Weaponized Hypochondria in a Nutshell

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How bad is Sickness Psychosis – the affliction engendered by the weaponization of hypochondria?

Pretty bad.

Herewith a personal story that gives a sense of just how bad it is.

I went to the live – and let live – store described in my most recent Diaper Report (see here) where “masking” isn’t asked about, much less insisted upon, with a friend of mine. We rode in her car, together – Undiapered – neither of us being sick nor afraid of sickness the other hasn’t got.

We went to this store and enjoyed the company – as well as the sight – of other Undiapered folks, people not turned into quivering hypochondriacs living in panicked dread of sickness and afflicted by the belief that the wearing of a rag over their portals will prevent them from getting a sickness others haven’t got and so can’t give them.

Anyhow, we shopped – and ate, this place making sandwiches for the hungry – and very excellent ones, made tastier by the appetizing sight of people’s faces.

Later, I got a call from this friend who told me her daughter would not come over for dinner that evening as planned – having learned her mother rode in a car with an Undiapered, Undiapered.

This friend-of-mine’s daughter – who is a grown woman – was absolutely mortified that her mother would take such a risk as to be in a car with me and in a store with others like me. And like herself as well, since she also doesn’t Diaper.

I suggested to my friend that she offer to deliver the dinner through the window of her car, using tongs – or perhaps shunt the supper through a chute, the Sickness Kabuki already being performed at some fast food restaurants – where the food is objectively more of a threat to one’s health than a virus that doesn’t kill 99.8-something of the healthy population.

Better yet, just tell her daughter to seek therapy for her sickness.

But she won’t, because she is a weaponized hypochondriac – someone literally out-of-their mind with irrational fear of sickness. It is textbook psychiatric definition. Hypochondria: An irrational, disproportionate fear of sickness; the condition of being alarmed that one is sick in the absence of actual sickness; an obsessive fear of death from illness.

How else would you describe what these people believe?

Of a certainty, they do believe it. Which is precisely why it is pathological. But it is also something new.

Hypochondriacs used to understand that they were hypochondriacs. Most knew that their fear of germs, their obsessive hand-washing and (yes) their wearing of “masks” was prompted by an irrational fear and many sought therapy to deal with it. Very few expected others to accept it – as by pretending to also live in fear of germs, obsessively washing hands and performing other bizarre rituals to make the hypochondriacal feel better.

Not my girlfriend . . .


But the weaponization of hypochondria changed all that. Hypochondria is no longer ashamed of itself. It is militant, in the John Brown abolitionist sense just absent the underlying justification of opposition to slavery.

People like my friend’s daughter would have people like me – and people like you, if you are also not a hypochondriac – forced to pretend we share their sickness as by performing their rituals. And would have us handcuffed, jailed – and worse, inevitably – if we persist in our insistence on normality, rationality and proportionality.

These people are dangerous.

They are tearing apart friendships – and families, as in the “case” of my friend, whose daughter regards her as a reckless apostate and shuns her physical presence on the basis of a deranged fear of sickness her mother hasn’t got but just might have, ongoing.

Because you never know.

They have already torn apart the country, having poisoned friendships, family relationships – even what were in normal times the causal interactions we used to take for granted, such as saying hi! to the person behind the counter at the coffee shop – without a plexiglass barrier (and a facial barrier) in between.

It is truly sickening – just the right word.

And it is doubtful whether this sickness, having established itself, can be cured without accepting that we will be compelled to shun these weaponized hypochondriacs, as they shun us.

With the difference being that we are uninterested in forcing them to give up their hypochondria, if it feels right to them – while they are determined to force us to accept theirs, no matter how wrong it actually is.

. . . .

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  1. My wife has a close friend who is mortified at the thought of the virus. She was sitting in her back yard (masked) talking to a friend (masked) when an unmasked friend came into the back yard and sat down to talk with them. They all sat at least 6′ apart from each other. My wife’s friend became so upset as they sat there talking that she had to shut down the visit altogether. After the two friends left, she cried for hours about the risk of exposure. This simply is not a mentally healthy atmosphere that Fauci has been pushing. God help my wife’s friend when (if) we go back to no masks. Will she be able to transition back? Only time will tell.

