Diaper Report: 08/17/2023

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Disco Fever never made a comeback – but Sickness Kabuki just may.

You can tell by watching and reading the predictive programming – e.g., CNN – brought to you by Pfizer. Which bought CNN and the rest of the corporate media shortly after it became legal for drug pushers to advertise on TeeeeVeeee. Drug pushers have a lot of money to spend and they spent it buying advertising space on CNN, et al. They bought so much advertising that CNN, et al, found they had become, for all practical purposes, owned by the drug pushers.

They do not admit this, of course. That would be a firing offense (as per Tucker Carlson). But they do tell you who their owners are:

The advertorials are warning of an imminent “triple threat”: The ‘Rona rebooted (of course) plus the flu and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). It’ll take at least three “masks” to “stop the spread” of that. Many people are already wearing one, again. And hospitals are pushing them again, according to reports received by the writer of these reports. There are once again boxes of the Let’s Play Doctor gear at the places where doctors are – and various attendants “asking” that people play along. They are not yet demanding – but how long will it be before they do?

Probably about two months.

There’s another election coming up, you see. How best to assure a positive result? The question answers itself.

As soon as people start getting the sniffles again, asking is likely to transition into demanding.

It won’t matter that you haven’t got the sniffles (catching them – catching the snot – is the only thing a “mask” may prevent some spreading of, but then there is the problem of a snot-suffused “mask” that continues to be worn, which is as “effective” at “stopping the spread” as wearing rather than changing a used diaper) or that the sniffles aren’t going to end you – unless you’re already almost there.

The only thing that will matter is how afraid people still are of the sniffles. That severity of those symptoms has not yet been palliated.

Speaking of that . . .

The advertorials are already urging people to get “vaccinated” – again. Even though they admit in the same breath that getting “vaccinated” (again) won’t prevent you from getting the ‘Rona, the flu or RSV – or spreading it, if you get it. Only that it will – here we go again – “reduce the chances of the worst outcomes.”

CNN – reading the talking points brought to them by Pfizer – says as follows:

“State and local health officials across the United States are bracing for a rise in respiratory illnesses this fall, and they are making plans to urge everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated against Covid-19, flu and respiratory syncytial virus once those shots become available.”

Italics added. They are “bracing” – means they are “making plans” to do some pressuring.

CNN quotes a white coat – Dr. Marcus Plescia – who is advertised as the “chief medical officer for the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials,” which is one of those non-governmental “agencies” that wields governing power. It “represents the public health agencies of all 50 states in the United States, the District of Columbia, the five U.S. territories, and the three freely associated states.” In other words, it is like the teacher’s union for the medical apparat. 

Among its stated goals are the “advancement of health equity” and “forming partnerships” to “increase rural immunization rates.” Isn’t that nice? It sounds  like it always does in these latter days, when entities that want to force something on you try to make it sound as though they aren’t determined to force something on you. 

Anyhow, the white coat brought to you by CNN, courtesy of Pfizer, says “We are very, very concerned about the upcoming pan-respiratory season.”

Italics added.

“Pan-respiratory”? It’s always sound policy in these latter days to take careful note of Suddenly Susan terms that come into almost-immediate general use – like “911,” for instance.

It is also worth bearing in mind that the Biden Thing’s choice for Gesundheitsfuhrer – that is, head of the Centers for Disease Control – is an even more controlling person that the outgoing R. Walensky (perhaps it ought to become a thing to refer to people in this manner, as they were referred to in the old Soviet Union, which seems to be what America is becoming, with an admixture of Chinese state “capitalism” salted in). The new Gesundheitsfuhrer is one M. Cohen, formerly the Krankenfuhrer of North Carolina during the late “pandemic.”

She is a very sick woman, indeed. She didn’t just wear a “mask.” She wore a “mask” emblazoned with the face of Anthony Fauci emblazoned upon it.

She wanted – she ordered – everyone to wear “masks,” too. That such a person has been given national authority (or rather, power) to “mask” the entire population ought to give you some clue about whether “masking” will be returning when the sniffles do. 

Protecting against respiratory diseases this fall is a central focus for CDC,” CNN helpfully relays. “Efforts will include preparing Americans for what to expect, helping them understand the risk for illness in their communities, and providing information on how they can protect themselves.” 

It all sounds so very Kumbaya, doesn’t it? But, of course, sensible people know what to expect – because they do understand the risk – and they know how to protect themselves.

From people such as M. Cohen and the rest of the apparat that’s been bought and brought to you by Pfizer.     

. . .

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  1. A little late to the Diaper Report party.

    No surprises that they’ll try this again. I don’t think they’ll get quite the mileage they did as last time.

    There was little excuse to go along with the kabuki, retards game of Simon says the first time around.

    (Although the average person is far more compliant than I am or for that matter most of the readers here.) If for some reason you go along this time with what is known now you are.
    (A.) Severely memtally retarded.

    (B.) A total coward

    (C.) Evil satanic mask fetish weirdo

    Oh yeah let’s hear the excuses Hur-dur hadda get muh stuff from Costco. Ur muh boss made me, ur muh mandate.

  2. This is Groundhog Day again. It’s close to fall which means respiratory season is here. They did it last year with the tripledemic so they are turning on the fear switch. And the Supreme Court said the tsa can issue diaper mandates but if they do again people will say no or you’ll see it back in the courts or locally sheriffs say no.
    I still think they’ll do climate lockdowns before the next selections to do kabuki theater again but this is a wildcard especially with the ihr deadline of late November to reject the regulations plus get the scamdemic treaty through. Also if the powers that be can get the fear porn up enough, it’ll give the fed a way to go back to qe like they did under Orange fail in 2020.

  3. Dr Pierre Kory, who pioneered early treatment of covid with ivermectin, gets published in the Lügenpresse by feigning incomprehension of persistent excess deaths:

    ‘Life insurance actuaries are reporting that many more people are dying – still – than in the years before the pandemic.

    ‘No one knows precisely what is driving the phenomenon, but there is an inexplicable lack of urgency to find out. A concerted investigation is in order.

    ‘There was an extreme and sudden increase in worker mortality in the fall of 2021 even as the nation saw a precipitous drop in COVID-19 deaths from a previous wave.’ — USA Today


    What happened in the fall of 2021? Hmmm?

    No one knows, no one knows … 😉

    • The effects of Needle rape began showing themselves in the fall of 2021. Not a word from our pious media mavens as this is when their narrative Died Suddenly.

      Still hard to believe anyone is lining up for more. I talked to a cousin last night who I haven’t spoken to since she started shilling for big Pharma. She worked hard to convince everyone in the family to gobble up the goo. Still standing by her courageous stand, she’s ready for another round of Vaccine roulette

  4. I hate to judge a book by it’s cover but in Mandy’s case, it’s an easy call. When she opens her mouth of course all doubt of your rushed judgement is removed…..

