Liberty Diddlers

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A four-star “general” – who commissioned him? – has been caught prowling for teenage boys. In addition to prowling for our liberties.

The “general’s” name is 63-year-old  Ralph “Rusty” Marino, who was the Obergruppenfuhrer (that is, four star “general”) of the Stowe, MA police department. He thought he’d been sexting with a 14-year-old boy; turns out he’d been sexting with a grown man from Predator Poachers, a group of citizen activists who catch people like “Rusty” doing their thing.

Exposure being just the medicine for these creeps.

The Obergruppenfuhrer has been charged with “enticing a child younger than 16” and will be arraigned next month, according to news reports.

These are the people who are shutting down our businesses, our lives – our everything – to “keep us safe.” While force-collecting generous paychecks ripped from what remains of our hides.

What we need – adults and kids alike – is to be kept safe from them.

Not just this one, either. All armed government workers. They are not “keeping us safe.” They are the ones keeping us imprisoned. They are the ones taking away our most basic freedoms, on behalf of the government and the corporations that might as well be the government, just without the fig leaf of elections.

Shun these costumed creeps. Every last one of them.

Regard every last one of them as if they were a kid diddler. Because few of them are any better. They are liberty diddlers.

Some will say this is over the top; that it is unfair. Really? Who is out there right now Hut! Hut! Hutting! moms playing with their kids in a park? Hut! Hut! Hutting! people for suggesting that taking vitamin C is a good idea (and not forcing anyone to take it)? Hut! Hut! Hutting! business owners for daring to offer their services to people under no compulsion to purchase them?

This not new, either.

Because Corona is merely the latest excuse for all this Hut! Hut! Hutting! These are the same armed government workers who were Hut! Hut! Hutting peaceful people not in the least way threatening harm to anyone else – but who weren’t wearing a seat belt.

Or a helmet.

Long before the “crisis” gave them a new excuse.

Do you feel safe when you see an AGW? That ought to tell you something about AGWs.

These are the same armed government workers who have been debriding Americans of their most basis former liberties for decades – including the former liberty to be at-liberty to travel without being forced by armed government workers to present “papers” without any reason other than the victim being out on the road or even on the sidewalk.

Does it really surprise anyone that armed government workers are now Hut! Hut! Hutting! Americans for walking outside – or “too closely”? Descending like a troop of einstazgruppen in full “tacticool” gear upon people just trying to work out or get a haircut?

That these kinds of people do other, far worse things?

What sort of person is attracted to a job that empowers them to “pull people over” for no legitimate reason at all. Harangue them with threatening questions while implicitly threatening them with murderous violence?

Likes to enforce laws that are enforced just because they are “the law.” Says “I’m just doing my job”? Which job includes legally rooting around in your underwear – as well as the underwear of your child, your wife, your grandmother – as at the airport?

The answer is a person who doesn’t deserve our sanction, must less veneration.

Because Corona has, at least, caused the scales to fall from some eyes. Including the eyes of “conservatives,” who have been the most strident defenders – if not worshippers – of armed government workers, which is perhaps the most interesting manifestation of cognitive dissonance one might conjure.

For decades, I have been frustrated with “conservatives” who claim to value liberty yet worship those who enforce its removal, i.e., armed government workers. These are often confused in the minds of these “conservatives” with keepers of the peace. How is it keeping the peace to accost peaceful people?

I have challenged “conservatives” who resent infringements of their Second Amendment rights to explain why a peaceful person’s right to not wear a seat belt (or wear a helmet) is ok to infringe.

Huff, puff. It’s different!

But how?

No (coherent) answer.

They object to taxation – but don’t dare object to being taxed to “support” government schools . . . or armed government workers. The latter including anything wearing a military uniform.

They are fighting to keep us free! 


The moral incoherence of “conservatism” is perhaps best illustrated by William F. Buckley, Jr. – who for a generation headed it. He was a virulent anti-communist who supported the leviathan state to fight it. He even said that the U.S. must be more like the Soviet Union in order to fight it.


The U.S. is now worse than the old Soviet Union – where the population was never wholesale “locked down” as Americans now are and never pathologized into miming anxiety disorders in public, as Americans now do.

I am glad to find that some “conservatives” are beginning to realize that armed government workers are government workers – and as such, the enemies of their liberties, now gone.