    • Hi Clay,

      A very sad story; these people will need extensive therapy to recover their equilibrium. It may never happen. And god-damn those responsible for it.

    • Whoops, add to above

      “but it will also give police the authority to arrest anyone they suspect was going to attend such a service, whether they did so or not.”

    • Excellent links which just so happens to support what I have been contending all along.

      I was eating lunch with a group of car nuts today. At our table were the five of us, myself and two couples, all 60 years plus.

      The two couples were already seated, wearing their diapers, and I asked if I could sit with them, sans mask, while I chewed. The said “of course” and removed theirs.

      During the meal, the four related that they had taken the “vax”, and “had I’.

      I responded that the state of Florida would not allow me to take the jab, “I am only 42”.

      No one questioned that.

  2. I have two co-workers whom have befallen the great sickness. No, not the viral-boogyman, but rather the mental sickness induced by the fear and hysteria ginned up over the past months. One was double-burqa’d before it became fashionable. Now both double-burqa. At least they do not don the muzzle when driving, but they will not experience “wild air” outside of their mobile bubble without their holy rags.

    I cracked up today as we had a meet at an outdoor machine, on a very windy day, and they still had the double diapers on as if somehow me and my other full faced co worker were as nuclear as Chernobyl. I laughed when one of them pulled up and the coworker showing his face started hanging on his open van window before he could affix his 200% safer double-dialogue reduction device. He didn’t jump for it as if hitting the ground for a grenade, but it didn’t take long for him to get it on.

    What’s bad is one of them continually acts as if us being out in the field working during a “pandemic” is akin to going into battle and risking your life on a day to day basis. And yes, it is true, we do risk our lives on a daily basis for what we do. But we have been risking them for far riskier things than a trumped up virus for a far longer time, such as driving. The single most dangerous thing we do. Covid isn’t gonna get me, Jared, virtue signalling with his muzzle while driving and on his cell phone is gonna kill me.

    • Hi J,

      A fun thing to do if you’re compelled to interact with the Diapered is to tell them you can’t understand what they are saying with their Diaper on and get them to lower it while you talk with them. They will often raise their Diaper after uttering something, at which point you tell them you can’t understand them… again. Rinse, repeat – often!

    • One thing that comes to my mind immediately is that the college I went to had a school of pharmacy and the vast majority of students were of Indian descent. Some were actual Indians. Those people know what is and what isn’t when it comes to pharmaceuticals. It’s interesting Pfizer didn’t even want to attempt the local trial.

      • I agree with you. The Pakistani doctors are just as aware. Both countries use lots of herbs, foods, spices to ward off pain and certain diseases. Pills are usually a last resort. The American trained doctors speak very little about the benefits of nutrition and natural remedies. But, I guess the goal is to expand one’s life, but never truly fix the issue.

    • Too bad everybody was masked up in the stadium (those that were allowed in). Noticed lots of cardboard spectators too.

      But yes,GO BUCS! Glad they wiped up the floor with the punk Mahomes.

    • Same here in SW Florida, Clay. Plenty of diapered morons around, but also lots without, and nobody seems to care one way or the other. I’m sure you’re familiar with Publix, and how they always ask if you need help getting your stuff to the car. I’m there about 3 times a week. Well, I don’t really need the help, but I always say sure, you can bring my stuff out for me. I figure I’m giving them an opportunity to get outside and get that mask off for a few minutes, and I tell them so. Every one so far whips that thing off the second they get out the door and thanks me for the break. Young or old, they all agree that this is bullshit, but they need the job.

  3. I love your commentary, Eric. People are behaving like no one ever got sick before Coronamania took over. I am so tired of being treated like I am sick when I am not. I live in a dark blue city in California and I rarely see an uncovered face in public. It is more common to see people jog, ride a bike, or drive in their car alone with a diaper on then seeing someone smile in public. Last week, a charming gentleman gave me the finger for not diapering while I was going for a walk by myself outdoors. I’ve noticed the hostility of the sickness psychosis people has been getting worse over time, but thankfully the skeptical and sane people are getting more vocal about ending this charade and getting back to normal. It is long past time to move on and live our lives like human beings again.

