebloods) thrown into the holds of cargo ships to fester and die ….
      Wait for it.. Covidiocy 🎯🎯🎯

      Up yours 😂😂😂😂

  8. Yesterday in a meeting, a lady who’s a brilliant engineer –someone who I respect and admire professionally — told us she got her flu & nth covid shot in the morning. For the life of me I can’t understand how someone as intellectually gifted can fall for that shit. She and her hubby (he has some kind of long term illness) both have had covid multiple times in spite of everything they’ve done.

    Bald n beautiful little ol’ me? Never even had the sniffles. Didn’t mask. Didn’t self-poison.

    • That’s the thing about seemingly smart people. A big percentage of them just blindly follow whatever dictates “authority” tells them. Is it because they think they’re in some special “smart person” club? Why are so many of them socialists? I think it’s because they think they think they’re so smart, of course they could run an economy of 350 million people.

      • Hi Logan,

        In re “smart people”:

        The American system rewards people who test well. Smart people generally have a higher ability to assimilate a body of information and then demonstrate recall of it on a test. This leads to a degree and (usually) a good paying job within the system.” But being a high-performer on tests does not necessarily mean the individual is a critical thinker. And I think this is the root of the interesting incongruity of “smart people” who seem unable to connect the dots. That is to say, to think.

        They never really learned how.

        • When I was in high school, 50 years ago, I was one of those who tested very well. To the point teachers adjusted their credit system so I couldn’t pass by simply taking tests. But I also read. A lot, and not just assigned reading. And thus learned how to think.

      • Logan,

        “A big percentage of them just blindly follow whatever dictates “authority” tells them”

        Well, that’s not very smart, is it?

        Luckily, though I’ve been through the academic wringer, I couldn’t much stand academia, and believe I have a brighter fate before me.

        The crux of that is I’ve never been much good at doing what I’m told.

      • There are the ‘smart’ people who still have the authority-worship complex of a 5 year old.

        Then there are the ‘smart’ people who are genuine, full-blown psychopaths… who believe they ARE the authority.
        THAT is the most dangerous pairing of character traits in human history.

  9. Remember the Quincy M.E. (Medical Examiner) show? Quincy (Jack Klugman) and his sidekick Sam solved many a murder! It used to be that, if people that died weren’t under the care of a physician (or hospice, etc.), that an autopsy was required. I’m not sure when exactly that changed or the process of how we got to “here” from there.

    Nowadays, at least in some places like PA, the body doesn’t even go to the morgue! Never mind an autopsy. They haven’t got time for that! All deaths are probably caused by covid or climate change anyway, so right off to the funeral home and have a nice day.

    These days, “Quincy” will ask you what medications was the deceased taking? Blood pressure meds? Statins? Diabetes? They will then write something as patently absurd as “Immediate Cause: Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease” along with “Other Significant conditions: hyperlipidemia” without so much as even requesting any corroborating information from the deceased patient’s physician or even looking at recent bloodwork.

    No longer is any of that “unnecessary” research required. They don’t even have to state what actually caused the person to die, e.g., the heart stopped or the person bled out, etc.

    A shocked family member postulating something like “I think she might have been taking statins or had high blood pressure but I’m not sure” is evidence enough!

    Besides, we all know the real cause of heart disease, cancer, young people dropping dead suddenly, is climate change. Just ask The Science.

  10. As someone who’s watched Jeopardy! for over 30 years, I’m disgusted that once again, they’re running a “Second Chance” tournament that is “Brought to you by Moderna”. They even run PSAs and ads from Moderna claiming that “vaccination” is the best way to protect yourself against COVID despite massive evidence to the contrary.

    And as someone who’s also watched The Price is Right for a long time, I thought it was disgusting when current host Drew Carey was closing out each show imploring viewers to “Wear a mask when out in public” and/ or “Get vaccinated”. Thankfully he quit doing that 2 years ago. The show producers and/ or CBS must have gotten a lot of grief from viewers for it, as since then he’s simply implored viewers to “Stay healthy”, which is what he should have done the whole freaking time instead of acting like he’s a doctor and giving medical advice.

      • Hi Swamp,

        Drew Carey has been the host of The Price is Right for 16 years now, and the show is starting its 52nd season next week, so he and/ or the producers must have been doing something right after Bob Barker retired as host in 2007. Could you imagine though if Rosie O’Donnell had become the host instead of Carey after Barker retired? There was a rumor circulating at the time that Rosie O’Donnell was interested in being the new host and wanted to make some radical changes, and given how polarizing she is, had she become the host instead of Drew Carey and made the changes she was speaking of, she might have turned off MILLIONS of viewers, including myself.

    • Hi John,

      I was at the gym one rainy day trying to ride the stupid exercise bike – 5 minutes feels like 30 – and watching the Price is Right, which I used to like as a kid. They had Carey “socially distancing” on a marked spot – the contestant standing on another spot six feet away. It was incredibly awkward and pathetic to see this.

      • Hi Eric,

        I hated that format as well, plus NO audience where contestants were called to “Come on down!”. Contestants who were called came out from behind a curtain instead. Thankfully that awful format only lasted one season, though instead of bringing back a FULL audience, they had a small audience sitting in what looks like pods. The show will now be in a new studio, and from what I’ve read elsewhere, they’ll have a full audience.

        Another game show that adopted a “socially distant” format that, imo, killed it is 25 Words or Less.

        • Got to respect “Wheel” during all that. Some separation, and they invented that piece of pipe to spin the wheel. But Pat and Vanna came out hand-in-hand on every show. I have a feeling that Vanna is a lot smarter than given credit, and Pat is one of the smartest guys around (especially for a “conservative”). He just doesn’t want people to know it.

