Curing Their Sickness – For Our Sake

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How to cure weaponized hypochondria?

The first step is not to pretend it isn’t by ceding to it the slightest legitimacy. It must be unmasked for the illness it is – which cannot happen as long as people who aren’t ill pretend those who are ill aren’t.


This is false compassion – and for that reason dangerous and those who insist upon it are either incredibly misguided or something much worse. It is cruel to entertain harmful delusions – both as regards the deluded and as regards those who aren’t but enable the perpetuation of the delusion – and of mass psychosis – by participating in reality denial. Authentic kindness is best expressed by unwinding the delusion; by helping the deluded person to shed it by not being complicit in it and thereby helping them to realize that their fears are skewed and exaggerated; that things are ok  . . . and that they will be ok.

How to know whether you’re dealing with someone who is ill? Diagnosis is easy. All you have to do is look around. If you see a “mask” you are seeing illness.

Or complicity with it.

Does the patient insist on you pretending you are sick in the absence of any evidence that you are?

Is the patient obsessed with sickness even though they aren’t sick?

Are they unreasonable?

If you ask them to explain how a person who isn’t sick can spread sickness and they respond with anger, you are probably dealing with a very sick person. If they don’t at least pause when presented with a contrary fact or contradicting statements by the “experts”  – e.g., “masks don’t work” and then “wear two masks” – it is likely there is something badly wrong.

With them.

If you say to them:

This virus poses a very small threat of more than mild symptoms to almost all otherwise healthy people and of those people, on the order of 99-plus percent have not and are not likely to die and so it is as unreasonable to live in dread of dying from it as it is to live in dread of dying in a car wreck or from heart disease. . .  and their reaction is hysterical, you may assume they are extremely sick.

If they insist that wearing a “mask” in order to be allowed in a restaurant is necessary but that it is unnecessary to keep wearing it at the table, they are profoundly delusional. They cannot appreciate that they are performing a ritual to salve their disturbed state of mind – in the manner of a child avoiding cracks in the sidewalk to keep from breaking her momma’s back.

In ordinary times it was unnecessary to treat such people because for the most part, they kept their sickness to themselves. The child avoiding cracks wasn’t empowered to make everyone else hop-skip down the sidewalk to also avoid the cracks, for the sake of her momma’s perfectly-intact-regardless back.

Equivalently disturbed manias such as obsessive hand-washing, fearfulness and even “mask” wearing were seen as sad but harmless as regards the mentally sound, who weren’t expected to pretend it wasn’t mentally unsound to be a hypochondriac.

But then hypochondria was weaponized, leading to the current mass (and “mask”) psychosis. The ill are everywhere – and require therapy  – in order to cure what ails us.

This being the expectation to perform bizarre rituals for their sake, to ease their peace of broken mind and – much worse – to simply give in to the madness and let the crazies run the country and our lives into the ground.


That is the first step toward health. Just say . . . No! I will not put on a “mask.” If that makes you nervous then see a shrink. Get help. Deal with your problem. Do not try to make it my problem, because I will not tolerate it.

In their face whenever they get in yours. Laugh in their face, if need be – if they provoke it.

The harassment of healthy people by the ill must end. The ill must be made to understand that they are ill. By saying so, openly and without feeling bad about it. The healthy must remember that it is good to identify and treat illness – and very bad to enable, perpetuate and spread it.

This will take a great deal of work given all the work expended on making people sick – and making the healthy feel intimidated by the sick. We are living through something that has no precedent in modern history. The closest historical analog is probably the religious paranoia of the Medieval witch-hunt and then as now the treatment for that was enlightenment – a general refusal to countenance bizarre hobgoblins of the mind by refusing to pretend witch-hunters weren’t very sick and very dangerous people.

No more putting on the very dangerous ritual garment to avoid upsetting the latter-day witch hunters.  Let them get upset, stomp their feet and huff and puff through their pulsating-with-rage Face Diapers. If they go beyond getting upset, then there are treatments for that, too.

Practice true kindness – by refusing to be a party to the psychological crippling of healthy children for the sake of accommodating mentally damaged adults.

It ends as soon as we decide it ends. No more witch hunts. No more “colored entrance” signs on doors.

No more “masks required” signs on doors.

The high ground is ours – for their sake as much as ours.

It is time to reclaim it.

. . .