    • Thanks, Anon!

      I also hope that sanity prevails – as it reasserts. I suspect that there are a lot of people who’ve gone along with what’s going on out of politeness or- rather – an aversion to confrontation. But this has its limits – and perhaps, just maybe, Sickness Kabuki is wearing thin.

      Regardless, I won’t play – ever. I’ll live in a tent in the woods first.

      • Eric,

        I think sickness kabuki began to wear thin on the go along to get along crowd when the “experts” started spouting off about the “vaccine” not being the end to this farce. Most people allowed the goalposts to be moved with the understanding that once a “vax” was available life would return to normal. Now they are seeing how much of a lie that was along with everything else.

        • Hi Antilles,

          I certainly hope so! At this point, the farce has become so obvious Forrest Gump couldn’t miss it. The cases! The cases! are suddenly down by 50 percent since mid-January.

    • Hi Anonymous,

      I, too, live in a dark blue city in CA. This weekend, I went on a nice bike ride around the bay, in the sun, outdoors, undiapered, mostly on bike paths and gravel trails. On this ride, I was yelled at by some people for not having the holy diaper, I saw one lady dive off the trail into the bushes and scream, that was pretty hilarious, but I also encountered several other bikers without diapers, and a couple of us exchanged a smile and hello. It’s completely insane out there. People are nuts. Eric is absolutely right, this is weaponized hypochondria.

  4. “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.” – Charles Mackay

  5. One “good” thing to come out of this hysteria is that no one (and I mean NO one) coughs or sneezes in public anymore. Have you noticed? The last time I remember hearing someone cough in public was back in May. Everyone knows that if you do, you’ll be treated like an AIDS leper.

    • At the costco gas station today, other pumps all had boomers wearing diapies and even one with an additional clear plastic protection helmet!

      I had a tickle in my throat and made sure to give a good loud rousing cough, to make sure to get it all out. Safety first.

  6. Having lived through the 1960s and 70s, boomers are too afraid of hell to die.

    Young people have never had anything bad happen to them and have no idea how to cope.

  7. Hey Eric,

    Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

    I don’t know about you, but I want to be as safe as possible today.

    Ergo, I’m going to don my mask, shove a half pint of vodka in my butthole, lay on my belly under the bed, and watch the big game on my cellphone.

    No partying with the possibly infected for me today. Too risky.

    And after the Cleveland Browns win the super bowl tonight…

  8. “even what were in normal times the causal interactions we used to take for granted, such as saying hi! to the person behind the counter at the coffee shop – without a plexiglass barrier (and a facial barrier) in between.”

    When I read that, it hit me that THIS is what it’s all about. That and “social distancing.”

    This isn’t about politics like Dems and Repubs. This is the “hidden persuaders” REMAKING SOCIETY in their desired image. They want people to be cold and automatons. They don’t want human connection. They want fear. They want terror. They want BARRIERS between people. They want to destroy love, like it was destroyed in totalitarian hellholes for all time. They want people focused on physical SURVIVAL, the first tenet of the church of satan.

    N.B. I’m not saying it’s the C of S masterminding it. I AM saying that the masterminds share the worldview of the C of S. Anton Lavey even said that the “satanic age” would be ready 54 years after the founding of the C of S. 1966 + 54 = …. You do the math.

    So FIGHT BACK!! Connect. Laugh. Nobody fucking laughs in public anymore. Laugh and have some fun when you go out.

    • “Nobody fucking laughs in public anymore. Laugh and have some fun when you go out.”

      Just been trying just not to be dragged down by all the maskmadness. Heck, I even felt a bit nervous stopping by a mask free bar to get some take out, you know, nervous like being a minor walking into a bar for the first time, that sort of feeling. I kind of kicked myself for feeling that way, but there it was.
      I’ve been doing my best just not to be glum while grocery shopping, man o man is that endeavor just… it sucks. The fun has been sucked out of being in public, fun suckers.