    • John B:

      I watch Jeopardy a lot, but am often discussed by it as well. They really promote the “LGBTQ. . .” narrative, with people masquerading as another sex, often referring to them as “they.” Ken Jennings will say something like” “And what did THEY wager?”

      Sometimes they’ll even sell entire categories. Oftentimes these will be used to promote pharmaceuticals or the medical industrial complex. These are designed so that the contestant will be compelled to give the answer that they want the viewers to hear: “What is getting your annual flu shot.” There’s a lot of vaccine and virology stuff along with a lot of regime “history” lessons.

      I often fantasize about being a contestant so I can answer things using air quotes or slipping in subversive comments. Like: “What is the [conspicuous air quotes] THE COVID VACCINE.” I remember there was one about the first female Sec. of State. I would have loved to have said: “Who was the DESPICABLE Madeline Albright.”

      • Hi ML,
        Speaking of the LGBTABCXYZ agenda I hated the weeks that the tranny Amy Schumer was on, had to look away every time the camera was on “her”.

        • I missed out on that misery. I find her absolutely loathsome and insufferable. She’s the least funny “comedian” I’ve ever seen, and of course, the cousin of the detestable Chuck Schumer.

          I don’t think she’s a tranny though. Just butt ugly, right?

          • Amy Schneider. Won $1,382,800. And she is definately, openly, trans and making the most of it, both on Jeopardy! and any other place she can sell the Kook Aid.

          • You’re mixing up ugly Jewish women/men. Amy Schneider is the tranny who had a long winning streak and is acclaimed as one of the best women players ever. But just actually another guy. Amy Schumer is the unfunny comedienne from Saturday night live, that went on to be unfunny in several forgettable movies and comedy “specials”. Mayim Bialek is the one from Big Bang Theory that guest hosts once in a while.

      • Guess I missed out on a bunch of Jeopardy, the wife and I used to watch it everyday, but years ago. The Gay Faggy Tranny stuff would turn me off immediately. The channel as well. I bet it had that effect with many regular watchers, shit only old folks watch that crap anymore. The only thing we watch on TV now is an occasional sporting event or when grand kids are around a cartoon thing.

      • Hi ML,

        I don’t remember Ken Jennings saying stuff like “What did they wager?” That might have been during Amy Schneider’s run as champion, and I only watched a bit of her original run as Jeopardy champion.

        As for The Price is Right, while I hated the “Social distancing” & no audience format, at least when they were doing that, the announcer didn’t call contestants to “Come on out!” (from behind a curtain).

        • Ken referred to Matea Roache (not a tranny, but a graduate of “sexual diversity and gender studies” from the U. of Toronto) and Hannah Wilson (a man pretending to be a woman) as a “they.” There have been a couple other “theys” whose names escape me right now.

          I believe Ken referred to Amy Schneider as “she.”

          All very strange and surprising since I understand Ken to be a Morman, in which homosexuality is condemned.

      • Hi BaDnOn,

        I’d hate to have to quit watching Jeopardy altogether for the reasons stated here. I already quit watching it the past year or two whenever Mayim Bialik was hosting, as I can’t stand her as host.

        • Haven’t seen her host it, yet. I actually seldom catch the show, but last night wasn’t their night. Tonight doesn’t look good, either.

          • Hi BaDnOn,

            I don’t know if you already heard, but if memory serves, it was reported 2 years ago that Ken Jennings & Mayim Bialik would take turns hosting Jeopardy! instead of producers choosing one or the other as permanent host. Producers were originally going to have former Price is Right Executive Producer Mike Richards be J! host until a complaint from a former model from Richards’ time as Price is Right CO-EP, along with some inappropriate comments he made on a podcast years ago, forced him to step down. Now that Jeopardy is in its 40th season on the air, I haven’t read anything indicating that Jennings & Bialik won’t continue taking turns hosting.


    • Has Vaxtard Celine Dion died yet??
      Remember the assholes wanting purebloods starved to death?
      Also the Dilbert comics writer… Scott Adams?

      NOW ATTACKING PUREBLOODS ….Wait for it..

  11. We are personally witnessing in sad disbelief, a very good friend, who up until last year was healthy and worked out regularly be struck down with aggressive cancer. The speed with which this cancer has overtaken him is terrifying.

  12. ‘She says the hospital where she works is – if not quite overflowing (yet) – very busy all of a sudden.’ — eric

    Well then, obviously those hard-pressed workers in the cancer ward need a raise. Commiefornia to the rescue:

    ‘The California legislature has passed a bill that would establish a $25 hourly minimum wage for workers in hospitals and other medical settings. The bill now awaits a decision by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

    ‘By preempting local ballot measures on minimum wage and compensation, all healthcare workers will be paid equitably regardless of where they work.

    ‘Tia Orr, executive director of Service Employees International Union California, also praised the bill. “By and large, Black and brown workers have held the lowest-paid and most overlooked jobs in healthcare, so SEIU workers are particularly proud of this landmark investment in equity.”


    Behold, in all its splendor, the result of ‘health care’ becoming totally gov-regulated and gov-whipped. Its well-connected union demands more, more, more money, which Democrat politicians dutifully fork over in return for votes for their institutional ruling party.

    The only participant missing at the negotiating table is, of course, customers. Although since most patients have third-party insurance-mafia payers footing the bill, they aren’t really customers at all — just entities to be ‘processed.’

    What a great neon billboard for health tourism to Mexico, Thailand, India, etc. Besides offering services at a fifth of the cost, those countries’ personnel mostly are selected based on qualifications, not ‘investment in equity.’ *shudders*

    • Hi Jim,

      In re: “all healthcare workers will be paid equitably regardless of where they work”:

      There it is. From each according to his ability, to each, according to his need.

