On Easter Sunday

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Today is Easter, celebrated by Christians and liked by those who look forward (as I do) to Easter candy sales the day after.

It is a day of renewed hope in the form of the idea of rebirth, a new beginning. One need not be a Christian to reverence and gather strength from this message.

There is always hope so long as one does not give up. So long as there is life, there is reason to not give up.

Things can change – and will – if one decides to change them.

This can sometimes appear hopeless, of course. Most oppressively when it seems as though no one else is interested in something better, it appearing that everyone else has  submitted to something worse.

It can feel as though it does not matter.

What can one person do?

Actually, a lot.

The person Christians celebrate on this day changed the world, whether you believe he was divine or just a man. If the latter, his feat was truly stupendous and the example ought to give heart and courage to every man – and woman, too.

Evil, it is said, triumphs when good men do nothing. It is perhaps better put by saying that evil triumphs when good men defer to it. Jesus might have escaped the cross had he gone along with Pilate – who seemed reluctant to condemn him, if accounts are accurate. He apparently offered Jesus a way out. But that way would have been to defer to the evil of those who sought his blood and his death.

Rather than defer he was defiant. This of course cost him his life. But see what it bought!

Observe the lesson it taught.

We of course are just men – and women. But we each have it in our power to look evil in the eye and not blink – nor bow. It can be a fearful thing. But that is precisely what makes it a courageous thing. Evil depends above all on cowardice. On the fear of standing up to it and calling it by name.

And calling out its lies.

A man named Solzhenitsyn – who was a Christian – spoke of this elemental necessity, if there is to be any hope of renewal in the wake of a land made desert by lies. His dictum is the first step toward a rebirth and we each have the opportunity to take it, if only we can find the courage to do so.

My best wishes to all of you this Easter.




  1. Easter 2023 will be remembered as the time when the Dalai Lama took himself out with the “tongue incident”:



    This is a wave repeat of John Lennon comment on Jesus 57 years ago. The Beatles never toured again.


    You can’t make this shit up. Who asks a boy in front of a camera to suck his tongue?

    His “holiness”. LOL

  2. Deism, Natural God and Natural Law, rejects all revealed religions, prophets and God will smite you dead zeitgeist ain’t where it’s at.

    Revelations and all of the rest of it is just a story, a good one, though.

    Thirteen Jewish cats concoct a story about a savior by the name Jesus, gather a following, then Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss. The bloodthirsty Pharisees in the crowd wanted Jesus crucified, Pilate washed his hands of the verdict and sentence. Pilate was not responsible, the vindictive Jews were.

    Millions of Christians believe the made up story by 12 apostles and one guy as the way and the truth, and the rest is history.

    A lot of money to be made, a perfect business plan.

    The Greatest Story Ever Sold!

    I don’t really buy into the fake story that Jesus is just an idea.

    Herod built the Wailing Wall, for God’s sake.

    If Jesus did anything, he did rise above, rose to the occasion, raised tolerances and did tolerate sinners.

    Can’t stone a woman to death for committing adultery, you’re doing it all wrong.

    Old Adams never learn.

    You harvest a deer, hunt one down, to sustain yourself, you’re an omnivore, doncha know. You know the deer will one day die, it is an act of survival, you have to eat.

    Venison for supper, pray for forgiveness for killing a deer, be thankful for the delicious venison. You can eat rabbit food all day long, be a vegan, you’ll lag far behind the meat eaters.

    Don’t listen to Klaus, he’s full of it. You’ll never see a bigger fool and an even bigger total idiot. Klaus has done it to himself. Good riddance, it’ll be a relief.

    Do you want Klaus in your house? Didn’t think so.

    Go to the butcher shop and buy a steak of your choice. You’ll think better.

  3. The transhumanists are gaining but there will be backlash. They gained in 1960s, as the “transcendentalist” movement woke up once again. But they quickly burned out after LSD and free love failed to provide long term enlightenment. And then after the mini-revival the religious thought they had the upper hand and pushed too far as well. Now after a longish period of mostly detante’ the transhumanists (really just the same old humanist disciples) are pushing for their time in the spotlight, telling people that they will live forever, however they wish. But once again, they’ve overreaching, performing Josef Mengele style surgery on confused children. Mengele was able to live out his life on the lam, but I’m not so sure the modern butchers will be so lucky when the surveillance state is turned against them.

    Scratch a transhumanist and find a eugenicist, every time.

    • Hi RK,

      I’m getting a strong vibe that one of these days the people responsible for all the recent unpleasantness will come up with some newer, nastier goo. They’ll hold out the promise of everlasting life. It’ll be sold, cajoled, and demanded of everyone to ‘just take the damn shot.’ Those who refuse will be persecuted, and hunted down. After all, only a crazy person would refuse immortality. Hope I’m wrong. I’d prefer your version over mine. At least in your version we might finally see a little justice done

      • The state legislatures are beginning to pass laws limiting the transsexual/transhumanist agenda. People who have gone through the process of altering their appearance are starting to talk about regret and the many medical problems they’ll have forever. And people are becoming aware of the situation.

