Diaper Report: 06/05/2023

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It is probably safe to assume that the people still wearing the “mask” are doing so for political and religious rather than health reasons.

As for example the woman in the picture accompanying this report. She recently appeared at a county board meeting in – of course – Portland, wearing more than just a “mask.” She was wearing a helmet. Like the one worn by astronauts, except she wasn’t going to the Moon.

She was making a statement. About her beliefs.

“Can you hear me ok?,” she asks. “I’m learning how to use this. Trying to avoid concussions and COVID.”

Oy and many veys.

Of a piece, the family I encountered at the supermarket yesterday. A mom and a dad and their three young kids – all wearing the symbol of their beliefs, the latter being as faithfully inculcated in the kids as the catechism learned by Catholic kids in the hope that, as adults, they will repeat it by rote.

Imagine the strength of belief one must have to wear a religious vestment outside of church.

But this is a secular religion. A political religion that has supplanted religion – giving meaning and expression to people who have abandoned traditional religion. Who see salvation in politics.

And we all know what those are.

It is probably a safe bet that not a single person still wearing a “mask” – and “masking” their kids – did not vote for the Biden Thing. Still supports the Biden Thing. Will never stop supporting the Biden Thing, no matter what the Thing does.

For the same reason that ardent Catholics will always support the Pope, no matter what he does. (Including “acceptance” of that which Christian doctrine says is morally unacceptable, such as active homosexuality.)

These defenders of the faith constitute a large percentage of the roughly 38 percent that still supports the Biden Thing – and always will.

Of course, it is not fundamentally Biden that these “masked” faithful are supporting; Biden is merely the aviator-glasses, face-planting avatar of that which they support. That being the political religion of Leftism.

The cardinal tenet of which is obedience to Leftism.

Of which, “COVID” was merely a symptom.

Once you understand this, you understand why the most aggressive “mask” enforcers were (and still are) doctors – of all people.

Or so one would think, if one did not understand.

The medical profession has become a very political one, probably because it became one when it was turned into another branch of government, by the government – but with the active complicity of the medical profession. The latter saw not just an opportunity to cash in on Obamacare but also something that has probably long been latent among the practitioners of this order:

The power to order people around.

“Doctor’s orders” has taken on a whole new meaning over the course of the past three years. A literal one. White coats have become a uniform in more than just the literal way. They have acquired some of the same power that inheres in other uniforms, such as those worn by various types of armed government workers (e.g., the “police” and “the military”) all of whom love to issue orders – and have the means at their disposal to ensure they are obeyed.

This is what Leftists crave, even when they are the ones being ordered around.

Of course, many Leftists crave the means to order others around. Especially those who do not agree with them. But it is the underlying sadomasochism that defines the Leftist – and the “mask” is how their belief manifests.

It is also how they can be identified – an important thing.

In prior times, when one saw a group of people with shaved heads wearing saffron robes, one knew it was time to cross the street, for the Hare Krishnas were on the prowl. Just the same as when a strange van pulls into your driveway and a pair of Jehova’s Witnesses step out of it.

Time to not answer the  door.

The difference as regards these religious freaks is that they are into politics, too. They will not just go away if you don’t answer the door.

They vote.

And there are still a lot of them out there, just itching to do exactly that.

Anyone who thinks that “COVID” is over does not understand this. “COVID” being merely an expression of the underlying disease, which has by no means been cured. It is held in abeyance only – and probably not for much longer, either.

Keep in mind that the bishops and cardinals of this strange new faith – governors such as Whitmer in Michigan and Hochul in New York – were re-elected. The people you see still wearing “masks” voted for that. Because they believe in that.

Better believe it’s not gone away, either.

. . .

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  1. ‘The White House says it inadvertently sent out guidance requiring guests who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to wear face masks and practice social distancing at College Athlete Day, despite the federal government already terminating the national emergency declaration for the pandemic.

    Masking Guidance: Fully vaccinated guests are not required to wear a mask on the White House grounds,” the email states [bold font in original email]. “Guests who are not fully vaccinated must wear a mask at all times and maintain at least 6 feet distance from others while on the White House grounds.”

    ‘After publication, the White House told Fox News Digital that the COVID-related guidance in the email was out of date and inadvertently included.’


    Dunno about masks, but it would seem prudent to protect the “president” by having him wear a paper bag over his head … every day.

  2. Hey, Eric,
    > There will be blowback from this.

    There had better be.
    Some blowback here:

    >smart homosexuals
    There are certainly those. One tragedy of the mid 20th century was the suicide of Alan Turing, who was prosecuted (even, persecuted) for the crime of “being a homosexual” even though he harmed no one, and is widely regarded as one of the most brilliant computer scientists of his time, if not all time. This is *not* acceptable (along with many other, unrelated, deplorable things in this world).

    That said, IMO it is also *totally* *unacceptable* for schools to introduce six year old children to *any* type of sexuality, let alone indoctrinating them with the belief that perversion is “normal.” Attempting to push this vile garbage on conservative Armenian Christians may just be f*ing with the wrong crowd. Let’s hope so, and good riddance to the perpetrators. May they rot in Hell.

    • Indeed, Adi –

      No adult in his right mind (including his moral senses) would even think to bring up sex – especially lasciviously – to a child not his own.

      There is something very sinister in this business and it cannot be tolerated at all.

      When most of us were kids, teachers did not discuss their private affairs – or proclivities – with kids. It just wasn’t done and if someone did do it, there would have been immediate and serious repercussions. It is astounding to me that so many parents are so passive (and worse) in the face of their kids being introduced to sex (and worse) by creepy strangers who have clearly got significant mental problems they wish to normalize by passing on to the next generation.

      The good news is this problem can be very easily fixed – and without resorting to baseball bats. Parents still have the power to shield their kids from this vile attempt to demoralize and derange them. Take them out of government schools. Keep them away from creeps – and creepy things. Explain it to them, as they grow old enough to comprehend it. Encourage compassion but teach them normalcy – and they will not grow up to be damaged goods.

      • Hi Eric,

        Taking them out of government schools does help, but I made a post a few weeks ago on how this also has crept into the homeschooling community. It is everywhere. These kids are being bombarded from all sides – TV, music, video games, online social circles, neighborhood kids, stores, etc.

        It is being reflected in their writing, games, and so forth. The kids are confused. Unfortunately, for the parents we may be able to shield this from them for a few years, but by the time they are six and seven it is in their face and we have to sit down and have a heart to heart. The days of having the TV babysit or believing one does not have to track what their child is watching, researching, learning are over. Parents must be parents.

        My conversations with my children have even discussed the politics behind it all. They need to know why they are being peppered with this over and over. I actually sat down a week ago with my teenaged daughter and we watched Matt Walsh’s “What is a Woman.” It was probably a bit to grown up for her, but afterwards she understood that this is political and how to rise against it. It also showed her how completely inept colleges, pediatricians, and some psychologists are.

    • Six year olds are easily influenced, since the have little to no “sexuality” at that age. So they create it. And adhere to the indoctrination. My 8 year old grand daughter recently told my son that she thought she was bisexual, because she liked boys too. She learned this from YouTube. Which I’ve encouraged my son not to let them watch. But he watches it all the time, so no sale. The difference being, I have managed to awaken him to the dystopia we live in. His daughter isn’t nearly there yet.

      • My grand kids are by the way homeschooled. And I think he was able to disabuse her of this notion. With the help of my 14 year old grandson, who told her, “when you get there, you’ll know if you’re gay bi or straight. You aren’t there.”

      • “My 8 year old grand daughter recently told my son that she thought she was bisexual, because she liked boys too. ” What a nightmare. This is so far from a sane society it’s difficult to believe. You can control kid’s internet access. Not trying to do so is neglect at the best and abuse in reality.

        • Hi Mark,

          The whole thing is sick – and sad. It is a deliberate assault upon childhood itself – and for reasons (sinister ones) that ought to be obvious. Children are not just being corrupted. They are being radicalized. Made into tools of an agenda they cannot begin to understand at five or six or seven (or even twelve). It is a concerted effort, one organized (and funded) from the top down. By a cadre of neo-Marxists (the so-called “Woke”) who are afflicted themselves by the same sickness that produced Lenin – and may end up giving us Hitler, as the “cure” for it.

          • Speaking of Lenin and Hitler: Queers and trannies, et al, are another group of useful idiots currently being used by TPTB to destroy and demoralize traditional society. You can bet that once TPTB’s objectives have been achieved, they will quickly exterminate the pervs. (At least we have one bright spot to look forward to in the coming worldwide dystopia…)

        • I actually favor what transpired. She was exposed to manipulation, told her father about it, and she changed her mind. If you never see the devil, you may not be able to defend yourself from him. My Son encourages his children to challenge his ideas, and they do so. Sometimes successfully. Because he has taught them to think.

          • Things happen and the seen can’t be unseen so addressing it head on is probably the best course of dealing. Still, I’m not sure 8 years old is quite the time for that type of challenge. In my home we say you wouldn’t let a kid that age play with a bucket of toxic waste. Same applies to unsupervised internet usage.

    • ‘> There will be blowback from this.’ — Adi Heidler

      And from this:

      ‘Arizona’s Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs on Thursday vetoed a Republican-backed bill that would have put legal requirements on public school bathrooms.

      ‘Senate Bill 1040 is “yet another discriminatory act against LGBTQ+ youth passed by the majority at the state Legislature,” Hobbs wrote in her veto letter, referencing words she’d used when vetoing a prior bill that restricted what pronouns were allowed in schools: “I will veto every bill that aims to attack and harm children.”

      ‘The bill, had it become law, would have limited access to public school bathrooms and locker rooms to members of the same biological sex.’


      In light of the notorious 2021 sexual assault case in a Loudoun County, Virginia girl’s bathroom, involving a boy wearing a dress, Gov Hobbs’ veto of a bill that would stop that nonsense serves to enable more cross-dressing male rapists who ‘identify as female.’

      Katie Hobbs, who flies Pride flags on state buildings, is one sicko bitch.

      • Hi Jim,

        Hobbs says: “I will veto every bill that aims to attack and harm children.”

        By allowing boys into areas where girls are undressing/going to the bathroom. This woman is out of her mind or just evil. I am not sure which. It cannot be put up with, however. And once upon a time, it wasn’t. If a boy had entered the girl’s bathroom when I was a teenager back in the ’80s, that boy would have been dealt with as the pervert he was. And by other boys, too.

        • I remember when “sucks off dogs” (“blows dead rats,” “blows dead camels,” etc.) were considered pejorative. These days, there is probably(?) a Human-Canine Amorous Alliance (the HU-CANS) purporting to defend the “rights” of those who wish to “marry” their “best friends.” And yes, even their deceased (and now former) “best friends.”

          Move over, Incitatus.

          Who put the “stupid” in the drinking water, anyway?
          POE, OPE, it’s one of those…

          • Amazon has been promoting homosexuality, transgenderism, gender fluidity and other mental illnesses in its advertising. From showing a man with a mustache dressed as a woman to other mentally ill behaviors, Amazon has definitely “stepped off the deep end”.
            The latest Amazon ad shows a human dressed like a dog, wearing a dog head, prancing around mimicking dog movements. This is part of the canine human mental illness syndrome.

      • “I will veto every bill that aims to attack and harm children.”
        Unless it includes chemical and surgical mutilation on behalf of the exploitation of the general common sexual confusion of juveniles.

  3. People i see still wearing masks the most are black people in stores, shopping. Then there are the blacks i see still wearing them robbing those stores and committing many other crimes as it is an accepted tool of anonymity, plus a hoodie for their crimes. When i see a yute set up like that, mask and a hoodie, its condition yellow. Dont care if anyone agrees.

    • Nah, Bobsuruncle, they wear the masks because they think the smell is coming from someone else. 😀 (That applies to niggerz, not blacks).[Forgive me for being all politically-correct]

  4. Eric, I think it’s more than just political and religious. There are underlying issues of shame with the people still masking. Yes, the older White libtard is making a last stand and was shouting at the mask-free back in 2020/2021, but most current maskers have psychological/emotional problems, especially among the younger cohort of maskers.

    I try to reach the young people who are still masking. They are already anti-social from years of spending their whole time watching social media posts. They are the kids who wore hoodies and wanted to be invisible pre-March 2020. They are the kids who wear black to look skinnier or, in the case of girls, extra large shirts and overalls to cover their breasts. I don’t want to lose these kids. My message to them is stop delegating away their freedom to government…to independently research the facts and not believe the dishonest media. Also, the same people ordering them to wear masks were not wearing masks themselves- Pelosi in the hair salon, Newsom at the French Laundry restaurant, Stacy Abrams taking photo in room full of kindergarteners when she herself was unmasked…and on and on.

  5. I agree, “Covid” is not over, and the mask is symbolic and an important topic. Where I live, about 15-20% are still masking inside of stores, unbelievable!

    Instead of complaining about the mask, I actually confront these maskers and ask them why they are masking. Lately, the reasons have been “I’m used to it” and “I have allergies”…though many say “I don’t know”. A few have lashed out at me for even questioning why but most are just taken aback by my question. I really try to convince the younger generation to take off the mask. With older folks, I am just getting back at the types who probably shouted at me 2-3 years ago for not masking.

    In my area, Asians compromise a disproportionate percentage of mask wearers. I doubt it is political with them. More likely a combination of still being afraid of “Covid” and also living under communism in China. That said, the Asians are really doing part, unintentionally I believe, to keep the fear going. Their masking also affects other people.

  6. Oy and many veys indeed Eric,

    The fact that so many still subtly signal their totalitarian bent, by diapering, is stunning. Its no surprise though as most adherents are sad, scared people who live what appears to be shallow, empty lives.

    I blame the 90s. Thats when things really went off the rails. Thats when we began these endless no win wars. Women began running public spaces which enabled all sorts of fag haggery that IMO led us to where we are today. Glad to see Normals awakening. Maybe a pushback is about to occur.

    Now the CDC is bringing back the monkey pox. This at the same time they decide to stop testing for HIV. If I ever get some terminal disease, where I may need a blood transfusion I might just flip a coin between taking out the trash, or picking a fight with a bear. Either way, I plan on giving our medical system a wide berth. Pure blood being as valuable as pure gold might really get to be a thing.

    Everything Gl0b0h0m0 touches turns to offal. Its run by a bunch of cotton headed ‘cant get rights,’ that sow the seeds of their own destruction. Their only skillsets are networking, along with cunning ruthlessness and a lack of empathy. I hope Normals can recognize these truths. Gl0b0h0m0s are NOT masters of the universe. They’re are just a bunch of soft, genetic inbreds bent on playing all the pets against each other. There can be only one MOU, the Father of Creation. Now if people could just get over this delusional belief in voting harder.

    • Hi Norman!

      I agree with this completely. The ’90s were the era of the Safety Seat. A whole generation of kids was brought up strapped in – and taught fear and passivity. The effects of this are now plain to see. I said so, at the time. People said I was being over-the=top. I didn’t think so then.

      I know so, now.

      • Hi Eric,

        I Forgot about the safety seats. Probably cause I never used them with my kids. My thing then as now was Illegal aliens. Was always told by family and friends to ‘get over it.’ Be more like them, work harder, even though I was already working hard. Dumbasses refuses to see it wasn’t the same thing, them receiving free everything enabled (enables) them to work for less. The stupid will always burn in some people.