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  1. I was over the mask mandates by last summer. This insanity needs to end. I don’t wear one and have managed to get by so far without wearing one even though I live in a state/county/city that “requires” them. However, it’s uncomfortable to go everywhere when you are the only sane person not wearing one. My partner and I make a point of traveling to more conservative areas to shop since about 1/4 of the population in those areas give the middle finger to the governor. I’m incredibly disappointed in how easily Americans give up their freedom. Too many buying into the fear porn.

    • Hi KalenKai,

      I feel the same. As you and others here know, I have never worn (and will never wear) a “mask” for all the reasons we discuss here regularly, chief among them being I’m not sick and consider it both a degradation as well as dangerous to be expected to pretend I am or might be. Like you, it depresses me that so many people cannot seem to understand that if this guilt-tripping is accepted, then this will not only never end, it will expand. You might have a bad temper; you might lash out. You must take psychiatric drugs to calm your down. You cannot eat this – it is bad for your health and that might affect the health of others!

      I made the same fundamental arguments 20 years ago, when the government began imposing security kabuki on people,violating their persons in a degrading manner on the basis of anyone might be a trrrrrist and we all have to do our part to keep everyone safe.

      They accepted that – and so now we have this

    • Hi Proud,

      It would be interesting to find out the demographics of the seven who died with (likely not of) Corona… I would be willing to bet most were elderly and already ill or infirm from some other chronic debility.

    • Hi Proud,
      I’ve noticed that too, the hyperbolic/sky is falling over the top adjectives the MSM are using to keep the serfs cowering. Every report on “the cases, the cases!” says they’re astronomical….skyrocketing….unprecedented…etc. Really wearing out the Thesaurus to find ever more hysterical descriptions. Just more brainwashing mind games.

      • I’ve noticed this too. “Backlash” “blasts” “deadly” “deboonked” “rant” “screed”… I couldn’t think of many more. They’re not wearing the Thesaurus out though, they’re just using the same 2 or 3 on rotation for the situation.

        To thinking people it’s face-palm inducing. To morons, it’s OMG!!!!!

        Glad lots of people (mostly younger, boomers are still sound asleep) are waking up to how RETARDED the whole show is.

  2. hey – on a positive note it seems that Covid has completely killed off influenza !!

    (its almost as if TPTB are admitting they’ve re-branded the flu and are having a laugh at the sheep who just dont get it because the media doesnt tell them!!)

    Having said that – this really goes to show the dumbing down of society… i mean people have completely outsource any critical ability they had to the media and the “experts”…. they just refuse to use their own brains !!

        • Hi Anon,

          Yup. As I rattle all of this stuff around in mah head, I conclude the only way out is to get out. To separate ourselves – the sane – from the insane. Geographically and politically. This is understood, self-evident. The differences are irreconcilable. But the question then is… how to separate ourselves? The Freaks despise us – but will not let us go our own way while they go theirs. So we must find a way to go our own way whether they like it or not. I’m rattling that around in mah head now!

    • Yup. This is never going to end. Most people are way too happy to go along with this for there ever to be enough resistance to end the insanity.

      Soon, double tenting no doubt.

      I LOLed at tuba guy. #8. The numbers are a nice touch.

    • The guy playing tuba in a tent is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen all year! If this wasn’t real, I’d swear it was a Babylon Bee parody.

    • Hi X,

      In the case of these “tents,” I have to ask – where are the parents? I haven’t got kids, but if I did, mine would not be attending such psychological gimping sessions.

      • The “Parents” are likely sooooo relieved that “in-person” learning is back so they don’t have to deal with their kids, so they can wrrrrrrk. And they’re probably gushing on Nextdoor about how “funnnnnny” it is and “glad that the school district is taking this pandemic seriously and doing their utmost to keep our vulnerable population safe.”

        When hyperinflation?

        • Hi Michael,

          Yup – and it’s desperately sad. I have never understood people who have kids and then don’t want to raise them. I get having to work. But there are ways to have kids without work being the central organizing principle of life. I consider it a tragedy that the one-earner/full-time mom model has largely been tossed in the trash.

      • Dear Eric,

        Behold yet another reason to homeschool as I do. It never occurred to me that I was eschewing a sousaphone tent, but apparently I did! Is peak absurdity just around the corner or have we further to travel?

        • I’m not sure of much these days, but I’m sure we have plenty far to fall yet. The absurdities get more silly by the week – outside of some Benny Hill skit, could you imagine a boy and his tuba shoved in a pup tent? And none of the “adults” who promulgated this held to account?

          I suppose this is what the apostle Paul meant in Romans 1:18-32. A manifestation of collectively atrophied intelligence and maturity. Coupled with extreme gullibility and lack of shame.

