Latest Radio: Liberty Conspiracy w/Gard Goldsmith 08/17/2023

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Here’s the audio/video of my talk with Gard Goldsmith, host of the Liberty Conspiracy podcast. We talked about private property and free association – two rights we no longer have – as well as EV Enabling.

My segment starts around the 41:00 mark.

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  1. Good interview.

    I’ve heard that though a business is privately owned, if it conducts commerce with ‘the public’ is does fall under different set of rules…as Big Brother regulates the public. There’s also the angle that corporations are statutory creations of the state.

    To circumnavigate this there are private membership associations where, for example, the public is allowed to enter an establishment to peruse the items for sale but before any sale takes place they are required to become a member, which entails some paperwork (terms and conditions) and a nominal fee. We have an unlimited right to contract and that is beyond the purvey of Gubernare-Mente. As mentioned, this is only what I have heard.

    For anyone interested, two individuals I’m aware of who discuss the subject are: Robert Michael or Mike Colomb.

    As always, great mentally stimulating content!

    • I think that stuff that falls in the public domain should have a different set of rules. The primary rule that all should follow is the Bill of Rights as clearly stated in the Constitution of the United States of America. While we can all argue that the articles of confederation are superior (they are, likely), a reasonable person would only really be able to interperet the constitution one way. You have freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, presumption of innocence, etc which no one can take away. You don’t check the constitution at the door if you are on “private property” that is really operating for the public, (ie a drugstore, wal mart, etc) or even on an airline operating in US airspace. It’s bullshit. You also have a right to privacy. I love the supreme court definition of privacy expectations vis a vis auto travel. Of course, you have the right not to be monitored and recorded since you are driving a private vehicle. If there was no expectaiton of privacy, how come you can look and see people half naked or picking their nose or something else while they are driving. How about window tint. People choose it because it give you a sense of priviacy as well.

      In any case, privacy is guaranteed through the 4th Amendment as well.

      Now, in this two-tiered justice system, you have no rights. If that could be toppled, we would restore sanity.

      You have to have “standing.” Well, i”m standing. Burn it down.

      • I agree with you, what I meant was that the business (if incorporated) is a creation of the State and is therefore regulated by the State. People incorporate for liability reasons, which is a benefit (not right) the State bestows upon them.

        I like Michael Badnarik’s definition of rights from Chapter 2 of his book ‘Good To Be King’.

        Rights have three corollaries, or characteristics, they are:
        All rights are derived from property;
        Every right implies a responsibility; and
        The only limitation of your rights are the equal rights of others.

        Even with the Constitution we have some serious problems. The first is the mind-virus that infects most of us which is this belief in ‘authority’. Authority doesn’t exist in nature, it’s an illusion. The second problem is people (Order Followers) who, putting aside their own conscience, will do whatever they are told for a paycheck; they think this will circumvent any moral culpability for their actions (they are wrong). The third problem is the general population of this world that are ignore-ant (in order to ignore something someone must first be aware of it and consciously choose to look the other way). The opposite of ignorance is nescience, from my understanding.

        The end 🙂

  2. It was never about combatting “racism” in 1961, or about stopping the “Dreaded Rona” in 2021…it’s always been about the negation of PRIVACY and PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS. If you don’t have the ultimate say in how your property is utilized, you don’t truly “OWN” it, never mind the perpetual “lease” from the Government for the “privilege” of ownership (property TAXES), making the Government the LANDLORD of last resort.

    If you can’t decide with whom you shall permit entry through the doorway of your establishment, or with whom you shall does business with, on whatever terms, you don’t truly have any PRIVACY rights. Of course, given that the Government has contorted all manner of reasons to utterly disregard the Fourth Amendment, including not only a plethora of “exigent circumstances”, but, even when those patently aren’t applicable, at best, a court will quash any evidence “found” (planted) on you or in your home, never mind the troubles of a wrongful arrest based upon simply barging into your home, uninvited, or “tossing your ride”, especially after the scientifically-questionable “drug dog” song and dance. Funny thing is, in the late 18th and throughout the 19th centuries, folks were certainly mobile on horseback and/or riding a buckboard or Conestoga wagon, and no mention of an “exemption” from being “secure in their persons, homes, and EFFECTS” ever occurred to the Founders ca. 1791. And need I go on about so-called “Civil Asset Forfeiture”, where your cash, or fungible valuables (gold, jewelry, negotiable bonds, etc.) can arbitrarily be seized, without a warrant, on the basis that the property itself is suspected of being the fruit of illicit activity, even WITHOUT you being charged with a related crime on basis of probable cause?

    All tyrannies, be they absolute monarchies, Fascism, Nazism, Communism, etc, have TWO things in common: the utter disregard for PRIVATE PROPERTY and likewise for PRIVACY. Sadly, we’ve gone down the same path, with, as the fictional Galactic Republic Senator Padme Amidala put it, “to thunderous applause”.


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