Patty Hearst and Sickness Psychosis

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It is nearly a month now since the Obergesundheitsfuhrer of my state (Virginia) arbitrarily lifted the arbitrary “mandates” regarding the effacing of faces he arbitrarily imposed last summer and while face-effacing is much less than it was, it is still alarmingly common – this manifestation of a very sad mental illness (extreme hypochondria) having been normalized after having been weaponized and even turned into an expression of misguided virtue.

Old people – probably still fearful of being Corona’d by the “virus” they’ve been taught to fear as the existential threat it isn’t. Young people – still eager to show how much they care about the feelings of others. Which they, too, have been taught to regard as virtuous despite it being precisely the opposite of that to egg on irrational fears by pretending they are rational fears.

Face-effaced kids, who now refuse to show their faces out of a combination of both the fear and the misplaced urge to demonstrate their “caring” for “the community,” as drilled into them for the past year-plus in government schools and by the corporate media.

These latter are so conditioned that many of them continue to face-efface even though their parents (complicit in the conditioning, by exposing them to corporate media and sending them to government schools) have removed their face-effacers.

What we’re dealing with, in psychiatric terms, is probably analogous to what happened to Patty Hearst – a story that bears repeating.

Hearst is the granddaughter of William Randolph of the same name; the great newspaper/publishing magnate of the last century. In 1974, as a young woman, Patty Hearst was kidnapped by a gang that was also a kind of cult that styled itself the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA).

This “army’s” ideology is of interest.

According to its founder, Donald deFreeze – who styled himself “Field Marshall Cinque” – the “name ‘symbionese’ is taken from the word symbiosis and we define its meaning as a body of dissimilar bodies organisms living in deep and loving harmony and partnership in the best interests of all within the body.”

Italics added, for deconstruction shortly.

The Field Marshall and his “army” kidnapped 19-year-old Patty Hearst on February 4th of 1974 with the intent – initially – to ransom her family for money. When the money was not forthcoming, Hearst was kept and – apparently – serially raped by the Field Marshall, subjected to mock executions and other forms of psychological and physical torture. This resulted in Hearst becoming a member of the “army” – and adopting its cultish ideology. She participated in several armed robberies before she was finally captured and jailed rather than ransomed and freed on September 18, 1975. She was eventually convicted of armed robbery and sentenced to seven years in prison (subsequently commuted by President Jimmy Carter and herself eventually pardoned by President Bill Clinton).

Hearst came to identify with – to revere and even love – her tormentors. The Field Marshall serving as her Fauci, who can be imagined saying almost word-for-word what the Field Marshall said, as quoted above.

“The best interests of all within the body. . .”

We’re all in this together.

“Living in deep and loving harmony and partnership . . . ”

Wearing is caring.  

Fauci, of course, is a “doctor” to the same degree that DeFreeze/Cinque was a “Field Marshall,” both being so in name only.

But they both practiced the same form of medicine. Both used fear to terrorize their victims into a state of paralytic submission. Both conditioned their patients to regard their abusers as saviors – and to do their bidding, considering the doing as virtuous. Hearst came to believe in the doctrines of the SLA, just as millions of Americans still believe in the doctrines of Fauci – who exerts the same fear-bond hold on them as the Marshall with the difference being that the latter was regarded as a criminal and treated accordingly while Fauci has yet to be so treated.

Though one can hope.

It took many years of therapy for Patty Hearst to recover her mental health and it is probably going to take many years for America to recover its mental health. The first step being a general acknowledgement that Americans were the victims of an orchestrated campaign of mass hysteria; that the threat posed by the “novel” Corona virus was maliciously exaggerated and the fear generated by this was deliberately used to psychologically berate people into submission; to make people believe that submitting was a moral necessity – and to make them believe that those who did not submit were behaving in an immoral manner – creating the condition for a pogrom against sanity in the name of insanity.

The people responsible for this – in government, in media – must be held accountable for their crimes. They did not err innocently. They did what they did on purpose and what they did was nothing less than evil – and far worse in terms of its effects upon millions than what was done by one criminal to one woman, once upon a time.

In 1974, most Americans knew a cult when they saw one. In 2020, millions of Americans joined a cult. In 2021, a great many of them are still members of it.

