Diaper Report: 07/27/2023

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Will Face Diapers be a part of the scene forever? Probably – for while most people have stopped wearing them because they’re no longer forced to wear them, many of them probably would wear them again.

Because many of them still believe they “work” – notwithstanding the fact that they don’t. At least, if “work” means they prevent the spread of respiratory viruses.

It is important to always harp on this. To insist that “work” be defined – and substantiated – for that is how we put “masks” behind us, forever.

The reason so many people wore “masks” – and many still do – is because they were told they “work” – and that is a very different thing. People’s submission was based on their believing. On not questioning assertions. These assertions were allowed to take the place of facts. It did not occur to many people to demand the latter as a condition of acceding to “masking.”

It had damned well better occur to them – or it will happen to us.


And not merely with regard to “masks.” They have been put on the back burner – for the moment – while assertions about the “climate crisis” have taken their place. Probably because assertions about the “virus” have gotten old.

These new assertions have been used with even greater effectiveness in relation to the great but passing harm imposed in the name of the “virus crisis.” We are no longer “locked down” – a thing formerly applicable only to prisoners within a penitentiary – and are generally free to once again go about our business.

Well, “free” to go about it to the extent we were allowed to previously, which was even then conditional and controlled. But the point stands. We no longer are expected to stand six feet apart or told we must stay at home and not go out. At least, for the moment.

Businesses have been permitted to do business again, to the extent the government permits them to do business. The freedom to do business with whomever wishes to do business with them having been taken away decades before anyone heard about “stopping the spread.”

But the “climate crisis” is only just beginning to unfold.

Not the “climate” part. The “crisis” part. The Fear Organs are pumping out hysteria about the heat as relentlessly as they pumped up hysteria over sickness by relentlessly counting the cases! the cases!

The latter made it seem as if everyone was not only sick but headed for death. It worked exactly as intended, precisely because people accepted the assertions rather than ask germane questions – such as whether a “case” meant actually sick (and if sick, was the “case” seriously sick?).

Not enough people questioned those assertions and on account of that, they had no answers when told to Diaper Up.

Well, other than “ok.”

And now many are saying “ok” to the fundamentally similar false-narrative that the “climate” is in “crisis” – because it has been so asserted by the same Fear Machine (i.e., the corporate-owned press) that pumped the populace full of fear about a respiratory virus that constituted a serious threat to about 1 percent of the population. Now the Fear Machine is hyping the threat of an inert gas that constitutes barely 0.04 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere – the latter fraction of a percent almost never mentioned in Fear Machine “coverage” of the “crisis,” for the all-too-obvious reason.

People might question the assertion that an existential threat looms on account of what amounts to a baby burping in a football stadium (i.e., the effect of a fractional increase in the volume of naturally occurring atmospheric C02 that is itself a minuscule fraction of the total volume of the Earth’s atmospheric gasses).

They might demand proof that the “climate” is “changing” in a way that is objectively ominous and that can be directly and objectively-factually tied to the fractional-additional C02 added to the 0.04 fraction of the Earth’s atmosphere that is C02 being the cause of it.

As they ought to have questioned whether “asymptomatic” people can spread a sickness. As they ought to have questioned the efficacy of “masks” – especially when they were just dirty old bandanas or Chinese-made dust “masks” that came in boxes that said they didn’t “work.”

They might also question whether energy hog EVs “work,” too.

How is our “carbon footprint” lessened by planting it elsewhere? And if there is a “crisis” – which is to say, a looming emergency – how can anything that causes even a little “carbon” beyond what is absolutely necessary to be “emitted” be tolerated? Aren’t high-performance/luxury EVs that tout ludicrous speed analogous to government allowing big box stores to remain open for business during a “dangerous pandemic”?

And allowing people to enter public places so long as they wore a “mask” – irrespective of whether it “worked”?

Demanding answers to such questions might have saved us from having to “mask” during the “pandemic.” And if we demand answers going forward – rather than submit whenever the Fear Machine eructs assertions – we might not be condemned to live in fear going forward.

. . .

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  1. This was a bit, I dunno, creepy(?) disappointing(?) to read, I of course have too high of expectations of younger people in general:

    “My students again stated that they were traumatized and harmed by that discussion, in a discussion group in a graduate-level medical school,” Dr. Moon said. “This is happening nationwide. Our students have lost that ability, I think, to tolerate critical thinking, and to hear perspectives that are different than the main narrative or the main party line that is being pushed.” …


    • We are so screwed when the younger generation cannot tolerate criticism. And when they cannot even manage their own critical thinking skills is any wonder they are more than happy to be slaves?

      • Hi Shadow,

        Very true – and very sad. Kids used to learn to deal – because that was part of life. Now they are encouraged to regard having to deal as some kind of affront. It “triggers” them. They are not able to deal. In a very real way, they have been reduced to toddlerhood. Or rather, never grew out of it.

  2. It appears that Biden’s new CDC director wants adults to take YEARLY COVID & FLU shots. What next, the CDC “recommending” that adults take yearly RSV jabs as well?

    • … In other news:

      ‘Many People Fully Vaccinated for Covid Are Now Going Blind’

      ’18-year-old female World Cup star clutches chest and drops to the ground…’

      And, ‘Covid-19 Vaccine Induced Cardiac Arrest’


      …The Fun, just never stops.

      …And, this is only the beginning.

      Over at USAWatchdog.com

      ‘CV19 Vax is a Crime & Coverup – Ed Dowd’

      … “They are killing people. They continue to mandate these jabs at some universities. Some employers still mandate them. The UK is requiring all school children who enter school in the fall to take these shots. This is a joke. This is a crime. This is a coverup, and it’s murder at this point.” …

    • Ugh, can you imagine what a yearly, spike protein induced, messenger RNA is going to do to people? I had read where big pharma was going to combine the yearly flu shot with the covid jab. I think it would just be quicker to be shot in the head and be done with it, and screw big pharma over in being a life long patient in them keeping me sick with a needle.

      • I read somewhere that ‘they’ are slipping that sheet into insulin shots.

        The guy writing about it didn’t seem none to happy about learning of that.

        …I wonder how much traction this tactic will get going forward?:

        …”real-life story of a Christian construction contractor in Canada trying to figure out how to beat predatory divorce court system has spawned a grass roots legal education movement called InPower that gives citizens tools and information as to how to win over tyrannical courts, hospitals banks, energy companies and green power cooperatives. This effort has resulted in ten top judges, government officials and public utility officers around the world stepping down from their positions for fear of massive financial liability, including the top un-elected official in Canada and the premier of Western Australia. Say what?! Read on.”…


  3. This is an important topic and I appreciate that you’re staying on it. In some blue areas, the masking rate in stores is anywhere from 10-25% in July 2023, not April 2020. Higher in Asian areas and among White liberals in places like Whole Foods.

    My main concern is that the maskers make it easier for politicians to bring back mask mandates or worse. Remember, we went from shelter in place – two weeks to “slow the spread” – to masks and then vaccine mandates. Some countries had quarantine camps. What will do they next time if the vast majority blindly comply like sheep?

    As far as trying to convince the holdouts to give up the mask, I concentrate on the younger generation. I actually confront people and ask why they are wearing a mask. My message to the Gen Z teens and young adults is: Make your own decision, your generation is supposed to question authority and be independent, stop delegating away you rights to government…research the facts yourself and not believe whatever the media says. Also, isn’t it weird that the same people ordering you to wear a mask were not wearing masks themselves – Nancy Pelosi in the hair salon, Gavin Newsom at the French Laundry restaurant, Stacy Abrams taking photo in room full of kindergarteners while she herself was unmasked…just to name a few And these people are all alive!

    I used that last line on an older man and he instantly walked away from me.

    • Good job, Alvin!

      Thankfully, here in Eastern Iowa it’s been more than a month or so since I’ve seen a single face diaper.

      …Haven’t been to the grocery store tho, just hardware stores, farm supply stores, gas stations & a few thrift stores.
      The thrift stores used to be about the worst, so it’s nice to see they have all stopped wearing face diapers.

    • Thanks, Alvin –

      I will never let this go – because I never want to see it happen again. I use the lingo with intent. No one ever says to people: Stop talking about the Holocaust. It was a long time ago. No. Fuck that.

      And fuck this.

  4. Climate change will cause your shoe soles to melt on the sidewalk in the mid-day sun, and climate change will also kill your dog.

    Fortunately, all this can be prevented by wearing a specially designed climate change mask. They look like those Covid masks, that ended the Covid pandemic in two months. But they are green. They also prevent warts and toenail fungus.

    People who refuse to wear a climate change mask will be ridiculed and shunned, until they are reeducated.

    I just happen to be selling climate change masks, including a special model for your dog.

