The One Undiapered Day

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Halloween should be interesting – in that perhaps it’ll be the one day of the year we get to see people’s faces again. The one day when “masks” aren’t worn – which will be absolutely terrifying to a cohort of weaponized hypochondriacs.

Hypochondria is defined in the psychiatric manuals as an obsessive and unreasonable fear of sickness; the sufferer believes he is either perpetually sick or will become sick and obsesses over palliative measure such as the wearing of gloves and “masks,” dreads coming into physical contact with or even proximity to other people, spritzes objects with sanitizer – and so on. Howard Hughes was a hypochondriac; Howie Mandel is a self-confessed hypochondriac.

This sickness of the mind used to be confined to its sufferers, who lived sad and isolated lives. We felt pity for them because we knew they were victims of an irrational fear.

The last eight months have witnessed a push by the consolidated media (all the major sources of “News” are owned by a handful of large corporations) to make everyone live a sad and isolated life by weaponizing hypochondria. This has been done by a ceaseless juggernaut of propaganda intended to create an obsessive and unreasonable fear of sickness.

It is obsessive and unreasonable because this sickness is almost exclusively a problem for the very elderly and the very-already-ill and usually both, 2.6 times (the average number of serious “co-morbidities,” or underlying problems that tend to get you dead such as COPD and advanced cardiovascular disease that the average person who died with WuFlu already suffered from).

For people who aren’t very elderly or already very ill to obsess about sickness is itself a sickness – hypochondria.

Textbook DSM.

But these are largely unknowing hypochondriacs. They believe their fear of sickness isn’t unreasonable or obsessive because the consolidated media has caused them to believe it isn’t  – by not telling them the truth. By insisting that the WuFlu is something very dangerous to everyone.

It doesn’t matter that it isn’t if they believe that it is. A terrified person isn’t a rational person. And people are terrified. So terrified that all it takes is utterance of the trigger words – the cases! the cases! – to keep them cringing and wondering, in alarm, why you (by showing your face) do not cringe similarly.

They do not believe they are pathological. They believe you are criminal – a literal purveyor of unseen but omnipresent death, a hateful and monstrous person for refusing to come to terms with what they believe you are. Someone to be feared and loathed, like Frankenstein’s monster, apropos of the coming Halloween holiday. And apropos the story of Frankenstein’s monster, who was hounded by torchlit mobs of incensed villagers for the accidental murder of a child (the monster did not know his own strength).

This is weaponized hypochondria.

Frankenstein chases the villagers. Many Frankensteins. Egged on by a cohort of Igors, multiples of Dr. Frankenstein’s deformed and menacing assistant. In the book, Igor drops the “good brain” intended for what became the monster and replaced it with a very bad brain indeed, that of a deceased murderer.

These Igors can be seen on every consolidated media “news” channel, pulling the levers and throwing the switches; their names byline every op-ed. They do not mention the 2-3 million who never died; they do not put “the cases! the cases!” into context, soothing fear by letting people know that almost all of these “cases” show no symptoms, the thing by which sickness is – was – once defined.

Which gives you a window into their sickness.

Their evil.

Dr. Frankenstein, after all, meant well. He wasn’t actually trying to create a monster. He meant for his creation to have the good brain. He was attempting to discover the secret of life – in order to break the hold that death has had over human beings from the beginning of time. His experiment went awry, of course – courtesy of Igor – and the story is a cautionary tale about upending the natural order of things.

The Frankensteins of our time are monsters deliberately created for the purpose of trampling life. They are monsters far worse than the poor creature unintentionally brought to life in the book – who was himself an innocent and tragic victim, which is why many readers felt sorry for him.

The creatures responsible for weaponizing hypochondria, however, are guilty of crimes heinous almost beyond the power of language to articulate.

May god have mercy on them if their victims ever come to understand the source of their torment.

. . .

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  1. I was riding by bicycle (unmasked) yesterday when a male, masked Karen uttered “wear a mask” as I passed by. I immediately circled back to confront him (in a nonviolent way, of course), but he had already scurried to the other side of the street. I guess he realized running his mouth was a more serious health hazard than the ‘rona. I’m not a tough guy, and generally abhor violence, but this bullshit is making my blood boil.

