Diaper Report: 07/01/2023

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Radioactive fallout has a half-life, the time it takes for the radiation to dissipate to harmless or at least less-harmful levels.

What is the half-life of weaponized hypochondria?

Judging by what can be seen, it may be longer than it takes for radioactivity to diminish to harmless levels. One can walk around Chernobyl – for a couple of hours, at any rate – without risking dangerous exposure to whatever’s left of the fallout of the reactor meltdown, which happened back in 1986.

That was 37 years ago.

Will we still be seeing radioactive people walking around 37 years from now? It’s probably not a risky bet to take that we will. It is already going on two years since the time it became evident to people who can think that “mask” wearing is something only people who believe are willing to do. Just as believers wear other varieties of religious clothing, from the special “garment” worn by devout Mormons to the Yarmulke worn by orthodox Jews. They believe it is necessary, as an expression of their faith. As a sign of their belonging to a faith.

If you ask them about it, they will tell you so.

This eases one’s mind because it shows the wearer knows why he is wearing whatever he’s wearing. It is not for the sake of his health. That would be weird. No – scratch that. It would be sick.

As in, mentally.

Most of us would say so, immediately – if we were told by a devout Mormon or an orthodox Jew that their religious vestments warded off viruses. If they were our friends – if they were our family members – we’d steer them toward therapy, to help them recover their senses. But – instead – most of pretend we do not see the signs of very sick people. Thereby encouraging these people to believe they aren’t sick.

This is a kind of cruelty – and condescension, also. The presumption is the sick person is beyond help and that their sickness should be played-along-with, as people would sometimes do regarding a “funny” uncle who lived in the attic. Would it not be kinder to do what is possible to help the “funny” uncle return to his senses?

For his own sake – as well as ours?

Especially as regards the sickness that is still very much on display in medical settings. In hospitals and clinics – where patients are still being strong-armed to pretend they believe, by doctors who also pretend to believe. What has this done to the credibility of the medical profession? The same thing it has done to our trust in the medical profession.

Both now headed toward congruency with the credibility of politicians – and the trust we have in them.

How sick is it to be in the position of needing care and finding oneself obliged to pretend one cares – to play the role of an idiot in a farce – in order to be seen by a doctor who also plays his part in the farce? It is worse than having to express belief in the Motor Gods before being permitted to wait in the lounge while your car is being worked on – because it is only your car and the worst that may happen as a result of a mechanic who is a believer operating upon it is that he breaks it.

But what about breaking you?

There is something incredibly disturbing – if you’re thinking – about trusting a doctor who is not only a believer but an enforcer. If he does so because he has been told he must by higher-ups, does it not beg questions about what else he might do – to you – because he has been told he must? And if he does so because he really does believe, then what does it say about his thinking?

What else does he believe in?

And – what might he do, in the name of his beliefs?

Doctors used to believe in the principle, first do no harm. This is the Hippocratic Oath all doctors take upon becoming doctors. Sadly – tragically – it has become much of-a-piece with the oath of fealty to the Constitution – to preserve, protect and defend it – that is taken by every politician upon assuming office, as well as by every enforcer of politicians’ decrees.

Neither meaning very much anymore, beyond the perfunctory ritual of mouthing the words that few believe.

It is what comes of thinking no longer mattering.

. . .

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  1. Wow, is the ship finally turning? Idk. Via the Wall Street Journal:

    ‘Covid Censorship Proved to Be Deadly’

    “Government and social-media companies colluded to stifle dissenters who turned out to be right.”

    … “Worst of all, the lockdowns and mandates resulted in unprecedented bad health outcomes for young and middle-aged people in rich countries.

    Excess mortality in most high-income nations was worse in 2021 and 2022 than in 2020, the initial pandemic year. Many poorer nations with less government control seemed to fare better. Sweden, which didn’t have a lockdown, performed better than nearly every other advanced nation.

    After navigating 2020 with relative success, young and middle-age healthy people in rich nations began dying in unprecedented numbers in 2021 and 2022. Health authorities haven’t focused enough on this cataclysm of premature death from non-Covid heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolisms, kidney failure and cancer.” …


  2. I ask strangers all the time why they are wearing a mask. These are the most recent responses: 30-40% do not know why (they cannot articulate a reason and some just laugh it off), about 10% (and growing) say it’s because of their allergies, another 10-15% use the excuse of a sick relative, 10% still think it protects them against “Covid”, and about 10% want to conceal their identity or be invisible (more common among the younger Gen Z types who wore hoodies in the past to hide their faces). Another 10% because they are currently sick or recently recovered from “Covid”. 5% because they have a medical condition like heart disease or cancer. (Since when did a doctor recommend mask wearing for heart disease or cancer in the past? The same with allergies?). A young, thin male working at Starbucks told me he masks because he has asthma! You would think an asthma sufferer the last person to want to restrict oxygen to their cells. I also heard a crazy woman tell me because she has dental problems! I asked her to show me her teeth and let me decide, she walked away.

    I always challenge these answers and rarely does anyone stand their ground and defend their position. They try to get away from me quickly unless they are working at a cash register or in another situation where they cannot easily leave.

  3. Eric, you might be interested in this: Why does Amerika have an epidemic of cancer? Answer – it was seeded via polio vaccines:



    Cancer, Simian Virus 40 (SV40), and Polio Vaccine Fact Sheet

    SV40 is a virus found in some species of monkey.

    SV40 was discovered in 1960. Soon afterward, the virus was found in polio vaccine.

    More than 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccine from 1955 to 1963 when a proportion of vaccine was contaminated with SV40; it has been estimated that 10–30 million Americans could have received an SV40 contaminated dose of vaccine.

    SV40 virus has been found in certain types of cancer in humans, but it has not been determined that SV40 causes these cancers.

    The majority of scientific evidence suggests that SV40-contaminated vaccine did not cause cancer; however, some research results are conflicting and more studies are needed.

    • To add to that:

      …”Using fresh data just on breast cancers alone posted by the American Cancer Society on Cancer.org, Dr. Eads explains, “From Cancer.org in the year 2019, for those women under 45 years old (with breast cancer), it was 26,660. It 2020, it was 26,500. In 2021 when the CV19 vax rolled out, it was 26,561. . . . Cancer was not seen in the initial rollout because it took some time for the spike protein delivery. So, in 2022, those numbers went from 26,561 to 47,000. That is a two-fold increase. That’s a direct result of the mRNA (CV19) shots. In 2023, it went up six-fold to 297,000 breast cancer cases, and we are not even done with 2023. That may be as high as 500,000 breast cancer cases. So, cancer is exploding, and there is a direct correlation to the mRNA (CV19) vaccines. . . . The data is just pouring out. The Department of Defense DMED data has cancers up 600% to 1,300%. […]

      In February 2023, Dr. Eads predicted there would be “At least 1 billion dead or disabled from the CV19 bioweapon/vax.” Is Dr. Eads sticking by that prediction? Dr. Eads says, “Yes, I am, and, actually, it’s going to be higher than that. . . . A paper recently came out showing 600,000 Americans a year are dying from Covid shots.”…


  4. I check in with this blog often and I still love the Diaper Reports.

    I frequent another blog where the host has a three strikes and you are out rule. This is for being contrary and disagreeable. He calls it “pissing on his lawn.”

