Reader Question: Orange Disappointment?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Rich asks: Eric, I commend you for being a beacon of shining light in all of this murky mess surrounding the coronavirus neurosis. In my lifetime I’ve never seen before nor anticipated such a gross or expedient clampdown on what we used to believe were our rights, especially in exchange for such an elaborate con. And with no substantive evidence either in my area or even from folks I know in an outbreak city.

The longer this goes on, you’d think people would have already figured out the ruse and revolted against the lock down, but no, at least in my state beginning in May we will actually be required to wear masks in public places indoors.

What really caught me off guard was the absolute dictator powers that local and state government have been able to enact in response to this fake crisis, and the mass public more or less going along with it. One thought I had was whether or not we can do anything about those in power if they can basically proclaim absolute power in light of any claimed “emergency”? My other thought was that if things had worked out differently in 2016, we likely would be under a national federal martial law. To my dismay, Orange Man has turned out to be rather milquetoast instead of stepping up to do the right thing against the  grain, as a great leader ought to do. But at least he didn’t clamp down on the country, he just let local leaders do their thing instead. Which leads me to something that I never thought I’d be thinking in my lifetime. Can you see us actually electing a true dictator into the top spot? My spidey sense has been tingling very badly I this regard, especially since the last seven weeks have passed. Already our two party system is in dire shape, in order to allow for the election of someone such as the Orange Man. But even though the left leaning mainstream media have wanted you to believe he is a dictator himself, time has proven that he obviously is not. Somehow I see the greatest potential for a true dictator coming from the left, especially given the rabid nature of all the Bernie Bros, and the tendency for the rest of the public to say and do nothing. My greatest fear is that if we don’t choose properly, the next election in which we vote could be the very last where we’re allowed to participate. What are your thoughts regarding this?

My reply: I, too, am very disappointed with the Orange Man. Initially, I could see him being  effectively forced to “do something,” though even then, it’s his job to act on facts rather than feelings. Now that the fact are readily available – especially as regards mortality rates (and who is at mortal risk of being Corona’d – i.e., the elderly and the already sick) and that the numbers in all cases are being very obviously exaggerated, it is clear that the Orange Man has been derelict  in his duty by not calling bullshit on the whole thing – and using his power for good – by ordering the “lockdown lifted, using the power of the federal government to enforce that, if need be.

Still, things are probably better than they would have been – and will be, if Orange Man loses in November.

So, as much as I am leery of OM now, I will still vote for him since the alternative is guaranteed to be much worse.

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  1. eric, I’m glad you want to vote for him. Do you know Jacob Hornberger? He’s going to run on the Libertarian ticket or as an independent. He’s a take no prisoners kinda guy when it comes to govt. over-reach, sorta right there with Ron Paul.

    • Hi Eight,

      I don’t know him, but know of him. Seems like a good dude. I’ve decided, for my part, to take the fight to them. I wear the ear tag everywhere. I am going to enter a “mask mandatory” store again today and see what happens. They lay a paw on me and it’s game on. My left arm is a mess but I can still throw a good punch with my right.

      God-damn them all.

      • eric, had to go to the big stores today to get what we need…and didn’t get yeast anywhere. What’s up with that?

        Not many wearing masks but employees but every time I saw somebody wearing one who wasn’t forced I wanted to grab them and scream “Wake up you stupid fuck, grow some balls and try to think for yourself. I only saw a couple men with masks. People our age were just buying regular stuff and now I wished I’d bought some more corn.

        I changed CJ food over to beef and venison(expensive)food a while back. None to be had anywhere now. Oh well, the feeders is still going and the deer are still coming. Double felony, out of season and in the dark. Tough shit to anyone who wants to enforce it. I ain’t playin. Die from a bullet or starve….what’s the diff?

        • Eight…when Red Star came out with Platinum instant sourdough yeast, no local grocers stocked it. I contacted Red Star & they put me in touch with online grocery outlet dotcom, & I got a case. That was before all this current mess. Just checked & they don’t seem to have much of anything, not just yeast, for sale. But yeast can be had via King Arthur Flour, or amazon. And if you want to maintain a live sourdough starter, King Arthur Flour sells it.

