Live From Corona Country, Part 24

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Twenty four days into this insanity now. And people are behaving more insanely. Mask-wearing, glove-enrobed sickness psychotics abounding.

About 400 people have been Slumber Roomed by (or with) Corona in my state of more than eight million people – not even a rounding error and clear evidence that your average person’s risk of being killed by WuFlu is practically nil. Yet more people are wearing the Fear Mask (and gloves) now than a month ago.

Which is irrational – and exactly the point. People aren’t behaving rationally. They are behaving like neurotics. Which by itself would be ok – everyone has the right to act however they like – except it’s not just that. Their neurosis – which is arguably a psychosis at this point – is being imposed on the sane.

And that’s not ok.

It’s time to put the inmates in the nuthouse – and stop allowing the inmates to turn the country into a nuthouse.

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  1. Meanwhile, the head of the emergency department at St. Barnabas hospital in the Bronx says that the lockdowns should be ended. And two ER doctors in California point out that the lockdowns are doing more harm than good, and YouTube has deleted their video because it disagrees with the World Control — oops, I mean Health — Organization. (Both articles are on World Net Daily dot com; I tried posting links but WordPress thought my post was spam and wouldn’t let it through.)

    This sheep-like behavior in the “land of the free” gets more disgusting every day. Some bureaucrats says to jump and most residents of the “home of the brave” ask, How high? Worthless masks? Sure, we’ll wear them if the government says so. Keep 6 feet apart? It doesn’t matter whether it makes sense, some guy on CNN says to do it so we will. What a bunch of cowardly pukes Americans have become.

    • Hi Mike,

      Indeed – and worse than merely cowards. They seek to impose their cowardice on the rest of us, who aren’t addled by Sickness Psychosis.

  2. I only wear a mask if I have to go into stores, which REQUIRE them to enter; otherwise, I leave it off. In PA, we’re SUPPOSED to wear masks whenever we leave our homes, but I don’t. Like Eric, I REFUSE to give in to the insanity!

    I have an old respirator from when I worked in electronics. I used it to avoid inhaling solder fumes, which contain lead. I paid for it out of pocket, and I used it on the job until the company told me I couldn’t use it anymore; they provided disposable N95 masks, which was fine. I kept the respirator because I didn’t know what else to do with it. Something told me to keep it, because it would come in handy. It covers the nose and mouth, and it has two canisters; it looks like a half gas mask. I stand out among the crowd wearing the cloth masks…

    I didn’t intend to make a statement; I figured that, since we have to wear masks in the stores, I’ll just use what I have. Mind you, it won’t protect people when I breathe out, since the exhaust valve is in the front. It’s a circular, rubber diaphragm that causes my breath to spread out in front of my face. It won’t protect anyone from me if I get sick. That said, I refuse to buy a mask or make one, damn it! I have something that’ll help me get in and out of the stores, so I use what I have.

    Anyway, I have to get groceries and other necessities now and then, and the stores here require a mask-no mask, no entry. They have employees at the door enforcing this too, so you can’t just walk in without one. Since I need my stuff, I play along; I need what they’re selling, so I don’t cause a scene. However, the second I walk out the door, off it comes…

  3. Talk about insanity … I swear I am not making this up:


    Now scientists on two coasts, acting quickly in an effort to save men’s lives, will dose men with sex hormones for limited durations.

    Last week, doctors on Long Island in New York started treating Covid-19 patients with estrogen in an effort to increase their immune systems.

    Next week, physicians in Los Angeles will start treating male patients with another hormone that is predominantly found in women, progesterone, which has anti-inflammatory properties and can potentially prevent harmful overreactions of the immune system.

    Participants will be warned of possible side effects that may be a first for many men, like tenderness in the breast and hot flashes.


    Maskless hooligans may find themselves sentenced to mandatory estrogen therapy along with the bicoastal metrosexuals lionized by the New York Times, and obliged to grow a pair of man-boobs for their own saaaaaaaaaaaafety.

    They may not be on the rag, but it could still get ugly in crowded wards with all those newly-minted girlymen suffering from hot flashes and tender breasts, even as they indulge in stereotypical “guy” behavior such as bragging about their Priuses, Volts and Teslas.

    At least they won’t need to shave no more, as their formerly grizzled cheeks turn soft as a baby’s bottom.


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