    • RE: “I frequent another blog where the host has a three strikes and you are out rule. This is for being contrary and disagreeable.”

      Are you in favor of that?

      I remember when the housing bubble was taking off,… and then crashing, back in 2004. It was … amazing to see how people would freak out about the contrary and disagreeable view Ben Jones would post on his blog about the crashing housing market.

      …That experience was a real eye opener for me.


      As a result, I always like to see contrary and disagreeable comments, even when they are wrong.

      It’s that whole, animated contest for Liberty bit, I guess?

      …Or, the new equivalent to, ‘conspiracy theory’ which is, ‘do your own research’.

      […Side note: putting urine on plants is often very beneficial to the plants.]

      • “Are you in favor of that?”

        It’s his blog and I am his guest. I can start my own blog if I have the talent and energy and I want a platform to completely and freely express my views.

        Also, there is a difference between disagreeing and being generally disagreeable and disrupting.

  5. “What has this done to the credibility of the medical profession? The same thing it has done to our trust in the medical profession.”

    It is now close to zero for me. When I see the medical staff still wearing masks I think I should find elsewhere to take my business, but so many are partaking of the kabuki theater even now. I went to a dermatologist recently and he wore a mask the whole time and mumbled. I could barely understand him. I will never see him again.

    Also, does anyone wonder why we are asked so many questions that are unrelated to the ailments we face or to the procedures we are seeking. I went in for a colonoscopy. It was like an interrogation session. Have I had a covid shot? I answer that I’ve had covid. How many cups of coffee do you drink? My reply – how large are the cups? How much alcohol? My reply – pass. How much exercise do you get? What’s your social security number? And on and on. This information isn’t to help us. It’s surveillance and it will be used against us or somehow monetized. I know – I’m paranoid!

    • I agree, Howard –

      I gather they are asking people whether they own guns – also for the obvious reason (that has nothing to do with our health).

  6. I wonder how many people have even heard of the name Edward Bernays. One in a million, maybe?

    ‘Dr. Andrew Kaufman: Why the Virus Has Never Been Proven To Exist, Why the “Pandemic” Is a Psychological Operation and More’

    “A separation of our society into two factions i[…] – those who see the truth and who are not going to participate and are going to do things their own way.” …


  7. I was at the movie theater tonight and there were several people with masks, all of them black. I’ve noticed this before, that a higher percentage of black people were wearing masks. Which is odd because they also were a group that had the lowest vaccination rate.

    There was also a family that were all fitted with my favorite mask version, the clear plastic shield face cover. Sure to protect you from any covid germs fired directly at your face.

    • I think there’s an explanation for black people to wear masks but also be unvaccinated. It’s likely caused by distrust for government “health care” and health advice, stemming from the Tuskegee Syphilis Study:


      As always, Wikipedia should be taken with a grain of salt because it is controlled by the regime. I’ve also seen accounts from some that this did not actually occur. Not sure what to think about it, but my understanding is that most black folks have heard of this (whether it’s true or false) and have become very distrustful. The theory being that they wear masks and refuse vaccines in an abundance of caution (i.e. no masks might increase vulnerability of getting sick, but vaccines might be a poison).

    • Hi Cashy,

      One factor that may explain this – Black Diapering – is politics. Many blacks (something like two-thirds of the black electorate) for for Democrats as reliably as Old Faithful. Ergo, they tend to be believers.

      • Greene, Dick:

        Didn’t you recommend that Eric stop the diaper reports?

        Here you are dominating, interrupting, every goddamned thing anybody has to say about anything.

        Jesus Fucking Christ Almighty, stop already.

        Shut the hell up!

        Ya Freaking Dumbass!

        Good God Almighty, grow up, for once.

        I don’t care if it is Sunday, give it a fucking rest.

  8. Hey John,

    The reason they didn’t enact universal Vcxx mandates is even in your nick of the woods GovCo could do the math. Knowing the resources they had available Versus the resistance they would encounter, the organs decided to save it for another day. Some places they would have quickly lost the battle enabling the forces of freedom to gain back things that had been stolen by GovCo over the last generation.

    The forces of darkness love conservatism when it comes to their ill gotten gains. I remember Oregon 3 years ago when I went to Astoria and Newport. It was downright dystopian. We got thrown out of three restaurants one night before we found one not cottoning to the madness. We’re headed to Tillimock and Newport soon, so I’m looking forward to Seeing Oregon without walking dead on every corner.

    • Hi Norman,

      Southern and Eastern Oregon seem to have more sane people compared to the Portland or Eugene area, though even Southern Oregon has at least 2 cities that appear to wish to be Portland Jr., and people who wanted the local county commissioners to implement COVID jab mandates for ALL citizens likely came from those cities.

  9. I believe my first visit to Ericpeters auto was a diaper report I saw on lewrockwell.com. The importance of not forgetting the psyops and the nature of what these inbred cunt-troll freaks would impose on us cannot be emphasized enough. Think of how many mind melting soul sucking hour of programming was hurled at the world during covid.
    This site was an incredible breath of fresh air during the Corona-con. It continues to seldom disappoint with all the other content.

    P.S. richard greene acts like a faggot retard gamma troll.

    • There are three possible explanations for Richard Greene and his obnoxious posting style that occur to me:

      1) He enjoys being a troll and deliberately disrupting the discussions on this website.

      2) He is being paid to disrupt the discussions on this website, by someone like George Soros.

      3) He is an idiot without even a passing comprehension of libertarianism, despite claiming to be a libertarian.

      Perhaps we should ask Richard Greene which of these three is the correct explanation.

    • Brilliant insult of a childlike mind, Martin.

      This morning I read and recommended nine new anti-vax articles on my blog. There is bad news coming out every day, often from conservative websites in the UK.

      Meanwhile here the writer in chief apparently will have a weekly diatribe against masks for the rest of his life. Never forget the masks!

      Even when few people are still wearing masks, VOLUNTARILY, which should not upset a real libertarian.

      Some people wear masks based on deliberately flawed studies summarized in the mass media, post 2020. They should not trust the government but they do have the Democrat government they votes for.

      All the new mask studies contradict 50+ years of pre-2020 N95 mask studies, but they actually do not have statistically significant results or are biased.

      And for saying it’s time for the author to move on from weekly mask lectures, I get character attacked, insulted and get the F-bomb from the angry author. All intended to discourage contrary opinions here, which libertarians used to support, calling them “debate” and “free speech”.

      • So what you are saying is that no one has a right to free speech, unless they agree with you? Unless the author agrees that it’s time to move on? If they want to speak their disgust toward you, somehow that is not covered in free speech? Here’s some more free speech Richard. You have a talent for pissing people off. You should not be surprised when they voice that. To my knowledge no one has called for banning you, and if they have Eric certainly hasn’t. Debate and free speech often breed a certain amount of contempt. Why are you surprised?

      • I would think Eric would support reasoned criticism of his writing as you learn more about how your writing is perceived from that then from slavish flattery.

        • Cashy:
          I would think it’s more like “my house my rules.” If anyone finds those terms unacceptable they can leave.