They will not go gently into that good night. As you can still see, practically everywhere you go.

. . . 

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  1. Eric- It is hard to fathom the number of zombies still wearing masks. They are definitely brainwashed. But how can you not know the Patty Hearst thing was one big PSYOP? I followed the drama closely in alternative media of the time it happened and smelled a rat but wasn’t hip to the Psyop then. In hindsight it’s easy to see for those with open eyes.

    I think the Patty Hearst thing is instructional not in that she was traumatized into becoming a part of the cult but in how the controllers use these Psyop’s to instill fear. It’s always about the fear.

    That said- I appreciate your work as someone who is on the side of the angels.

    • Thanks, Van!

      I’ve read – and would not be surprised to find out it’s true – that the SLA was another variant of Lee Harvey Oswalding; that is to say, it was an engineered operation using defectives manipulated to serve a hidden purpose. That may sound paranoid to some unfamiliar with the established record of the CIA and government generally. To those I suggest reading up on MK ULTRA, Project Mockingbid and Operation Northwoods – among other facts about what these creeps are known to have done and which is admitted to having been done.

  2. I live in Okalhoma and go to Texas frequently. A couple of months ago, Texas lifted the mask mandate. It took a while before the sheep took off their masks. It’s still about 20 percent masked depending on the venue. Right after the mask mandate was lifted it was still about 90 percent. It will take some time. Many, if most are still programmed to believe that a diaper on your mouth will prevent you from shitting out disease. It’s mind boggling

    • Yep. I’m up in the north suburbs of DFW and if i had to guess I’d go with about 20% STILL WEARING the face rag.

      • Hi Maskless,

        Here’s a weird thing: In my rural part of Virginia, Diapering is more prevalent now than in the suburbs of Roanoke. At the Food Lion in Floyd County (where I live) I’d say a third to half the people are Diapered. This is ominous in that rural people used to be the more sensible people.

        • Eric, that’s what I’ve noticed here too. At our small rural church, where practically everybody is either a farmer or a descendant of a farmer, for much of last year my wife and I were the only ones not diapered.
          It shows how far the rot of politics has reached. I fully expect them all to rag up again as soon as they are ordered to, probably at the start of the next cold & flu season.

  3. Not sure this Patty Hearst analogy fits your efforts to equate it to mask wearing.

    First, she was exposed to “persuasive techniques” infinitely more harsh than those used yet against the general populace.

    Second, “Tania” didn’t wear no mask….even when she was robbing banks.

    One tangential commonality…….. the government took care of the SLA the same way they dealt with the Branch Davidians.

    Bottom line, she was physically and mentally tortured by the SLA. But from a legal standpoint, Tania skated. As Warren Zevon noted, its always best to “Bring Lawyers, Guns and Money!”

  4. Spent the weekend operating the ham radio club’s Field Day station. We all got together again for a weekend of playing with radios, camping and reminiscing. No masks, very little talk of the last year other than the occasional “and then 2020 happened and it all went to hell” stuff. On the way home I stopped off at Sonic for a milkshake I didn’t really need and was a little taken aback with the staff (and only the staff) still in masks.

    Eventually I think we’ll start to once again see masking as an oddity, but it will take corporate America to get with the program. The FAA will either rescind or renew their mask requirement on commercial airplanes in September, so maybe if they pull the requirement so will corporate America, under the guise of “just following the science (and the regulators).”

  5. I think we can finish this thing off. I make no money from this, but my site, is helping to fire off the so called finishing salvo.

    Get together with local folks and refuse to wear a mask- it’s important for ourselves and for our legacy.

  6. To all who responded, THANK YOU for taking the time to view my documents and hear the audio, and then commenting. I appreciate that of all of you!!

    It’s amazing the obsession over wanting them on the people around them, despite their utter uselessness. Interestingly, those who want them have all been genetically modified. So much for their confidence in them. It proves my assertion that no amount of measures will cure the of their disease obsession and irrational psychosis.

    If it’s that risky, I notice none of them chose to move out. Instead, they make it everybody else’s problem.

    ERIC, there is more going on and it’s case study worthy. Not that I want to make this about me, but if you ever wanted to do an article on this matter, and other dimensions to this, I would be happy to collaborate with you on it. No pressure, but there seems to be interest in this story from the readership.

