Reader Question: Undiapered Donkey Alternatives?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

CJM writes: Still catching up on your Diaper Reports, but saw that Sweet Donkey is no longer on the table. Can’t speak to the quality of the coffee since I don’t drink it, but these places have never asked me to put on a mask: (Names redacted to protect the innocent). Hope to see you down there sometime!

My reply. I’m sad about the Donk, especially because their current militancy about the Diaper is fatuous given their previous indifference. No Diapers were worn by the employees or the owner during the initial months of the “crisis” – the time when it might have been reasonable to wear one given all the Fear Talk about the possibility of millions of deaths. Now, all of a sudden, Diaper for all – even though anyone who cares to know can find out that the death toll is literally less than 1 percent of the population and in my area, not even that high.

So it’s either a cowardly/cynical “policy” – give in to the Sickness Hysterics so as to avoid them squawking, no matter the imposition on people who aren’t sick in the head. Or they’ve actually lost their reason and are hysterical themselves, in which case they are enabling evil in the name of what they have convinced themselves to be the “good” – in the same way that many Germans thought it was good to force Jews to wear the yellow star and then to excise the “bacillus” from society.

I have already found new places to get coffee without getting Diapered but I will not identify them publicly because of the Diaper cretins out there who would then surely “call” to complain – anonymously, of course – and get the government’s goons on their back.

Right now, those of us who understand that Diapering is about training – getting people ready for vaccinating – must do all we can to avoid being trained and to lend support to those who want no part of training us. We can do so by patronizing their businesses and letting them know – by words as well as our money – that we support them, just as they are supporting us.

As for the Donk: I will not mourn when it goes out of business after the next “lock down.” They’ve already given in, so they’ll have no reason to object.

May their chains rest lightly.

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  1. “the death toll is literally less than a fraction of 1 percent”


    Less than a fraction?

    For the math challenged, that would be ZERO.

    Literally wrong.

    • Hi Anon,

      I do this without a copy editor and sometimes I let something pass that isn’t what I meant but the meaning is still obvious. In this case, I meant – as I’m sure you know – that the number of people who’ve been felled by Corona is extremely small relative to the population at large. It’s even smaller when the number who have been Corona’d is put into proper context – which is that a very large portion of the total are “presumed” but not “confirmed” and that a large portion of the confirmed were people vulnerable to . . . everything. The elderly and frail – who account for a large number of the confirmed Corona deaths – are “at risk” from the AC not working. Or the heater conking out. Falling down is more of a threat to people in their ’80s than WuFlu.

      Should care be taken to make sure that the AC works at rest homes? Of course. Should people not in rest homes be forced to wear Diapers? Only if you’re sick . . . in the head.

  2. I have one disagreement with you eric. For all those who are so stupid and cowardly to eat the govt. shit fed to them, I’d like the chains to be very painful….24/7. I believe it could very well be a lesson learned. In fact, I believe it will be the only thing that will bring them to their senses or at least give them some.


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