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The title to this essay has two meanings. The first is the one many people think of when they hear the word – i.e., an outfit that people in a certain profession wear. Soldiers, for instance. The uniform identifies them as soldiers.

But is also something else. Or rather, it is the opposite of that something else.

Uniform is – by definition – the same as everything else. One soldier looks like another and that is purposeful as individuality is not wanted in soldiery. What is wanted is one – a single unit, many acting in concert toward the same end – and the individuals who comprise it reflexively not questioning the destination of the unit.

That model is in the process of being applied to all of us – by those who seek a country (a world) in which there is . . . uniformity.

By definition this means the systematic elimination of everything that isn’t. The reason why this is desirable ought to be obvious, from the point-of-view of those who are trying to make everything – including us – all the same. It is much easier to control one thing than a bunch of things. Put more bluntly, it is easier to get your (or rather, their) hands around a single throat – so to speak – than it is to choke out a crowd of individual throats all at once.

This explains – or ought to – the push (just the right word) for electric cars – and electric everything, including stoves and home heating systems. It has no more to do with the “emissions” of carbon dioxide – a background trace gas that constitutes about 0.04 percent of the air in circulation, our “contribution” to this total being a fraction of that fraction – than failing to stand six feet apart had to do with people catching the late respiratory bug we were hectored hysterically would kill us all if we didn’t.

It is the culmination of Bogeyman Fever and the most fatal – to what was, once, a country defined by lack of uniformity as embodied by the saying one almost never hears anyone say anymore and for good reason:

It’s a free country.

By which was meant people were not in the military – so to speak – unless they had signed up. Everyone else was free to decide on a less-uniform course. From the car they drove to the shoes they wore. It was a contrast to the dreary uniformity of practically everywhere else.

It was a time when government was a thing that wanted – and took – people’s money, as government always doe. But it did not take themselves.

The effort is now well-under-way to do just that.

It is in the process of taking away everything from people that made them not uniform. One sees this creep-toward-sameness in the repetition of the same chain-store strip malls in practically every town, a process accelerated by the late “lockdowns” (a prison term the unconvicted have been habituated to accept without raised eyebrows, even) that only locked-down the small, non-corporate retailers.

And in this push for what is chirpily styled “electrification,” by which is meant uniformity not only of vehicles and appliances but of power sources, which will be winnowed down to just one. That one controlled by the few who desire this uniformity because it makes it so much easier to enforce it. Electric cars and appliances only work when they have power and that power is far more amenable to fine-tuning control because it is already largely under the control of a tightly controlled, centralized distribution apparat.

The EV they are pushing on you can hold a charge. But it is difficult to recharge it absent the power they control. The same as regards the electric stove and heat pump, controlled by them rather than you, via the “smart” meter the Uniformists – to coin a neologism – already control.

Soon, they will make a push to control your money as well, by making it digital and centrally controlled.

By which they mean to control you, in order to make things . . . uniform.

The largely successful characterizing of a background trace gas that doesn’t constitute even half of one percent of the air in circulation as an “emission” was a masterstroke of etymological jujitsu. Once this unchecked premise was accepted, the rest followed. Just the same as acceptance of the necessity of “mask” wearing implied and so foreordained the necessity of needling – which followed as inevitably as the tide coming back in.

Electric cars – and appliances – became a one-size-fits-all inevitability the moment it was accepted that fractions of a fraction of a percent of carbon dioxide – the portion “emitted” by us – had to be eliminated because these “emissions” constituted not merely a danger but a hysterically insisted-upon existential threat.

Which they do – as regards uniformity.

This was not what people have been told, of course. They are told – as soldiers in the military are told – that being all the same is a virtue as well as a necessity, something that must be submitted to for the good of the whole and toward an essential common purpose.

Their commanders are, of course, privy to what that essential common purpose is – and will reveal it in due time.

. . .

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  1. The plains Indians were defeated when the buffalo were wiped out. Likewise to defeat your ‘free lifestyle’ of driving wherever or whenever you want, is being wiped out. You are now the wild indian that must be tamed, forced to live on the reservation of 15 minute cities, where uncle sam gives you free blankets.


    At one time, the buffalo numbered 60 million, and their farts never caused global warming. But now, the same number of cows is a dire threat, and you are being told to eat insects, and by Ai to kill yourself to save the planet.

    • OL,

      What might these psychopaths in the Biden regime decree next, that ALL existing gas vehicles are to be banned, or perhaps even CO2 emissions from humans for merely exhaling are to be restricted? One could only imagine what kind of other INSANE decrees might come from these corrupt, captured regulatory agencies. Heck, the CDC & FDA already pushed experimental pharma jabs pretty heavily since 2021, even to the point of targeting children.

      • Hi John,

        I see it as inevitable that they will attempt to ban or otherwise make it very hard to own/drive anything that isn’t an EV. They will have to do this as a huge number of people (me among them) will never buy an EV.