    Another short/bobbed hair retarded woman. I swear they are cloning them somewhere…..

  5. OT but how about that libertarian guy in Argentina (h/t to Nunzio for bringing him to the attention of the commentariat here acways back?


    Ya gotta watch him deliver the following en Espanol, it seems there’s a real fire in this guy’s belly, but here’s the text:

    “You can’t negotiate with leftards. You don’t negotiate with trash because they will end you! And since we are so much better than them, since we are defeating them in the cultural battle, we’re not only superior economically, we’re MORALLY superior, we’re aesthetically superior, we’re better than them at everything. And it hurts them. It hurts them. And since they can’t beat our arguments and ideas peacefully, they use the repressive apparatus of the state to try to destroy us, with taxpayer money to influence public opinion and destroy us, and yet they’re still losing! You understand? They’re losing. They’re desperate. Shit leftists are losing the cultural war. For the first time ever, leftards are cornered!”

    I like the cut of his jib.

    • Hi Funk,

      Deranged Lefties in America will eventually call this guy a WHITE SUPREMACIST, FASCIST, RACIST, AUTHORITARIAN, or some new term they concoct. They’ve already called Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis such names, and now some of them have even resorted to calling RFK Jr. such names as CLOSET REPUBLICAN, WHITE SUPREMACIST, RACIST, CONSPIRACY THEORIST, or even ANTI-VAXXER for daring to speak out against the COVID narratives (particularly the narratives involving the mRNA jabs) & challenging Joe Biden for the Democrat nomination for President.

      • I really don’t know much about the guy. The notion of a an-cap seeking political office has its own contradictions. Perhaps, such doctrine informs him but doesn’t control him. Yet, from this small sample, I get the impression he wouldn’t give a flying f what the LMS (lying media scum per Tom Dilorenzo at LRC) say about him. Plus, he’s right. He’s also on offense, which I like, and which is known to be the best defense. Furthermore, he seems to get the dynamics that we all face here today.

    • I hope he succeeds and it sets off a trend worldwide. I really like the fact that he is an economist and is trying to integrate Austrian Economics into government. I don’t like his ties with the WEF, but maybe it is one of those things that be able to make change you have to hang out with unsavory people.

      Any form of liberty and individuality should be celebrated by all. I hope he is a true believer and makes an incredible change to Argentina.

      Thanks, Funk, for posting this.

      • ‘I hope he is a true believer and makes an incredible change to Argentina.’ — Raider Girl

        Since a hundred years ago, Argentina officially has lopped off 13 zeros from its currency. Now it would need to chop off two more, for a total of 15, to bring the peso back to 35 cents on the dollar.

        No other country on earth — including much poorer ones — has such a sorry record like this. Argentines and fiat currency go together like teenagers and whisky: they just can’t handle it responsibly.

        Milei is absolutely right that the BCRA — Banco Central de la República Argentina — are the worst thieves with badges in all of human history.

        It wasn’t until soccer fans from other countries began burning worthless pesos to mock the Argentine players, that an outraged public finally said e-fuckin-nough with endless, demoralizing triple-digit inflation.

        The late president Néstor Kirchner promised in 2005 to make Argentina un pais serio — a serious country. Milei may finally deliver on that broken promise, twenty years on. Godspeed, chavón!

  6. Syncytial ?
    If I can’t pronounce it, I doubt many can.
    They are going to need a catchy new name if they hope to sell this horse turd.
    No doubt there are People Working On That right now.

    For now, I will RSVP to RSV with “Put it where the sun doesn’t shine, chump.”

  7. Whatever happened to Monkeypox? Too raciss sounding perhaps; not to worry, now the PTB are rolling out malaria and leprosy courtesy of all the lowlifes coming across the southern border.

  8. I’ve noticed the increase in ‘the rona, the rona’ in the last month or so. Summer is ending and they need a replacement for the Climate Change Soap Oprah ‘We’re all gonna die’ until next summer.

    Never ending hilarious horse hockey from Mafia.gov brought to you by Pfizer!

  9. At this point, anyone still so stuck on stupid as to wear a mask or get jabbed deserves everything this dystopian new world can shove down their blinkered gullets. At the very least many of them won’t be able to reproduce. For some, the great harlot is about to sit on their faces and leave them gasping for air. I see that as a very positive development.

    The WEF may be on to something here. In the barber shop yesterday, the old guys were talking about how the Governor of Hawaii was recently at some WEF circle jerk, volunteering Maui to be the first true 15 min city. Strange we’ve never seen fires like this before. The Stupids are running around claiming its global boiling. I’m beginning to wonder if it wasn’t deadly Co2 gas that killed all the jews in the camps.

    Once again, another epic GovCo fail will pass with no accountability. In the end, no justice will be forthcoming to those who didn’t sound the alarms. Also its been reported that water was withheld and someone ordered the firefighters to stand down. Unbelievable.

    • Didn’t you know,,, It was that hurricane that passed by out in the pacific. Due to climate change it became super duper powerful and started to rain fire on Maui…..

      • Fires started from the electric company neglecting the distribution system, because they are spending all the money on replacing “fossil” fuels with solar and wind……

        Just like in California recently.

        Note that you find that out from non-lamesteam media…..

        People won’t die from “climate change”, but they sure will from climate change policy from the government……

        • The people behind the “wildfires” told us in advance that this was coming and it has absolutely nothing to do with “climate”. I was told in middle school in class by science teachers that the fedgov (inc) was setting up laser platforms in orbit. Does anyone remember “diamonds are forever” with Sean Connery 50 years ago? Directed Energy Weapon in orbit. How about that other james bond movie from 20 years ago with pierce brosnan? Another DEW satellite. Or the X-Files episode from 1997? Another DEW shooting at things and people from orbit. Really, people they put it right in front of you and they even teach it in school, yet still nobody understands what they are doing. I know its fun being ignorant, fat, dumb and happy. That is coming to an end real soon.

          • So of all the things they could shoot from orbit with a laser, like Russian tanks, Chinese ships, Trumps hotels, they have decided to shoot trees in Canadian forests?

            • Whatever we are allowed to see, be it in movies, books, predictive programming conspiracy theories, is usually 10-20 years behind what they’re capable of.

              Why would they incinerate any of those things you mentioned Crusty? The agenda is getting everyone they can to give up as many rights and freedoms as possible in the name of global warm/cool/boil.

              They all work together for the good of the tribe, the Masons, the Garbage Elite, One World Order, whatever you want to call them/it. Going by many names, they all share the goal of human subjugation and pure tyrannical lawlessness. To think otherwise shows you’re not really paying attention. I’ll bet you’re the kind of feller still believes voting makes a difference if we just vote harder.