      What is “equitable”? It is subjective. It is whatever a person feels he is “owed” – irrespective of what people are willing to pay for his work. The market – when it existed – obliged an employer to pay what his workers were worth – but not more than that.

      I am glad I am not 20 again.

      • US health care is de facto nationalized, though it retains some nominal private participation for looting purposes.

        Medicare and Medicaid, representing about half the demand, dictate their own prices. In the other half, mostly paid by insurers, the same procedure can exhibit price differences amounting to a factor of ten or twenty. This is extreme price discrimination, and Merrick Beria Garland sees no evil.

        The covid episode further poisoned ‘health care,’ as the corrupt US fedgov lavishly subsidized dangerous, fatal treatments such as ventilators and remdesivir, killing hundreds of thousands.

        Now the latest ‘boostahs’ have been rubber-stamped with ZERO safety testing in humans. They injected a few lab rats, found some antibodies in the little critters, and pronounced that all is well and good for you and me.

        It’s a wonder there aren’t more shooting incidents by aggrieved survivors in America’s murderous and broken ‘health care’ organized crime regime.

        • Hospitals were giving remdesivir to patients against their explicit instructions. Patients who specifically stated that they did not want to be injected with remdesivir were injected by the hospitals anyway, because the hospitals were being bribed by the government huge amounts of money to do just this.

          Before all of this covid bullshit started, I never would have imagined that hospitals would as a matter of policy kill their own patients in exchange for lavish bribes.


          • Hi Martin,

            Indeed. I’ve mentioned before I grew up around doctors and hospitals. The system has changed remarkably and not for the better. It has become bureaucratic and corporate at the same time, kind of like the DMV and with the same general attitude expressed by the employees – which is (sadly) what many doctors are now. My grandfather was an independent practitioner who ran his own practice and so was in charge of it. I doubt he would have yessa massa’d and worn a Face Diaper (and felt and looked like an imbecile) nor demanded his patients wear one, either. But a doctor today is beholden to his employer and often greatly in debt and has to deal with exorbitant costs as well. This trifecta serves to make them what George Carlin once described as obedient workers. They do as they’re told. This includes telling us what to do, too.

        • Always thought that statement was bogus, what if your ability is zero and your “needs” are endless? Only works if everyone is a saint, but all of us are sinners so never gonna happen.

      • Creepy EP,
        But at 67 .. I feel as though I Luckily slipped through the decaying US Empire alimentary tract…the good times ( post WW2 Hero. on the way to zero)
        Middle class. America is being systematically destroyed by a small sliver of obscenely wealthy whackos that think they can dictate to the hoi polloi whatever they desire..
        Paul Craig Robert’s called it BAGS OF MONEY CAN BUY ANYTHING ..
        I’m glad I have no progeny 🎯

        • RE: “I’m glad I have no progeny 🎯”

          Via Websters, “That Latin word is itself an offspring of the prefix pro-, meaning “forth,””

          I wish you did.

          Perhaps, guys like you need to get busy like David Letterman did ?

          There needs to be more young people with your mindset. …How else is that going to happen? Hard times, creating them? For sure.
          But, ya know, you could add to the equation?
          …Just thinking out loud.

  13. Cancer is the result of the body mutating normally functioning cells into cells that are not normal. Isn’t that similar to what the mRNA jabs do? They cause your cells to produce spike protein, a pathogen. And then your body attacks the cells producing the spike. Millions took these jabs and now we wonder why there’s an uptick in cancers? The jabs are programming your body to do things that are not natural for its immune system.

    I needed to visit the ER yesterday. Hardly a diaper wearer in the place. However, I was asked multiple times if I was jabbed. I always answered “I’ve had COVID” and wouldn’t answer the question. I left it up to the interrogator as to how to fill out the form. If enough people would refuse to answer these kinds of intrusive questions, then maybe they’d stop asking them. Then again, maybe they need to know if you’ve been jabbed because that may be why you are at the ER? Oh – you’ve been recently jabbed – let me check your heart!

    • Cells mutate during replication fairly routinely. Cancer is generally a failure of the immune system to snuff them out when they do. Vitamin C, sunshine, fresh air, exercise will prevent cancer and are likely the best treatment as well.

    • Its creepy the way doctors office staff wants to know this information. I went to the dermatologist for a minor thing a few months ago and the nurse assistant acted like nurse rached demanding to know if I had been vaxxed I said yeah sure thinking that would appease her but no, then she wanted to know which one, Phizer or Moderna. A dermatologist!?. Wt actual!

      • Yes – I am routinely asked this question, and others, the answers to which in no way help them treat me for whatever condition I am there for. They want the information. Fortunately, their IT systems are screwed up and can’t communicate with each other properly, so consolidating all of this info is more difficult.

        • Hi Howard,

          Last time I went to a Quack – this was six years ago, to (foolishly) get a Tetanus booster after I chainsawed myself a little – they asked me to fill out a form and on the form was a question asking whether there were guns in my home. I haven’t been to a Quack since.

          • My kids’ pediatrician that they’ve been seeing since birth once asked one of my kids if there were any guns in the house. We have not been back.

          • Jesus, that’s nuts. I think they gave up in my rural med network, EVERYBODY has guns. I like my new doc pretty much same as the old doc. Cholesterol sky high for years, meh. They both have stethoscope’d me all over, no signs of blockage. Ankle pulses like a 20 year old. No statins for St. Sparkules.

            “Interested in any vaccination Sparkey?”
            “No thanks, especially since you’all damn near killed me 5 years ago with a so called tetanus “booster” that was a TDAP shot!”
            “OK I’ll take that as a firm no.”