        The only upside is chickens now coming home to roost for those who refused to face reality back then.

        • Hi Norman,

          I used safety seats until my children were around 3 years of age. Once they knew how to buckle and unbuckle their seat belt that was good enough for me. I don’t believe anything is as dumb as seeing an eight, ten, or twelve year old in a booster seat. I don’t remember ever being in a car seat as a child. Hell, I remember being two or three years old and sitting next to my mother in her Volkswagon Rabbit (no seat belt on) driving back and forth from Maryland to Virginia. I actually didn’t start using a seat belt until I began driving at 16 and that was only by threat of father who I feared more than any cop.

          • Hi RG,

            My sister, (who decided she didn’t need a dad in her kids life), had her kid in child safety seat until he was 7 years old, had him wearing a helmet when he went outside as well. Now 28, with a degree in microbiology he’s the most retarded genius I’ve ever known.

      • I saw an interesting scholarly paper outlining the position that child safety seat laws act as contraception. The theory is that because you can only fit two of them in the back seat of a normal-size car and they are required for kids up to 8 years old (NHTSA recommends through age 13), families are discouraged (to use Cass Sunstein’s word, “nudged”) from having more than two kids. After all, where does he or she sit in the car? There seems to be validity in this theory. And to your point, they also keep kids infantilized.


        • Thats an interesting take ML. Knowing what we now know about the ‘Agenda,’ global de-pop, its not at all surprising. They have been at this longer than most people realize.

          Once mine reached 5, they got to argue with each other for shotgun. I used to take so much shit for that from friends and family. The kids loved it, except for the part about why do I have to wear a seat belt and dad doesn’t?

        • I simply bought a suburban and had more kids. I would say the greater point is, it is easy to social engineer 95% of society. The plandemic proved that in spades.

      • Sorry, Eric and Norman,

        I don’t believe this has anything to do with the safety onslaught of the 1990s. All of this is the breakdown of the nuclear family. I don’t see any other cause of destruction that could initiate such a rapid decrease in stability and security than that.

        I had a moment of aghast this morning. My daughter has been taking horse lessons for close to a year now. My husband signed her up for a weekly camp this summer so she can learn to jump, fence, etc. There is a total of 21 kids in the camp (varying from 10 to 17). My daughter is the only one whose parents are still married. I am not bragging about it. I am saddened by it. At first I was taken back and shook my head. That couldn’t be true. My daughter confirmed that it was brought up during orientation when each kid had to introduce themselves to the group. She mentioned many parents had remarried, some were single mothers, etc.

        Don’t keep me wrong there are some excellent stepmoms and stepdads out there that have taken on more than their fair share and have made up for the lack of parenting from the original sperm or egg donor, but I was just shocked that the numbers are higher then even I thought.

        • RG, being a Single Mom has become a badge of honor, something to brag about. When I hear someone identify as such, I want to say: “I’m so sorry. What did your husband die of?”

          • I don’t get it, Roland. I would never want to be a single mother. My husband has made my life easier. I would not want to go through the trials and tribulations that single parents have to endure. I will be the first to admit that I am old fashioned, but I believe a child requires both parents. Each parent brings something to the table that a child needs to succeed and prosper in life whether that is discipline, structure, safety, nurturing, etc.

            • You are correct. We are in full agreement.
              The problem is, many women want it both ways.
              Women want the right to say no, even after enticing a man to be sexually active with her, even days, weeks, months, and years after the event.
              Her word is to be considered sacrosanct, and must be taken as truth without question, ruining many (innocent) men’s careers and even lives, as a result.
              Men are not permitted to have a defense against such accusations.
              Don’t get me wrong, I have no use for serial abusers such as Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood, political and celebrity types; they deserve ostracization and severe punishment for their actions, BUT if women want true equality they must take responsibility for their own actions. They cannot have it both ways.
              All one has to do is look at the way Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was treated by the mainstream media, who gave his accuser Anita Hill a pass, even though she followed him from job to job, without any mention of harassment.
              Women want the same pay for equal work–not a problem in most cases, but if a woman cannot do the job, she then asks for special treatment because she is a woman, instead of realizing that she is not cut out for such work and should seek more suitable employment.
              Men die sooner than women as they do the most hazardous work.
              It would appear that the feminists are finally getting their comeuppance with the imposition of biological men into womens’ sports. The feminists go along with it because they (still) insist that they can do whatever a man can do and are too arrogant and self-serving to admit that men and women ARE different and complement each other.
              Allowing biological males on womens’ sports teams is not only wrong, but insane. Mental illness (transgenderism) has been normalized and will only damage womens’ sports further if allowed.
              Women need to boycott any sports competition that allows biological males to compete against women and let the sports promoters know why. Start with high school and college sports…the boycott is a very powerful tool especially when shekels are involved.
              Best regards,

        • Hi RG,

          I didn’t say it was from the safety onslaught of the 90s. That played a part for sure. And Yes the nuclear families destruction went into overdrive during that period.

          I got divorced from my kids mother during that ERA. No way around it unless I wanted to suffer a psychopath for the rest of my life. Maybe I should have chosen better before making babies with that person. Never F crazy. A lesson which, looking back through the lens of time should have been easier for me to learn ahead of time. As an early GenXer I should have seen it as my parents divorced and I was an early adopter of being raised by wolves.

          Everything has a reason and a season though. My kids are cognizant of that truth about having babies. Seen different though from boys and girls. Divorce rape culture, and family court biases is real, which goes to my point about the over empowerment of women during the 90s. It may not have started there, but it certainly began rolling down hill, like a snowball from hell

          • Hi Norman,

            My post was not intended to come down hard on divorced parents, but the psychological/social issues behind it. I don’t dispute that some people should divorce – abuse, cheating, etc.

            I agree with you that female empowerment may have played a part in the dissolving of some marriages, but what caused this? Some would say it was government promoting the separation of relationships by offering more incentives to single parents (e.g. EITC, WIC benefits, cheaper housing, etc.). Government can offer these enticements, but it doesn’t make life easier on the single parent. I don’t see how receiving a couple hundred dollars from WIC each month makes the rearing of a child any easier. The responsibility of the child(ren) then falls directly on one parent. That seems to be a pretty big burden for any person to bare.

            We have a system that is making men and women believe they do not need the other. We see it more and more in each generation. The Z Generation has no interest in long term commitments. Why? The need for intimacy, the creation of a partnership, etc. Humans are becoming more robotic. Is it technology that is separating the sexes or something much deeper?

            • Hi RG

              What separates the sexes is surely something much deeper. Maybe the same (unearthly?) power thats behind this human depopulation agenda.

              GovCo incentives are a big part of female over-empowerment. But more to the point, fractional reserve banking which enables GovCo to run wild with their Brave New World fever dreams. Thats why I root for the death of Dollah Dollah Bill.

              It’ll be hard on everyone, especially those of us at or nearing old age. I’m willing to take the hit as its the only way I see my kids and grandkids having a chance at a decent life, while getting a chance to drink from the cup of liberty..

        • I predict that, in the not so distant future, most children in the U.S. will be sired by “prize bulls” via artsem (artificial insemination), and raised either by single mothers or lesbian couples. Most males will be either surgically or chemically castrated, “for their own good,” as well as “the good of society.”

          There will be a cadre of physically strong (but probably mentally weak) males kept around, largely invisible (think Morlocks) to do the jobs of which women are incapable, contrary to “feminist” dogma.

          Glad I have no children.

  7. I wonder if this comment section has been infiltrated by an agent(s) provocateur making irrelevant and inflammatory “Jew” arguments.

    I don’t recall ever seeing “letmepicyou” comment here before. Hmm.

    • Nah, he’s been around before. Who could forget that handle. Same shit, though. Sense mixed with the Jew baiting, ADL stylee. Love it when they start arguing with each other, too. LOL.

      • Hi Funk. I just decided not to engage them anymore. It is just not worth the keyboard time. Funny…in another group I am in, we have two names-trolls-who are very much the same, and who get lambasted by everyone else. It is funny to read the insults flying. And a third who literally posts the same response to every single news item that is written. Well, at least she (in this case, a woman handle/name) is consistent. All three of them, really. I just sit back and watch the words fly. I enjoy the conversations with too many others here. The others here who are trying to stir up sh** can do so amongst themselves. I will sit back and eat some popcorn while I read the posts. By the way, want some? Butter or salt? Some even like parmesan cheese on their popcorn. It really has been like a movie theatre of sorts here lately.

    • I have a sneaking suspicion letmetellyouwhattothink is maybe one of those guys of the twelve tribes of Israel and is here feigning hatred for Jews.

      Not buying into any of it.

      IOW, a Judas Goat.

      • Hi Drump,

        There can be no doubt that sly efforts to undermine sites such as this – that tout heresies about the rights of the individual and that the state has no rights, only power – are a real thing. One of the most common techniques is to associate sites such as this with “white supremacy” and “hate,” which is facilitated by peppering the site with race-baiting comments. This also serves to disgust and alienate people who aren’t interested in dealing with that or being associated (by implication) with that.

        I consider free speech to be of paramount importance – including the airing of views I disagree with and even consider repellent. Truth and facts are the antidotes to these. But it does sometimes get wearying.

      • I have a sneaking suspicion you don’t know who or what the 13 tribes of Israel actually are.
        And yes, 13. Jacob / Israel’s son, Joseph had 2 sons. Ephraim and Manasseh. At that time what were the 12 tribes of Israel became 13, when the tribe of Joseph split to become the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh. There is a bit of contention among people in the know about who Ephraim and Manasseh is nowadays, with many thinking Manasseh representing the United States and Ephraim representing England, but I rather think its the other way around.

        And I do not “feign” hatred for the children of Lucifer. Do I not hate those who rise against you? I hate them with a PERFECT HATRED, and count them my enemies. I treat this hatred for the Jew as a GIFT FROM YAHWEH, as stated in Genesis 3:15, where he says “And I shall place ENMITY between thy seed and the woman’s seed, and her seed shall bruise thy head, and thy seed shall bruise her heel.” Enmity means hatred, and in Genesis 3:15 he CLEARLY states that this hate is a gift from our creator to PROTECT us.

        You can “not buy into” whatever the hell you want.
        If you can prove I’ve said something wrong, then do so.
        If you want to make grandiose claims about who you think I am, well Eric here clearly has administrative rights on this website. Which is to say, he has the IP address of everyone here.

        Tell us, Eric. Where does my IP originate from?
        “Langley, Virginia”?
        Tell everyone where I’m from, Eric.
        While you’re at it…tell us where everyone else is from, too.

        • Apparently, you are an expert theologian. A big red flag.

          I am one ignorant ass to challenge your authority. So sotty.

          You can say any dern fool thing you want, have at it.

          You then turn to Bible thumping, which is shark jumping at this point.

          You have an opportunity to crawl back under the rock you crawled out of. It’l be a wise move, weedhopper.

          Uff da.

        • letmepicyou: Of course you wouldn’t use a VPN to disguise your IP address.

          You can state whatever opinions you may have, but your aggressive militancy is most certainly a red flag. Your “opinions” (which seem copied and pasted from an agitation script) seem a bit over the top to be believed they’re genuine. Just sayin’.

          • Yeah, me with opinions based in research and scripture, are far more “over the top” than yours, based on…

            What are you saying I’m wrong about again, and what do you base that on?

      • IDF (israel defense forces) runs a massive (dis)information and trolling system known as unit 8200. These unit members sit in front of computer screens 24/7, monitor and troll websites for subjects that find to be “anti-semitic”. This is a worldwide operation that is operating as we speak.
        Most people are unaware that all USA telephone billing records go through an israeli company called Amdocs. This gives israel a front-row seat to monitoring of Americans.

  8. As today’s troll run continues, check out this link.


    It’s necessary to read between the lines, of course, but consider this.

    From link:

    The Anti-Defamation League ran an “extensive, multi-dimensional counterintelligence operation” complete with “undercover agents with code names” to destroy the influential anti-communist John Birch Society, internal ADL documents reveal.


    People knew at the time that the ADL was attending events where Birchers were speaking. But the ADL also had undercover agents with code names, who were able to infiltrate the society’s headquarters in Belmont, Massachusetts, and various chapter officers.

    …the Birch Society was seen by liberal critics, including the ADL, as a very secretive group that promoted conspiracy theories about communists who often became conflated with Jews.


    It’s a way to smear legitimate resistance to communism and tyranny as “anti-semitism” and “hate”, both of which are now criminalized to some degree. The ADL’s own people would scream the epithets. Hint, hint.

  9. I believe that most of the problems Eric writes about either would not have existed in the first place or would have gone away quickly if most people understood economics. There is a reason that government schools do not teach this subject except to regurgitate irrelevant macroeconomic crapola that has nothing to do with human action.
    Since we live in a world of scarcity, economics touches our lives every minute. Every choice we make involves a tradeoff. If people understood this, when they were told to wear masks they would have asked, “What are the costs?” They are humiliation, plastic particles in your lungs, restricted oxygen, elevated CO2, isolation, retarded social development in kids, and on and on. Free vaccines? No such thing. Obviously, we end up paying for them via taxation and inflation, but there are non-money tradeoffs as well, especially for young people who would have nothing to gain from them even if they worked.
    Wind power, solar farms, EVs: they all would have been laughed off the stage long ago if people had been educated to ask first: “What are the tradeoffs?”
    Early in the covid hoax, if you opined that lockdowns would have tremendous costs, you would get this: “Money money money! All you care about is money!” It takes a real dumbass to say that. Economics has little to do with money. It is about explaining how humans cope in a world of scarcity. There is no such thing as a free lunch – or mask, or vaccine, or lockdown, or energy source.

  10. Maff don’t lie — from a study published last week in Journal of Infectious Diseases, using Veterans Administration data:

    Unvaxxed 27,053 subjects; hospitalized 429; hospitalized or died rate: 15.29 per thousand
    Vaxxed* 62,885 subjects; hospitalized 1,659; hospitalized or died rate: 26.38 per thousand

    * including vaxxed + boosted


    Congrats, Dr Fauci: you made your mentor Dr Mengele look like a piker. He could only dream of scything down this many lives with poisoned ‘vaccines.’

    Why does the mass murderer Fauci remain at large?

    • Hi Jim,

      There is no doubt that more and more of these studies will become prevalent and showcase how dangerous this shot was. It will take years for it to trickle out, but I believe those that stood their ground will be the true heroes that history will remember.

      Mengele avoided capture for 34 years. He was never brought to justice and lived out his life in Brazil. I am sure Fauci will pass away from natural causes first before he ever meets the hangman’s noose. Sometimes life is unfair. I just hope both of them get their just desserts in Hell. There is no doubt the evilness that cloaks Fauci. Anyone that would perform experiments on beagle puppies, monkeys, and then the human race is a sick individual. Unfortunately, half of the country is still fawning over this seditionist troll.

  11. Mentioning vaccines…I find it almost laughable that RFK Jr. has been endorsed by Jack Dorsey. A man who would not allow RFK’s posts to see the light of day on Twitter is now pushing his Presidency?!?! Why the change? Does Jack no longer have the government whispering in his ear and dictating his every move?


    • Hi John,

      I wish more would. I am not a Catholic myself nor any particular denomination of Christian. But there is no question that Christian theology stands opposed to active homosexuality. It is literally written in the foundational scriptures. Whether one agrees with these or not is beside the point, which is that you cannot pick and choose which scriptures you like – and still be a Christian.

