The Cases! Oh, my!

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Here’s a little rant about the “cases” – because almost no one is talking about the bodies. Which tells you everything you need to know about the agenda.

It isn’t an accident that the left – media and government – is going berserk with “cases.” It’s the hot air that fils up the Fear Balloon.

Without “cases,” they can’t maintain support for Diapers – and worse.

This isn’t mysterious. What is mysterious is the Orange Man’s silence. Why hasn’t he punctured the Fear Balloon by pointing out that talking about “cases” without the context – are more or fewer people dying? – is not just dishonest in the usual shystery way that politicians and “mainstream” journalists are shystery but a form of terrorism that ought to be treated as such by the government.

And most of all, by Orange Man. If he wants to give people a reason to re-elect him. If he doesn’t there’s no reason not to vote for Joe – and Permanent Diapering.

Why isn’t the Orange Man being as aggressive in combatting the lies about WuFlu as he was about the lies regarding his being Putin’s poodle?

Give us a reason to vote for you.

Or be gone with you.

. . .

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  1. I’ve been wearing a “Guy Fawkes” mask from the movie “V For Vendetta” the few times I was told that I needed to be “masked” and had no alternative means to transact business. When I am challenged, I simply reply that “it is a mask”, and as such fulfills the requirement for being “masked”. /the “powers that be” failed to set the parameters of “what constitutes a mask”.
    The “Guy Fawkes” “V For Vendetta” masks are readily available and can be used to send a message. Imaging a million people “sending a message”.

  2. By the way, I mentioned Pam Popper a bit ago. Here are a few links you’ll want to follow. She wants to lead the charge in taking back our country and freedoms, and this should be of interest to other liberty-minded people. – the online rallying point

    A couple of videos you’ll want to watch for background and what the objective is. If it actually works, I think we’ll all be grateful:

    • So we give them our email (and they want other identity info), then what? We still can’t make proposals or action plans, we’re still not a real group, we’re just on their email list so we can get their blog. Then we do what? Call/email our representatives who’ve already failed us? What good will that do? Nothing.

      I always wonder… how do I know they’re not going to give my identity to Hydra corp. and then I’ll be on their bad list? Why does every group want your full identity right upfront? Why not just give people access to the newsletter/forum yet still maintain their anonymity? In these times of databases and tracking, it’s important for people to remain as anonymous as possible.

      • Krazy, you’d think I was a painter with all the masking tape I have on my phone, computer and considering over my sunglasses.

        Is there anyone here from 6 years ago who remembers me(eric, you should remember this)hearing what I could only identify(who knows?)a drone, back when the small drones didn’t exist. I’d sit here and listen to it all damned day and then it would fall off close to dark.

        At first I thought I was having aural hallucination but then the pitch would change ever so slightly and I have a very good ear. But still, I didn’t trust myself alone but Cholley Jack heard it too. It drove him crazy and he’d jump up and look at me and go outside. He’d run out in the pasture and run around with his ears held high and really go through hell.

        I knew what it was and in 2016 after I’d been off for years trucking and was back home, we found out. A huge helicopter hovering over the house. It was a state of Texas job and after it had been hovering about 10 minutes the wife and I knew it wasn’t going away.

        This isn’t a good feeling. I’d just been laid off. The oil field had crashed early 15 which fairly much done away with that job. I did a little work but very little.

        Being an old trucker and having a lot of contacts I found another job for the truck(and me). It didn’t pay shit since everyone who’d been doing oil field work was looking for something that would pay the truck and driver $85/hr., the bare minimum. Take care of everything and keep the rig running and work long hours keeping me running. But it finally ran out. 30 days after I’d been going to the state employment agency and losing more hair, that was the day(Aug.1, 2016) the chopper showed up.

        These dicks are so stupid they had no idea I had just returned from years in the patch and rarely home. But my renters ex-wife was in hot shit, 5 charges for kidnapping, taking minors across state lines and similar.