        There is plenty to hope for.

        • They can never truly take our humanity, we can only give it. Its one of those things that make up the human condition. That right there gives me some hope. I can remember when we all walked alone, as the 1-2% who questioned their narratives. Now we walk among 10%, possible more who are awakening to numerous truths, Another reason to have some hope.

  4. Happy Easter to you Eric and all your readers/posters. I honor the spirit of the holiday as a Lutheran (except I missed church today – shame on me). But I too LOVE the after-Easter candy…I skip the jelly beans and Reese’s cups and seek out leftover chocolate bunnies (especially white chocolate ones!). And, if I can find any, I indulge in sour candies like Sweet Tarts. I thought I was the only bargain hunter!

  5. The pirates running the planet now are all satan worshipping communists….

    The Justinian Deception. Admiralty Law. Communism. Living in the Matrix.

    The control group says the people are sub human monsters that have no rights…slaves only….the slaves are not co operating and there is too many so they will be locked in 15 min prison zones/camps to be dealt with…

    @ 23:15 in video pirates took over the planet

    @ 40:30 human means monster….sub human monsters that have no rights

    @41:50 vatican means divine serpent

    @ 52:00 the goal world communism

    @ 54:25 surname means serpent of the sea or creature from the sewer

    @ 54:40 these pirates…leaders… worship the goat…lucifer…with their new one world government there will also be a one world religion…worshipping satan…


  6. Best Easter and Passover wishes to all of you!

    The Easter and Passover traditions share the common theme of defiance in the face of tyranny. Pharaoh failed to keep the Israelites down, and Pilate (and Caesar) failed to keep Jesus Christ down. And the reigns of the Pharaohs and Caesars ultimately, in the words of a commercial popular in the 1990s, had fallen and never got up.

    Easter and Passover also share the common theme of the failure of false gods. Note how every one of the 10 Plagues of Egypt shot down the false gods of the Egyptians, and how the crowd told Pilate that Jesus opposed Caesar and committed a capital offense by claiming to be God and a King — which Caesar was thought to be, but wasn’t.

    Whether by God or Nature, humans are created to be free. And when you try to drive out God and Nature, they always return with a vengeance.

    And today, we sadly worship a lot of false gods, and follow a lot of false religions. Chief among them are the false religions of climate change and safetyism. I mean, when you believe that this life and this world are all there is, it’s understandable that you would abjectly fear death and that prolonging your life is the ultimate goal.

    But Easter and Passover carry the messages of hope and freedom — hope and freedom that isn’t possible with false gods.

    Never lose hope!

  7. Very positive message, Eric, and I think we all appreciate that.

    Like Jesus, Dionysus and his followers underwent persecution. The story is, King Lycurgus of Thrace tried to ban the cult of Dionysus, and chased his followers, the Maenads, from the woods, beating them down with his ox-goad.

    Dionysus cursed the land dry and barren, and drove Lycurgus mad, who ended up killing his own son, thinking him a trunk of ivy, which is sacred to Dionysus. The curse would remain until the king was brought to justice. His people, tired of the curse, took him to Mt. Pangaeus and had him torn apart by man-eating horses (?!). Dionysus then lifted the curse.

    So that’s another approach… Just saying…

  8. Solzhenitsyn was vilified for criticizing excesses and the loss of spirituality in the west/
    Solzhenitsyn was right…

  9. “The person Christians celebrate on this day changed the world, whether you believe he was divine or just a man. If the latter, his feat was truly stupendous and the example ought to give heart and courage to every man – and woman, too.”

    I was raised to believe the myth literal, and I have generally positive memories about Easter, because it meant the end of winter and everything out of doors springing back to life – the light green colors of the new grasses always pleased my mind and eye. Unfortunately, such idyllic childhood gave way to cold cruel world realities, as I choose to follow a path of truth, and not be absorbed into the Borg system.

    What I learned along the way, is very radical, that religion is used to control the masses – specifically to get the worker slaves to tolerate their horrible existence by use of myth – that if you are obedient to god and authority you then get rewarded by eternal life with Jesus in heaven.

    The writers of said myth are the wealthy elite, not “god”. The elite know exactly what they are doing to you, and do not want you to revolt (like eat the rich) so they have conned you out of your own life by a savior myth. The proof that Rome wrote the Gospels is contained in one landmark book, ‘Caesar’s Messiah’, Jesus was invented by the Jewish intellectual Josephus, who used his own name to create the 100% fictional Jesus character.

    J o S E p h U S = J E S U S

    CAESAR’S MESSIAH: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus – OFFICIAL VERSION

    Jesus never existed. There was never a man called Jesus, let alone a man who could do miracles like walk on water, make the blind see, raise the dead, or raise himself from the dead. This myth of defeating death is used to convince you, that you too, can defeat death. The way the myth writers pull this off in your mind, is that the story is written by small miracles building up to bigger miracles and then the grand finale. Jesus first multiplies the bread and fishes, then heals the blind, then raised Lazurus, then he beats death himself – they roll the tomb door back and he is not there! – as the story goes.

