Reader Question: Their Move, Made?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Dave writes: Face it folks. The bastards are making their move. What is happening is just too insane to be a normal state of affairs. Every red blood leftist is on board. That is the give away. They can’t wait. To destroy ALL freedom and liberty.

My reply: I know the government – or rather, the people behind it – is capable of anything. Because I know about the things they have done before, such as “WMD” in Iraq – or rather, it’s lack; the “Patriot” act (already written before nahhnlevven), the seizure of Americans’ gold, the assertion that a farmer engaged in producing crops on his own land for himself is engaged in “interstate commerce” . . .the curb-stomping of VW over inconsequential “cheating” on emissions certification tests;  the murder of foreign leaders, the use of torture… just a few random ones. So I submit it is not beyond the delicacies of these people to either engineer a bioweapon or to make use of a naturally occurring virus or to grossly exaggerate its effects in order to achieve what they have been unable to achieve so far otherwise.

The bottom line is that we can’t trust what they say and have very good reason to fear what they are doing.

If many more otherwise healthy people who recover from the flu aren’t dead within the next few weeks, we’ll know we’ve been had.

By which time, of course, the economy will have been cratered and with it, the excuse created to assert total control over everything.

Just think. Two weeks or so ago, life was mostly normal.

And it may never be again.

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  1. Here’s a thought experiment: do you personally know anyone with “the virus”; do any of your friends/aquaintences? ……Didn’t think so. Definitely a manufactured crisis.

  2. You will know the Great Virus Hoax has fizzled when the Noose Media suddenly starts talking about the Latest New Crisis That Is Trump’s Fault.

  3. eric, Do you hear it? It’s the same lament the Brits had following the 1943 Tehran conference…….Oh no, the empire is lost. I can guarantee the way this is playing out there will be other, deadly pandemics…..of some sort. Civil war isn’t exactly biological warfare in the same sense but it has the same effect.

    I’ll paraphrase Hank “I tried so hard to get people to shut their stupid mouths. But they just parroted what the tv said and never took a breath. Well, that may not be too close but if you ever saw a building brought down by explosives you won’t forget the neat way it goes. And if you’ve ever been on a D 6 and tried to dig a 2’X2’X20′ pier 8′ in the ground, you’d soon realize no building can be “pulled over”. It’s just so much easier to look the other way and listen to Katie and Matt splithering all that stuff that comes off the script for them to spew forth. It reminds me of when Kelly got her high school diploma and stole it out of the postal truck, took it to her dad and said “It’s my diploma, read it to me daddy”. One of my favorite lines of all time for all ages right out of Married…..With Children. Her IQ was diametrically opposed to her looks.

    When Putin said “no” to keeping the price of oil up(he had his own reasons, to sit back and watch the empire fall)and now oil is being traded in Rupees, Rubles, Remenbdi, Yuan and every other damned currency you can imagine. Yep, it’s going to be quite the show.

    We had to buy a washer Saturday and had to pass by Wally on the way. It was Rattlesnake roundup weekend so it was stuffed. We had a few things to buy but when the wife saw the parking lot she said ‘fuck that’ and I never slowed down. Got our washer, fueled up with that buck 88 fuel and went to the liquor store and home.

    When the TP hit the fan, the wife nearly panicked(don’t know how she uses that much)and said “Oh, we’re out of TP”. Well, we were nearly out in the house but there was this bale so big in the safe it would barely fit and same for paper towels. I learned long ago to stay ahead of all that stuff since I’d be the one to look down and see a dead roll.

    Some friends were freaking out. I pointed out that soap and water still cleans a butt even better than TP.

    I had the neighbor come by and set the timer on the feeder yesterday. There was plenty deer scat on the ground and plenty out back. He said he had 2 deer in the freezer. We have one and lots of beef, turkey, chicken, fish, pork of all sorts, food we’ve prepared and frozen. Now I’m just kicking myself in the butt for not brewing my own beer.


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