Diaper Report: 5/30/2023

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There are people who still don’t get it.

Like this person, for instance:

“You have no evidence that mask mandates were the lynchpin of Covid scaremongering.” So says “Richard,” a regular heckler here.

It takes a certain kind of person to make such an assertion. Not necessarily a stupid person, in the low IQ sense. But a gullible person. A person who does not understand – among other things – that appearances matter. Especially when people are forced or under enormous pressure to appear a certain way.

Consider the hijab that women in strict Muslim countries are forced (or under great pressure) to wear. What is conveyed by the appearance of almost every woman in such countries wearing the hijab? It is obvious. You can literally see it.

And what is it, exactly?

The hold of belief – enforced even upon those who do not believe it.

“Masks” served the very same purpose. The wearer looked – to others – as if he believed. This reinforced the belief that a deadly “pandemic” was afoot. Because it looked as if almost everyone believed it was. And that, in turn, made it easier to justify the enforcement of belief, especially upon the unbelievers.

It would have been much harder to do so if it appeared half or more of the people did not believe, which would have been obvious if no one had been forced (or under great pressure) to wear the “mask.” There would have been what you might call a control group – of the sane – whose appearance of sanity would have made it much more difficult to enforce insanity.

Some would still have worn the “mask,” of course. But if lots of others had not – had been able to show their faces, freely – the people who “masked up” would have seen that not wearing a “mask” didn’t result in those people falling dead in the streets or even getting sick.

The “mask” would have been unmasked, much sooner.

The damage would not have been done – or at least, there would have been much less of it, in the manner of a powerful but short-lived thunderstorm as opposed to weeks (and months) of torrential rain.

Something else would have been undone, too.

It would have been very difficult – absent the forced, unrelenting pressure to “mask” – to pressure-relief people into agreeing to take the drugs that were hard-sold to them as vaccines, which of course all but the truest believers now understand to have been no such thing, since it has been established as fact that these drugs prevented no one from getting (or transmitting) the dread ‘Rona. That they were – that they are – at best palliatives that “reduce the severity of symptoms.” Like aspirin – which doesn’t prevent you from getting a headache.

If it had been plainly seen that “masking” was a silly ritual – like throwing salt over your shoulder to ward-off bad luck – not only would most sensible people have refrained from doing it, it would have been extremely difficult to coerce them into doing something to relieve them of the burden of doing it.

That something being the taking of those drugs that aren’t vaccines.

People who’d been forced or under enormous pressure to “mask” were offered a reprieve. Just take these drugs and you can take off the uggsome “mask,” said the pushers of the drugs. People such as the person who insisted “You have no evidence that mask mandates were the lynchpin of Covid scaremongering” do not see that without the “mask mandates,” there would have been far less pressure to take the drugs. Also, all the people who never wore a “mask” – or took theirs off because they saw others not wearing them and not dying – would have felt less need to take drugs to ward-off an illness so mild that it was unnecessary to “mask” to ward off.

The forced ubiquity of “masking” made it appear very necessary.

And that is why “masking” was so very evil – and why people such the person who believes my assessment of the evil of “masking” aren’t seeing things clearly. They are the same people who do not see that A leads to B, which is to say if a principle is accepted, a precedent has been established. If you can be forced to wear a “mask” then you can be forced to take a drug. And if you can be forced to take a drug then it logically follows you can be forced to take other drugs.

Those who do not see – and understand – this are the ones who will be forced to take them and whose insouciance may well result in others being forced to take them, too. And that is why it is so important to see – and understand – it.

Even if some among us still don’t.

. . .

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  1. Brandon’s pick to head the CDC after Walensky is the former gesundheitfuhrer from NC, Mandy Cohen. Be forewarned, this is an extremely wicked character. She coined the phrase, “wear a mask for whatever your reason” and said “assume you’re sick and take an experimental shot.” These people are unrepentant, defiant, and mocking us to this day.


  2. I was in town yesterday (31 May) and surprisingly, quite a few people still don the mask. Stores, parks, walking on the sidewalk, many places.
    If someone wants to wear a mask for their own comfort and perceived safety, go ahead. Don’t project your issues onto me.

    • Hi Dan,

      I react to the sight of a Face Diaper’d person much as I would the sight of person with a wet brown stain on the seat of their pants. Only more so, because dropping a deuce in your pants sometimes can’t be helped… also, it’s not evil.

      Wearing that loathsome rag is. And it can be helped.

  3. Wow, I just checked back and indeed this is the one. Thank you SO MUCH for locating that and sending it to me. I hope you see my reply and appreciation. Wondering how you managed to find it.

  4. The original con of covid was in November 2019 I believe that Chinese were dying in the streets and in hospital hallways. Obviously a lie but set the stage for everything else. Can’t help but think it was by the same actors behind the 9/11 lie, Russia collusion, Ukraine, George Floyd, mail in ballots, etc. I think ReadyKilowatt and I understand who ((they)) are.

  5. Looks like the Jews are wanting to halt anti-Semitic opinions.

    The Jews apparently think they can place limits on free speech, Amendment One is the target.

    Hey you Jews, you don’t have to live here, you can move and be gone.

    You don’t have to live here, so someplace else is where you should go and be.

    Wear your tiny hat mask and your other Jew stuff, go for it. Do it wherever you want, just stop being in everybody’s face. Take it all someplace else.

    Fuck off!

    Sounds good to me.

    Thanks in advance.

    • The Jews are behind ALL the evils and ills of our society.
      How many people aren’t even aware that COMMUNISM is JEWISH?

      Or that JESUS was NOT JEWISH?


      Take a look at “inblackandwhite” dot net. See the truth.

      • There are some real Arab non-zionist jews that believe in God. They’re hated in Israel fwiw. All the Seinfeld/Stewart/Maher types are secular fake jews that have no connection to the biblical ones but they want us to believe they do. All so much BS.

        • Those are Ashkenazi Khazars, who are the “Jews” of today. There are no “Biblical Jews”; there are the ISRAELITES aka the HEBREWS of the Bible, but be very clear, the “Jews” are NOT the “Israelites” or “Hebrews” of the Bible. They aren’t even “Semitic”, though they like to control the use of that term.

          Jewish Almanac, 1980 Pg. 3 under the heading “Identity Crisis” it says quite plainly that it is incorrect to call a modern Jew an “Israelite” or “Hebrew”.

          And if you KNOW scripture (and I mean ACTUALLY know it) it’s quite obvious that the Jews are not the Hebrews / Israelites of the Bible, but are rather the PHARISEES whom Jesus rebuked for turning away from Yahweh God’s law and following the ‘Way of the Elders’, today called the ‘Talmud’. They weren’t even of Jesus’ lineage (Jesus was NOT A JEW, btw…this is one of the biggest JEW LIES in history, right along with them being the “chosen people”…chosen by Lucifer, but not by OUR God), and he said this plainly, with statements such as…

          You are not of God.
          You are not of Abraham or the works of Abraham you would do.
          You are not of my flock, or you would hear and understand me.
          You are of your father the devil.

          These are all statements made BY JESUS TO THE JEWS. And we haven’t even touched Revelations.

          • Yep. Most of these modern Ash-can-Nazi(Askenazi) “Jews” are descended from Turks who converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages in Europe to avoid the Moozlim persecution the Calf-lics were inflicting. This is why the Pharisaic Babylonian “elite” Jews had Hitler try to exterminate the Ashkenazi- because they wanted to ‘cleanse their race’- and why “Israel” would turn away boat loads of German Jew escapees seeking refuge in their phony nation of “Israel”.

  6. I see very few mask wearers these days, probably more than 99 percent of the yokel locals are mask-free.

    Out driving the tractor around and around and around.

    You always work the field counterclockwise.

    Removed the trash from last year’s plants and weeds. Once you disturb the growth of the little plants, most of them don’t make it. Expose the roots, reduces the green growth that has to go by 97 percent or so.

    You just cultivate until soil is bare, then you can plant the cabbage and tomatoes and cucumbers. I hope the carrots germinate and grow, not an easy task.

    It’ll stop in about six months, you will be busy.

    Mosquitoes and flies have formed an army, you are under attack by tiny creatures, you know the weather is better and rather warm. Get a bug-a-salt for flies, more fun than swatting the things.

    When you are older than most, you just say ‘adult’.

    You don’t really retire, you just keep on going until you can’t anymore.

  7. There he goes again … on masks.

    A claim was made that getting a vaccine would allow you to take off your masks and that created a demand for vaccines. I disagree, based on experiences of myself and the wife trying to convince everyone we know to not rush to take a vaccine that may not safe. We explained that vaccines typically take a decade to develop and test, and still have a 98% failure rate. So a Covid vaccine developed in nine months was virtually untested. Why rush to take such a vaccine? We both avoided the vaccine based on the nine month rushed development, before the serious side effects were known. Before it was known the antibodies it created were short term and not very effective, stretching the definition of the word “vaccine” beyond recognition.