          • SM777, Went back and binge watched the X Files last winter. The first few seasons especially, are so full of things which have come to pass, it made me think Chris Carter was touched.

    • “At this point, anyone still so stuck on stupid as to wear a mask or get jabbed deserves everything this dystopian new world can shove down their blinkered gullets.”

      If the dystopia was only applied to these mask weirdos, that would be one thing. The problem is the mask wearing by the stupid leads to mandates for all and worse, and they will take us down with them. But I say bring back the mask mandates. More people are awake and will fight back this time.

      • Good morning, Alvin –

        I agree. But I also think we’re going to have a fight on our hands, this time. What I mean is, I think it’s very likely the “masks” – the mandates – are coming back. And I believe half or more of the general population will dutifully “mask up,” being either compliant sheep or actual true-believers who miss “masking.” Who miss being able to force others to “mask.” And being able to punish those who do not. They yearn to be able to do this again. I think it is important to understand this. It may not be as many as half the general population – but it’s a lot of them. These people are not just weaponized hypochondriacs; i.e., mentally ill/unstable people. They are Marxists. And there is no dealing with such people except in one way. This is an appalling prospect. But the fact that is appalling does not alter the gruesome fact of it.

        Our lot will be having to fight for our lives – as these people are determined to ruin them, if not outright end them.

  10. Good site to keep in mind if they continue banning Ivermectin use:

    But you won’t need it. Just keep some tonic water on hand. Quinine works just fine although you have to drink a liter of the stuff. You’ll probably have a little trouble hearing for a day or two.

    (and you might fall down a lot if you add gin…).

    Sometimes simple is better.

  11. Astute point and so well said with coining the phrase “Suddenly Susan Terms:”

    ““Pan-respiratory”? It’s always sound policy in these latter days to take careful note of Suddenly Susan terms that come into almost-immediate general use – like “911,” for instance.”

  12. What is scary, is that the vaccine makers are going to combine the flu and COVID jabs. You get a two-for-one special! I cannot help but wonder what repeated injections of the spike protein are going to do to the body? I already know of one person who died from the jab. There is even talk about putting this crap in the food! I am closely watching all my hospital co-workers who initially got the jabs, but are saying “hell no” to any more. Work pushes hard their yearly flu shots come Septembre, and I imagine this year will be no different. Those who do not get them (and the COVID jabs) will have to wear the face diapers until the end of April. On the bright side, I will be in good company with the diapers, as I am not the only one saying “no” to these bioweapon jabs. Although I think it is a violation of HIPPA privacy laws, as it is no ones damned business if I am jabbed or not, at the same time (now that the universal masking has been lifted), it will show who the sheep are.

    • Shadow: Although I think it is a violation of HIPPA privacy laws, as it is no ones damned business if I am jabbed or not,

      That’s a very good point. The medical establishment goes to great lengths to tell you how much they protect your medical privacy. I get unsolicited mail about it all the time. If that’s the case how can they insist on everyone knowing a persons “vaccination” status. That should be personal information.

  13. The reason why people get sick with contagious respiratory germs during the fall and winter (and in the summer in places like Florida and the Desert Southwest) is that people all head indoors and contaminate the stagnant indoor air with their germs.

    It works a lot like water contamination: Basically, when you have a stagnant water source with a lot of contamination going into it, and you drink it, you get dysentery, á la Oregon Trail, unless you drink upstream from the herd.

    You need to get your water from a non stagnant source, like a fast moving river, or filter/treat the water to avoid getting sick.

    The same goes for indoor air: it needs to be regularly refreshed and/or filtered and treated (think UV sanitizers) to keep germs from spreading.

    Trouble is, in the name of energy efficiency, buildings can’t “breathe” much and indoor air is recirculated too much (There’s that green stuff again!)

    So why aren’t we seeing updates to the building codes and the HVAC codes accordingly? And why hasn’t any stimulus “Build Back Better” effort or money gone toward upgrading public buildings’ HVAC systems?

    And another thing, actually two things: Why hasn’t gain of function research been stopped? Just as the world learned the hard way about the dangers of above ground nuclear testing and stopped it because it is so dangerous, the world has learned that gain of function research is also too dangerous—and useless too.

    And why weren’t the wet markets shut down? Keep in mind that there have been a lot of disease outbreaks coming from wet markets: namely H1N1 and SARS. If it hasn’t already happened, those wet markets are an accident waiting to happen.

    But in all of these, nothing is being done because, after all, you can’t let a good crisis go to waste.

    • Actually there was a lot of “build back better” money for upgrading HVAC systems. Since the declaration of R134 (? too lazy to look it up) as a pollutant and the complete ban on R12 there have been incentives to rip and replace old units. Most of these units were fairly clapped out anyway of course, so no big loss, aside from the extra real estate used by these new systems thanks to the less efficient refrigerant.

      This was an opportunity to rethink the HAVC system and improve what’s there. But then the bean counters get ahold of the bid and put the kibosh to that plan, so the same old problems persist. Including lousy indoor air quality.

      One of Vishnu’s arms not knowing what the other is up to, as usual.

      • Yeah, that would cut into the profitability of the commercial real estate business…especially since we’re using it a lot less.

    • 134A was mostly used in cars, that’s being phased out for 1234YF. Residential ac uses R410A, and that’s being phased out for I don’t know what. Funny thing is, 134 and 410 were replacements for R12 and R22, and were supposed to solve the ozone problem. Virtually every refrigeration and ac system in the country was replaced or retrofitted over a 10 to 15 year period, and in fact the ozone layer did come back. Whether Freon really had anything to do with it is arguable. And yet, here we are, problem apparently solved, but courtesy of the EPA, the Dupont family and HVAC/R industry will make more billions, replacing perfectly good units because you can no longer obtain the old refrigerant. Just like auto emissions, the problem was solved long ago, but the bureaucrats must forge ahead, expanding their power and control.

        • I mean, I guess if it stays in the lines that’s OK…

          But maybe that’s the real reason for the war on gas appliances. Houses going poof because of a screwed-up flare is bad “optics” for the new refrigerant.

        • Hi Roscoe,

          The R290 they are putting in commercial refrigeration and some AC units. Most residential units will be R454 or R32.

          Propane (R290) and butane (R600A) they have integrated into residential refrigeration equipment as well. Pretty much every chest freezer and refrigerator on the market today use these.

          • I always thought they used ammonia for commercial refrigeration; guess poisoning everyone in case of a leak wasn’t bad enough, need it to burn down too.

            • Hi Mike,

              In the old days they did and honestly, it worked great. It was efficient, cheaper to manufacture, and safer for the environment. The downside…it’s poisonous and doesn’t play well with copper.