    The reason you believe is because you want to believe. You, being sentient, being aware of yourself being alive, do not want to die. You fear death at some level, and thus myth of eternal life is most comforting. Thus, the myth sells easily, in fact people love the myth and defend it with their lives – because the alternative – hard cold cruel reality – is much to hard to bear.

    Words are spells. Every word you have ever heard or said is a spell – the directing of energy. When the preacher reads the Gospels (which literally mean God Spells) your mind is being put under a spell. This spell energy, is a very real morphological field, it has power in our physical reality – because of the simple fact that this place is a holographic illusion created and held together by consciousness. In a very real way, we all create our reality. You only need to live in Oregon where everyone grows pot to know that. The pot growers defeated the system of repression because pot was their reality and they made it so.

    “Evil, it is said, triumphs when good men do nothing. It is perhaps better put by saying that evil triumphs when good men defer to it.”

    In our age evil has the advantage, because evil controls the content on the television – the most efficient means of broadcasting spells from a small elite ruling class into the minds of nearly the entire population. Thus when the elite want war, they broadcast their lies (spells) into the minds of every man, woman, and child. Eric, a good man, saving us from the electric car nightmare, is not on television, and only gets limited coverage, a small slice of humanity. Thus Eric is the knight waving his noble sword of truth at the hundred story high draconian monster.

    Back to the Easter story, a brave man gives courage to the rest of men. Jesus resisted the authority and paid the ultimate price. I hope that our friend Eric the car guy is never brought before Pontius Pilate and made to pay for wrong thought. I think we have to outsmart them, and we certainly should take the Bible advice and not live amongst evil. Do not live in Sodom and Gomorrah, or NYC as Ben Armstrong advises:


    • Christian version of Easter is based on religious ideas – unproved ideas – that you need to be saved from an angry wrathful god – that has found you guilty for being born – of Original Sin – and that if you do not get cleansed you will be going to hell forever and ever. Along with that premise, Easter is also belief in this one true man god, who beat death, died for your sins, saved you from hell, devil, eternal torment, etc. According to hundreds of millions of Evangelical Christians, if you do not believe exactly as they tell you, you will burn in hell forever. (Easter is a lovely spring holiday based on all that extremely black and negative back story.)

      But there is no proof that Jesus was real, or that sin is real (go ask any physicist), or that you need redemption, or even if god is real, or if the god is judgmental, etc. In fact there is not one shred of evidence for any of it – and that is exactly like what Al Gore says – that the oceans are boiling because of increased CO2.

      The problem with this belief is that 2.2 billion Christians believe is without one shred of proof or evidence to back it up. I do not care if you believe it, what I care about is that if you believe that, what else would you believe? Like cow farts being an existential threat. Without a lick of evidence farmers are sticking tubes up cow asses to collect methane, which they “believe” is a threat to human life on earth.


      As a person who loves animals, especially those gentle cows, I say leave those poor cars alone you carbon neutral lunatics. So instead of trying to save your soul (unproven) this Easter (pagan holiday subverted by Jewish myth) why not save some cows from stupid humans who believe stupid things?

    • I have come to believe very strongly that the words used by people can constitute spells or incantations. I see them transmitted every day in the internet media, which is the newest platform, then spoken by friends and neighbors. To give one example would be the name given by the controllers to “sickness” 3 years ago. When people type it, “autocorrect” gives it all caps. Think about that. It’s not an acronym, so why? When people use it, unless specifically disclaimed, they automatically assume a premise, imply belief and promote its veracity or reality, even if they profess to be against everything that followed it. This happens with all of the nomenclature of deviance that surrounds us today. If one wishes to remove the spiritual element it can be thought of as a weaponized neuro-linguistic programming. To fight them politically, one must always be aware of the power of words and think politically about them at all times. You know they do.

  10. Amen Eric,
    The resurrection of Christ gives hope for the future, when the men who pretend to be gods will be swept away by the true God.
    Happy Easter to you Eric, and all of the posters here on your site.

  11. A common and simple question that applies to this message: Would you rather die on your feet, or live on your knees?
    One may do a certain amount of kneeling to get by in life, but we need not make it a habit and we can stand when the opportunity arises.
    I may need to engage in a certain amount of kneeling so I don’t go blind. So I can more effectively stand when that opportunity does arise, without being a burden to my family, so they can also more effectively stand.
    The other lesson Christ taught was forgiveness. Of your self included.
    But it must be asked for, from one’s knees. A pleading admission of guilt.
    Not the male bovine fecal matter of demanding amnesty.

  12. All you have to do is believe.

    Solzhenitsyn wrote that men have forgotten and abandoned God.

    Men have forgotten God

    “More than half a century ago, while I was still a child, I recall hearing a number of older people offer the following explanation for the great disasters that had befallen Russia: “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    535 members of Congress and Uncle Joe don’t need no stinking power, they need God.

    Just who in the hell do they think they are?

  13. Christian or not, definitely a lesson in a man who stood against the mob that used the power of govt to kill him.

    We see the same today.

    There is power in saying “NO”.


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