  5. I saw one family wearing masks, at a restaurant. All elderly & appeared frail.

    Another casualty of Covid: places that are open after about 9-10 o’clock at night. Except for bars, and maybe some movie theaters, there really is very little for us night owls to go do. Maybe the occasional riot in downtown Chicago, if that’s the sort of thing that interests you. Me & my gf have been kicked out of soooo many places it’s ridiculous.

    • 24 hour places were in decline in my area (largely due to the criminal element), even before covid, and for many places, ended up being the final nail in the coffin. Most fast food places are closed by 9 or 10pm due to having to pay more per hour to boot, so it’s no longer worth it to be open after that.

      A number of sit down restaurants that used to be 24 hours still haven’t gone back to to full time operation and likely never will at this point. A local town is considering forcing gas stations to be closed from midnight to five AM due to “crime”.

      One of my older neighbors (he is in his late 80’s) was telling me how there used to be lots of live music (and other shows) on WEEKDAYS in various venues (used to be lots of manufacturing shift work, that had “weekends” during the week). So if you were off on Wednesday instead of Saturday, you could go to a show on Wednesday night. Good luck finding live music on a Wednesday now.

  6. Why do people think they ‘catch colds’ from others?

    Perhaps, there are many reasons other than they ‘caught it’?

    Imagine a rainy drizzly week in the Fall, the brown tree leaves laying on the ground everywhere decomposing, followed by a few warm days of sunshine. The air becomes filled with molds and gets concentrated inside buildings combining with the molds from say, a damp basement of a private gym or a school.

    A guy walks into the gym, works out, breathes in copious amounts of various molds, goes home & wakes up the next day coughing and hacking as his body attempts to expel the molds saying to himself, “Dang, I caught a cold!”

    The guy goes to the gym to work through it and Eric (not his real name) notices the guy coughing and hacking as they work out in the same room. The next day Eric wakes up coughing and hacking and thinks, “I caught that guy’s cold!”

    Did they?

    Perhaps, parents think their children ‘bring home’ colds from schools in the Fall and Winter months, when in reality, perhaps they are all breathing in the same air filled with the molds of decomposing damp material and high concentrations of harsh cleaning solution vapors?

    Winter comes, brings dry air (molds cling to dry surfaces in the lungs better than damp ones and chemicals penetrate more easily) even dryer air is added from forced air heating systems in schools & workplaces, add a dash of mold & some concentrated cleaning solutions on the floors & viola, the air is filled with cold & flu everywhere.

    Are there other factors? Likely so. It’s the terrain.


    • Helot: Your points are good ones. It’s unclear what causes the hacking and coughing (commonly referred to as a “cold”) in many cases. If I briefly stand over a campfire and happen to breathe in the smoke and start coughing and hacking and then I walk away from the smoke and it stops, it’s pretty clear what the cause was. But, if I’m exposed to just enough pollen, mold or other toxic material and I’m not aware of its presence (like I would be with the campfire smoke) and if I breathe in enough, it may very well cause me to hack and cough for the next couple of days until my body is cleansed of that toxic material. It may also have poisoned me so I might feel bad for a few days. That makes perfect sense. The causes of the hacking and coughing and feeling bad would still be unclear though and I’m not sure if causation in that situation could ever be proven. There is much that is unknown about the human body.

      It also seems logical that a viral pathogen somehow entering my body may cause sickness (like poisoning). The problem for me on this one is that I still have not seen evidence of the existence of viruses or that such things cause disease. For that reason, I remain agnostic as to the existence of disease-causing viruses.

      I can’t, and I don’t thing any body can, conclusively prove the cause of what is termed a “cold” or many other respiratory ailments. I can live with that though. I keep searching for the causes and cures. Living a healthy lifestyle seems to be a great benefit in this regard. I don’t know why exactly, but it does.

      • Perhaps, it’s not even a reaction to the molds themselves, rather it may be a reaction of your body to the decomposition process molds set in motion? Idk.

        I’ve read some stuff about similar being a reason to avoid eating certain mushrooms, they start a decomposition process, the more healthy you are, the more likely you are to get over it sooner or not have great symptoms in the first place? Idk.

        Pollens in the air could account for ‘Summer colds’?
        Perhaps pollens temporarily lodge & accumulate in the lungs similar to how awns do in the lungs & air passages of dogs making them difficult to remove & the body reacts by creating mucus & cough? Idk.


        That people think they could mask their way out of breathing the above in, is sadly ~ludicrous.

      • Sorry, helot and ML, but I am siding with Cashy that viruses do, in fact, exist.

        The problem is we believe a virus is a thing rather than a process. We don’t see air, but we believe it is out there, right? We keep imagining that a virus takes shape as this spongy red particle that bounces around from living being to living being.

        What is pollen if not a virus? What is the make up of pollen if not viral particles? Do you believe in chicken pox? Shingles? Mumps? Rubella? Measles? You can see these, right? Is chicken pox not contagious? If viruses don’t exist why did mothers of the 1960s and 1970s have “chicken pox parties” so their children can be exposed all at once? Did the parents and children all imagine they had chicken pox? If viruses don’t exist then you would have no fear on having sexual intercourse (with no protection) with someone who has herpes or HIV, correct? Viruses don’t exist so you will be fine.

        Which leads me to my next question – do you believe bacteria exists?

          • My dad ate some soup at a hamburger joint back in 1964. A couple of days later, he was sick with salmonella. It’s a bacteria. My 2 week old sister then became ill. She also contracted salmonella, spent two weeks in the hospital.

            Get a Petri dish, agar agar, a swab, grow a culture, see what it is under a 450x microscope. A rod-shaped bacteria is a red flag.

            Don’t handle baby turtles.

            Bacteria exist and so do viruses. Nobody knows why, they just do. Gotta call them something, Phylum wasn’t a word until Ernst Haeckel coined it.

            Before that, Josef Priestly discovered hydrogen and oxygen, the elements required to have water. Nobody knew before then.

            When you take a soil sample, you’ll find plenty of little bugs under a microscope.

              • The problem was children would cuddle the baby turtles too close, direct physical contact, you then have a case of salmonella.

                Happens every time.

                My grandfather caught one great big snapping turtle out of the big creek back in the day.

                Your handle forced me to find a word in the dictionary that was spelled ‘helot’, I gerfot to look it up, the ignorant slave that I am.

                Wait a minute, helot is another word for ‘slave’ or ‘serf’, Spartan at its roots.

                Kind of one of them, but not really, not quite a citizen, maybe escaping slave status if you are lucky.

                You could petition to become a free slave in America too, good luck with that if you were a slave then.

                If analogies do apply, it’s close enough.

                • RE: “The problem was children would cuddle the baby turtles too close, direct physical contact, you then have a case of salmonella.”

                  Uh, yeah. I don’t recall ever cuddling a baby turtle, but I held them plenty close & often.

                  No probs.

                  Perhaps, it’s due to, ‘eating dirt’ i.e. eating carrots pulled from the ground, brushed off lightly & chomped, and walking barefoot? Idk.

                  Btw, the helot reference is from articles William Grigg would write about them.

                  I was just thinking about that this evening, I looked for the better ones he wrote & couldn’t find them. Perhaps they’ve fallen into The Zap? Idk.


        • **”Which leads me to my next question – do you believe bacteria exists?”**

          Hi RG!

          That is an excellent question and point to ponder. I also believe that bacteria exists, but one must remember that there is good bacteria as well as bad bacteria. An example of the good kind being the kind that exists in one’s stomach to help digest and assimilate food. If one doesn’t have enough ‘good bacteria’ they will have problems and need to take ‘probiotics’ in order for their system to function properly/at full capacity.

          Under some circumstances/with certain types of bacteria, the very same bacteria could be good or bad, depending on where it is.

          An example of ‘bad bacteria’ is the kind in your poop. It’s ‘bad bacteria’, yet it will not harm YOU (But may harm someone else), which is why even if you have a bleeding hemorrhoid or anal fissure- an open wound- you do not get sick, even though it gets slathered in your poop each time you take a dookie.

          There are a lot of problems, unanswered questions and contradictions in the current understanding of diseases which would lead one to believe that ‘they’ have not arrived at the truth (and after all of these years of human existence, it’s probably safe to say that they never will. We and they are all just guessing and speculating, but clearly, no one has it figured out.

        • Hey Raider Girl and Helot,

          Long day, but I’ll try to be brief.

          Firstly, pollen is not a virus, but more like plant sperm. 😉

          True story: I once was trying to rid myself of an intestinal parasite called dientamoeba fragilis. I tested myself to see if the treatments I attempted were effective. You’re not a true microbiologist until you’ve seen your own feces under a microscope, haha. Dientamoeba is interesting, as it has two nuclei, and is thus quite distinctive. But, I also kept finding strange particles you might say resemble viruses, though they were much too large. I came to realize that they were pollen grains! Probably either from my frequent consumption of broccoli, or just swallowing what was in the air.