      • The problem is that homosexuality is directly related to Judaism.
        There are 2 sexes, man and woman, according to the Christian Bible.
        There are 2 sexes, man and woman, according to the Muslim Quran.
        There are 6 sexes ACCORDING TO THE JEWISH TALMUD.
        I can name them, if you like.

          • Just so you know, I didn’t quite understand your position until I gave it some genuine thought. But I now get this persistently flippant and annoying attitude.

            You realize that, if what I say is true, and Jews are of the devil, that that somehow means that you’re going to hell.

            I can promise you, that that is not what the new covenant between Yahweh God and Israel (the REAL Israel, the PEOPLE called Israel, not the place on a map) says. Your path to heaven comes from 1: Israelite blood, and 2: Belief in Jesus the Christ as your savior, having died on the cross and risen in 3 days from the dead, as being witnessed by his disciples, he did come in flesh body. And therein a new covenant was written, that so whoever BELIEVEITH IN ME SHALL HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE.

            So, just because you cavorted with the wrong race (which he FORBADE, btw, in the old testament), YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN through HIS BLOOD.

            So, it’s rather ok, you don’t have to be quite so defensive with the truth I present to you. I know I have all the tact of a rusty chainsaw at times, but believe me, I come only with the truth and only by his amazing grace. It’s emotionally difficult, I understand. But you’ll get through it, if you believe in him.

    • (RFK) Junior has just pledged his support for ISRAEL……. They all know who their masters are (And it ain’t the American people).

      • Florida “governor” DeSantis signed bills affecting Floridians while in israel. THAT is a problem.
        The bills that DeSantis signed into law mandate the brainwashing of vulnerable school children by requiring them to visit “holocaustianity temples” (jewish freak shows) in clear violation of the “separation of church and state”. Another bill establishes “holocaustianity” as a state religion “that which shall not be questioned. Fines and imprisonment await those “who do not believe”.
        IF the “holocaust” is fact, why are there laws in many countries (even Canada) that fine and imprison those “who do not believe”. If the “holocaust” is truth, it can stand on its own merits.
        Dual citizenship must be abolished in the USA…

        • >the “holocaust”
          There were many “holocausts” during the Second World War, most of which were perpetrated by the USAAF on German and Japanese civilians.

          >The first recorded strategic use of napalm incendiary bombs occurred in an attack by the US Army Air Force (USAAF) on Berlin on 6 March 1944

          >Napalm was used in flamethrowers, bombs, and tanks in World War II. It is believed to have been formulated to burn at a specific rate and to adhere to surfaces* to increase its stopping power. During combustion, napalm rapidly deoxygenates the available air and generates large amounts of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
          *That would include human flesh.
          >One of Fieser’s colleagues suggested adding phosphorus to the mix which increased the “ability to penetrate deeply […] into the musculature, where it would continue to burn day after day.

      • Where are these people pledging their support to? Do they take an oath? Are they on camera? Where can I locate this?

        Have any of the candidates not pledged their support?

        • The ADL sends them a document to sign. In fact, there was a black congresswoman that was run out because she refused to sign it.

          • You are correct. If a candidate for political offices refuses to sign the loyalty oath statement that the ADL presents, the jewish cabal will dump millions of shekels into his opponent’s campaign funds thereby denying him the office.
            I wonder how AOC and Rashida Tlaib slipped past the ADL’s requirement for a signed loyalty oath..
            As to the ADL, most people are unaware that this organization was formed to protect and defend a jewish serial rapist murderer, Leo Frank. A “fix” was in the works to pardon Frank. When the prominent citizenry found out that a “fix” was in the works, they gave Frank a well-deserved “necktie party”.
            One major reasons for the ADL to “whitewash” Leo Frank’s criminality is that he was tried, judged and convicted by gentiles in a gentile-run court. According to the Talmud, gentiles are considered to be “less than human, akin to livestock with souls, to be used (and abused) for the benefit of the jews”. Frank’s conviction in a gentile court was not (supposed) to apply to jews. According to jewish doctrine, a gentile may not pass judgement on a jew regardless of the crime. Jews are to be “judged” in rabbinical courts where testimony from gentiles is not allowed.
            This is why the “powers that be” went after Kyle Rittenhouse as he dispatched a jew to “the great hereafter”. That was not unnoticed by the inept jewish prosecutor.
            Talmudic Jews consider intercourse by an adult jew with a child of over “three years and a day” to be a normal part of jewish behavior and according to jewish “law” is not a crime. Frank was merely following Talmudic jewish “law” by raping and murdering Mary Phagan.
            Leo Frank was merely doing what (((they))) do.
            The ADL must be exposed for the criminal organization that it is…

            • I am thankful that I’m not the only one aware of this.
              Kyle Rittenhouse was Jewish as well, btw. The entire story was a huge fake Jewfest. I suggest you look into the Rittenhouse history. Something about the mint. Heh.

              • JFK was “whacked” by the mossad as he was vehemently against israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons capability. He demanded that israel comply with international agreements on the inspection of nuclear reactor facilities, something that israel refused to do. Kennedy had little regard for israel and its leaders, considering them to be arrogant and self-serving.
                Lyndon Johnson has a jewish background and was considered a “crypto-jew”.
                Immediately after Johnson attained the presidency, all of Kennedy’s orders affecting israel were rescinded.
                Let’s not forget the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) which was deliberately attacked by israel on June 8, 1967. This attack was supposed to sink the ship and destroy the entire crew. When a brave sailor reconnected an antenna and got word to the fleet, the false flag operation was exposed. Initially, Johnson refused to allow help to be sent because he wanted “that goddam ship on the bottom”. Johnson’s “false flag operation” was finally exposed, but was whitewashed by none other than Senator John McCain’s admiral daddy. An israeli pilot remarked: “but sir, that’s an American ship” but was ordered to attack anyway.
                The israelis were so dirty, they strafed lifeboats in the water. To this day, there has never been a complete impartial investigation into this “act of war” by “our bestest ally in the middle east.”.
                The “skipper” was awarded the Medal of Honor, not at the White House which is protocol, but at an obscure Naval base. His citation mentions nothing of the deliberate israeli attack on the ship.
                If I had my way, Johnson and McNamara would have been tried and executed for treason. Israel would have been turned into a “glass parking lot” on June 9, 1967.
                As far as I am concerned, israel still owes me for 34 dead and 173 wounded Americans.
                Today, June 8, 2023 is the 56th anniversary of this act of war by israel against its “bestest ally in the middle east”. I’ll bet that not one media outlet will mention it…sorta tells you who owns the media.

                • What astounds me is the endless string of atrocities…
                  To which people still wring their hands, fret and lament, and say “But, but…certainly not ALL the Jews…how can you paint them ALL with such a broad brush?”

                  How many Jews will speak out about the USS Liberty today, offering an apology for their country’s act of evil?

                  Let me ask again.



                  Start counting.

                • Anarch & Letme,
                  It’s interesting: If the attrocities cited above had been committed by (nominally)Christian whites, and the victims had been anything but the same, we would never here the end of it, and there’d be endless chanting of “never forget”, and probably a wholesale slaughter of the whole demographic.

                  But be it Jews committing those attrocities, or niggers destroying every city in this country, or any other “minority” committing attrocities….and not only is there no outcry, but they are rewarded and praised, while the innocent are condemned, restricted, and maligned as being the ‘problem’…….

                • >they strafed lifeboats in the water.

                  Which is a *WAR* *CRIME*, no matter who they “officially” claimed they thought they were attacking (and which “cover story” was exposed as a *LIE* by their own radio traffic, as you have noted).

                  • Exactly. And when you bring up this…ENDLESS string of atrocities…it’s “DON’T YOU DISPARAGE OUR MASTERS!!!” Nothing astounds me like cattle on the way to slaughter attacking each other for daring to point out the rancher selling us at market.

                    “BUT! BUT! THE JEWS!!!!”
                    SMFH. Ya put it right in front of em. You drop it on their lap, smack em in the head with it, and all they give back is the pre-programmed brainwashed responses that you’ve managed to resist, but not them. To them, you’re just an “anti-Semite neo-Nazi fascist.” When the reality is, you’re the ONLY person that cares about them and the ONLY person trying to warn em.

                    The rest of the uneducated are all “Oh, we can’t let hate drive us to condemn an entire race!”…whilst they ignore completely that that is their stated goal for us.

              • Letme,
                That is why I try to avoid ANY exposure to mass-media (and largely even “alt media these days) and especially “news”, as it’s virtually ALL mind-control. The “COVID” scam could never have been perpetrated in any other era other than this one in which the vast majority of people around the world live in a false reality created by TV and social[ist] media.

                Those who control the technocracy of Hollywood and social media are undeniably the usual suspects.

  12. Whitmer, Kochul, and ESPECIALLY Katie Hobbs in AZ weren’t elected. Neither was Brandon Johnson mayor of Chicago. Or Fetterman in Pennsylvania. These were all communist approved candidates gamed into office. Besides the blue haired freak in Arizona, Whitmers “re-election” is the most egregious. There was an excellent republican candidate any sane person would have voted for.

    • To your point 99.99% of doctors have no critical thinking ability. Too much education and consequences for them to develop one.

      • Hi Mark,

        I grew up around doctors – and what you say rings very true. Very “book smart” people with comparatively weak critical thinking ability. Many people regard anyone who is a doctor as “smart” – and this is true, certainly. A low-IQ person is not capable of assimilating the specialized, complex knowledge necessary to get through medical school – or even get in. But that does not mean the person has learned to think, which is a related but different thing. A computer’s memory stores a great deal of information. But can it think? It requires training – when young – to learn to think. Many people never do, because it is not taught or encouraged. Rather, rote acquisition of information – provided by authority – is regarded as the ne plus ultra of “education.”

        My dad was a very smart man. He had both an MD and and MA. But as I grew up I realized his brainpower had been channeled and focused in a rather narrow way; he could discuss medicine (what he was taught) authoritatively but once outside of that lane, it was hard to discuss broad general ideas, principles – and their implications – with him. I found this incongruity fascinating; it gave me a great deal of insight into the problems that beset us.

        • The skill of school and what schooling is designed to do to people.

          Schooling is designed to kill thinking and self learning.

        • Hey, Eric!

          That was very well said! I find what you said to be true of the majority of the highly-edumacated (Hence why this world was allowed to devolve into what it currently is despite more people being more “educated” than at any other time in human history. They just accept things the way they are; seek solutions which can not work, or simply do nothing other than what they taught to do).

          The one group which may contain a good number of those capable enough to know and or object….are engineers, as they tend to ‘live in the real world’ and see the immediate results of their actions.

          Doctors on the other hand tend to be the worst! Another factor which probably increases their tendency to be so is how they are kept so busy from the time they enter medical school [Really should be called ‘drug-cartel school’ as what they learn has been shaped by the pharma cartel for about 100 years now, to the exclusion of anything else), through internship and then their practice and other ancillary functions. Even if they were or are capable of thinking…they are kept far too busy to concern themselves with anything else except on the shallowest level. True of a lot of other professions as well- probably by design.

          Q: You know who the best doctor in the world is?
          A: The doctor to whom you are posing the above question goes to! 😀

          Our family doctor when I was a kid died at the age of 52 from a heart attack. That said a lot to me, even as a kid. Didn’t seem to set off any alarm bells to the rest of his parishioners though…..

    • Hi Mark,

      More alarming – to me – is the possibility that these creatures may actually have been elected “legitimately.” The mere fact that they were not soundly repudiated – that these elections were even close – speaks much.

  13. “Doctor’s orders” has taken on a whole new meaning over the course of the past three years. A literal one.’ — eric

    One is reminded of the edgy scene in Stanley Kubrick’s film Lolita (1962), in which Humbert goes to the hospital in Colorado to pick up Lolita, only to learn that she escaped with her ‘uncle’ Quilty the previous night.

    Upon learning the awful news, Humbert goes nuts and attacks a nurse.

    DOCTOR KEAGY: Hold him!

    HUMBERT: Let go of me! Let go of me!

    DOCTOR KEAGY: What do you think you’re doing?

    NURSE: No! Hold it!

    HUMBERT: Where is she?

    ANDRE: Easy, now, easy.

    DOCTOR KEAGY: Sidney! Get a straitjacket.

    The muscular orderlies proceed to wrestle Humbert to the floor:


    Since the fictional scene is taking place in the early 1950s, AGWs weren’t summoned. Tempers are soon calmed, and Humbert is released and escorted to the door. Not something that would happen today, for sure.

    But the sudden scrum of white coats physically pinning Humbert to the floor at the drop of a hat seems utterly contemporary. It’s the implicit threat of instant, immobilizing violence — the sting of the Taser, the click of the handcuffs — which underlies all interaction with officialdom and institutions today.

    Up against the wall, chump. You failed to comply.

    • ‘Keagy is also Kaegi which [in German] means a fence or hedge, and I think we can recognize the idea of the cage in this name.’


      NABOKOV: The first little throb of Lolita went through me late in 1939 or early in 1940, in Paris … somehow prompted by a newspaper story about an ape in the Jardin des Plantes, who, after months of coaxing by a scientist, produced the first drawing ever charcoaled by an animal: this sketch showed the bars of the poor creature’s cage.

      How’s the view from your cage, comrade?

  14. Well-meaning people have been asking about and decrying the “anti-semitism” that (supposedly) exists in the USA and elsewhere.

    Jews use the label “anti-semitism” as a weapon in the same way race-baiters use the word “racist”.

    I realize that most jews are not “bad” people, not at all, BUT (and that’s a big BUT) there is a subset of jews in powerful positions that have their own agendas–destroying societies from within, practicing a “double standard” while claiming themselves to be “victims”.

    In fact, most jews today have NO “semitic” blood or ancestry and are actually descendants of “red-diaper eastern European bolsheviks”, NOT of middle eastern ancestry by any means.

    Jews are their own worst enemy when they subscribe to jewish supremacism which originates in their “Talmud”.

    Jews have been trying to ethnically cleanse the United States and make it less white and Christian by supporting anything that would accomplish that purpose: mass immigration of brown people, driving Christianity out of the public square and supporting dysgenic, fertility-impairing social engineering projects such as feminism and transgenderism.

    Their disloyalty and contempt for their host countries are neatly summed up by the following statements by Jews:

    –“Yes, diversity is about getting rid of white people (and that’s a good thing)” – Emily Goldstein

    –“The goal is to meet the challenge of racial interbreeding that faces us in the twentieth century. It’s not a choice. It is an obligation … If this volunteerism doesn’t work for the republic, then the state will move to coercive measures.” – Nicolas Sarkozy

    –“There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states.” – General and NATO commander Wesley Clark

    –“Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity.” – Rabbi Baruch Efrati

    –“Treason against whiteness is loyalty to humanity … The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race.” – Noel Ignatiev

    –“Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role.” – Barbara Lerner Spectre

    –“The non-Europeanization of America is heartening news of an almost transcendental (spiritual) quality.” – Ben Wattenberg

    –“A more diverse, more inclusive society: This is fabulous news. Now we need to prevent minority white rule.” – Jennifer Rubin

    –“The homogeneity of the European people is fundamentally against the interests of the Jewish people.” – Rabbi Avarron Haviv

    –“There won’t be any white folks around who think the 1950’s were the good old days, because there won’t be any white folks around who actually remember them. We just have to be patient. And wait for you to pass into that good night. And then, well …” – Tim Wise

    –” … is it good that Islam invades Europe? It is excellent news! … Islam is the broom of Israel.” – Rabbi Rav David Touitou

    That being said, on an individual basis, I treat ALL who I come in contact with respectfully regardless of any affiliation and expect the same in return.

