Reader Question: Protests and Fear Masks?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Rich asks: The events that have taken place since the advent of Coronafever have continued to both fascinate me and disgust me at the same time. I could go into a whole diatribe about why folks are now protesting from the wrong angle altogether (i.e., it’s not just a race issue but an overall police dysfunction issue but for which a complete disbanding of the police brings forth images from the movie “The Purge.” One could only imagine if these folks did the same protests in response to small businesses having been suffocated by the government. But I’m having great difficulty in trying to figure out all those protesters donning face masks. Cognitive dissonance doesn’t even begin to describe it. What is your take on this spectacle?

My reply: My take is that lots of people have lost their minds, if they ever had a grip on them to begin with. They’ve been deranged by fear – and whipped up by anger – but cannot see the dissonance.

Most people want to do the right thing. But who defines the right thing? Many people accept as “right” whatever they are told is “right” by Authority; they do not come to a conclusion based on thought after an examination of the facts. Thus, they react militantly – compliantly – when they are told to wear a Fear Mask… despite it being a silly, even neurotic, thing to do if you’re not sick. And if you are sick, you certainly shouldn’t be spreading what you’ve got by hanging out in a crowd – face masked or not.

But it’s all about the visuals – and the virtues being signaled.

Don’t look for reason here. It is like trying to teach a rooster algebra!

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  1. Interesting, I forgot about that angle for a moment. The mask can also be used for its original purpose of hiding one’s identity for the express purpose of getting away with things. Furthermore, in my lovely state of IL, it is technically illegal to be masked while doing concealed carry, yet the governor required masks as of 5/1. Even though he did a press conference wherein the state police said they would not arrest you if found to be masked and carrying at the same time, it is still against the law as it was originally written….

  2. On the plus side demonstrators wearing fear masks will thwart Big Brother’s surveillance/facial recognition cameras.

    • MIB, exactly right. They get out of the protest/riot zone and don’t wear the masks. Police have taken to wearing masks again for the same reason.

        • eric, it was somewhere in Wisconsin yesterday they were enforcing the “curfew” yesterday in a day of peaceful protest. The Nat Guard and Poleez were gearing up in their military gear to rout the people staying behind who were just trying to engage them in dialogue(nearly all white). The warlords were hiding behind vehicles to change from that stupid looking medical face mask to their gas masks.

          I think it’s ironic that nobody wants to not wear a mask even when there’s no way one person could be picked out of a crowd for not doing so. None of either group were social distancing either.

          I can only guess they’re all dead or dying from covid today. I thought about what you said about licking the door handles, etc. Last week when we went to the doc, they have a person masked up sitting at the door taking your name, asking if you’d been out of the area(no, I have been in the western hemisphere the entire time)and having you rub some disinfectant concoction on your hands. Gee Wally, ya really think this is gonna save us? Our county covid “positives” have doubled. The first person had a variety of disease and problems that actually killed him at 87(lucky SOB, got to live his entire life without this shit)but they said he tested positive. Yep, you can test just about any way when you’re dead I suppose. Now we have another case so our incidence of covid is doubled with one death. I told the wife I’m sure that’s how the doctors look at it at the horspital.

          If there is a particular group that has been blinded except for their official stance, the medical community is the very worst. That’s what you get when you mix health care and govt.


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