“The Middle Class Will Not be Able to Buy EVs”

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How do you bankrupt a business?

That’s easy. Use the money you earn selling things that are profitable to fund money-losing “investments” and then stop selling the things that pay for those “investments –  until you run out of money.

At which point the wheels come off and that’s the end of the ride.

Ram truck’s CEO Mike Koval, Jr. didn’t quite say it that way the other day – at the press reveal for the device styled the 2024 REV, the battery-powered version of the Ram pick-up that will supposedly replace it.

But he did say this:

“The cost of electrification is expensive, so for sure we need to make sure we protect the profitability of our current in-market business” – the reference here is to vehicles like the Ram pick-up that earn money for the company  – “to help fund the transition to electrification.”

Italics added. And there you have it. A kind of loopy preemptive funeral oration for a viable business that isn’t dead yet but will be, soon.

“We’re here to celebrate and talk about” the REV, Koval said. “But it’s expensive. That’s the elephant in the room for everybody.” Yes – and he’s about to trample Koval and everyone else within  . . . what’s the right word?

Ah, yes. Range.

The 2024 REV will supposedly be able to travel as far as 500 mile on a charge but this is likely to prove as truthful as “safe and effective.” Especially if the REV is tasked with hauling (or carrying) much of anything. But even if it can, it is expected to cost at least as much as its main rival, the device Ford calls the Lightning – the battery-powered version of the F-150 pickup.

Which costs more than $60k to start after four successive price increases since it came out last year.

How much it (and the REV) will cost next year is likely to be more – as Stellantis (which owns Ram as well as Jeep and Dodge) CEO Carlos Tavares actually said out loud a few days prior. Because lithium isn’t cheap or easy to get a lot of – and just one device like the REV or the Ford Lightning uses up more lithium than would be sufficient to make batteries for thousands if not tens of thousands of smaller devices, such as cell phones and laptops – demand for which is already enormous. The artificially induced “demand” for devices that weigh several tons rather than a few ounces will make everything that is battery-powered more expensive.

But most especially the much larger devices, like the REV.

And the result?

“The middle class will not be able to buy EVs,” said Tavares, bluntly. “Very simply put.” Of course. The typical middle class person doesn’t even earn $60k in a year. Much less net that sum. Federal and state taxes gyp that down to around $48,000 – leaving him about $4,000 on hand to pay his rent/mortgage – which likely cuts that sum in half, or close to it. He still hasn’t paid the utility bill or his phone bill – much less his food bill. If he is frugal, he might have $1,000 left – after he pays his fixed expenses – to pay for a car.

As it happens, the monthly cost – on the low end – to finance the purchase of a $60k car is currently just about every cent he has left. It leaves him nothing to pay for the insurance he’d have to buy in order to get (and maintain) the loan, which would require him to come up with another couple hundred bucks each month he hasn’t got.

Not to mention the cost of fueling the ride he can’t afford – whether electricity or gas.


Bear in in mind that if the middle class will not be able to buy EVs, then the working class will be even less able to. That leaves only one class that will be able to. The wealthy. Many of whom are part of the very corporate-government nexus that is pushing the rest of us out of vehicles by forcing their replacement with devices only a few (of them) can afford.

And not just devices, either.

You may have heard something about what is styled “carbon neutral” gasoline – and the exemption from the “net zero emissions” (which amounts to electric-only, no matter the fact that electricity and battery generation does produce “emissions”) mandates pushing the devices only an attenuated few can afford.

That class of people will be permitted to spend $20 per gallon – the current estimate – on “carbon neutral” gasoline, produced via an elaborate chemical process that involves no petroleum but a great deal of expense.

They will not have to worry about range or recharge times.

And the rest of us will not have to worry about driving.

Mournfully, almost, Tavares whistles as we walks past the graveyard. “We are just going to have a significant reduction in the size of the market . . . this is not in the interests of the corporations. It’s not in the interests of the citizens. It’s not in the interests of the unions that we shrink the market because we become to pricey for the middle classes. . .” And for everyone else who isn’t in the upper classes.

But what the Hell.

Let’s go down that road anyhow, burning everything to the ground as we do.

. . .

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  1. To me the EV just represents two things: One, it is a way for the govt. to push more wealth redistribution and Two, It is a way to control us.

    Point one, by pushing EV’s and knowing that the costs will be too extravagant for the lower class and the middle class barely able to afford one, this opens up an opportunity for the govt. to step in and provide vehicles (remember Obama phones?) for the ones who can’t afford them. This will be sold to the average Joe by telling him just how horrible (racist) he is for not wanting equity in his fellow citizens’ potential for driving. Who will pay for these free vehicles? Well the middle class of course.

    Point two, by making every car electric and forcing out gas, LP or oil from heating and cooking in houses, the govt. will make you a homogeneous energy user. This gives them control in two ways. One, it removes the free market in energy use and now they only have one “knob” to turn to screw you with and, there’s nothing you can do about it. Two, when the grid goes down due to winter storms, natural disasters or the new blackouts, the people will only have one choice to look to for help, the govt. You will have no backup generators or wood furnaces to get you through. The amazing part of the de-diversification of energy is it goes against everything we have been told about with things concerning finances. Ask yourself, “Just why would the govt. be pushing you to only rely on one type of energy?”.

  2. I think the breakdown for transport, should our omniscient, benevolent betters succeed is:

    Central Committee: Uncle Joe’s Beast, other gas guzzlers that would make Immortan Joe blush
    Inner Party: Upper end Teslas and the like
    Outer Party: Sad things like the Leaf, but at least they’re cars
    Proles: Bus or train, preferably electric, intermittent, and filled with hobos
    The Wretched: Honestly, no one “important” cares what happens to the denizens of flyover country. Maybe a sort of Cuban thing emerges in areas inconvenient to harass in electric police cars.

    • Hi Bama,

      What you have described is how it appears to be shaking out. All of it is of a piece with the neofeudalism being resurrected all around us.