    • I saw something recently where a pit orchestra is doing the same thing! Plexiglass partitions between each player. I thought the beauty of an orchestra was how all the acoustics of each instrument blend together! Madness.

  3. Call me a dreamer, but I believe there’s a legitimate chance that on or around May 1 (the ostensible end of the presumptive president’s 100-day “challenge”), a few brave souls will remove the masks. I further predict that by summer, maybe 20% of the public will have tossed the face rag. If we can get to 20% noncompliance, there is no way anyone will be able to enforce mandates.

    Incidentally, Fox News reported that 70% of Americans said they would keep wearing masks even after the mandates ended. What does that tell you about the American hive mind?

    • I hope so. I’m predicting another year (perhaps I’m not quite as optimistic as you are). Sooner or later, though, everyone will realize how stupid this is. Corporations and the government will have to be dragged kicking and screaming before they give it up, though.

      • “Sooner or later, though, everyone will realize how stupid this is.”

        I have seen little that suggests the vast majority are capable of realizing anything. That involves thinking. That is hard work, avoided at all costs. Besides, everything they need to know, the TV tells them.

        When the TV tells them to take off the masks, they will obey.

        Really, think about all the stupid things that are mainstream today that people don’t give a second though to.

      • Hi Publius,

        I think the people who despise the Diaper already don’t wear it; the problem is that – as far as I can see – a majority of the population in most areas (most populated areas) actually like the Diaper. Or rather, have been conditioned to wearing it as they wear shirts and shoes – just part of their couture. These people will continue wearing them even if all the “mandates” disappeared tomorrow.

    • Hi Jim,

      The intellectual (emotional, really) predicates for “masking” were in place years before the ‘Rona. People obsessed with saaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety are ready for “masking.” And pathological dread of risk – saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety! – has been the cultural norm for decades. You’d have to go back to the mid-late ’80s, at least, to discover an America that wasn’t pathologically obsessed with saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety.

      Then we have Least Common Denominatorism. This idea that everyone must be chained to the capabilities of the least able, the most “vulnerable.” Instead of bright kids in school being encouraged, the dull (and unmotivated) are fawned over. Participation trophies. No right on red – because some people can’t handle it. Etc.

      Marinate a culture in such a stew for a generation or two and here’s what you get.

      • Bingo. I remember back in 2009 some friends in college just questioning why an over-commensurate share of resources were devoted to special education.

      • We’re all just bags of jello with some bones included. If we fall down wrong we die. The notion that one can be “safe” is ludicrous. Which is why we were given a brain, so we could evaluate risk. I remember many many years ago, a TV news report was ripping drunk driving. I in no way suggest anyone should drive drunk. But when the news anchor claimed “50% of fatal accidents involve drunk driving”, I couldn’t resist. So I called him up on the phone, and he actually answered. I told him, “if 50% of traffic fatalities were caused by drunk drivers, apparently the other 50% are caused by sober drivers, right?” Crickets………..
        Such is the result when one looks at statistics at face value. They have to be put in some kind of context. Unless context is what is trying to be avoided. In the COVID hysteria, all that is looked at is the “cases”, the “hospitalizations”, and the “deaths”, which are fraudulent in the first place, but no comparison is made to what is normal, or average. Over all world wide deaths from all causes did NOT significantly increase in 2020 over either of the two previous years. Which is impossible if there was a real pandemic. Boiled down, people are far too eager to pick up the easiest way to do anything, including automatically assuming that if an “official” says a slightly possibly could be a bit more dangerous than influenza virus is going to be the death of us all, they believe it. Much easier than taking a closer look.

      • ~1988. I want to go back and stay there.

        The new cars mostly kind of sucked but life was so much better and lots of old iron was still around, cheap.

  4. It is said that half the people in this nation are on some sort of anti-depressant, so if even a quarter of those people actually need a happy pill, there’s most of your answer.

    I can confirm that it takes 90 days to get over an addiction. I quit smoking several times over the years, but until I read that always went back. I see the same pattern with sugar, I can get through the 40 days of Lent no problem but right back at it a few months later. This year I’m going for the full 90 days so fingers crossed I can be done with this cursed belly once and for all.