    Also ERIC, I’m glad I gave you some good enough feeling to get your head clear. You do a lot representing us, and I’m truly glad to give you a helping hand.

    • Hi DC,
      I finished listening to your meeting this morning and boy, it makes me glad that I live out in the country where I never have to get on an elevator full of superstitious freaks.
      One thing that has baffled me in various private groups is how many people believe that they just have to make rules. It never crosses their minds that doing nothing is an option. In the case of your board, they can’t simply end the stupid mandate; they have to also put up signs all over the place about CDC guidelines.
      Great job keeping your cool.

  7. At the drug store today, I met a woman who has gone insane with WuFlu Worry. I was there with my daughter to renew a prescription; she was there to get a Covid test. She proudly told us she gets tested 5 or 6 times a week, because she goes daily to visit her 94-year old mother in a care home. Now, we’re in Ontario, which is strangled with lockdown regulations, but I know that no care home demands this level of testing. She’s doing this herself, and I think it’s because she’s gone insane with worry that something SHE does could cause the death of her mother. Incessant testing is a form of self-medicating for her.

    The cherry on the sundae was that she had to talk to the pharmacy assistant, and of course the mask she was wearing (in addition to the thick plexiglass screen at the counter) made it very hard to make herself understood, so she lifted up her mask to tell him her home address in an audible voice!

    • “The cherry on the sundae” – no doubt.
      Seeing similar encounters, sometimes it’s sorta like watching a scene with Rick Moranis in Spaceballs or something.

    • But prior to the political-media fear campaign, I’ll bet the dumb bitch never gave a thought to practicing such absurdities to ‘protect’ her mom. (My mother’s 96, and neither she, nor I, nor anyone who goes to her house to visit her wears a swasti…err..mask.)

      • Morning, Nunz!

        Yup. This business is just a rabidized form of “speed kills.” Someone might dieeeeeeee if anyone drives faster than 55 MPH (or 65 or 35 or whatever the arbitrary number is). Most of us used to laugh at such ninnies. Now half to two-thirds or more of the population is just like that.

        • I would have thought that SOME of them would have discovered how utterly useless it is to live in fear by now. Fear is a useful tool, not a life strategy. I would suspect that living one’s life in fear is far more damaging to one’s health than the latest and greatest virus is. Though we will never see the research even done, much less the results, I have little doubt that the final bill for destroying our economic, social, and mental health to contain a virus just a bit more dangerous than ordinary, will far exceed the cost imposed by the virus itself. Their fear is driving them to death faster than any virus could.

  8. “Karen” is a typical crybully. This is how I would have liked to have handled it. Though I understand how DC Miami has his presidential persona to uphold:

    Karen: This is not appropriate for a board meeting – I’m very uncomfortable with this
    –No one is forcing you to stay–
    Karen: The CDC says unvaccinated people should wear masks
    Karen: He needs to stop. I lost 2 loved ones
    –Anyone who uses the term “loved ones” means they weren’t that close to them.
    Another Karen: You are entitled to your opinion. Do not force or impose on us. Please be more
    –You’re the ones trying to impose and force your will on every one. Please be more sensitive.–
    Karen: Mute Dennis, not me!!
    Karen: Stop him, because it starts with leadership and it’s clear how ours feels
    ME: People tell me I’m entitled to my opinion, then tell me to shut up
    Karen: You are entitled, just not at a board meeting. None of us are
    Karen: And Dennis, your opinions are very hurtful to me
    –What you choose to be hurt by is your decision, not mine.–
    Another Karen: Me too. I agree with “Karen”
    Karen: Is Dennis a doctor?
    ME: No Karen I’m not. But I do my homework instead of swallowing alarmist propaganda
    Another Karen: 604,000 is not alarmist propaganda
    –Average age of those 604,000 deaths: 80. Normal American age of death: 78.
    ME: 94% of those were found to have other comorbidities – incidental rona
    Karen: Dennis, feel and believe what you want – I don’t care. My point is you were dismissive,
    disrespectful, and unprofessional.
    –I have no idea what that means, but it sounds like how you are talking now.–
    ME: I lost family members to diseases too, but I don’t expect people to wear a stupid, useless mask
    because of it. I base my assessments on fact and not emotions
    Karen: Please stop. I feel like you are bullying me
    –Again, what you are doing.–
    ME: No, you’ve always been condescending toward me. You just can’t handle facts. Not my fault
    Karen: You are the board chair and in a position of power. You’re making me uncomfortable. I’m done
    – stop
    –I’m not “making” you feel anything. See how these people are in perpetual victim mode, yet try to enforce their will on everyone else?
    ME: I’m one of 9. No more, no less. I’ve shut up and been a good soldier for too long and I’m fed up
    with this nonsense
    ME: If shutting up and not being an independent thinker is your idea of being professional …. I will state
    my opinion and people can disagree. Most run from me when I bring up facts they can’t handle