    It is those who wish to destroy western culture who I abhor. The Wiemar Republic debauchery and criminality is but a previous example of societal destruction on a societal level.

    We are at the same stage of development as the German Wiemar Republic which existed from 1920 to 1933 when the Austrian painter finally had enough and started to “clean house”.

    • Let me be very clear.
      There are no good Jews.
      Do you hear millions of Jews disputing the “holohoax”?
      Or do you hear millions of Jews cashing their reparations checks?
      Which one?

      As Jesus Christ himself said TO THE JEWS…

      The lessons are there for us to read. You silly pseudo-“Christians” that believe “Jews” are the “chosen people” when they aren’t even Hebrews or Israelites need to wake up. You silly pseudo-“Christians” that believe Jesus was Jewish NEED TO WAKE UP.

      There are no good Jews. If there are, I CERTAINLY HAVEN’T HEARD THEM SPEAK UP. Have YOU?
      They have stated on the record they intend to wipe us out.
      But I say, THEM FIRST.

      • “Let me be very clear. There are no good Jews.”

        That could be correct, but the real reason is because if you claim to be Jewish you are accepting the chosenite status and giving the rest of humanity the finger. The great crime being committed by “the Jews” is separation theology, which destroys love and unity consciousness. As soon as you say I am better than everyone else, you are at war with everyone else.

        (BTW the Christians play the same game, many Christians claim only they go to heaven. I’m saved and you’re going to hell leads to war also, because if the other is going to hell then why not just send them there early? My militant Christian friends often say ‘mow ’em all down, and let god sort them out’.

        I’ve read the claim that there is one exception to the no good Jew idea – Jesus – who was Jewish. But the funny thing, many patriots become Jew wise they then deny Jesus was Jewish. Because if you understand the nature of Jews you will not want your savior to be Jewish. But no worries, because the Gospel’s are 100% fiction.

        The big joke, and I mean really, really big joke, is that Jesus never existed. And the sad thing is the source of that knowledge, Joseph Atwill’s landmark book, ‘Caesar’s Messiah’ is detested by pastors and hardly read by any Christian.

        So the big joke is on us, western peoples were converted to a Jewish mythos, and a Jew became the Gentile god. Rome wrote the myth to tame the rebellious Zealot Jews – which Rome was at war with – and the Gospels were all written in Rome by Romans after Rome sacked Jerusalem temple in 70 AD. He proves it all. Jesus came to save his own, the Jews, and thus no Gentile has any business believing in him, and he’s not real anyways.

        Note a factual observation, Jesus is not saving one Palestinian from the murderous bombing raids of Israel on Gaza. Jesus of course would have been a Palestinian Jew. So if Jesus can not even save Palestinians, then what the hell good is he?

        If you ever figure out the real game in play, you will then realize that a angry judging sky god is fiction, as is afterlife judgment, sin, heaven, hell … all of it. There is not one shred of evidence that any of those concepts are true, they are pre-scientific ideas projected on a deity by judgmental humans – who created a god in their image. God is jealous, why? Because that human trait was projected onto god. God became malevolent because God of the Old Testament was written by a malevolent tribe.


        • If Jesus never existed, why do the Jews have an entire book that you’ve never heard of dedicated to insulting his very life and existence?

          • Just because the Jews have the Talmud does not confirm that Jesus was a real historical character. They are attacking Christianity which they hate. In the Talmud, Jewish writers claim Jesus is being boiled in excrement. So what? It is just make believe – in fact the whole Bible is make believe. Jesus can not be boiled in his own excrement since he never existed, and he also did not rise from the dead, etc. It is all just make believe, no one beats death.

            What no Christian has ever figured out is that you only need salvation by Jesus if the Old Testament is true. But the Old Testament is superstitious tribal war making literature – it is not true. There is no angry sky god, there is no afterlife judgment, etc. There is not one shred of evidence that anything happens when you die – and if something does happen, like the transmigration of soul and reincarnation, your earthly belief system matters not.

            So believe whatever you want, believe in Elvis if he makes you get through the day. Belief comforts the soul while you do time in hell, earth being hell. What you ought to ask is if God hates you, afterall if there is a God, then why did He put you on a planet with Jews?

            Gentiles put on earth with Jews is like putting peace loving hippies in prison with murderous felons. That is an exact analogy BTW. Gentiles is a derogatory word like Nigger, in Jewish literature the aggressive Semites despise the peace loving gentle peoples.

            Now what you have never figured is why you want to believe in heaven and afterlife – that is now a solved mystery – humans are sentient, they know they exist – and thus they do not want to die – and if a religion promises afterlife – it sells. Religion is big business because most people have never taken the time to consider why they want to believe.

            Christianity sells because it promise eternal life – without one shred of proof – the preacher collects his fees up front – but never has to deliver the promise in heaven – and when you die and don’t exist anymore then how can you sue the preacher for his false claims? You can not, and thus religion is the biggest con job in history – it rakes in billions, promises everything, and delivers nothing.

            Now I could care less about all that, what I care about is how these religious fools have aligned themselves with Jews and are making hell on earth, like the Gulf Wars which were started by the 9-11-2001 false flag WTC attack.

            • If it’s all about the promise of eternal life and a fear of death, then why is Nietzsche so popular? Why is communism so popular, which is the antithesis of what you say?

              I think you’re missing an inherent fact about humans. That what we refer to as “truth” or “knowledge” has a “gravitational pull” on human beings. We seek the how and why of all things, and when something has truth we have a natural tendency to seek it out.

              The problem lies in our inherent trusting nature where our incessant desire to seek truth can sometimes lead us to find truth where there is none. I think this is why some people “fall” for communism. Communism, in fact, seems to require an incessant push that is ubiquitous and constant, else its falsehoods eventually become impossible to ignore. In other words, you can convince them that communism is their savior, but then you have them standing in bread lines…

      • Get off the Jew soapbox already. This forum is not about bashing Jews, gays, women, straight white males, or any other group. Go fond another group if that is what you are looking for and you can take that fool Richard with you. As the saying goes, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!

        • Sorry, not sorry. This site is about freedom and thus IS about bashing Jews, gays, women, straight white males, or any other group who want to take our freedom away and subject us to their perverted, immoral, warmongering, insane, Marxist, Communist, Jewish agenda on us.

          I don’t know about you, but I am against the globo homo agenda and those that push it.

          Thus all those aligned with Jews and their agenda I bash, including all these Zionist Christians who have aligned themselves with Israel and death.

          • I guess what I find ironic is that while every one is bashing everyone our rights are going right down the toilet. A lot of good it is doing you…

            • Well maybe if you were more INFORMED and less ignorant (and I mean ignorant not in an insulting way but in an objective, informative way – there are things you obviously are UNAWARE OF – or pushing an agenda…) then you would know WHO is flushing our rights down the toilet.

              When you see a gun control bill, it’s a JEW that sponsored it.
              When you see anti-free speech “laws” being passed..it’s a JEW that supported it.
              Big pharma? Ran by Jews.
              The media disinformation / propaganda engine? Ran by Jews.
              Corruption of Christianity and Islam? Ran by Jews.
              Our government? Gee, 26% of our congress has dual citizenship with “Israel” (note: not the ACTUAL “Israel” of the Bible but the “Israel” Jew impostors). NOBODY in the upper levels of our government should have dual citizenship with ANY OTHER NATION. PERIOD. The people in YOUR CONGRESS have signed a pledge of allegiance to ISRAEL, and NOT TO YOU.
              Your rights are being taken away. But they’re being taken away BY JEWS. What percentage of Biden’s cabinet appointments were Jews? Oh yeah, all of em. Trumps? All but 1 I do believe.

              A lot of good ANYTHING is doing YOU, if you can’t figure out who the actual enemy is. You might want to figure that out before its too late.

              • Yep, you nailed it. All these cowards who tell us not to criticize the Jews are ignorant as hell. Jews are at the center of the attack on white Christians – and what I am also saying is these stupid, and I mean really stupid Jesus believers absolutely refuse to name the Jew as the cause of the downfall of their own religion, not to mention the culture and society that was created by White Christians.

                The fact is the White Christian (polite) society is being ravaged by Jewish hellions who hate us with a passion. How cowardly these White Christians – who profess the strength of Christ – yet are unwilling to defend their society which is being systematically destroyed by every angle.

                Furthermore, Jews are now saying abortion is one of their religious rights. I do not doubt that, as they are Satanically evil and love to kill, including their own babies, but what puzzles me is why any Christian would support Israel, a racist Jewish only state that supports abortion, war, etc – which are all against what Jesus purportedly said and taught.

                A Zionist Christian is really a Satanist.

                • Hi Jack,

                  The Nazis were fond of using the term, Der Jude – the Jew. As in all Jews, a universal archetype. How does this differ from “straight white males” as an archetype? This idea that “the Jew” (that is to say, Jews) are the locus of evil defies both fact and logic. Neither Stalin nor Mao – to cite two horrific examples – were Jewish. Some will say: But communism is Jewish! And it was Jews who financed the Bolsheviks. Well, communism is an ideology. And Marx was a Jew. But Plato – whom he plagiarized – was Greek. And what they wrote they wrote. What others did, they did. To hold those who did not is evil. The Nazis did this. They called it Sippenhaft. Those related to people who offended the Nazis were treated as if they had done the thing.

                  Humanity will not – cannot – ascend out of the barbarism of collectivism until it rejects collectivism.

                  • Ayn Rand, a Jewess, would agree with you. I used to be a big fan of her until I saw this:


                    She calls the Arabs primitive savages while those lovely Israelis are so civilized and advanced. I now have zero respect for her, just another tribe member spinning reality in favor of Jewry.

                    Unfortunately, Ayn Rand was just another Jewish Bullshitvicar – she blamed the collectivists and never the Jews. The Jews are the most cohesive racialist supremacist collectivists on the planet – no other tribe/race/ethnicity comes close.


                    • Hi Jack,

                      Rand’s Objectivism became a kind of cult by the ’60s. It is often confused with libertarianism, an association which she herself took great pains to disparage. In fact, she was only an advocate for individualism insofar as it conformed with Objectivism, which was often extraordinarily subjective (e.g., if you preferred Beethoven you were “anti-life,” as he often put it). Her novels are also stilted in that they are utterly bereft of family and children, except dismissively. We’re all flawed – and so was she. So am I.

                      That said, I also hold she did a service by elaborating the value of the individual contra the collective.

                    • letme,

                      There’s always a “Jewish connection,” isn’t there? The fact that a communist murderer – e.g., Lenin, Mao – received financial support from some Jews is a fact. So also the fact that gentile (corporate-financial) support was similarly forthcoming. Oh, but these were “beards”! They were manipulated by “the Jews”! If gentiles are so easy to use and manipulate then perhaps “the Jews” are indeed the Herrenvolk!

                • Look up the Wiemar Republic.
                  History DOES repeat itself…
                  We are at the same stage as Germany was between the two “world wars” before the Austrian painter came on the scene.
                  Let’s look at today’s society…
                  It started with the normalization of deviant behavior starting with homosexuality and has slid down the “slippery slope” where every form of perversion is not only tolerated but “protected” by so-called “civil-rights” laws. Tolerance (which homosexuals and others claimed that is all they wanted) has morphed into demands not only for “acceptance” but the legal ability to “groom” young children without parental permission in defiance of parental control. Even pedophilia is being “mainstreamed” by calling pedophiles “minor-attracted adults”.
                  It is one (((group))) that is responsible for this slide into perversity and decadence–the same (((group))) that was responsible for the decadence of the Wiemar Republic.
                  Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be one hell of a ride…

                  • You’re telling me. Especially when the majority of the battle to be fought is against our own people who have become so hopelessly brainwashed and fooled into believing our sworn enemies are somehow our “friends”.

                    Oh, it’s not ALL Jews…
                    Tell me again how many Jews apologized for the USS Liberty yesterday?

                    That is how many we should spare. Because those are the “good Jews”.

                  • Tolerance – OK
                    Protection – Why? From what?
                    Celebration – Not acceptable
                    Glorification of sexual perversion is the absolute depth of depravity, and should not be tolerated in a sane society.

                    Missing Merle Haggard.
                    Okie from Muskogee
                    -> Hippie from Miss’sippi
                    -> Bulldyke from the Klondike
                    -> Homo from Kokomo
                    Use your imagination on the lyrics.
                    I refuse to sully this forum with scatological: drivel.

                    • This is very well-said, Adi –

                      Tolerance – forbearance – certainly. I have no issue with what a man (or woman) does, privately, with himself or with others of like mind, provided no harm is visited upon unwilling others. If two men want to co-habit, that is none of my business and – on a human level – why would I bother them?

                      But when they insist I “celebrate” their activities and that if I do not that I am some kind of “hater” . . . then I am bothered. Then they’d better get out of my face. There will be blowback from this.

                      Smart homosexuals get this. I do not hold them responsible for this. What is happening is (like the events of the “pandemic”) too coordinated and contrived, too artificial to be other than the product of a deliberate, calculated campaign orchestrated at the highest levels of corporate/government decision-making.

          • I guess what I find ironic is that while every one is bashing everyone our rights are going right down the toilet. It is too bad you did not see this crap coming a lot sooner.

            • Oh, and by the way? We DID see it coming sooner. We’ve seen it since at least 1913 with the passing of the Federal Reserve act.

              It’s just that the morons that surround us on a daily basis shake their heads and roll their eyes when we talk about important things while you want to discuss the “49ers” or “The Blue Jays” or some other stupid shit.

          • To use a phrase from the tool & die business YK, I think you’re comment is dead-nuts on. Your position here – mine too – is, essentially for the free flow on information, opinion, and free speech which any libertarian worth his salt would be & should be screaming for. Thanks for reminding me of this aspect.

            It appears to me that some commenters here don’t agree with your assertion. No problem of course as they have every right to their opinion. But if they really believe what they’re arguing then maybe they should reassess their belief mechanism as your position sounds almost as pure as it gets as it relates to freedom of speech within the confines of a philosophy of freedom & natural law. It’s aggravating to hear those folks who have a knee jerk reaction to references about a persons race. Really, a reference to a persons fricken race offends you? They instantly pull the race card out to label that person a racists just because they say so & so is a bad guy and, oh gee, he happens to be yet another person with a Jewish heritage. Really? Just shows you how well institutional propaganda has done it’s job.

            Lets sub the word “black” for Jewish. I point out that Joe Blow committed a crime and oh by the way he’s a black man. How many people today would instantly have that tired old & imbecilic reaction of racism on my part and whip out that ole race card. It’s bad enough the average amerikan bone-head does it, but to hear someone call me a racist for simply pointing out the person’s race & suggest there’s a possible connection between him and the crime rate is a little too much to take.

            It needs to be said that this is Eric’s site and he rules the roost. I think we should cordially abide by his guidelines, agreeing with them or not, liking them or not. Note: just to be clear, I’m not saying anyone here is violating those guidelines. That’s for Eric to decide.

            • Not banned yet. I’ve been doing this truthing thing since Al Gore invented the internet – and most people labor under 6 layers of denial.