        I already knew and had known for months she’d dropped a dime on me and her ex that we were growing pot on the farm. And these people are so stupid and greedy they didn’t even know I had just come in off the road, my wife was crippled(and we were retired) and the place was covered in cattle, every inch of it. I have no idea of how you’d grow pot with scads of hungry cattle that can take down a fence in a heartbeat when they’re hungry and it was one of those years.

        But they showed up by air and with ground troops and some stupid legal document they wanted me to sign which I let them know instantly I wasn’t signinig shit. They had such a shitty case they couldn’t even get a search warrant. But I didn’t let that stop them, I gave them permission and the use of 3 horses to search every last inch of the place…..with their dogs. But they are such scum they had no idea the bomb I was gonna drop on them, the fact I knew it was coming and why. I told them the rumor was replete over the entire county. I told them everything that had been said and how long I had known it.

        They have no idea and don’t care if they can take your land and money for some bullshit charge. I told them the ins and outs of the entire thing and they just stood there with their mouths open. Then I DEMANDED they search the place, every inch of it. I was in a bad mood from being out of work anyway but their coming back to us for the 4th time trying to find something we’d done wrong and couldn’t. But this time they couldn’t come into the house.

        I won’t keep going on into the depth of it but they did the walk of shame when they left. And the wife and I gave them hell for being so stupid. Don’t ever blow off a weird sound or anything out of the ordinary, even those feelings you get up your spine. These people are stupid. They have no morals and will do anything they can to take everything you have.

        My point? My point is things are getting worse all the time. And one of the funniest things is they’re such cowards. They once double handcuffed me. A Mexican midget put a riot gun to my head and told me to get on the floor(I had just hurt my back really bad)or he’d blow my head off. I told him to go ahead. I’m not one bit afraid of them and they know it. I can tell at times they have messed with my mail, a serious offense in itself.
        Don’t anyone ever trust anything the govt. does…..nothing. There is no good news from govt. of any sort. Never forget that.

  3. Great video Eric. I had an interesting encounter this past weekend when I had to go pay my bill for my cell phone (which I just keep in my car for emergencies not really a fan of cell phones)…so I get to my local tmobile store and right on the front door is a sign that says “masks required to enter store” (which by the way in my state they haven’t even made such a “law”) well I don’t and will never where a mask and I enter anyway and right away the first and only thing out of the mouth from the staff is “you have to where a mask” I refuse and they say they can help me outside again I refuse and this goes on for a min. or so and finally I tell them to forget it and they won’t be getting my business anymore and as I leave the store I call them out for the cowards they are.

    • Excellent, Brian!

      This is the necessary course of action – and even if they end up winning, we keep our self-respect because we didn’t give in. I will never give in, even if it means never leaving my house again.

    • Great Brian, we need more of this. The lockdown in Texas has no teeth since there’s a comma in there after the mandate saying it’s not law and you can’t be fined for it. The problem being, police dept.s are taking it as law and just giving tickets that are willy nilly in their amounts.

  4. There is a glimmer of hope. It’s not hard to find a video showing the vast numbers who decided to put on their own fireworks show in spite of the Psychopaths In Charge of Los Angeles and Philadelphia canceling the public funded show and forbidding private ones. A huge middle finger in the face of the Psychopaths In Charge. There is a significant resistance. Let’s pray it grows, and feed it at every opportunity.
    Indeed, the increased case count without corresponding increased death count is as irrelevant as case count for dandruff. Just read a piece by Ron Paul on Lew Rockwell’s site showing that Texas radically changed its definition of a “case”, and increased testing, which accounts for at least the growth in case numbers there. While at the same time deaths there have DECREASED by 90% since April. It is a glaring demonstration of the perfect success of public education that apparently the vast majority can’t do simple math, or relate it to real life numbers if they can.

  5. Sad that the sheeple can’t do basic math, which is why the media constantly trumpet the “record number of cases” without mentioning the not record number of actual deaths. Thus the higher number of cases equals a LOWER percentage of fatalities. Ugh, so tired of the brainwashed masses of asses.

      • And those huge spikes in Texas are not huge in any way. 70 cases, finally tested and turned out to be positive isn’t huge esp. when you understand the tests are bs.