      • I hear you chief. I have felt the same way, many many times. I am reminded by good people that I am doing nothing wrong, THEY are. Fake it til you make it, but it’s the truth. And little shitheads can sniff out if you’re feeling nervous, as I’m sure you’re aware, so gird your loins. The worst (likely) is that they tell you to leave.

      • Indeed, Helot –

        The sight of Diaper-wearing people sickens me. Especially the following categories of Diaper Wearers: Young guys (grow a pair, stop drinking soy). Parents with young kids (despicable; this is child abuse normalized). Young attractive women (it ruins it).

        • I was taken aback watching the super bowl yesterday with all of the shots of people playing covid theater in the luxury boxes. It was clear on television just how ludicrous the whole thing is. Nobody was sick and everyone was just ignoring their face diaper like it was normal to look that ridiculous. If you are that worried about getting sick, then just stay home.

          All of the maskedness in the stadium was 100% virtue signaling dictated by the league. None of those people would have been masked up unless it was required.

          And the best part is that Tom Brady basically just gave the finger to the league and rest of America by refusing to wear one at all the whole time even though the league required it. I’m sure he was thinking to himself, “Fine me, ****’s! I’m the GOAT!”

          • Agreed. I’m sure they will just conveniently ignore it so they don’t look like further buttwipes.

            Noticed that Goodell wasn’t masking either. Things that make you go hmmm…

          • I saw him walking into the stadium before the game. I am not a Brady supporter (no Raider fan is), but even I had to give kudos to him for having enough balls to flout the league’s rules and advocating for some type of normalcy.

    • It’s coming in Montana as well. The incoming governor Gianforte said he’d lift his predecessor’s diaper dictate when the legislature puts legal protections in place for businesses. That’s just about done.

      Oh, and when enough people get the jab. Just another POS Republican.

      • Haha, sorry Anon. Hyping the jab has gone well for them, though the campaign is being short-circuited now that “The Cases!” are precipitously decreasing.

  9. I just had to sit through a sermon where the pastor ended again with “Wear the damn mask!” The implication was that you can’t be a Christian and refuse to wear a mask. Seriously considering quitting my job in this place, as I cannot support this.

    • Hi Anon,

      That would have been it for me; especially since the pastor framed it that way – as a lecture, as if to say you’re an idiot or a bad person for not doing it.

      • eric, I’ve always been one of “those”, you know, one of those people who would tell everyone to go to hell if they gave me an order. I made the highest grades in school(it wasn’t hard to figure in a class of 26). I didn’t graduate with nearly the highest average. There was a good reason for that and it had nothing to do with taking tests.

        I had a teacher dock me on a lot of things and finally asked her what her problem was. She said “I gave you the grade I thought you deserved”. So I gave her grand-daughter what I thought she deserved and then left her pining and alone. Paybacks are hell.

        I go to the store, any store, and I have never worn a mask except in the doctor’s office. I had a nurse tell me I needed to wear a mask anyway because of the sick people. I was at the oncologist for the second time. I didn’t point out I was 71 and that was my second trip. I’d like to see one of those “sick” people.

        But the truth is and has always been, the entire world can come or go kiss my ass as far as any subject goes. I obey the cops instead of getting shot and that’s about the long and short of it.

        I guess it’s the look on my face or the way I walk or the way I “might” talk but nobody says jack to me without a mask. At the grocery store the owner and I have discussions mask free and even the staff don’t wear masks. Some of the people shopping mask up but I can tell by looking they are the underinformed. We had a cow acting under the weather. I didn’t try to diaper her. She was over it in a few days. If it weren’t torture, I’d get a mask that would scare a blind man for Cholley Jack but we’re both old and don’t need anything else to jack with our health. He used to be a red/rednose pittie. Now he looks like me but at least both our noses are red, just our hair that’s white.

        All those who want to ruin their health in whatever way they like I’m all for it. Me and Evan Williams help and hinder each other but it’s by mutual consent. Good luck with your idiot possible daughter-in-law. Nothing for your health like decreasing oxygen and doubling up on CO2. Idiots!