    But what’s going to happen to all these people when the “pandemic” is over? Nothing lasts forever (except herpes), so what will become of all that excess dopamine they’ve been secreting hoping for more excitement? Will we continue to see hand sanitizer at every entrance? Eventually the stickers will wear and look like they belong in the K-Mart or A&P, not Walmart or Target. I imagine there will be stories around the bridge table, reminiscing about how the country came together as one to beat the contagion. And memories of the early days, when everyone was trying to figure out how to work from home, or sharing TP with their neighbors, and maybe the hostess will bring out a mask she made on the sewing machine (which is the most it was ever used) and they’ll all have a polite chuckle. Or how eerie it was to see an empty Times Square, like “in a movie.” Grandma told us the story of the ’36 flood. Mom and dad told the stories about duck-and-cover. I’ve told stories about 9/11. I doubt I’ll be telling any stories about the Wuhan Flu, except maybe as a lesson in how to spot mass hysteria, and how to make a buck off it.

    • I hope you never suffer rheumatoid arthritis. But it will immediately let you know that eating sugar is a bad thing. Never the less, I do occasionally hurt myself. The weight gain is one of the minor dangers the stuff presents. It tends to inflame everything, and yes, it is addictive.
      There is no doubt in my mind that COVID hysteria is an addictive process. If you constantly worry about a thing that’s mostly inconsequential, you aren’t worrying about things that matter. Which are often harder to deal with, but must be dealt with.

      • For sure my sinuses and joints swell up pretty bad when I go off the wagon. The problem is sugar (corn or otherwise) is everywhere. But usually about 2 weeks into the detox I wake up well rested and very flexible. That’s a good feeling. But it fades then I see yet another cookie or have BBQ or something full of “hidden” sugar and the cycle begins again. Sneaky bastards know what sells for sure.

  5. For the past few months I’ve been watching my employer trying to figure out how to get everything back to normal. For nearly a year the COVID response team has been screeching COVID fear porn and propaganda. Now that they’ve terrorized half the workforce into sickness psychosis, cooler heads are trying to prevail and calm everything down. In an effort to gauge where employees are, they’ve asked all employees to self report their vaccine status (even though the company doesn’t require it).

    Here’s the kicker, though. The COVID response team lead suffers from sickness psychosis. And TDS. In a Red State. So for a year this psychopath has been screeching at everyone that they’re going to kill grandma if they don’t mask up and get the jab, in addition to four years of spewing unbridled hatred of all things Trump. Now everyone is supposed to tip their hand on where they might be aligned on politics and COVID?

    What a laughingstock. Competent leadership would have understood the importance of having emergency response teams made up of people that can stay rational when the SHTF. These idiots clearly didn’t put one ounce of thought into how this might end.

    Lawyer up! There’s no way this will end peacefully!

    • Amazing how such cocksuckers seem to rise to such positions, isn’t it?

      As always, those best fit to acquire power are also least fit to exercise it.

      • Never did like college boys. At least those who ride it like a prize horse, and don’t try to better themselves otherwise. Which is why college graduation as a condition of employment has been dropping like a lead balloon.

        • Hi John,

          Amen. I have a BA but the only reason I got it – the formal education – is because at the time, it was a necessary thing to even be considered for a job as a reporter. Overall, I am glad I went as I did get something out of it. But was it necessary to competently compose a news story? Heck, I was capable of doing that in 6th grade! Almost any half-bright person is capable of that by 6th grade. Well… before government got into the schooling business.

            • Morning, RK!

              The bar has been lowered to the point that professional illiteracy is now common. I encounter it regularly. Spelling errors in publications that were once famous for the perfection of their copy editing. The use of “there” rather than “their.” Etc. And political language suffusing it all, without a hint of consciousness of it, either. As if it is assumed that – to take one example – Orange Man Bad.

              I used to keep a bottle of Makers in my right hand drawer when I worked in the Big City. Now you know why!

              • Grammar is racissis! (unless someone calls you out on it)

                “This approach challenges the familiar dogma that writing instruction should limit emphasis on grammar/sentence-level issues so as to not put students from multilingual, non-standard ‘academic’ English backgrounds at a disadvantage. Instead, it encourages students to develop a critical awareness of the variety of choices available to them [with] regard to micro-level issues in order to empower them and equip them to push against biases based on ‘written’ accents.”


    • Lawyer up indeed! Businesses are being advised to take CDC recommendations seriously because insurance won’t pay out for pandemic-related claims. Besides, they’ll get reimbursed on the back end if they fill out the right forms. No better way to show you’re doing things right then hiring a bunch of true believers to implement the plan.