              Amerikans love money (over truth any day) and since the Jews are pulling the levers of power and control the flow of money – most people cringe at the word “Jew”. It is just a word, and note how the Rabbi has no problem blaming everything on white people. They criticize us yet scream anti-semitism when we criticize them.

              Jews are liberal minded – they believe in free speech – for themselves – and will damn sure try to shut you up if you talk about them. Yet the double standard – they have no problem demonizing us.

              To hell with them all.

        • **”This forum is not about bashing Jews, gays, women, straight white males, or any other group.”**

          Hi Shadow,
          Think of what you are saying. There is a big difference between ‘bashing’ and positing facts. The libruls would have us believe that when we cite factual statistics showing that blacks commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime, that we are “racist” and “bashing blacks”, but of course, to merely posit a fact is not bashing but rather merely the stating of a fact. That many do not care to hear such a fact, because they have been conditioned to deny such a reality, and live in a society where the denial of reality has become the norm, does not invalidate the fact.

          We live in a society that has become so accustomed to and accepting of denying reality in order to transform the world into collectivist tyranny (It being necessary to create mass insanity and denial of reality in order to destroy traditional culture and society) that it is becoming a veritable ‘crime’ to say that women don’t have penises or that men can’t have babies; or to criticize atrocities or identify a group which commits any particular one; or to affirm certain cultures and criticize others.

          If you want to know who controls your world, just look at those whom you are not allowed to criticize. Did you ever in your life think that states in the U.S. of A. would outlaw free speech, and that a governor from one of those states could even be a contender for the presidency?!

          I thought that the type of people who come to a forum such as this would value free speech more than anyone, whether what is being said is fact or not; good or bad; or just the expression of the ideas of the p oster, whether one agrees with them or not. I also imagined that most who come here would at least somewhat familiar with history, politics and economics (Not the fairy tales they portray on TV and in the skools) to at least realize that a disproportionate number of members of a certain group have been operating quietly for centuries to establish the aft-mentioned worldwide collectivist tyranny, or failing such a realization, to at least have enough capacity to see that those posting on the subject just may know something which you don’t; Things which are not necessarily easily discernible by just clicking on a lionk or watching a Youtube video, but rather have been acquired by decades of real-world experience and the absorption of knowledge which not easily accessible, or has been censored/cancelled due to the very fact that it is critical of and contrary to the plans of those who are foisting the collectivist tyranny upon not just one or two nations, but the whole world (See: Recent plandemic) as has long been the plan of those who have been working to establish such.

          But apparently, I was too optimistic.

          And even if it were “bashing”; so what? I think filthy disgusting homos should bashed, because I find their behavior absolutely repulsive, immoral, and detrimental. If that offends you or anyone else, too bad, because faggots offend me by their very existence, and and I will bash, criticize, and not associate with anyone who travels the Hershey Highway- and I assume that because you are posting here that you are a libertarian, and therefore, even if you don’t agree with me, should still affirm and defend my right to my opinion and to express it.

  15. Regular heckler here:

    Interpreting the wit and wisdom of EP, the Mask Czar, all the problems in the world would be eliminated if people just stopped wearing masks. No more climate change hoax. No more Nut Zero. No more US government / media censorship. No more US government morphing into fascism. Those pesky masks are the root of all evil. Previously I have disagreed that anything would change if the few people still wearing masks stopped wearing masks.

    One thing that could change is the health of people who breathe in the microplastics from new polyester masks. Masks do nothing to block viral aerosols — including N95 masks. In addition, they are not healthy to wear. Below is a link to a SUMMARY of a study I read and recommended on my blog today.


    The Study:


  16. Doctors were the most ardent supporters of the Nazi party in Germany.

    I read this somewhere, can’t recall where: You often hear people saying, if they were alive in Europe in the 1930s and early 1940s, they would have opposed the Nazis, and helped hide the Jews. The last 3 years have shown that they would have supported the Nazis.

    • The “National Socialist Party” (“Nazi” is actually JEWSPEAK) WARNED PEOPLE ABOUT JEW DOCTORS AND VACCINES. Perhaps that’s why doctors supported them???

      It’s the JEWS that run the COVID scam (and all “virus” scams).

      General Patton was right when he said “We destroyed the wrong damn army.”

      The enemy was and always will be the COMMUNIST JEWS.

  17. Thankfully my local VA medical center no longer requires the suffocating face diaper. Was in there last week for a blood draw and almost everyone was breathing fresh air.

    My local supermarkets were a different story. I notice that it’s mostly the young teenage ones working and the very old shoppers that continue the ritual. It’s really sad that they are so brainwashed by fear.

    • Hi Plymouth,

      I have thought about this a lot and I no longer believe it’s fear – at least as regards the not-elderly. The people in their teens and 20s wearing the “mask” have got to know – because, Jesus, you can see – that almost no one else is and they’re not dying or even getting sick. I think they wear the “mask” for the reasons I laid out in the Report: They want to show they believe – i.e., their politics. Which is also their religion.

      The Left loves symbols.

      • I don’t even think it’s that.
        I think the mask has become nothing more than a psychological pacifier of “safety”.

        The people that wear masks are the same people that sucked their thumbs as children, needed a pacifier at all times, and bite their nails. They’re nervous, cowardly people, and anything that seems like it might “keep them safe”, well that’s fine with them. I’ve heard their mantra too many times…”Better safe than sorry.”

        To which I always reply, “Better to be dead than afraid to live.”

    • Fortunately, my VA was mild. Doorkeepers distributed masks, but on the inside, masking was not enforced. I proceeded with a naked face! Fortune favors the bold.

    • That is so true. In Whole Foods a lot of the young baggers wear them. Im sure they are super proud little new lefties.

      • Hi RS!

        We stopped at Earth Fare yesterday; Earth Fare is a kind of WholeFoods joint in our area; i.e., it is a haven for the Woke. The college-aged kid at the checkout counter was faithfully wearing his “mask.” Can there be any doubt as to his voting proclivities?

  18. I wonder if the woman in that photo will be BEGGING Oregon’s current Queen, Tina Kotek, to bring back universal face diaper mandates. As a gubernatorial candidate last year, Kotek said in an interview with some local news station that she would “Bring back mask mandates if ‘The Science’ called for it.” Kotek also posted a picture on social media of her and a group of supporters, ALL of them wearing a face diaper, as if to virtue signal about how they “Cared about the public during the pandemic”.

    The now former Queen, Kate Brown, went full blown dictator at the height of COVID hysteria, issuing decrees such as mask mandates, emergency powers for herself, small business closures, etc. After the rollout of the “vaccines” in 2021, she even ssued vaxx mandates for employees in certain sectors, even going so far as to say that those who refused should be FIRED. The state’s “Health Authority” also wanted to do digital vaxx passports, but thankfully that hasn’t come to full fruition. Also, in her final State of the State speech, Brown had the gall to claim that her COVID response “Saved lives”, when the REALITY was her COVID response, in addition to her vaxx mandates, DESTROYED countless lives. And yet, her wannabe successor, Tina Kotek, who could well be an even bigger tyrant than Kate Brown, barely squeaked by in last year’s gubernatorial election with not even 50%. Either the people of Oregon WANTED Kate Brown 2.0, or there was some shenanigans with its Vote by mail system. I suspect the latter, as only a handful of counties WANTED Kotek.

  19. OT: War is around the corner. White boy gets accepted to all 5 military academies.


    One comment: “I would love a followup on his career in about 8 years.”
    My would-be reply if I had a Google account: “He’ll be dead in 8 years. They’re sending him to the Eastern front.”

  20. You have to commit apostasy in order to live a life worth living. The unexamined life is a life not worth living. You have to be able to think, somebody telling you what to do is preventing you from thinking.

    Wear your mask, stop being a dunce. Get a grip.

    Every religion, every political belief has to be rejected at this time, the results are grim and devastating.

    Apostasy is your only hope. Escape to Galt’s Gulch.

    An old friend who is now gone would let Jehovah’s Witnesses into his house. After entering and being welcomed, the friend would ask them to do some dishes, sweep some floors and other common household chores.

    Their visit was a short one.

    My FIL invited Jehovah’s Witnesses into his house one day while I was there to pay a visit myself. They sat down on the couch and waxed their religious beliefs with alacrity.

    During the conversation one spoke of Heaven being almost full and there was room for only 144,000 faithful devoted souls. They want you to listen to them, you have nothing to say worth hearing. They’ll listen when you offer them money. They scare the bejesus out of you with their doom and gloom publications. It’s all good, you have to have tolerances for all lost souls.

    Going on 93 billion people born then died since it all began in Olduvai, so there are more than 92,999,800,000 souls who are and will be gnashing their teeth in Hell.

    Satan wrings his hands in delight and has an evil wicked smile. Way to go, Satan!

    Beginning to think you can’t believe a word uttered on the earth by the useful idiots who don’t know any better than you.

  21. Missunderstanding of statistics and odds, amplified by the network effect and press. Same reason people play the lottery and slot machines. Less than 1% fatality rate? Well, what about that woman who died? They reported it on TV. I remember…

    Back in the 1970s fear of flying was a common minor psychosis. This was the age when there were still enough incidents to make the news but flying was still about as safe way to travel as taking an escalator. The Airport film franchise was very popular, and I’m sure it contributed too.

    After the film Jaws (or was it that Happy Days episode?), shark attacks suddenly became common. Or maybe they weren’t. No one really tracked such things before Spielberg’s blockbuster, but boy did they after! Even now there are patrols for sharks close to beaches. Heck, they’re even using drones to spot them in Queensland. Back in the old days if a shark became a nuisance it was promptly removed from the ecosystem. But that wasn’t interesting, just routine.

    When people are bombarded with fear p0rn 24/7 they’re going to be afraid. Aerophobia was bad for business travel so the powers that be drove it out of the public psyche. These days your biggest fear is that some idiot will cause a scene and delay pushback. When people stop going to the beaches shark week will be quietly removed from the schedule.

    I imagine when facial recognition software gets ramped up in the US we’ll start to see maskers mocked openly. It will probably coincide with a reversal of the lax enforcement of shoplifting laws as cities start to deal with their budgets halved.

  22. “Doctor’s orders” indeed, they must think they have the power of AGW’s – take that shot or you’ll get shot. My doctor has been pushing me to take a statin because my cholesterol is “high”; from what I’ve read cholesterol is necessary for brain function and statins have bad side effects. Maybe that’s why so few people can think for themselves nowadays. Of course if they manage to get CBDC’s going you will be required to take whatever meds the doctor orders or be cut off from buying food, etc. until you comply.

    • Guess what kills more people than gun crime and illegal drug abuse combined.
      Doctors. The third leading cause of death in the US is medical “error”, though it never appears on a death certificate. Since it doesn’t, estimates are from 250k deaths per year, to much more. A LOT more than AGWs.
      Snake oil sales abound.

      • Iatrogenic injury and death is all too real. Unless it’s for treatment of a traumatic injury (and even then be careful), seek non-allopathic treatment. Living a healthy lifestyle and staying the hell away from them is always the best medicine. And, it’s never too late to change to a healthy lifestyle to get out of the system.

    • Friend in his early ‘70s had been on statins for 10 years or so. In the last 6 months started having “issues” – leg weakness, balance problems, foggy memory. New doc, a younger fella, “I see you’re on statins, we’ll stop those today and then let me know how you’re doing in a week or so”. Sure enough all the problems resolved. He thought he was wheel chair bound, now back to normal activities. This guy has been fit his entire life.

      You statin eaters enjoy your muscle destruction and alzheimers. How about an anti inflammatory diet instead?

    • It’s easy to “comply”, Mike. My doc wanted me to go on Zetia which is some kind of cholesterol thing. I looked at side effects etc and decided no, not for me. Doc was relentless about it so finally took the prescription, set it up on auto refill and they mail me a 3 month supply which goes directly into the trash. My numbers were about the same this year as last. He never said another word about it, but now he thinks I’m “compliant”. A win for my social credit score I guess.

      • Hi Floriduh,

        I probably have high cholesterol as well – but, screw it. I’d rather trust to fate than trust (or even deal with) these mercenary Quacks, who are little more than sales reps for the pharma cartels. A friend of mine is a drug rep. His job is to schmooze Quacks, take them out for expensive meals and give them lots of Zemendia (I made that up, but it sounds right) to distribute to their patients…

        • My wife was a practice manager for a big OB/GYN practice when we lived up north. She wasn’t a doctor, but she held the keys to the castle so to speak. Reps didn’t get to talk to the doctors without going thru her first. I could fill a book with the free shit we used to get back on the 80’s/90’s. Trips, fancy dinners, bicycles, a bahama cruise one time. It was nice while it lasted

      • So…you keep giving them the money they need to maintain the stranglehold they have.

        I’m not so sure you’ve found your courage yet. Maybe look again.

        This is how it goes. You look your doctor in the eye, STAND UP so you’re FACE TO FACE, and you say NO. I WILL MANAGE IT WITH DIET LIKE YOU SHOULD HAVE ME DO IN THE FIRST PLACE.

        You say it like he’s a CHILD and you’re the ADULT and he better damn well listen to you OR ELSE. And if he gets salty, knock him on his ass and do 3 days in the pokey. It’s a cake walk. When you get back out, tell him if he screws around you’ll do it again and sit for 10.

  23. A bit more of the why, “Better believe it’s not gone away, either.”:

    ‘How Not to Become a Sociopath: The “Rest of America” and the Role of Joy’
    Were Liberal Elites So Cruel Because They Have No Fun?

    …”Now, as our stunned society slowly tries to set itself upright from having wallowed for nearly three years in an irrational, animalistic seizure of hatred and cruelty — as it struggles to settle its hat and to brush the dust and mire of the gutter off of its suit, and to straighten its necktie — few indeed from that group want to glance back at the Lord of the Flies-type scenes of savagery that these “civilized” people cheered on.

    But we who were targeted know what happened and cannot forget it. […]

    Early 20th century psychologists, notably Wilhelm Reich in The Mass Psychology of Fascism, presciently published in 1933-34, believed that when people deny themselves pleasure and meaning, they become ripe for the attractions of sadism and the lures of totalitarianism. [URL] Reich believed that the repression of German interwar culture resulted in that population’s attraction to Nazism.


    Of all the people I still see wearing face diapers, not a one of them, to me, seems like they have any fun and/or no real true meaning in their lives. Is that a rule?

    “No art, no emotion, no spirit, no God, no philosophy, no deep questions, and little real sharing.”

  24. These people are disturbed. They always have been, now they just make it easier for the rest of us to realize that they are, and we can stay far away from them. Nothing has disappointed me more than the average American during the COVID “crisis.” We all saw how people operate in times of a disaster and most proved they are useless during an emergency. Many also showed their true colors. History will not be kind to those that toed the line and pushed the narrative. I see absolutely no difference between those that pushed the masking and clot shots to those that turned in their Jewish neighbors during World War II. We know the judicial system will never bring the villains to trial much less hang them in the village square. I can only hope the universe and karma will do what their peers won’t.

    In other news, any good theories on the sonic boom that radiated from Chestertown, Maryland to Manassas, Virginia yesterday?