        • Amen, Eight!

          I must be radiating the same vibe because the Diapered Freaks have so far not done more than mutter and shake their heads like homeless squeegee men when I pass by them. I’m cranky but by nature not confrontational and will and do my best to just mind my own business. But when someone tries to mind my business, it’s a problemo for me.

          And for them!

    • “I just had to sit through”

      Did you?

      Does your job require you to sit though the sermon? Is it part of a contract? Stand up and say “NO, this is wrong!”

      Bring the “masks don’t work” documentation to the pastor during service. Ask him to read it in front of the gathered and explain why mask are required when there is plenty of research showing they are minimally effective if used correctly at best and dangerous when used incorrectly. If refused, have copies to hand out to the crowd. Place them on windshields in the parking lot, or have a friend do it during the service.

      Fight back.

    • The preist from my dad’s church refused to come to the funeral home for my mom to do her blessing unless the casket was closed. Like he was going to catch something from her. The funeral home had to reach out to another church for a deacon to come. This is out of control and preists are using their pulpits to keep people afraid.

      • Wow! I had no idea postmortem transmission was possible! I wonder if the funeral director remembered to put a mask on the body to wear during the viewing. And while they’re at it, don’t forget to dig the grave AT LEAST 6 ft. apart from the other ones. After all, don’t want the deceased to infect the other corpses (or what’s left of them), now do we?

        What a load!

        • Hi Blue,

          I expect my mom will die in prison – the “care” facility”- sometime this year as she has been deteriorating rapidly, mentally, over the past year – coinciding with her imprisonment, which began approximately a year ago. I have not seen her since they took her in late March of 2020. I expect to not go to her funeral as I will not combine my grief with the rage I will feel being expected to play their god-damned kabuki. I will not don the Holy Rag for them or anyone. Nor be told by some creepy funeral director that I must stand here and not there. Not without someone losing teeth. So I will not go. And may they burn in Hell, if there is such a place.

    • As the millennial life coaches like to say, “You get what you tolerate.” The option does exist to stand up and say “BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” Of course many of the soy boys and third-wave feminists will GASP! in shock, but to the more based crowd you’ll be a legend.

      Life is for the living! God created us to live! Not cower in fear!

      Plus, the stupid priest is playing into Satan’s agenda, either wittingly or like a tool.

    • This is one of the reasons I’ve stopped going to church. Too many so-called “Christians” now worship MAN because being a TRUE Christian means being accountable for one’s own actions. Next year (2022), that dildo of a pastor will probably say “Wear the damn mark!”.

      • It is hard to find a church that hasn’t bowed the knee to this godlessness. Most of the leaders of such churches are smug and proud of it, too. They are beating everyone over the head with a faulty interpretation of Scripture, trying to drag their parishioners into these satanic practices. Repulsive.

        I am thankful that we go to a church that hasn’t capitulated. I pray it never will.

        • Indeed, Anon –

          And the way to handle it is the way you are handling it. Attend a church that doesn’t bow to this psychosis. If necessary, form your own church. This may be a good thing in the final analysis as to a great extent churches – the tax-exempted ones – have become adjuncts of the government-corporate nexus, just like many businesses.

  10. Weaponized hypochondria also has political geographical boundaries. In Idaho last month I took my mother to dinner and everyone was unmasked and happy. I work in Seattle and everyone is masked (even the winos) and scared out of their minds.

    • Well that makes sense since the people in Idaho are more conservative and less likely to be watching the msm, while the people in Seattle are extremely liberal and are likely to be lapping up everything the msm tells them. Especially the fear porn about the scary boogey man virus.

    • No doubt, and those geographical boundaries can encompass quite small areas. I live about 20 miles from a town owned and operated by the State university, in which seeing someone’s face is as rare as an honest politician. I also live about 10 miles from the county seat of a very rural county, in which the exact opposite is so. That town also has a college in it, though a small one, which I strongly suspect encompasses nearly all those who do wear their badge of hypochondria. Most of those not encompassed by the typical college psychopathy do not wear that badge. Which is by far the majority. Smiles abound. People do keep their distance from each other, but I suspect that’s only a minimal accommodation of the psychotics who insist we are going to live forever if we do exactly as we’re told by the Psychopaths In Charge. Speaking for myself, my sphere of personal space is fairly large anyway, and I expect it to be respected.