          Uhhh, muh echo chamber… Guess what else is an echo chamber. A symphony orchestra, a punk rock show. It’s not anyone’s God given right to enter into a symphony just to throw distorted poor tuned bar chords into it. Likewise nobody wants an Oboe or violin if their laying down fools in a mosh pit.

          This shouldn’t be hard to understand.

          Yet the smart boys insist on borderline spamming the comments of a blog they don’t run, moderate, or agree with in its focus of content.

      • If you’re getting your character attacked maybe its time to take a deeper look at it. Your arguments seem to race from one penumbra to another. You are like the proverbial monkey that when the facts are against you, you argue the law. When the law is against you, you argue the facts. When the facts and the law are against you, you pound the table and claim its all your wifes fault. Doesn’t bother me, but at some point you might just realize your intellect isn’t what you think. Many smarter people here have tried to show you the error of your ways. If I had a guess, your obstinance probably stems from unchecked boomer privilege. Don’t bother me none, but to many your always crying out in pain gets old.

  10. Hell of a discussion over a non existent virus!

    216 health/science institutions worldwide all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever


    Dr David Martin. US patent expert.

    “One cannot patent something found in nature, so they created computer-generated genome sequences claimed to be coronaviruses, patented those man-made sequences, allowing patenting the PCR test sequence to detect their contrived sequence, then allowing patenting the jab, comprised of synthetic lab-made proteins to “treat” the contrived, patented coronavirus, detected by the patented test, to detect the make-believe virus, “and then they poison you.”

    I’m not even sure viruses exist at all but am 99.9% sure the covid virus never existed. Way too many inconsistencies. It was simply a tool (like the mask, the PCR) to frighten people into getting the fake vaxx.
    Now they are vaxxing the kids with a untested poison which will likely sterilize them.

    Here is something to think about. What is wrong with forcing them to properly purify the virus and test the vax before putting it into your children. They say themselves children don’t get the ‘virus’. So what’s to lose?

    • You’re 99.9% sure the covid virus never existed? Where did you get your medical degree? What sciences have you been trained in?

      If you don’t even believe viruses exist what difference does it make to you if people mask or get shots?

      • But, but, but, Ken, you’re not an “expert.” You haven’t received AMA training. Where’s your white coat? What gives you the right to have an opinion on this?????

        “If you don’t even believe viruses exist what difference does it make to you if people mask or get shots?” -Cashy

        Because if “covid” does not exist, you and about 8 billion other people were bamboozled by a fraud the likes of which has never been perpetrated, and the masks and poison shots (and everything else that occurred) were based on this massive fraud.

      • Hi Cashy,

        Keep in mind that “99 percent” (or very close to that) of doctors also pushed the “safe and effective” drugs that did not immunize anyone but have maimed and killed many. It says something about their judgment – and qualifications – does it not?

        • Where’s they get the “genome sequences” Richard? Did God hand them down to these 172 countries?

          Thanks for regurgitating your google search. You know, we all have access to google too. We don’t need you to post your search results here.

          Please go away. You bring absolutely nothing to the table here. We can get the same shit through the MSM.

      • I’m well familiar with the “viruses don’t exist” and “covid never existed” conspiracy types. There’s a lot of that on the internet. And you know what? I’ve never seen a virus either. Or the covid virus. And if you showed me a picture I wouldn’t know if it was real or not. And neither would you.

        Almost all of what you “know” is what other people tell you. You decide what to believe based on your faith in the source and mostly your personal biases.

        That’s why I asked if he was a doctor or scientist, they would know more about stuff like that then me. If he’s just another guy on the internet that read something somewhere, I can do that too.

        • “I’m well familiar with the “viruses don’t exist” and “covid never existed” conspiracy types.”

          Ah, the desperate ploy of the mindless. When something is offered that questions the accepted narrative, the most efficient way to shut it down is to shout “conspiracy theory”. God, I find this type of discourse maddening. Also, isn’t this the same individual that chastised someone for tossing out juvenile insults? How is what you’re doing any different?

          • Hi James,

            I agree. I have also figured out a handy tool that helps me to figure out what’s going on these days. If something is maligned as a “conspiracy theory” there is a good chance it is something with much truth to it. I have read (and suspect it’s true) that “conspiracy theory” was a coinage of the CIA, meant to do exactly what it has done – that being to stifle inquiry by characterizing it as a . . . “conspiracy theory.”

            • Exactly correct Eric,
              The CIA coined that term in the wake of JFK’s murder to throw everyone off the trail of the true assassins – themselves.

          • Your reply doesn’t make sense. The idea that “viruses or covid don’t exist” hints at a large scale cover up of massive proportions, ie a “conspiracy”. It’s also just an idea, a “theory” in other words. Although note that I did not use the word “theory” in my post.

            Then you go on to say my accurate description of the concept is like a childish insult that I have criticized others for. How is “conspiracy theory” (which I didn’t actually say anyway) the same as calling someone a loser faggot?

            • It makes complete sense and now you resort to “parsing” your words. “I wrote “conspiracy types”, not “conspiracy theory”. Simply semantics.

              And your comment is juvenile because you chose to not engage in a debate and simply labeled the idea as a conspiracy. The equivalent of plugging your ears and saying “I can’t hear you!”

            • Trumped up data and false paradigms are what allow massive cover ups to exist.

              People always try to discount conspiracies by saying “look, there’s no way that many people could orchestrate a cover up that massive”. That would be true. Hence the need to control the information and the paradigm. Then there’s only a few that need to knowingly participate in the conspiracy while everyone else listens to their “respectable” opinions and information and participates in a slumber. That’s how the Soviet Union operated for so damn long. It would be “impossible to operate a conspiracy on such a massive scale” though, right?

        • Hi Cashy,

          I know something – that’s fishy (and hugely suggestive): The number of flu “cases” plummeted during the period of time when all we heard, almost non-stop, was “the cases! the cases!” of the ‘Rona. It strongly suggest that the flu was rebranded. It’s obvious by now to any thinking person that the whole thing was a grotesque operation of some kind; that whatever was afoot was hystericized and exaggerated to conjure fear for the sake of control.

          That much is known for certain.

          • Of course flu cases were rebranded — influenza symptoms are identical to a mild or moderate case of Covid.

            The only difference is the SARS-2 infection fatality rate was about 10x the influenza infection fatality rate.

            Delete a guessed estimate of mis-identified flu cases and deaths in 2020, and the remaining REAL Covid cases and deaths were still HUGE in 2020.

            • “The only difference is the SARS-2 infection fatality rate was about 10x the influenza infection fatality rate.”

              And how did you determine that? Based on a flawed, fraudulent PCR test?

          • Undoubtedly some regular flu cases were thrown in with covid cases. That does not mean that covid does not exist. In my own home there were positive and negative tests for covid so I believe covid was different from a cold or flu.

            One reason I have heard for the prevalence of covid over flu is an unusual characteristic of virus infections over a population in that one strain tends to “muscle” aside other strains each season which is how they pick which flu strains go into the yearly flu shot.
            Perhaps the covid strain had such a strong advantage over other flu like viruses as it was specifically developed in a lab to be infectious to humans.