          Now, regarding the idea that colds are merely environmental: Mold can most certainly make you ill, as can other environmental trappings, such as chemicals, etc. But I don’t think for a second that this explains all that people call “colds” or “flus”.

          The biggest problem is that the two phenomena (virus vs mold) would present differently. They symptoms of mold exposure are known, and though they may overlap with other conditions, there are differences.

          For one, people generally can smell a mold problem. Maybe not always, but you probably know the odor. There will be a range of susceptibility, but what you’d expect is that everyone in a room with a mold problem would probably experience something, which would then be, at least, somewhat alleviated when they were given fresh air.

          This difference from a situation in which a cold is spread, say as in “Eric’s” case (not his real name, of course), is that at first, typically, one affected person enters a room exhibiting symptoms, while everyone else is fine. Let’s use the classroom example. One student is sick, and this continues all day, and maybe into the next 2 or 3. The symptomatic person then probably improves, while his fellow students begin to fall ill. The original sick student may just recover completely while his peers are in the depths of their illnesses. They go home, day after day, and perhaps mom and dad get sick. Meanwhile, all of the environments involved may have changed little, or not at all.

          In “Eric’s” case, he’d probably been home for a couple days before experiencing similar symptoms his friend had.

          In the case of a chronic mold problem, symptoms can last for months, until the source of the problem is eliminated. If you’re actually INFECTED by mold, things could get pretty dire.

          My point is that the propagation of a virus is more sequential, whereas an environmentally-induced illness should appear en masse, all at once. If you suffer from allergies, as I do, you experience such a thing most every year. Those who are susceptible to allergies begin to experience symptoms simultaneously or nearly so. Then, you continue to have symptoms until the offending trees are done with their breeding attempts.

          Anyway, I think I failed to be brief. 🙂

          Helot, when I have some more spare time, I’ll check out some of these videos as I am curious.

          • Perhaps, it’s not a reaction to a mold, rather; it’s a reaction to a decomposition process set in motion by a mold, no great quantities of mold required.

            Think, it’s not the lit match (mold) the body responds to, rather; it’s the fire the match lit?

            I don’t know, just a thought.
            It’ll be interesting to read any thoughts you have on those videos & articles.

            There is a paper linked in the URL below (Farewell to Virology (Expert Edition) which might be written for a mind such as yours?:


            • That makes sense, Helot.
              Funny thing is, between the current medical practices and the clot-shot, it seems that lately everyone I know of all ages who are clients of the medical system have a million different things wrong with them -some real; some “a test told them so, but they wouldn’t have known otherwise”; and some manufactured by the prescribed ‘treatments’ for the latter.

              This gargantuan medical system which is consuming half the wealth of the world is killing everyone, but it’s victims have a severe case of Stockholm syndrome, and have no alternative anyway, because they have been taught to delegate everything to “experts”.

    • So what you’re saying is mold could be the cause of flu’s and colds? That’s awesome, that means masks could prevent those types of illnesses as things like mold spores are fairly large. I guess then you are a supporter of masking? I thought you were anti mask but it now appears you support the idea?

        • How is that a stupid conclusion? You are the one that mentioned illness could be caused by inhaling particles that could be blocked by a mask. Thus a mask could help. Don’t attack me on it, it’s your idea.

          • I’m often overly optimistic to the point that I consider it a bit of flaw.

            I do have my limits though, and I think they’ve been reached with this one.

      • Cashy with the narcissistic response of “See, I was right.” Cashy, you bring nothing to the discussion here so shut it.

        Will a mask prevent one breathing “molds of decomposing damp material and high concentrations of harsh cleaning solution vapors?” I suspect not, but have at it if you want. How would you know where you’re exposed to these things? Will you wear a mask 24/7?

      • The spores may be toxic, but it is not necessary to actually contact those spores to be contaminated, but merely to breathe air that has been contaminated by them. Can you breathe air through a mask? Idiot.

        To explain it a way that is no doubt familiar to you: When you fart, you can smell it even though the actual matter causing the smell is much larger than air molecules because the gas being released is comprised air contaminated NOT by the actual feces, but by the product being released from the decomposing matter which comprises that feces. You smell it because you breathe in that contaminated air which is carrying the byproduct of the matter rather than the matter itself, and both the air and what it carries can pass freely through a mask.

        You may want to experiment with this concept by constructing a scietific instrument known as a Dutch Oven, which can be accomplished by lying bed and pulling the covers over your head.

        • RE: “The spores may be toxic, but it is not necessary to actually contact those spores to be contaminated, but merely to breathe air that has been contaminated by them.”

          Excellent deductive reasoning!

          • What is it that you are touching that can be transferred to your mouth/nose to make you sick if not tiny particles like viruses? Is it some sort of chemicals that are non-living like a kind of poison?

    • Also, Helot, what surfaces doea a person touch while out in public, and then touch his nose and mouth? Or, not wash his hands after touching such a public surface? Or…not wash their hands with basic soap after using the bathroom? Washing your hands will do more for one’s health than a stupid face diaper ever will. And touching a nasty face diaper and repeatedly adjusting it it or moving it is even worse than not wearing one at all.

      • Your comment made me think of an ever so slightly related experience.

        While growing up free-range & through most of adulthood, like regular clockwork, the ragweeds would release their pollen at the end of Summer & I would suffer what ‘they’ tailored allergies: sneezing, irritated watery eyes, sometimes congestion.

        Then, I started taking vitamins & minerals – Bam! – no more ragweed allergies.

        I still live in the same area, ragweed didn’t go away, the only change was the vitamins & minerals. It’s been over a decade now, not a once have I had ragweed allergies, …and I never got allergies from anything else.

        …Draw your own conclusions from that.

      • So a mask can help then by acting as a layer of protection between dirty hands and your mouth or nose. Another good reason to wear a mask? You anti-mask guys sure make the case for masks alot!

        • Not really as you also are breathing your own CO2 which is unhealthy. Constant masking is also bad for your teeth and gums. Also the masks are only good for a few hours anyway. Oh, and the damned things are made in China! But hey you wear that face diaper if it makes you feel good about yourself.

          • Now you’re saying CO2 is dangerous!
            I thought it was a harmless inert gas, suddenly you are a carbon dioxide hater?
            You’re a mask supporting CO2 hater? I never woulda thought!

            • CO2 can be harmful when it so dilutes one’s absorption of oxygen as to prevent the inhalation of the necessary ratio of pure air- as can be said of pretty much anything else as well, including water! Masks accomplish the dilution of the inhalation of a sufficiently pure stream of air by forcing you breathe-in exhaled C)2 at close range, thus lowering the oxygen ratio of the air you are attempting to breathe. When that CO2 is allowed to escape into the atmosphere is naturally displaced by oxygen, and absorbed by greenery where it is used by that greenery which require such for their life, and which in turn create more oxygen.

  7. Nobody wears masks here these days, maybe one or two, that is all.

    Weather statistics tell the story of when things were less than desirable climate wise.

    Record High Temperatures by State

    There are three states that set record high temps in the 2000’s. All other record high temps in each state were set before 2000 CE. Five states have record high temps set in the 1910’s, haven’t been broken yet. The heat wave of 1911 in New England was deadly.

    The number of states with record high temps set during the 1930’s is 24. Farmers were looking at drought conditions, stuff didn’t grow, too hot with little precipitation will make life miserable for some.

    The hottest decade during the 20th century was the 1930’s, hands down. The record high temps still stand to this day. Probably had a good tan back then.

    The sun and Mother Nature are in control.

    Humans are along for the ride, which does get bumpy from time to time.

  8. Hey Eric, I bet you didn’t know that the climate youth with a mission is a blatant ripoff of the Kona, Hawaii’s Youth With A Mission of YWAM for short. YWAM also ripoffed the UN circle of flags on their campus. (Do an image search for “YWAM flags campus kona hawaii”)




    I know about YMAMers because I used to argue with them nonstop when I was in Kona a few years back – and let me tell you – YMAMers and the most brainwashed Christian dumbasses on the planet. They beeeeeeeeeleeeeeeeve the Bible fable as the revelations of Almighty Gawd himself.

    As a scholar on that most plagiarized book of all time, God must be an awful writer because there are thousands of errors, metaphysics tied in Gordian knots, and you can point it out verse by verse the mistakes but you are only talking to a brain dead idiot, who is unable to reason. I guarantee that the Climate Youth with a Mission will be just as dumb and just as brainwashed.

    I even blogged about them, like one of them who went to the island off of India to convert the wild savage Sentilesse – who were unimpressed with his gift of an American football. And never mind the fact the Indian government has made contact with those wild people off limits.