        Recently a nurse doing the testing kept getting positives and negatives and retesting false positives so she sent in two samples with fictitious names. She simply removed the swabs from their package, put them in a package to send for testing and waited. The unused swabs both came back as positive.

        What we need to kill the virus(if that’s what it is) would be more mobs in the streets tearing up everything in their paths. You notice the “virus” couldn’t stand up to them and tucked its head and sadly slipped into its cave.

  6. Trump is between a rock and a hard place. As in the media and the Deep State. Anything he tries will be nullified. While the leftists are out burning and looting his base is home afraid to say or do anything as the justice system has been compromised. Protect your home with weapons from a mob that broke into your property trespassing and you are charged with a crime. Say all lives matter and you are fired from your job. Mention that Floyd died of Fentanyl overdose and you are called a racist. There is no rule of law. A heavily armed platoon of blacks entered Stone Mountain Park in Georgia looking for a White militia apparently with intentions to engage. Park police allowed the entry.
    If Trump wants to die a normal death he had better jump out of the election. The FBI, CIA, NSA or Secret Service will not protect him. It’ll be another JFK. And even if they don’t eliminate him he’ll be useless, won’t be able to get anything done.
    The USA is now a Oligarchy controlled by the likes of Gate’s Soro’s, other billionaires, and multinational corporations.
    We peons simply have no person inside the beltway on our side. It’s pretty much over.

    • Hi Ken,

      I want to give the Orange Man the benefit of the doubt but cannot understand why he doesn’t simply state facts in re WuFlu. Ask why the media touts “cases” but doesn’t tell people that the fatality rate isn’t going up. State the 99 percent-plus survival rate for the not-elderly/not-already-sick. Point out that these facts do not justify turning the entire country into a Leper Colony and that the media is doing the equivalent of screaming fire! in a crowded theater. That they are terrorizing the population for political reasons. Etc.

      Most of all – above all – publicly state that Mandatory Diapering is an attempt to keep people terrified and obedient and that he will use his lawful and moral authority to defend the right of the people to be free of this tyranny.

      • eric, I don’t understand why he doesn’t have Fauci die in a car accident….or just give him the CIA heart attack.

        • Hi Eight,

          Better to just discredit the bastard. The facts are now indisputable. If only Orange Man would talk about them. Instead he and his minions talk about “keeping us safe”… it’s enough to keep me from voting for him again.

          • Then I suggest you not vote at all, or go third party. From a car perspective (your perspective, as a car guy), Trump is the only thing keeping us from outrageously high MPG mandates that are impossible to meet and still build gasoline powered cars. You know damn well Biden would reinstate the mandates. Just a thought.

            • Hi Jim,

              I know.. and I’m just venting. I will “support” Orange Man because of the alternative. I just wish I could talk to the man for 15 minutes…

              • eric, just the same ol, same ol. The lesser of two evils. If it weren’t for such important state offices I’d just stay at home or maybe like a guy I know, he had a mail-in ballot show up at his house for a person who doesn’t live there. Just vote for Biden and then arm up, set traps and wait for the war. I have a couple pieces of 4″ SS about 4 feet long that are great for firing Coors lite sized concrete filled shot. I guess I’d better stock up on black powder.

      • Hi Eric,

        Trump seems to have no principle other than self aggrandizement. While it is true that he has done some things THAT benefit us, I see no evidence that he does so TO benefit us. He has also shown that he is extremely weak; despite criticizing the swamp (Deep State), he has surrounded himself with the worst of those creatures, and often bows to their pathological agenda. Despite presenting himself as a strong, decisive leader, he rarely articulates a consistent, principled position on anything; the few times he does, he often backpedals and succumbs to pressure from the Swamp Creatures.