      A friend of mine was doing IT for a local government entity. Her side of the story is, she got a new boss who was better at bullshit than IT so they didn’t get along. Suddenly her work was terrible and everything was wrong. Then she got fired. No process, no reviews, nothing. Even if there’s legitimate reasons for her dismissal, her case should still be like EEOC catnip. Took her about 2 months to find a lawyer because every firm in town is swamped with COVID cases (and not the kind they test for). You better believe these lawyers will be looking for anything that wasn’t done exactly by CDC recommendations, even the ones that contradict the other ones.

      • My employer is currently getting ramrodded in the, well, you know, because of its covidiocy. Multiple people are out, and currently not allowed to reenter the facility, because they got the sniffles and no one (not even their bosses) can figure out how to let them back in while simultaneously satisfying the saaaafety brigade (whom they encourage).

        Good. This, or getting sued (both methods directly impact the bottom line), is the only way they will learn.

        If I were on the jury, I would consider “following the CDC guidelines” to be gross negligence. The agency is certainly a joke, but unfortunately there don’t seem to be enough of me to make a dent.

        • 99.9999% of these cases will never see a courtroom. Most employers have you sign a paper agreeing to arbitration unless covered by state law or union contract, and the union guys let arbitration clauses into the contract in exchange for something that will benefit the union.

          • In my experience that is not the case. Some will make you sign a confidentiality agreement and/or a non-compete, while others basically recognize the futility of those & make you sign nothing.

            If they ever do anything, they sneak stuff into the employee handbook that no one can or wants to comply with, or is broadly worded, which they mostly won’t bother to enforce (much) until they decide they want to get rid of someone, or at least make an example out of them.

      • Here in the PRC, the legislature has decreed the legal presumption that if you contracted the dread COVID, you *must* have gotten it at work, absent proof to the contrary. Can you say “arse pucker time for employers?”
        Disregard (Cal)OSHA at your peril…

  6. I wrote this in another post, but it’s apropos here as well. Yesterday, at Dillard’s, closing for good of course (the connection isn’t that complicated for some), I walked in with my wife free breathing.

    Walking down the aisle, a short round old lady literally backpedaled into the clothes area away from us and then started squawking, “They’re not wearing masks! Hank (her husband I believe), GIVE ME the KEYS! Yes, they’re not wearing masks. THOSE TWO!!”

    I was pissed off but yelled back over my shoulder, “That’s right!”

    The rest of my shopping experience was very pleasant. No degrading rituals in the fitting rooms. The attendant even invited me to sit down on the comfy chair while I waited for my wife. I made sure to tell the manager what a pleasant experience it was.

    This is the last hurrah of the boomers, in their life-long titanic struggle to sink the formerly free and prosperous United States, with willing assistance from their shit-for-brains children.

  7. Eric,

    Your post is very pertinent to my morning’s experience. I was made target for Holy Conversion by some white-diapered douchebag at the local Fry’s (which is analog to your Kroger).

    It had been my favorite store, with no one ever giving me trouble. In fact, the employees were always still nice and helpful, regardless of my bare faced blasphemy.

    But not this morning, at least for a minute.

    He asked “Mmmf mmask mmmph?”. I asked “What?”, and he, of course, pulled down the diaper to ask me “You have a mask on you?”.
    I said, “No, I don’t have a mask on me.”
    He seemed befuddled, as though no one had ever refused before, and he decided he had to call his manager.

    I told him that I had been in that particular store many times during this fiasco, and no one had bothered me. And that I had APPRECIATED that. He informed me that this was his FIRST time working in that particular store, and needed to ask the manager of the policy (for sacrilegious scum like me).

    First time? Ya don’t say!

    Then, I told him I’d be shopping if he needed me, and went on my way.

    Maybe 10 minutes later, I’d finished up at the self-checkout. No irate manager appeared. Mr. Tighty-Whities came at me no further. Hmmm…

    But I’ll tell you… I’m fucking sick of it. SICK of it!

      • I didn’t need to waste any more breath on that putz, but the manager would’ve received an education in my thoughts. Luckily, he/she decided not to respond and to let me be. We’ll see if that’s the case next time, IF I decide to go back there.

  8. Most people have always been soulless drones. Trends, fashion and canned phrases make it easy to detect the NPCs around us. If it ever becomes trendy to denounce the scamdemic and muzzling these same husks of humanity will declare with glee that they never masked. I’ve seen the same behavior with old school “conspiracy theories” like the illuminati global elite or disaster prepping being heavily ridiculed or fags being treated like leppers but now they’re apparently the pinnacle of the hip. The good news is these same hollow creatures will be the bulk that tosses themselves into the next megadeath and we’ll be rid of them until the next post war baby boom. Perhaps we’ll get some nice suppressed technology post cull.

