White Kid’s “Privilege” Didn’t Save Him

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This idea that armed government workers are at war with black people is as absurd as this idea that healthy people should be walking around with a Diaper wrapped around their faces.

Armed government workers – among them lots of not-white ones – are at war with anyone who isn’t blue.

Like 17-year-old John Albers of Johnson County, KS. For the crime of being depressed, the kid was summarily executed by a gang of armed government workers. His executioner, Clayton Jenison – wasn’t charged with anything – but was given a $70k payout – courtesy of the taxpayers – to leave the county and kill in another one.

According to local affiliate WDAF, Albers’ family settled a wrongful death lawsuit against the city. They’ve still been unable to get many of the documents they requested to show how police and the DA reached the decision they did.

“In the best interest of the community, city officials negotiated an agreement with former Overland Park Police Officer Clayton Jenison, which resulted in his voluntary resignation and the city providing a final compensation package that included a severance payment as well as other benefits.”

No “racism” here. Just psychopathy, authorized, armed – and forgiven.

Because their lives matter more than ours.

They say it, openly. I “feared for my safety.” Not – my life was in danger – which is the standard for us in most states with regard to the use of deadly force by us. One generally must produce heavy evidence to support the claim, too. As in the person you shot was trying to kill you.

As opposed to trying to get away from you, as the now-deceased Albers kid did. Rather than let a 17-year-old-kid back out of his driveway and maybe do a burnout to blow off teenaged steam –  Jenison shot the kid 13 times.

And now he’s free to do it again, with seven stacks to speed him on his way.

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  1. Michael Bell, Jr. also had a white privilege deficit. As did Andrew Finch, Daniel Shaver, and a lot of other white people. Cops see one color: blue.

    • Anon, that explains my fear of what’s going on. I’ve always been scared of clowns. Fauci has that same evil smirk on his face.

  2. “There is no situation so bad that it cannot be made worse by the presence of police.”- William Norman Grigg

    • Hi Charles,

      I post items like this to counter the narrative that the AGW Problem is a race problem. Incidents such as this one occur so often it’s not difficult to find a new and similar video practically every day. So whose lives matter?

      Not ours.

      White, black, red, whatever. We are all “threats” to the “safety” of AGWs. And AGWs have been trained to regard us so and to respond with extreme aggression to anything less than complete submission.

      • eric, a couple researchers/doctors predicted the loss of human years will be much greater than any influenza or covid. The numbers are mounting quickly with a couple counties in Wyoming and Georgie(2 each)have significant numbers of suicides exceeding “supposed covid deaths”.

        Now a doctor is being given hell because he won’t forge death certificates. I doubt he’s the only one but he’s the only one I’ve seen telling his story on YT.

    • Charles, There were 3.9M+ nics checks run in June alone. Estimates say this is equal to a million more guns bought and untold amounts of ammo.

      Keeping my ear to the ground I find everyone is arming up, even people who mainly just hunted birds and didn’t have a rifle since they lived in town and didn’t hunt deer or varmints are arming up with not only AR’s but AK’s too and spending a lot of money on ammo and other things.

      There’s a new flame thrower out I’d like to buy but it’s not in my budget right now or probably forever.
      I’m going to post this YT about Thomas Jefferson and his view on slavery. I just want more people to know about this.


  3. Much like the mask mandates, its incomprehensible to me. An agency that is charged with enforcing law is less bound by such law than any other party. The concept is completely devoid of any logic or reason. It’s only reasonable they should be held to a HIGHER standard instead of a lower one. A severance package? Really? After essentially admitting guilt with a civil settlement? I don’t think I’m from this planet, and I want to go home.

    • Ditto, JWK –

      When I was 17, AGWs (we had “cops” back then) wouldn’t have drawn down on a suburban 17-year-old kid for backing up out his driveway – or even doing a burnout and taking off. What’s going on is Authoritarian Kabuki – submit or die. They’ll do the same with Diapering, too.


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