Perhaps they can be recovered. I suspect it will not be easy. Because we let it go too far. And much too long.

The first step is anathematizing the very idea of “law enforcement” – a nihilistic and vicious thing that has replaced, somehow, the idea of protecting people’s rights. Above all, the right to be left in peace, provided what you’re doing is peaceful.

Anything that interferes with that right – accompanied by the threat of murderous violence – is the very definition of tyrannous.

And we have an obligation to resist it.

As for the “good” AGWs? There are none such. Those who are have taken off the uniform and burned the damnable thing. Said: I will not be a party to this anymore.

Those who still wear it aren’t. They have made their choice, stepped on one side of a very clear line.

And we are on the other side of that line.

. . .

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  1. This is a keeper. “ the corporations that might as well be the government, just without the fig leaf of elections.”

    Good one.

    fasc•ism făsh′ĭz″əm►
    n. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

  2. What’s incredible is that this sick bastard tried to hook up with a “14-year-old boy” KNOWING full well, from his position in “law enforcement,” that agencies run predator stings ALL THE TIME and that ANY information e-mailed or texted can be retrieved and used in court.

    It’s sort of like the cops who beat the fuck out of innocent people and plant evidence and then lie about it WHILE WEARING BODY CAMS… they’re so drunk on their own power that they think they’re untouchable, and think that the very same technology they use to put people in prison in a daily basis will magically never work against THEM…

  3. BRAVO…… Have you been reading my mind for the past 40 years? I have been preaching this same line since my teen years. I long to live FREE but our freedoms have been and continue to be taken and now look what has happened in the last 30-40 days. It is unbelievable. Yet, I really am not surprised because I have met nothing but opposition and ridicule of my beliefs my entire life. Thank You, Eric. I am going to save this article. I have finally found one like-minded as myself.

  4. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown is coming to realization.

    Welcome to my world – I have been trying to get a reporter to look into what the Duke of New York A- Number One was doing in the 1980’s and 1990’s with a serial pedophile whom raped a number of the boys I grew up with. Reporters once reported on this close association with the entire Family of past and present Dukes of New York – A #1. Strangely no one has touched it – pardon the pun – since 1999 – though the esteemed 60 Minutes and on air co-anchor of the Fredo himself did interview this politically protected child rapist and called him a “hero”.

    So when I see the Duke of NY A#1 proclaimed the King for his “response” to the panicked pandemic and how string pullers are angling to make him the presidential nominee – I just shake my head and await the true wrath of Zeus, Allah, Jesus, Yahweh or whatever sentient beneficent god one subscribes to as all of them are being mocked and for allowing it we all deserve the brimstone – though lead is becoming far more likely.

    The expose of an infuriated Ex-NYPD Detective is on Scribd search: USA Confidential December 1998 – you can’t post links on here unless something has changed.

    The story was cited by multiple “respected” news outlets up until 2001 where it has since been buried as the Duke of NY A#1 angled to be supreme warlord. The media loves the Duke of NY A#1 – and the sheeple are being conditioned to worship him for his heroism.

    If they helped rape children, what won’t they do to all of us as they are in supreme power thanks to a panicked-demic?

  5. It’s disgusting where I live. The AGWs all make 100k + after a few years on the force. They don’t do anything other than harass motorists. Before Trump took office MS13 was running wild in the streets. When he took office, one of the first things he did was go after them. I mean wtf pay these AGWs 100k if they can’t even take out gangs…you needed a POTUS to declare war on them before they took care of the problem!!!

  6. Another excellent piece Eric.

    There’s an issue here which I have long pondered, & which I’ve wasted way too much time & effort on to justify even thinking about but oh well. And it’s that I can’t comprehend how all cops everywhere can even live with themselves. How are they able to sleep at night knowing they have inflicted pain & suffering upon their fellow humans? For me, I would have resigned on day one. I mean don’t they have a conscience or even a shred of morals or ethics? How about common sense or even the ability to differentiate between right or wrong?

    The answer is of course they do, they’re human beings just like the rest of us. They’re not some special breed of genetically engineered super human with extraordinary talents or abilities, other than being endowed with a special degree of insensitivity. They have the exact same emotions & conflicts to deal with that everyone else has. So then I have to ask why do these people do what they do and still be able to go to work knowing they will continue committing immoral acts day after day?

