Reader Question: Health – or Compliance?

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Heres’ the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Zane writes: Haver you seen Michael Savage’s recent video about the Face Diapers being about compliance, not safety?

My reply: No – but I don’t need to. Because I already know – and more importantly, understand that. Because facts and logic tell me that. The first and most relevant being that people who aren’t sick can’t transmit a virus. The argument that “you might be sick” and so could spread the virus is morally deranged and factually absurd.
If we demand that people who aren’t sick – who show no signs of being sick – wear a Diaper because other people are afraid they might be sick and could spread a virus – then we are forcing people to submit to the demands of the mentally ill. We might as well also force every man to wear a lockable codpiece because mentally ill women fear that a man might rape her.  Other people’s phobias do not trump people’s rights – including the right to not be presumed a plague carrier on the basis of other people’s fears.
We also know – as in facts – that “asymptomatic” people cannot spread this virus. So even if the Diaper was effective (which it isn’t) it isn’t necessary if you’re not snotty, etc.
Ergo, it is factually and logically incontestable that forcing healthy people to wear a Diaper is about forcing them to submit. A visible kow-tow to arbitrary Authority, just because – in order to cement the principle in place: We say so – so you do so.
People who submit to this sick attempt to not only make people obey arbitrary authority but also to terrorize and humiliate them (of a piece with the crotch-grabbing at the airports) have accepted their status as pathetic livestock.
Screw that. I want America back. How about you?

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  1. I know all too well, and I even ordered that mask to see if I’d get the same reaction, as now they’ve doubled down on stupid here in Dirty Jerzy and are demanding masks when 3 weeks ago, I could of walked in like I own the place without one and no one would of said anything (Though fortunately I haven’t run into Karens yet)

    When will this crap be over in the first place? Tired of these pussy ass clovers and the busy body employee’s who have to demand you comply (When I specifically point out I got breathing issues and smh at the sheeps).


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