    We talked to over one dozen friends, manly in their 60’s and 70’s, who knew they were more vulnerable to Covid than young people. Some of them had been Covid infected in 2020 before the vaccines were available, so already had the best natural antibodies.

    Not one of them mentioned getting rid of masks as even one of the reasons they decided to take the jab.
    The reasons we can remember were:

    — Fear of Covid, even among those who recovered from Covid in 2020?

    — Fearing they would their job

    — Fear of not being able to travel — most are wealthy and typically travel a lot

    — Being a good citizen (leftist friends doing whatever the leftist governments told them to do, whether it made sense or not.)

    It seems to me that not long after the shots began, the advice was to keep wearing masks anyway.

    Why the Covid scaremongering?

    For the same reason leftists always try to create fear — to get people to tell their governments to “do something”, the two words that leftists love to hear.

    The governments seize power more easily when citizens are frightened, and then micromanage their lives:
    Lockdowns. work from home, six-foot social distancing, banning ivermectin, masks, mandatory vaccinations, mandatory boosters, etc. It does not matter if any of these things actually work — leftists live to tell others what to do and how to live.

    And when the pandemic ends, as they all have in history, after a year or two, the leftists will proclaim a victory. They will claim Covid deaths would have been much higher if you had not followed our orders (advice) and taken our vaccines. Strangely, even Donald Trump makes that claim about “his” vaccines.

    • Dick,

      Symbols matter. Why do you suppose most religions identify the faithful this way? They serve as symbols of obedience and community; you are one of us – as distinct from those who aren’t. “Masks” served this purpose – en masse. It was why they were mandated. For the same reason it is mandatory to wear the Yarmulke in temple, even if you are not a believer. The “mask” mandates were meant convey the appearance of mass belief in a lie. I grant that many would have believed the lie regardless. But – as I explained in the article – absent the mandates, there would have been a sizable cohort of non-“maskers,” the sight of whom (and the fact that they weren’t dying) would have very quickly served to prove to anyone not a true believer that “masks” served no purpose other than the theatrical. It would have been impossible to sustain the hysteria. Life would have gone back to normal by the late summer of 2020.

      I have explained this to you repeatedly. You don’t get it – which is why you “masked” – and still do, when pressured to.

      • My workplace at one point told everyone they didn’t have to wear masks if they were vaccinated & showed their completed card to their supervisor.

        I didn’t want to wear the mask, and tried to fight it until they threatened me with being fired. They fired me anyway a couple years later, for different reasons.

        I wasn’t prepared to go to the mat over the masks, I was over the needle. Would have had to, too, were it not for SCOTUS.

        So, there is definitely something to this.

        In my area, it was widely perceived as true, so much so that people would demand that others get vaxxed so we could all take the masks off. I heard that several times from different people.

      • Its interesting you worded it this way… that the sight of them, and that they weren’t dying…..
        On week one of the covid lockdown I was at work with my boss. I was the only staff in office at that point as we were deemed an “essential” business and so allowed to remain open. The rest of the small staff was working from home since they were appropriately terrified. I was super pissed by the obvious charade that was the lockdown and the predictions of millions of deaths and told my boss that when other people began to see that folks are not dying in the streets and bodies are not piling up all around they would also get pissed off. I did not however forsee the mask mandates. They started the very next week, continued for months and were aggressively enforced at the few places people were allowed to go to, such as supermarkets to buy food and later once they were allowed to reopen medical facilities. When mask wearing began, I distinctly remember feeling very defeated because I then understood how it was going to be possible for them to continue to fool the majority of people.

      • Eric.

        Love your page.

        Love your writing.

        Do everyone a favour and do NOT respond to idiots who comment on articles.

        Much less build articles like this one, articles which incorporate these trollish remarks (from the comments section) as key story elements. I like to hear what YOU have to say about issues, not your trolls. Please stop giving a platform to idiots.

        Keep up the good work.

        • Why would you say, “Do everyone a favour and do NOT respond to idiots who comment on articles.”

          Are you afraid of debate?

          Do you fear the exchange of ideas?

          Does the animated struggle for freedom cause you to tremble?

    • Eric ignore Richard. All he wants is exposure, I think he trying to sell something. Division? Always whining and compromising, very similar to the NRA.

      Scum suckers all.

  8. A Covid outbreak at a CDC conference is ironic. But is it a big deal?
    Vox.com 5/5/23

    1) If you look for Covid anywhere, you’ll find it everywhere — perhaps especially at large gatherings

    So what’s changed now? It was everywhere in 2019 too, allegedly.

    2) Community outbreaks don’t lead to the same harms that they used to

    Used to? You mean when the only approved treatment was sedation and ventilation? (which is what you do when people are brain dead and pretty much guarantees a death sentence)

    3) To many, the benefits of gathering now outweigh the risks

    But before if you were “many” you were killing grandma.


    Don’t let them get away with revisionism. What happened in 2020 was a complete and total overreaction and power grab, not a pandemic.

    • Vox.com is a leftist (the call themselves “progressives”), establishment-media, propaganda outlet (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vox_(website)#:~:text=Vox%20(from%20Latin%20v%C5%8Dx%20'voice,its%20concept%20of%20explanatory%20journalism.).

      This is a “limited hangout” propaganda piece which is intended to shore up the bogus underlying premise that there there was even a pandemic in the first place. Just look at the subtitle itself: “3 takeaways about the current state of the pandemic.” Similar to the “Ok. we admit it. The virus escaped from the Wuhan lab.” The only reason that the reactions are different now is because the graft played itself out and there’s no more money in promoting it. They don’t want to be discredited though, so they have to come up with a plausible excuse why things are not like they were 2 years ago. They certainly don’t want to be accused of poisoning 6 billion people for no reason. That could get ugly on them real fast.

      Believe nothing you read on that vile site. To borrow from a Seinfeld episode, everything about that “pandemic” was fake, fake, fake.

    • Omicron has a huge number of spike protein mutations versus the Delta Covid variant, with a resulting infection fatality rate similar to any other coronavirus common cold (very low). It would be more accurate to call Omicron an easily spread common cold than to call it a Covid variant. The Covid vaccine does not work on Omicron. It does not work well, or for long, on Covid. Prior to 2020. An experimental vaccine that worked as poorly as the mRNA Covid vaccines would have been considered to be a total failure prior to 2020, and never would have been inflicted on the general public.

      What happened in 2020 was a serious pandemic for elderly people and others with poor immune systems.

      The power grab was the natural leftist reaction to a crisis, and it does not matter if the crisis was real and exaggerated (Covid) or fake (climate change). A good leftist never lets a crisis go to waste.

      The claim that the Covid pandemic was planned, and the total deaths were no worse than a typical bad influenza season, are the tin hat conspiracy theories of Covid.

        • Hi Funk,

          I recall reading that the average age of death of a “COVID” victim was older than the average life expectancy. Ergo, it wasn’t “COVID” that killed them. It was old age.

          Prior to three years ago, when someone well into their 70s (or 80s) died – of whatever – it was understood that the “whatever” was synonymous with . . . old age.

          Which is always fatal.

          After a certain age, we’re all on borrowed time. If we die, it’s because age caught up with us. It catches up to all of us. The flu is incidental. So also heart failure and COPD (and so on). We get old. And as we do, we become more and more vulnerable to everything, including things that posed little to no real threat when we were young.

          People like Dick do not understand this.

          Some of them seem to believe that an 85-year-old will live forever and that if he drops dead because he caught cold, it was the cold that killed him.

          • I don’t know when it happened, but the biblical life span was 3 score and ten. Not too long ago, that was changed to 4 score and ten. By whom I have no idea.

            • Morning, John!

              One of the (to me) obvious “tells” that this “pandemic” was for show was the way practically every death that occurred during it was attributed to “COVID.” Egregious examples include the death of Colin Powell, who was 84 when he died and had cancer. But we were expected to believe it was “COVID” – rather than being 84 and having cancer – that killed him.

          • Exactly. This is how Rappoport framed it:


            From link:

            First of all, the whole notion that COVID-19 is one health condition is a lie. COVID IS NOT ONE THING.

            This is both the hardest and simplest point to accept and understand.

            Don’t reject the existence of the virus and then say, “So what is THE cause of people dying?” There is no ONE CAUSE. There is no one illness. There is no “it.”

            By far, the biggest sources of illness we are dealing with are lung conditions: called pneumonia, flu, flu-like disease, TB, other unnamed lung/respiratory problems.