            • Some of the really big industrial plants still use ammonia. Pretty dangerous too, they once had to evacuate a good part of the town when the Friendlys ice cream plant had a major leak. Before my utilities career I was a supermarket refrigeration tech for a few years. Most of it was R12, and the lower temp freezers were R502. I worked on an ammonia system once, scared the shit out of me. I got one small whiff when disconnecting a hose and I thought my lungs were on fire.

        • Propane was actually used for commercial ac systems back in the 40’s and 50’s. Its temperature/pressure and boiling point properties are virtually identical to R12 and it also was used in some instances as a drop in replacement for it in some automotive applications without the hassles of changing oil, expansion valves etc that are required to convert an old car to 134A. What’s old is new. I hear the greenies have a new technology for cargo ships. They have this fancy thingy, they call it a kite, and it catches the wind and moves the boat along. Damn, if only someone had thought of that a few hundred years ago!

      • Funny how 134A and R410A suddenly became “problematic” just as the patents on them are running out. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence, though.

  14. The local quacks in Austin are pushing Paxlovid heavily again. I overheard two co-workers talking about it the other day on one of my trips to the office. “It made me really sick, but I’m still glad I took it.”

    I’m sure we would have had mandatory masking already, enforced by Austin PD, but the cowards in the Legislature and Governor’s Mansion finally pushed through a law this year putting the masking authority with the Governor *three years* after the Kabuki started.

    Not that the Governor wouldn’t order masks. He never met an abortion restriction he didn’t like, but he’s been wishy washy on the pandemic response.

  15. Wearing a mask is participating in an occult practice, that is very dangerous, you are opening a door to have demons invade your body/mind/soul….forced on you by the luciferion aristocracy

    • I grew up in Satanism, Anonymous, and you are absolutely correct where the masks are concerned, and their eerie similarities to what we are seeing today. It is just that John and Jane Q. American sheep is not aware of the connection, and or/doesn’t care, because they are too busy walking off the cliff.

  16. These medical practices of Paracelsus are the foundation on which modern allopathic medicine is built….it has a monopoly in G7 countries and a lot of the planet….allopathic medicine is a belief…a religion…based on zero science….

    Did you know that Paracelsus….. the “father” of pharmacology was an occultist?
    He was a worshiper of Satan! He is a hero in the church of satan today…..

    It is amazing today that Paracelsus is known as the father of modern pharmacy! ….Where did he get his inspiration?…… Baphomet, Satan!….So he was possessed and was an instrument of satan?…….

    The luciferion aristocracy…….

    techno-utopianism was ultimately a Luciferian construct. …… that the aspiration to “usurp God” was Luciferian in character …..the wef/marxist/cultists see themselves as the new gods…. they claim moral authority over us all by Divine Right.
    this a Luciferian construct….so they are evil….but they are satanists so they invert it and say you are evil….

    The freemasons are the political wing of the luciferion aristocracy…it is a religion that worships satan….these politicians are religious fanatics/freaks running the planet…check out their net zero/climate change religion….

    The luciferion aristocracy is trying to make satanism mainstream…the new normal…

    Minneapolis Arts Center Slammed For Encouraging “Family Friendly” Demon-Summoning


    • Our leaders at the top of the power pyramid on the planet….the luciferion aristocracy…. are all satanists, worshiping satan (most of hollywood too now), this is supposed to be dangerous because you are inviting demons (spirits) into your body, so our leaders are all possessed, they are all insane now (insane, possessed = the same thing), this would explain why they want to cull 7 billion humans, that is not normal.

      so the reality of them inviting the demon of death (forced extermination injections) into the entire world population sounds logical, these bastards are all possessed. The government/church/medical system is one huge satanic religious cult now, and all the leftist/communists/satanists enabling it and collaborating with it are crazy.

      Derek Prince talking about getting rid of demons, one example is inviting in the demon of death at 1 hr: 03 min. in the video…

      This is a pretty interesting video.


      need to hire this priest
      a priest in rome said if these luciferion aristocracy……the elite nobility/wef/ccp/.0001% globalist demons had been around in the middle ages, they would have been hanged, he says they would have been immediately seen as evil demons. today we are blinder, dumber. these leaders are deep into satanism they are all possessed, should be turned over to that priest to deal with.

      if these luciferion aristocracy……the elite nobility/wef/ccp/.0001% globalist demons had been around in the middle ages….they were…they were called the templars then….the king of france in 1309 tried to arrest them all…thousands escaped…about 50 were burned at the stake…..

      • As a libertarian inspired by the philosophy of Objectivism I find all this talk about Satanism and demons hogwash. Of what real world value is this Satanism/demon stuff? These are bad people and that is enough to oppose them. If they choose to follow some silly superstitious rituals then they are free to do that. It makes them even more ridiculous and less powerful.

          • Convinced people he never existed? What are you talking about? He is now more popular then ever. Our leaders at the top of the power pyramid on the planet….the luciferion aristocracy…. are all satanists, worshiping satan (most of hollywood too now). That’s a lot of people. Not to mention the Freemasons and templars. Target even had special satanic clothes out for kids. What world are you talking about that doesn’t believe he exists?

            • krustyklown on August 17, 2023 At 11:36 am says: “I find all this talk about Satanism and demons hogwash.”

              Mister Liberty on August 17, 2023 At 12:33 pm replies:
              “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he doesn’t exist.”

              krustyklown August 17, 2023 At 2:39 pm responds: “What world are you talking about that doesn’t believe he exists?”

              Would the two krustyklowns please have a discussion so they can get their positions aligned.

              • I stated the belief in Satanism is hogwash.

                You say the greatest trick blah blah, insinuating that the devil exists but no one believes it.

                I point out that you said this in support of a posting that insinuates lots of people believe in Satan.

                Ergo-you contradict your own point a) no one believes in Satan, by b) supporting a post that lots of people believe in him.

                • Holy shit, krusty. Get a grip. Here’s what you said after that:

                  “. . .If they choose to follow some silly superstitious rituals then they are free to do that.”

                  But why do I waste my time.

                • Hi Krusty,

                  I can’t and would never presume to speak for others, so this is just me: I can’t say I know that Satan (the being most people refer to when using that name) exists; nor God, for that matter. I also cannot say they don’t. Existence is an odd thing. How did it come about? Has it always existed? How did it come to pass that there are beings intelligent enough to understand they’re alive – and that they will die? Evolution as a hypothesis on the macro level is hard to test; we (well, I) proceed according to inference. Micro-evolution is a fact. But can we infer from that the wholesale changes attributed to macro evolution? I do not say I know.

                  To me, there appears to be an underlying – even a guiding – intelligence to the nature of things. What it is, exactly, is another thing. And I expect it is a thing beyond my meager capacity to understand it. But it is fascinating to contemplate it.