    • Michael, I was running a zoom meeting and had to stay fairly tuned in to that. If it was one on one in a room, I would have destroyed her and she knows it, which is why she tried her Karen/victim/sympathy ploy, to guilt me into backing down. She’s nothing. I’m a greaseball from NY in my past life. No one can win a shouting match or factual debate against me. A year ago I took on 25 of them by myself on another matter and crushed them. I had a fuckin month of material if I had the time to present it uninterrupted. She ain’t shit. She’s an uppity little bitch who could never handle a one-on-one argument. She used her online advantage and the fact I had to divide my attention in multiple ways and still couldn’t shake me up. Then the board embers opposing me claimed I was political. Facts to them are politics. No one has ever presented me with a study to show they work. On that fact alone, check MATE. I didn’t want to publicly fight with board members who in the end are friends of mine in a public forum, but if I didn’t I would have lost. I needed to shame them.

      These same people who claimed I already had the votes, but went to far, were crying earlier that SAME DAY that someone was spotted without a mask, proving that it would never be enough for them. If it continued, then they’d then demand everyone’s vaccination status, then eventually they’d demand to know your “booster” status, then they’d demand everyone’s daily test results. I had to put an end to it all in one glorious evening.

      No regrets. I got the result I wanted sent a signal that if this battle raged on, they’d need to search for a new President and let’s just say the pool is thin ….

      • You did what was necessary – there could always be second guessing after the fact, but I have learned to dispense with the woulda, coulda, shouldas. Times like these require a will of steel, having already played out the possible scenarios mentally to prepare for the battle. Take your stand, and own it. You are armed with facts, they have feeeeelingggs. Their featherweight attacks were so obvious in the chat remarks – which one could perhaps excuse if it was verbal, then transcribed. The fact that these Karens took time to write the chat remarks, and expected a full-fledged response, illustrates the vapidity of what passes for argument among these types.

        Bang on!

        • Thanks for your comments as well. I hope I didn’t come across as resistant to what you had to say. Not the case at all. I appreciate that you played the audio, read the background, and commented and you had good thoughts. Hope you see my reply.

  9. Went to an outdoor lawn & garden auction today.
    200+ people, and not a single face diaper or bandanna in sight.
    It was, totally. freakin’. normal.
    Allll the way.

  10. I recently worked on equipment that is used at a strip club. The owner of the equipment had no problem being un-muzzled around me being un-muzzled. But upon learning that he can wait til the next day for me to order the part he needs and the price of a return trip or we can go around the corner to the computer place and get what he needs and I can fix it all up same day, he elects to purchase the part himself and save himself the added expenses. …

    Granted our races are completely different, and doesn’t matter to me, but bears mention as I believe he effaced his face upon entering the computer retailer as a ritual to “the cause”. I was thinking this guy probably has more STD risk than ‘Rona risk than anyone I have crossed paths with since the whole scam started, but here he was putting it on like he was supposed to. I have heard that many still slave-mask up because they don’t want to be seen as Trump voters.

    • You do what you have to do to get what you need with the least amount of effort. Masking where necessary is a market distortion introduced by Uncle to add another variable to your decision tree.

  11. To grasp the absurdity of this freakout, consider that the Black Death killed an estimated 50 percent of the world’s population. At the rate it’s going, even using the scaremongers’ inflated numbers it would take about 2,000 years for COVID to kill that percentage of today’s world population.