            THESE ARE BEING RELABELED “COVID.” It’s a repackaging scheme. People are dying for those traditional reasons, and their deaths are being called “COVID.”

            Thus, the old is artificially made new. It’s still old.

            In this wide-ranging group of people who have traditional lung conditions, by far the largest population is the elderly and frail.

            They are dying in nursing homes, in hospitals, in their houses and apartments. In addition to their lung problems, they have been suffering from a whole host of other conditions, for a long time, and they’ve been treated with toxic drugs for years.

            They’re terrified that they might receive a diagnosis of “COVID,” and then they ARE given that diagnosis. THEN they’re isolated, cut off from friends and family. They give up and die.

            This is forced premature death.

            Some of these elderly and frail people are heavily sedated and put on breathing ventilators—which is a killing treatment. In a large New York study, it was discovered that “COVID” patients over the age of 64, who were put on ventilators, died 97.2 % of the time. Staggering.

            Many of these elderly and frail people are put on antiviral drugs—e.g., remdesivir—which are highly toxic.

            Some of these elderly and frail patients are now dying from reactions to the COVID vaccine—and of course, their deaths are listed as “COVID.”

            Why else are people dying? In many cases, it’s a simple matter of bookkeeping. They die in hospitals for a variety of reasons, and staff write “COVID death” on their files. In the US, states receive federal money based on these statistics.

            • As I was reading that truthful bit, I wondered, how big of a factor is the fall-out from Geoengineering in all this?

              “Here, take some big wiffs of coal fly ash & other chemicals such as barium,… how do you feel?”

              • You probably know this but Rappoport talked extensively about not necessarily geoengineering specifically but air pollution generally as one of the primary causes of respiratory illness in a number of places but particularly in… wait for it… Wuhan, China.


                From link:

                “According to data released by the Wuhan Bureau of Ecology and Environment, the moment when a large number of pneumonia cases emerged in Wuhan was during the period from Jan 19, 2020, to Jan 23, 2020, and the Wuhan air during this period was at the stage of serious pollution. The indices are all higher than 100. This means that the outbreak period of Wuhan pneumonia coincides with the severe period of air pollution and this is one of the reasons. The second supporting reason is that the high incidence areas of Wuhan pneumonia coincide with the severe air pollution areas. We observed by randomly taking one day as a sample and found out that the area with the highest level of air pollution in Wuhan was Huanan Wholesale Seafood Market. This shows that even in ‘normal weather’, the air pollution in the seafood market area was the relatively worst area in Wuhan…Therefore, it is not accidental that Wuhan Huanan Wholesale Seafood Market has become a high-incidence area of Wuhan pneumonia…”

                • Hi Funk,

                  Back in 2020, there were fires raging in Oregon, which caused some people to have respiratory problems. However, that was also when COVID hysteria was raging, and Big Media, along with various local news stations, was scaring people about “Cases! Cases! Cases!”, which led some people to think there was a MASSIVE number of people getting sick from the ‘Rona instead of from being exposed to and/ or inhaling wildfire smoke.

          • “I recall reading that the average age of death of a “COVID” victim was older than the average life expectancy”
            I remember reading that too, but I think it was average life span, not expectancy. Which aren’t the same thing. I could be wrong, I was once before.

      • Eric ignore Richard. All he wants is exposure, I think he trying to sell something. Division? Always whining and compromising, very similar to the NRA.

        Scum suckers all.

        • Hi letme,

          “Dick” is exactly that. He feigns this “just kidding” attitude that really grates – because he isn’t. A friend of mine told me once to always keep an eye on your wallet around anyone who tells you how honest they are.

          “Dick” is like that.

          • They employ a veritable army of paid disinfo agents that peruse the web that spend all day in comment sections.
            Big pharma has their own “army”…
            Israel has theirs with “Unit 8200” and “Hasbara Sayanim”…
            We have IIA or “Interactive Internet Activities” which is a CENTCOM / DOD entity…

  9. Regardless of the specific intent of masks by the powers-who-should-not-be it was a key component for the control mechanism that the covid-con was.
    The scam could not have been complete without the costume props of blue paper and filthy bandanas any more than a fourth of July celebration would make due without fireworks.

    I hold a simultaneous disdain and thankfulness for the mask mandates. They showed me just how compliant and retarded most people actually are.

  10. Hi Eric (or anyone else who may know),

    Is there a way for readers to obtain an index for all past “Diaper Report” articles? I am searching for one in particular, in which I linked an audio I recorded during a condo board meeting where I advocated the elimination of the mask mandates in my high rise building, and my comments created absolute hysteria among the corona cult in the audience. I want to capture the feedback I received here, which was incredibly heartening. This site and the members who make up this community are amazing.

  11. Sadly, Dicky’s statement represents the majority view. The majority doesn’t get it…and never will (When has the majority ever been right?!). Even among the alt. media; even among many libertarians; even on LRC, they speak of the ‘pandemic’ and ‘it’s origins at a lab in Wuhan…’, as if it were real, and something other than a relabeled common flu to which draconian rituals and treatments were applied which killed or destroyed the health of many and fundamentally changed the economy and political structure of the world.

    And that majority view, believed in by knuckle-draggers who are incapable of independent thought and observation, will go down as the official written history, just like the one about “Terrists” taking down the WTC and WTC 7 (Wait..no…they won’t even mention 7…too messy to ‘splain).

    • Yes, Nunzio. This frustrates me as well. To thus day I still hear people non-chalontly say: “During lockdown, I . . .” As if this was just a normal thing and not a product of the most coordinated, totalitarian series of events in world history.

      The majority of people tend to just accept whatever lies and treatment that comes their way. The Milgram experiment demonstrates this very well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YOox59J0Bk

      • Hello Helot,
        I do slam LRC sometimes, but in this case I was merely positing a fact. I mean, ya see many flu opinions cited on LRC- which is O-K- as it reflects the opinions of the respective authors. But it certainly does illustrate the fact that even many libertarians and others often do believe that “COVID” was something other than the relabelled flu bolstered by phony tests. Of course, there are some there who also realize that. Just wanted to clarify.

        Yes, in general, it seems that there is more consensus among those authors whom LRC regularly promotes about Nahn-leven”. (IIRC Paul Craig Roberts thinks it was a “terrist” attack. And not that I even dislike PCR (The dude, not the test of the same acronym!)….he’s just not a libertarian nor quite clued-in on many things- but seems like a very sincere and decent guy.

        • @ Nunz

          You & I are probably on the same page that it’s pretty apparent that LRC’s quality has been slipping for years now. It’s fallen to such a low level that most of the site’s articles (Eric’s being an obvious exception) are written by half-baked, confused, uneducated, or pseudo libertarians who put out low quality writing which, frankly, should never see the light of day. Even Lew’s pieces have gone down hill and sound almost incomprehensible (almost as bad as my writing). But God Bless him, he gets a pass from me as he’s paid his dues in spades and deserves a little slack. But he’s definitely gone past his ‘best if used by’ date and warrants a hard earned comfortable retirement and the appropriate accolades that should go along with it. BTW, as much as it pains me to say it, the same can be said for Dr. Ron Paul, one of a handful of personal heroes I’ve admired for a long long time. The guy should get the Medal of Honor.

          • Dave, you summed up my sentiments perfectly!

            I guess too, I had higher expectations, considering what LRC used to be. I’m torn between that, and thinking that much like the vast majority of other alt. media sites, it may be a case of a purposeful introduction of BS and confusion to obfuscate real libertarian thought lest too many get the right ideas….or maybe just an attempt to garner a larger audience from among the general public for financial reasons- I don’t know, but whatever the reason, I feel we’ve lost a once-great resource.

            I kind of soured even on Lew after reading his book Against The State, which to sum-up, basically advocates replacing the state with the exact same thing, only with the overlords being powerful business owners. I mean, I don’t question Lew’s sincerity, but I don’t think that he quite “gets” that libertarianism can only exist and be sustained on an individual and family level, and that once personal power and responsibility is delegated to a corporate group it ceases to exist; and the model which he advocates in the book can not exist without corporations, which are antithetical to libertarianism.

            There is NO excuse for promoting socialists though. I took a look at one of Johnstone’s pieces once and immediately realized that she is a socialist. Of what value is a socialist viewpoint to us? It is the epitome of the very thing we libertarians are fighting.

            Funny too, because 20-something years ago when a real-life libertarian friend turned me on to LRC, my first thought was that “these libertarians seem to be too sympathetic to socialism”, and I stayed away from LRC until more recently when I realized that the things I’ve believed since i was a child, were essentially what libertarians believe- but I hadn’t realized that because of sites like LRC, and The Libertarian Party et al pushing a muddied, more corporate, political libertarianism. I didn’t know back then that the concepts in which I believed were technically libertarian, but I did realize that one of the fundamentals of individual freedom was to free oneself from the corporate and political.