    • Hi RG,
      Re: the sonic boom, there was a news item that a private jet flew over DC (the horror) and didn’t respond to radio calls so they scrambled a couple of F16’s. Turns out they could see the pilot passed out in the cockpit and the plane eventually crashed somewhere in Virginia. Guess it was on autopilot until it ran out of fuel, didn’t say much else, there were four family members aboard as well. Theory is loss of cabin pressure/oxygen.

    • The very worst move to the top, such as Brandon’s pick for CDC head to replace Walensky, NC coof scammer extraordinaire Mandy Cohen.


      From link:

      Cohen declared in 2021 that she based her pandemic policies on the recommendations of her “scientific team.”

      But shortly after she left office, she revealed she actually relied on phone calls with political appointees in other states.

      Rattling on while making hand gestures signifying phone conversations, Cohen recapped a call to the Massachusetts health secretary, who asked her: “Are you going to let them have professional football?”

      “Nope!” Cohen replied. The Massachusetts official responded: “OK, neither are we.”

      Cohen then laughed uproariously and explained that “it was conversations like that” that propelled COVID prohibitions.


      As journalist Alex Berenson (whom the Biden administration got Twitter to ban) observed, “Cohen has heartily supported every authoritarian measure that the last three years have proven useless. Of course, to the White House, her views are a feature, not a bug.”

      • Ms. Cohen and her ilk are psychopaths. That she even has the nerve to apply for such a position after the mess that she created in North Carolina shows she is one with no moral compass. People like her are absolute morons. They believe they are there because of merit. She is there because the puppeteers need someone to follow orders and then fall on their sword when it doesn’t work out. Stupid woman. Just another sheep in wolf’s clothing.

        • The pitiful part, anyone who works for the government is a psychopath. It’s part of the job qualification.

    • You really should learn more about your “Jewish neighbors”.
      Communism and Satanism both come from Jews.
      Prove me wrong.

    • What disappointed me even more, RG, was how many of my friends whom I thought knew better took the initial jabs. It was only after taking the initial shot, that they figured out they should not take any more, and none are masking. Too bad, even one shot will shorten their life. Sadly, I still have one or two friends that will take more jabs, and one died after her booster. There is just no waking up those who prefer to be asleep. After all, one has to pay a steep price to be awake, and living (and walking) in the truth.

      • What depressed me even more than my friends and neighbors taking the shot was my family – people whom I formerly trusted to be sane and intelligent individuals. The phd in the family explained the “benefits” of mrna to the rest of the family and took them all plus the booster and his wife was one of the proud facebook posters. Look I just got the vaccine!

      • I am sorry to hear about your friend’s passing, Shadow. I do feel sympathy for those that were swayed by the propaganda. The government and pharmaceuticals blasted it 24/7 and tried their very best to stifle any alternative discussion. Many people were fearful of losing their family, friends, career, etc.

        I do not understand those who had access to the people and research that showed what these MRNA shots truly were though. The majority of my family listened to me when I showed up with study after study on what these shots could possibly do to the immune system. I won’t lie, I was a pain in the ass. If somebody came to me with the consideration of taking it I had publications on why they shouldn’t. I did this even with my own clients who inquired. Not everybody listened and a few let their fear overtake their good sense.

        Over the last last couple of years a handful of stated to me that they wish they didn’t take it. The others refuse to believe their government could harm them and will not draw a straight line from the shot to their body’s current deterioration.

        • There’s a big problem there with people refusing to believe their “government” could harm them.
          It’s like, they’ve never heard of Tuskegee. Or any other number of times the US GOV has allowed products to be tested on unwitting Americans.

          The government is the enemy, and has been for some time now. I only wish people would stop “voting” for their next slave master…

        • Hi RG, sadly, my friend (also a nurse) would have taken a booster shot every month if the Feds had told her to. There was just no waking her up to the realities of the dangers. of the jabs. She died only seven months after retiring. So much for all that money she saved up for retirement. Her greedy assed sisters got it all. Guess that in the end, that nursing degree did not help her much.

  25. “[G]overnors such as Whitmer in Michigan and Hochul in New York – were re-elected.”

    I might be inclined to be horrified by the shear stupidity of the voters, but then again, the game is rigged to “re-elect” these kind of monsters. An actual majority of votes for them is unnecessary, just like an actual plot to kidnap Whitmer was not necessary. They just fomented and manufactured it like everything else we see.

    • Hi ML,

      The thing is people do elect them. Time and time again. What has Pelosi done for San Francisco? Every two years for the last 36 years she is re-elected. Look at the beauty of San Fran! She has done fabulous.

      My only conclusion is that most people like being controlled. They love being told what to do, not to have to make a decision, and someone else to take care of their sorry asses. A libertarian will never win because they don’t promise free stuff. The majority of people do not care about liberty and their God given rights just who is going to make their life “easier”. They want someone else to fix it. What they refuse to question is nothing ever gets fixed, but their rights are continuously eroded. Seriously, how many times does a constituent have to be lied to, stolen from, and terrorized before they yell “Enough”?

      • Raider Girl,

        You are absolutely correct, and well-put. The only solution I see is to decouple from the Systems of Control and Extraction, though if enough of that happens, it will no longer be tolerated, and there will be a fight.

        Speaking of turning in your Jewish neighbors, however, there seems to be a lot of anti-Semitism going around here lately, and frankly, I find it sickening.

        News flash: There isn’t any one race responsible for our problems. In fact, “race” isn’t even a scientific concept. The only thing responsible for tyranny is the plague of authoritarian ideologies: ideologies based in weakness, insecurity, fear and ignorance. And Christ, are those things running rampant these days.

        • Hi BaDnOn,

          I agree with you guys about decoupling and have been advocating for the same. It’s the one (and it’s a big one) power we have and we’re fools not to exercise.

          As regards the anti-Jewish comments: It is a mystery to me how anyone can advocate for individual tights yet deny them to some based on a collective guilt premise. Biden isn’t Jewish and neither are most of the Woke Left people who surround him. And even if they were, would that justify blanket condemnation of everyone who happens to be Jewish? It’s a vile doctrine to hold people who’ve done nothing to cause harm because others have caused harm. I have spent my entire adult/professional life fighting this.

          • Thank you Eric, and you’ve done fine work and your efforts are most appreciated.

            Also, I just want to be clear that just because I believe that COVID is a real disease (which was clearly worse at its genesis), and SARS-CoV-2 is a real virus, (and viruses are real) etc, that somehow I’ve advocated for the “plandemic”, i.e. the horrific, tyrannical response. I do not, never have and never will.

            I’ve denounced forced face-diapering, injections and “lockdowns” since the beginning. Hell, I’ve denounced coercion of all sorts, all of my life. I’m a zealous advocate of human liberty. I’m a freedom-loving motherfucker, and I don’t want anyone to forget it!

            • This is Eric’s house and I respect his property rights in that fully. So, to be clear, I’m not speaking for anyone but myself here. If you were to come into my physical house and start talking about how “it’s real” and “muh long haul coofy doof”, I would ask you to leave. Full stop. I don’t care if you’re Tom Jefferson, Ludwig Von Mises, or Ron Paul, if you affirm the foundational premise of what has gone on and continues to go on it the name of that premise, we’re not gonna be ok. I consider this belief of yours to be extremely dangerous to liberty. That’s just me. Just sayin’.

              • Good call Doc. If someone makes a comment without having their facts in order, I so no reason not to call them out, in a reasonably polite manner of course. The alternative is to filter or ban such comments and become just another typical sucky social media site.

                • Folks argue back and forth. On the issue at question, all cards are on the table. I’m all for that. Alliances on specific things at specific times, too, perhaps. But, at some point, debate ends and one must determine when another’s beliefs becomes an existential threat before it completely metastasizes a la “tolerance” of deviants. This isn’t tiddlywinks or some parlor game. If someone falls down intellectually for the phony “one virus” narrative what else will they fall down for, next time? Because there will be a next time. The same credentialed white coats will come out with their electron microscopes and monkey soup and it’ll be “the science” dont’cha know.

                  How many rights were actually eroded by Bernie or AOC compared to Fauci, Birx, Walensky, Cohen, your local “public health” despot, et al? Seriously. Could the power these folks accrued have happened without the story of a “novel virus”? No one ever answers this. Of course not. What was a bigger destroyer of folks’ personal liberty to date, scientism or socialism? People can draw their own conclusions, but to me scientism is way more than 10% of the liberty issue today. The scientism-ists, and this includes the red herring dispensers and phony rear guard “truther” doctors selling fools snake oil, are on the march today, not in retreat. They are all unrepentant, defiant, and unaccountable. The worst are ascending to the highest positions of power. They are not stupid.

                  A John Adams quote I live by: “Do not suffer yourself to be wheedled out of your liberty by any pretenses of politeness, delicacy, or decency. These, as they are often used, are but three names for hypocrisy, chicanery, and cowardice.

            • Hi BaDnOn,

              You should not have to explain who you are or what you believe in…none of us should. We should not apologize either. I find it sad that many of us on here see eye to eye on roughly 80 or 90% of key issues feel the need to get continuously belligerent to those with differing opinions on the other 10 to 20%.

              We all have our line in the sand and I can respect someone sticking to their principles, but the other side is doing the exact same thing in their mind.

              The world is ugly enough with a large assortment of morons who don’t agree with anything that this site stands for. I find it ludicrous that any of us would attack someone else’s view of liberty because we don’t agree 100% with their viewpoint.

              • I don’t see the disagreement and argument as belligerence. No need to be sad. It’s just argument and disagreement. That’s part of the discovery and learning experience. It challenges dogma and is good for everybody.

              • Raider Girl,

                Yes, finding common ground and moving forward to defend that is more a recipe for success.
                That said, as Mr. Liberty has expressed, I welcome fruitful discussions, disagreements and challenges. For example, men like him ultimately will help me to become a better scientist by helping me to understand other viewpoints, questions and concerns of those not in a scientific field, and the biases and shortcomings of those who are.
                What isn’t constructive is, like you’ve said, finding that someone disagrees with a few percent of your viewpoint, and dismissing everything else about them as a consequence.

                • Hi ML and BaDnOn,

                  I am all for healthy debate and disagreement. Personally, I just don’t like the constant dogging/harping once someone has had their say.

                  Sure, dispute, analyze, argue. That is wonderful, but IMO there is no point in two persons that have already hashed out the argument one year ago, six months ago, or a week ago to keep circling each other. Both persons have dug into their perspective views. Is the drama worth it?

                  • Maybe it’s not aimed at him or you, necessarily. Different heads cycle through here all the time who maybe don’t follow the blow by blow as meticulously as you. Who maybe read but don’t comment. Maybe it’s aimed at them, to lodge that thought in their mind, to change that mind away from what 1000% of every other media voice they hear on TeeVee and other sites says 24/7 about the “one virus”, the thing that launched 1000 tyrannies over the past 3 years. It wasn’t this site necessarily, although I discovered it quickly, but that’s how my mind got changed for good circa 2011 or so. I’m just passing it on.

                  • RG,

                    “..No point in two persons that have already hashed out the argument … to keep circling each other.”

                    I agree with that, and hopefully demonstrate it with my actions. Others may have other methodologies, of course. 😉

          • “Biden isn’t Jewish and neither are most of the Woke Left people who surround him. And even if they were, would that justify blanket condemnation of everyone who happens to be Jewish?”

            You’ve not taken a single look at Biden’s cabinet appointees, have you?
            Or Trumps?
            Perhaps you’d like to explain why 2% of the population occupies 95% of presidential cabinet appointments.
            I’ll wait.
            Oh, and “I have spent my entire adult/professional life fighting this.” You should spend your life in the quest for truth. If you pick the wrong fight, you fight the wrong fight. If you seek truth, you go where ever it leads.
            Some of us read scripture and understand it. Some of us read books.

            And…”And even if they were, would that justify blanket condemnation of everyone who happens to be Jewish?”. Let me drop a little REAL HISTORY on ya, pal. You ready?

            In 2013, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef died in Israel.
            It was the biggest funeral in “Israel’s” history. 850,000 Jews attended his funeral.
            Let me state that again just in case you missed it.
            850,000 (EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND) JEWS ATTENDED HIS FUNERAL. Which is to say that Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s viewpoints? His ideology? Is OBVIOUSLY SHARED BY THE MAJORITY OF JEWS.

            Why is this important? Well, gee, among Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s more colorful quotes are:

            “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.”

            “This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.”

            “Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… That is why gentiles were created.”

            — Weekly Saturday night sermon in October 2010

            Once again, and for the record…850,000 Jews attended his funeral. His views are MAINSTREAM JEWISH VIEWS.

            If you can’t understand what justification people have for hating Jews? People that have stated ON THE RECORD that they seek only to ENSLAVE or DESTROY us???

            Then something is wrong with YOU, my friend. You’re what people call a “sucker”. And I don’t say this as a “personal attack”. I say it because as Mark Twain famously said, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.”

            You have been fooled. And you are fighting the wrong fight if you don’t stand against the Jew.

            • **”You’ve not taken a single look at Biden’s cabinet appointees, have you?”**

              …or who (or what) his children are married to…ditto the vice-presidentress…ditto Trump’s daughter……ad infinitum.

              What say they to DeSantis’s very first act upon intending to launch a presidential campaign, was to pledge his allegiance to his country and people ISRAEL?

              Who was behind Hitler? Who was behind the Bolsheviks? Who owns the Ministry Of Mind-Control in Hollywood? …..

              But you dare to mention simple provable facts, -that the ancient cabal who have long been working to establish a communist world government are ethnic Jews, and suddenly your accused of painting every Jew with the same brush.

              I don’t hear anyone complaining when the fact that the Mafia is Italian is mentioned- and nor should they, because it is a simple provable fact- but when one mentions it, they don’t accuse the one who does as being anti-Italian…nor should they because it is understood that people who posit such facts are not anti-Italian, but that they are merely citing a fact…..

              Another thing they don’t seem to recognize or admit is that the members of said cabal operate largely via beards, who are onboard with their plans…or cooperating because of the economic benefits of doing so.

              As the years pass, the cabal becomes more and more brazen and revealing of itself. In the 50’s they were nearly invisible to all but the most politically astute; in the 80’s if you spoke of a conspiracy to establish world government, you were labelled a “conspiracy theorist”- but look how blatant they are about world government now.

              • Um, the mafia isn’t “Italian”.
                The mafia is JEWISH.
                Bugsy Segal?
                Al Capone?
                All the rest?
                95% JEWS.
                Betcha didn’t know that.

                • Letme, the guys you mentioned weren’t Mafia- they were just gangsters, although they may have had dealings with the Mafia at times, or been affiliated and then went rogue.

                  • That the mafia was primarily Jewish is 100% factual and known…if you don’t get your impressions about the mafia from HollyJEWood.

                    • LOL, Letme,
                      I’m Italian…..nothing Jewish about the Mafia, except for when the Jew Mafia was operating in Brooklyn and a few other places in the earlier half of the 20th century.

                      Jew Mafia guy: “Oy, boychik! Come over here, I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse” [Whips out some watches and jewelry] “Look! Just for you, 30% off! I give you a better deal than I give my meshuggenuh shiksa daughter-in-law. Buy two, one for your bubbie, she’ll love you!”