            • Cashy: You keep regurgitating more propaganda to preserve you beliefs. Here’s another one attributed to Mark Twain:

              “it’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”

            • Hi Cashy,

              Here’s what I know: The “experts” and “authorities” lie. They are tools. They have established beyond doubt that everything they say is to be taken as presumptively untrue. They are owned – bought and paid for. Propaganda outlets such as CNN, et al derive the bulk of their operating revenue from advertising revenue. A major source of that revenue is pharmaceutical peddling – “brought to you by Pfizer.” Similarly, most doctors are employees – the poodles of the HMOs and hospital chains they work for. They do as they are told – even when they know it is not medically sound (e.g., “masks”).

              So, we’re on our own – and I consider this a good thing, actually, because it obliges to do what many of have forgotten how to do, which is to practice due diligence and look into things for oursleves.

  11. I have been kicking a counterfactual around lately: How many of us mask heretics would have objected if 10 years ago, out of the blue, our physician had said politely, “We’ve had a lot of staff members sick with airborne viruses lately. Would you please wear this surgical mask during your exam, just this once?”
    If not for the pestering and virtue-signaling and ordering and scolding, would we have raised hell about it? Would we have thought it unacceptably humiliating? Would the thought have turned our stomachs the way it does now? I doubt it.
    Behold the sewer of politics.

  12. Who are the world’s undisputed experts on masking? It’s the people who make them for a living, the manufacturers. They’re the ones who know every intricate detail of mask design, their benefits and their limitations. And they’ve done countless studies on them over the years to see what their product is capable of.

    Up until at least 2020, manufacturers always put a disclaimer label on every box of masks they sold. It basically said: “This product cannot be used to stop a virus.” Period. Full stop. End of story.

    It doesn’t matter how many peer-reviewed “scientific” studies are published on mask efficacy by the medical community (who aren’t mask experts), because the true experts in the field have already spoken. Their verdict: Masks don’t stop viruses (no matter how much some people might want them to).

    • Jason, my challenge to anyone who thinks masks prevent the spread of covid has been: Contact the manufacturer and demand they give you a written guarantee that if you use their product, you won’t get covid or give it to anybody else. See how long it takes for them to stop laughing.

      • The manufacturer has already warned on the box: Will NOT provide any protection against Covid-19.

        What do the bureaucrats at the CDC know that the people who design, make and package the masks all day do not?

    • Hi Jason,

      I have a ‘Rona souvenir on my shelf. It is an empty box that held the “masks” people were expected to wear. I saw and grabbed this empty box and have it to this day. On the side of the thing it states that the “masks” within do not prevent the wearer from getting or spreading respiratory viruses. Yet people were expected to wear them. For what purpose?

      Clearly, not the one stated.

      • If a Covid-infected patient is sneezing or coughing, wearing a mask reduces the spray distance, which can reach 20 feet indoors with a violent coughing spell. This has been studied with slow motion photography. Unfortunately, the spray distance will probably still reach six feet, so the six foot social distancing won’t work.

        The old school solution was better than masks — if you are sneezing and coughing, you cover your mouth and stay away from healthy people.

  13. Here’s a clip from the Jimmy Dore Show about the UK’s COVID response. Guess what? The politicians KNEW that the draconian COVID policies such as mask mandates, “social distancing”, lockdowns, etc., made statistically NO difference other than flatten the economy and people’s lives, but foisted such policies on their citizens anyway while ignoring their own diktats. Much the same thing happened in the U.S. Lest we forget, it started under fmr President Donald Trump, but only got worse after Joe Biden got into office…..


    • Looks to me the first western nation to fall will be France.

      FAUXNEWS: Macron dances at Elton John concert as France burns amid ongoing violence

      BPR NEWS: France burns amid massive riots following country’s ‘George Floyd’ moment, crickets from MSM

      “Paris has been hardest hit with looting, property destruction, and fires seen pretty much everywhere. President Emmanuel Macron’s government is doing damage control but pictures and videos circulating of Macron attending an Elton John concert have not helped the situation. Authorities are facing down enraged young people from France’s working-class suburbs.

      Municipal buildings have been burned to the ground as police clash with youth not only in Paris but other French cities including Marseille, Reims, and Lyon. A dozen buses were burned at a depot north of Paris, according to the French transportation minister. Inside the city, video footage showed masked rioters breaking the windows of a major shopping mall and looting it.

      Macron, suffering from his “Let them eat cake!” image, was forced to cut short his visit to Brussels for a European Union summit and return to Paris to hold an emergency cabinet meeting.”


      Bastille Day wave repeat? Uh, yes.

    • The government in the UK and US deliberately created great fear of Covid along with the early nursing home deaths.

      Fear leads many people to demand that their governments “do something”. Government “experts” love to hear “do something”. They react by seizing power and then do whatever they feel like doing.

      Fear of climate change has the same effect. Too many people demand that their governments “do something” about global warming, after 40 years of government and mass media global warming scaremongering.

      Not everything governments do is wrong, or deceptive, but a large percentage is. In March 2020, no one knew anything about SARS-2, but many people claimed to be experts, such as Fauci and Birx … who were given fat too much time on TV by Donald Trump.

    • There was that Repo Market mini meltdown in the fall of 2019. The lockdowns were probably about covering that up.

  14. Half-life refers to the time it takes for a radioactive sample to decay 50%. Depending on the sample it might take several half-lives before it has decayed to a harmless state.

    • >Half-life refers to the time it takes for a radioactive sample to decay 50%.
      Yes, exactly, and as such is a fine example of an exponential process.
      Exponential increase has a characteristic doubling time.
      Exponential decrease has a characteristic halving time.

      Phenomena other than radioactive decay can exhibit exponential decrease.
      One example of which I am aware is toxic substances being flushed from the human body.
      It will be interesting to see if the prevalence of “fear masks” (toxic behavior) exhibits exponential decay (being flushed from the body politic).
      Start counting, Eric. Maybe you can determine a time constant, valid only for SW Virginia. 🙂
      Who knows? It might be “sociology.”

      “To measure is to know.”
      — Lord Rayleigh

  15. When I served as one of a group of moderators on a forum some time ago, we had the authority, after multiple infractions and warnings, to ban trolls.

    Trolls are easily identifiable as individuals who intentionally provoke controversy to draw attention to themselves. Often they post double-talking, self-contradictory diatribes which succeed in riling up commenters on BOTH sides of an issue … to the troll’s delight.

    Self-identified “hecklers” are of course synonymous with trolls. “Don’t feed the trolls” is the best rule until the site owner’s cavalry rides over the hill with guns blazing to neutralize the malefactors. 🙂

  16. A friend of mine recently died of cancer. He was over 80 and had a full life, so it’s not a tragedy, just a sad chapter in life. His doctors treated his melanoma and figured they got it. Indeed he seemed to have made a full recovery and was doing pretty good last time we met for breakfast. But one weekend in May his widow put out the word that he had passed. Turned out his doctors somehow missed that the cancer spread to his spinal cord and brain.

    How do you miss something like that? Already going through chemo and other treatment but somehow no one kept checking for spread. Of course I’m happy to entertain the thought that maybe he declined treatment, knowing that the odds were pretty bad of recovering and the treatments would be brutal, but given the out-of-the-blue nature of the announcement it seems odd.