            LRC, The LP, RP,….it seems that everything is just leading to yet another political movement which will do nothing other than to keep it’s participants occupied and cheering for “their side”- when in reality, the goal should be to withdraw participation delegation, and championing, and to drop-out, STOP participating; stop delegating; stop consenting; stop advocating democracy (rather than using it, but just for one’s own purposes) etc.

            Thank goodness for Eric and this site and the many great participants here (including yourself) who are among the very few who “get it”!

            • You make some valid points.

              And I (we) could go on about how the site has lost its luster, but like practically everything else in today’s society which has gone to the dogs anything spoken here ain’t gonna be fixing it anytime soon. Sadly, watching LRC go downhill was like watching Muhammad Ali decline. It’s just too bad.

              But, if I may, here’s one more example of how bad it’s gotten. I’m sure you’re aware that one of the popular ideas bandied about by some of Lew’s loopy contributors recently is the popular idea of supporting RFK, Jr for prez. Now, I just happen to agree with many of the things RFK says and I respect & applaud him for having the utmost courage to say what he’s saying – esp. with his family background (holy shit). But, but, but. . . he’s (I’ll be nice) a democrat for Pete’s sake, and has been his entire life. Often coming off as a free-market oriented type on some things, he is the opposite of what a good party member should say & it’s contradictory to what his party stands for. He must be struggling internally to be able to hold two antithetical ideas in his brain at the same time. But that’s his problem of course.

              The point being how can an honest to goodness libertarian support this guy? Don’t principles & fundamentals mean anything anymore? I just don’t get it. And it wasn’t that long ago that these same dupes were extolling the virtues of little missy Tulsi Gabbard to boot. Oh please, another donkey saying a few reasonable things (but she is kinda cute) but again she’s one of them.

              And the beat goes on & on.
              Ok, I’m done, I’ve had my piece. I need a nap.

              • We’re on the same page, Dave!
                I have to give up checking LRC. I’d lost all hope for that site quite a few years ago…but as you illustrate above, it just gets worse and worse (Gradualism…hmmm…who else uses that?!).

                Ditching that will give me the time to check out Larken Rose’s site- I’m pretty certain that he doesn’t promote anyone for president, and I know he doesn’t condone voting.

                And maybe I’ll start going directly to the sites of the few LRC contributors who offer some thought-provoking ideas and fellowship. (Maybe we can dig up Rothbard and dust him off?).

                In the last several months, while I’ve pretty much checked LRC every day, I don’t think I’ve actually read so much as 2 articles. Just skimming the titles on the main page are enough to make me click away. Socialists, Democrats, Republicants, psy-op believers, dingbats….what the hell is remotely libertarian about that site anymore?

                He doesn’t even seem to link Laurence Vance’s stuff anymore. Is he afraid it’ll make all of the other crapola look bad? (Not that it needs any help to look bad!).

                  • It used to be, Helot- but not so much these days. It’s kind of a rarity now to see Vance’s stuff on LRC. Eric doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere near the attentiuon he used to on LRC either. Seems like ya’d see one or two of Eric’s articles on LRC every week, but that’s been tapering off too.
                    I genuinely don’t understand. A good smattering of libertarian authors still extant, but we see many articles on LRC authored by socialists, statists, gold-mongers, etc.
                    The irony is, I likely would not be aware of many of the good authors but for (the former) LRC- but I think that illustrates why it’s so sad that the site has so deteriorated, seeing as many newcomers to libertarian thought may never have the privilege of being exposed to such authors.
                    Imagine the joy of formulating a viewpoint and then discovering Rothbard (The joy I experienced!). I feel sorry for newcomers now who will likely not have that experience, and instead just see a hodgepodge of socialists and nutjobs pimping various isms and narratives. If those newcomers have not already formulated strong ideas about libertarianism on their own or through other sources, they are now not going to be helped by LRC- which is sad, considering the beacon the site used to be, and how many people it likely helped.
                    I mean, Lew owes no one anything- and quite the contrary, I am in his debt for all of the entertainment and education I’ve received in the past from his site…but it’s just so sad to something so rare and valuable fading fast and becoming unrecognizable.

                    • Nunz, I’ve read LRC almost from its beginning. But I’m afraid age is starting to get the better of Lew, as it will for us all. Lately his own articles have been mostly citations of other people’s work, and it’s difficult to tell which parts are his words and which aren’t, because the open- and close-quote marks are a jumble. As with Ron Paul, who writes as brilliantly as ever but tends to ramble aimlessly when speaking, I will cut him a lot of slack.

                    • I have to agree, Roland.
                      I don’t mean to complain about Lew personally, but rather just the deterioration of his once-great site. He has certainly done us all a great service over the years. Heh, I can see my own deterioration lately- I was never a good speaker, but for a time was a pretty competent writer. I was reading something online a while back, and I thought to myself “This guy is totally on the money and has expressed the exact sentiments which I would, only more so, and more eloquently”. I looked to see who the author was. It was me!! 😀

                    • Hi Nunz (and others) –

                      In re Lew: My sense (I do not know) is that Lew may not be picking most of the articles himself. I communicate with him occasionally, but not as often (or as closely) as once was true. Like you (and others) I admire Lew very much – and do not fault him for any of the foregoing. He has more than paid his dues. But I do regret that the site is publishing socialists and similar who are not the allies of libertarians at all.

                    • I think Lew and Ron both – having lived in the belly of the beast – sometimes take the pragmatic approach of building coalitions with people who are good on some very important issue (like war) but not on others. Dennis Kucinich comes to mind. Since I am not fit to tie the shoelaces of either of these giants, I hesitate to criticize. Lew has been exceptionally kind to me over the years.

                    • Hi Ya Eric & Roland,
                      What really grieves me is that LRC had been a great resource in terms of having articles to point others to in order to enlighten them to the realities of current topics and psy-ops, and expose them to solid libertarian thought.
                      It posited truth, without hyperbole or sectarian prejudice, and unlike other sites, one didn’t have to be embarrassed that the person you are referring would be exposed to nonsense about UFOs, alarmist nonsense, or authors who while maybe being on the right side of a particular issue were just coming from a typical statist conservative, librul, socialist (etc.) paradiggum[sic].
                      You could send someone an article without being afraid that if they explored the rest of the site, they would think that you are a socialist or Neocon (etc.), or that they would get confused. You’d know that they would at least get a shot of libertarian thought, which might open the door for them.
                      I can no longer in good conscience refer people to LRC.
                      The confusion being sown there is reminiscent of what happens when an institution is infiltrated by Jusuits to destroy it- or of how a large corporation is infiltrated by NWO operatives to destroy it (Target; GM; Anhauser-Busch…); or a local-level government by Soros- but I don’t see how that is possible with a small entity that is run by one person….but something definitely “ain’t right”, and pattern we’ve seen with LRC -that of a serious decline in quality; a decline in anything libertarian, and an increase in statist affairs, with commentary NOT from a libertarian viewpoint- just seems to be increasing, to the point where I’d imagine LRC’s audience has probably undergone a radical shift, from that of being comprised mainly of libertarians and those who were coming to libertarian thought, to now just a mish-mash of people from all of the various political isms. While that has no doubt increased the number of readers of the site…of what good is having more readers when the message has been changed? It’s like a church that no longer preaches the truth because would offend too many and therefore restrict membership- but what good are legions of members, if they will not hear and practice the truth, but be offended by it? And of what value is a church which does not preach the truth for those who will hear it?

                      tl;dr; It’s sad….

                  • Not sure if this comment will show up in the right place, but excellent points, Nunz. There have been times when I’ve wanted to send an LRC article link to a friend, but then thought, “I’d better explain that I don’t agree with the point he made about X,” then, “Oh wait, I don’t agree with Y either,” and finally, “Screw it; I don’t have time for this.”

                    • It worked, Roland! Right place! And you expressed my thought exactly, only in about one-twentieth of the space!

                    • Oh gosh, Funk- I gave up after about thirty rambling paragraphs and still not getting to the point (If there even is one).

                      Sheesh, I’ve always said that LRC was turning into WorldNetDaily, but I’m thinking tyhat that may be an insult to WND now.

                      Damn…it’s depressing.

          • It makes me wonder if the LRC was sold out? Such as when Matt Drudge sold his web site? Once that happened it went completely to the left and I no longer bother going there anymore. Maybe LRC did the same?