  3. It is telling what the powers that be DON’T care about: old leaking gas wells. The well owners won’t fix them, and the government won’t do anything about it. Yet they keep leaking methane, 24/7, while the climate change crowd complains about CO2 emissions from tailpipes and methane from cow belches and farts. You would think they would fix the most obvious problems first.


    • SLH,

      You know what else they don’t care about? Any environmental damage that was caused by the blowing up of Nordstream 2 pipeline. If Seymour Hersh’s report that the Biden regime blew it up is correct, our own government committed an “environmental crime” (to use their terms), as well as an act of war. If it had been anyone else who did that, the U.S. government would have likely sought to PUNISH them in the harshest way possible.

  4. My father had a favorite saying that applies to the great majority of politicians :”When you don’t know what you are talking about, anything is possible”

    People with no common sense, but a zeal to attach themselves to any idea that sounds idealistically great, will collapse civilizations, like they have done for thousands of years.

    Just think : There is no position that requires less actual knowledge, than to be a politician, and these people have decided that petroleum is bad.

  5. EV’s might make sense, well almost, in 15 minute cites. If they are able to sell millions of $25-30K EV’s, their ranges will be putrid and it will still cost an arm, a leg and maybe a chunk of torso to replace the batteries. Never mind that the power grid will have to provide more energy to power up CBDC’s and billions of more surveillance apparatuses. Can’t get past the beach on the fake green energy tidal wave.

    Furthermore, we have those in the world seeking to knockoff as many humans as possible. That mandate is in progress as we speak. And gaining momentum. Yet, most of the big corporations that piss and moan when they lose a customer, are full in on the carnage. Is apple gonna be happy with 70% fewer customers? Or any of the other leftist companies?

    This whole thing does not add up and never will. You you excuse me if I don’t join my local Borg chapter and buy into all this crap. Yes, in my state, the Borg are running the whole shebang.

  6. after banker theft nobody can afford an EV….

    New World Order Fraud (Justinian Deception)

    Edward Mandel House a jesuit founded the federal reserve

    He said in a letter to President Woodrow Wilson [1913-1921]:

    “[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a National system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a charge-back for our fiat paper currency.

    Every American will be forced to register or suffer not being able to work and earn a living. They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions. Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges.

    They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans; and, if by accident one or two would figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability.

    After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the regstrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud, which we will call “Social Insurance (SSI)”.

    Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur, and in this manner every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption; and we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.”


  7. The Global Elites want us dead. Their own Deagal forecast shows a 70% redux in US (and most Western nations) within a couple of years.

    I don’t even know what to say anymore, what’s going on is so far above the comprehension of just about everyone.

    The solution is simple, but our own greed will prevent it.

    The PRIVATELY OWNED Central Banking System is the heart and soul of it. But we’ll voluntarily slide right into their even more baseless yet far more controlling CBDC system, ironically, to save our previous perceived wealth/pensions/investments/savings/etc., when those are foregone conclusion lost one way or another.

    We’ve forsaken God, and fallen for some cheap heretical facsimile or profit worship mammon altogether, and now we’re finally paying the price.

    The sad thing is that almost no one will have any idea what I’m even referring to. SMH. That’s the epochal tragedy that’s unfolding rapidly.

  8. In others words, “when fuel become too expensive we’ll have to transition to horses and buggies because EV’s will never be viable.’

    • Except you won’t have the “fuel” to feed your horse either.

      The, people FAR above Schwab, don’t want you moving around much at all. They want you staying put within a few minutesc of where you live, all the time. A small prison of you will.

      You’ll end up getting what THEY think you need, nothing more.

      • Certainly Conservatives have always believed that modern civilization relies on oil – when the oil starts running out modern civilization will collapse.

        • Hi Gil,

          It’s true, of course. Without oil, modern civilization ends. It’s not just a fuel, it is a raw material. No plastics. No fertilizers. No way to feed 7 billion people. Ensue mass starvation and all that comes with it.

          • T’is humorous to hear some Conservatives saying “let’s go nuclear” when it’s akin to renewables – it provides electricity and nothing else.

  9. Now, concerting this:

    “That class of people will be permitted to spend $20 per gallon – the current estimate – on ‘carbon neutral’ gasoline, produced via an elaborate chemical process that involves no petroleum but a great deal of expense”

    I’ll bet I can produce gasoline from biomass for $2/gallon. I very much hope I get a chance to prove that, and maybe even profit from it, and there’s even a small chance I could usurp the market away from the oil companies (and EVs), and free the populace once more, leaving carbon-obsessed environmentalists nothing to complain about.

    Mark my words!

  10. Anyone remember the 2009-2011 series “V”? Given what our would be overlords have been pushing the past few years, I may have to look for it on DVD.

      • Anon,

        ABC aired a series back in 2009-2011 called “V” that was based on the 1980s miniseries of the same name. Critics of the series at the time claimed it was (paraphrasing) “A Right wing allegory of the Obama Administration disguised as science fiction”. Having not seen it since its original television broadcast, IIRC, An alien species came to earth claiming that they had technologies that would solve various human problems. As they got more ingrained in human society, their true intentions are slowly revealed, and it’s NOT what people thought it was. Sound familiar? We’ve had globalist technocrats the past few years uttering phrases like “Build Back Better”, “Sustainable Development”, “Green energy”, etc.

  11. Interesting thing is, NiMH batteries in my experience seem far superior to lithium-ion. I use rechargeable AA NiMHs in my camera. They last a long time; hold there charge forever when not used, and charge very fast…the complete opposite of those 18650 Li-ion cells I use in some other things…and which are used in the ‘lectric “cars”. And the NiMHs are even cheaper…..

    • NiMH doesn’t play well in the cold. Even the Low self discharge ones like the eneloop (one of the best batteries on the market, period) have major problems with cold temps, the capacity drops and charging times increase dramatically, the C rating goes down as well. C rating is it’s ability to put out given amps at a constant rate.