  11. It’s likely to become history before long. The Democrats have no restraint from the Republicans, who just prefer to drive our handcart to hell a bit slower, to the same destination. Quite likely they will manage to finish folding up the economy. At which time getting something to eat may wash away any concern about a disease other than malnutrition. Hunger is by far the greatest motivation humans have. with thirst second and sex third. All absolutely necessary for the survival of the species. Really necessary, not some fiction on CNN. For God’s sake, people have been known butcher their youngest to feed the rest, the youngest being less likely to survive anyway. It could make COVID look like a hangnail or a pimple. Ask the Kulaks. Oh, you can’t. Stalin starved 7 million+ of them to death.

    • The D’s and R’s nowadays are two wings of the same Uniparty buzzard, you know, the one Stalin and Mao raised from a (rotten) egg! I do not expect if sanity can be made to return, it will come from working on the buzzards and polecats in the Politburo on the Potomac, but rather from fed-up locals in Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Florida bringing pressure to bear on their local and state representatives of Idiot Gummint, Inc.

      Back to Texas meaning more to Texans than what happens up in DC.

  12. Until sarscov2 is extracted from a sick human, purified, cultured, then tested against animals to prove it causes the disease called “covid” we are putting the cart before the horse. This has never been done.

    Likely the ILI (influenze type illness) known as covid, with bilateral ground glass opacities and other inflammatory markers, is another virus or group of viruses. And since the statistics clearly show we’ve got little to no excess deaths…. let’s move on.

    The sight of masked children really bugs me… like deeply. It’s profoundly disturbing to see children outside on a local sledding hill all ‘masked up’. These people will never be functional human beings.

  13. This is no joke. My wife told her best friend that we were sick last week and her friend’s husband, who i have become friends with texted me Wednsday afternoon. I swear by the texts you would think the whole family were about to die painful deaths. Comments like “i’m so sorry this happened to you guys.” “I hope all of you can recover.” The whole time i’m like its no big deal. I’m already almost recovered and my wife was feeling the effects of what i would classify as flu. He could not wrap his head around the fact that i was not really concerned at all about being sick and i had no intentions to go to the doctors.

      • That’s exactly right. The people who, oddly enough, claim that their actions are sanctioned by “science” are actually the most anti-scientific and the most susceptible to hysteria, superstition, and what is essentially the modern equivalent of witchcraft. And demagogic politicians are easily manipulating these idiots, from “global warming” to “domestic terrorism” to “systemic racism” to “COVID.”

        The fact is that ignorance, stupidity and superstition have been the norm throughout human history, and the Enlightenment and the Scientific Method were the aberration. I fear that we’re entering another Dark Age…

  14. My wife and I got rona at a wedding in a very rural area of a rural mid-western state, back around Oct. Not many maskers out of about 75-100. But the 30 something youth were 100% masking, all the time (my wife and I joked that they probably wore them to bed).
    We learned 3-5 days later that one person had it (didn’t know it). A lot of people got it from that wedding, and here’s the kicker, so did the 100% maskers…………
    While my wife and I had pretty bad symptoms, everyone else we know had less symptoms than us, maybe cause we weren’t from the same area.
    And a lot of people that we had close contact with and elderly showed no symptoms or just didn’t get it.

    • With all due respect, how do you know it was ‘rona? Were you tested? You may or may not know that the PCR “tests” which are in universal use are anything BUT a diagnostic tool. Dr. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR, explicitly said it was not to be used for diagnosing any illness. He also had no good words for Fauci. Too bad Dr. Mullis passed away in 2019 – perhaps he was preemptively ‘rona-ed, too.

      • Regardless of the any diagnostic testing validity the fundamental definition of actually being ill was at least met.

