Latest Radio: David Knight Show 2/23/21

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Here’s the audio of my talk earlier today with David Knight – he’s back! – and so am I! My segment begins at around the 1:52 mark  . . .

. . .

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  1. I like David, it’s just when he mentions the liquor stores and pot still being available despite other things being deemed non-essential, it stinks of all the statist indoctrination that taught us to demonize those substances as vices, and that really undermines his own argument for limited government. As Spooner said..

    It’s like this statist puritan mentality of “The govt makes drink and drugs illegal/heavily regulated, therefore they must be bad” people drink to excess and smoke dope because of shit like taxes and child support..

    I get where it’s bad aesthetics, and the government no doubt revels in the serfs destroying themselves. But the governors justification for leaving them open was that they couldnt close the liquor stores since “suicides would go up from people in withdrawal”. Thing is, they also knew full well that, after what they did, suicides were gonna go up in otherwise stable people regardless, so the logic train shouldn’t even make it that far outta the station, ya know?

    It’s like kids playing “the floor is lava” and making up a bunch of rules to avoid the lava. Let’s not declare the floor to be lava in the first place and then there’s no need to entertain the rest of their bs, because it’s just a means to distract us from square one and turn our attention away from the root of the problem…their whole god forsaken myth of government authority.

    • I agree. All substances should be legal. Not “decriminalized”, so the drug runners still get paid, but legal. People are always afraid of what others might do. They jump straight to “Everyone will be on heroin and meth immediately!”. No. If you want those drugs, you can get them, and the people who want them, already do… If they’re legal, you will just have a better idea of what you’re buying, and there will be accountability…

      Anyway, I like David Knight, too. I do get a little turned off by his “there is no freedom but through God” ideas. I think people can be good and moral no matter what god they worship or do not.

      But I’m glad he’s still around and making noise, and called out Trump for failing miserably, and also the “Q-Anon” poppycock for what it was.

      • Hi BaDnOn,

        Yup. I like the idea of living in a free country. A place where a man (or a woman) is free to do as they like so long as what they do doesn’t harm anyone else. Ingesting (or injecting or smoking) a substance does not harm others; the argument that it does because the person paid money to a “drug dealer” who at some point beat someone up/shot someone, etc. and so the person who bought the drugs is causing harm is as risible as the argument that Chevy is criminal for selling Corvettes because someone runs over a kid with one.

        Busybodies are the worst species of tyrant; the “might cause harm” types. The same types driving sickness psychosis. They cannot discern between what is and what might. It is an important distinction. Critical, to limit tyranny. By all means, hold me and anyone else who causes harm responsible for the harms we cause. Who could argue against the justice of that?

        But holding me or anyone else “responsible” for harms we haven’t caused on account of some busybody’s fear that we might cause it is an outrage that justifies the loss of teeth via fists.

        • And that’s it, isn’t it Eric.

          We’re now deep in a guilty-until-proven-innocent paradigm. So deep, I’m not sure we’ll ever be free of it.

  2. I’m glad to see you are getting more airtime Eric. I think these interviews used to be too short and you didn’t really have enough time to dig into the topics.

  3. Eric,

    So am I to understand that Knight’s split with Jones had something to do this Q “Kraken” nonsense?

    In any case, it’s good to hear him again. He was probably the most reasonable of Jones’ people, and it’s good to see he’s making it solo.

  4. I’ve been listening to David since he signed on with and was sad to see the break-up. Happy to have him back on the air , and thanks to you, I know where to hear him.

    • He’s even better now that he doesn’t have to sell infomercial wars wares constantly. The format is also greatly improved without so many broadcast interruptions. This man is sharp and passionate. It’s great to hear somebody with a soul amongst all the shills. The fact that he can carry on an actual conversation with Eric is pure gravy.

      • Amen, Anon –

        David is both very bright and a gentleman; I am happy to call him a friend of mine. I also think his show is much better now, for the reasons you’ve mentioned. I look forward to my next discussion with him!


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