    We love to pretend that the medical industry knows everything and can do anything. Reality is doctors are slightly better than they were 100 years ago, and some of the tools available are much better than 100 years ago, but real knowledge seems like it hasn’t changed much. We still fall prey to forces beyond our understanding and that will continue to be the case for a very long time. Especially so for epidemiology, where everything is statistics and probability, not A=A certainty.

    • I’m sorry about your friend.

      Medicine is a business model, especially for cancer; it is not a profession of healers and saviors, no matter how they view themselves. I would not go to those doctors, and there are tests and protocols for circulating tumors but don’t look to the FDA or any mainstream sources in the US for help.

      Cancer is a long term process where the body’s immune system no longer keeps cancer in check and there are ways to keep the immune system strong and to make the internal environment inhospitable to cancer. Not permitted in the Rockerfellian big pharma standards of care.

      The damage to doctors’ credibility re: Covid is irreversible and some parts of the profession are running for cover, as seen in the video below.


    • Yes RK, the tools are amazing, from MRI to CT scanning to robotic surgical devices (which my genius college roommate spent his career inventing).

      It’s like meteorology in a way. Doppler radar certainly has saved countless lives. But sometimes the weather guessers still can’t tell us what’s going to happen tomorrow.

      • That’s an apt analogy. Prior to dopper radar and satellite imagery the storm warning network was ships on the sea and planes in the air. The barometer and thermometer were the tools of the metrologist. Once man could watch a hurricane cross the ocean the odds of a storm killing you decreased by an order of magnitude. Unfortunately that increase in safety also led to complacency and building in high risk areas. And that leads to the intentional misstating of storm damage expense. Of course destructive storms are going to be more expensive after swamp land is transmuted into Real Estate™. Who cares if a stand of palmetto trees is demolished? But if the storm takes out Mar-a-Lago, whoo boy! climate change!

        It’s pretty common for people to live a very long time with little need for the medical system. Once plumbing was sorted out a whole lot of diseases were minimized, and those that weren’t could be mostly cured with penicillin. Viruses, of course, are still mostly incurable despite billions of dollars and decades spent trying (although man has done a pretty good job figuring out how to weaponize them apparently) but thankfully our creator outfitted us with a fantastic defense system. Even most STDs are more a source of embarrassment than a death sentence. So now we all take on more risk (especially when it comes to STDs), and when our bodies finally do wear out, it seems to be a sudden surprise.

  17. I know it’s not going to change anyones mind here because everyone is a medical expert but the majority of major medical sources still insist masks works. The Mayo Clinic, John’s Hopkins, the AMA etc. all still state that masks are effective.

    There are a lot of conflicting studies on the issue. (If you want my opinion I don’t think they do much) however many creditable medical sources say they do. That’s what many people see and read.

    Just because on this side of the divide you support studies that back up your personal biases doesn’t mean other people do. It’s not a slam dunk foregone conclusion that masks are useless and don’t do anything so anyone wearing one is a weird freak.

    For a lot of people wearing a mask is good science. And they are backed up by some experts. I don’t think they should all be painted as dupes clinging to a fantasy.

    • Hi Cashy,

      Actually, no. Several recent peer-reviewed studies concede that “masks” did little, if anything, to stop the spread. And – more to the point – it matters not what anyone says. What’s true (and false) matters. “Masks” – at least, the idiotic disposable ones 95-plus percent of the idiots wore – cannot prevent the spread of viral particles because the material is not fine enough to do that; the particles pass right on through – as well as to the sides (watch video of people using smoke to make the point).

      The fact that literally anything – such as a dirty old bandana – qualified as a “mask” shows you it was never about health. It was about submission.

      • >Several recent peer-reviewed studies
        And some not so recent. There was a paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine ~3 years ago, the 5(?) authors of which were all entitled to write either M.D. or Ph.D. after their names, and were associated with either Harvard School of Medicine or Mass. General Hospital. The study concluded that face masks, including N95 dust masks, were useless against virus bearing aerosols.

        >as well as to the sides
        Those of us who have the proper safety training to work in IDLH environments are well aware that a) a fit check, and b) a seal check are essential to the proper use of respiratory PPE. A proper face seal is *impossible* with a surgical mask, as you and others have pointed out, because it is not designed as respiratory PPE.

        Facial hair is also forbidden, except for a well trimmed mustache. Ever see a firefighter with a full beard? No, and you never will, because they are required to be able to use SCBA equipment at all times. Back in the time of the First World War, soldiers were require to be clean shaven, in order to properly use gas masks. Prior to WWI, facial hair was common in the U.S. military, as well as the civilian population. That all changed with the arrival of chemical warfare, and after the war, the returned veterans tended to persist in their wartime grooming habits.

        Some clown with a full beard, and a surgical mask dangling from one ear, is wearing a talisman, not safety equipment, and might as well be wearing a rabbit’s foot, or a clove of garlic.

      • There are peer reviewed studies that show that masks work. As you say it’s who and what you want to believe. You support individual choice so mask wearers are just choosing to believe something different. More power to them. That should not mean they can force you to wear a mask though.

        Concerning medical experts reading from the Big Pharma hymnal, masks is not part of that as the masks (if they worked) would prevent spread lessening the need for vaccines. And Big Pharma made no money from masks. So Big Pharma has nothing to do with it.

        As far as doing my own research. I did, And yes it appears the virus is too small to be filtered by masks but I’m not a researcher, maybe there is more to it, maybe the virus also spreads in sputum, either transferring from person to person, or maybe releasing from it. Masks can block larger pieces of exhaled spit. So there may be some benefits. You don’t know for sure, neither do I.

        I remember once sitting in the sun with a friend, the light was such that I could see the spit particles that came out of each of our mouths as we spoke. I imagine masks would block a good percentage of that, what effect I don’t know, I’m not a researcher.

        • Cashy: What about the manufactures of PPE (personal protective equipment). You don’t think they’re part of this medical industrial complex? You don’t think they would have a vested interest in funding a “peer-review study” that shows a need for their product? These peer reviewed articles were also very important to provide cover for the entire USA to create mask mandates. Remember Fauci pushing the masks. Fauci was the gate keeper for billions in research dollars. The masks created a nationwide hospital ward which gave the impression that hundreds of millions were frightened by “covid.” This gave the impression to every non-critical thinker that a deadly plague was upon us, which of course was necessary step to get a needle in every arm, as they liked to say.

          Why is a peer reviewed article so authoritative? This is the same logical fallacy of appealing to authority. It’s just more bought-and-paid-for “experts” singing from that hymnal. This is their “science.” You don’t think the crony-capitalist propaganda experts know how to give the appearance of legitimacy?

          • “The mistake, of course, is to have thought that peer review was any more than a crude means of discovering the acceptability — not the validity — of a new finding. Editors and scientists alike insist on the pivotal importance of peer review. We portray peer review to the public as a quasi-sacred process that helps to make science our most objective truth teller. But we know that the system of peer review is biased, unjust, unaccountable, incomplete, easily fixed, often insulting, usually ignorant, occasionally foolish, and frequently wrong.” Richard Horton

        • Hi Cashy,

          You wrote:

          “Concerning medical experts reading from the Big Pharma hymnal, masks is not part of that as the masks (if they worked) would prevent spread lessening the need for vaccines. And Big Pharma made no money from masks. So Big Pharma has nothing to do with it.”