        Prior to coronadoom a doctor would see you present with symptoms and then attempt to find a reason for them. You have body ache, fever, congestion and that means it could be any number of things but most likely flu or cold. So a swab was taken and cultured to compare against clean, isolated strains to say it’s type this, variant that. At which point the doc would say “You got flu, go home, rest, drink orange juice and don’t lick the door knobs on your way out please.” If the swab didn’t contain any specific matches he’d then move to the next possibilities.

        It’s flipped now. They swab everyone whether you’re actual sick or not. They ramp up the cycles on the culture to find anything that looks remotely like the soup they’ve modeled that could be this or that strain. You never had to be sick nor ever actually get sick to have had coronadoom. It’s always possible to be exposed but preventing it from making you sick is why you have an immune system.

        • True, and also unlikely anyone would have even thought it noteworthy if they got a bug after going to a wedding or any other event, especially since even elderly attendees didn’t get sick.

        • Hi Anon,

          Yup – and in re actually getting sick: That, too, is now a pathological fear. As if getting sick – as in colds, flu, etc. – weren’t both normal and commonplace. Now it’s considered cause for hysteria.

          • I personally love it! I can work from home and I do 50% of the time due to my company mandating it. And just two days ago I got sent home because, gasp!, I was coughing in the office. Yay! I love my home office much better.

            Those prone to hysteria will always find something to feed their hysteria. The rest of us, the Normals, will just have to learn to move slowly, refrain from eye contact, and back away.

      • I agree with you. No idea if it was the flu or rona, but I’ve never been that sick next to lyme disease that put me down for a week. My doc (25yr history) said ‘you’ve never been sick or had the flu since I’ve been caring for you, so if you got ‘this one’ I’m convinced this ‘flu’ was engineered’.

  15. My plan of action is to continue to ignore this madness. It is the only way for me to have peace. I have also come to terms with the grief of losing the way things used to be. Simple acts that we took for granted a la Solzenhitzen, such as running to the grocery store or Wal-mart, have become chores. It is very possible that society will never look the same.

  16. I’ve mentioned this before but the fake doctor that serves as gesundheitfuhrer here in NC has actually issued a written “directive” that if you have been around undiapered people from outside your household you are to assume you have Covaids and are a “danger to others.” Truly weaponized hypochondria. This is, at a minimum, unethical. It has to be what is driving the insanity of people like the woman’s daughter in this post.

    • What about that douchebag congress critter from Massachusetts. Forget her name, but she’s part of the “squad”. She wants to make it an act of terrorism to go out in public without a diaper. Claims it’s akin to chemical warfare. Good god, what the fuck went wrong with this country??

      • If we still had a rule of law in this country, this type of law would trigger the need to prove the efficacy (or lack thereof) of masks, as well as the existence of convid.

        • Hi Anon,

          I’ll raise you one: How about having to prove sickness – i.e., the ability to infect others with sickness – before “mandating” Sickness Kabuki? It’s a combination of infuriating and insulting to be expected to “wear a mask” because someone is worried you might be sick.

          • Totally agree. Even if someone was sick, so what? They are still not obligated to “protect” others, even if said protection could be proven to be possible.

            This type of non-logic is what keeps me motivated to continue to ignore all of the nonsense and just live my life. Parallel universe.

      • Hi Floriduh,

        Part – much – of what went wrong is that “safety” became a national obsession and thus, justification for things such as this. It’s been a long process, going back at least to the ’60s. In tandem, political correctness, which goes back to the ’90s – and which was used to silence facts for the sake of people’s feelings. Also, the legal evisceration of the right to freely associate – performed under the pretext of “civil rights.”

        And here we are…

  17. Had a conversation with the mother in law yesterday while gathered with unmasked family. She is a loyal left voter, but something has happened.

    She has come around to questioning if it is a good idea to be giving untested medicines to people, esp the young. This opening led to a discussion about real numbers and Kary Mullis’s opinion of Fauci.

    The 18 YO age group was quite adamant that there will be no jabs for them & the whole thing is BS

    There is some hope out there.


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