            Be very wary of any proposed jabs even if they’re “old school” stuff. I’m done, never any more.

            • RE: “No thanks, especially since you’all damn near killed me 5 years ago with a so called tetanus “booster” that was a TDAP shot!”

              Yo, me too. What a horrible ride/learning experience that was! … ‘Bout 12 years ago or so, back when I thought doctors should be trusted & they practiced actual, you know, medicine.


              Anyway, besides the gun bit, I love this, too, ” Cholesterol sky high for years, meh. They both have stethoscope’d me all over, no signs of blockage.”

              Fits right in with this:

              ‘Why Your Doctor is Wrong About Cholesterol’


              • Hi Helot,

                In re the Tetanus “booster” … same here. I reluctantly (at the prodding of my ex-wife) went and got one after a chainsaw incident (just a good gouge and a better scar). And it was right around that time I began to develop serious stiffness in my shoulders. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s coincidence. I don”t know – and I know that correlation isn’t necessarily causation. Still, I wish I hadn’t taken the damned shot.

                My shoulders are 75 percent better now – seven years later – but I still don’t have the range of motion I used to have.

                The bottom line, for me, is that I have lost all trust and respect for “medicine,” to use shorthand to describe the corporatized, government-beholden system that controls doctors in this country. They are mostly now just the poodles of the two combines, which have merged to become indistinguishable one from the other.

              • Diphtheria vaccination

                [2012 Jan] FURY AT VACCINE SCANDAL HUNDREDS of public sector workers who claim their lives have been wrecked by vaccines say the Government has abandoned them.

                Up to 200 doctors, nurses, firefighters, prison officers, police officers, forensic scientists and binmen say they have developed serious physical and mental health problems after injections essential for their work over the past 10 years…..

                All have given up their jobs and some are now 60 per cent disabled. Last night it emerged they are to miss out on payouts, prompting furore among campaigners……health problems, which include chronic fatigue, muscle pain, weakness and cognitive problems, because illnesses developed soon after vaccination……Steve Robinson, ….was vaccinated six years ago against hepatitis A, B and polio, tetanus and diphtheria as part of his work as a forensic specialist.

                Two days later he became ill and developed muscle weakness and chronic fatigue……is now 60 per cent disabled, which an industrial injuries tribunal put down to the vaccinations. He has also been diagnosed with macrophagic myofascitis, a disabling condition which may be caused by the aluminum in vaccines.

                He also suffers from problems that cause him to fall with no warning. He said: “Before I had the vaccinations I was very healthy, a keen mountain biker and enjoyed walking and keeping fit.

                This sounds exactly like the forced/mandated 2022 bat germ vaccination and it’s deaths/injuries….


            • Indeed, Sparkey!

              One of the would-otherwise-be-funny aspects of recent years is being hectored about “health” by sedentary, unhealthy people. I remember walking around the supermarket sans the Idiot Rag (which I never wore, as I am not an idiot and don’t like looking like one) and noting that I was one of a very few people in the joint who wasn’t extremely overweight. I have gotten into the habit of keeping tabs on this and I swear, anywhere I go, at least half the people are serious fatties. I am not talking about having a little extra around the middle; ten or even 20 pounds heavy. I am talking about the kind of obesity that would have drawn stares back in the ’70s, when a slightly chubby guy (by modern standards) like Jackie Gleason was considered a fatty.

              • It wouldn’t be quite so bad if a great many such of the feminine variety didn’t wear spandex. As if they are proud of their fat.

                • Indeed, John –

                  There is a woman who goes to my gym and – I am not exaggerating – she must weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 pounds. And she wears a skin (well, folds) tight leotard that leaves nothing to the imagination.

              • My fit as a fiddle at the time 80 something father in law had it out with his MD – father in law no gut and toned, had had enough from the well overweight smoker MD and his staff of sweathogs. “You expect me to show up here every 6 months for you to spend 5 minutes humming and hawing – you want my money but don’t want to earn it, and besides why would I take advice from someone that won’t take care of him self! And your staff is disgustingly overweight, ALL of them”. Doc promised to a better job and admitted Frank was correct.

              • Agreed with the exception of the repair of certain mechanical injuries such as broken bones, ruptured spleen, hernia, etc. With that said, the US system might be so corrupt that you may be better of going to Mexico or some place else.

                Gotta be super careful about who you see and what they do. No general anesthesia if possible and if so write with a sharpie where surgery is to be performed and not performed. Many stories about the wrong limb being amputated.

      • I agree, RS –

        One of the things I have to dislike about modern medicine is the disrespectful, condescending manner of treatment. Sit here, like a good little boy. Now answer all of doctor’s questions!

      • RS
        The assholes are tracking you!
        The VA asked if I “Had been vaxed “….
        I replied no…did some “va community care stuff and UHealth” asked if I had been vaxed..
        Being a smug ass i said “Against Propaganda? Absolutely “🎯😂

        • You’re a model for your age bracket, Expat.
          (I’m assuming you’re pre-Iraq vet?)
          I wish my Army Vietnam Vet F.I.L. & my ex-Marine father had half the gumption you did.

          …They are eating this sheet up like it’s the best gumbo ever & there’s absolutely Nothing I can say to convince them otherwise.

          Glad to see you’re doing the good fight.

          ‘Triumph – Fight The Good Fight’


  14. A vaccinated person can become ill with Covid, how can that be? The vaccine is not effective if you can still get Covid, you’re in denial if you think the vaccine prevents infection and provides immunity, have to admit it just doesn’t work and probably has made matters worse.