      And with batteries you get what you pay for, cheap crap like the Chinese 18650’s aren’t worth a squirt of piss, same is true of the NiMH coming out of China, total junk. There are also charging time issues, fast charge will kill the life of a NiMH and total amounts of recharges are lower even if you don’t fast charge, even for the best eneloops vs the best Japanese made 18650’s this is true.

      If it was cheaper and worked better to use a different battery chemistry they would do it in a heartbeat and so would their competition of course.

      Still most people don’t even know that NiMH even offer Low Self Discharge, in their more expensive range. They are worth every dime compared with the old NiMH and compared with non-rechargable batteries are a huge step up. NiMH gets a bad rap because of the fact that for years only the garbage ones were on the market, same is true of 18650’s though. Most people end up with China made ones that claim all kinds of mAh that they don’t have. Often people even fork out big bucks for the good Japan made 18650’s and they are still Cheap China crap that someone has re-wrapped with a sony or panasonic labels.

      • Ah! Thanks for the info, Brad.

        I do notice a substantial difference in performance with Sanyo 18650’s vs. the cheap Chink batteries that came with some some items…but ironically, the Sanyos take even longer to charge- substantially longer- sometimes near 24 hours! The AA NiMHs charge in like 2 hours. But they’re really not exposed to the cold…so they work well for me- though the cold wreaks havoc with Li-ions too…I guess just not as badly as with NiMHs?

        • I appreciate this conversation among two adults interested in the actual issue and not making attacks on each other. Thanks. I learned something to

          • Hehe…sad commentary on society when that even needs to be said, Anon- Right?

            When I was a kid 45-50 years ago, reasoned polite discussion among adults was the expected norm. The few who would get all emotional and bent out of shape, and just want to maintain their assumptions/position no matter what were thought of as mentally deficient. Today, it seems like it’s just the opposite; like facts don’t matter, and no one better dare to correct anyone else. Perish the thought that the self may be proven wrong or that two people could put their heads together and come up with an actual clearer understanding of actual fact! The one who shouts the loudest wins, and the facts don’t matter!

            • Imagine being definitive about the liberty position 45-50 years ago? Good luck. Yeah, “polite” M-fers would’ve been apoplectic. Years ago, I watched a video of Ron Paul maintaining libertarian principle about the evil of the war on drugs on the Morton Downey, jr. show from 1988. That’s 35 years ago. The phony host was literally spitting in his face about what an “idiot” he was. Definitely NOT a better managed time.

              • Funk,
                It’s a totally different matter when you mess with people’s long-ingrained and often irrational beliefs….as opposed to measurable cold hard facts. Two different beasts.

                Yeah…be it the ‘war on drugs’ or ‘the troops/the fuzz’ etc. these are concepts that have been inculcated since childhood via media propaganda and government schools, and reinforced by ‘churches’ and society at-large to the point of being a religion, so that no rational discussion is possible with many people- today or 50 years ago.

                There has really been no change in that. You do have those who will listen today….ytou did have the hippies back then (In fact, RP would’ve probably been very popular with the hippies)…just depends on your audience.

                Interesting thing is: How they’ve managed to split the audience. The ‘conservatives’ who are supposedly for liberty and less government, worship the troops and love the war on drugs…while the liberty-hating libtards are more likely to oppose the drug war and the fuzz, etc.

                It’s a smorgasbord of BS. It’s like half a dozen of one and six of another, in that each ‘side’ possesses half of the traits which would be better suited to the other side….but that is what gives them enough commonality to keep the overlords of the system in charge…because whether ya vote for communist A or communist B, they also possess a 50-50 mix of DoubleThink so as to keep either side from going off the reservation. (Sheesh, I’m getting so abstract, I’m beginning to sound like that Ozymandias dude!)

  12. government’s use of tax dollars….

    Tax dollars used for illegal purposes….It’s time for a Tax Rebellion

    @ 37:30 in video marching, protesting, online petitions are almost useless….all revolutions started with tax rebellions….

    @ 50:33 a solution….pay taxes into a trust….the trust restricts the government’s use of taxes…all illegal uses are banned…

    @ 1:00:15 start criminal prosecutions….


  13. Who is behind this? It’s impossible that all car manufacturers are true believers in this agenda. They want to make a buck, and that’s done by selling things that customers want. So, who is pushing for this? It seems that all the car company CEO’s are seeing a gasoline free future, and advocating for it. If someone objects, like the CEO’s of Toyota or Subaru, they suddenly retire and an EV proponent takes their spot. Who is calling these shots behind the scenes?

    I do see that in the US, the auto industry are now reaping what they sowed years ago. Building a good car is very difficult, and margins are thin, so they worked to pass all kinds of requirements around safety or efficiency, which were annoying to them to incorporate, but deadly to anyone trying to start a new car company to compete with them. Tesla was an unexpected competitor that could move a lot faster because they didn’t have the regulatory burden of a gasoline engine, only the safety burden of the passenger compartment.

    What are we to do? Buy out last new car and hope to keep it running forever? I’m personally really good at hacking car ECU’s, so they’re no mystery to me. Maybe I will open a shop that keeps old cars running, like in Cuba. With no new cars being available, perhaps there will be money in refreshing Civics and Corollas and F150’s into like-new condition, who knows.

    • The only Theory I can come up with that explains all the shit coming down re EV’s, Rona, Killer Vacs and Climate change is aliens have either taken over, (the lizards), or have issued an ultimatum to the Elite (from the lizards), weaken yourselves by killing of most of your people or we will do it for you. The lizards in control hypothesis seems more tenable. Especially when you look at a few pictures of the “Lizard, Spokes lizards)”. Explains the disarmament as well. Lizards bleed, green, but they bleed. Make sure they do. They also burn, the sulfur and brimstone smell is annoying but tolerable. Please make sure they bleed and burn.

      • V the Final Battle was sure a fun TV series in the 80’s, but I don’t think it’s lizards. It’s got to be much more mundane, it’s people who have an interest in pushing this for their own benefit, but I wonder who these people are.