    • I am right there with you buddy. I am starting to just feel contempt for these people who don’t have 2 brain cells to rub together to spark any neurons firing to see they are more likely to fall down the stairs or get struck by lightning than get or let alone die from this WuFlu cold.

      • Hi Nick,

        Yesterday, while sitting in my truck at the parking lot of my local Kroger, I watched the disgusting spectacle of a “man” Diapering up his two young kids, who just stood there woodenly as daddy applied their Ritual Fear Garments. What must the world look like to these kids? What kind of parent does this to a kid?

    • Hi Myles,

      I’m at the same point. “Wear a mask” comes across to me no differently than “Heil the Fuhrer!” Worse, actually, because of the mewling aspect of it. I visualize cramming the thing down the wearer’s throat.

      • Yeah, I’m glad he crossed the street. It gave me a little more time to cool down. I was considering flattening his nose so he wouldn’t have to worry about inhaling any virus particles.

    • Haw ha! Figures. Bacteria are actually REAL ‘bugs’. Whereas viruses don’t exist — although there’s a viral CONDITION as the result of toxin(s) damaging cells. A great analogy is rust — your car’s rust isn’t the cause of the metal being damaged — the WATER (toxin) caused the damage, the rust is just the result… and your car can’t catch rust from another car — that’s impossible.

  2. The other major problem with fear is it leads to bad decision making. In the moment you’re only worried about surviving until the storm passes. Often times it means accepting a bad option because the only options you have are all bad so try to pick the least bad, or the one that is simplest. This is why we anarchist libertarians have to endure so much snarky crap when a disaster comes and the “heroes” provide aid. It is the easiest way to survive, until it isn’t. And because disasters are all local (even the ‘global’ pandemic is very much a local event), a Jeffersonian style distributed government means local issues can be handled at a local level with the least amount of freedom trampling necessary to get through the crisis. Or better yet, proactive planning based on local needs to avoid the disaster to begin with.

    The so-called globalist agenda (CIA, CCP, Bill Gates, Soros, Rand Corporation, take your pick) has locked on Build Back Better™ as their slogan. Biden has used it, Boris Johnson has used it, pretty sure Nancy the Terrible has used it. They plan on doing to the world what Bush II did to the United States after 9/11 and what Xi Jinping is doing with his Social Credit Score in China under the guise of a “global emergency.” Much like the USA-PATRIOT act, laws hastily crafted under duress will inevitably take away rights and freedoms without justification instead of actually solving ongoing problems. But it will be the bonanza of all bonanzas for the well-connected, who’s lives will go on pretty much as they do today, living in their isolated compounds, traveling in their private transport and generally not having to ever interact with anyone below their stature.

  3. I suffer ongoing depression, not because this or that business “demands” I wear a mask, which I don’t, but because so many are so submissive that they don’t even think about it. Like one of the commentators in this thread, I’m beginning to believe people are getting what they deserve. I mean, there is hardly an attempted infliction of tyranny more easily resisted than wearing a rag on your face. There is no immediate legal fallout, at least not in my experience. Although the UK commonwealth is a different story altogether. The worst that can happen is that the business actually asks that you leave, and I have yet to find any single business I can’t live without.

    • Morning, JWK!

      I get frustrated by the sight of all this submissiveness as well. There is one upside, though. I haven’t been hearing as much about how “free” America is lately.

      We will soon discover just how weak-minded the general population is. If the Man Who Want to Diaper Everyone is elected, then all that’s left for those of us with IQs above double digits and some capacity to reason is to prepare for a fight. A real one.

  4. I’m just sick of all the LIES, they never break character, the TV shows & news/etc are all SHOWS, with editing, any individual only has to perform for tiny 1-3 minute periods of time… so it’s easy for them to keep the LIES going. And ALL shows must push the lies, or else they’re banned. So, to the public, since the TV is their view onto the world — it all seems validated/verified/double-checked.

    I’m sick of all the politicians lying all the time, sometimes they’re caught on camera breaking their own rules (like not wearing their ‘masks’). But in public and in the media, all lies, all the time.