    So Greta Dumberg is like those Christian kids, all big starry eyed ’cause she is here to save us from da klimate, with the same zeal as any Christian missionary. There is no doubt in my mind that they will organize these climate youth into future gestapo units to make sure you comply, lolrofl

    Really, they are going to be empower with the authority of the law, with a badge, and uniform, and come marching around your town looking for violators. Achtung Eric Peters, your Nissan truck is not in compliance with UN climate directive 666!

  9. Today I saw a late teen/early 20 guy walking alone, in Florida, 90+ degrees, 100+% humidity, pecking on his phone, wearing a mask. For some there is no hope.

    Yesterday Betty Boop was holding a White House presser and was talking about the Methane Summit that was held. There is going to be a Methane Czar. She was asked about The Biden Thing declaring a “climate emergency” and she said not right now but…

    We are soooooo f’d.

    • He can go fuck himself. Half or more of the country hates him and won’t comply with that bullshit. More than half of the country doesn’t buy into climate change either. I hope the bastard tries. That will not work out well.

  10. I still see the occssion face diaper whiel out and about even in “record heat.” The virus of fear was always the threat. The covid psyop is out of gas for all but the most naive of children. Next up is the invisible bogeyman of CC. That which has fallen flat on its face with delivering accurate predictions of any sort in the past 3-4 decades. All they have are non-stop lies, spinning and propagation of crap information. Flickering on the screen, the opiate of the masses, the religion of Gaia.
    Once you recognize the repeating pattern of psyops and mind control its as laughable as believing sant is bringing you gifts because you were a good boy.

  11. Eric, I know how hard you try not to ban anybody from commenting here, but when state-worshiping midwits start making threats about “cleansing,” a line has been crossed. I think you know who I’m talking about.

    • I hear you, Roland –

      Also, I begin to suspect it really is a “bot.” Or the product of several people – people paid to troll sites like this one, to post disruptive things. I have noticed syntax changes that indicate these are not the posts of just one (the same) person.

      Consider him – or rather, them – flushed.

      • Well done, and good riddance. eartluvr (or earthluvr or whatever) reminds me a little of someone calling himself fefeef who used to post inane statist rants on mises.org. Except eart-thing’s grammar is slightly better.

      • It means you’ve gotten “THEIR” attention!

        Eric, if you and your contributors were actually full of shit, the viewing public would figure it out. There’s no need for “Gubmint”-sponsored “Fact Checkers” or any “Truth Ministry”. The “Truth”, if not impeded, defends itself just fine.

        You’ve been targeted by the “bot” for a simple reason: The PTB are SCARED. They SHOULD be! Sites like this EXPOSE their bullshit for what it is.

        • Thanks, Doug – I think you’re right. In a way, it’s an honor to be “botted.” I’ve been doing a lot of radio/podcasts lately; maybe that’s why…

      • What is the difference between a person whose mind is possessed by an ideology (easily recognized, they only ever really say about 5-6 things on repeat) and a bot?

        • It’s a good question, Publius!

          As I mentioned in another comment, I suspect “Earthluvr” was multiple people because of syntax/usage differences in the posts attributed to him/her/they.

          Regardless, I did what I almost never do and banned him/her/they.

          • I submit that the difference is this:

            The person has the capability of opening up his/her own mind and breaking themselves free (may require much effort)—the process starts within.

            The bot must be reprogrammed by an external agent.

  12. “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.” Charles Mackay

    • Here’s another old saying: (Paraphrasing) “A lie can spread around the world while the truth is still getting its pants on.”

      • And…
        “The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.” Gustav Le Bon.

  13. I think masks are here to stay. Same reason why people buy Powerball tickets: Despite the horrendous odds, someone hit the jackpot. I’m sure someone, somewhere was protected from infection by a mask. Sure, it’s statistical noise, but so are lottery winners.

    The problem comes in when the media catches on. Newspeople live in a bubble of exceptions and outliers, because no one gives a shit about your boring drudge of a life. News is novel and exceptional by definition. “So of course they work! We scoured the countryside and found someone who’s life was spared because an asymptotic carrier was masked up! Oh and before the ad for the latest pharmaceutical miracle we’ll have those Powerball numbers from last night’s drawing!”

  14. This site should be labeled “for lunatics only”!

    You all question the settled science that the climate is changing for the worse, more people are dying, more animals going extinct. Still you deny the obvious. The record heats are dismissed as merely typical hot weather. You will say this until the temp is hot enough to set you on fire!
    You will be drowning in rising sea water and will say you like to go for a swim in the Tennessee ocean.

    And not only do you work to kill us all in the long term you want everyone to die right away with the covid! You fight simple solutions like masks and refuse your duty to your fellow man to take the vaccine that keeps us safe.

    You will reap what you sow. A people will only put up with this craziness for so long before special places will be set up for you to be sent where you can practice you madness together so that you all get your just rewards. I do not like that this should be the solution but the sane ones among us must do what is necessary. As soon as we get a younger, stronger President in office we can begin this cleansing.

    • eartluvr is only at the first two stages of the Kubler-Ross grief cycle: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

      Buckle up here at EP Autos, eartluvr. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride, but eventually you’ll discover the truth and acceptance will be upon you. After a year or two, when you finally break the shackles of your mind slavery, you’ll be refreshed with a reassuring feeling of liberty and freedom.

      • And here I thought it was the Cochran-Holmes brain drain cycle: ignorance, stupidity, retarded, lobotomy. I’m just not sure what stage he’s at.

    • You would be utterly hilarious, if there were not so many others that are just as brainwashed as you. Fortunately I can set aside the others for a moment. Thanks for the laughs.

    • Earhtluvr,

      It was also “settled science” that “masks” “work.”

      Give me a specific example of anyone who has died on account of “climate change.”

      Record heats? July this same time 100 years ago was hotter.

    • Earthlvur writes (using a different email):

      “And not only do you work to kill us all in the long term you want everyone to die right away with the covid! You fight simple solutions like masks and refuse your duty to your fellow man to take the vaccine that keeps us safe.”

      This proves you’re a bot.

      • Back in the day of good ‘ol Usenet, Eartluvr would be called “opposite boy.” A troll who would spam newsgroups with comments that ALWAYS said the opposite of the topic being discussed.

        Why would someone do that? Because it is fun to “get the other posters goats.” Plus usually “opposite boys” have nothing better to do. Ignore them, they eventually move on to greener pastures.

        Personally, I think Eartluvr is not a bot (bot, whatever that means), and just someone who gets their kicks being a contrarian.

        Whatever floats one’s leaky boat…

        • Agreed, Pug. He is a kid with nothing better to do until school starts in a few weeks. Ignore him and he will get bored and go away.

    • Assuming this isn’t a farcical post:

      ASSHOLES like YOU are why the Founders wrote 2A.

      Just try it in a “small town”. Make sure you’ve done your “pre-need” funeral arrangements!

    • eartluvr must have had his alien anal probe inserted in backwards. Maybe just a little too far, maybe that’s what happened, something had to be done.

      Insane musings from a stark raving lunatic don’t count.

      Say anything you darn well please, have at it.

      Speak for yourself, sailor.

    • Earthluvr, buddy, you provide a valuable service. You state the leftist/Marxist/enviro position well. Don’t stop, tell us what you really think.

      Be you real, be you a bot, I care not. This is representative of St. Greta and her acolytes.

      But, I must say earthluvr, YOU HAFF DESTROYED MY DREHMS! Now I want to cry Swedish meatballs of autism. At least Great is a retard with value to the WEF…as are you.

    • “…Special places will be set up for you to be sent where you can practice you madness together so that you all get your just rewards…”

      Well, I’m setting a place all to my own as we speak, Earthluvr! And I’ll be practicing my own brand of madness to my heart’s content, without any interference, thank you.

    • @ gay earthluvr

      You don’t actually love earth, you love power, power of the state, which is destroying earth. Electric cars cause more pollution than standard ICE vehicles, and that is much discussed on this site.

      You god, the authority of state to force people to accept false ideas as real, is the biggest hater of the planet and humanity itself. For instance, your hero pedoperv Joe Biden is primarily responsible for the Ukraine war, which has caused massive damage to the earth, and caused untold human misery, some 500,000 killed and many millions wounded physically and psychologically.

      The joke is on you earthluvr, as the world will soon be choked with millions of Teslas and other EVs needing expensive replacement batteries, which will force relatively new cars into the scrap yards, who have no way to deal with the battery – an extreme hazard to even recyclers.

      So have a nice day in your mom’s basement.

  15. I remember when it started there were so few of us refusing the holy mask, then refusing to inject ourselves w/ some goo of an unknown quality. When you’d say ‘its just the flu,’ it was like saying America sucks. It was all part and parcel of a plan to take away our few remaining joys. The climate hysterics continue on, much like the Flu hysterics.