  9. I’m in NYC this morning. Walked past the NYC public library, outside of which are two large concrete lions on 5th Ave. The lions are each wearing blue face diapers. How can I reason with a concrete lion? Or, how can I or anyone reason with people in New York if it is this ingrained?

    • Wow! Uh, No, there is no reasoning or explaining with that level of govt coerced propoganda. That reminds me of seeing the old soviet propaganda statues and paintings that were all over the former soviet union. The only way to convince those people is to take them away from that government coerced madness and show them directly the error of their ways. Like taking a communist citizen who is normally waiting hours in line just for a loaf of bread to a supermarker in the US and showing them how bread is lined up waiting for them. And even that may not work for the most brainwashed.

      • ‘reminds me of seeing the old soviet propaganda statues and paintings that were all over the former soviet union’ — Antilles

        Speaking of the soviets, Uncle Joe Biden follows in the footsteps of Uncle Joe Stalin:

        ‘President Joe Biden on Wednesday afternoon is expected to sign an executive order that aims for a review of supply chains for semiconductors and other critical goods.

        ‘The upcoming order will direct an immediate 100-day review across federal agencies to address vulnerabilities in the supply chains of semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, rare earths and large-capacity EV batteries.’ (MarketWatch)

        Why not a Five Year Plan, Joe? Then we’ll be sure to meet our production quotas for EV batteries … grain too!

        As the beloved Barky O’Bummer used to say, ‘You didn’t build that!’

        • Gee, didn’t that last guy say something about a threat from outsourcing all of our tech to India and China?

          Oh, but he was mean to Rosie O’Donnell on Twitter.
          And had the audacity to serve McDonalds (“Well, I never!”) to a bunch of college kids instead of the snobby fare usually served by the WH kitchen.
          And he spiced up the press room by putting a mean girl* in charge of communications. *

          Almost like he was making fun of the ritual. So better spin it as “he’s racicciss” and never mind the mockery of the office.

        • We would have a lot fewer vulnerabilities in the rare earth supply chain if California would tell the greenies to back off. These only occur in mineable quantities in China, California, and (to a much lesser extent) Sweden. However, the tailings are slightly radioactive and…California. Technically they aren’t prohibited from mining–it boils down to a cost thing.

          A lot of the large-scale pharmaceutical manufacturing got offshored to China and India about 15 years or so ago. There’s still some manufacturing, and a fair amount of R&D here stateside, but not the capacity there used to be.

          Batteries I don’t know so much about, but I’m willing to bet that those aren’t made here much either, largely because the process is highly environmentally unfriendly. And it isn’t exactly like there are cobalt or lithium deposits just anywhere.

        • Here’s a link to the Reuters story:

          >U.S. semiconductor companies account for 47 percent of global chip sales, but only 12 percent of global manufacturing is done in the United States, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association.
          (it was once ~ 37%)

          For those who are interested, there is a lot more going on here.
          In addition to semiconductor chips, there is the matter of rare earth elements.
          The Reuters article barely mentions this aspect, but it is extremely important.

          If you would like to know more, type “Mountain Pass Mine” into your favorite search engine (Google will work just fine, in this case) , and read every article which shows up on the first page of search results.
          You may be amazed at what you find out.
          Check it out for yourself.

      • Hi Michael

        The question is how did so many people the world over become infantilized? That most ostensibly can’t or won’t act without direction from self-appointed overlords, or won’t act contrary to directives or behaviors that common sense should dictate are against one’s self interest or well-being.

        I didn’t find the diapered lions funny or cute, because of what this represents. Because it serves to underscore and perpetuate both fear and what Eric is styling weaponized hypochondria – that we all have to pretend and behave as if we are each a Typhoid Mary, concrete lions included. It’s shameful and pathetic, as much as it is childish, to go through the effort to diaper a statue, because it reflects the mindset of a people who have already been swindled and laid to waste. That the goal of reclaiming sanity and normalcy might be out of reach for a very long time.

        • Hi BAC,

          I agree with you. I don’t find the diapered tangible items cute at all (e.g. the diapered baby dolls that parents are purchasing for their children, ahem, American Girl), the in your face T-shirts “Don’t Be an Ass, Wear A Mask”, the constant barrage of advertising of masks on every site that I go to, etc.

