AGWs Murder Man for Answering the Door

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Our lives don’t matter. Your skin color doesn’t matter. What matters is they – armed government workers – have a license to kill all of us.

And use it.

Which they did on May 22 when Ryan Whitaker answered a late-night knock at his door, which he answered – not unreasonably – with a pistol in his hand. It being late at night and him not expecting anyone.

Before he could do anything – though he tried to do nothing – he was summarily executed by some of Phoenix, AZ’s less-than-finest.

All because “someone” called. About noise. From a Playstation.

Whitaker and his girlfriend committed the capital offense of playing video games too loudly. This triggered the call that does it all.

And does you in.

The AGWs never gave Whitaker – whom they had no reason to suspect of anything more than loudness – time to register it was AGWs at his door. He made the lethal error of assuming that it might be thugs – and was proved right, which he realized, no doubt, in the seconds before he lost consciousness . . . forever.

The mere sight of a man holding a gun within his own home – a not-illegal act and a not-unreasonable act given the circumstances – triggered the man’s summary execution. And not because he was black.

There will be no “peaceful” protests over this – as there were none following the murder of Daniel Shaver as he pled for his life on the floor of a hotel hallway.

Because these murders can’t be twisted to fit a manufactured racial frame.

It bears repeating: Our lives don’t matter. Whether you’re white or black – and whether the AGW who takes your life is white or black.

The late and very great Will Grigg, who doggedly covered the rise of AGW’ing before his unfortunate passing – gave perhaps the best summary of this ongoing tragedy: There is no situation so bad that it can’t be made worse by calling (AGWs).

So don’t.

. . .

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  1. Another day, another couple Helots put down by their masters. According to they’ve killed over 28000 of us in the last 20 years. They are waging war on us. Law enforcers they are indeed, for a country with a rich tradition of defying the rules of self styled rulers. How many are languishing in the gulag system for no legitimate reason because of them?

    If the victim had meant to get the swine, swine would never have had a chance. There is probably some lessons here: If in doubt don’t hesitate. Followed by “Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6”.

    Had the young guy victim had any training or situational awareness, he wouldn’t have answered the door that way- very poor tactics will get you killed every time. If you answer the door with a gun in hand, be ready to immediately use it, either to shoot or to keep the guy outside from doing so.

    It’s a shame it went the wrong way. I’m glad I saw it- it fans the flame some more.

  2. The a-hole neighbor didn’t have the courtesy of knocking on their door and speaking with them. I guess he feels very vindicated today. Reminds me of my nephew I haven’t seen in over a decades who would call the police on his neighbors…….when they partied later than he did or on a different day. He complained when I know I could hear it better than he could because the RV I lived in let every damned sound outside in, terrible sound insulation. No doubt he’s still doing it.

  3. You can hear it in their voices, those cops don’t give a single fuck about that guy getting shot. They clearly could not care less. As expected.

    • Hi PappaS,

      Thanks for bringing that up; the nonchalance of the AGWs – they way they insouciantly talked down the dead man’s girlfriend – was indicative of their indifference to what they did. No sorrow; no regret.

  4. There’s a chasm of difference between being cautious and aware, ready to defend yourself, and being a monster eagerly looking for an excuse to kill someone.

  5. Heres a good reason to never open the door for an unexpected stranger especially if they claim to be police. Only interact through the door.
    I hope the busy body that called the armed thugs is proud of themselves. May they burn in hell.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me at all if, in the increasingly Mad Max-looking future, nosy busybodies who summon swine for no obviously valid reason that ends up killing innocent people wind up being “terminated” themselves. Especially if they’re known to make a habit of speed dialing the swine. Word gets around, dontcha know …

      • Hi Liberranter,

        As civility deconstructs, so also civilization. The resentment – and desire to busybody – that seems to be everywhere you used to be (in my life experience) a pretty rare thing. It’s now pretty common (Diapering and the attitude of many Diaperers, too, being an obvious “case” in point).

        • Indeed! The state has granted the busybody power, and they like it. Most likely most often they are deeply disturbed POS that have no control over their lives, and so eagerly assume control of yours, by partnering with the state. With a phone call.

  6. The apartment dweller did Not draw on the officer as he claimed, the gun was down and being put behind his back when the hiding pussy AGW unloaded into him.

  7. Another kill,,, another vacation for the thug,,, another I was skeeeeerrrd for my life. This is soooooo sick. Absolute cold blooded murder. I’m surprised he didn’t ask the girl for a BJ once on her knees. He was White,,, Who cares…

    I am now all for defunding police. I’ll take care of myself, Thank you.

    • Hi Ken,

      The wheel turned imperceptibly at some point. I know things were fundamentally different before the ’90s, at which point the following changes were evident or becoming so:

      Cops began to refer to themselves self-importantly as “law enforcement.” The term carries with it everything tyrannical, thereby endorsing it. Cops were in their essence guys who went after bad guys; “law enforcers” enforce laws. Theirs. The government’s Anything they say is “the law.”

      The media/state apparat began to deify these law enforcers, urging they be regarded as “heroes.” This kicked up to a nauseating degree after nahhhnnnnlevven. “Heroes,” of course, are always good and must always be obeyed by lesser mortals.

      The “safety” of these “heroes” became All Important. Certainly more important the lives of the people. An inversion took place. It was once the expectation that a cop (who may have been a real hero) would risk his life for the sake of the people. Not start shooting the moment he could scream he felt scared.

      I oppose the concept of forcing anyone to pay for services he does not wish to pay for and has not availed himself of. That said, a cop is not high on my list of awful things.

      But AGWs top it.

  8. Holy Shitski! Gunned down in cold blood. AGWs tend to be the duller knives in the drawer and this AGW saw the gun but was too stupid to process that the resident was bending the knee in submission. The AGW hardass was so saturated with his own superiority complex and “training” he shot first and asked questions later.

    • AGWs tend to be the duller knives in the drawer

      Especially here in Arizona, a drawer consisting of almost nothing but butter knives to begin with.

  9. Eric, it is interesting you mentioned Will Grigg (archive I recall all his articles about regular people of all races, night-shift workers, etc. getting gunned down by the police for some BS reason. So whenever I hear the current screamers, I think, hey, it has been happening to ALL Americans, mostly poor people; not just your demographic. We ALL should have been peacefully protesting! Thank you for shining light on this EP! Bob Mc

    • “…happening to ALL Americans, mostly poor people; not just your demographic.”

      True. But all Whites are born racist, so Whitey gets the bame, even from other Whites. Even when, as in the Freddy Gray case in Baltimore, the mayor, police commissioner, county attorney, and two of the four police officers involved were Black.

      The Black victim in Minneapolis, Geroge Floyd, was a convicted felon, pointed a gun at a pregnant woman’s belly during an armed robbery, was guilty of repeated domestic abuse, tried to pass cheap counterfeit before being stopped, and had severely toxic levels of Fentenyl, amphetamines, and possibly CBD and alcohol at the time of his arrest. Yet he is immediately beatified upon death, a testasterone-challenged mayor openly weeps for half an hour over his casket, and. overnight, violent protests and anti-White vilification ignite worldwide.

      In Indianapolis shortly thereafter a young White woman inside her car is shot and killed in front of her 2 year-old child by a black man, because she claimed that “All lives matter.” This, among countless other murders and rapes of Whites nationwide, are never mentioned in the press, and, except for the shattered families, no one gives a damn.

      • Just to be clear, I despise AGWs, even though I once was one, having gone to Viet Nam in service to LBJ and his handlers in the MIC and internantional banking circles.


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