    Today is Leo Strauss’ birthday, the original neoconservative. Too bad he was even born and it is good that he’s dead.

    • Hi Drump,

      Astounding – baffling – isn’t it? The fact that the “vaccines” do not prevent infection or transmission is now established/admitted fact (it was derided initially as “misinformation” to state the fact) and yet these drugs are still being pushed.

      Isn’t it illegal to falsely advertise a product?

      • I freaking don’t get it – the only justification the drug pushers can offer is the vaccines prevent “severe illness and hospitalization”. I am actually curious as to what the uptake rate will be on these new vaccines. Will the masses really fall for this again? Will they just lie to us and claim people are lining up to get re vaxxed and if not, how will the powers that be react to low uptake?

        • RE: “Will they just lie to us and claim people are lining up to get re vaxxed”

          I have not heard of any drive-thru vax area in the parking lot of any of the grocery stores here like last time.
          I should drive by the old Sears store at the mall in the big city & see if they are using it again as a vax drive-thu and if cars are lined up to get in. …National Guard working the entrance. etc…

          …Do you think any of that madness is going on? Even in Blue cities?

          It’s hard to imagine ‘they’ could successfully lie about all of that taking place.

  15. There is no gnome of an actual biological natural virus. Its never been isolated and purified so no gnome can exist. The Gnome they ‘say’ is the gnome is computer generated called insilico. Sort of like modeling Global Warming which also does not exist.

    Since there is no biological natural Sars2 virus, there can be no vaccine nor can there be a test. At 40 cycles the PCR could probably find Elvis. The PCR is set up to find a shortened sample of virus gnome of their computer simulated virus,,, not the entire gnome which does not exist.

    Since there can be no vaccine without the entire gnome of a natural virus then one needs to wonder exactly what is in the ‘vaccine’ they’re injecting. Also, since no natural virus exists,,, there can be no mutations.

    Scientists, doctors and hospitals are collecting mucho billions of Fedbux for simply diagnosing covid and using Fauci’s treatment protocol. A vent which kills 80% of patients. A barrage of a drug called remdesiver which has a 50+ % kill rate. It killed so many they had to stop a trial being done in Africa. Many elders were also starved to death. Then as insult to injury, if they claimed covid was the cause the hospital got a bonus.

    Warning! Stay away from any of their supposed new covid vaccines,,, stay clear of the RSV and FLU vaccines, and the Bi and TRI valents.

    A good source for information,,,, Caution,,, 1 hour video but it explains a lot.


    • Amen, ken:

      “There is no gnome of an actual biological natural virus. Its never been isolated and purified so no gnome can exist. The Gnome they ‘say’ is the gnome is computer generated called insilico. Sort of like modeling Global Warming which also does not exist.”

      • SARS-CoV-2 is a type of Betacoronaviruses responsible for COVID-19 pandemic disease. Genetically, it is considered the second largest genome of all RNA viruses with a 5′ cap and 3′ poly-A tail. Phylogenetic analyses of coronaviruses reveal that SARS-CoV-2 is genetically closely related to the Bat-SARS Like-Corona virus (Bat-SL-Cov) with 96% whole-genome identity. SARS-CoV-2 genome consists of 15 ORFs coded into 29 proteins. At the 5′ terminal of the genome, we have ORF1ab and ORF1a, which encode the 1ab and 1a polypeptides that are proteolytically cleaved into 16 different nonstructural proteins (NSPs). The 3′ terminal of the genome represents four structural (spike, envelope, matrix, and nucleocapsid) and nine accessory (3a, 3b, 6, 7a, 7b, 8b, 9a, 9b, and orf10) proteins.

          • Dear, Ugg, RE: “I reiterate. Name, address, field of expertise and CV.”

            …I’m really getting to like you.
            Keep it up.

            Everyone, everywhere should call them on their bullshit.

        • And we should all believe it because lyspooner says so. This is the same commenter that admitted earlier today:

          ” I am not a researcher nor do I have any specialized knowledge of the technology. Like you I am dependent on other people or sources for my information.”

          Nice work lyspooner! You don’t know a damn thing other than what’s spoon fed to you by Big Pharma and the medical industrial complex.

  16. Fortunately in my neck of the woods of Oregon, I rarely see people wearing face diapers, but apparently there’s a group of kids who are planning on urging Governor Tina Kotek to declare a “Climate Emergency”. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s also a group of kids or even a group of adult hypochondriacs who want the governor to declare a “COVID Public Health Emergency” and issue diktats that EVERYONE MUST wear face diapers again AND take that “New and improved COVID vaccine” that the CDC “Recommends for everyone 6 months and older.”

    • Hi John,

      Yesterday I ventured to Wal Mart for the first time in a long time. More Diapered employees than customers. They also had a Diaper Drone standing by the exit to check receipts. They didn’t used to – which is why I go to this Wal Mart. I will not abide being treated as a presumptive thief. I walk right by them and dare them (with my eyes and my attitude) to try to stop me. I ignore their stupid bleats. Let them call the cops. I didn’t steal anything and unless they have cause to believe I did – as in something more than me refusing to show them a goddamned receipt for items I just bought ten yards away – they can crunch rotting fish heads for all I care.