    Ironically “masks” means covering up the truth, hiding the truth, deceiving others, pretending to be something/someone you’re not. Masks are the perfect symbol of our times — total complete lies & trickery.

    Even my favorite potato chip snack is pushing LIES about C02 on the back of their packages — pushing fake science about C02… “100% of the excess oil from our production process is converted into BioDiesel… BioDiesel emits 74% less C02 than petroleum diesel.” So what — there’s nothing wrong wtih C02, but it’s IMPLIED that there is. so it’s a hypnotic suggestion to trick your brain into believing it. They just keep pushing everywhere full-spectrum. I don’t need to be lied to by my potato chip bag! F them. I’m going to boycott them.

    BTW, since C02 is so bad, it’s such a deadly pollution — then why is it okay for us to wear masks which make us breathe more C02? Shouldn’t that be the last thing the govt & experts want for us? If they care so much about our safety, then why do they want us to breathe dangerously high levels of C02 — the deadliest gas in the universe???

    • Could it be that one of the (many) reasons they want us to wear masks is to limit “man-made carbon emissions”? From the perspective of the powers-that-be, they probably would be happy to see us all choking on our own CO2 rather than emitting it into the atmosphere that they seem to think they own. I’ve always felt that masks were a de facto “breathing tax” anyway.

      • Hi Jim,

        In a way, yes – because the Face Diapering is being used to reinstitute a type of modern feudal system – the Green New Deal – under the terms of which most of the population will not own a motor vehicle and will live an energy-austere/rationed kind of life almost completely controlled by a government-corporate/financial elite.

  5. Eric

    Are you spending more time at the gym? How about the bar?Clover
    As you don’t know anyone who has died from Covid-19, how about
    getting out there and making a few new friends?

    • Clover,

      I work out every other day; neither I nor any of my many friends who hit the weights have “died” – obviously. How long are you going to live in terror of a sickness that doesn’t even get most people sick?

      PS: Isn’t it interesting how it’s now (cue Serious Voice) COVID-19 rather than plain ol’ Corona/WuFlu? Ever wonder why?

        • Hi Turtle,

          I pray it does not come to that. I pray that things calm down, that reason reasserts itself. If the Orange Man loses, however, I fear we will have no option but to fight as the Diaper Cult will go national in that case.

      • Same here, I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and I DO NOT know a single person who has– or has had– CV19…and I live in the DFW metroplex along with an estimated 7.5 MILLION people. Amazing. imo, Guv Abbott has obliterated his chances of ever being re-elected in 2022 with his handling of this. He started off like a lot of other Guvs did by having a knee jerk reaction to the initial #s along with Fauci/Birx’s doom and gloom BS, then he soft opened the state in late May/June and when the #s spiked a little he went right back to limiting business capacity along with the absurd mask mandate policy– which I completely blow the F off everywhere I go. My wife and I are so sick of this shit. Seriously, I have dreams where I go into stores and start screaming at people to take the masks off.

        • Hi Maskless,

          It’s become apparent to me that many people have lost the ability to believe their own eyes – as opposed to what they see on TV. Like you, I go to my Undiapered gym every other day and am in close contact with dozens of random people, who come to the gym from all over the area. If the ‘Rona were anything like it is marketed as being, it stands to reason at least someone would at least have gotten sick by now. One person. It is not a very high bar. But not one person has – over the course of almost three months now.

          What does this say about a “highly infectious and very dangerous” virus? Yet go to the stores literally adjacent to my gym and the Freaks are 98 percent Diapered. A wag said: Would you walk around in a raincoat based on a .003 chance of a hurricane? That’s what these people are doing, essentially.

          PS: I’t not just the gym, either. As regulars here know, I used to go every day to a coffee shop in Roanoke – Sweet Donkey – and never once wore a Diaper. Neither did most of the others, including the owner. I managed to not get the sniffles. No one else got them, either. But the virtue signaling woman who owns the place became a Diaper Queen – probably to placate the generally liberal clientele – and I got excommunicated for refusing the don their idiotic cultic gear, despite my having been a well-paying regular customer for many years prior.