        His “leadership” around the Corona Scare has been awful, from his own inconsistent and contradictory messaging, to the elevation of political hacks and scare mongers like Fauci and Birx. That he was swayed by these people into accepting the absurd pronouncements of Neil Ferguson and his Imperial College cohorts, demonstrates that he lacks backbone and any genuine commitment to independent, critical thought. At the time this study was released, there were dozens of extremely qualified scientists, all of whom far more credible than Fauci, et al, documenting how dangerous and flawed it was. Likewise, he never challenged the absurd, and intentionally misleading, case fatality rates that were being trumpeted by the hysterics. Why not get credible scientists to explain that the crude case fatality rate (deaths per confirmed cases) is NOT a meaningful measure of the virulence of a new disease? Why not explain that the crude case fatality rate is KNOWN to be at least 100 times more than the actual case fatality rate that only emerges with the collection of more, and more reliable, data?

        Why did he never seek advice from Knutt Wittowski, John Ioannidis, Michael Levitt, David Katz and the many more who were presenting a far less hysterical, far more scientifically valid, analysis the risk of the virus? Why did he not exploit his enormous social media presence to highlight articles like this:

        or this:

        Why didn’t he consult with economists who could explain the well established, strong correlation between economic privation and increased mortality? If he had done so, one of the original, and most destructive, narratives: opposition to the lockdown is motivated only by selfishness and the elevation of profits over people, could have been exposed as the dishonest, or completely ignorant, nonsense that it was? He could have explained that the possible life saving benefits of the proposed policy must be weighed against the known costs of that policy? Those costs include an increase in suicides, destruction of families, reduced access to needed medical care, and much more. He never challenged the dominant narrative which focused exclusively on the asserted benefits of the lockdown and ignored, or openly condemned, any serious discussion of the costs. Moreover, he never challenged the absurd “millions will die if we don’t impose these draconian measures” narrative that was provably false at the time.

        None of this would have been hard to do, the information was readily available and could not have been credibly dismissed as the ravings of unqualified cranks (though many would have tried). Trump, more than any other modern president, has harnessed the enormous power, for good and ill, of social media and could have used that power to crush this life destroying, tyranny enabling narrative, pushed by nearly every politician and their presstitutes in the media. At worst, he could have forced some balance into the discussion by exposing the people to the dozens, of far more qualified and credible, experts challenging that narrative. Instead, he uses this power to indulge in petty attacks against his perceived enemies (which I admit, are often hilarious).

        While it is enjoyable to watch the leftists driven into an orgy of insanity and self destruction by Trump, he is not one of “us”. He is a lifelong political insider who has exploited his political connections for personal gain, at “our” expense. I’m sorry, not Biden is not good enough. Many, even on this blog, will insist that the other guy is worse so we have to vote for Trump, maybe so; but that thinking guarantees that there will never be any choice other than a dog shit, or a cat shit, sandwich. Whatever Trump is, he is not a champion of liberty. He has presided over the most extreme, authoritarian destruction of our liberties that has ever occurred, and he never seriously tried to stop it.


        • grerat post Jeremy. As soon as he hired Bolton and that communist fuck Fauci his presidency was over. He’s the ONLY guy that could lose to biden

          • Thanks Mark,

            It’s frustrating because Trump had a chance to do some real good. Why does he care that the establishment hates him, that’s why he got elected! IMO, they don’t hate him because they believe that he poses a real threat to their agenda, they hate him because he was a gatecrasher, palatable as a wealthy donor, but not one of the inner circle. He proved that an outsider can win. Trump is not an outsider, but he was perceived as such and managed to exploit that perception to overcome all of the hurdles raised by the gatekeepers. Trump’s run was always a vanity project and I doubt he initially thought he could win; when it occurred to him that he could, he employed his considerable persuasion skills to grab the prize, not because he had any principled dedication to liberty (he’s been a reflexive authoritarian for a very long time), but because he wanted to send a big “fuck you” to his detractors. Too bad he didn’t continue this by seriously challenging their agenda.

            No, the gatekeepers don’t hate Trump because HE threatens their stranglehold on power, they hate him because he showed that a genuine outsider could win, someone motivated by principle, not merely vanity and vindictiveness; that terrifies them. They must pretend that Trump is an aberration, an irresponsible, corrupt narcissist who slipped through the cracks. The vilification of Trump is about sealing those cracks, preemptively discrediting any future candidate who tries to crash the party.


            • Jeremy,
              I get what you’re saying. The problem is that they showed him the “other” Zapruder film.