            • Eight, have ya checked any “Health/natural food” stores (If such things still exist)? They usually sell jars of dry active yeast that ya keep in the fridge. I used to buy that years ago, when I used to bake a lot- it’s a LOT cheaper too, than buying yeast in them little packets.

  2. I’m hearing from the Q-folks it’s all 4D chess, he’s letting the Dems hang themselves with the rope they were planning to use on him.

    I get that strategy, but enough of these games, as not all sheeple will see it

      • I just listen to get different perspectives, as I wanna be well rounded patriotic news wise. (Ie: Not the only news source I listen to)

        I will say that it does sound interesting and at least gives me a little hope, even if they’re as accurate as the carnival fortunate teller.

        At the very least, they’re able to get people red pilled, get those with an inkling of curiosity on the right path

        • Hi Zane,

          Please post some links so I can read what they actually say. But, from what you’ve posted about their claims,

          “Hear from the Q folks this is basically being used to restructure the economy, get us back on the Gold Standard and dismantle the fed”.

          “Orange Man and the Patriots turned the tables on the Deep State and are using this time against them, going for Mass arrests of CEO’s and Celebs,… taking power away from the Fed (So we get our full paychecks amongst other things) and whatnot”.

          “I’m hearing from the Q-folks it’s all 4D chess, he’s letting the Dems hang themselves with the rope they were planning to use on him”.

          the Q-folks are either master trolls (apparently they started on 4-chan), part of a psy-ops disinformation campaign, or batshit crazy. There is no evidence that Trump is playing 4D chess and planning to do the things you describe. There is ample evidence that he is a typical, self interested, ego-maniacal politician whose only significant difference from “establishment” politicians is his style.

          Again, Trump will not end the Fed and reinstate the gold standard, conduct mass arrests of CEO’s and celebs, or cause the Dem’s to hang themselves (they can do this all by themselves).

          “At the very least, they’re able to get people red pilled, get those with an inkling of curiosity on the right path”.

          They’re not “red-pilling” anyone, they’re promulgating a dangerous, right wing variant of a “blue-pill” narrative; namely that of Führerprinzip and “politician as savior”. They’re putting people on the WRONG path, that of accepting the idea that this (but not the other) leader is secretly working on our behalf, will end the corruption and restore our liberties. This is every bit as delusional as those Obama worshipers believing that he was going to end all the wars, neuter the corporations and usher in good, transparent government dedicated to helping regular folks, especially the poor and disadvantaged. The Q-folks are pushing the same deluded narrative, just repackaged for gullible Republicans.

          Kind Regards,

        • Hi Zane,

          Another observation, when the inevitable happens and Trump does not dismantle the “Deep State”, “End the Fed” and usher in a new era of freedom and greatness, the Q-folks, and their followers, will not have learned anything or admit they were wrong. They will trot out a predetermined, counterfactual narrative that goes like this: “Trump tried to do all those things but he was thwarted by his enemies in the Deep State” (just as the ObamaDrones claimed that “Obama wanted to do all those things but was stymied by those evil, obstructionist Republicans”). They won’t pause to reflect that maybe it’s a bad idea to pin all of our hopes, for “liberty” in the case of “Patriots” and “justice” in the case of “progressives”, on a Dear Leader. They won’t have an epiphany and realize that “political authority” is an absurd and dangerous myth. They will continue to insist that it’s good, legitimate and necessary, as long as it is wielded by the right person. This myth guarantees that most people will continue to fight amongst themselves, rather than transfer their ire to the whole rotten system.


  3. “Much worse” as in Cuba/Venezuela/USSR ! 🙁

    The CommieCrats have told us everything we need to know about their intentions. There is not a single D candidate anywhere that will not go along with tyranny. We can sort out the bad Republicans later but we need to survive as a Constitutional Republic a while longer in order to do so.

    • Anon, I don’t envy YOU sorting out the “good” republicans, oh wait, the “bad” republicans……from the others. Every time I see a new bill that takes away another right I see they are co-sponsored….you know, demoplicans and republocrats?

    • You must have missed the dem that switched parties. It was the usual old quote “I didn’t quit the Democratic party, the Democratic party quit me”……wtf ever that means. Gosh it sounds really sincere though…….don’t it?


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