                    • What is the basis of mental illness? Just misfirings in the brain? Disease? Just things Big Harma can solve with a magic pill or IV drug? If so, Big Harma is doing a shitty job.

  17. I’ve been seeing Pharma commercials on TV for an RSV vaccine aimed at senior citizens. Some of those commercials even try to frighten seniors into getting vaxxed against RSV by claiming RSV can be DEADLY to seniors, while another Pharma commercial claims their RSV vaccine is the “First FDA approved RSV vaccine”. Given the FDA’s actions in recent years, that’s a big red flag for me. Until the mass rollout of the COVID jabs 2+ years ago, I’ve NEVER seen Pharma commercials for RSV vaccines, let alone fear mongering about RSV. I’m curious if those who’ve been vaxxed against COVID are the ones more susceptible to getting RSV.

    How long before these pharma companies & the public health bureaucracies they control also try to frighten parents into getting their children an RSV vaccine?

    Here’s something else that’s infuriating……for quite a while, the FDA was admonishing people NOT to take ivermectin, and pharmacies were prohibited from prescribing it to humans due to government diktats. The media also ran a propaganda campaign against Ivermectin, smearing it as “Horse dewormer”. The FDA even went so far as to post a tweet saying “You ain’t a horse. You ain’t a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it”. Well recently the FDA acted like they NEVER banned the use of ivermectin by saying in court that doctors do have the authority to prescribe it. If there wasn’t such a huge campaign against Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine, the “pandemic” would have likely ended in 2020 or 2021, and there would also have been NO EUA for the mRNA COVID jabs…


    • Although they’ll say differently most are bivalent or trivalent, meaning they will have the covid clot shot included,,, OR it is simply the Clot shot. No one should take any of their vaxxes. The Pharmacies and those working inside could care less about your existence on this rock,,, they’re after a sale…… period.

    • I took Ivermectin for a seious cold I got last year. Never been tested or vaxxed so don’t know what it was. Worked in about 3 days though I had lingering symptms for a month.

      • Aren’t you some kind of hard boiled medical professional who fires maskers in your employ? I’m kinda shocked you would take a horse de-wormer for a cold… last year. Did you look into the adverse effects? Could’ve been responsible for your “lingering symptoms.”

        • No they all knew I could care less about masks. I never wore one outside the operatory and sometimes not in. And I didn’t follow state mandates for testing or vaccines. I did nothing. Could have been shut down. I can’t stop them from masking or getting vaxxed on their own. I discouraged it outside of treating patients but there are limits on what you could do at that time. Many of my employees developed serious sickness, fainting, and reactions to the shots. Ivermectin worked so who cares. The dewormer stuff is such a lie. Its a very effective antiviral. Anything else?

          • You’re saying it’s a lie that it’s an anti-parasitical? It’s been around since the ’70s but only became an effective “anti-viral” for red team one virus believers in 2020. I bet you wouldn’t have taken it as an anti-viral for a cold or flu in 2019. You can look into it if you want, or not, but the adverse effects of that drug are serious, dosage being the main issue. Look up placebo effect, too.

            • Yes it appears to be an anti-parasitical drug as well. I believe it won the Nobel prize in 2015. So. why. is. that. a. knock. against. it?

              • Not “as well”, primarily. Exclusively, prior to 2020 except for some experimental treatments of an obscure tropical virus known as Chikungaya or something. Nothing you would’ve ever put into your body for a cold or flu without the red team political angle they use against people. All I’m saying is your lengthy sickness half life in this case was likely due to adverse reactions to your off label use of this garbage.

        • I will say it was a weird cold. Coughing, chills, fever, extreme fatigue, some asthma. Ivermectin got me over the acute symptoms and I discontinued using it.

            • You’re strange. I’m 55 had hundreds of colds growing up. First one in at least 10 years, maybe 20.. I know what a cold is like. And oh yeah, you’re strange.

              • Yeah, but you never took Ivermectin before, did you? You might not believe anything the FDA, CDC, or Wiki says, and that’s fair, but that drug isn’t “novel.” Shit might make your cold feel “weirder” than usual. Here’s a list:

                Despite insufficient data to show any safe and effective dosing regimen for ivermectin in COVID-19, doses have been taken far in excess of FDA-approved dosing, leading the CDC to issue a warning of overdose symptoms including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hypotension, decreased level of consciousness, confusion, blurred vision, visual hallucinations, loss of coordination and balance, seizures, coma, and death. The CDC advises against consuming doses intended for livestock or doses intended for external use and warns that increasing misuse of ivermectin-containing products is resulting in an increase in harmful overdoses.[68]

            • In 2021 I had to get a nose swab test. Had a bad cold it came back positive, go figure. I ate some ivermectin with vitamins etc. Got better in a few days. Really just a bad cold. So I told my Doc, I had it don’t need no stinkin shot. He was ok with that. We go way back.

              • You were lucky the Ivermectin didn’t harm you. This is was Jon Rappoport had to say about that and HCQ back on 1/4/22

                Finally, for now, there is the related issue of “early intervention treatment.” I’m talking about ivermectin, HCQ, etc. If these drugs were widely used, would they stop the spread of the virus? I wouldn’t bet on it. For example, there is the possibility that one or more of these drugs help some people get better who are simply sick with common flu-like illness. Not COVID. And a belief in the power of the drugs (placebo effect) could play a significant role in recovery, for a limited number of people. (I would strongly advise people to look into adverse effects of any drug.)

                Because taking a drug helps a person get better, that doesn’t mean the medicine is “wiping out a virus,” or preventing it from taking hold in the first place, or stopping it from spreading.

                And that concludes today’s episode of Let’s Enter the Wacky Wonderful World of SARS-CoV-2, where people exercise their right to worship fairy tales highlighting non-existent viruses, and thus earn a gold star on the blackboard from the Reality Manufacturing Company.

                • RE: “You were lucky the Ivermectin didn’t harm you.”

                  Everything I’ve read about it said there were no side effects or downside,… Except for a bit I read on the LRC Blog where a guy was saying (without supporting info) it wiped out the fauna in your gut.

                  I wouldn’t be surprised.

                  Got a link to the Rappaport article?
                  I’m curious to know more, if he provides it, cause the anti-inflammatory of the stuff seems good, all by itself.

                  And, that anti-inflammatory part might be what helps people with cold-like symptoms?


                  • It’s an anti-parasitical. Why would you take that instead of a common NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) like ibuprofen? Do you really think there are no adverse effects? I listed some of them, as claimed by CDC, FDA, above. Now, like I said to Mark3 above, you might not believe a word they say but this drug has been around since the ‘70s. Nobody ever took it for colds or flu before it got politicized in 2020. Best case, you’re rolling the dice. Unnecessarily, in my opinion because there is no novel “one virus.”