        • Good observations Jeremy, I’m sure you noticed the one thing Trump DID accomplish was to push through a tax break for him and his wealthy cronies, which also took away some of the deductions us schmucks in the blue states were able to use. Once again the middle class gets screwed, especially with the disappearance of our “personal exemption” on the 1040 form. 😖.

      • He doesn’t have the moral confidence of a man with immutable principles. He’s noisy enough when enough people are audibly cheering him on, but he lacks the serenity that anti-diaperers tap to defy dirty looks and opposition. He’s not confident in his own ability to look at the facts, decide what’s right, and defy “experts” who allegedly know more than he does. “Who are you to decide?” is a scary question to a lot of people.

  7. Yeah, he was all talking about “fake news”, but lets big media keep going on with their frauding the public [war crimes], now he’s a fake news outlet himself! Can’t trust anyone in govt! Only solution is for the people to get together and take over — FIRE THEM ALL. We have NO GOVT anymore — they’re 99% crooks having a field day with their absolute power and lawbreaking… ZERO MORAL AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER.

  8. “there’s no reason not to vote for Joe”

    Are you kidding ????

    If Joe Hiden gets elected, the Communist Revolution will be nearly complete. It will be all over except the paperwork – and the genocide.

    • Hi Anon,

      Indeed. But what is Orange Man doing to stop it? Talking up parks for monuments. How about talking about this sickness fraud that’s been perpetrated instead?

      • Let’s just get him re-elected so we have a chance to survive this mess. Masks are the least of our worries right now.

        • Hi Anon,

          I disagree. Diapering is the worry right now. It is a veritable symbol of everything gone wrong with this country and by abiding it, we accept all that has gone wrong – which means more will go wrong. I have no interest in re-electing a man who doesn’t grasp this as he re-election will just mean another Charlie Brown Moment for people like me who have grown weary of trying to kick a football that’s pulled away every time.

          • So what’s your alternative? What is your plan? Griping about how lousy things are has it’s place, but leadership is presenting a plan- a viable alternative. What’s yours?

            From where I sit it’s July 7th, 2020 and we have just 2 electable candidates. One represents the worst kinds of enslavement- at the muzzle of a gun, and for thought crimes no less! The other, flawed as he may be has sought to empower the individual -at least moreso than the Marxist Democrats. So with the reality we are stuck with why aid and comfort the Marxist? Refusing to support one is a default support for the other. Is that what you want? really?

            Absent an alternative we have to deal with what we have before us. Grumping and harumphing won’t fix that.

            • Hi Auric,

              Yes, I get that; I concede all that. But – dammit – why can’t the man go on the offensive with regard to this WuFlu narrative? It is destroying him as well as the country. I cannot understand why he has been so accepting of the narrative, so unwilling to go to bat for us on this one.

              Unless – alarming thought – he isn’t one of us or even a little bit in that direction.

              I’m so sick of hearing him (and seeing him) leg-hump statues when so much else is on the line.

              • I’m not willing to close my mind to the idea that Trump is a clever fraud put there by the deep state- I can’t logically defend this, but I’m forced to keep my mind alert and my eyes open.

                What I do think is that Trump’s a known germophobe and it’s likely that he believes this COVID (horeshit) is valid, and believes the twerp ass Feltchi is “Protecting” Americans.

                I shudder to think that a man who’s demonstrated such good political instincts would be fooled by this COVID shit but maybe he’s just flat wrong on this alleged pandemic. I shudder to think of the alternative: Another Fraud president.

                • I have this one question in mind in particular. If Trump isn’t one of them, why did he sign the CARES act in Jan 2019?

          • eric, the masks are serving their purpose. They are lowering immunity and that will ensure the “second wave” will be much worse.

  9. The Suit in the White House can only do what he’s told to do – no matter which party favor occupies the Offal Office.

  10. They’re harping on cases because the death rate is way down. The death rate is down likely because so many are not buying their BS. Sites like yours Eric are collectively having an effect. The CDC will have to call this epidemic off soon. Then what are the little tyrant governors and mayors gonna do…. probably get re-elected after doing a great job responding to the alleged virus. 🙁

    “Coronavirus deaths in the country have nearly reached a level where the virus will cease to qualify as an epidemic under Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rules, the federal agency reported on Friday.”