          Actually, it had everything to do with it. If you accept the supposed need to “mask” then you have already conceded the necessity to get “vaccinated.” How could you argue otherwise, without contradicting yourself? Also, the forced “masking” put people in the position of desperately wanting to not have to. Voila! Just take this “vaccine” and you can take off the “mask.” They literally made this offer all-too-many couldn’t refuse.

          • No conceding for me, Eric. I signed an exemption form at work (health care), so as to avoid having to get the rona shot. Which I will continue to do. And if it means wearing a mask during the Winter so be it. Also, it is well known at the hospital that the mask does not protect you from covid. The droplets from covid are smaller than the holes in the mask. It is basically bs theater when the staff wear them.

        • Cashy
          After a few months in 2020 with almost everyone wearing masks, the pandemic would have ended, if masks actually worked. We don’t need biased studies to observe what actually happened in 2020 and 2021.

          2021 had more deaths WITH Covid than 2020 did. Deaths WITH Covid is actually deaths from any cause within 28 days of a positive Covid test. That sounds like a bogus statistic, but it estimated excess deaths well in 2020. Covid was the primary cause of excess deaths in 2020.

          • It couldn’t be the willful destruction of our economic, social, and mental health could it. The thousands killed in nursing homes by State governors. The fact that ventilators were applied which insured a 90% fatality rate. Alcohol sales went up 500% in 2020. Murder, suicide, illegal drug abuse, and domestic violence also increased dramatically.

          • ‘The Dishonest Reality of Hypocrisy Amidst Voluntary Acceptance of False Narratives’

            “Adverse events due to getting toxic injections are real. Immune system destruction due to deadly fake ‘vaccination’ is real. Extreme sickness after injection is real. Death from injected poison called a ‘Covid’ vaccine is real. ‘Covid’ is not real, so all arguments about curing ‘Covid, about avoiding ‘Covid, about treating ‘Covid,’ about preventing ‘Covid,’ are straw man arguments that can only cause harm by presenting convoluted information to an already perplexed societal collective.”…


    • Cashy: Trust the the experts. They won’t lead you astray. The “science” is all settled and it’s what they tell you it is. Mayo Clinic, John’s Hopkins, the AMA are all singing from the Big Pharma/WHO hymnal. It’s largely Big Pharma/medical industrial complex propaganda. It all started with the Flexnor Report and has gotten much worse since. Wikipedia (so take with a grain of salt):


      You didn’t ask for it, but here’s my advice anyway. Don’t listen to me, Eric, other commenters or any of the “experts” that you refer to above. Do some actual research on your own (e.g. determine the alleged size of the “covid” virus and then compare it to the ability of a mask to filter such a small alleged particle) or obtain primary sources of information, review that information with a highly critical eye (i.e. poke holes where applicable) and then come up with your own conclusions. Don’t listen to other’s characterization of what things are or do. Understand that much of what you “google” is propaganda. It’s extremely difficult to tell what’s true and what’s not, but with experience and a critical eye it becomes easier.

      We will all give you our opinion of things, but that doesn’t mean a damn thing. Citing to the “experts” usually means it’s propaganda and it’s known as the logical fallacy of an “appeal to authority.”

    • If masks “work” — and people who wear them are ostensibly protected by them, then it is none of their business if I wear one or not. That is my own “risk” and I will bear the consequences if I am wrong. Not them. They have no authority to make me wear it.

      Would the mask fanatics insist that all homosexuals be forced by the government to wear a condom, or to cease anal sex because they can get AIDS, monkeypox, hepatitis and gonorrhea from it? Of course not. Yet those diseases are a bigger health crisis among gays then covid ever was.

      People are mostly unwilling or unable to reason consistently. I recently had a conversation with a left-wing relative in which he stated that “hate speech” shouldn’t be allowed if it “offends” certain people.

      So I said, “OK, then, so you would agree that pornography should be banned because it offends conservative Christians?”

      “Of course not” was the answer.

      Fuck him, what a complete pea-brained sophist. The guy is also a “vaccine” fanatic.

      I am so done dealing with stupid people.

    • “…but the majority of major medical sources still insist masks works.”

      Which, hilariously, confirms the point of Eric’s article. Thank you!

    • How many of those mask studies were done before covid?

      Early in 2020, it took me about five minutes to find nine randomized controlled trials showing that they are useless at preventing the spread of respiratory viruses like SARS-CoV-2. Then the debate descended into the sewer of politics.

      We now have overwhelming evidence (see Ian Miller) that areas with mask mandates and high mask compliance did no better with covid than anywhere else. But when it comes to formal studies, any of them – pro or anti – that were done in 2020 or later should be read with suspicion.

      • Everything learned about viral pandemics before 2020 was tossed in the trash can for the purpose of scaremongering and creating fear:

        Masks don’t work

        Lockdowns only delay infections

        Vaccines won’t work because respiratory viruses mutate quickly to evade them

        Viruses mutate into milder variants and the pandemic ends in a year or two

  18. Took my brother to get cataracts removed yesterday. In a lobby of about 25-30-ish people only 2 wore fear masks. Both were older black women.

  19. No masks seen in Mexico recently. Even the border guards (on both sides) have given up the ghost of the spooky virus thats just the flu.

  20. Regarding doctors, and how I lost what little faith I had in them. The first time I went to one and was compelled to wear a mask or leave: This doc knows these masks don’t work, yet insists I wear one anyway? What else are they going to do to me that they know doesn’t work? Come to find out, with a little patience, quite a lot. In retrospect, what have they been doing to me for years that they know doesn’t work? Come to find out, quite a lot of that too. Medical care has been converted from a service to a Pharma industry. A very, very profitable one. For them, not their “customers”.

  21. Regular heckler here, especially about masks!

    Here we go again, with the writing machine — when do you find tie to review cars and trucks? — and official mask sheriff, implying that people refusing to wear masks will lead to solving almost all the problems in the world, except perhaps:

    The coming climate change crisis hoax

    The Nut Zero total waste of our money

    The 49mpg 2026 model CAFE push for electric vehicles

    Election fraud

    The expensive proxy war with Russia in Ukraine

    Government – private sector censorship, such as burying almost all Hunter Biden news

    Continuous persecution and prosecution of Donald Trump, and

    The transition of the US economy from capitalism to fascism.

    In my opinion, the ONLY thing people refusing to wear masks would accomplish (and few people still wear masks here in SE Michigan), is to prevent people from looking stupid by wearing masks.

    Every other problem I listed will continue.

    The masks NEVER discriminated between vaxxed and non-vaxxed people here in Michigan. It would have been a big discrimination problem if they did. Masks were not like the yellow stars Hitler used to discriminate against Jews. Because the vaxxed people here still wore their masks after their shots!

    In 2021, when we grocery shopped without masks, other people did not avoid us, assuming we were both vaxxed (we were not). Back in 2020, the wife shopped alone wearing a mask, and was disturbed that people stayed away from her. I only found that out in early 2021, when we started shopping together again and she put on a mask. I asked her to take it off, because it embarrassed me, and did nothing. Suddenly, strangers began having conversations with my maskless wife in the store again, just like in the pre-Covid days. She never wore a mask again.