      • Hi Eric,

        I’ve grown to despise shopping inside Walmart the past few years. It seems they REALLY want their customers to use Self checkout instead of going through a traditional human ran checkout lane, as there’s only like 2 human checkers or so and lots of Self checkout lanes. You don’t even get a discount for ringing up your own purchases, let alone paid for doing so or thanked by staff who should be doing what you’re doing yourself. However, the last time I went to a human ran checkout lane, the checker was painfully slow with a customer in front of me, as he didn’t seem to know what he was doing. When it came time for him to ring up my purchase, he wasn’t any faster. Not only that, I don’t know if it’s the case with ALL Walmarts, but the Walmarts here don’t even have plastic bags anymore for people to place their purchases into, which would make it appear customers are just stealing stuff as they’re leaving the store. Given my own contempt for Walmart anymore, if there’s stuff I just have to get from there, I order it online and have it delivered. I may even try the “pandemic era” online shopping one day and drive to a Walmart parking lot to have an employee deliver it to my vehicle, though you run the risk of getting food that’s close to date or not even getting certain things because it’s out of stock, as there’s someone I know who has had that experience.

        • Well and when gangs are grabbing what they want with no intervention from employees, how does Walmart or Costco still think they can check receipts? At some point the two extremes will eventually cross. Where there will be a line of sheep waiting to get their “receipts checked” while a gang of shoplifters run past with their stolen goods!
          And has anyone anywhere even once ever seen a customer show their receipt and an employee stop them, blare a siren and have them hauled off after discovering stolen items! Never!!

          • Amen, RS –

            The receipt-checking thing is just another degradation ritual meant to show us what they think of us. And – of course – it’s not us who are doing the stealing. Which is precisely why it’s degrading.

            • RE: “The receipt-checking thing”

              I’ve read some good bits about that, very good ones. Wish I could find the URL’s to post here. Or, could remember everything I ever read on The Internet so I could paraphrase.

              Best I can do is: you handed over the cash, the objects are now yours at the point you handed over your cash.

              …Tell ’em to F-off.

              I think a lawyer wrote some of that.

              • I like that and never thought of it that way but yeah you’re right! I paid for my stuff now am taking my things and leaving but the store i just paid who,pin bucks to says they need to paw through my belongings before I can exit? I knew there was a reason I stopped going to Costco….i just kept getting this fu emotion every time they did that…..

        • They get free labor because you have to scan-checkout your own purchases….while the staff look over your shoulder to make sure you are not… not scanning….treating you like a thief….

          Lots of items when scanned scan higher then the price marked on the shelf….they are thieves….most people do not even check…..I go right in their face and talk loud enough other customers can hear….free labor then they steal money from you too…..

      • Ep
        Jacinda Ardern (NZ cashiered party boss)
        Is coming to location near you!!
        The Horse is at Harvard… unbelievable..
        “We need censorship… to protect free speech????”….
        EP totally creeped out by my Connecticut roots!!!
        6 of the 8 ivy League colleges surrounding my home state and not intelligent Tellurian within catapult distance??

  17. Eric: Do I get extra points for being the first to identify LySpauci for what it is? I think there will be a great uptick of LySpauci comments. What a shill.

      • LySpauci: Give me your real name, address , email, cell phone and your CV to examine your background to make unsupported statements regarding the alleged disease and it’s treatment.

        After you do that I will discuss the issues with you.

          • Hi Lysander –

            One of the side effects of the “pandemic” is the established corruption of the medical system. Nothing it says or does can be trusted or presumed accurate/true. It is become a creature of the HMO/pharmaceutical mafia and is as reliable a source of sound information as the FDA.

            • Yes the MDs earned a Big Black Eye in credibility….with the now well established Fraudchi Scamdemic…
              Deliberate ignorance by MDs?… bags of money??
              Remember fellow Tellurians…
              Always ask wether your Medical Professional

              Took the “Hippocratic oath”….Or
              “the Hypocrite oath”🎯👍

    • Of course, Ugg!

      And: You’d be surprised to learn about what’s been going on behind the scenes. But then again, maybe not. Luckily, EPautos has top shelf computer help now!

      • I noticed the site was “a little slow” just now.

        Sorry that you have to put up with people trying to shut you up because they disagree. It didn’t have to be like this, the Internet is an infinitely large space. If I don’t like someone’s opinion, I move on. Life’s too short to waste time attempting to quell differing opinions. And of course there’s an entire army of politically motivated hackers happy to help shut out our voice. An army that’s becoming more mercenary all the time.

        Make no mistake, we are in a cyber war.

  18. None of the vaccines interact with or alter your DNA in any way, and therefore cannot cause cancer.

    Messenger RNA (mRNA) is not the same as DNA and cannot be combined with DNA to change your genetic code. Here’s now mRNA vaccines actually work:

    The mRNA vaccines use a tiny piece of the coronavirus’ genetic code to teach your immune system how to make a protein that will trigger an immune response if you get infected. The mRNA is fragile and it delivers the instructions to your cells to make antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. The mRNA does not enter the nucleus of the cell — the part that contains your DNA.

    Therefore, there is no way that somehow the mRNA vaccine could inactivate the genes that suppress tumors or cause tumors.

    • Oh my! I heard that from LySpauci! I know you and your ilk.

      Eric this is another one. Keep popping up like weeds in a garden. Gotta pull em.

    • You have no idea what the mRNA “vaccine” does, because it was never effectively tested, and the contents are considered proprietary, and so are not revealed. We do know that they don’t work, and have the worst adverse event record of any vaccine ever allowed to remain available. Which makes a reasonable person a bit skittish.

    • Hi Lyspooner,

      The fundamental problem here is no one really knows what these drugs – they are not vaccines – actually do. Well, other than not work – to “stop the spread.”

      The whole thing is opaque and that ought to be alarming to any thinking person. People were led to believe these drugs were “vaccines” – by telling them, untruthfully, that these drugs would immunize them. That if they took the drugs, they would not get and could not spread the “virus.” That was a lie. They were not told about the many serious side effects noted in the hurry-up/skimpy trials conducted at “Warp Speed,” either.