    Aside from the fact that I’m absolutely positive 99% would say “they’re only doing their job”, there’s only one reason I have to answers this perplexing question. And it’s a conclusion I keep going back to over & over again with no other way to explain it. And that is, it has to be attributed to good ole self interest. And in their case this is driven by selfishness, avarice, self-worship/narcissism, hunger for power and, most importantly, greed.

    As we all know these people are way over-compensated for standing around most of the time trying to look tough (of course the same goes for all govt employees). And they know it in spades. They keep doing what they do because they want to stay on the gravy train, morals & ethics be damned. So you can count on them to keep it up until somebody kicks them off. Then they’ll be able to be reasoned with. Until then don’t hope that leopards can change their spots.

  7. Morning Eric,

    “For decades, I have been frustrated with “conservatives” who claim to value liberty yet worship those who enforce its removal,…”

    With rare exceptions (Old Right luminaries like Garet Garrett, John T Flynn and H.L. Mencken), Conservatives don’t value liberty as such, their preeminent value is order, enforced by traditional social institutions. Many opposed State activism, not because it is an attack on liberty, but because they saw it, correctly, as an attack on those institutions that provide order. Russel Kirk, arguably the most important modern Conservative, despised Libertarianism and saw it as a threat to proper social order. Neo-conservatism, a pragmatic, and opportunistic, variant of extreme Leftism, values neither liberty nor traditional order. It pays lip service to both, channeling Plato’s “Noble Lie” through Strauss, to obscure the radical nature of their agenda: a new order of American hegemony achieved through centralization and concentration of Federal and executive power.

    Traditional conservatism has never been about the maintenance or expansion of human liberty, except as it contributes to traditional order. Traditional American conservatives were, for the most part, honest about this. Neo-conservatives consider deception, by a select few, to be noble. The assertion that conservatism values liberty, is such a deception. Buckley was particularly skilled at the “noble lie”, deceiving many into believing that conservatism values both liberty and order, while pushing for a radical expansion of State power, domestically and abroad, in pursuit of global hegemony.

    “The most important issue of the day, it is time to admit it, is survival. Here there is apparently some confusion in the ranks of conservatives, and hard thinking is in order for them. The thus-far invincible aggressiveness of the Soviet Union does or does not constitute a threat to the security of the United States, and we have got to decide which. If it does, we shall have to arrange, sensibly, our battle plans; and this means that we have got to accept Big Government for the duration — for neither an offensive nor a defensive war can be waged, given our present government skills, except through the instrument of a totalitarian bureaucracy within our shores”. – William F Buckley

    Gore Vidal pegged the petty, vindictive weasel for what he really was ages ago.


    • Amen, Jeremy!

      In re Vidal. A much more humane person and a more thoughtful person than Buckley, who was a loathsome person, in my opinion. I disagree with Vidal on many points but I expect he’d be much more enjoyable to have a conversation with.

      And he was a wonderful writer.

      Buckley was turgid, pedantic and condescending.

      • Hey Eric,

        Yes, Vidal was a more interesting and profound thinker than Buckley, and a far better writer. Buckley was a chief architect of the “purge” of Old Right conservatives from the “movement”, but his betrayal of Sobran was particularly despicable. He promulgated the vicious slander of Sobran as an anti-Semite, racist, sexist and homophobe. Sobran’s real “crime” was that he attacked all destructive special interests equally. Such even handed criticism was no longer allowed among conservatives because it threatened their desired respectability. Still, Sobran was gracious to a fault with Buckley to the end.


        • Joe Sobran. Like Sam Francis and Charley Reese, writers of the “awakened right” that we lost far, FAR too soon. May all three rest in peace.

          • Hi Liberranter,

            I know of Sam Francis and Charley Reese but haven’t read their work. Can you recommend a particularly good article from both?

            Perhaps Sobran’s greatest “crime”, according to gatekeeper conservatives like Buckley, was being “poisoned” by Rothbard, and his subsequent conversion to Philosophical Anarchism. His essay, “The Reluctant Anarchist” is a poignant and beautiful account of this transformation, which I read at least once a year.


            I just watched an old C-span interview with Sobran, defending himself against charges of Anti-Semitism.


            It includes a Q&A. Interestingly, the penultimate caller was a being, that I’ve been told here, cannot exist, a non-Zionist, radical libertarian Jew, who asserted that net tax consumers should be disenfranchised; a position far too radical for respectable libertarians.