    I watched a ship full of EVs burn in the ocean. Well thats just the cost of going green to these imbeciles. Dangerously thick in their way of thinking, it comes back to the ‘No cost to great’ to signal their virtue. I kind of long for the old days of mass compliance w the diaper mandates, Made it easy to identify the unwell ones.

    Now its all about tHe HeAt. How we need to help Mother Earth Cool down. People going on around here about a few weeks of excessive heat, Its fu*kin AZ shitheads, in July, its been known to get really, really hot. When you remind them that May, June, and the first two weeks of July were 15-20 degrees cooler than normal…. Nothing but glazed looks of stupid.

    • Where I’m at in NC, it gets hot in July. It’s f’n hot now. Crazy story, though. I’ve had trouble getting all of my trash taken when the truck comes by the last 3 weeks. So I called the Dept. of Public Works to complain. The supervisor says the older model trash cans, which I have, are melting in the high temps and when the truck arm squeezes them, anything below (above when turned upside down) stays in the can when it’s dumped. Guy says this never happened before and now he’s getting 7-10 complaints like this every day. He’s actually coming out to my property today to get the serial #s off the cans in order to to get me newer model replacements gratis. Public Works sells the cans you are required to use and they’re about $120 each these days so, hey, sounds good. Weird, though, in light of all the heat propaganda.

      • They’re probably cheap Chinese knock offs. Our large plastic garbage cans will stand up to at least 120+degrees. The sucky thing is once a week pick up, the garage starts to smell by about day 5 or 6.

        • The brand is “Amerikart.” Pretty sure made in ‘Merika. I’ve had ‘em for 11 years now, never an issue except the lid breaking off and, oh, the wheel set coming off once. LOL. The melting could just be a lifespan thing.

          • Hey Funk Dr,

            I guess that would really signal the end of our empire. When all our plastics start being made in China…

            The only thing that I really miss about Vegas is twice a week pick up and they’d take anything. You could dismantle a battleship and leave it at the curb. Those old boys at Republic Services would take anything, no questions asked.

            • We get 2 pickups a week here. The supervisor guy who was really cool and on it came out and hooked me up with new cans. Told me how 30 years ago, he’s an old timer, they offered really thick cans with an embedded metal strip where the arms grab it. His is still in service. But over the years, the pols, looking to save a penny on such things, requisitioned thinner, cheaper cans without that strip that he has to replace much more often, thus actually costing taxpayers more over time. Ahhhh, gov’t monopoly providers…

    • Up here we still haven’t had an “official” heat wave, which the weather people define as three days in a row of 90 or above; might be starting one today as it’s 90 right now. I love how the TV weather forecasters always hype Armageddon forecasts and seem all disappointed when the world doesn’t end.

      • Hey Mike,

        You’d think it was a modern day Shoa, listening to officialdom around here. My wife got an EMS extreme heat warning on her phone. South of here in Phoenicia they started running Red Cross ‘cooling buses.’ SMMFH, Its worse than it sounds. You can hop onboard, have a cool drink and suck up some free AC. They probably have a pretty interesting reading library as well. Bet you have to be fully Vaxxed to take advantage of that wonderful opportunity.

        All anyone needs to do is wear a hat, stay hydrated in the shade and you’ll be just fine. Best part, its already started cooling back down 1-2 degrees a day. Catastrophe averted

        Its the desert people, grow up. It must be gaining traction with all the new arrivals. Our porcine Guvreness sent a letter to the power company last week, demanding they ‘do something’ What a sorry bunch of infantile people have flooded this state. When you corner a lib around here, they fall back on the ‘We’re all in it together’ meme. No, we are not. The people destroying modernity and civilization are not my countrymen.

        We had a power outage yesterday that lasted a little over an hour. We opened the windows, the back slider, and the front door, by the time power came back, it was a pleasant 88 degrees inside. I’m starting to think an EMP wouldn’t be all bad here. The apparatchiks would be fully occupied holding special snowflake hands. No one would be left to mind the store.

        • Not even close to a record here in Western Riverside County.
          102 on my back porch @ 1335 hrs.
          Weather Underground lists record high as 114, with 96 as average.
          So, we are slightly above average, but nothing unusual.

          Most of the spring we were seeing ~10F below normal, so overall, it has been a significantly cool year for us in ZIP Code 92882. Farm where I buy a lot of local produce is way behind typical harvest times for such things as tomatoes, due to heavy rains and low temperatures.

          Predictably, the El Lay Slimes is wringing its hands in righteous panic, as if the end of the world were nigh.


          >Day after day, residents from Fresno to Phoenix have endured triple-digit temperatures

          Well, yeah, I have lived in Fresno, and have friends who live in Phoenix. This is normal weather for those places, this time of year. Hint: grapes do not become raisins without hot summer days. Duh.

          • Hi Adi,

            Here in my neck of the woods 86325 and 86322 its the same as it ever was. Temperatures here always 10-15 degrees cooler than Phoenix. We had an unseasonably cooler May and June, even into July as well. El Nino`, La Nina` or whatever it is. We also had a moist winter, even had a twenty five year flood down here.

            When I talk to people at the Rec center and Library, most are very alarmed at the two weeks of above average temperatures. When I remind them its been much cooler this summer, the usual answer is along the lines of ‘Sorry that don’t fit my narrative.’

            My tomatoes are killing it this year, We have hundreds of green ones, starting to ripen, Cherry tomatoes we give away regular, Having some luck with Japanese Trifele Blacks, not as prolific as my Early Girls.. I even have a nice little corn patch. Melons are coming along slow, but thats the nice thing about an 8 month growing season. time is on my side

    • Tell everyone to run around with a damp bandana tied on top of their heads, to fight glow bull whaarmmming.

      The sheep will out themselves immediately, once again.

      • Hi Publius,

        Here’s another idea…….tell these people to wear a face diaper and claim it’s necessary to stop the spread of CO2.

  16. “…we might not be condemned to live in fear going forward.”

    The only thing the average dildo fears, is self accountability.

  17. ‘Assertions were allowed to take the place of facts.’ — eric

    Never more true than in the case of covid ‘vaccines,’ in which falsified, fraudulent medical trials were conducted to deceive even those who did their due diligence and read the scientific papers.

    Nearly every member of Clowngress got vaxxed and boosted, though (of course) they were exempt from job-related mandates that oppressed tens of millions of their subjects.

    Now the dirty old turtle Mitch McClownell has malfunctioned, just freezing in mid-sentence like an EeeVee that ran out of battery and went dark. Last night they shut Mitch in a broom closet facing the wall, plugged him in to charge, and will try to reset him this morning.

    Fingers crossed! /s

    Between “Biden,” McClownell, and the Feinstein Crone, we are governed by superannuated silver ghosts who, mentally, are not even present. I worry about that damned nuclear football in the gnarled hands of the demented old grifter “Joe Biden,” whose layabout son had a real bad day in court this week as the family’s crime scandal metastasizes.

    It just ain’t saaaaaaaaaaaaaafe.

    • “He has erected a multitude of offices, and sent forth a swarm of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.”

  18. There are efforts to normalize face diaper wearing during cold and flu season, the people behind these efforts claiming (not kidding) that universal face diaper wearing worked so well at stopping the spread of COVID during the COVID pandemic. We’ve had cold and flu season forever, and prior to 2020, there has NEVER been calls that I’m aware of for everyone to wear face diapers during cold and flu season.

    It’s astounding the level of blatant lying that has taken place over the past few years, not only from the government but also from Big Pharma, Big Media, the medical-industrial complex, etc. And not only are they trying to scare the public about climate change, they’ll likely try to scare the public this fall about a TRIPLEDEMIC of COVID, flu, and RSV, and tell people that taking a vaccine for each will “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave them”.

    • “It’s astounding the level of blatant lying that has taken place over the past few years, not only from the government but also from Big Pharma, Big Media, the medical-industrial complex, etc.” -John B

      These fuckers have been lying for 100 years or more. We’re just now able to see it in near real time. Although its depressing being aware of all the lying, I’m encouraged because its becoming increasingly more difficult for them to get away with it.

    • In your irrational rush to condemn all things you don’t like you come to ridiculous conclusions. Wearing a mask if you have the flu is a good idea. The flu is spread not only through the air but by contact. Infected people spray out gobs of spit that the mask can stop. That’s why doctors wear them, to prevent large particles from going from them to an open wound, and to prevent chunks of the patient from going to them. It’s a legitimate use of the mask. The Japanese wear them when they are sick as a courtesy to others.
      I don’t think it should be mandated but it’s a good idea to use if you are sick and in public.

      • Cashy just pleading with JohnB not to destroy his whole belief system. It reminds me of a child sticking his fingers in his ears and yelling “I can’t hear you.”