      Your statements about the mRNA drugs are just your opinions and they are opinions predicated upon assumptions that are quite probably false.

      Kind of like “safe and effective,” eh?

      PS: Where is Richard Greene when you don’t need him?

    • lyspooner,

      That’s how we are told they are supposed/intended to work.

      That may or may not be how they actually work in practice (although I suspect rather strongly that it is not).

      You either fail to understand the difference, or you are deliberately trying to obscure the difference. Neither adds insight to the discussion.

      • I agree. It may or may not be how it works. I am not a researcher nor do I have any specialized knowledge of the technology. Like you I am dependent on other people or sources for my information. From what I have read it seems that the vaccine is not capable of altering DNA and I don’t think it can do enough damage to the immune system to increase the odds of cancer. But I do not know that for sure. You are certainly welcome to believe that.

        It is also important to note that there seems to be some pleasure derived by people who believe that the people that received the vaccine will get sick in some way, perhaps horribly, with an aggressive cancer. If it turns out that the vaccines were essentially worthless, then that would be a good thing compared to them being harmful. I’m sure we all know people that got the jab who we do not want bad things to happen to them. So any news that indicates they won’t get sick should be welcomed.

        I’m surprised that so many people are upset at my view that the vaccine is not as harmful as they might think. I would think that would be welcomed. It doesn’t prove that the vaccine pushers were right in any way. But free adults have the right to choose and I don’t think we should condemn them for that choice.

        • lyspooner:

          Conclusively proving that the jab (which is clearly not a vaccine) causes these “turbo” cancers might be a difficult task indeed. But proving it is just not necessary in this case, as there is/was absolutely no upside to injecting it into one’s body. Zero. It should be assumed by all that it’s poison. Nobody should allow themselves to be injected. I don’t know that injecting window cleaner into my body would be harmful, but I’d be an absolute fool to do so.

          You might be right about the schadenfreude aspect. I think this is a result of the cult trying virtually everything in its power to push the jab on everybody (including taking away employment and other benefits, denying lifesaving organ transplants and banishment from society -which is some pretty serious shit!), despite the non-believers’ warnings that it would be foolish to do so. You have to admit there’s a certain satisfaction in watching one hoisted on his own petard.

          I’ll make the grievous mistake of speaking for everybody here. I don’t think people are angry with you so much. I think there was a pushback from your first comment in which you made the unsupported, regime-media/Big Pharma assertion that “None of the vaccines interact with or alter your DNA in any way, and therefore cannot cause cancer. . .” You made it sound like you have conclusive, personal knowledge of this. You now clearly admit you don’t.

          When you assert a fact (especially one that’s so politically charged), you’d better back it up with real, primary-source evidence and not just an unsupported bold assertion (or perhaps worse, an appeal to authority like an AMA sanctioned hospital that’s allegedly ranked the best, etc.). Nobody here trusts “the experts,” nor should they.

          Now with all this said, your language and framing of the issues sure comes across like a Big Pharma “influencer” might do. Your language here seems particularly oily and agenda driven, if you know what I mean:

          “It is also important to note that there seems to be some pleasure derived by people who believe that the people that received the vaccine will get sick in some way, perhaps horribly, with an aggressive cancer. If it turns out that the vaccines were essentially worthless, then that would be a good thing compared to them being harmful. I’m sure we all know people that got the jab who we do not want bad things to happen to them. So any news that indicates they won’t get sick should be welcomed.”

          • The information I posted is a direct quote from the Kettering Sloan Cancer Inst. They are famous for the treatment of cancer and the saving of many lives. I realize it is difficult to trust anyone nowadays but they seem like they are (were?) one of the good guys.

            What would constitute real primary source evidence and not a bold assertion other then one of the top cancer centers in the world?

            You compare the jab to injecting window cleaner. Injecting window cleaner would clearly be dangerous while the vaccine was urged upon people by one time respected medical professionals and many others (Trump, etc.).

            It may also be true that the vaccine provides “some” protection in lessening the severity of the disease. I don’t know that to be true, but it might be. If that were true and it turns out not to be harmful otherwise then it is not such a disaster.

            • lyspooner:

              You write: “The information I posted is a direct quote from the Kettering Sloan Cancer Inst. They are famous for the treatment of cancer and the saving of many lives.” and “the vaccine was urged upon people by one time respected medical professionals and many others (Trump, etc.).”

              These are appeals to authority and do not constitute evidence of your bold assertions. This is no different than “trust the experts.” You cite to Trump? Give me a break.

              Your oily Socratic style, coupled with conditional assertions to reach some sort of agreement that the jab, if “it turns out not to be harmful” then quite possibly “is not such a disaster” (not my words), absolutely confirms in my mind you are a Big Pharma influencer. It also seems to have a non-human quality.

              By the way, why would injecting window cleaner clearly be dangerous? IF it had some medicinal properties AND “turns out not to be harmful,” THEN it may somehow be beneficial and “not such a disaster.” Would you agree? What if I told you it was recommended by a former president or some medical “experts?” Would you inject it then? If not, why?

              • I don’t know what you are banging on about re: appealing to authority. That only constitutes a fallacy when the authority is not an expert in the matter. If the top cancer center in the US is not an authority on cancer no one is. You might not like the opinion but it IS an expert one.

                Oily, Socratic style? What’s wrong with oil? This is a car site, right? What’s your problem with Socrates? He’s considered the founder of Western philosophy. You don’t like the opinion of the premier cancer center and the style of the Wests founding philosopher? Please don’t comment on my posts anymore it’s useless discussing things with you.

                • This does not appear to be a human-generated response:

                  “Oily, Socratic style? What’s wrong with oil? This is a car site, right? What’s your problem with Socrates? He’s considered the founder of Western philosophy.”