    Many mask wearers here in Michigan were later infected with Omicron or SARS2, post-mRNA shot, but they never figured out their masks did not help.

    When I see a few people still wearing masks in our supermarket, I know they are stupid people that I don’t want to know or talk to.

    • So we should just ignore past sins against us? That it’s OK now because they aren’t doing it to us anymore? Except some places STILL ARE!
      All your other complaints are part and parcel to the great masking. At least partially to see what else they can get you to go along with.
      “We’ll do this, and see if they go along. If they do, we’ll do that. And then the other.” On and on. Next thing you know there will be fraudulent elections. All starting with a silly little mask.

      • Masks calmed down people in 2020, who read about Covid deaths and were in fear. The fear was mainly created by lockdowns and social distancing, not mandatory masks. Masks have become irrelevant in 2023 because so few people wear them. It’s time to move on.

        • Richard,

          It will be “time to move on” when everyone regards the “mask” as the symbol of obscenity it was. Like the symbol once worn on the arm.

        • >Masks calmed down people in 2020, who read about Covid deaths and were in fear.

          The Warren Commission report also “calmed people down” when it was released. Nothing to see here, folks. Just a “lone nut with a rifle,” and we bagged him within days. Case closed. Return to your homes, and CALM DOWN. There was no “conspiracy.”

    • COVID tyranny started with lockdowns & face diaper mandates. That tyranny eventually expanded to universal jab mandates, mandatory COVID testing, etc. The authoritarians who implemented these diktats KNEW they’d be ineffective, but implemented them anyway because they were power hungry and wanted an excuse to be petty tyrants. Just look at all of them who broke their own diktats. And now that they’ve had a taste of power, they want MORE of it, even to the point of that power being PERMANENT. Just look at what the WHO is trying to do. Imagine a bunch of unelected bureaucrats decreeing you can’t go anywhere without taking the latest “vaccine” made by Pfizer. We already had a taste of that here, in large cities such as Chicago & New York City.

      Mask mandates may be largely gone now, but these corrupt politicians are just itching to reimplement them for some other “Public Health emergency”; perhaps your normal cold & flu season or an outbreak of RSV.

      • Lockdowns and social distancing delay infections. But the lockdowns mainly applied to small businesses. We still shopped for groceries at a big supermarket and at a Home Depot in 2020. They were partial lockdowns, not full lockdowns. They created a lot more fear, in my opinion, than mask mandates.

        • Richard,

          It’s sad, really, that you still don’t understand – cannot see – the incandescently obvious. The goddamned “masks” were used to magnify fear – accomplished by making 99 percent of the population (the “masked”) appear to be fearful. This was done by mandating the goddamned “masks.” This created a surreal visual landscape. It alienated people. It made people fear and resent other people. Most all, it was used to coerce people into pretending to believe. Many, I assure you, did not. Absent the mandates to “mask,” there would have been a significant number of people who did not – from the beginning – and the sight of these people (and the fact of their not dying) would very quickly have dissipated the fear that the goddamned “masks” embodied – and prolonged.

          If you do not understand this, you are someone who is incapable of apprehending evil when it stares you in the face. The kind of person who would never have believed those boxcars headed East were taking people to their doom. You are, like many people who aren’t stupid, lacking insight into the nature of things. Someone who is almost childishly gullible when it comes to malevolent things.

          • Eric, my advice to you (and the others in this forum) is to ignore Richard (a fitting name since Dick is an alternate name for Richard, which is exactly what Richard is – a dick). Not only is he stupid, but it’s apparent to me that he gets off on riling you up. Your logic is making no dent in him and it’s like trying to argue logically with an emotional woman (sorry ladies). The only dent you will make is in your own forehead due to smashing your head into the wall, as you’ve done repeatedly when responding to (this) Dick. Fuck him.

            Please, Eric and others, ignore him and maybe he’ll go away. He’s a little faggot loser.

            • Richard makes some important points in a rational manner often cited with sources. He is also not hiding behind internet anonymity like you.

              Furthermore your childish insults, like calling a long married man a “faggot” is a sign of someone that does not believe in themselves and is resentful of the doubt created in your own mind. Why don’t you engage in the discussion instead of trying to cut it off? Isn’t that the point of a message board?
              You can also choose to ignore it.

              • “Richard makes some important points in a rational manner often cited with sources.”

                That would be fine if those “points” had any relationship to the argument being made by Eric, which they very rarely, if ever, are.

                “…like calling a long married man a “faggot”…

                How old are you? Understand I’m not suggesting you’re unable to grasp the significance of the term. I used that “insult” repeatedly in my teen years and hardly ever was it directed at someone’s sexual preferences. It was common for teenage boys to use that as a “catchall” slur for any manner of physical/mental transgressions.

                • Calling people insults that teenagers use is a poor substitute for an actual response. Among intelligent people it should be okay to disagree, state why, and move on, not result to childish insults.

                  • He’s not worth responding to because he’s just here to rile Eric’s bile and no amount of reasoning is worth it because he’s just a troll. He’s full of shit about being anti mask. He loves ’em and surely still wears ’em. He’s endlessly excusing tyranny, so fuck that faggot loser. People like him are why this fiasco and blight on humanity continues to this day. He probably jerks off with his mask on. Your psychobabble impressed noone here.

                    • If he’s not worth responding to then why the repeated comments using immature insults?

                      If you can’t engage someone on the issue why embarrass yourself sounding like an angry kid?

                  • “Calling people insults that teenagers use is a poor substitute for an actual response.” I agree, but my intent was to point out that the use of the term “faggot” does not necessarily relate to someone’s sexual preference.

                    Oh, and I agree with DC Miami, Dick is very rarely ever worth the effort.

              • Hi Cashy,

                I have repeatedly (and civilly) attempted to engage Richard in a rational discussion. It is simply impossible, at least as regards “masks” and “vaccines.” I’ve stated facts that cannot be disputed – because they are facts. As for example the fact that people were forced to wear “masks” (if they wanted to work, shop, etc.) and that this forcing created a false perception of mass belief in the efficacy – the necessity – of “masks.” This, in turn, provided the logical underpinnings for “vaccination.” It is such a simple, inarguable thing. Yet he argues with me about it.

        • >lockdowns mainly applied to small businesses
          How about that.
          Small businesses shut down, big businesses exempt.
          Because “everyone (who counts) knows” that the dreaded “killer virus” prefers to hang around your local hardware store, or locally owned grocery store, and never goes anywhere *near* Home Depot, or Kroger.

          Da Big Guys do what they want, as usual, while the little guys get f*cked.

    • Richard: I’ll go ahead and remind you of Eric’s tagline: “Automobiles, Motorcycles and LIBERTARIAN POLITICS” (emphasis added). Please stop griping about his articles discussing LIBERTARIAN POLITICS. Eric’s discussion of masking is an example of society’s most visible manifestation of mind slavery. That same form of mind slavery has led to acceptance (and sometimes mandating) of the poison jab, the concept that women can be men, etc.

      You have this way of entirely missing commonality of social phenomena, but at the same time desperately try to make distinctions without a difference. It’s just puzzling. An old friend used respond to certain arguments with: “Who are you trying to convince, you or me?” This seems like an appropriate response to yours.

      Analogical reasoning is skill many find difficult. Here’s a good primer. You might study it.