    • I believe it is 25% of the European population. Not many reliable statistics ((all anecdotal) best source is the Monty Python skit “bring out your dead. ) for the world except for China where there is little mention of the disease during the relevant dates.

  12. These actions are the nefarious work of pirates doing what they do best.

    You will live in fear forever, you’re a brainwashed masked idiot with no hope.

    You’re just waiting around to die. What more is there? Cowbell?


    The Jolly Roger is still flown, you know, hey.

  13. Ultimately, DeFreeze received his just desserts. But the current crop of perpetrators will, in all likelihood, never be held to account. Orange Ass, Fauci, Birx, Cuomo, Wolf, Murphy, Whitmer, Newsom, Trudeau, BoJo, Ferguson, ad nauseum – the whole rotten lot of them – will go on with their lives, many will continue in senior government roles, and all of them will make money from it; never once will they have to answer for their deeds. And because they won’t be held accountable, it ensures the next crisis will occur and be even more intense and tyrannical.

  14. It’s interesting that you wrote this article, cuz I don’t foresee or even remotely imagine any recovery being made. It’s full steam ahead

  15. The people responsible for this – the parents – must be held accountable for their crimes. (Regarding the fools who have taken theirs off, probably because of receiving the Holy Jab, yet still allow their kids next time to them wear a diaper.)

  16. Well, I won’t bother you with frequent reports from my tropical country Panama. Suffice to know diaper compliance is almost 100%, even outdoors with temps around 90F or higher, humidity above 70% and with no one around sometimes. And almost every child I’ve seen wears a diaper. Sigh…
    Oh, and you cannot enter anywhere without a diaper, having your temp checked, and rubbing alcohol gel on your hands. Very stupid.
    Worse, government has been enforcing this ritual pretty heavily; many small businesses have been fined and/or forced to close temporally because they are “breaching the rules”.

    Sadly, an end to this (at least here) doesn’t look even close. People fell for it hook, line and sinker and there’s no way to make them change their opinion. When confronted with facts, they reply with either “Are you a doctor?” (doctors are perhaps the worst, most of them reinforce the narrative) or “It’s the law!” (it isn’t, they are decrees, equivalent to executive orders; obviously they are unconstitutional but courts have looked the other way) or they insult you with the new term “Covidiot”…and some even show their true heart, saying that you don’t deserve attention at a hospital.
    What’s worse is that some have said they actually liked wearing diapers and will keep using them and hope “a culture similar to Asia develops after this”. And a lot keep parroting about the “New Normal”. Typical Stockholm Syndrome.

    “The first step being a general acknowledgement that Americans were the victims of an orchestrated campaign of mass hysteria”
    This has to happen almost everywhere in the world. But alas, I suspect it won’t. Doing that would make the masses pretty mad and they will demand accountability. Rather, governments will attempt to spin it or to create some other issue to distract the masses (watch out for climate change!). Or as someone said before in the comments, they will attempt to create a new identity to replace the current one.

    It’s up to us to make others aware. Easier said than done though.

    P.S. What’s this thing I keep reading that Orange Man will be reinstated in August? I’ve read there are election audits going on, but does your Constitution mention something about such? Or just another Qanon thing?

    • The cure for the mas(k) psychosis is the not-vaccine. Once it begins it’s intended effect, the maskholes simply won’t be around to cause further problems. Qanon is simply Hopium.

    • Trump isn’t going to be reinstated in August. Some agent provocateurs have been stringing his supporters along since November, telling them to “just wait until next month” until the Men in White come riding to the rescue. It’s an obvious ploy designed to keep them distracted from fighting the only issues that matter right now, namely masks and vaccines.

      • As I suspected, thanks! Can’t believe there are people still clinging to Trump as if he is some sort of saviour. Even more funny is that there are people over here in Latin America hoping for his return, so he can continue “fighting” communism (instead of making the effort to fix our own mess).

        • Hi Marauder,

          In re Cinnamon Hitler: Like his namesake, he says what people think they heard. People on our side of the aisle – I include myself in this rueful retinue – are so starved for anything that sounds like a pro-freedom stance that they make the mistake of imputing such to the vague verbiage spewed by the Cinnamon One.