          What I find so shocking (and I really shouldn’t), but the amount of people that have been needled. Pretty much all of my clients have already gotten it. I am amazed who have received it (people I did not expect) – Republicans, conservatives, independents, etc. The fear runs deep.

          On a bright note those that have received the vaccine don’t seem to be as antsy around me and my full face. They still mask up, but they are allowing me in the buildings and sit and chat with me for several minutes, where before, I was not even allowed to stand on the door mat.

          • Raider Girl,

            One of the most disturbing things i saw, or my wife showed me since i don’t use facistbook, were parents this past Christmas either masking or shoving their kids elves into quarantine glass bottles for 2 weeks. Or having pictures with santa behind a glass partition. These poor children had already been through almost 10 months of trauma. Being made to think that their meer presence and hug was going to kill grandma and now the one thing that you could have used to provide some well needed normalcy in their lives, christmas, these parents corrupted as well. It made me absolutely sick to see it.

            • Antilles,

              I felt bad for the little kids at Christmas time. Our small town had Santa and Mrs. Claus walking around (unmasked) greeting children (also unmasked) and the liberals threw a fit writing an editorial in the paper how they could not believe Santa did not have the decency to bedeck his face (and massive beard) in a $.45 Chinese mask!

              • Hi RG,

                The sight of kids with these loathsome soul bits (think horses) over their mouths disgusts me and angers me. Do the parents of these kids not understand that they are teaching their kids fear as well as mindless obedience? Of course, I realize the parents – many of them – earnestly believe they are doing the opposite. Which is a commentary on their fitness to be parents.

          • It’s sickening (pun!) to sell diapered toys, for the same reasons – normalizing adult psychoses. Ditto Christmas and Easter pictures, per Antilles. Same with the TV commercials featuring diapered actors, and shows like Chicago Fire, which have incorporated face diapers and covid into the storylines. Hell, I was watching some How It’s Made type show the other night, for Entenmann’s cookies, and the host was all diapered up, as were the employees. So. Tired. Of. The. Endless. Propaganda.

            As for the vaccines, people keep excitedly asking me if I’m going to get the jab. They sit there stunned, mouth opened like a dead brook trout, when I tell them [rhymes with duck] No! My answer is literally unexpected and unfathomable to them, and leaves them speechless. They were so ready to get all chummy, it’s slightly delightful to deflate their balloon. But I still want to break things just for having to endure the ask.

            • Bac,

              The sight of abject horror on their faces when you tell them no is really one of my pleasures in life right now. The best was when the pharmacist asks and then tries to lecture you on why i should get it. No thanks i tell her. I have 0 intention of getting an experimental gene treatment and neither will the rest of my family so don’t bother asking my wife because you will get the same answer.

          • “Don’t Be an Ass, Wear A Mask”

            I haven’t seen one of those but if I do I’m going to have a t-shirt made that just says “Ass”.

        • I was thinking about this, and I’m sure it’s a combination of things, but I see infantilization as the same as never growing up. Most millennials were never RAISED to be adults, television, Sesame Street, and fucking Elmo were their “teachers.” The parents were too busy wrrrrrrking and spending little to no quality time with their kids, besides “Do yer homewerk!” Now, they’re largely stuck in the stage of children, but with an adult body.

          • Hi Michael,

            The schools raised the majority of children and they did it by painting the parent as the bad guy. I remember my younger nieces and nephews coming home and telling my brother in law that if he ever spanked them they would call the cops. The schools did such a good job turning parents and children against each other.

            The other problem is a lack of responsibility. I believe it is necessary for children (and adults) to have chores and jobs. Both of my teenagers work for me. It is usually about 5-10 hours a week, but they do receive a paycheck and taxes are deducted. This teaches them that the government’s hand is always out, but most importantly they should get paid for services that they perform. It provides them spending money on the things that they want where their father and I provide them a roof, clothes, and food. It is amazing how responsible a child can become when they realize they have to spend their own money for something. Most of the time they usually don’t want it that bad. 😉 I actually tried getting both of my children checking accounts and debit cards, but the bank refused to allow it (even with me on the account as a custodian). They said no go until the child is 16. Is a sixteen year more mature than a fifteen year old? I know thirty year olds who shouldn’t have a checking account so I find age has very little to do with accountability.

    • Well a goat in Tanzania did test positive so I recommend that all goats be masked. And pawpaw fruit. We need to be putting masks on pawpaw fruit.