        • Yes, Lizards. Look at some of our politicos, Hillary, that guy running the Senate for the Repugs. I do agree with you as I do not think it is really (Lizards) (though that would explain a lot of the shit that has happened in the last 200 years). That does get to your question. Qui Bono. Who benefits. Most do not! Who does. Follow the money trail.

    • I think what you are describing might be likely to happen. Keep an eye on Cubafornia – if and when their ICE ban deadline passes. Once that comes to pass, there will only be three options for buying ICE vehicles. First one is obvious – used vehicles. Second one is a side-step of the law – using an out of state address to register one’s new ICE vehicle (which won’t be practical or doable for everyone). Third would be a up and coming niche industry of restoring and rebuilding ICE vehicles which, previously, would have headed for auctions or the junkyard.
      In the 2040’s’s and beyond there well could be businesses offering earlier model vehicles that are not just cleaned up a little and sold as used, but fully restored. IMO I don’t think auto mechanics have any worries about job security for a long time, in CA or anywhere else.

  14. (In a Borg voice) “Motive power is irrelevant”

    It’s a matter of attrition – once the older rides that depend less on computers and networking wear out and are scrapped, it becomes easier to get the “holdouts” off the roads via bureaucratic fiat. Or, with license reading tech being more in use, to turn all roads into tollways, if they cant “fee” us off the roads, they’ll just arrest the scofflaws and.seize.the offending vehicle.

    • Ha! Ask the Cubans how long an ICE vehicle can last. If it is the only thing you have you learn to make it work.

      Some people’s cars are like their children I don’t think the government realizes they are not going to win this battle. People are not going to accept their mobility being taken away. I think owning a junk yard could be very profitable.

        • Hi RS,

          We don’t allow them that option. Who are they to make decisions for us? We just don’t conform. It seems to work really well for the liberals. Imagine if we start punching back. What are they going to do? The problem is the world if too full of Monday morning quarterbacks. They love to tell everyone what they have done wrong after the fact. They also don’t want to get their ass off the couch to change anything. I make it a point to try to break 3-4 stupid rules a day. 🙂

          • RG,

            Pushback beat back the COVID insanity. Why don’t we see mask requirements, vax passports, etc.? Why are employers quietly dropping vax mandates? Because we pushed back. Seems to me we ought to do more of it!

  15. Back in the 1970s (when the modern era began), the false “energy crisis” led to more stringent building codes with requirements for insulation and double-pane windows, foam core doors, etc. Builders also did a better job of sealing up houses to reduce air infiltration (at the expense of indoor air quality -mold and formaldehyde outgassing are pretty common, as is trapped radon). Worked pretty well too, considering houses built in the post war boom were slapped up quickly and price was more important that long term heating costs.

    Later when energy prices collapsed and builders got better at efficient construction, people were able to build much larger houses because heating these big barns wasn’t a burden. The rise of the heat pump was also a game changer where the climate supported it (the mid-Atlantic states and “new south” where all the growth was anyway), further decreasing TCO of a home. So why not go bigger?

    This infurated the greens as it the amount of energy consumed per household remained steady instead of dropping. So they demanded government intervention, and the Clinton adminstration was happy to oblige. Unfortunately for the greens, the Republicans took over the house and senate, so what they got was Energy Star, which was greatly watered down. The greens have been against the Republicans ever since.

    I think this is why the DOE is so against hybrids. Instead of a fine performing incrementally efficient vehicle, it’s all or nothing to get people out of “luxury” individual owned automobiles. Because if you can have your F-150 plug in hybrid and still get marginally better gas mileage you’ll go bigger instead of smaller, especially when Iran and Russia openly sell direct to India, China and the African continent, leaving Saudi Arabia and Iraq to sell to no one but the declining west.

  16. ‘The US middle class won’t be able to buy anything.‘ — Raider Girl

    A classic late business cycle phenomenon is unfolding — so obvious that even pin-headed, frayed-collar scribbler Al Roooooooot can see it:

    ‘The percentage of people paying $1,000-plus a month for their personal transportation hit a record in the first quarter: 16.8% of consumers who financed a new vehicle are paying four-digit figures. That compares with 15.7% in the fourth quarter of 2022 and 10.3% in the first quarter of 2022.

    ‘In the first quarter of 2021, only 6.1% of new car buyers were paying more than $1,000 a month.

    ‘The average annual percentage rate on new cars financed in the first quarter of 2022 was 7.0%, up from 4.4% in the first quarter of 2021. It feels like something has to give.‘ — MarketWatch


    As the final innings of low unemployment play out, high-end car buyers are betting that their jobs and businesses stay rock solid for seven more years.

    That’s how it always goes: the skies are bluest just before the black abyss opens.

    Worse, the EPA’s frontal attack on liquid-fueled vehicles this week will keep the price of used ICE vehicles jacked for years, as their supply is permanently throttled. Think ‘cash for clunkers’ x 1,000.

    ‘Euthanasia of the middle class,’ Maynard Keynes called it — courtesy of the “Biden” jackal gov’s war of extinction against working-class kulaks.

  17. Two “workarounds” to get the soon to be phantom (due to the “buy American” clauses Ford is trying to subvert via its “partnership” with CATL a.k.a CCP) $7500 EV tax credit.


    1. Buy a used one.
    2. Lease one.

    They know most people can’t afford these devices. Now they’re trying to incentivize a secondary market via the fine print of their tax policy. This reeks of desperation,

  18. The stakeslaveholders and the decision makers, whatever that means, must have done the Dr. Delgado stimoceiver implant into the brains of the industrialists at Ford and GM and Stellantis.

    Yuval Noah Harari the dumbass believes you can hack brains. Dr. Delgado did it with a brain and an electronic implant. Maybe somehow with electronic/digital controls you can hack a brain. Maybe the RFID device implant or something.

    Somebody is in control of Yuval’s stupid brain and he is so dumbed down he’s got no idea. Can’t fix stupid there.

    If you are going to hack brains, might as well be the ones that have the most capability to dumb down humanity to the level of chimpanzees.