        • Eric,

          I don’t doubt that they’ll try. I’ll never buy an EV either. If the Biden regime does try such a thing, there will need to be MASSIVE pushback against it, though they’ll likely run a HEAVY propaganda campaign about CLIMATE CHANGE like they did with “The ‘Rona”, “masks”, & “vaccines” to manipulate people into saying “YES!” to whatever they decree.

        • Aaron,

          I’m surprised they haven’t already proposed that, as there have already been efforts the past several years to impose CARBON TAXES on the public. And since mask mandates were imposed in 2020 purportedly to “Stop the spread of COVID”, I’m surprised they didn’t also try to impose mask mandates to “Stop the spread of CO2”, as CO2 was redefined as a POLLUTANT, and going by that logic, EVERY SINGLE HUMAN is “Polluting the planet every time they breathe”.

  2. One of the more enjoyable aspects of being a supervisor way back when was that I was able to hire people. Only bad part was having to work with the HR manager. Her view of people was that they were no different than any other raw material, very much a “resource.” I’d go through her pre-filtered resume’ pile and reject about half of them because they were all from the same tech school that screwed their students out of their money (literally had the exact same resume, just different names). Of the three techs I hired from the school, two washed out a month after their training and the third was constantly needing help to complete even light routes. And yet she continued to push these candidates. At one point even saying that I was expecting too much from my crew, despite them having the lowest callback and highest customer satisfaction scores in the system.

    Now that the HR departments run corporations, you’re all the same. Cannon fodder. That’s why corps love hiring veterans. They’re pre-screened for moron because the Pentagon can run IQ tests, and they’re used to being treated like bags of meat -McDonalds hamburger.

  3. I see the EPA is set to announce ‘new’ emissions rules on Wednesday. It’s not a ‘hard’ ban on ICE vehicles, but it’s certainly a soft ban.

    “The proposed rule would not mandate that electric vehicles make up a certain number or percentage of sales. Instead, it would require that automakers make sure the total number of vehicles they sell each year did not exceed a certain emissions limit. That limit would be so strict that it would force carmakers to ensure that two thirds of the vehicles they sold were all-electric by 2032”

  4. It’s all very true, Eric. They profess a penchant for diversity, but uniformity is what they truly desire. So much more easily “managed” that way.

  5. >The uniform identifies them as soldiers.
    “Costume” works better for me.
    And if “All the world’s a stage, and we but players on it,” then all clothes are costumes, of some kind.
    “Would not a rose, by any other name, smell as sweet?”
    Would not a turd, by any other name, smell as bad?

  6. This is done, like the military, through repetition. The public has been bombarded with the climate change mantra for generations now, and repeat it without question or understanding.

    “97% of scientists agree…”. This phrase is known by all, and believed to mean that 97% of scientists agree man is causing global warming. That is not at all what that means, but ‘everyone’ believes it so.

    Covid, climate, Russia Russia Russia. Repeat it and it becomes the truth brought to you by the Media Government Complex, to enrich themselves by controlling your thought.

    • Dan,

      As I’m sure everyone here remembers, another phrase that has been repeated ad nauseum was “We’re all in this together!”. However, arbitrary government diktats decreed employees in certain sectors “essential”, and other employees “non essential”. They also decreed LARGE corporations & liquor stores “essential businesses” and churches and Mom & Pop stores “non essential”. We were also told to wear face diapers and “Get that vaccine!” for the “Greater Good!”, and those who didn’t comply were KILLING GRANDMA! And yet, numerous politicians were breaking their own mask rules while they supported punishment of ordinary citizens who didn’t comply with nonsensical mask mandates.

      Another narrative was that of “Asymptomatic spreaders of COVID”, which was used as justification for locking down the ENTIRE population and forced universal mask wearing. There have been scientists and doctors who said that people had to actually have SYMPTOMS to spread the dreaded ‘Rona. The ironic thing is, from studies and from testimony by that Pfizer Executive in Europe last year, it appears that the REAL Asymptomatic COVID spreaders are those who’ve been vaxxed.

      And yet ANOTHER narrative that was endlessly pounded by the COVID charlatans was “95% Effective” with regard to the COVID jabs. However, over time, REAL data was indicating that effectiveness was far less than 95%, and even went into NEGATIVE numbers, meaning people who got vaxxed were MORE likely to get the virus they were purportedly protected against than those who weren’t vaxxed.

      As for Climate change, I’m sure someone in the media or the government will come up with narratives to justify what these psychopaths want to force us to do, be it eating bugs and lab grown meat, living in 15 minute cities, or driving EVs.

      • To stop an ever changing climate from ever changing again. To starve and freeze today, just in case the climate MAY change, someday, in a possibly disastrous manner. Never mind that it has done so many times before, before there were people.

      • Interesting reading from Dr. Mike Yeadon (Ex Pfizer scientist) Re: virus that isn’t.


        Wikipedia: Michael Yeadon is a British anti-vaccine activist [1] [2] [3] and retired pharmacologist who attracted media attention in 2020 and 2021 for making false or unfounded claims about the COVID-19 pandemic and the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

        “Unfounded Claims”….
        35,000 dead as per VAERS. (as of Jan 2023 then it stops updating.)
        Note VAERS has been completely neutered by Mafia.gov.