                  • Hi Helot (and Ugg, etc.) –

                    One of the many fallouts of “COVID” – whatever it was – is that it became hard to know what you had, if you had anything and whether you ought to do anything differently about it. I caught some kind of cold during the “pandemic.” It was not an unusually bad one. (I’ve had worse, such as the stomach flu I caught back in the early 2000s that had me living in – or very close to – the bathroom for a couple of days). This one gave me the usual snot, cough and body aches. It did not prevent me from working or much of anything else. I “treated” it with some Alka Seltzer cold tablets, aspirin and general complaining. No one I personally knew got really sick during the “pandemic.” But I do personally know one person (the 18-year-old friend of my niece) who “died suddenly” after taking the “vaccine” as well as a number of people who keep on getting sick, post “vaccination.” I myself haven’t had even the sniffles in going on two years now.

                    • Hi Eric: Over the past 3 or 4 years I’ve come to the conclusion that humans still do not know the cause(s) of what we term colds and the flu or “covid.” Having deeply delved into germ theory (which is very unimpressive to say the least), I’m highly doubtful that these things are caused by viruses. For that reason, I try not to use the phrase “I caught a [cold, flue, etc.].” Rather I think in terms of “I got sick” or I am sufferings or having certain symptoms (cough, sneezing, etc.).

                      I do not profess to know why I occasionally get sick, but I find the medical industrial complex’s explanation to be self-serving and very suspect.

                      What I do know is that with exercise, eating nutrient dense, non-processed foods, exercise and good sleep, getting sick has become a very rare (and short) event for me.

                      Does this mean I’ve made myself resistant to “viruses” or is it that I’m less mal-nourished or have less toxins in my body that cause these symptoms? I don’t know, but my gut (i.e. the sum total of my knowledge and experience) tells me getting sick with “cold/flu” symptoms is not a matter of “catching” something.

                  • Thread ran out, replying here. Totally agree about the dangers of NSAIDS. I stopped taking them a decade ago. That said, they’re common and a known quantity and people have taken them for colds and flus for as long as I can remember, which was my point. Plus they are explicitly human medicine with clear dosage guidelines, not some animal veterinary medicine that you need to source from a shady Mexican or Indian online pharmacy, that you don’t really know how much to use or what it might do to you.

                    It’s amazing how folks will be so adamant about not taking the “shot” but put that substance into their body willy nilly with no idea of what it might do to them because some other set of snake oil salesmen/women who they identify with politically (another form of medical identity fraud) says so.

                    Ultimately, it’s just another of many “whatever your” reasons they give you to believe in the phony one virus. “It’s” real but the Iverrrrmecktin’ll save ya.

                    • Yah, the thread is running out on me, too.

                      Hard to read & comment.

                      I’m surprised to see you trot out this MSM talking point:

                      “…Plus they are explicitly human medicine with clear dosage guidelines, not some animal veterinary medicine that you need to source from a shady Mexican or Indian online pharm”…\\

                      In various & many interviews here they discuss dosage & such, and much more.


                      Sure, they’re in the virus is real camp, doesn’t mean everything they got is worthless. YMMV, I suppose.

                      to end

                • “Sure, they’re in the virus is real camp, doesn’t mean everything they got is worthless. YMMV, I suppose.”

                  This is a strange statement. To believe that there is no one virus but still believe that “treatments” for it of any variety have worth or “work” is cognitively dissonant. This is a major problem with so-called alternative media these days. On a site like LRC, you’ll see one view right next to the other. Both can’t be right. The latter view serves to legitimize what’s happened and greatly increases the likelihood of it happening again.

                  • I did not, At All, mean to convey I thought, “To believe that there is no one virus but still believe that “treatments” for it of any variety have worth or “work” ”

                    People, such as Dr. Eads, say Ivermectin is an anti-inflamatory. This can be useful to know.
                    That kind of info.

                    • Ok. Taking it to cure the one virus was what I was talking about.

                      Just FYI, Ivermectin works on the neuromuscular system of parasites, interfering with their ability to mature, migrate, and reproduce in order to “treat” an animal or person. This action, particularly in higher dosages, which can be tricky to determine in humans, can, as adverse effects, impact the animal or human in unpredictable ways. If you look at the list of adverse effects, you will note some real craziness. Taking this stuff for a cold or flu seems ludicrous to me.

                      If someone’s looking for a “safe” anti-inflammatory, skip the NSAIDs and stick to things like garlic, ginger, and turmeric.

    • “Some of those commercials even try to frighten seniors into getting vaxxed against RSV by claiming RSV can be DEADLY to seniors”
      So is water, if it gets above your nose.

  18. To the extent I watch teeeveee anymore, it’s only a handful of shows that I dvr. The 5-minute commercial runs tout Jardiance, Ozempec, something for meningitis, something for bug eyes. Then I quit paying attention. I tried to watch a how-to video on youtube the other day & it insisted I watch 2 commercials -one for eczema and one for a robotic grammar checker.

    I’m sick of commercials, the constant reach into my thinning wallet, and the constant peppering / badgering about health issues. Easy answer. Turn the damn thing off.

    • We spend a ridiculous amount of money for Comcast high definition cable TV but the rented cable box includes a built in DVR for recording shows for up to at least 20 hours (not sure, we never reached the limit)… When playing back the recordings, we fast forward through the ads. There seem to be more ads than ever each hour. Turner Classic Movies has no ads, but we still record their movies to watch at another time, and pay extra to get that TV station. Shows mainly watched by old fogies are filled with drug ads. Most nations in the world ban such ads on TV.

        • But, as POTUS, he wouldn’t have the authority to do that unilaterally. Perhaps you just mean he promises to propose legislation to ban pharma ads should he become POTUS.

          Nonetheless, wouldn’t such a ban abridge freedom of speech as protected by the 1st Amendment?

      • re: Drug Ads. If paternalistic “Uncle” could have the FCC ban over-the-air tobacco product advertising as of 1971 (No more Marlboro Man), then why allow Rx advertising?

        Ans: Big Pharma.

        • Many of the winners are M->F trannies now so it doesn’t matter.

          Real (XX) women don’t seem to mind actually advocating the transition,,, pun intended.

      • Hey! I am offended! 😉

        I still watch football. I am not fanatic follower, but I have watched the Raiders for so long it is ingrained in me. Sundays between September and early February are relaxing and food filled events in my home. We usually take a nap during the second half.

        I know sports are frowned upon in this forum, but I am happy to be the oddball.

        Also, I am not gay…not even a little. I am a huge promoter of toxic masculinity. 😜

      • Marky baby that comment is a little over the top snarky. People need fun. I am a Michigan alum. I don’t live and die with football, but it is a lot of fun to spend a few hours tailgating in Ann Arbor prior to a game. I don’t even have tickets just tailgate. Though we do have a satellite feed to watch the game. Go Blue.