    Looks like Ford, GM, Stellantis et al are controlled, trained seals. Dumbed down and don’t even know it, just like Yuval’s hacked brainless brain. Good Lord, help the poor man or whatever it is.

    That’s how dumbed down the world has become.

    Nobody is supposed to know.

    The solution is alcohol.

  19. Bringing in more changes to screw over the slaves

    L. B. Johnson signed the treaty of rome….. UNIDROIT…..then everything got worse

    Gnostic Control. Justinian Deception.

    @ 28:00 paying property tax on house you own

    @ 28:35 The controllers created a new fictitious world not connected with reality

    @ 20:35 The controllers created a new fictitious world not connected with reality………… J. F. Kennedy wouldn’t sign on to this new treaty of rome… UNIDROIT….look what happened to him….then L. B. Johnson signed the treaty of rome….. UNIDROIT…..


  20. So let’s see: These companies which have barely been able to stay afloat selling profitable vehicles to a broad market- even requiring multiple tax-funded “bailouts” just to do that…somehow imagine that they can survive selling non-profitable vehicles to a tiny segment of the market?

    …and they say adults don’t believe in fairy tales?

  21. ‘We need to make sure that we protect the profitability of our current in-market [internal combustion engine] business to help fund the transition to electrification.’ — Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr

    It’s only another step to: ‘We need to protect the fertility of phased-out heterosexuals, to help generate new children for transition to non-binary, non-reproductive persons.’

    Not much future in that social model!

    Mike Koval’s self-imposed auto-da-fé in response to the extraordinary popular delusion that carbon dioxide is a poisonous gas will go down in history as an epic act of corporate fecklessness.

    As Ram sinks into the La Brea tar pits, never to be seen again, one would not surprised if Koval’s last-ditch Hail Mary pass is to transition, a la Sam Brinton, and take the helm of Ram in a red dress, high heels, and bright lipstick.

    Just don’t call him ‘tits for brains.’

    • Hi Jim,

      This goes back to diversity kills. I am not referring to black vs white or man vs woman, but the ability to see the big picture and the inability not to. It is obvious these businesses are hiring to fit the propaganda. That narrative is (and will) kill their businesses.

      As Michael Jordan very accurately stated, “Republicans buy sneakers, too” when asked his reasoning for avoiding political commentary. Businesses need to learn to keep their mouths shut. Stay out of politics. Stay out of current events. Your customers do not care to hear your views. When these businesses contribute to this political party or that political party they are taking a risk. If the officers or employees want to contribute personally, fine, that is your right, but to have your business’s reputation at stake is foolish.

      I have never seen so many organizations no longer worried about the bottom line. Here’s to you Anheuser Busch and the Big Three….

      • Hi RG,

        You live near DC, where I used to work – so you know (as I do) that many – most – of these “woke” people are government workers of one kind or another and so insulated from the grubby business of needing to please customers who can withhold their business. You and I have no power to force anyone to pay us (nor do we desire it). But they do. And because they do, they don’t care about business except as it conforms to their politics. The same is true of these corporate NPC people, who are just adjuncts of the same thing.

        The core problem – or one of them – is that the government-corporate sector is bigger and more powerful than the private sector.

        I don’t know how we fix this – or whether it is fixable. I know it can be endured. I wish I had the brains to develop a kind of shield or bubble that could be used to render the bastards impotent to harm us, physically. So that we could just ignore them and go about our business.

        But I’m not smart enough, so we’ll have to wait until someone comes along who is.

        • Hi Eric,

          Government is only as rich as its tax base.

          Woke Company #1 and #2 file bankruptcy after taking losses for several years. They have 8000 employees between them. Eight thousand people are now unemployed. If these 8000 people average an annual salary of $75K that equates to $600,000,000 x 15% tax base = $90,000,000 in federal taxes lost.

          Sure, the Fed can put the printing press onto overdrive, but each dollar printed decreases the value of the money supply and increases the price of good and services. As prices inflate more and more businesses go under and more and more people are unemployed.

          It is like musical chairs. Each time the music stops a chair disappears and someone is screwed. One day there will no chairs.

          • You make an excellent point, RG –

            Though I still think they will push this to the ugly end – and it will cause unprecedented pain for millions of people. It’s as disgusting as it is tragic – because none of this need happen.

          • What if the reality is that the gov’t, via printing, explicit/implicit guarantees, and various opaque ledgermain, is keeping these zombie companies alive for its political purposes? Maybe Japan from the early 90s to today was a beta test. How about their 200+% debt to gdp ratio? Shouldn’t they have collapsed?

            • Hi FDS,

              The only thing keeping Japan afloat is super low interest rates. That is how they are controlling their currency. Japan is pretending inflation doesn’t exist. Their inflation has not been as bad as ours because there is very little gap between the poorest and richest in their country. At the most it is about 2-3x, not the 120x that the USSA has between their CEOs and day laborers. The current Japanese administration has a net worth around $5 million (the whole Cabinet, not just a few people). In our country we call that a first year Congressman.

              The Yen has taken a huge hit this year and they hold $1.2 trillion in US Treasuries. With the USD floundering like a fish in a puddle things look remarkably bad for Japan going into the New Year, even worse for Murica.

              • Like the US, Japan’s inflation is at 30-40 year highs while they have negative effective, if not real rates. Not sure what income “inequality”, including CEOs and gov officials, has to do with that. Yet, life goes on. No currency collapse.

          • The government believes running on borrowing will suffice. The public land and mineral rights are collateral. This is how it’s done in the Middle East, and that’s how it will be done in the US. Import workers to do the labor if the citizens won’t work for peanuts. Does anyone think the Saudi royals give one second’s thought to the average citizen?

            Fact is, US tax revenue won’t cover Social Security and Medicare starting in 2030 (there’s that date again…), so something has to give. It is my belief that the Treasury is fully aware of this and will allow income taxes to become a mechanism to pay for social security while using land and other resources to fund the discressionary and military spending. But that means pushing everyone’s quality of life down to the level of a pensioner in order to cloak the wealth transfer.