        I’m not gonna lie. It’s kinda fun to watch.

        • Hi Liberty,

          Shows that have dropped some truth bombs that the system doesn’t want people to know about include The Highwire & The Jimmy Dore Show.

          • So true John,
            Just look at how hard the PTB are trying to silence RFK, Jr. The demoncrats proved his point by trying to censor the Clowngress hearing on censorship; on the bright side the more they try to censor him the more his message is being spread. I will write his name in for president if he’s not on the ballot, though I do fear for his safety based on the murders of JFK and his father, RFK. The security state has too much to lose if he gets into a position of power.

        • How very true John. And they sure as hell are not going to get herd immunity from covid getting the jab. It doesn’t work like that. But TPTB will certainly try and convince the ignorant masses otherwise.

  19. Yes the climate does change; warm in the spring, hot in the summer, cool in autumn and cold in the winter. I guess in addition to math and literacy skills not being taught in public “schools”, environmental facts such as the annual changing of the seasons aren’t taught either. So you are now getting the scare mongering of “extreme” temperatures on the boob tube. What gets me is the quotes “hottest in thousands of years”. Now how in hell can that statement be made when weather observations have only been recorded over the past couple of hundred years. All I ask of government is three things; mind your on damned business, leave me alone and leave my money alone. I guess that makes me an “enemy of the state” in today’s political climate!

  20. I saw plenty of masks on faces at the retro video game show here in Austin over the weekend, mostly on the vendors from out of town, but the crowd in attendance still had its share of Good Germans.

    The question isn’t as much who is currently wearing one but what percentage of people you see walking around in public know where they can find an armband -er- mask … in case ze old days return, ja.

    • In Sheetcago quite a few. All over Whole Foods for example. I asked one of my doctors if she wore hers outside as well. She always changed to a new one on leaving work. I said ok, when do you plan to stop wearing one outside of clinical situations? She said never. I realized then and there – I employed a mental patient. Not with us now of course. Oh the hell I gave her.

      • My GP still required masks in the office near Downtown Austin up through March of this year. I was ready to find a new GP when the requirement suddenly got dropped before my last visit in June.

        When I arrived for the last visit, it appeared that yet another complete turnover in office staff had taken place. Maybe the germphobes were purged.

  21. “Not the “climate” part. The “crisis” part. The Fear Organs are pumping out hysteria about the heat as relentlessly as they pumped up hysteria over sickness by relentlessly counting the cases! the cases!”

    Recently I saw statements made by our overlords that if it’s over 90F, then you can’t survive outside, even if in the shade, for more than a few minutes. And if it’s humid, you are going to die for sure. Every day it’s over 90F where I live in FL in the summertime. And it’s humid too. The “real feel temp” is over 105F, and there are heat warnings. Yet my landscapers are out there at noon cutting the grass. They appear quite healthy and unaffected. They are sweating and drinking lots of water. When I was a kid and young man I used to do this kind of work in the heat. I never thought much about it. I also went to boot camp in the heat. Occasionally we stopped our activities and drained our canteens, and then went back to business.

    It’s not getting hotter. The elites are attempting another psyop to control us with fear, just as they did with covid.

    Go outside and get a little sun!

  22. It will always be one of the most sobering realizations that during covid when I never missed a day of work (our business being allowed to remain open) and thought people would rebel against this obvious lie and over reaching government imposed tyranny, they passively, accepted…..everything. Every news report making hourly predictions of millions of deaths, two weeks to stop the spread, we’re all in this together, the vaccines, anti vaxxers….then as the months went on they became aggressive in their acceptance of the restrictions, almost as if they had to defend their beliefs even as the narrative began to unravel. I remember getting to know a fit like minded person at my gym who also thought the whole thing was bs and being so grateful to find one individual who had not allowed themself to become lets face it, somewhat insane. Because except for my best friend, everyone else I knew bought at least some if not all of this crap. Finding this website also reassured normal critically thinking people were still out there.

    • That there was a presumption to deem some businesses “essential” and others NOT should have been mocked, riduculed, and DISREGARDED.

  23. Do you know what I find fascinating? The number of people that have come out recently stating they aren’t vaxxed. Tucker Carlson, Ice Cube, Dave Rubin, Asa Hutchinson refusing to answer, etc. All of a sudden it seems the cool thing is to be the rebel who didn’t get the clot shot.

    Don’t get me wrong, I applaud those who held true to their convictions and questioned the narrative. They did what was best for them and their families, but why the silence in the midst of it? A few of us (mainly people on this site and Kyrie Irving) were quite vocal about it, but we were hung out to dry. We were labeled conspiracy theorists, anti vaxxers (which somehow became a dirty word), grandma killers, etc.

    Very few stood for truth and blended in the background scared to be labeled for fear of being ostracized. If more of us came out against this pressure and bonded together maybe this shit show would have ended quicker. Maybe some divorced couples would still be married, maybe friends wouldn’t have dissolved decades old relationships, maybe kids wouldn’t walk around in fear of invisible vapor spray, maybe businesses wouldn’t have terminated, and a supply chain be destroyed. I won’t even mention the mental impact that this had on the world or the distrust that has been bred.

    Three years later and I am still pissed. Every politician, celebrity, journalist, and CEO that now promotes their avoidance of the clot shot just increases my blood pressure. I can only ask “where the hell were you?”

    • Preach it, RG!

      These people act as though it’s no big deal. It was – it is – a huge deal. Paranoia was not only instilled – it was enabled, via the silent complicity of people too afraid to say openly that they weren’t going to be pressured to take drugs on the say-so of Big Pharma, Big Corporations and Big Government (all of them attributes of the same thing).

      I will never shut up about this – or forgive and forget – until there is an abject apology and a vow to never abide such a thing again.

      • Me neither. Those fuckers enabled a whole host of civil rights/civil liberties violations that if solely applied to people of color would have rightfully sparked riots across the country in every corner. Since they were applied to people on the right, who cares was the attitude. Those fuckers caused me to be ejected from restaurants and grocery stores. I dared not enter any other business during that time. I was lucy to be in Oklahoma at the time. No mssk mandates nor vax passports. Others weren’t as lucky.
        In the beginning in Florida their idiot governor shut beaches and businesses down until he realized that money could be salvaged and notariety gained.

        No, i will never forgive the asshole who tossed me out of grocery stores in Greg Abbotts Texas nor the no nothing idiot who initially tried to deny entry into the Outback steakhouse until i cited some obscure USCode on civil rights and the color of law bullshit. The meal took 2 and a half hours while several tables were seated twice. I will never forget trying to bosit an ailing mother in law at the hospital. If there was ever a clear indication why medical “professionals” should not be given power this was it. Of course i know why and how they did and their role in this scheme.

        I will never forget a condescending, geriatric hissing fraudulent scoundrel whispering “get vaccinated” while his OSHA was issuing illegal “guidelines” (mandates) for employers to vaccinate everyone.

        Over 80 million “voters” owe me a apology, assuming there were actually that many. I dont believe there were. The number is probably closer to 70 million. Orange man actually won that race. He was no saint either

        • Ever wondered how they got away with burning witches at the stake? Now we know.
          Only takes days to spread lies and fear,,, years to dispel the lies and fear.

        • I’ll always have the scar on my back from the cyst that started out as a boil, but I couldn’t get into a doctor’s office (masked or not) because the medical industry was too busy cashing in on COVID reporting.

        • I had to fight like hell not to get the jab to keep my job (medical). It was 3 years of wondering if i was going to be living out of my old car.
          Half a dozen that took the initial jab are not taking any more. The rest will never wake up. And they are the ones that are repeatedly getting covid. Whereas I have not had it even once. I liked the one news commentary where the jabbed and now suffering news reporter was blaming us, the un-jabbed, for not warning them about the vaccine. This, after 3 years of non-stop demonization, of how I should lose my job, my home, and my livelihood because I was un-jabbed. You know these fools will never learn. When the next pandemic rolls around they will insist that it’s different this time, and that like the rabid dogs they see us as, we should just shut up, get in line, and do what we are told.

    • The pressure was so intense. I tried to convince my husband not to get vaxxed and was completely stonewalled. What a sick feeling it was and now seeing people we know and love getting mysterious ailments, a few have even passed away before their time. I am definitely not about to forgive and forget. The consequences are too far reaching.

    • My response is I have no interest in being “vaccinated” because I really do not care whether I live or when I die. Death is inevitable, and it might as well be now, rather than later.
      Better to live on your feet than to die on your knees.
      To vaxxers who would like to see “refuseniks” ostracized:
      Go ahead on. I have no interest in dealing with s*theads like you anyhow.

      • Hi Adi,

        I only take drugs I decide are worth taking. I will not abide being pressured to take drugs – and will physically defend myself against anyone who tries to make me.