  10. I saw it right from the start, the hypochondria. The two people I first encountered after the ‘announcement’ in March of last year were, by their own admission, hypochondriacs. They stood at my desk telling me how scared they were of needles and of getting sick. They questioned me about my willingness to get tested and vaccinated. I said no to all of their stupid questions. Then their fear transformed into full blown Nazism monitoring every face, surface, room, rule, and distance. In other words, they made it hell. So, I moved as far away from them as possible and even had some inappropriate arguments with them in an effort to keep them the fuck away from me. It’s the hypochondriacs that are driving this. I just never realized that there were so god damn many of them!

    • It’s almost like an increase in depravity like pedophilia is somehow related to an increase in peoples’ fear of dying. Hmmm.

  11. Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake, got tricked into returning to Italy, was a victim of the Inquisition.

    The Church had had enough of Giordano and on February 9th in 1600 Giordano went up in smoke.

    “Bruno wrote: “Everything, however men may deem it assured and evident, proves, when it is brought under discussion to be no less doubtful than are extravagant and absurd beliefs.” He coined the phrase “Libertes philosophica.” The right to think, to dream, if you like, to make philosophy. After 14 years of wandering about Europe Bruno turned his steps toward home. Perhaps he Was homesick. Some writers have it that he was framed. For Bruno to go back to Italy is as strange a paradox as that of the rest of his life.”

    I doubt he would have been a mask wearer, the insolent atheist infidel would have had nothing to do with such a cult.

  12. I’m beginning to suspect the general population has already received a vaccination, against sanity. I would in no way doubt that the Psychopaths In Charge could have and would have introduced some agent into the food and/or water supply for the purpose. While true that the level of fraud and propaganda has never achieved the height it currently enjoys, can that really account for the level of insanity we currently suffer? One can be driven insane, no doubt, but the numbers involved in the COVID panic are staggering.
    After all, it would be much easier than actually convincing people to go insane to just poison them.

  13. It’s reaching a boiling point. I’m enjoying the ride. Once upon a time, you couldn’t walk into a bank with a mask on, or the AGW’s would be called.

    Now, you get people looking at you aghast (you can tell by the bulging eyeballs and knitted eyebrows) if you dare to show your face.

    Which I do.

    The best thing to do if confronted is answer all questions with questions. Make them think. They may get upset, I mean, they will get upset, so enjoy that.

    Some may decide to get physical. That’s fine. Keep a cool head and put them on the ground and control/ restrain them if it (hopefully not) comes to that.

    I personally love being asked if I have a mask, saying no, then throwing the one they hand to me in the trash without it ever touching my face.

    I’m not sick. I’m not afraid. If you are, stay in the @#$%ing house.

    I’ll still be smiling, either way. And you’ll see my pearly whites.

    • “Some may decide to get physical. That’s fine. Keep a cool head and put them on the ground and control/ restrain”

      NO. If they get physical do everything in your power to smash their tiny brains into the marble. Kill them. Once violence is initiated by another, END THEM.

    • My bank has a sign on the door prohibiting a) hats b) hooded sweatshirts and c) sunglasses, and another which *requires* “face masks.” Hello?
      So, I wore a full head covering , color black, with only eye holes, something like this:
      and a black, long sleeved t-shirt.
      Minimized verbal interaction with the teller.
      Bank manager followed me outside to tell me I had scared her staff.
      I didn’t say that, of course, just thought it.
      I told her I would do my best not to return, and I have kept my word.

  14. Good stuff Eric, I couldn’t agree more.
    All of this boils down to honesty. People lie, to themselves and to each other. It is really that simple imho.

  15. Re the maskers who don’t “believe” – polite society once referred to such types as “enablers” – and just as much in need of help as those they enable.

  16. “Joe Biden says the administration expects to send millions of masks to people around the country very shortly.” AP News this a.m.

    • It’s politically akin to Orange Fail mailing everyone a MAGA hat… that they are “mandated” to wear. I’m smiling thinking about the unintended consequences that may flow from this.

    • I have a small collection of discarded face condoms (the light blue “doctor costumes”), recovered from the gutter, which I have actually used as bun wad, for which purpose they work admirably well – just don’t flush them.
      I stand ready to distribute them at no cost, as a public service, to any who would like them.
      I have long believed you could sell the average Californian a sh*t sandwich, provided you:
      a) charge enough money, so he/she thinks it is something of value,
      (Hey, it’s really *great* sh*t,)
      b) tell him/her there is a limited supply, so they better hurry before they are all gone.
      There must be at least *some* Jenniiers out there who would be eager for the opportunity.


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