      • Unfortunately the local junta runs the “recreation center” in town, with a heavy subsidy from gas drilling fees. This basically crowds out any chance for a private gym to open up, but that’s OK I have built up a fairly basic setup in the garage and do most cardio outdoors anyway. While I can tolerate the lack of planning and unresponsive management of the place for a time, I usually stop going because a) I get tired of waiting for “my turn,” b) the fact that every vertical surface is covered in signs (some of which contradict other signs), and c) most of the structure seems to be dedicated to babysitting the children of the housewives in aerobics class, who should be outside playing not mindless basketball dribbling and missing every shot they try.

        • Then there’s here in GJ where the hoi polloi are bleating “Won’t someone build a public community rec center?” Why? It would just be closed and off limits like everything else “public” is. Not that D51 or anyone else is going to stop taking money for all these facilities we supposedly own but can’t use.

  6. Eric,

    You are right. This sickness is spreading, and I don’t mean “covid”.

    It is time we stop sitting on our hands and take this fight to these stupid bastards.

    Stop wearing the submission mask! Refuse it any way possible.

    I have been using their words against them for a while with amazing success.

    For example, refusing to wear a submission mask and being told I “need to wear” one, I loudly proclaim that I am UNABLE to wear one. When (if, rarely) questioned, I simply state “HIPPA”. Usually never goes farther than that. Otherwise I remind them they are not “allowed” to ask about medical conditions, by LAW.

    Reasoning – I have a “medical” condition, an allergy to stupidity, fraud, hypocrisy, and tyrrany. But… HIPPA does not allow a person to ask about your medical condition, so they have no legal reason to inquire and find out it is as spurious as “covid”.

    Use their stupid “laws” against them.

    Also, make your voice heard. Call those shops that don’t force submission and thank them. They DO appreciate it. Not enough of us do that simple thing. They don’t hear our support, they only see submission.

    Call the ones that do force submission and shame them.

    It is well known that only a small percentage of customers ever contact a business regarding service. Let them know the reason they are suffering economically is because they are not standing up to tyrrany. Tell them you refuse to do business there. Ever.

    These are just the easy things we as free people should do. They cost nothing but a few moments of your time, but will have a big impact.


    • I too have a psychological condition that prevents me from wearing a mask.

      resistendum excrementis bovis

      Roughly translated from Latin

      Resist bull crap.

  7. Makes you wonder.

    If an individual of sufficient resources went around assassinating the world’s Dear Leaders, Capital-E Experts, Colonelissimos, Supreme Ayatollahs and Presidents-For-Life, could they justify it by saying they’re not a serial killer, they’re a monster hunter?

  8. Halloween has been designated a high risk activity, that municipalities are restricting or prohibiting. And even where permitted (loathsome to even think of it this way) people will not let their kids trick or treat or will not give out candy (or will hang candy bars from a tree so kids can pluck them off). There are no costume parades, church trunk or treats, and no fun permitted.

    Was talking the other day to a middle school psychologist, and she told me how many problems they are seeing with kids coping with this whole shit show, with schools acting like prisons, day long diapering, no activities, limited sports, etc. Now no Halloween either. That’ll lift kids’ spirits.

    Next on the list (read today’s news), is putting the kibosh on Thanksgiving and family gatherings. They just will not let it go or stop pushing.

    And little to no resistance is shown; in fact, it’s casually accepted. People honestly seem to believe they are part of some greater good, and not actually living history to appear as pathetic souls in grainy pictures fifty years from now. Instead of babushkas, the photos will show people in their face diapers.

    • I hate to be the cynic.

      However at this point people deserve whatever the hell they get. Literally none of it was possible without a passive compliance.

      We live on a planet of slaves who love being slaves.

      • Hi Sicilian,

        I give people a bit more slack; here’s why:

        Most people are employed by some company. Most of these companies have given these employees the choice: Wear a Diaper or lose your job. It’s easy to tell people to find a new job, but I won’t say it because I have the luxury of being my own boss and so it’s easier for me to say it. My ire falls upon the people who Diaper outside of work, just because a sign says so – even when they can see they don’t have to, because they can see other people not Diapering. These are the ones who are gelling the Diaper Regime into permanence.

      • I can’t fault somebody for masking up to keep a job. Hell i’ve worn hard hats, safety glasses Kevlar gloves, safety toe shoes etc. where hazards to require such equipment were non existent. Bu-cuz saaafteeeeyyyy! policies at jobs I’ve previously held.