          Der Fuhrer
          did exactly this. Letting the crowd believe what it wanted to hear.

          • Reminds me of an old Tennessee Ernie Ford Song
            “I had a great grandma, who could hear what she wanted to hear.”

      • That could be an explanation; the other, following Occam’s razor, is WISHFUL THINKING. Ergo, alright, go ahead and PROVE the election fraud, of which I’m already satisfied occurred. And when the proof is there for all to see (but won’t necessarily accept), what of it? Ergo, even with fraudulent data, the electors met in their respective state capitals on Dec 14, 2020, and the results were certified in the Congress on Jan 6, 2021. It’s a “done deal”, accept it and MOVE ON. The only purpose of these audits is to figure out how to restore integrity to the election process; if that’s even possible. And if it’s NOT…then “Katy bar the door”, AFAIC, whatever means necessary to restore the Republic can and should be employed, IAW what the Second Amendment is actually about.

  17. Props for the Patty Hearst reference, Eric! It seems the more time goes on, the more I find myself being reminded of her/that. The sickness Kabuki is the icing on the poisoned cake, -it is undeniable proof of the fact that we are no longer dealing with actual individuals in an organic society, but rather programmed lemmings. It is blatant proof that the majority of those around us must be written off; they’ll never ‘come around’ -Their way of thinking has been perverted since toddlerhood to the point where they are cult members their whole lives who can never truly think for themselves, they can only obey their ‘leaders’- and now the cult has taken over the world to the point where those of us who refuse to give up our autonomy and logic, and join, are accounted as the bad bad guys.

    Think it’s bad now? Wait a few months and theKabuki will be back in spades! It’s now winter in Australia, and their lockdowns are back with renewed vigor! The WHO is ‘recommending’ that masking continue “indefinitely”; and the ‘Delta variant’ of the ‘Rona which is now being fear-mongered here in the good ‘Ol Joo-S-A just coincidentally has the exact same symptoms as seasonal hay fever, which ‘just happens’ to be common at this time of year…..

    • Yes, a nation of Patty Hearsts

      I’ve been looking for a pop culture reference that people could relate to – that sums it up

    • All we can take from the Patty Hearst example of “Stockholm Syndrome” is that, given sufficient time, ISOLATION, and COERCION, a victim of a kidnapping or other crime(s) will go along with his/her captor and/or oppressor. People inherently want leadership and stability; it’s why, often when children “act out”, what they subconsciously want is for Mom and Dad to assert their “authoritai”, doing so, regardless how vigorously they kick and scream when discipline is applied, reassures them that all is well.

  18. Ditto in Central Indiana. No masks in stores, restaurants, etc. except for a few holdouts here and there and no door signs in most places. I remember seeing my first masks in public before there were mandates, maybe April or May 2020? I thought the wearers were paranoid weirdos. Then everyone was forced and you couldn’t make that judgement. They could be people who think fearmasks actually work or people who just want to grab a gallon of milk at Kroger without being hassled or people who just reflexively obey authoritah.
    Now, we’re back to only the paranoid weirdos wearing them.
    I went to the library yesterday and a sign on the door said “masks encouraged.” WTF does that even mean? Either demand we wear them or let it go already. It’s like they just can’t get past it. One old guy had one on. No one else, not even the employees.
    Speaking of paranoid weirdos, my employers is still requiring them when we’re not seated at our desks, such as going to the restroom, walking in or out. We aren’t requiring customers or visitors to wear them though.
    Friday, a lost UPS guy was in our back lot, so I walked him to our door and let him in the employee entrance. As we were going in, I put my fear rag on. He asked if he needed a mask to go in. “Nope. I do, but you don’t. Ain’t that a kick in the head?”

  19. Shoptrite by me is still 60/40 diapered to undiapered. The most surreal sight was in the deli section as i was waiting for my deli meats a women walks up double diapered with a shirt on that said Team Optimist. Based on her double diapers and the way she avoided anyone undiapered like the plague i would have to say her shirt is a lie.

    It’s amazing to me how many people i see still diapering in 80+ degree heat with high humidity outside, while walking. Also i have seen a sad trend of adults undiapered pullijg along children that are diapered. Guessing they are “just following the rules” where the adults are vaxed and the kids aren’t. That makes me sick to my stomach.