            • Since 2010 Social Security benefits (old age and disability) have been running a deficit. The Left’s whole gimmick on “in 2025, 2030, 2050 we won’t be able to pay out benefits to Social Security retirees” is hogwash. For 13 years now what the Social Security trust fund cannot cover is rolled into US Treasuries.

              The fund has been bled dry and there are not enough current workers to cover the benefits that have to be paid out so the Fed keeps the printing press going. The entitlement programs are on life support and the government knows it. Why they still lie to the public is beyond me.

        • Actually, movie director Martin Scorsese got it right in the almost 20 y.o. biopic of Howard Hughes, The Aviator. In a meeting between Hughes (Leo DiCaprio) and Senator Brewster (Alan Alda), the Senator says: “We’re the US Government. Who the hell are you?” when Hughes refuses to sell TWA to PanAm and support Brewster’s bill which would have given Pan Am a monopoly on International air travel to/from the USA.

    • All this leads me to the conclusion that those in the know are privy to the idea that the US will be nuked out of existence, so there is no need to worry about sustaining a functional business model past the immediate future- ’cause that’s sure the way they are acting, as if under such a presumption, because anybody in their right mind knows that this nonsense can only end in failure. The only reason anyone could pursue such a course would be if they realized that there is no future.

  22. The US middle class won’t be able to buy anything.


    The world smells weakness coming off the breath of the Biden Administration. They are running for cover, even those we deemed “friends.” Why did we foolishly believe money and bullying was a way to conqueror world wide dominance? It has never worked in the past.
    We can now go down in the history books one of the most powerful empires in history along with the Roman, the British, the Mongolian, etc.

    The USSA will find out who her friends are…no one. When one has nothing to offer only the truest of companions will stick around. Congratulations Biden Administration. You have accomplished a feat no other Presidency has been able to. You destroyed us.

  23. Eric,

    I had a couple of surprise suggestions in my YouTube feed yesterday, and they bring good news: there’s a new battery type that could DISPLACE Li-Ion! They’re sodium based batteries. One is Na-Ion, while the other is Na-S. The beautiful thing about sodium ans sulfur (the Na-S battery) is that the materials are cheap and abundant; they’re EVERYWHERE! They promise to not only slash the cost of batteries, and along with that, the cost of EVs; they promise to work well in colder climates. They’re safer than Li-Ion or LiFeP batteries too; they’re far less prone to catching fire. Best of all is that the Chinese battery giant, CATL, will be producing them in the near future. You can do a search on YouTube for sodium batteries to learn more.

    Secondly, Elon Musk has said that there’s enough lithium available; since his business depends on that, I believe him. Musk said that the challenge is accessing and extracting the lithium.

    Of course, that begs the question: if EVs are made accessible and affordable thanks to these developments, then what will TPTB do to get us out of our cars, now that their plan may have been foiled?

    • Hi Mark,

      Back in the ’90s, Ford loaned me an Ecostar EV with a sodium battery. Its weakness was that if it discharged, it would “freeze” and be junk a that point.

      I see no “good news” as regards EVs. Unless one thinks more cost, more hassle, a shorter service life – and no personality – are good.

      As far as Musk: He also said there’d be a $25k Tesla by now – and tourists on Mars.

      • Eric,

        Musk usually delivers on his promises and plans; unfortunately, his target dates are, shall we say, optimistic? The more affordable Tesla is still in the works.

        I only said there was good news WRT EVs because, if certain developments come to pass, we may be able to keep our personal mobility for longer.

        • And we may not. If EVs get affordable, and still no more useful, what makes one think the Psychopaths In Charge won’t come up with another means of taking away our personal mobility? Like outrageous electric power cost. Hell, they are already trying to take away our FOOD!

          • I don’t doubt that TPTB won’t try that, but if they squeeze too hard, they’ll ultimately lose control; the people will have to wake up at that point, as the intent of TPTB will be too obvious to ignore.

          • Exactly, John!

            Mark – and others – forget that these people do not mean well. That it is not about anything except getting most of us out of cars and under their control. EVs are merely the vehicle toward that end.

            • (In a Borg voice) “Motive power is irrelevant”

              It’s a matter of attrition – once the older rides that depend less on computers and networking wear out and are scrapped, it becomes easier to get the “holdouts” off the roads via bureaucratic fiat. Or, with license reading tech being more in use, to turn all roads into tollways, if they cant “fee” us off the roads, they’ll just arrest the scofflaws and.seize.the offending vehicle.

        • Hi Mark,

          With respect – and I say this because you’re a decent/normal person and so vulnerable to these SOBs – it is not about making EVs more practical, more affordable. It is about using EVs – and the lies about “climate change” – to drastically limit the independent mobility of average people like us. To corral and control us.

          This EV thing is just another thing – like “the virus.”

          • Eric,

            I understand all that, and I don’t argue with any of it. What I’m saying is that those who do believe that TPTB have our best interests in mind (e.g. they just care about the environment) are coming up with alternatives that will make EVs affordable, even if they weren’t supposed to be.

          • Eric,

            Whether we like it or not, our ICEVs are going away; they shouldn’t be, but they are. I’m just looking to play the game by the rules we’re given, so I can stay mobile. That’s all I’m looking to do, as I’m too old to fight for real. I just want to live out whatever remaining years I have in as much peace and comfort as I can manage under the present regime.

    • But Markymark, remember when Lithium-Ion was the “new technology that was going to solve all the problems”?

      It’s always “the next thing, just around the corner” that will solve the problem. Meanwhile, there never was a problem that needed solving, as we’ve long had functional durable vehicles that worked just fine.

      Even if some “new technology” proved to be some miracle panacea, they would invent another problem so that they could still impose their agenda and make us all sheep.