        My health is my business – just as other people’s health is theirs. It is no one else’s business, in both cases.

    • Ice Cube surprised me, and, yeah, he could have gone public two years ago, when mass forced jabs were still a possibility until the Supreme Court stepped in and killed the large company mandate.

      • I’m shocked that the court got rid of the mandate. I was ready to lose my job if I was forced to take that shot. It’s the hill I die on.

      • Hi DC,

        Yes, you did. You took a courageous stand and should be proud of what you accomplished and how you reacted.

  24. If anyone is interested, via LRC:

    “…with this event, we’re ending the fear and mania caused by germ theory which has been responsible for the tragic and unnecessary and deadly lock downs – all because people simply did not know there was no virus to fear in the first place.

    This will be the End of Covid and all future pandemic nonsense.

    And in the process, we – you and me and the over 1,000,000+ that are expected to attend this World-Wide Event – will be ending scientific dogma and medical tyranny, as well.

    The End of COVID will be presenting 22 days of the nitty-gritty, granular details of all things virus-related; how it started, how it was fed and perpetrated by special interests, how the public was continuously lied to – all its history and corruptions as well as what the properly done science tells so far.

    We’ll be going all the way back to the 1800s with the pivotal debate between Antoine Bechamp’s breakthrough research which led to the proper understanding how we do not catch diseases but rather build them in stages over time.

    We will learn all about how this vital discovery was buried by the fraudster, Louis Pasteur, and through the cooperative actions of particularly powerful people we suffered every so-called “pandemic” – from the so-called Spanish Flu up to and including the present.

    Plus, we’ll go deeply into what really caused these historical events where real people did get sick and, tragically, die.

    This way, a falsely called “pandemic” like we’ve just experienced can never happen again in the future.

    The goal of this event is to educate the public on a mass scale with carefully curated content.

    By doing this, we can expose the entire field of virology for what it is: one big fraudulently based show.”…


    • Hi helot,

      How many of these individuals who are promoting the end of this Plandemic donned a mask and rolled up their sleeves?

      I would never forgot those that spoke up and out about this charade. I have no willingness to listen to those who wish to play hero when it is all said and done, but hid in a corner when it was ongoing.

      • RE: “How many of these individuals who are promoting the end of this Plandemic donned a mask and rolled up their sleeves?”

        Associated with the link I posted above?

        I would guess: Zero.

      • I hear you. During the darkest hour of this, 99 percent of people donned a mask going into the G-D grocery store! It was to the point where I wanted to start taking drugs to get through the whole nonsense (like that was going to help). I wanted to punch and shake every person I saw.

        As things “opened up” I hated going to a restaurant and seeing people take off their masks that they were wearing 5 feet prior to “eeeeat” and put them back on when they left the restaurant.

        It was one of the lowest points in my life thus far.

        No, I’m not forgiving nor forgetting. I have never been so isolated and ostracized in my entire life.

    • Sadly, I believe LRC has become nothing but a promoter of disinformation and propaganda. Damage-control – like COVID being a ‘being a bioweapon leaked from a lab’ (As opposed to the truth, that it is nothing but the re-labelled flu, promoted by the media to enact the skeleton of a worldwide surveillance-state, and trick the masses into getting vaccinated with the real bioweapon: the clot-shot.)

      Socialist writers and promoting RFK Jr….

      It’s become as detached from actual Libertarianism as Republican(t)s have from small government.

        • Nice to see my little pest is still following me around. That caddy spot is till open.

          But c’mon man. You Don’t believe in the work of Louie Pasteur? All medical science since then is a scam? WTF That is flat earth level conspiracy stuff. I get you don’t trust Fauci and the CDC but all the pioneers of modern medicine?

          • Cashy once again engages in projection by calling me a “little pest.” I’m just trying to push back the boundaries of ignorance and you just keep getting in the way.

            As far as “modern medicine” as you put it, I guess I don’t have the same level of faith as you do. I prefer a world of truth rather than blind faith. I’m always and forever open to evidence of the truth. But, “C’mon man” is neither an argument nor evidence. Tell me how Louie Pasteur isolated a virus from all other material things and showed that the isolated virus was the causative agent of a disease. Do you have primary sources to consider, or are you just going to refer me back to your high school text books where it says so?

            The good news is that you seem to at the bargaining stage right now. Hang in there buddy. Only a couple stages remain.

            • I have no desire to get into an argument over stuff that has been settled science for nearly two centuries. If you believe that you, a random guy, and some stuff you read on the internet, is the REAL explanation instead of 100’s of years of research by the finest minds in medicine, that’s your choice.

              You clearly hold no position of importance in the matter so nobody really cares what you think regardless. I only add my opinion so that others can decide for themselves. You are basically trolling anyway. Asking for information that you would only criticize when presented and then add insults and insist you are the one getting insulted.

              • There is no such thing as “settled science” except if it’s the law of gravity or something like that. Or maybe heat rises.

                  • I don’t expect the anti-everything types to understand basic concepts but for those of you out there that might want it clarified.
                    “Settled science” is a thing. No science ever proves anything 100%, that is not possible, Science is about probabilities, there may always be some new discovery that changes things. However it is considered settled science if the vast majority of experts in the field agree and the theory has proven to predict solutions to questions. If it has been around a long time and if alternative theories have little evidence in support. The germ theory of disease is one such theory. Much like the theory of gravity, the Heliocentric theory. And many more. It would take a huge amount of evidence to overturn those theories and the burden would be on the one who supports it to make that case. Internet cranks and the few researcher/scientists that make alternative claims should have to provide convincing evidence.

                    • The truth of heliocentrism and gravity is proven to each of us every single day.

                      Cashy demands that there be a presumption that Pasteur isolated a virus from all other material things and showed that the isolated virus was the causative agent of a disease. Cashy then demands that the world must prove the negative.

                      The funny thing is he can’t articulate how he thinks Pasteur did this and he can’t direct us to any evidence.

                    • “Settled science” is a thing.” and “…there may always be some new discovery that changes things.”

                      Got it! Way to take a definitive position.

                    • “‘Settled science’ is a thing. No science ever proves anything 100%”
                      Make up your mind please.

              • “I have no desire to get into an argument over stuff that has been settled science for nearly two centuries.”
                Translation: I’ve applied no time and effort into researching an alternate opinion, so I’m going to stick with what’s been spoonfed to me my entire life.
                Based on the bulk of his/her comments, this appears to be the default position on most every subject.

                • Let’s look at some examples throughout history of “Settled science” that turned out NOT to be true…

                  Thalidomide was safe for pregnant women & children.
                  Universal lockdowns & face diaper mandates during COVID saved lives.
                  COVID jabs were “Safe and Effective”, and the only people getting sick with the ‘Rona were the unvaxxed.
                  The pandemic would end if every last human was vaxxed.
                  Mass adoption of EVs will save the planet.

                  I’m sure there are other examples of “Settled Science” that turned out to be 100% FALSE.

                  • None of those things were considered settled science at the time. They were theories that didn’t work out or stand the test of time. Makes my point.

                    • Please define what “settled science” is. I suspect it’s a fancy way of saying what you were taught in high school and now believe in. But that ain’t science, bro.

                    • Hi Mister,

                      This back-and-forth is really interesting to me, because I’m unsure which is the correct position. I have to admit that I have never seen a virus; and yet, I have caught colds and it seems to me that (in most cases) it was as a result of being in proximity to someone who already had one. Then I got what they had. This experience is very common and it seems common sensical to me that something was transferred from person to person. It also seems to me pretty unassailable that smallpox, rabies vaccines and so on (as a for-instance) prevent smallpox and rabies, etc.

                      On the other hand, I’ve become very skeptical of the medical apparat, which I consider to now be as irredeemably corrupt as the FDA.

                      I suspect this is the core problem here, by which I mean many people (me among them) have almost totally lost faith in what we’re told by “experts.” And the problem – with regard to virology – is that the subject is obscure to the layman; after all, we are talking about the unseen. Well, that which most of us have never seen.

                      So, I dunno. But it is something well worth discussing!

                    • Hi Eric. I had no more room to reply, so I’m doing it under Cashy’s post.

                      I hear you. I don’t think I’m the kind of guy that falls for things one way or another. Helot has a good post above about catching “colds,” which I’ve replied to that sheds light on this.

                      I can tell you that I have spent hundreds of hours going through primary sources and “peer reviewed” papers which claim that viruses cause certain diseases (“covid” being one of them), but once you familiarize yourself with the jargon, it becomes crystal clear that they beg the question (i.e. assume the very fact that they are purporting to prove) and none have actually isolated any viruses from all other material (the alleged virus is usually part of an otherwise toxic soup which is then added to green monkey cells to show “cytopathic effects” as a proxy for the alleged disease) and none of these papers show actual causation of the disease by the alleged “isolated” virus.