    • Hi ken. I saw that item and my first reaction was that they will change the definition of an epidemic so that the dread corona will continue to be considered one. And the dutiful media will continue to report it as such, without telling the pathetic sheeple that, once again, the goalpost has been moved. Hopefully I’m wrong about that, and for the first time in memory there will be an iota of integrity from both government and the media. Not holding my breath, though.

      • Hi Mike,

        I’m not holding my breath, either – as regards the government and the media. But perhaps enough people will finally call a halt to this sickness by refusing to go along with it. The “protesters” showed how easy this is. It is just a matter of letting one’s balls drop.

        Most decent Americans are far too passive; much too worried about causing offense or making waves. Much less risking anything – even a ticket.

        But if a few million of us just said no… this would be over in a week.

        • eric, Chad Prather, a very popular Texan with a TY show and does shows all over the US and other places said yesterday he’s running for guvnah. He’s had it with Abbott’s bs and since he works near the metroplex he sees the economic devastation. Even if you’ve never heard of him, he’s well enough known he got a VP parking place when Trump celebrated Mt. Rushmore.

          He is friends with Dan Patrick so maybe that will have more people hear about him. If he voted, he’d vote for Trump but he doesn’t approve of everything Trump does and certainly doesn’t approve of what Abbott has done and continues to do. He’ll be voting for himself this next election.

          Since he’s not a politician, I’ll vote for him.

        • “But if a few million of us just said no… this would be over in a week.”

          Unfortunately, that’s the problem. There aren’t enough people who are willing to call bullshit over this. I’m the guy in Lexington, KY who quit his job over the face-diapering and other assorted bullshit at the store where I used to work. The only, and I mean ONLY, time I wear one of those stupid things is when I take my mom or sister to the doctor (I’m the only driver in the family). This morning I took my 88 year old mom to an appointment and on the way out, one of the nurses told my mom (who also doesn’t wear the muzzles) to put it up over her nose, not just to “protect” others but for her own “protection”.

          At the store where I used to work, there are a load of people who buy into the bullshit, even going so far as to wear the muzzles when walking down the street alone! The problem we have is that there are too many “true believers” who insist on muzzling the rest of us (in more ways than one). I’m not sure how to counter that except to defy them, but we’re not going to convince them, even with accurate statistics (they just don’t want to hear it – hands over ears saying, “la la la…”). I’ve tried, they don’t believe you or ignore everything you say, even if you can show scientific proof.

          • Oh, and I’ve been in touch with Pam Popper (do a search on Youtube for her videos, she has a lot to say about the Covid nonsense) regarding what to do at the store. She suggested that if enough people just plain walked out and refused to work there until the mandates were lifted, they’d have to give in as they can’t run the store without people. Only problem is that too many people actually believe the lies and go along willingly, or they need their jobs too much to risk it. Sigh. Guess I’ll continue plugging away at freelance writing so I can work from home without diapering up.

      • Yup, they keep moving the goalposts. At first it was about “flattening the curve” and now there’s this shit in my state:

        A county’s alert level is determined by seven data indicators:

        New Cases Per Capita
        Sustained Increase in New Cases
        Proportion of Cases that Are Not Congregate Cases
        Sustained Increase in Emergency Room Visits
        Sustained Increase in Outpatient Visits
        Sustained Increase in New COVID-19 Hospital Admissions
        Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Bed Occupancy

        Additional measurements still in development include county-level data on contact tracing, tests per capita, and percent positivity.

        • Hi P –

          And that’s why it’s imperative to call out this nonsense. To challenge anyone who starts talking up “cases” – in person, online, anywhere.

          Freedom takes effort to maintain it.

          • Meanwhile millions of people die of malaria and TB every year in the world. They try to gin up numbers into the millions for covid but it won’t fly if any of the sheeple bother to look them up.

            I have things I need but I’ll just stay at home…..sitting on this sack of seeds.


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