      • Nunzio,

        I agree; there is no problem. Unfortunately, we don’t get to decide this; this is being decided for us. Whether we like it or not, our ICEVs are going away; they shouldn’t be, as they work, but they are. As I said above, I’m merely looking to stay mobile as long as I can. I’m too old to fight for real; I just turned 61 not too long ago. I just want to do as much as I can, for as long as I can, given the constraints that have been imposed upon us.

        • Yeah, but MArk, if one of the proposed solutions to the ersatz problem actually worked…they wouldn’t be able to perpetuate the ‘problem’ and thus the excuse for controlling us/destroying the economy and infrastructure, etc.

          Things like the Chevy Volt worked…. Seen any Bolts for sale lately at the new car stealerships?

          • The Chevy Volt worked, and they stopped making it. Guess what? Toyota is making the Prius Prime, a PHEV that’s similar to the Volt. Toyota hasn’t bought in to the EV only agenda, and neither has Mazda. They’re both pursuing alternatives to the EV tar baby. Who knows? They might be the only car companies left standing…

            BTW, a year or so ago, a local area dealer had a Bolt for sale.

      • KV,

        I never said that I totally trust Musk; my only point is that, with Tesla product announcements, he’s kept his word, even if they weren’t on time.

        I know about Musk’s background, and I know WHY he and his family ended up on South Africa! He’s from technocratic royalty, and his grandfather, Joshua Haldeman, tried to overthrow the Canadian gov’t in the 1930s. After that, they were forced to leave Canada. No, given his background and other reasons, I don’t trust Musk.

    • MarkyMark,

      There is no new battery technology, really.

      Most of the possibilities were mapped out 150 years ago, or so (at least the basic ones, maybe not for certain exotic alloys).

      Whenever a “new” battery idea comes up, the #1 question should be “why wasn’t this done before?” (Usually the answer is “too unstable” but there are many other valid reasons) and then “How did they address that issue?”

      If the answer is “crickets” it’s a stupid idea and not worth any more time or thought.

    • Much greater mass and less energy density. Still have the oxidation (fire) problems too. Might be a good candidate for grid storage though.

      • On a related note…

        Chemistry does not model like Moore’s Law

        Fundamentally nothing has changed since like the 50s and 60s when they figured out polymers.

        You can do cool new stuff with it, people do all the time. But the real, fundamental breakthroughs are few & far between.

        • And the periodic table is pretty well established by now. That’s the set of “building blocks” you have to work with (minus the increasing number of elements the government has deemed “dangerous”). Anything new will most likely be so radioactive it will have no practical utility.

  24. Yep, give it time and these bastards will eventually tell the truth. I’m just wondering when will the general population catch on to the scam before they realize it’s too late, if not already!

  25. ‘“The middle class will not be able to buy EVs,” said Tavares, bluntly.’ — quoted by Eric

    This astonishing self-penned obituary makes the point about ‘no adoption S-curve for EeeVees’ more concisely than I ever could.

    He’s admitting in advance that the 20-year long sea change during 1906-1926, from horse-drawn vehicles to happy motoring, will never happen for EeeVees.

    They aren’t cheaper; they aren’t better; they don’t ‘change everything’ (as a former Chrysler chairman used to say), except for the worse.

    Frankly, investors in GM, Ford and Stellantis should sue them for fiduciary malfeasance — intentionally wrecking their businesses.

    But these saboteurs in suits have the ironclad defense that “Big Gov made us do it.” Which was, when you think about it, the same defense as the Nazi doctors.

  26. Of course the middle class will not be able to afford EVs. That’s The Plan.

    Gay Soviet Transportation Commissar (his father was an actual, for-real Marxist) Pete Buttigieg and his husband want you riding in an electric government bus along with the hoodrats and the Third World illegal aliens they’re bringing in. And you WILL be living with the hoodrats and the immigrants, after they implement “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” and declare that it is “racist” to have a single-family home with two cars in the driveway. So they’ll build a Section 8 tenement right next to your place, outlaw your ability to drive any distance to work, and raise your taxes to the point where you’ll have to move out of your own place and into the tenement.

    It’s coming…

    • X, scary thing is, that is the way many people are living already…and have been for several decades in cities like NYC, San Fagcisco, Shit-congo, etc. And they seem to love it, as they pay top dollar and compete to live in those filthy tyrannical places, cooped-up in little boxes stacked one on top of another in what are nothing more than disgusting cxrime-ridden cement-jungle slums.

      • If they freely choose to live in those places under those conditions themselves, fine. But I object when they want to force ME to live as they live, against my will.

        • I agree, X, but the thing that’s scary is that soi many DO choose to live that way. They’ve been conditioned to it; and they see that as normal, and want to perpetuate and propagate it- which, if that were solely by their own means and actions…so be it- but the thing is, their lifestyle and ‘ecosystem’ are totally dependent upon the actions of the state, so they have a vested interest in maintaining the state and it’s agenda which has created that ecosystem…and of course by doing so they thus empower the state to expand that ecosystem (and at our expense no less) which is on the verge of devouring us all.
          So we now have all of these people who are not content to merely live that way, as if that way were a natural construct or something which they created and maintain- but rather who who are allied with the state and it’s agenda, and who thus perpetuate that agenda through their particpation in ‘representative democracy’- so that the pols essentially have harnessed the power of these masses of people to ensure that the state’s agenda will be expanded.
          It’s not as though we are just resisting a cadre of politicians now, but rather also half the population of this country, who are ensuring that the state’s agenda will be implemented and expanded. As with Social Security, the pols have erected a self-perpetuating scheme.

          BTW: I always enjoyed your work on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. 😉

          • @ Nunz

            Apparently just you & I and a few others seem to realize & appreciate the value of the essence of what you put forth here.

            To elaborate, decades ago the govt gang decided to start sharing their stolen tax booty with a small portion of the hoi polloi. Naturally they did this to capture their votes in order to tip the election scales & cement themselves in office to further their political power. But now, either by intent or error, they have enticed & allowed more & more low value people (useful idiots of course) onto the dole who owe their livelihood to a govt check and we’ve gone past the proverbial tipping point, and a point of no return. And this really is the heart of the matter.