                  By the way, appeals to authority, whether an alleged “expert” or not does not constitute evidence. You inadvertently admitted to this when you referred to it as “the OPINION of the premier cancer center.” This is no different than “trust the experts” and it’s nonsense.

                  It sure is creepy arguing with a machine.

                • Holy chit Mang
                  Presently parking my hoi polloi ass in Santiago DR airport heading back to
                  Retardia for scheduled “oil changes”
                  at the VA gas station
                  Hope all is well.. in the country formerly known as.The United States of America

        • lyspooner,

          I see that you have switched tactics, and are attempting to make emotional appeals now.

          I don’t think that’s going to convince anyone either.

          Snake oil salesman-like typing detected.

            • OK ACE👍 after putting up with Asshole Zero efficacious clampdowns THAT PHarma instituted…. You appear to have won .
              Most people trusted healthcare professionals
              And got screwed…
              Weaponizing Cold and Flu season you scared all the hypochondriacs and gullible and ended up royally destroying the remaining US middle class. Hope you are happy!

              Personally I Demand every remaining sentient US Citizen listen to
              Mireille Mathieu’s Rendition of the “La Marseillaise “
              Circa 1958

              I’ll know you listened to it when I hear Billy gates has been decapitated 😂🎯🎯👍

            • You’re a bot ….simple punk coy comments..
              Wow.. 🎯
              Hey slick, how do you feel about Jacinda Arden 😳..
              Inquiring minds want to know 🤔

            • The Medical Industrial Complex presents a solution:
              “We will destroy your economic, social, and mental health to stop a virus that presents an average age of death about the same as average life span pre-covid. Take this “vaccine” with no long term safety testing, has the worst adverse event record of any vaccine ever allowed to remain available, and doesn’t work”
              What could go wrong?
              And you wonder why you get vitriolic response when you support such solution?

  19. Inevitably you’re going to get a protesting comment from the “correlation does not equal causation” folks.

    When they want you to follow orders they’ll advise that you just shut up and have faith in the “authorities,” but when you challenge them or assert that their advice may be harmful based o your observations, they become masters of logic and demand conclusive evidence.

    • Hi ML,

      Such people are also likely to post “Fact check” articles about the “vaccines” from establishment media outlets that are “Sponsored by Pfizer”, such as Reuters, AP, etc.

    • Correlation does not equal causation, but the former is required before the latter can be determined. It may not equal to, but it’s a strong hint.

  20. Unfortunate for those who fell for the scam that the overpopulationists will be culling the herd of those most likely to go along with their agendas.

    When it all shakes out, there will be a higher percentage of the population standing that opposes the global warming, drive and EV, 15 minute city lifestyle.

    Another reminder to never trust government.

  21. Their hubris got us into this mess, and now won’t let us out of it. The medical (or military, depending on who’s conspiracy you believe) establishment created the virus, their hubris blinding them to the obvious danger. Then when the unthinkable (but quite predictable) happened, their hubris tried at first to deny culpability, then that they could contain the contagion. When that failed, their hubris told them they could destroy their monster.

    Funny that humans are forever accused of destroying whole species. The passenger pigeon comes to mind. A species so prevalent they were said to black out the sky with their numbers. Yet somehow man destroyed every one of them due to our lust for fashionable hats. IDK but I find it hard to believe man was the culprit. Maybe because we like house cats, which are really great at killing birds, or some industrial effluent that’s ubiquitous in every habitat, but even then, pretty hard to understand the mechanism, especially when fashon dictates change quarterly. Nope, the PP was killed by evil men who were looking for a quick buck. Despite the ancient tradition of protecting animals that are responsible for your own livelihood.

    It took humans hundreds of years and dedicated effort to wipe out smallpox, and it pretty much only lives in humans. Inside humans. COVID viruses are everywhere and manage to survive all over the planet. Now we’re playing with them and an accident happened. That’s fine, they screwed up, admit guilt and move on -except now it’s way too late for that, the guilty will be hung in the town square by the mob, and they know it. So keep the wheel turning no matter what.

  22. As a natural skeptic and a having basic knowledge of history, I did not fall for the lies and so did not “roll up the sleeve”. And thank goodness my wife was of the same mindset as I was. I have heard marriages broke up due to the issue. We discussed the issue as a family enough that my kids were on board too, though I’m sure they are bombarded with propaganda at school.

    • I was just so shocked at how many people I had thought of as highly intelligent succumbed to the pressure. Some of them I had discussions with before they rolled up the sleeve and they agreed with me, but still did it. I feel for them because they thought they had no way to avoid it, but they were wrong. All they had to do was say NO and mean it. In some cases they would have been doubly better off, because a bunch of people who refused and were fired are getting their jobs back WITH BACK PAY! Like a 3 year vacation.

      • “Scientists have always been pawns of the military.” -David Marcus-Kirk (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn)

        This was the view of a good portion of the radical left for most of my life, especially the hippie-granola crowd. Then everything changes after Clinton defeated Bush the First and suddenly Al Gore is the official VP of science.

        • >“Scientists have always been pawns of the military.”

          Well…unless you are independently wealthy, you have to work for someone.
          Old story: he who pays piper calls tune.
          And in our time, “he who pays piper” has been the U.S. Government, more often than not. Of course, large private corporations can and do fund scientific research which is related to their primary objective, which is to make money.

    • The use of the “We can do this” slogan by the CDC was intentional, meant to invoke the “We can do it” WWII era poster found in many museum gift shops as of late. Thus, the vaccines were turned into a man/woman “empowerment” issue … like Brie driving the EV in those commercials.


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