        • LRC doesn’t always publish pure libertarian content, but publishes what he thinks makes a point. Caitlin Johnstone for one, who is an avowed socialist, but does present a fair picture of the US Empire. And it ain’t pretty. So LRC puts her on. You might miss a lot if you insist on purity. Which neither you nor I possess.

  12. After the psychopaths succeeded with face diaper mandates in 2020/21, there were calls to NORMALIZE face diaper wearing during cold & flu season, even though cold and flu season has been around LONG before 2020, and pre-COVID, there has NEVER been calls for universal face diaper wearing during cold and flu season.

    • Right John, like the old saying “give an inch and they take a mile”. Around here the medical industrial complex has been crying for mandatory face diapers for any visits to hospitals, doctors offices, etc. I finally got my long overdue skin cancer screening last month when the mandate expired; luckily nothing found this time but I’ve had a few melanomas in the past. If the hysterics manage to make face diapers permanent I’ll have to find a dermatologist in another (saner) state.

      • Hi Mike,

        Many people who wore face diapers also did so because they looked at people who REFUSED to comply with nonsensical face diaper mandates as “Deplorable Trump voters” or “Anti-science”, and thus wanted to virtue signal about how THEY were “Following the science” or “Cared about ‘The Greater Good'”.

  13. I am honored to be called a “regular heckler” here, and I will add that to my resume if I ever look for a job again. I will use Eric Peters as my character reference.

    In my opinion, if the government wanted to scare people more than they did (if that was even possible), they would have said: “Don’t wear masks — they won’t help you.”

    Thinking masks would help could calm some people down — it worked for my wife, until I finished reading N95 mask studies in early 2020.

    Telling people that wearing masks would do nothing would have increased the fear level. And that would have been true — masks can not block tiny viral aerosols, even N95 masks.

    Covid19 — SARS-2 — was a very dangerous virus for the elderly with weak immune systems. Prior epidemics, such as the 1918 to 1920 influenza epidemic, killed young people too. My Mother lost her Mother, only in her early 20’s, to that disease.

    It was natural for people to immediately assume SARS-2, a new virus, could be as deadly as the 1918-1920 influenza.

    People were immediately frightened by Covid and that was greatly amplified by their government bureaucrats, Grouchy Fauci and Debby Birx. Both are smooth talking leftists, who other leftists naturally trust. But they were also given a huge amount of TV time by Donld Trump, so Trump supporters naturally assumed they were experts. They proceeded to throw out all prior knowledge gained from past pandemics, in an effort to convince people that SARS-2 was different and much worse.

    While the big cheese here insists the mask mandate was a very important part of Covid scaremongering, I disagree. In fact, the mask mandate could not scare people much more because they were ALREADY in extreme fear of Covid-19, because of:

    — Large number of deaths at nursing homes,

    — A few overcrowded hospitals in NYC, where ventilators were killing very sick patients faster than SARS-2 was,

    — Scaremongering by Fauci and Birx, approved by Trump, and

    — Lockdowns and social distancing rules, not backed by science, forcing people to work from home and closing small businesses.

    All of the deaths, and government propaganda, created a HUGE fear of SARS-2 (which was justified only for elderly).

    It took only one or two months for almost everyone to fear SARS-2, so wearing masks could not have increased the fear level much more.

    Wearing masks was a symptom of the irrational fears of Covid 19, more than a cause of those irrational fears.

    The fear of Covid 19 would have existed with or without the mask mandates.

    Thank you for the repeated opportunities to correct you, EP. Many other websites would not allow that. In return, you get to character attack and insult me, which must be a highlight of your day.

    PS: You are wrong about hijabs too, at least the ones we see here in Michigan.

    Nearby Dearborn Michigan, where I worked for 27 years, has more Muslims than any city outside the M-d-East. The hijabs worn there cover the hair, but rarely cover the face. If you look at the faces of Muslim women there, you will usually see Hollywood style makeup, as if they are on their way to a hot nightspot. Even in the morning or afternoon. My wife frequently comments that Muslim women are definitely NOT hiding much by merely covering their hair. And they are trying to make their faces attractive to males, which seems to contradict the purpose of wearing a hijab.

    Many Arab men in Michigan are independent businessmen who work long hours. My wife often sees their wives shopping in high end stores, spending their husband’s money … while wearing a hijab. That is not oppression.

    • I’ll give you this, you don’t get the masks without the fear of the fake “novel” virus. That’s the foundational premise. If they had said there’s a bad new cold, flu, or pneumonia out there, wear a mask, many people would’ve questioned and resisted. Why did we never do that before, they would have said.

      Masking may not have even been in the plan originally, thus all the flip flopping. As you’ve mentioned, ALL the literature to date in 2020 said they don’t work. I think they seized on the initial, overwhelming success of their fear campaign and realized the masks amplified and symbolized their goal, a fake pandemic. Masks said illness was “different” this time. They also became divisive political markers. Do you “believe” in the regime or not? Are you a “Trumper”? Anti-“science”? A selfish “hater” of others? A “granny killer”? To say the people running the scam wished to both scare people with a fake virus and simultaneously calm them down with masks is preposterous.

      All that being said, Eric is 100% right that masking is an unmitigated evil for all the reasons he’s elucidated to you many times over. To downplay, defend or even tolerate it is a mistake.

      • Hey Funk,
        I believe that the primary purpose of the muzzles was to make the scamdemic “real” in the eyes of the average person. I’ve observed it in real life- when the BS was first starting, and a not-normally-hypochondriacal person would walk in and see everyone dudded-up in masks and then exclaim “Uh-oh…this is real!” or, ditto, seeing throngs of people on the Tee-Vee ‘news’ in the cities, every one of ’em muzzled- “You see? Huh? HUH??!! They all know it’s real!!” (Funny how that was their immediate thought rather than “Why are they being forced to wear those masks?”- But I guess they’d already been preconditioned to the former idea by the BS planted in the media).

        Tl;dr; The masks were the physical evidence of the existence of a ‘pandemic’….. Had it not been for those masks, a lot fewer people would have believed in the Covidian faith. Seeing the masks everywhere made them believe that the dreaded plague was everywhere.

        • Yes, the masks were an artificial manifestation of the scary fake virus. The masks equaled the compelled speech of every wearer that they believed in, not just the virus itself, but its deadliness (as EP said, the mask wearing portrayed them as believers like the Muslims in hijabs, i.e. virtue signaling). The first week or so was very surreal and caused me to question whether there was in fact some sort of deadly particle floating in the air. I figured it out pretty quickly though and decided that I needed to publicly counter the message of fear by never wearing one. I even flew across the country without ever putting one on. “No” worked every time.

          I think that’s why they’re have such difficulty with the climate change BS. There’s just no way to demonstrate the fiction like they did with masks.

          • Hello,

            I’ve lived in Spain since 1994. Never wore a face diaper and carried with me a medical exemption for asthma.

            Christmas 2022, flying to Canary Islands I was told multiple times, on the plane to put it over my nose. Showed them the exemption. 90 minutes into the 3 hour flight they await me, showed me a letter from the flights captain, offering 2 options. Mask up or they would alter the flight path, land at the closest airport in Morroco. I would pay all costs for all passengers. Total insanity.

            2 or 3 months ago the gubmint legalized sex acts between humans and animals with the condition that the animal does not require care from a veterinarian for physical injuries. And humans now cannot kill rats if the rat enters the humans house.

            I think I will soon move to Florida.

            • WoW, Franz! That is a PERFECT illustration of the world having gone crazy!

              Hey, don’t move to Florida! It’s quite the police state, despite being a little saner about the flu tyranny. It’s actually illegal to live “off-grid” there. And with all the NYers there (and more going every day)…well, it’s gets more and more like New York.

          • Hello,

            I’ve lived in Spain since 1994. Never wore a face diaper and carried with me a medical exemption for asthma.

            Christmas 2022, flying to Canary Islands I was told multiple times, on the plane to put it over my nose. Showed them the exemption. 90 minutes into the 3 hour flight they await me, showed me a letter from the flights captain, offering 2 options. Mask up or they would alter the flight path, land at the closest airport in Morroco. I would pay all costs for all passengers. Total insanity.

            2 or 3 months ago the gubmint legalized sex acts between humans and animals with the condition that the animal does not require care from a veterinarian for physical injuries. And humans now cannot kill rats if the rat gets in the humans house.

            • Hi Franz,

              What a vile ordeal. And it is for this and related reasons that I doubt I will ever fly commercially again. I know myself too well and know I might lose control and that would be The End for me. And I won’t give them the pleasure. Good to have you with us, by the way!

        • >believed in the Covidian faith
          *Now* you’ve got it, Nunzio.
          I call them “Branch Covidians,” and under the U.S. Constitution, they have the right to practice their religion, but not to impose it on others.