                      There are huge gaps and assumptions being made in the studies. They also don’t use real control studies to make a comparison (i.e, one without the alleged isolated virus and one with to compare the outcomes).

                      I’ve also talked about this before (and discussed it with BdAnOn (sp?)), but they just fake a genomic sequence with computer software and then declare that they have isolated the virus “in silico” (versus in vivo or in vitro) There is so much fuckery going on at about 10 different stages of their “studies” it is apparent that they are just total nonsense.

                      As I say, don’t take my word for it. I’m just trying to act as a guidepost. At this point the best I can say is that I am agnostic as to the existence of viruses because I have not seen proof of their existence.

              • Cashy: You’re once again engaging in the appeal to authority fallacy. How do you know they were the finest minds in medicine? Even if true, how would that prove what your saying? If what you say is true, just show me the evidence. Why is that so difficult?

                I’m not asking you to believe anything I say. I don’t want you or anybody to believe in things just because I say them. I’m suggesting that you look to actual evidence as to whether Pasteur isolated a virus from all other material things and showed that the isolated virus was the causative agent of a disease.

                Instead, you want to just believe it based only on your faith in what you were told. We were told the safety and efficacy of the clot shot was “settled science” only a year ago. Not so much now, huh?

                • What is it with you wanting an “isolated” example of a virus? Is it a stupid conspiracy nut trick to disprove the germ theory? They have pictures of viruses. They take samples of the virus and kill it to make vaccines. It’s been done for a couple hundred years. Small pox, anthrax, rabies, polio, measles, the list goes on. All curable or treatable using the lessons learned from the germ theory. Do you think the people being cured are a hoax? Did polio and measles just disappear on their own? What are you trying to say?

                  • How do you know that the picture they claim to be a virus is a virus? How do you know the purported virus causes disease?

                    “They take samples of the virus and kill it to make vaccines.” The only source of your “knowledge” of this is because they say they do this. I know what they say, but I have not seen evidence of this.

                    People say a lot of things to make money and to obtain power. People make mistakes and/or lie all the time. What people say is not proof of what is.

                    • Mister Liberty
                      July 28, 2023 At 10:58 am
                      How do you know that the picture they claim to be a virus is a virus?

                      How do you know anything? Do you believe Antarctica exists? How do you know? Have you been there? Did the battle of Waterloo happen? How do you know? Did you see it?

                      You don’t have to “isolate” something so you can point your finger at it for you to be able to understand it. No one has seen an electron but electricity is well understood. No one has seen atoms but atomic bombs work as designed.

                      People get bit by rabid dogs, get the vaccine and live. Those that don’t die. Polio was once very common, kids were inoculated and now it’s rare. Not everything needs to be made accessible to every internet skeptic just to prove to them it works.

    • Antoine Bechamp’s breakthrough research…

      germ/vaccine theory religious fanatics

      religious fanatics ramming their poisonous vaccine down your throat….vaccines/germ theory = religious fanatics

      vaccines are just a belief = a religion no science behind them: vaccine religion: an occult satanic religious death cult

      germ theory: never been proven, just a belief = a religion. now we have allopathic rockefeller nazi death medicine, a satanic occult death cult, run by witches.

      The germ theory/witch craft, religious cult, modern medical system.
      who thought that up? first it was the witches with their witches brews,
      medievel medicine: evil demon spirits (germs) how do you fight them? with pharmaceuticals, drugs (witches brews)
      pharmacon = poison, pharmakeia = sorcery, witch craft, witches
      pharmaceutical = drugs made from petrochemicals (oil).

      then it was pasteur the fraud with no medical background, he studied physics. , now we have gates with no education leading it.
      modern medicine is based on the germ theory: modern medicine: evil demon spirits (germs) how do you fight them? with pharmaceuticals, vaccines (witches brews) (pharmakeia = sorcery, witch craft, witches).

      it became established with the nazis:
      “The infection theories (germ theory) were only established as a global dogma through the concrete policies and eugenics of the Third Reich. Before 1933, scientists dared to contradict this germ theory; after 1933, these critical scientists were silenced.” now we have the 4th reich doing the same thing.

      rockefeller took allopathic medicine worldwide
      After the Flexner Report, the AMA only endorsed schools with a germ theory drug-based curriculum. It didn’t take long before non-allopathic, non germ theory schools fell by the wayside due to lack of funding.

      Thus, Rockefeller had his monopoly on drugs, and Big Pharma and Rockefeller Medicine were born – and has only grown bigger and more terrible since,
      now routinely bribing doctors to prescribe their toxic and side effect-laden pills, not to mention their autism-causing vaccines, all based on the germ theory.

      the drug companies call themselves ‘pharmaceutical’. That is from a Greek word translated ‘sorceror’, ‘sorceries’, and ‘witchcraft’
      so they are cheer leading something that was used by the witches and the current version is backed by pasteur (a fraud) but on his death bed he admitted it was false. and gates with no education.

      The germ theory/witch craft, religious cult (allopathic medicine) today is very powerful, totally out of control, they are like the Spanish inquisition, if you didn’t believe they burnt you alive.
      now we have allopathic rockefeller nazi death medicine, a satanic occult death cult, run by witches.

      Bechamp the smartest man in history said the germ theory is bs.
      Bechamp had four PhD’s.

      There is not now nor ever has been any one man so well credentialed in the written annals of scientific history. He was degreed in biology, chemistry, physics, pharmacy, and medicine, as well as a practitioner in each of these disciplines. He also was a university professor for all of these subjects. The accomplishments of Béchamp are unparalleled and he quite simply has no equal.

      Upon his death it took eight full 8-1/2″x11″ pages of the French Moniteur Scientifique to list just the titles of his professionally published studies. That magazine was the equivalent publication to that of our National Academy of Sciences.

      • Thanks to our luciferian aristocracy…..

        The satanists run the planet today so it makes perfect sense……

        This medical system of Paracelsus is the foundation on which modern allopathic medicine is built….it has a monopoly in G7 countries and a lot of the planet….

        Did you know that the “father” of pharmacology was an occultist?
        He was a worshiper of Satan! He is a hero in the church of satan today…..

        It is amazing today that Paracelsus is known as the father of modern pharmacy! ….Where did he get his inspiration?…… Baphomet, Satan!….So he was possessed and was an instrument of satan?…….

        This was a very radical practice during his time. He treated many diseases with mercury better known as quicksilver. Many physicians who bought into Paracelsus method and used quicksilver (mercury), also known as Quack Salber, were known as “quacks”. This was a very rebellious way of treating the body at the time……Many died as a result of Paracelsus way of treatment.

        So the doctors that used allopathic medicine in the 1500’s were called quacks (allopathic medicine is using poisonous drugs and injections to cure diseases)….
        today we worship them as gods…..but which god?…..

        The most successful marketing campaign in history…today’s allopathic medical system…..it is a trillion $ industry….

        The government gave a monopoly to one type of doctor…through regulations, licencing and funding…..allopathic doctors….. all the other doctors practicing alternate competing types of medical care were banned……if it was a free and open market there wouldn’t be a shortage of doctors……and health care would be very inexpensive….

        William Rockefeller copied Paracelsus…a snake oil salesman….

        John Rockefeller created the monopoly……
        his father William was a snake oil salesman posing as a fake doctor, pedaling fake cures, he was also a horse thief and was indicted for rape in 1849………pedaling fake cures….looks like the son is too…..and his helper fauci…

        Rockefeller tried to get an allopathic monopoly in China……. it failed and the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine was preserved for centuries to come…..china now gets rich from supplying the allopathic system …….. Most of the ingredients for drugs and in jections come from china

        Snake oil fake cures…..
        Our rockefeller monopoly allopathic medical system, big pharma, used worldwide thanks to john rockefeller, is no better than medievel witch craft. it is more like astrology, there is no science involved…..they always reference science, but it is a huge lie there is no science behind it

      • Antoine Bechamp’s breakthrough research…

        I have never seen anybody other then RFK Jr in his new book…. reference Bechamp…..RFK Jr is intelligent

        99.9999% of the population has been brainwashed about allopathic medicine….

        nobody knows medical history……

      • pharmakeia = sorcery, witch craft, witches

        gates, fauci, schwab, king charles the 3rd and 3000 others….

        satanic witches are running the planet…our luciferian aristocracy….a satanic death cult…..

          • Fuck you, Cashy. You raise the issue and people respond in good faith. You can’t handle having you’re beliefs put in doubt and you react by responding with a snarky comment. Don’t be an asshole.

            • I think that’s a little uncalled for. I admit I’ve been convinced by several thousand eloquent words on the subject and you attack me.


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