              • With DeSantis it gets much much worse.
                While in israel, DeSantis signed bills that criminalize ANY criticism of israel, defining such criticism as “hate crimes” and “anti-semitism” which will be enforced by the newly expanded “hate crime” legislation that he signed into law.
                Vulnerable school children are required to attend services at “holocaustianity temples”, presently known as “holocaust museums”. Such attendance (brainwashing) is mandatory and is codified into Florida state law. Where is the “separation of church and state” crowd on this?
                DeSantis may have done good during the covid plandemic, but his kowtowing to and slavish support of israel is problematic.
                Signing bills into law while in a foreign country shows who the real “boss” is. Hint” It ain’t DeSantis.

                • Exactly, Anarch!
                  I’m pretty sure DeSantis’s sanity in resisting some of the COVID BS was purely to keep the money flowing in his state, whose economy is built primarily on tourism and transients.

                  Had FL. accepted the draconian BS, of all states it probably would have suffered the absolute worst economic destruction- and there would have been no way Ronnie Boy could have been a contender for president if the state he presided over as governor had suffered veritable bankruptcy.

                  It had nothing to do with any penchant for liberty, because this guy has clearly demonstrated that he doesn’t even care for the most basic liberties, such as free speech. He picks his battles wisely to play to his intended audience. Typical actor. He’ll probably become the next Ronald Reagan.

                • >DeSantis signed bills that criminalize ANY criticism of Israel,

                  Billboards to follow, no doubt.

                  Achtung Nichtjuden!
                  Criticize a Jew?
                  Go to prison*
                  *for 10 years
                  It’s the Law in Florida!

                  Fine with me, as long as the proper warning is posted at every highway which crosses die Grenze (the Florida border), and at every airport, bus and train station. Word to the wise: ignorance of the local laws can be hazardous to your well-being.

            • Hi Letme,

              I stand against people who have demonstrated by their actions that they are cretinous. I do not stand against groups of people. More finely, I cannot. For if I were to do that, then I would no longer have the slightest moral standing to advocate for self-ownership, self-responsibility and personal accountability. The idea that we each have an absolute right to be left in peace so long as we have not caused anyone else harm. That no one owns a piece of us. That we owe no one else anything beyond respect for their equal right to their ownership of themselves, their equal right to be left in peace.

              You reference some evil quotes. Similar can be found in myriad texts. How do these impugn an entire people – most of whom are probably unaware of their existence?

              Collectivism is the foundational evil we face. It has found expression in myriad ways – including the national socialism of Adolf Hitler. It is all the same evil. You – the individual – are merely a part of a great collective. You are either a benefit to the collective or not. The collective makes this value judgment and you must submit to it. How is it preferable to be ordered around by a “racial kinsman”? Hitler would have had me put into a camp, notwithstanding I am more “Aryan” than he.

              The Enlightenment attempted to challenge collectivism with a humanist view that we each matter more than the collective. Certainly to ourselves but also to the society of humanity, which is what forms when collectivism loses its hold. People freely interacting on the basis of mutual self-interest, without legalized coercion.

              If you prefer collectivism – racial, whatever – that is your right. But it is not something I will ever embrace. If that makes me a “sucker,” so be it.

              • I concur with Raider Girl, Eric. You’re an eloquent voice of reason in a world of vapid repetition. And yes, I’ve enjoyed your site for years now, and would rather it didn’t deteriorate into what I see in some other sites. There are many good people who frequent EPAutos: people who are are knowledgeable, articulate and reasonable. I’d hate it to become one of the dullard echo-chambers I see elsewhere, wherein everyone seems to be calling everyone else a “moron” for not believing exactly what they do, wreaking of collectivist animosities, but simply of another color.

                • Thanks, BaDnOn!

                  I will make sure that this place remains sane – and civil. There are too many places that are not, as you’ve noted – and we don’t need another such!

                  • Eric, any chance that the “Manage your subscriptions” feature can be fixed? People go off on tangents, which is fine (I do it too), but wading through dozens of email notifications is a pain, especially when most of them say “I don’t care.”

                    • Sorry Roland, but what else can one say regarding certain posters here? Should I just remain silent? Or should I hound them as they hound the rest of us? For now, I’m hounding, but it does seem they have nothing else to do, and are quite prolific in their diatribes. I may have to give it up, since though being retired I DO have other things to do.

                    • Hi John,
                      Yes, I’d say “remain silent” is a good option, at least when dealing with a flaming collectivist or a mob. I subscribe to a thread occasionally so I can respond if someone replies to me. Don’t want to appear an arrogant jerk if I miss something. But this morning I had several dozen email notifications, and they are still coming in faster than I can delete them. Eric’s commitment to open discussion is admirable, but with no way to manage subscriptions, I’m about this close (holds up thumb and forefinger) to putting epautos on my Blocked Addresses list. This has become an absurd waste of time.

                    • Hi Roland (and everyone) –

                      I hope you won’t let the trolls drive you away. I am trying to balance the importance of free speech with the importance of not allowing this site’s comments section to become Der Sturmer.

                    • Understood, Eric. You’re doing the best that anybody could. But what about Error 404? I recall that years ago I could manage subscriptions, including opting in for notifications only when someone replied to me.

                    • Hi Roland. I hear what you are saying. Got up this morning, and my “in” box had blown up with all the new posts, and it was like finding a needle in a hay stack to find your post to comment on. Today is too nice a day to be worrying and dealing with the crap on here today, so I am deleting all the others, saying f- it, and doing something else. I agree with you, in that it would be nice to be able to subscribe, to say, just Eric’s post, or just Raider Girl’s post, etc. after commenting and not all the others, if I do not want to. I am going to clean up my e-mail “in” box, ’cause it look like a tsunami hit it. On another site, in your “in” box (e-mail) the preview shows who commented, so you can delete it and not even deal with it if you don’t want to. That would also be a nice option, when the comment threads get long.

              • Damn!
                I can barely keep up with tagging Richard’s comments with “I don’t care.” Don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with all these “it’s all the Jew’s fault” guys.

              • So what you’re saying is…you don’t care if every single attack against you comes from 1 group of people.
                You don’t care if the COVID scam is ran by Jews.
                You don’t care if the government is ran by Jews.
                You don’t care if our banking system is ran by Jews.
                You don’t care if our “spirituality” is corrupted by Jews.
                You don’t care if our education system is controlled by Jews.

                I have to ask then. Because this is a question that demands an answer, not from or by me, but from your own sense of self preservation and morality.

                At what point do you stop ignoring the attacks from all sides coming from a single source and decide to save yourself? At what point does it become OK in your mind to STRIKE BACK? Be it verbally, spiritually, however you have to fight, at what point DO you fight? At what point DO you stand up?

                When they come to seize your guns, and I’m over here screaming “IT’S THE JEWS!!!”, are you going to say, “SHHH! It’s not just ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE!”

                When do you stand? When do you raise your voice against people attacking you from every side?

                When they’re loading you onto cattle cars? When they arrest you and take you to the police station and literally EXECUTE YOU RIGHT THERE?!? I’m guessing you never heard of the “Red Terror” or what they did to “reactionaries” in Cuba. I could go on and on, Hungary, Poland, ect ect. Holodomor.

                At what point do you say “Hey, these attacks seem to be coming from a CERTAIN PLACE. I think I need to identify that place before we’re all dead!”

                At what point? Because I really want to know what the “tipping point” is for you.

                When do you stand up?

                • No, I’m saying “I don’t care what you think or say”. Because it’s far too easy to blame all your problems on one demographic, when that is simply not the case, and it’s naïve to think it’s so. Which is the summation of most all you say.

                  • You claiming it’s simply not the case doesn’t make it not the case by your omnipotent declaration.

                    If they’re simply not to blame as I claim they are, then why don’t we just…FIND OUT? Why don’t we OUTLAW DUAL CITIZENSHIP for anyone in our “government”? And make a law that presidential appointments must reflect the demographic of the governed? In other words, no presidential cabinets full of Jews.

                    Then we can SEE if it’s the real problem, like I claim, or if it’s just…the magic forces of the universe, like you claim.

            • letmepicyou,
              You know, if you weren’t constantly spewing hate and rage, someone might listen to you.
              Instead, from me you get “I don’t care.” what you think or say.

              • Getting tired of repeating this and then it vanishing.
                Only a Jew calls the truth “hate”.
                Truth is truth. Labeling it anything but is PROPAGANDA.

        • BaDnOn,
          “seems to be a lot of anti-Semitism going around here”
          In my 69 years, it has become clear to me that psychopaths come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. And religions.
          Those who make judgments against others based on such irrelevant criteria are clearly no better than those they judge against. While some aspects of Judaism do view the gentiles, the goyim, as being lesser people, if you condemn all Jews based on that, how are you any better?
          I was marred to a Jew for 35 years. I never saw such goyim views from her. The only apparition of Judaism I ever noticed was that she did love her money. But so do a lot of gentiles.
          While it may be true that a lot of bad actors may be Jews, most aren’t. And while there is far too much adoration and support of Israel, that nation does not represent the majority of Jews.
          Use your brain for something other than an ear spacer.

          • This idiot doesn’t even know what “gentiles” means. He uses that word like a Jew. You sound just like them.
            Maybe read a Bible. Gentiles actually translates to NATIONS. It does NOT mean “non-Jew”, which is ignorant af.

            • letme,

              I work hard to foster/provide this forum as a venue for people to discuss issues openly and intelligently. Attacking people personally does not further that purpose. Please stop doing this.

              • Ok man but…let me illustrate for you just what I find SO MADDENING…from his comment:

                “Those who make judgments against others based on such irrelevant criteria are clearly no better than those they judge against. While some aspects of Judaism do view the gentiles, the goyim, as being lesser people, if you condemn all Jews based on that, how are you any better?”

                Do you not see the contradiction here? “Some aspect of Judaism do view the gentiles as being lesser people”, and then “if you condemn all Jews based on that how are you any better?”

                How, exactly, do you even type those in the same sentence without seeing the inherent hypocrisy? He just admitted the Jews do EXACTLY what he claims I’m doing to them, but tries to give THEM a pass and CONDEMN ME.

                Do you not see this? Is this lost on you all EXCEPT me?

                • It’s really quite simple. Some aspects of most any religion are reprehensible, but all followers of that religion don’t agree with those aspects. You paint all with the same broad brush, regardless of what differences they may hold.

                  • I don’t speak nor have I spoken about any religion.
                    Jews are a RACE.
                    I don’t care about differences between one and the other when they have all stood by when Noel Ignatiev called for the destruction of my race.
                    I don’t care about differences between one and the other when they have all stood by when Rabbi Ovadia Yosef declared that I was put on this earth to serve Jews and that I have no other purpose.
                    How come you specifically avoid any factual debate?

                    And what was it you said? That, once again, you fail to specifically address?

                    “While some aspects of Judaism do view the gentiles, the goyim, as being lesser people, ”

                    So the Jews paint us all with the same broad brush.

                    Let me quote it again, and state it again, because you like to ignore statements like this…

                    “While some aspects of Judaism do view the gentiles, the goyim, as being lesser people, ” YOUR STATEMENT.


                    Something you seem to object to ME doing. Why don’t you stand up and tell us why THEY do it?

                • See how it hides behind this?

                  Was Noel Ignatiev full of hate and rage?
                  Was Genrikh Yagoda full of hate and rage?

                • Hmmmm…so few notice when “hate and rage” is directed by one group against Palestinians; or when that group makes it’s own members who immigrate to their ‘homeland’ sign a declaration that they will never accept or promote Christianity…while they promote ‘multiculturalism’ everywhere else; or the hate and rage exprtessed by that group through terrorism and threats the moment they don’t get their own way. Nor do they notice the hate and rage of the never-ending wars created by said group and how they drag so many other countries into them; nor the hate and rage of kike commie faggot Zelensky……

                  I’;d say ‘hate and rage’ are well-directed when it pertains to a good chunk of that group, and I wonder why it is that there isn’t more of it from more people, considering the crimes and atrocities which have been perpetrated for at least the last two millennia- as used to be cited by statesmen and businessmen like Benjamin Franklin and Henry Ford in saner times.

                  Sheesh, talk about hypocrisy…….

                  I’ll say it again: To anyone expecting anyone to satnd with them and fight against the tyranny when it comes to our doors…this is a perfect example of why will all be alone and there will be no ‘movement’ or common defense- because even right here, Stockholm Syndrome is well in evidence. They love their captors, and WE will be the ones they fight against, as they defend those captors. Hell, they already gave their daughters to the niggers, and their sons to the bankers (wars)…but when the IDF-trained “christian” cop shows up at their door, they’ll smile and say “See? He’s not a Jew!!”.

          • >that nation [Israel]does not represent the majority of Jews.
            I applaud all Jews who have the courage to speak out publicly and otherwise actively oppose the actions of the racist State of Israel. Three names which immediately come to my mind are:
            Max Blumenthal
            Jeff Halper (ICAHD)
            Uri Avnery (R.I.P.)
            and there are others…

            I assert the following:
            1. Arabs are Semitic human beings, who have a rignt to exist, and to live in peace in the homeland of their ancestors, whether that is Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Arabia, Yemen, or wherever.
            2. Using the term “anti-Semitic” to mean “anti-Jewish” denies the existence, or the humanity, of Arabs, who are Semitic human beings.
            3. The Jewish State of Israel and the United States of America have almost nothing in common, being founded upon entirely different principles.
            4. American citizens who hold “dual citizenship,” no matter what other country, should be prohibited from holding high political office in the U.S., due to the obvious question of divided loyalty. This should hold true even if the “other country” is a close political ally of the U.S. government (such as the United Kingdom).

            • Arabs are Semitic, as you have said. Arabic people are of Abraham…Abraham had 2 sons, Isaac and Ishmael. From Isaac we get the WHITE RACE, and from Ishmael we get the ARABIC RACE.
              Point in fact that both whites and Arabic people are of Abraham and thus are “Semitic”.

              Jews are not “Semitic”. Jesus himself says (to the JEWS) “You are NOT OF ABRAHAM or the works of Abraham you would do.”

            • Great points, Adi.
              Actually, pretty much all white people are Semitic, as the very word originally denoted any descendant of S(h)em, one of the 3 sons of Noah- and certainly includes the A-rabs, etc….and even Shem(p) Howard, one of the Three Stooges.

              • Abraham had 2 sons…Isaac and Ishmael.
                From Isaac we get the white race (Saxons…Isaac’s sons…get it?)
                From Ishmael, we get the ‘Arabic’ peoples. By matter of fact, Caucasians and Arabic people are cousins in Abraham.

                One day, the Muslims and “Christians” will unite against the true enemy of both.

                Just like inblackandwhite.net, I don’t know if you guys have seen that yet? But, they’ve done 7 episodes in an 8 part series. And the 2 guys having the discussion are a pretty much ‘black panther’ type of ‘blacktavist’ named Ayo Kimathi, and the white guy is a ‘white nationalist’ type of guy who is personal friends with David Duke named Dave Gahary. And these guys sit down and discuss who the common enemy of both black and white people is, aka our “friends” in the place some Rothschild named “Israel”.

                If you haven’t yet seen it? I HIGHLY recommend giving it a watch.