            • Sobran’s “sin” was exposing the jewish roots of political influence and control as endemic to our “problem”. After that one column, he was “toast” in intellectual circles.

              • Hi Anarchyst,

                I knew Joe a little as he was a regular columnist for The Washington Times when I first began working there, way back in the early ’90s. Brilliant, self-effacing man. A superlative prose stylist, too. The Republican Establishment was vicious toward him – even more so than the Left. I learned something from this. The Left will almost never abandon one of its own, except in extremis – while the GOP Establishment will, with poltroonish fervor, not only participate in the lynching of of its own but will express the most ardent, vengeful zeal in favor of the hanging the person being hauled up by the rope.

              • Hi anarchyst,

                Please link to the one column you reference. Sobran was a nuanced and complex thinker, as well as a beautiful writer. His supposed antisemitism was the weapon used by Buckley and others to “purge” him. But, it was his increasing “anti- Americanism” (as defined by Buckley), that were unforgivable.


                  • Hi anarchyst,

                    Sobran was purged long before he wrote this. Certainly his “contextually anti-Semetic” views were the excuse used to banish him from respectable conservatism, but I doubt this was sincere. His real “sin” was to question American hegemony, “antisemitism” was the excuse used.


                    • That fits my memory as well Jeremy. The Neo Cons had a rabid hatred of anything that might interfere with their world wide crusade against communism. The fact that the Empire had no business attempting to police the entire world, was entirely ignored in their fevered haste to oppose the old USSR. The black irony is that they laid the foundations for the Empire to become more and more like their ancient enemy.

    • Hi Jeremy, this BS got going on steroids thanks to Nixon; he played the “law and order” card better than anyone. He was perfectly ok with thug cops beating up hippies and peace demonstrators and the “conservatives of that day cheered them on. Even the government commission report on the demonstrations at the DNC convention in Chicago in 1968 called it a “police riot.” The chickens have come home to roost in spades now that AGW’s can beat the crap out of anyone with impunity, and the worst that they might get will be “administrative leave”, otherwise known as paid vacation. Wish I could’ve gotten that on my job.

      • Hi Mike,

        Yep, conservatives, just like liberals, care about liberty only in so far as it supports their broader agenda.


  8. I admit to being one of the “conservatives” who has defended the police in the past. I was willing to accept a level of tyranny by law enforcement in exchange for a level of security from urban criminal gangs and violent thugs. I believed the police were different, they swore an oath to defend the Constitution and obey the laws they had sworn to impartially enforce. I was wrong. When the crisis came, the police, the elected officials and the military broke their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Citizens were treated as subjects as the “rights” to life, liberty and property they assumed were guaranteed by the Constitution were hastily swept away for “safety”. I do think there are some good people in government, but when the time came to honor their oath or collect their paycheck, they “just followed orders”. Hard to see where we go from here.

    • Hi Griff,

      Amen. The line has been drawn. You’re o one side – or the other. AGWs are not on our side. Not any of them. Not anymore.

      Anything wearing a government uniform is the enemy. We fight now – with words, with refusal… with more, if the two peaceful methods fail.

      Der tag kommt.

  9. Well, one things for sure,,, they have changed everything. People avoiding each other, wearing masks. Go into grocery stores where they have arrows and ‘X’s to mark where your allowed to go. People at the door regulate how many can go in. Can’t buy plants for gardens, liquor is okay. Day care centers shut, Abortion clinics open. Can’t buy a TV at Best Buy but no problem at Walmart/Target.
    Governors and local authorities have assumed godlike status. Law ‘enforcement’ strutting around like primadonnas ready for WWIII.
    In the past Americans used the excuse they had to go to work and didn’t have the time to protest government abuses. Today many have no jobs because of said abuses and still they sit at home waiting for ‘their’ check.

  10. And yet, will you go to the polls and participate in your own enslavement by selecting the sociopath of your choice to enslave you? Will you vote for “the lesser of two evils”, which is still a vote for evil? I’m 66, so I remember. Back in the late 60’s a common mantra in opposition to the Vietnam war was “what if they had war and nobody came”. What if they had an election and nobody voted? From where would they get their authority? Low voter turnout is often used to castigate the people, when in fact not voting is the most moral choice. Governments of any stripe have ever only shown themselves to be good at one thing. KILLING PEOPLE! We can govern ourselves, or be governed by monsters.