        Any Georgia folks on the site? Should be fun, hope to see you in January!

        • Hi Ugg,

          Fun is whatever’s fun to the person who has fun doing it. I myself don’t care much for watching organized professional sports – and I’m turned off by the sometimes over-the-top hero-worshipping of pro athletes. But what I like is my thing – and other people’s things are theirs. I think it’s in poor taste to mock what other people choose to do for fun. So long as it’s not evil, that is!

              • Sure but people like to watch other people that are good at something they like. You don’t do anything at the movies. You don’t do anything at a concert. You don’t do anything at NASCAR. You don’t do anything at the museum. You don’t do anything at the strip club. The entertainment value is watching someone else that is good at something you want to see.

                • Yes and I do NONE of those things. I play online chess and when I’m good I work out. And run my business and treat my patients. And check out this site and a few others. That’s my deal. Results may vary.

                  • RE: “Why would you want to go to a museum?”

                    I used to have that outlook, when I was 17yrs. old.

                    Then, I took an art class, we went to the Chicago Art Museum.
                    I thought I’d be bored to death, but wasn’t.
                    The perspectives were interesting & the architecture, a.k.a. how they built shit & how it held up to wacks, was interesting to learn about. YMMV, I suppose, yet I found it worthwhile & useful.

                    I apply what I learned then, all the time, today.

              • Eric,
                I believe you said you used to play hockey. Do you ever get out and play? Or at least go skate?

                • Hi William,

                  I did – right up to college, Loved it! But it’s been years; I’ve been meaning to at least take Dawn to the rink and see whether I can still skate . . . but this keyboard just seems to keep following me around.

                  • I used to stomp around frozen ponds & rivers,… slide across the ice, etc.

                    Never skated.
                    Seems like it would have been fun.

                    …Also seems (at our age) you should make it a point to do so,… before, you know, we get too frickin’ old to do so.

                  • Eric,
                    It’s just like riding a bike , you’ll never forget. Skating is great fun and exercise!

    • If I see that goofball in the orange shirt trying to sell me some shitty cell phone service or the screaming/mean mouth guard guy one more time on my TV, I’m throwing the set through the window. However, it’s good to know now that life insurance companies have to specify in their TV ads that you must “be alive” to get coverage. As for Big Harma ads, all are drug pushing without the street corner and little baggies.

  19. How do these Pharma believers think the species survived a couple of hundred thousand years before there was a Pharma?
    Now any discomfort is considered an existential threat to the species, and only Pharma can save us. Meanwhile, it appears the new national pastime appears to be “see how much you can eat, how fast you can eat it, and how fattening and otherwise unhealthy it can be”. Lo and behold, Pharma has come up with an anti-fat drug. Although it may kill you.

  20. Curmudgeonly Jim Quinn writes about his vacation at the Jersey Shore:

    ‘Whether they were jogging, biking, pushing a stroller, or sitting in a beach chair, the iPhones never left their hands. It’s as if they are afraid to be alone with their own thoughts.

    ‘They need to know what others are posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, so they can do and think whatever is fashionable and popular at the current moment in time. With so many brain dead sheep, no wonder it was easy to get them to lockdown and inject themselves with a dangerous untested concoction of DNA altering toxins.’


    Trigger warning: Quinn’s essay also includes inflammatory comments about, inter alia, tattoos and obesity. And, bizarrely, an upbeat final paragraph, probably forced upon him by his despairing editor.

    • Hi Jim,

      Hubby and I ran out to get a couple of beers at the local brewery last week after a crappy day at work. This brewery is on a large farm with chickens roaming the grounds, axe throwing, inline dancing, etc. We had the “joy” of watching a 30+ year old woman in her short shorts and crop top make provocative poses in front of the corn field taking selfies. Hubby was laughing and I rolled my eyes and ordered another beer. Seriously, if one has the luxury of being in such a beautiful and quiet place surrounded by nature why would you ruin it by bringing a phone and taking pictures of yourself?

      The saddest thing I have seen recently was about a month ago at a fabulous Italian restaurant in Fredericksburg. Two adults (probably in their late 20s or early 30s) were on a date. Both of them were on their phones the whole time. They hardly said two words to each other through the whole meal their fingers working non stop texting. Food arrived and they put their phones down next to their plates still scrolling with one hand while the fork was in the other. The WEF doesn’t have to worry about the world reproducing. I guarantee these two couldn’t find the bedroom without GPS or get the act done quick enough without their tracking devices nearby. Intimacy is now a lost art.

      • Hi Raider Girl, sadly, I see that in my neck of the woods, as well. One time, I was at the airport-not too many years ago-and just did some people watching while waiting for my next flight. And it was the same thing you observed. I would say that 80-90 percent of people were on their phones, not paying attention to anyone or anything around them. When I walk in and out of the grocery store (or anywhere, for that matter), I always know where the exits are, and I surveille everything around me, keys in hand. Especially during the Winter months, when we only have 3 hours of daylight. It is astonishing how many people are in “Condition White”…completely oblivious to anything! One lady was so busy yakking on her phone, her purse was in the grocery car, wide open, wallet hanging out! It would have been nothing for someone to silently walk by and lift it and she would have never even noticed! If the grid ever goes down, these people are going to be the worst ones to deal with, because they have been so programmed by their phones, they are not going to know what to do when they have to hear the sound of their own thoughts they have been ignoring for so long.

        • What’s worse: I saw a water-proof cover for cell phones at a store, and it was marketed for use in the SHOWER. Now, it could also be useful for other activities where the phone could get wet, like boating. But to market it for using the cell phone in the shower? Are people that addicted to these phones, that they can’t take a shower without having the phone with them?

      • ” I guarantee these two couldn’t find the bedroom without GPS or get the act done quick enough without their tracking devices nearby. Intimacy is now a lost art.” – Raider Girl

        ROFLMAO…. Thanks for my days humor. There’s so little of it anymore!

      • Fredericksburg will be assimilated into the DC Borg collective tonight with the opening of the Australians’ latest stretch of reversible express toll lanes.

        Resistance is futile.

        • Hi Roscoe,

          The I95 toll lanes are for people too lazy to take a back road. I say let them pay…maybe my taxes will decrease.

          • VDOT gets a piece of the tolls, but the primary beneficiary will probably be Australian and Canadian pension funds similar to the express lanes on 395 and 495 near DC.

            • You are so negative, Roscoe. 😉

              The largest shareholders of Transurban is Unisuper Ltd who is made up of 37 Australian universities and controls roughly 17% of the stock followed by BlackRock and State Street who own roughly 6% each.

              I know when I think of the finest minds behind infrastructure erection and maintenance one has to know college deans and professors are the most qualified in making decisions on road structure especially when they are 10000 miles away.