          • Hehe…I like that, Adi. I knew I had heard it on here before, but I forgot that you were the author of it. I don’t see Janet Rino (Reno) going after them!

            • >don’t see Janet Rino (Reno) going after them!
              Ah, Janet is probably busy playing with her grandkids (Chelsea’s kids). 🙂

        • You’re right. No doubt about it. My point was the novel one virus story came first. They wobbled on masks initially but then seized on them as the way to compel a physical manifestation of belief in the one virus, as mentioned by Mr. Liberty. I would say, had it not been for the visuals created by required masks, it’s possible fewer people would’ve believed in it. Then again, maybe not. I remember when they were “mandated”, I would declare loudly, “under what authority?” Never got a good answer nor did people even want to know. They’d be like, “the sign says…” Insane times.

        • It’s basically the equivalent of a scrap metal drive during war. Unless you’re tearing down skyscrapers and extracting rebar from highways to build ships, there’s not much point. In fact just the labor required to process scrap would be better utilized by sending them to the quarry to get more new iron, assuming the enemy hasn’t eliminated access.

          “Put on a mask… it’s the (actual) least you can do” made many people feel like they were doing something, anything, to fight the (personified) chest cold.

          • So true, RK. I wonder what really happened to the foil chewing gum wrappers they saved “for the war effort”? What it would take to extract usable aluminum from them, and what it would cost for the tiny amount they’d get…it seems utterly ridiculous. I remember thinking that when I was just a little kid when my mother told me how they used to actually do that (Save the wrappers). I smell Edward Bernays!

            • I wonder how many People in the world even know who Edward Bernays is?

              Ya think it’s ~ 2 million?

              Maybe, 4? People is this world are Sooo getting played.
              We all wish, they just knew it.

              Then, maybe something would change for the better?

              • Here’s what I know about Edward Bernays.
                1: He is the nephew of the Jew Sigmund Freud.
                2: He wrote a book called “Propaganda”. I happen to own a copy.
                3: He is considered the “father of public relations”.
                4: Marc Bernays Randolph (another Jew) who is the co-founder of Netflix is one of his descendants. In case you ever wondered, “Is Netflix Jewish propaganda?” It’s was started by the family that CREATED public manipulation on a grand scale.

                • Hi letme,

                  Someone writes an influential book and it impugns everyone who happens to have the same ethnic/religious background? Hitler wrote an influential book, too.

                  The problem with your argument is that it collectivizes people, holds individuals responsible for what others have done. This eliminates moral agency. It renders out value a function of our group “identity.” This means who we are does not matter except insofar as the merit (or lack) of the group, which leaves us helpless to master our own worth as individuals.

                  In politics, collectivism – and tyranny – flow from this. Would you really like to have lived in national socialist Germany? Your life beholden to the Volksgemeinshaft?

                  And how would that differ, fundamentally, from living in Soviet Russia?

                • From the pics and videos Germany in the 30s was great. Far preferable to Los Angeles today. National socialism iand international socialism are totally different creatures with the latter being a cancer, Would have been interesting to see how Germany would have developed without the wars. Certainly would have been better than what they have now.

                  • Hi Mark,

                    Yes, Germany in the ’30s was orderly and tidy. Provided you obeyed. Provided you were a Good German. Mussolini also (famously) made the trains run on time. Would you want to have lived under Il Duce?

                    In both of these countries, you had the freedom to do as you were told.

                    But the streets were clean and alles was in ordnung.

          • >the labor required to process scrap would be better utilized by sending them to the quarry
            Well, actually, iron and steel are some of the most recycled materials on the planet (sometimes called “green”) because it costs much less to re-refine old material than to a) mine iron ore, b) truck the ore to a smelter, c) mine the other minerals necessary to make iron, d) make pig iron, and e) make steel from the pig iron.

            If you are interested,

            >All [U. S.] domestic structural steel is produced using recycled material as its primary feedstock. The recycle content of domestically produced structural steel is typically between 90% and 100%

            Old automobiles (at least used to be) a prime source of recycled steel, before the rise of composites and Al for automotive use. Back in the 1990s, I was involved with the installation of a Riverside Engineering (San Antonio, Texas) “Megashredder” at the Hugo Neu-Proler facility on Terminal Island in L.A. Harbor. The machine is awesome. 🙂

            • Which obviously raises the question of what happens to all these EEEVees once they have reached the end of their useful life, as all manufactured goods must?

              Has anyone thought this out, *AT* *ALL*?

              Reminds me of the hype in the 1950s that nuclear fission power would be “too cheap to meter.” Hasn’t quite worked out that way, because no one considered, at that time, the entire product cycle.

              So, where do old Teslas go to die? Can they be shredded, battery packs and all, like normal IC vehicles? Must they be disassembled, and the battery packs dealt with separately from the rest of the vehicle?

              Normal AA dry cell batteries are now, as I understand it, considered to be “toxic waste” which requires special handling. Will that be true of Tesla batteries as well?

          • Yes its the least you could do. To show you care. “Two weeks to slow the spread” turned in to “We are all in this together” and maintain six feet of social distance” Slogans, signs and foot print stickers for the floors. repeated daily on all media and posted on many buildings. They all had similar fonts and styles. Almost like the whole thing was “coordinated”? The forced masks amplified the fear. They even tried to add the “need” for gloves but it became too difficult to handle tasks. The super hyper aggressive mask enforcement further hammered home the point that everyone was supposed to be afraid. Vicious meet circle.

    • The Goddamned government should have said don’t wear masks, they don’t help you. Study after study and time after time, that has been proven to be correct. It also led to vaccines becoming mandatory for everyone.

      The lockdowns didn’t work either. There was no statistical difference in COVID rates in states that had mask mandates and lockdowns than in states that didn’t.

      I will never forgive nor forget the enablers in this case.

      Perhaps if people feared COVID 19 more, they would have taken steps on their own to protect themselves and loved ones. Isolating the sick from others may have been a start. The disease may have taken a different path.

      It would have taken a path nevertheless regardless of our “efforts.”

      Certainly the acceptance of vaccines and vaccine mandates would not have been as wide spread as it was had people not accepted masks.

      I will NEVER forgive nor forget those who enabled this at any level. They caused me personally to:

      1. Be subjected to public humiliation much like black people were in the wrong neighborhoods in the 1950s.
      2. Be denied service at grocery stores, restaurants (if they were open), coffee shops, auto parts stores and other corporate business.
      3. Almost be denied the chance to visit and assist a loved one in a hospital making medical decisions.
      4. Denied choice – many businesses were shut down following “COVID”
      5. Be subjected to possible job loss because of vaccine mandates.

      The real heroes in this country are those who were able to travel through the last three years without wearing a mask and taking a vaccine. I’m not one of those. I did have to wear a mask when I had to board an airplane and to visit someone in the hospital (when I could)

      The villians were the ones at the top and many at the bottom who called me vaccine hesitant and some kind of “denier.”

      I don’t regret for a minute standing up for freedom in this country and largely not giving to mainstream bullshit. I will never forgive nor forget what happened and who enabled it.


      • Well said swamprat,
        I remember when the scamdemic began some people began wearing masks of their own volition, to the point that there was a shortage of masks for hospitals/surgeries. The Surgeon General (can’t remember the name) came on the TV to tell everyone NOT to wear masks for that reason. Guess the PTB soon realized that was a mistake and that the face diapers were much more effective as a sign of submission, and here we are today.

    • >Telling people that wearing masks would do nothing would have increased the fear level.
      You might be right about that, Richard, but only because of the initial BIG LIE to spread fear in the first place. Once it became apparent that the ‘rona posed minimal threat to the young and healthy, all the government had to do to calm people down was to promulgate the truth, which they did NOT do, in fact quite the opposite.

      No, the “mask” is a symbol of submission and obedience. It is fundamentally a *religious* garment, where the “religion” is obedience to the state, and its fascistic appendage, the Medical-Industrial Complex (may they rot in hell).

      > The hijabs worn there cover the hair, but rarely cover the face.
      The hijab covers the hair. The niqab covers the face. Two different things entirely.

  14. quote: “You have no evidence that mask mandates were the lynchpin of Covid scaremongering.” So says “Richard,” a regular heckler here.”

    Eric, you are a very smart man but you may not be aware that your site may be under attack by professional agitator(s).

    (Note: I have no dog in this fight and do not know the personalities on this site, as I am relatively new (and really don’t care) but I did have a 50 plus blogs at one time railing against all the massive crimes of state and the Zionist lunatics.)

    One blog roll I had was devoted to the Global Warming hoax, and it came under the professional attack, and I will describe that experience. The commentor was a professional – who was assigned to attack my arguments from every angles and snip around the edges, especially to get under your skin, and try to make you lose your cool.