  11. I couldn’t even watch 1 1/2 minutes of the video. That was some SICK SHIT! Ah, but he’s “four star general”…

      • I’d also like to know how many top gov’t officials, upper corporate officers, celebrities, and rich people are involved! For example, Bill Clinton’s name is in the Lolita Express’ flight log 27 times! Bill Gates’ name appears in it too. We have a good idea of what happened on Little St. James, aka Pedo Island…

        • I’d also like to know how many top gov’t officials, upper corporate officers, celebrities, and rich people are involved!

          Are you sure about that? I’ll bet that the truth would make you sick to your stomach.

      • Here in Oz Eric the general population is 1% criminals. The police population is 2.5% criminals. Draw your own conclusions.

            • Hi Fortitude,

              In our time, in this context… yes. “Sinners” being those who insist on being left alone and leaving others alone in return. This, of course, cannot be allowed.

              • Eric, that Neocon line reminds me of some so called libertarians, who despise Rothbard, Mise, Rockwell, and Woods. They consider them “damaging” to western society because they don’t advocate making the trains run on time… They worship “order” above all else, which translates to worship of the enforcer class, as they are the ones who impose Order. In their minds, absent a Strong Leader, backed by a massive enforcer class, all would be lost. I’ve given up attempting to reason with such types, they are as much a lost cause as the Progs. Though we all need to be careful. As matters grow worse, more and more people will start looking for a Strong Man to “save” them. Its very likely that they will get just that.

                • Hi BJ,

                  I’ve not only given up trying to reason with neo-cons and the so-called “Libertarians” who advocate “order” uber alles, I lump them in with all the other coercive collectivists, because that’s what they are. Left vs. Right. National Socialism vs. Soviet Communism. Neoconservatism. All of them the same thing, fundamentally. Collectivism and coercion.

        • Yep. Let’s see now if the new class of “Health Heroes” follow the same pattern. I’d be willing to bet that, if anything, the “degeneracy rate” among this crowd is orders of magnitude worse than among “AGW Heroes,” simply given the nature of their jobs.

    • One thing I’d like to know: What the HELL is with having this joker sporting a FOUR-STAR rank at all? How big, in fact, is the Police force of Stow, MA? 40? 50, tops. In what military would a FULL GENERAL or ADMIRAL have but fifty men under him? It would seem all this force ought to need is one CAPTAIN whom is also the Chief, one LIEUTENANT as the Deputy Chief, and four or five SERGEANTS as supervisors. It’s bad enough that the Police Chief is a pederast…but the worse problem is the rank (and pay) inflation and the undue adulation accorded to these AGWs.

      • Here in Victoria Aus, the police used to be called the Victoria Police Service. IN the 1990s it underwent a name change to Victoria Police Force. Pre 1990s the police wore blue shorts and were unarmed. Now the Force has no shorts and the police carry more arms and armor than the soldiers in Iraq.

        • You must have some bad-ass, “gangsta” wallabies down there in the State of Victoria in the Land of “Oz”!

  12. Some bloody-minded Americans are using the corona crisis to promote highly inappropriate and subversive memes.

    Such as Michigan state senator Dale Zorn, who on the senate floor sported a confederate flag face mask made by his wife. One gasps at the sheer effrontery.

    Undermining confidence in our highly-esteemed yankee fedgov, which has done so much to support Wall Street … errrr, unemployed Americans, I meant to say … is the most treasonous thing imaginable.

    As Britain’s Guardian newspaper has so timely warned,

    “The world is different now. Unfettered expression is a luxury of the pre-Covid society.


    Are you compliant, comrade?

  13. I recommend pen time for this scumbag. Put him in general population,they will know what to do with him. But I am doubtful he will get any time and to add insult to injury, he’ll be allowed to keep his pension and other state benefits. Government criminals take care of their own.

    • The few convicted police officers almost NEVER do their “time” in state facilities. Almost always they are shunted in to the federal system and do their “time” under an “assumed name”.
      If I had my way, any police officer convicted and sentenced, would do their time in state facilities, preferably in the communities where they “served”. Not only that, as “sworn protectors” their sentences would be double that of and ordinary person convicted of the same crime.


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