        And now they’re giving Cattle, Pigs and Chickens the Killshot hoping to kill those smart enough to recognize massive Democide when they see it. Happy eating!

  7. “was a masterstroke of etymological jujitsu.”

    It’s no masterstroke of anything when you’re dealing with dirt stupid. Just like explaining to a retarded child that kitty cat won’t hurt him. Just like these parasites going to parties while most everyone was dutifully marching lockstep with the rules. Or flying their private jets to meetups to decide what WE can or can’t do or have.
    I mean, right out in plain site they mock us and now we are to accept this transgender stupidity. Many ‘parents’ are now butchering their offspring.
    Next up is the digital currency which like Eric says can be tracked and traced and turned off at will. Yeah, the stupid will stampede to that like flies to shit.
    We are told by some,,, Max Igan for example,,, not to resort to violence. He says just don’t comply. He doesn’t seem to understand that only 10 percent are sane today and 10 percent not complying isn’t going to change a damn thing. Some NPC cop will just throw your ass in jail and the rest will forget about you. Jan 6 anyone? That’s why 6 percent of the colonists had to revolt because not complying wasn’t working. We had NPC’s back then as well.
    Finding 6 percent would probably be impossible these days. Most ‘men’ are still trying to figure their correct dress size.

  8. I will never give up my gas furnace, stove, etc., but I imagine if the control freaks get bold enough they will ban all natural gas/shut down the gas company. They already have a ban on gas hookups for new construction, so that would be the next step, also a hill I’m willing to die on.

    • ‘They already have a ban on gas hookups for new construction.’ — Mike in Boston

      During the mid to late 1970s, gas hookup bans were common — because the idiot fedgov had regulated its price too low, so supply shrank.

      Jimmy Carter deregulated the natgas market. By the Reagan era, gas hookup bans disappeared. No one (well, except for a few Austrian economists) could possibly have predicted such a result. /sarc

      Today, gas hookups are being banned because our murderous, malignant rulers have gone barking mad. Shut down hydrocarbon energy, and you shut down industrial society.

      This is neofeudalism with a pronounced satanic streak. But in the chaos of induced economic collapse, it will drive some unlucky pockets of humanity back to a Cro-Magnon struggle for brute survival. Evil archons have hijacked our prison planet.

      • “Shut down hydrocarbon energy, and you shut down industrial society.”
        And agriculture. And all things plastic. Including EVs, PCs and cell phones.

    • Same here. They can pry my oil boiler from my cold, dead hands. And cold, dead hands they would be! I refuse to ever live in a house (unless I happen to move to a state in the deep south, where little heat is needed) with a heat pump and I have no intention of ever owning an EV. For heat, if I have to, I’ll go back to wood. Have lots of that on my property….

  9. ‘By which they mean to control you, in order to make things . . . uniform.’ — eric

    Total uniformity of temperature = entropic heat death of the universe. Thermodynamics says that without a high temperature reservoir (e.g., the piston and cylinder head of an internal combustion engine) and a low temperature reservoir to reject waste heat (the atmosphere), no more work can be extracted. Nothing moves. It’s eternal stasis.

    With this coming Wednesday’s demented declaration by “Biden’s” abject puppet, EPA “administrator” Regan, the mask has come off: Big Gov is declaring all-out war on our way of life. They mean to grind us into the ground. RESIST.

    Tin soldiers and Biden coming
    We’re finally on our own
    This summer I hear the drumming
    Four dead in Ohio

    Gotta get down to it
    Soldiers are cutting us down
    Should have been done long ago

    What if you knew her
    And found her dead on the ground
    How can you run when you know?

    — CSNY, Ohio

  10. Eric,

    all this is obvious, has been for decades. Anyone with 2 milligrams of critical thinking sees all this.

    Here’s a suggestion. You observe astutely. Could you please offer, search, show people solutions for and against this onslaught?

    Please offer solutions sir. The complaining gets a bit old after awhile.

    As an aside, writing here from beautiful downtown Zaragoza in murKKKan puppetville spagan, 4 weeks ago the spagan gubmint passed a law aligned with the feminazi, maculcojones tendency.

    It is now legal for humans to have sexual relations with animals.

    Caveat. If the humans hurt the animals and the animals require veterinary care, that’s a crime. Also a human killing a rat inside their home is a crime.

    Oh what a wonderful world.

  11. Perhaps the most insane thing about all this uniformity enforced through the electric grid is that electric transmission is the by far least efficient means to transport energy. Fine for small power consuming devices like vacuum cleaners, toasters, and clocks. Not so much for heating your house, cooking your food, and most definitely not for powering your car. But then again, those who seek to control all and enforce “uniformity” have always been at least partially, and most often quite INSANE.
    If they could succeed in creating their “uniform”, controlled, utopian paradise, who the hell would want to live there? Might as well just sit and stare at a blank wall all day. Nothing new today, today just exactly like yesterday. And tomorrow just the same. Fortunately, we have this thing called reality, and it will rear its irresistible head and proclaim some chaos. Which ain’t always fun, but it is engaging.


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