    Such an attack (which of course I do not know if you are under) is a bad omen, because it is official state sanctioned attack of your site, which means they may ramp it up, or even against your person. Any popular site (especially if you are on the airwaves) will get their attention.


    (((They))) have a media monopoly and do not like any dissent. And if you look at what they do to foreign nations, and to their finances – just imagine what they can do to any dissenter. Be advised that the United States is run by pure evil malevolent followers of Yahweh.

    Be advised that the United States is being intentionally wiped out by very aggressive and very evil people – worse than the 1917 Bolsheviks or Mao’s cultural revolutionists.

    • “Eric, you are a very smart man but you may not be aware that your site may be under attack by professional agitator(s).”

      I do agitate EP.
      He does not like disagreement.
      But no one pays me.

      I have my own blog, where every morning I list 20 conservative climate and energy articles, and 20 conservative articles on other subjects, that I read that morning and recommend to other conservatives and libertarians.

      I launched that blog on January 25, 2023 and have had over 40,000 page views so far. A prior climate and energy blog had almost 377,000 page views. Not one article I recommended since 2016 ever supported the climate change hoax, Nut Zero or electric vehicles.


      • You may have some good stuff on that site, but your COVID opinions are bullshit.

        You can leave the rest of us alone.

      • OK, I will relent this one time.
        “I do agitate EP.
        He does not like disagreement.”
        No, like me he dislikes your arrogance. “Thank you for the repeated opportunities to correct you, EP”. Can’t get much more arrogant than that. Implying you are always correct. Which in my previous reading of your comments you rarely are. When I stopped replying to you a while back, it was in response to one of your comments wherein you vehemently discounted certain CDC statistics, and in the same article defended other CDC statistics, claiming they were perfectly valid. At which time I concluded “I don’t care”.
        Still don’t.
        Bye bye.

    • Hi Helot,

      That piece nails it. There are politicians and bureaucrats out there who’ve gone full tyrant in 2020/21, and implemented all sorts of draconian COVID measures that not only didn’t freaking work, they destroyed countless lives. Even Oregon’s now former Queen, Kate Brown, who went full dictator herself in 2020-22, claimed in her final state of the state speech last year that her COVID response “Saved thousands of lives”, despite massive evidence that her COVID response DESTROYED the lives of countless Oregonians instead.

      In 2023, many of the worst COVID tyrants are now singing a different tune…for example, Tony Fauci was out there claiming “I never closed down any businesses”, despite numerous corporations and governments saying that they were just doing “Whatever Fauci advised.” The head of a teachers’ union also claimed that she was always in favor of “reopening schools”, despite video evidence of her prior to 2023 supporting “Keeping schools closed” unless children were wearing face diapers in class all day and/ or teachers were vaxxed. And Justin Trudeau is even claiming he never forced anyone to take that COVID jab despite announcing vaxx mandates himself in 2021. Will “Joe Biden” engage in similar gaslighting himself during his laughable campaign for “reelection”? Given the actions taken by him and his regime since 2021, I think he will.

  15. I was at the beach over the weekend and saw a grandmother type wearing, not one, but 5-6 masks at the same time. You could see the multiple straps around her ears. Her family and younger ones were unmasked.

    We’re done as a free country.

    • Maybe, Hans –

      But also maybe not. Things looked bleak for Britain in 1940. A few years later, things looked very bleak for Germany. It is often true that things appear worst just before they get better.

      My sense of it is that more people than ever before in my lifetime are aware of what’s going on and have decided they aren’t going to go along with it anymore.

      Maybe, if enough so decide – and say NO – things will get better.

      • Eric,
        I’m praying that the truth finally has it’s boots on and the Elf and Scarf Lady are held accountable along with evil Pfiser. Only person talking about this is Robert Kennedy.

        • RE: “Only person talking about this is Robert Kennedy.”

          ….Ain’t that weird?

          We truly do live on Bizzarro World, just about no one talks about this stuff, just about everyone acts like big fat scaredy-cats/ostrich with it’s head buried in the sand.

          RE: “I’m praying that the truth finally has it’s boots on”

          I wish that were the case, but I think we’re surrounded by brain-dead idiots.

          …Time will tell.

      • General Patton (who was, frankly, the only REAL MAN in terms of “generals” of WW2) said it best, when he stated “We destroyed the wrong damn army.”

        The Bolshevik Jew communists in Russia were the REAL enemy. Instead, we sided with what would become our most deadly enemy…the people who we’ve all been fooled into thinking are our friends. And we turned away from the one hope of humanity to be free of the Rothschild bid for a 1 world (Jew controlled) government.

        This understanding is why Patton was murdered. He was as big an annoyance to the globalist Jews as Henry Ford, General Smedley Butler, the Tzars of Russia, Charles Lindbergh, and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

    • Hans, there will always be a fraction of people who do insane things. Like this granny. Doesn’t mean they run the place, doesn’t mean we can’t pull out of this. It won’t be cheap, it won’t be painless, and it won’t be easy. But one granny wearing a full box of masks has little to do with it.

  16. The idiots here either don’t realize or don’t care that in the past, in some cultures, slaves were forced to were masks. The land of the free and home of the brave? Not so much anymore!
    BTW, remember that photo of Pelosi and a bunch of wealthy donors at a fund raising in California? The “help” were are forced to were masks while the “betters” among them did not!

  17. Steve Kirsch posted a piece recently on his Substack about how the Amish Community handled the ‘Rona. They did pretty much the OPPOSITE of whatever Tony Fauci, the CDC, and public health bureaucrats were urging everyone to do. There were predictions the Amish would die in droves for not “following COVID protocols dictated by health officials”, but instead, they had FAR better outcomes than those who “Dutifully followed orders” from the aforementioned entities….


    Sharyl Attkisson, who has a weekly news program called “Full Measure”, also had a story on her program in 2021 about the Amish Community and how they handled COVID…


    • Indeed, John –

      Though I am not Amish, I did essentially the same as they. I didn’t put on a “mask” – nor did I “practice” any of the strange rituals urged by the “experts.” Instead, I evaluated the risks and judged them to be trivial and went about on the assumption that if I got sick, I’d be ok – and the better for it, as my immune system would get a good workout.

      And so it was. I did get sick – as in, caught a cold. It wasn’t enough to keep me in bed, even – let alone in the ICU. I just blew my nose as necessary and dealt with it. After about 10 days, I was fine again.

      This used to be normal procedure, before the world was driven crazy by the sight of all those “maskers.”

      • Eric,

        IIRC, There’s also that story about the people of South Africa, who all but REFUSED to “take that COVID vaccine”. The “experts” predicted that there’d be mass deaths from the ‘Rona, especially when they were taking Ivermectin instead, which these “experts” and the media smeared as HORSE DEWORMER. However, that country also fared far better than countries who had HIGH vaxx rates or had virtually their entire population vaxxed.

        And then of course we had Geert Vanden Bossche, who warned back in March 2021 that this obsessive push for mass vaccination would result in disaster, but the “experts” ignored him then, even though Bossche had tremendous experience in working with vaccines.

        • All vaccines are lies.
          You let me know which ones you’d like me to crush.
          We can start with Polio if you like.

      • These maskers comprised over 95-100 percent of people in the stores, regardless of whether mask mandates were in effect or not. Some corporate entities enforced their own mask mandates regardless of state or local “policy.” Sprouts supermarket is on my lifetime permanent ban list for the way they treated about three years ago. I will never visit their store as long as I live.

        There may be others too, but I had a direct encounter with Sprouts. I’d like to see them go out of business. Unfortunately, Americans are powerless to conduct proper economic boycotts unless it’s for “Bud Light.”

  18. I was at Lowes the other day; the cashier chick was wearing a fear mask. I thought “whatever it’s not my concern”. Except that it was. a) she mumbled, b) the fear mask made it impossible to hear her, and c) she was a snotty carpetbagger bitch when I told her I am going deaf & had a hard time hearing her.

    On a busy holiday weekend, the parking lot at Lowes was full. I don’t know how many noses & belly buttons that translates to. The cashier be-yotch was the only one I saw wearing a fear mask.

    Next time go to self checkout.

    • I have a severe dog allergy, but I get zero reaction from the dogs I frequently encounter accompanying their owners into our nearby Lowe’s.

      If I’m not sneezing due to the dander from the dog fur, the building is open enough that a mask on the cashier is pointless.

      Did I mention the birds nesting in the rafters of the store?

      • Wouldn’t you know it, after I posted, “Anyway, I’m just glad I haven’t had to deal with a single face diaper cashier in quite some time.”

        Today, I did just That.