      • I have been a libertarian and voted Libertarian since 1973, until I voted for Trump in 2020 hoping The Big Guy would not win Michigan.

        I don’t have to study anything to know that masking no longer matters in 2023. I listed many more important subjects in an earlier comment. EP versus masks is like a junkyard dog with a bone who won’t let go (he won’t like that comparison).

        • Richard,

          You have heard the phrase, “never forget” – in re what happened in Germany? I will never forget – what happened here. I suggest you not forget it, either.

        • Richard’s complete non-sequitur: “I have been a libertarian and voted Libertarian since 1973, until I voted for Trump in 2020 hoping The Big Guy would not win Michigan.

          I don’t have to study anything to know that masking no longer matters in 2023. I listed many more important subjects in an earlier comment. EP versus masks is like a junkyard dog with a bone who won’t let go (he won’t like that comparison).”

          Good grief. I give up on the man. He thinks we’re pissed off at him. We’re really not. He wears his self-styled “heckler” status as some sort of badge of honor, which somehow legitimizes himself. While a great way for some of us to hone our arguments, dealing with his cocksure density is just too frustrating. He’s the posterchild of what Lenin would have called a useful idiot. There are just too many Mark Twain quotes telling me to stop engaging him.

        • “I have been a libertarian and voted Libertarian since 1973”
          These are not qualifications. Perhaps a pedigree. Even though the Libertarian Party is a farce, thinking the current system is fine, if only we could get our guy elected.
          But what you say is the only relevant qualification. And any one, or all of us here are perfectly entitled and qualified to pass their own judgment on what you say. Regardless your pedigree.

    • Richard,

      I will write about “masks” being the face of evil until they are recognized as such to the degree that “masking” will never again be forced on people. I doubt you’d be equally blase about the armband. We are instructed to “never forget” that – and rightly so. We are told it’s just – it is necessary – to pursue 93-year-old men for what they did 75 years ago as teenagers. And it is.

      You think it is time to forgive and forget what was done two years ago – even in the absence of apologies.

      Cueing my very best Al Pacino voice: Fuck you!

      • Eric, ignore this faggot. He’s a pacifist loser who will eat shit when he’s eventually told to, and he will be told to as will all of us.

      • Another angry F-bomb.
        You don’t have to remember masks every week for the rest of your life. You are preaching to the choir here.

        How many times does an author have to make the same point when there is more bad news about “vaccines” every day in the conservative media.

    • Ugh! Dick continues to partake in his perverse “parlor game”. I’ve seen this condition many times over the years. The resident “contrarian” writes an opposing view only to seek out and generate comments to his incessant ramblings. He fails to recognize the point being made by the author/commentator and fancies himself smarter and more reflective than his intended target.

      In a word, he’s simply annoying.

      • James N: If it were truly a perverse parlor game, I would at least have some respect for his cunning. I’m afraid though it’s just density, plain and simple. Even worse, cocksure density.

      • He’s an attention whore and a faggot loser tyranny apologist who thinks he’s some intellectual with his bullshit psychobabble. He gets off on this and it’s time for everyone to boycott him. He’ll eventually turn his sights elsewhere.

    • Richard,
      >Regular heckler here
      So, why don’t you try writing some original content for your own blog, instead of heckling?
      It might be an interesting exercise for you. Since you have earned both a B.S. (field?) and an M.B.A., you must have some facility at expository writing. Now would be as good a time as any to hone your skills (just a suggestion).

      In the meantime, I do not find your name on any “E.P. Autos Board of Editorial Advisors,” (of which I believe there is none), so I am mystified by your presumption to “mandate” (now, there’s a word) the choice of topics to the owner of this website.

      News flash: If you do not care for Eric’s choice of subject matter, no one is forcing you to read it. Reminds me of the late, and much lamented, George Carlin’s observation regarding “two knobs on the radio,” years ago. As a self professed “libertarian,” you ought to be able to grasp that concept.

        • Do you not have your own blog? And can you not write what you choose there? So why do you feel the need that you must coach Eric, and that he must heed your coaching?
          I’ve seen enough of your writing to know I prefer Eric’s.

  22. ‘There is something incredibly disturbing about trusting a doctor who is not only a believer but an enforcer.’ — eric

    Now some incredibly disturbing ‘vaccine’ hanky-panky is coming to light:

    ‘The [Pfizer] batches used in Denmark essentially break down into three groups. ‘Green batches’ clustered around the green line [in the chart] have a moderate or moderately-high level of adverse events associated with them.

    ‘Blue batches’ clustered around the blue line, are obviously associated with an extraordinarily high level of adverse events. ‘Yellow batches’ clustered around the yellow line, which, as can be seen above, barely gets off the x-axis.

    ‘As Dyker puts it, “malicious” observers might note that “this is how placebos would look”.

    ‘Or, in short, to paraphrase the German scientists’ findings on the variability of the Pfizer-BioNTech batches, it would appear that the good was bad, the bad was very bad, and the very good was saline solution.’


    The concluding paragraph is hilarious … unless someone you know was injured or killed by that shit, and is being refused compensation by the lying, stonewalling US fedgov.

  23. Several times I’ve seen individuals walking around a store shopping with a face diaper dangling from one ear. I wondered about that.

    There’s zero mention or signs about face diapers in the stores or on the doors.

    This does seem to fit: “They believe it is necessary, as an expression of their faith. As a sign of their belonging to a faith.”

    • Hi Helot,

      For a while back in 2021, whenever I went to a store or restaurant, I had a face diaper dangling from one ear as a way of mocking then Oregon Queen Kate Brown’s face diaper mandates for indoor public places, and NO business or Maskhole gave me grief for “Not wearing the mask correctly”. However, I imagine the Queen didn’t take too kindly to people who mocked her nonsensical diktats. At least she didn’t go all Queen of Hearts ala “Alice in Wonderland” and scream “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!”

      • I hadn’t thought of that, mocking.

        It didn’t strike me as they were attempting to mock anything, though.

        Perhaps, I’ll ask one the next time I see it?

      • That doesn’t seem like mocking to me John. Not trying to pick a fight w/ya, just seems like accepting their delusion at (grin) face value, JMHO. My idea of mocking is a plague Dr. mask, or a diving bell, wearing it like its nothing. Even that would be more than most of these imbeciles could understand. After all they accepted the magic mask as protection against the chinky dinky bat foo. That and the ridiculous narradighm of mask on when being seated, mask off once sitting. Ah I feel so much saaaaafer.

        • Norman,

          Even if wearing a face diaper on one’s ear instead of their face wasn’t mocking mask mandates per se, I viewed it as akin to wearing a COVID ear tag. It’s a wonder then Queen Kate Brown didn’t also try to enact universal vaxx mandates for ALL Oregonians after the rollout of the COVID jabs as a condition of “Resuming normal life”. As for masks, when the face diaper mandates were in place, there were still mask holes ready to attack or snitch on those who didn’t “wear masks correctly” or didn’t wear ANY face covering, and fortunately in my neck of the woods, there were very few if any such people. With Oregon having had a new Queen sworn in early this year, fortunately one thing she hasn’t tried to do thus far is bring back mask mandates despite pledging to do so in one interview during her gubernatorial run if “The Science called for it”.


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