        People walking down the sidewalk by themselves masked, people who don’t have the balls to tell the doorman a the local retailer “no-thanks” when offered a face maxi.

        I witnessed some karen-stasi bastard filming people who weren’t properly masked with his phone at home depot.

        I flat out asked him “what the hell are you doing, taking pictures of people’s asses?” Of course he scurried off like the rodents always do.

        I do have to remind myself not everybody is self employed like myself and not everybody spent their life not giving one damn about placating everyone around them

        Needless to say I’m a bit fed up this week with with the Karen Olympics in full swing pre-election.

        • Hi Sicilian,

          Good on you for saying something to the Corona Karen. These people are dangerous. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a simpleton. These Corona Karens – and Kevins – are exactly the same types who ratted people out to the Soviet KGB, East German Stasi and so on. They are enemies – without the balls to actually do wet work on their own but eager to have it done to you.

          They are the worst form of vermin on two legs.

    • LOL
      ” People honestly seem to believe they are part of some greater good, and not actually living history to appear as pathetic souls in grainy pictures fifty years from now. Instead of babushkas, the photos will show people in their face diapers.”

      The reason people are nuts is because they watch TV — there’s your #1 problem — the TV shows, especially the “news” shows are brainwashing the public. Anyone who can stand watching that insulting crap is obviously in a hypnotic trance and being programmed.

      • A few years ago, I frequently watched TV news, for entertainment purposes. They were quite hilarious to anyone with a working mind. Since then, they’ve become less and less entertaining, mostly due to a lack of talent. They’ve become more and more like paranoid schizophrenics in the middle of a delusional episode, seeing things that aren’t there. It’s become sad instead of funny. Even horrifying, to think there are people who actually believe in them.

  9. I consider the diapered as non-persons, automatons if you will. Since they obviously do not have the ability to cognitively think and only can repeat information that is input in to their defective brains via the MSM.

  10. I like to refer to it as Delusional Psychosis (with the delusion being of course that the deadly covid is in the air all around us and that a snot rag strapped to your face is in any way beneficial). Here’s what the Cleveland Clinic has to say about it:

    ‘Delusional disorder, previously called paranoid disorder, is a type of serious mental illness — called a “psychosis”— in which a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined. The main feature of this disorder is the presence of delusions, which are unshakable beliefs in something untrue.’

    I’m astonished on a daily basis as to how stupid the general public is. Without so much as a bit of protest, they ENTHUSIASTICALLY toss their freedom and liberty aside because the tee vee tells them to. It’s pathetic beyond words.

  11. I was in Seattle this week and *everyone* is wearing a face diaper including the homeless winos. They all wear diapers outdoors and fear is in the air. Maybe just maybe… some of the fear could be Plugs is in trouble and the Orange Man just might pull off a win?

    • Not that I have a dog in that race … but one suspects that China Joe, flush with his looted millions, may already have clinched the dubious honor of becoming Xi Jinping’s errand boy in the White House.

      What do you want to bet that, in a nod to his radical Green wing, China Joe replaces the Orange Man’s dowdy old black limo with a shiny new stretched white Hummer, with 11,500 ft-lbs of locked-rotor torque to propel its heavy load of bulletproof glass and bull manure?

      Like the Popemobile, China Joe’s gleaming new ride will send a silent dog whistle to those who are listening: White is pure … White is puissant … White is perpetual.

      Or more succinctly: White Trucks Matter. 🙂

    • They diaper religiously in McKinney, Texas, too. Seattle doesn’t have a monopoly on retardation. When I voted early every single person there got out of their cars diapered and walked back to them diapered. Except me. Nobody even looked at me funny, but they weren’t about to think for themselves, either.

      • I’m about 30 miles west of you over in Oak Point and it sickens me to no end to still see 99% of the people here in north TX are still just going along and wearing that shit…all because there are signs on doors that say “masks required”. yet there I am…walking into and out of numerous stores and no one ever says a damn thing to me. I hate to say it, but we have already passed the point to where the mask wearing is instinctively ingrained in peoples brains.


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