        It was 90+ degrees and I just wanted to get In & get Out. … I said nothing to the clueless face diapered chick. …I might’ve even given her, ‘a bit of a cold shoulder’.

        …But, what good is that!?

        Nothing, I say! Nothing!

        I’m kicking myself for saying nothing.

        …Next time,… for sure. (That, sure does seem weak)

        I feel like I failed that chick. I mean, a lot of others have risked – much – in order to enlighten me,… yet, here I am, saying nothing. At no real risk to myself.


        …What,… – what – do I owe to my fellow human being?

        I think,…”something”.

        It’s what it means to be a human being.

    • Oh man, I – always – avoid self checkout. Next, they’ll want you to unload the truck & stock the shelves, too. For free!

      Next time, perhaps tell her a variation of, “It’s rude to wear a mask while you’re talking to someone, could you please remove it so I can understand you.” Idk. Read that elsewhere & seemed to make sense.

      Anyway, I’m just glad I haven’t had to deal with a single face diaper cashier in quite some time.

      • May have read it hear. I am mostly deaf, and the last 3 years have been a real test, since a lot of my understanding depends on lip reading. Nearly every time I pointed this out, people would drop the mask. Even doctors and pharmacists. One doctor didn’t, and apparently never tired of me saying “What?”

      • “Oh man, I – always – avoid self checkout. Next, they’ll want you to unload the truck & stock the shelves, too. For free!”

        Exactly! I have even told the clerks that try to lead me to a self checkout that very thing,,, BUT most are now using them. Disgusting. Next up is the digital dollar which most will probably go for that bs as well. This new batch of Americans are comatose….

  19. “the person who believes my assessment of the evil of “masking” aren’t seeing things clearly”
    While refuting some of the CDC stats, insisting that other CDC stats are perfectly legitimate. Can’t make up his mind. Like Fauci is famous for. I wonder, does he think that wearing the yellow star arm band didn’t encourage persecution of Jews?
    I’m seeing things quite clearly. The masks never worked, and those pushing them knew it. Can’t stop mosquitos with a chain link fence. Ergo the reason for pushing them was for an entirely different agenda. One not in favor of humanity.

  20. If it can happen there can it happen here? In the comments section on Zero Hedge last week there was a comment that pointed out that if the Liberals in Canada are reelected they will reinstate all their VAXX Mandates. I looked at the article mentioned which shows the liberal party’s next election platform (complete with screenshots from their website) and yeah that’s what they want to do. Apparently up there they love the face diapers so much that a political party figures that they can be reelected by making it a law, but lets hope the “Resident” doesn’t find out and does it also.

      • Agree. Just vote “harder” is not the answer to stopping tyranny. What is the answer? Hell, if I know. I don’t comply and I try to throw sand in the gears of tyranny. I know a lot about tyranny and fake elections…I live in the craphole that is New York state.

        The “elected government officials” in New York state have been selected (NOT elected) as long as I have been able to vote these past 40 years. I have not voted since 1988. Sham system that I will not be prop up with my sham vote.

        • 100 percent. I have “voted.” But Third Party mostly. Until Trump. I voted Trump, but there is no compelling reason to vote period to tell you the truth.

            • Yeah. I’m starting to see it that way, though the difference between Trump, Obama and Biden is palpable. I think that a vote for anyone other than DJT is a willing vote to destroy the country. On the oher had, he may not be able to win.

              I don’t know, I think that the voting process is corrupt beyond repair.

              • I did vote for Trump in 2016, for the one and only reason that I believed the wicked witch would have delivered us into nuclear war in fairly short order. And after 2 years of Biden, look where we are. Under threat of nuclear war.

          • I voted for Trump in 2016 as an anti vote against the Bleach Bit Queen. I voted for him again in 2020 because I didn’t want a senile old man with his hands on the nuclear codes. I will not vote for him in 2024. I don’t care who he is running against.

            The TPTB are determined to have a rematch of the 2020 election. We all know the outcome. It doesn’t matter how many vote or who they vote for – it has already been decided. I may vote in the state primary…for the other side. It is really a vote of disobedience on my part, not that it will actually alter anything.

            The Donald has recently declared an EO on Day 1 in office overturning the 14th Amendment. So much for reading and understanding the Constitution. The hand on the Bible swearing to abide by it is surely for kicks and giggles.

            Honestly, I am tired of the lies from each and everyone of them. I refuse to aid them in the further destruction of our country.

            • Amen, RG –

              Orange Man is now deriding DeSantis over how he handled the “pandemic.” Not Whitmer or Cuomo or Hochul. DeSantis. The one governor who did something meaningful to end the hysteria that Trump did nothing to calm down. I cannot abide this. I will support Scott or RFK, Jr. But Orange Man has proved himself to be – at best – a grotesque, opportunistic narcissist. At worst, he is consciously evil. Either way, no way.

              • Eric,

                Oh that’s rich, Trump deriding DeSantis over how he handled the “pandemic”. DeSantis went the opposite direction of governors who implemented all sorts of draconian measures, and over time it turned out that governors who “locked down” their citizens good and hard had the WORST outcomes, economically, education, and health wise. And do you remember when the Biden Thing accused Texas & Florida of “Neanderthal thinking” for “reopening their states too soon” and dropping any face diaper mandates they had? It also turned out that that “Neanderthal thinking” was the CORRECT course of action instead of universal lockdowns and face diaper wearing.

                I suppose next, Trump will claim he never had Tony Fauci and Deborah Birx setting defacto public policy during the final year of his term, or that he never advocated the “vaccines” that his administration helped ‘Warp Speed” into existence.

      • I agree after the 2020 debacle. Although i will still vote but my attitude towards it is now similar to buying lottery tickets. I know my vote never counted especially living in CA. A friend of mine who is an always trumper insists on the importance of everyone voting because if trump is not relected we will have an evil satanic president. I no longer even engage in political discussions with her. She lost me when she insisted trump was acting as the real president from mar a lago and jfk jr was still alive and living inconito. Sigh.

    • “Re elected?” You think these elections are legitimate. Even if votes were counted correctly, they aren’t.

      When you have the sheer number of people under the influence of a lying mockingbird media designed to control the narrative and discourse in a conspiracy of gaslighting and silence at the same time, elections are no longer legitimate. It’s almost better not to participate. Ironically “turnout” has been increasing almost exponentially in the last 5 cycles. The questions are why and how?

      • And regarding that increased voter turnout, it has not affected one bit of change, other than things going from bad to worse.

        • 100 percent. That’s correct. Even if the votes were legitimate, increasing numbers of dummies to turn out on election date does increase the size of the mandate that these crooks think they have.

            • It would expose that their power is not from our consent – and the emperor would be naked.

              At no time in my life have I ever signed a contract with the US Gov CORPORATION that they have the right to rule over me.

              I have never authorized their authority and thus their authority is an act of war against me. Their authority is a sham, and they damn well know it because they have laws protecting the vote.

              But then they cheat, lol, so they can not even use the vote as an excuse for their authority, and thus they lie about the actual vote tally and charge dissenters with sedition.

              The bottom line, government is a cult just like any religion.

            • Apparently Serbians in Kosovo boycotted some elections recently and their new mayors are all Albanians! So boycotting an election doesn’t always work out either.

              • I assume they boycotted the elections because Serbians weren’t giving them adequate representation. I wonder, is it that much worse with Albanians in charge? At least they know where the Albanians stand. If the Serbians holding office were selling out to the Albanians anyway, what’s the difference?

                • Canadian Dicktator Justin Turdeau said he was alarmed US Amerikans are boycotting woke USA companies.

                  WEF spooge Turdeau is an example of an installed POS that no one up there wants. The Canadians absolutely despise that man, just as France despises WEF turd Macron

                  How A Teacher Fell In Love With A Student And Became The First Lady. Brigitte Macron.

                  Nothing to see here people, it is perfectly normal to marry a woman older than your mother when you are a teenager.

                  Michigan hates lizard lady Grechen Whitmer, here she is having lunch:

                  Watch the Crotch! Is New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern (Harden?) an Illuminati Tranny?

                  They are not us, they do not represent us. The are alien freaks.

                  • “Is New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern (Harden?) an Illuminati Tranny?”
                    Well he/she/it is certainly ugly enough to be.

                    • Hi John,

                      Big Mike has the same “package.” It’s very odd. I have never in my life known a woman – a real one – who has a bulge in her crotch…

                  • “Justin Turdeau said he was alarmed US Amerikans are boycotting woke USA companies.”
                    Of course he is. Your wallet and your feet are two votes that can’t be defrauded. Really yanks a knot in their tail.

                  • Got around to watching the video. Not only does “she” appear to have a package, but it appears to be somewhat engorged.


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