  20. That’s the spooky part: “They would have to create yet another new one, to replace the current one,”

    I imagine all it takes is tweak on the narrative in order to create a new one, I can also imagine that for many it could indeed be one which DOES STILL cause a blind trust in “officials” and “experts”.

    The old, ‘tell a lie often enough’ bit, plus a once kicked dog. Many of them might not have been kicked enough to come to fear or disrespect their masters?

    I suspect The Elite still have a rabbit up their sleeve.

    That said, last weekend I saw only a handful of face diapers when I went to the city.

    • Yep. Seasonal hay fever has now become “The Delta variant”. It’s basically post-hypnotic suggestion: Once the subject has been hypnotized, just say the word that the subject has been told to react to….and VOILA!

    • “People cannot feel safe just because they had the two doses.”

      Attention, comrades!
      Atención, compañeros!
      Achtung, kamaraden!

      IT IS FORBIDDEN to “feel safe.”
      Se prohibe!
      Streng verboten!

      Got the message?

  21. Ok, separate story but on the same visit. Went out to the very nice Brookville Beer Farm about 20 minutes north from Gaithersburg. No masks on anyone, staff included, BUT…!

    Their absolutely beautiful and quite large interior bar and tables, all roped off and off limits. But you had to walk past and through the interior to get to their bathrooms. Only patio and outdoor picnic bench seating available. Most restaurants and breweries in Maryland have been allowing indoor seating for quite some time! Different rituals required depending on the business. Some have essentially no restrictions outside of perhaps fewer seats at the bar.

    Meanwhile, a “farm to table” restaurant in nearby Rockville has a sign saying “mask encouraged”, all staff wearing them yet no restrictions on seating for either indoor or outdoors.

    Similarly strange, a little farther to the north, our favorite Indian restaurant (Royal Taj) is electing to require everyone to wear masks unless seated but clearly no restrictions on indoor seating. A block away, the Perfect Pour liquor and neighboring Trader Joe’s have no mask required. The former, no staff but latter had many staff wearing them.

    In my mind, what I’m witnessing is the aftermath of this induced psychosis. None of these people could possibly explain these contradictions and would just get angry if anyone dared to ask.

    They are like Patty Hearst before the therapy but I have a feeling that a very large percentage of these people will never get right. They will ultimately just do what they see the rest of the herd doing.

    What ever happened to Patty anyway?

    • I forgot to mention something concerning about the farm to table joint. They added a section at the bottom of their receipts that is captioned “Contact Tracing” and has two headings, “Name” and “Phone Number” with several lines apparently for each guest at any given table. I know they added that within the last two weeks because I had breakfast there two weeks ago!

      They didn’t ask me to fill it out and the entire transaction was conducted via contactless payment terminal separated by the ultimate in virus protection, yes, a sheet of plexiglass.

      But why add that now?! I keep seeing evidence (like this) that’s telling me that this “almost back to normal” is a scam and that they’re quietly furthering their agenda for the next round. That would also explain the numerous corporate businesses (like Ramada) holding on to the insanity.

      The Symbionese Pharmaceutical Army is just refitting, refreshing, and preparing for the next attack!

      • > they’re quietly furthering their agenda for the next round.
        We’ll all be singing the “Delta blues” before long – try October.
        I expect that to be the next “compliance test.”
        The Faucian bargain, so to speak.

        But we can’t have people’s “freedumb” restricted for Cuatro de Julio, otherwise we wouldn’t know that “at least we’re free,” eh?

        Occult = hidden.
        Effacing one’s face really is an “occult ritual.”

        “The executioner’s face is always well hidden.”
        — Bob Dylan
        “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”
        – Pogp

  22. I’m currently sitting in a Ramada hotel in Gaithersburg, MD in which I see a profound departure from reason and sanity. Sign on all entrances still says “mask required” (with the usual blah, blah). Almost nobody other than staff are wearing them. The wife and I refuse and nobody said a word to us. We brought the loathsome obedience devices but left them in the car just in case.

    The hotel restaurant and bar are still out of service, yet they hosted a huge party in their ballroom last night and the hotel kitchen cooked for the event!