              Add two of the top three brokerage firms and I am sure there is nothing sinister going on.

  21. One of the chain supermarkets in our town has a pharmacy and they are are already blasting obnoxious psa’s every 10 minutes over their loudspeaker urging people to get their fall rsv and flu shots. And of course covid vaccines. I plan to avoid this place. Thankfully Whole Foods does not have a pharmacy…..you would think these days there has never been a flu season before. Now they have people so whipped up with fear of illness we have to begin “prepariing” for flu season in freakiing August???

    • Preparing for “flu season” is fairly simple. Eat healthy, and around the Equinox start taking enough vitamin D and K to offset the loss of Sun sourced vitamin D, which is why there is a flu season. And don’t forget a stock of chicken soup.
      Groceries used to stock chicken necks and backs for soup stock. Now few do. I assume they are all being turned into Nuggets?

      • A primary cause of flu season is people staying indoors in the cold weather where flu easily spreads, unlike outdoors. A lack of Vitamin D is another cause. The flu shots have not stopped flu infections. At best they work for a fee months and create temporary antibodies for four flu strains. But the actual flu strains that arrive in flu season are never the same flu strains the vaccine was aimed at.

      • I agree, John. I have been taking a probiotic every single day for many years, and has been good for my health more than anything else. Also, with the lack of sunlight come the end of the year, once Septembre rolls around, I start boning up on the D-3. I pair the D-3 with Magnesium (as you need both), and take a much, much higher doses of the D-3 than my MD would probably want. But, I swear by the D-3, as it has done more good for my health than anything a shot could ever do. And no, you can never go wrong with chicken stock. Or a good walk on a chilly morning when the Auroras are out in full force!

        • If you are taking high doses of D3, be sure you take K2 with it. Over dosing with D3 causes calcium to accumulate where it shouldn’t. The K2 will prevent at least some of that.
          I make my own pro-biotic. Fermented kraut and pickles, not the boiled and soaked in vinegar stuff from the store. Plenty of instruction on the web.

    • The Bashas were we regularly shop has no pharmacy.

      I stoped at Safeway the next town over. As soon as I entered I started hearing the creepy ‘Its Cold and flu season again. (In August. Ha Ha) Stop by the Pharmacy and get your Covid booster.’ Then came ‘talk to the pharmacist about a shingles vaccine’ All in the time it took me to go in and get a watermelon and some beer

      Hadn’t been there in months and I noticed they’ve set up a special room next to the pharmacy for people to receive their sh*t shots in private. They must fear people dying suddenly and the ones in line getting cold feet. It is positively dystopian.

  22. “PAN – respiratory?” Is that like PAN – sexual?

    New (leftist) terminology created out of thin air. And all of it influencing gullible people.

    • I just read where Wayne Brady came out as “pansexual”, which supposedly means that he’s attracted to anybody and everybody. First of all, why do these people think that the rest of us give a shit who they have sex with, and second, I’m guessing that pansexual is just another code word for homo, and 99.9 percent of the people he’s “attracted” to are other men.

  23. Charles Manson

    Jim Jones

    Rochelle Walensky

    Tony Fauci

    M Cohen

    Joe the Tyrant

    Victoria Nuland, another pig with lipstick on it.

    Not even human, all evil ignorant swine.

    No place to hide now. No quarter given.

  24. I’M SELLING A GREEN MASK which will protect the wearer from climate change. Why the science Ph.D.’s did not think of this first, I do not know. There is also a smaller green mask version for your dog. Climate change will kill your dog first, before it kills you. Covid might make you sick, but few will die. Climate change will get everyone. This is a serious offer, not satire. You can order your Green Masks at $10 each from our Sales Director, Marvin “I didn’t do it” Washington, whose office is temporarily located in Suite 14, Cellblock 34, Jackson Prison, Jackson, Michigan 49201

    PS: In six to twelve months, Mr. Washington will resume his side business of making unwanted EVs “disappear” for $750, so disappointed EV owners can then collect insurance money, buy a new ICE car, and pocket at least $10,000 in cash.

  25. ‘Everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated against Covid-19, flu and respiratory syncytial virus once those shots become available.’ — CNN, quoted by eric

    This is simply a marketing plan: one trivalent shot every autumn, for everyone. Trouble is, it’s contaminated with lethal mRNA spike proteins, which will kill, disable or sterilize a certain percentage of injectees.

    Bill Gates: ‘And that’s a problem??

    Evidence mounts that under the seemingly anodyne guise of public health, some contemporary acolytes of ‘Doctor’ Josef Mengele are focused on mass euthanasia.

    Ask yourself seriously — how does a macabre, fringe idea like the Euthanasia Coaster earn a substantial article in CIA-sponsored Wikipedia?

    ‘The Euthanasia Coaster is a hypothetical roller coaster designed to kill its passengers. The concept was conceived in 2010 and made into a scale model by Lithuanian artist Julijonas Urbonas, a PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art in London.

    ‘It begins with a steep-angled lift that takes riders up 1,600 ft to the top. From there, a 1,600-ft drop would take the train to 220 mph before speeding into the first of its seven slightly clothoid inversions. Each inversion would have a smaller diameter than the one before in order to maintain a lethal 10 g to passengers while the train loses speed. After a sharp right-hand turn, the train would enter a straight, where unloading of corpses and loading of new passengers could take place.’


    ASTHO has not yet endorsed the Coaster, being more pharmaceutically focused. But the Coaster may be better suited for developing nations that can’t afford trivalent ‘vaccines.’

    • The creatures pushing all this seem to have the same attitude about humanity as Clint Eastwood’s character in Grand Torino.

      “Get off MY lawn!”

      Only in this case it’s THEIR globe and you need to leave. Omnipotent Arrogance is their name.

    • The first prototype of the Euthanasia Coaster had a heavy sharp blade that dropped vertically, coasted straight down, and conveniently severed the head of the poor victim.

      A tried and true method of executing a lost soul in this world. Happens to have happened many thousands of times over the years. Then in 1977, France stopped using the guillotine to carry out a death sentence. One image I saw was of a Chinaman standing next to a guillotine, a photograph told the story, executioners do their job proficiently and with ease.

      Always somebody responsible for what it is, somebody like Klaus can be, is, a wanna-be, a modern day executioner, pretty much obvious by now. I recommend that Klaus gladly volunteers to be the first the Euthanasia Coaster to go for that final ride, you can do it, Klaus, do it with glee and alacrity.

      You will have nothing, not even your brainless head.

      Fact is, Klaus never had a brain to begin with, so that explains it all. Just go away, please, Klaus. Do it for the good of humanity, sacrifice yourself, you stupid Judas Goat.

      Don’t need you at all in this world. Good riddance.

      Friedrich Guillotine will help you lose your head, he knows how to get the job done.


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