Reader Question: Vomitous and Sickening?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

John writes: Umm, don’t get yourself too worked up over this, Eric. It’ll pass shortly enough, at least unless the feddle gummint gets involved with such idiocies as rationing, a national 25 mph speed limit, and life-imprisonment for speeding, accompanied by mandatory marriage to several hardened inmates in the local lockup.

Our nation was once a collective of riskers and doers, people willing to roll the dice and live with the consequences. Of course I’m maundering over the loss of the “good old days,” which I suppose is probably a universal sentiment throughout the human race. But as regards the Corona virus in particular, a very low mortality ailment, this is largely a media-driven crisis in order to enhance advertising revenues.That’s the long and short of it.  And it pains me to observe that our population, once a nation of riskers and doers, has morphed into a population of lisping limp-wrists, obsessing over the tiniest risks to their persons.

Utterly vomitous and sickening.

My reply: I’m vomitous and sickened, too – but not by the virus. Rather by the hysterical over-reaction to it by easily panicked people, conditioned to flip out almost on cue.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote something about the absurdity – the stupidity – of hosing down the roads with brine bath at the first hint that it might snow. People flipped out by the prospect of snow – obsessed with saaaaaaaaaaaafety – are reacting with dreary predictability to the threat of a virus that – according to the Horse’s Mouths themselves – won’t kill 95 percent of those who get sick.

But, you’re right. The confident Americans of the old America who didn’t piss their pants and cling to the leg of the government at the first sign of “risk” are now in the minority. We are ruled by tyrants who rely on poltroons.

It makes my teeth ache.

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  1. The panic will NOT be allowed to end quickly. This is a great crisis that governments will use to remove our few remaining freedoms.

  2. Great news Eric, the Kung Flu might be coming to an end! (WND Article Trump: FDA has approved Coronavirus ‘Cure’)

    Hopefully this shit ends quickly, tired of the hysteria as it is


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