    They told us that the maids won’t go in any rooms until you’ve checked out. If we want fresh towels we had to leave them in the hallway! Which we did and later found out that we had to then call the desk, go down ourselves and pick up fresh ones! That is when we found out about the maids.

    This is lunacy and these people carry on as if it is all right and proper, not allowing themselves to notice the contradictions.

  23. You and I, and the likeminded are the only ones that will hold them accountable, and without the force needed to inflict appropriate punishment, there will be little consequence to these inhuman monsters. I agree, the Patty Hearst comparison is spot on. Millions of Stockholm syndrome victims. They’ve assumed a new identity, and won’t let it go. They’ve invested too much time and effort into creating it. Even if they reverted to their previous identity, they would be sorely distressed because those they “trusted” before are the same ones that inflicted the new identity. They were primed and ready to assume the new one. They would have to create yet another new one, to replace the current one, that does NOT blindly trust “officials” and “experts”.
    Meanwhile, yesterday in London somewhere between 100,000 and half a million took to the streets to protest the restrictions. Of course corporate media reported hundreds, but I saw aerial footage proving otherwise.

  24. A sad incident for me recently was when I encountered a young family, a mom, the infant that she was holding, and a 3 year old boy. The mom and boy were masked, and mercifully she did not do this to the infant, as well. As I passed them, uncovered as has been my practice, the 3 year old looked at me and waved his hand. He seemed excited to see a human face. Although he was masked, it appeared that his eyes were reflecting a grin underneath the cover. I smiled broadly and said “hello” to him, but I wish I had spent more time engaging. I was happy to share a smile with this little guy, but saddened by what appeared to be his emotional starvation.

    I pray that the unabashed love of humanity that is present in a child’s heart will not be dampened permanently by this evil.

  25. Central VA diaper report:

    Local farm: No masks in site
    Farmer’s Market: No masks on anyone
    Target: One Target employee and two women each with a child in tow wore masks, but the rest of the shoppers and employees were bare faced. When I entered the store the first thing I saw was a mom of 3 kids (est. ages around 4, 7, and 9) all unmasked and none of the kids seemed terrified as they were jabbering and looking through the new school supplies.

    It feels like old times although I am aware it won’t last for long.

    In my neck of the words only the weirdos are still are hiding their faces.

    • Spoke to soon….obviously the weirdos in my town hang out at the grocery store.

      Drove over to Aldi got out of the car and walked to the door….Mask Required. Turned around and got back in my car and drove over to Lidl. Sign on the door stated “If you are vaccinated, a mask is not required.” Done. Dropped $100 while I was there. I was only 1 of 4 unmasked in the store. Apparently, the cool people hang out at Lowe’s, TSC, and Target. Barely a mask to be seen. I think I will go back to curbside pickup for the small items I need. The grocery store is depressing as hell.

      • Hi Raider Girl.

        Some time ago I mentioned how the board of my 400-unit Miami high rise condo (I am the President) reached a state of psychosis over a building staff member coming down with the ‘rona. You had asked me to keep you posted on what happened from there. Well, I now have a meaningful update.

        The other stuff is more involved, but we had a board meeting this week and one agenda item was to vote on eliminating the mask mandate in my building. When starting on this agenda item, I led off with a fairly lengthy speech, too lengthy to describe in a comment section, but I recorded that segment of the meeting and the fiasco that ensued, but ultimately I got the measure to pass, eliminating the requirement. I cut the whole narrative to bits. They eventually started shouting over me because they just could NOT handle my truth bombs.

        I withstood a blistering attack from both board members and audience members, including a Karen who said “I lost family members!!” Ya know, the standard Karen line that’s supposed to guilt people into stopping dead in their tracks.

        I will be uploading the recording to the cloud, as well as the outline of my speech, so you and anyone else here can play it, and hopefully comment on it.

        There was some negative fallout toward me from the board afterward, but I warned them that if this remains a continuing controversy, they’ll need to replace me. It was quickly dropped because they value me as a board President and have been supportive in every other way. I knew I had that leverage and I used it.

        THEN, a few days later, others came up to me like I was a celebrity, thanking me for standing for our principles, so in all, not a bad ending.

        Stay tuned. I’ll upload and send a link to my content.


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