        • Your statement:
          “In fact, “race” isn’t even a scientific concept”…
          …is false on its face.
          There are many differences between the races that can be measured, from a medical and physiological standpoint to (yes) IQ and types of intelligence.
          Such studies were (and still are) rendered “verboten” by the powers that be as this thinking attempts to destroy the premise that there ARE differences between the races.
          These differences do not confer either superiority or inferiority of ANY race, but are quantifiable and measurable. It is dead WRONG to deny these differences.
          A good example of this is black prowess in sports, especially those activities that involve running, jumping, and other physical activities. Blacks (rightly so) excel at such activities. By the same token there are very few blacks in organized swimming competitions as most blacks do not have the “fat content” required for good swimming performance.
          There are outliers in every race that tend to blur the quantifiable, measurable differences between the races but they are few and far between.
          Another aspect of racial differences being “verboten” is in the medical field. Today, it is almost blasphemous for medical types to point out differences between the races when it comes to the efficacy of certain medications and treatments. In fact, there are many differences between the races, that if recognized and acknowledged could result in much better medical outcomes in ALL races. It’s a damned shame that such differences are not acknowledged and recognized, resulting in much better treatments for ALL.
          As i previously stated, racial differences do not confer either superiority or inferiority of ANY race, but are a fact of life.
          Scientists need to get their heads out of the sand and recognize scientific TRUTH.
          Best regards,

          • It’s interesting: No one denies that certain dog breeds possess certain behavioral tendencies and abilities and detriments that render most examples of a respective breed more apt to act a certain way or be better or worse suited for different tasks or to thrive under certain conditions, etc. I mean, no one uses pugs to heard cattle or Rhodesian ridgebacks to find wayward skiers in the Alps…

            And beef farmers don’t raise Holsteins. And if you don’t “profile” when you go fishing, you’re not likely to catch anything, as dangling a fiddler crab on a hook over rocks is not going to net flounders…….

            But somehow with peeeee-pull they’d have us believe that all bets are off? No one says “Oh a dog is a dog, and a cow is a cow and a fish is a fish; there is no difference”- ironic, since our masters would have us believe that WE are “nothing but animals” as well.

            When you drive through a neighborhood littered with dilapidated and burnt-out buildings, and drug dealers on every corner, ya don’t assume you’re in Little Israel or Chinatown….. If ya could pick where your daughter’s car is going to breakdown at 2 AM, how many people would choose the “hood” vs. Southampton?

            But in the alternate reality created by academia and TV, observable fact does not matter one iota; and now that they have established the precedent with regards to race, and the seeds of denying reality have been firmly established, the paradigm is being extrapolated, so that now women can have dicks and men can get pregnant, and if you dare remind them of reality, you are censored and vilified as being ‘evil’ for daring to cite fact and denying that fairy tales are not true.

          • >A good example of this is black prowess in sports

            Yep. East Africans dominate long distance running, because they come from a population which has adapted to life at higher altitudes, where the air is thin. Likewise, natives of the Andes are capable of physical performance at high altitudes which is not achievable by denizens of the lower altitudes. Near my hometown of Albuquerque, NM, the La Luz Trail Run:
            is nearly always won by a Native American from Acoma Pueblo (the Sky City).

            All of this is pure Darwinian evolution. Before the 1968 Summer Olympics, which were held in Mexico City (altitude 7350 ft.), many U.S. athletes trained near Santa Fe, NM (altitude 7,198 ft.) to acclimate themselves, but short term (or even long term) training is no substitute for generations of evolution.

      • Even in Oregon, there are people who thought that fmr Queen Kate Brown did a GREAT job as Governor, particularly during the COVID nonsense. Such people likely also voted for her wannabe successor, Tina Kotek, who is now Oregon Queen herself. During the gubernatorial campaign, Kotek declared in one interview with a TV station that she would “Bring back mask mandates if ‘The Science’ called for it.” Fortunately neither she nor the state’s “Health Authority” has tried to reimplement face diaper mandates, but that might be because the Queen & the legislature seems so focused on ramming through an awful bill (disguised as “Gender affirming care”, transgender health care, and reproductive health care) that would effectively allow “doctors” & “medical professionals” to perform sex change operations on children without parents’ knowledge or consent.

    • There is a solution that will never be enacted…
      The solution is to run gubernatorial elections on an electoral college system similar to the federal presidential election. An electoral college system would force candidates to campaign in all counties, not just in the major population centers.
      A good example of “winner-take-all” abuse is that of Michigan. Michigan is largely a conservative state except for the major population centers which “by hook or crook” vote democRAT. As it stands now, democRAT candidates for governor, attorney general and secretary of state only need to actively campaign in the major population centers…Detroit, Flint, Warren and Grand Rapids. They can easily ignore the rest of the state. The cities are where their base comes from. The outlying rural counties have almost no say in gubernatorial elections. Unfortunately, until the last election, the Michigan legislature was largely Republican due to the decentralized nature of legislative branch elections.
      An electoral college system would force candidates to campaign in all 83 Michigan counties instead of the three or so counties that they presently campaign in.
      Another “sleight of hand” perpetrated by the “left” is the definition of “red state” vs. “blue state”. The definitions were “turned around” in order to “hide” the left’s traditional support of communism. By defining themselves (with the help of the mainstream media) as “blue states” they were able to falsely disassociate themselves with their true nature.

      On another topic, REAL Catholics do not accept the pronouncements of the “pope” regarding non-doctrinal matters. The “pope” cannot change change church doctrine regarding homosexuality or other deviant practices.

      • Thanks, anarchyst — nice clarification. And I 100% agree with an electoral college to elect state governors.

        Doctrinally and morally, the Pope’s job is to “feed the lambs” — he simply hands down to the faithful ALL that he received from his predecessor, no more, no less … going back, pope by pope through the centuries to Saint Peter … and ultimately Christ Himself.

        The Pope is only to be considered infallible when he speaks “ex cathedra” (from the throne) on faith & morals, which is exceptionally rare.

        It’s quite possible a future pope or council may condemn this papacy — or even declare the See vacant. For now, Catholics must respectfully pay attention to his pronouncements, but it’s been a tough slog … so many scandalous things said and done … so many rebukes to those who value Tradition. To many of us, he’s a hireling, not a shepherd, selling us sheep out to the WEF and the Globalists.

        Sadly, the old joke “Is the pope Catholic?” has become a legitimate question…

      • The solution is to quit playing and stop voting. A vote is approval of the process. The process is your subjugation, and the process will not improve.

        • Exactly, John. If one participates in “the democratic process” they are legitimizing it and giving their consent to be ruled by the outcome of that process, and consenting to the delegating of their rights and responsibilities- and all it ever achieves, or ever has achieved is the furthering of government and tyranny, which of all people, we as libertarians should be opposing.
          Every election year I cast my ballot into the porcelain ballot bowl, where immediately after ZI can flush the results down the drain and into the cesspool where they belong.

  26. Sky News: People in Japan who got used to face masks during COVID are attending smiling lessons

    “People in Japan who became so used to wearing face masks during the pandemic are signing up for lessons to teach them how to smile again.

    While the coverings were already common in the east Asian country pre-COVID, with many using them to combat seasonal illnesses and hay fever, their use skyrocketed when it became official government guidance to wear them during the worst of the outbreak.

    Many people wouldn’t be seen in public without a mask, with the practice becoming near-universal after the virus emerged more than three years ago.

    With the government having finally lifted its recommendation to wear masks in March, Himawari Yoshida was among those who realised they had rather forgotten how to go about life without them.

    “I hadn’t used my facial muscles much during COVID,” said the 20-year-old.

    She has now hired the services of a “smile instructor”, saying it’s “good exercise” and will help her prepare to enter Japan’s jobs market.

    Ms Yoshida and her classmates, mostly young people, are being taught by Keiko Kawano, who in one exercise has them hold up mirrors to their faces, stretching the sides of their mouths with their fingers.”


    Look at the picture in the article:

  27. Some of the most viscous maskholes and vaxxers I know are dyed-in-the-wool republicans. What’s worse, many of them (except for the pimple faced prick at texas roadhouse) are engineers and scientists. Yet they bought the scam hook, line, and sinker.

    I stood firm in my opposition. And, I’m still waiting on an apology from my local maskholes and vaxxers.

      • Heh…they’ll never even acknowledge to themselves that they were wrong- not to their dying day. I had two vaxxed friends die in the last 11 months (I need better friends!)- One just two weeks ago. Both formerly very strong and healthy. Three in the last two years- just from the tiny circle of people I know. And another (vaxxed) friend is going downhill quickly. He’s 54.

        NONE of them admitted/admit any connection between the vax and their health, or lack thereof…..

        But hey…they didn’;t die of “COVID”… (Although at least two of them got it…one twice, post-vax).

        • Remember this thread from Twitter? I wish I knew who had penned it, but it is very true…

          Hey—sorry you lost your job b/c of the vax that doesn’t work and your grandmother died alone and you couldn’t have a funeral and your brother’s business was needlessly destroyed and your kids have weird heart problems—but let’s just admit we were all wrong and call a truce, eh?
          It’s too bad we shut the entire economy down & took on tyrannical powers that have never been used before in this country—looking back, you should have been able to go to church and use public parks while we let people riot in the streets—but it was a confusing time for everyone.
          Hey I’m sorry we scared the hell out of you & lied for years & persecuted & censored anyone who disagreed but there was an election going on & we really wanted to beat Donald Trump so it was important to radically politicize the science even if it destroyed your children’s lives.
          OK, yes we said unvaccinated people should die & not get healthcare while never questioning Big Pharma once but we are compassionate people which is why even though we shut down the entire economy we also bankrupted the nation & caused inflation. You’re welcome! Let’s be friends.

        • They might have been told they “got COVID”, but that doesn’t make it any more true than if they were told they got “space measles”. There is no such thing as “COVID”, not now, and not ever.

          What you call “bioweapons labs” are just that, but they’re not doing what they tell you they’re doing. There’s no benefit to creating “viruses” (no such thing) because there’s no benefit to creating something that can turn around and kill YOU and YOURS.

          I want you to think for just a second about what you’re told about bioweapons labs. Be honest, with me and everyone here. Do you honestly believe people would knowingly create something that would kill their OWN FAMILY? Imagine you have kids and work at a “bioweapon lab” and you get the order to create something that will infect and kill x% of the people it infects. Well my kids could be in X%, so, ahh, the answer is NO.

          I can’t believe this wouldn’t be the case for every human being on earth with a conscience.

          What everyone calls “biolabs” aren’t working on “viruses”. They’re working on targeted gene weapons. The “virus” crap is all just a ruse. There ARE NO VIRUSES. That’s what they’ve been working on for years, and that’s what the massive global push for PCR tests was all about.

          COLLECTING EVERYONE’S DNA. Or at least enough people distantly related to you at least to have enough data.

          You wait until the REAL weapon is unleashed. There is a reason the “COVID vaccine” targets ACE-2 receptor cites found primarily in WHITE and BLACK populations, but NOT AT ALL IN ASHKENAZI JEWISH POPULATIONS. And yes, I can prove this as well.

          • “COVID” was nothing more than the re-labelled flu. They used the PCR test, ramped-up to the level that it would detect “COVID” in a marble 90% of the time. People hearing that they had the “dreaded disease” which the media hyped, would then seek “treatment”, which would kill them; and or take the clot-shot, which destroys their health…and eventually kills them.

            They killed my aunt by putting her on a respirator.
            They killed friends with the clot-shot.
            I’m just glad that my 98 year-old mother listened to me for once and dodged what would have been certain debilitation and death.

            • Would it freak you out to know there’s no such thing as the “flu” either?

              You let me know if you’d like me to burst your Polio bubble.

              • Well darn, Letme…we gotta call that familiar collection of symptoms something, even if we don’t buy into the official cause or nature of what exactly it is, etc. (I guess you’re not familiar with my history of posts on here).

            • Hi Nunz!

              Yes – in re the flu rebranded. The fact that, during the high tide year of “COVID,” there were almost no official flu deaths is dispositive that the shuck-and-jive was afoot. And the fact that almost all “COVID” deaths were normal deaths in that most of the people who died were people who probably would have died – of old age. Somehow, it became the New Abnormal to be shocked – shocked! – when someone well into their 70s died. Who’d have expected that? Isn’t 75 the new 45? Don’t people just live forever these days?

                • It never existed. But they have so many “flu vaccines” to sell…
                  After year…
                  After year…
                  Now might be a good time to look into what happens to indoor air quality in the winter and how it can affect your health.
                  Do you know what the CO2 level is in your residence right now?
                  I’m sitting at 556 ppm.
                  My PM2.5 and PM10 (airborne particulates) were high the last day and a half from the forest fires in Canada, but have come down now, thankfully.

                  If you DON’T KNOW what your indoor air quality is, you may allow yourself to be fooled into thinking you have some “virus” when what you really have is acute acidosis brought on by abnormally high CO2 levels. This is, in fact, what causes most instances of “flu”.

                  Not some magic “virus” that has never been proven to exist.

    • Me too. Both my brothers are masked and vaxxed. One is a “Republican” and the other an environmentalist Democrat. I got to see an especially ugly side to the whole thing. The Republican continues to ask how I”m doing and if I am COVID free. How retarded. He has no problem with the command and control from the government. I know this because when the 55 mph speed limit was imposed, he immediately slowed down and fell in line.

      With the other I got in heated “discussions,” which were more like gaslighting sessions where I was accused of being for death if I did not wear a mask. Trump was at teh center of his wrath since he thought that Trump handled it recklessly. He preferred the way Jacindra Adern of New Zealand, the fully vaxxed, horse toothed PM who locked down the entire country when someone got the case of the sniffles. I couldn’t believe it since he is “pro choice” and rides a bicycle everywhere without a helmet.

      Both of these idiots were seemingly perfectly okay with the possibility of me losing my job for refusing to take the jab. One of them said it was for safety and the other asked me how close I was to retirement. This and a host of other crap haunts me to this day as the specter of tyranny follows each and every one of us around.

      I’m waiting for an apology from both of them. From time to time, I ask them directly. They are behaving like nothing happened. I haven’t forgotten. Nor have I forgiven. Never. I’ll keep asking and saying what I am going to say. And they will look at me like I’m stupid. I just wonder when the blood clots are coming.

      • What’s funny is, despite evidence like that which you presented from both of your brothers, that people still envision some great difference between “democrats” and “republicans”. From what you said, they both seem exactly the same.

        • Yes. That’s certainly the case among the political class, the “elected officials,” at all levels of government the donor class, and many in what I call the pundit class. I would add that a broad view is that they are likely both very similar since one gets their news from Fox and the other from NPR and the main networks. That’s how come the mass formation psychosis was so successful which took in both of them.

          Since I get my info elsewhere and don’t trust the mockingbird propaganda media, I’m neither.

          That’s my attempt to explain what you are talking about

  28. I still had to wear a mask for a routine visit to my doctor at the end of February.

    Austin. The people here want the city to be like Portland. God only knows why.

    I’ve decided that I’m not doing that again while my health issues are relatively under control and I can find a new office without requiring the diaper.

    • Depending on how you look at it, I have had the misfortune to travel there since the late 1980s. For differing reasons, I have never liked the place. Initially, I thought Austin was quite hyped up. While there was a “night life” on saturdays, the place looked like a ghost town sunday morning as everyone was likely hung over and nothing was open the next day.

      It is Texas capital. Back in my early days, I kind of enjoyed seeing the halls of government the first time, however, the veneer wore off as I visited the DOT and the legislature to do my grassroots lobbying thing.

      Fast forward to today, the place is turning into a hell hole. Zombified people walking around all over the place. A government that is out of control corrupt and overtly hostile to normal people. Austin is a city in decline. I give the place about 5 years and it will be like Portland. No doubt.

      I absolutely hate the place


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