            Once you realize this – and politicians sure as hell have — you then understand that it is nigh impossible to lure these parasites off the dole and back to a productive life. It-just-cant-be-done, and that’s final. Any attempts to convince these people to give up their handouts is futile and a waste of time. To paraphrase the Gipper, there’s nothing more permanent than a temporary govt program and to that I’ll add there’s nothing more universally permanent than someone hooked on government loot.

            We now have more deadbeats riding in the wagon (i.e. gravy train) than pulling it and that burden becomes a little too much for those who do the pulling. And yet more & more people realize the situation and are tossing in the towel and becoming non-productive just like their neighbors. They’re piling on board by the boatloads and obviously the wagon is slowing down faster and it will have to stop, possibly soon. Uh-Oh, we know what that means. We’ve got a real problem here Houston because the standard of living for most spoiled amerikan brats has been continually dropping for some time, and it’s going to make a swan dive into the toilet soon (yes californians, it’s really true).

            That’s too bad. It use to be fun while it lasted.

            • Great points, Dave!

              Even scarier, it’s not just those on the dole, either (Although as you’ve pointed out, even if it were, they now comprise so many as to form a powerful force)- but even the productive.

              Witness all the high-earners who are content to live in the filth, tyranny, and corruption of these big cities and suburbs: The working class who pay from 3/4’s of a million to well over a million bucks for some row house, with property taxes in the tens of thousands; state and city income taxes; exhorbitant fees for every little thing (Just the permit to get your water heater changed in the NY metro area and suburbs: $750!)…all while being restricted and repressed more than a North Korean…and they do so gladly, and think they’re on top of the world!

              They’re millionaires on paper…but live in cement slums amongs filth, crime, noise and oppression….but it’s “O-K, because where else could I earn this kind of money?”.

              And all those taxes and fees they pay to the local pols, “for their own good; to keep them safe, and to keep things functioning” they seem to fail to realize are actually empowering these crooks to destroy their very way of life; their communities; and their children.

              Amazing! Educated idiots!

  27. The bigger question which is soon to be answered is will the middle class be able to buy food and shelter? The US Psychopaths In Charge have sorely miscalculated the invincibility of the almighty dollar, and most of the people of the world are getting away from it as fast as they can. When, not if, the dollar ceases to be the world wide reserve currency, things will get pretty grim in the US. Very likely Weimar level inflation. A breakdown of supply lines. An exposure of the fact that the two major exports of the US are weapons and dollars. If the latter fails, so does the former.
    Buckle up boys and girls, it’s gonna be a wild ride.

    • John,

      In the event that happens, there’ll likely be people who try to blame Trump for it. Heck, there’s someone I know who seemingly blames Trump for every single disaster that has occurred under the Biden Thing, even though it has become increasingly obvious that the Biden regime is intentionally trying to DESTROY this country.

        • John,

          I agree with those who say that if there’s anything that Trump COULD have been indicted on, it’s his administration’s “Operation Warp Speed” which led to the development and attempted forcing of the “Miracle COVID vaccines”. However, that’s NOT mentioned at all, likely because too many Congress critters & government bureaucrats get MASSIVE donations from the pharmaceutical industry, plus politicians tried to FORCE people to take the COVID jabs through mandates.

          Just as there are people who REALLY hate Trump, there are also people who are “ONLY TRUMP”, particularly with regard to the 2024 Presidential campaign. While I was hoping for someone else to become the R nominee for President next year, Trump will likely get that nomination after this sham indictment. And then Robert F Kennedy Jr announced he’s challenging Joe Biden for the D nomination, which I found interesting. I don’t agree with RFK Jr on everything, but considering what the U.S. government has been trying to do the past few years, RFK Jr is one of the few DEMOCRATS out there speaking out against it.

        • Amen, John Kable! They are ALL equally guilty, as they all ultimately serve the Cabal, and any little things they do which appear contrary, are just signatory crumbs for their respective audiences, to keep alive the illusion that “if you can vote, you can make a difference”. (This is why they are illegally doing so many things via executive orders…which are easily cancelled by the next regime at the stroke of a pen. If one wants to see what they are really all about, don’t listen to their (lying) words or look at their executive orders…look rather at the legislation they sign.)

          Trump signed CARES.
          Trump banned bumpstocks.
          Trump enabled the whole flu charade.
          Trump did Warpspeed, and still BRAGS about it! (After campaigning on the premise that he’d work with RFK Jr. to investigate vaccines!)
          Trump continued the flying of the rainbow flag under the US flag at all of our emba[ra]ssies (After leading his supporters to think he opposed it and would stop it)

          When one looks at the actual actions, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between Trump, Obama, and Pedo Joe. And yet millions of retards STILL support the bastard and think he is their savior.

          Insert any other name in place of Trump for the next go-round; it doesn’t matter…they will all do the same, because no one gets even anywhere near being a figurehead of power, unless they serve the real rulers. Witness DeSantis’s pledge to support his country and the American people, and their liberties Israel, before he ever even announced any intentions of running……

          • Every single American should know and realize that Nunzio’s words are absolutely right-on. The cabal will simply NEVER nominate and elect a person of the masses who genuinely is trusted by the majority of people. Instead, the cabal wants somebody who is compromised so extensively that he/she must follow the diktat of the real ruling class. I tended to follow the verbiage that Trump did good things for our economy UNTIL I read a great column by David Stockman about how extensively Trump screwed up the economy. Trump is a loser that was successful in hiding his financial data, probably because he is not as financially successful as he would have us believe. RFK,Jr. could only get the Democratic nomination if he could be manhandled by the joos in charge of our election and promises thereof. RFK,Jr, were he to be elected presidente’, would quickly revert to your typical communistic, totalitarian style of government. He doesn’t follow the orders of his betters and, poof!, he gets liquidated like a couple of his forebearers. Just that simple.

            • Hi Sigg,

              I agree with you in re the officer-holders being compromised. An excellent example of this being Dennis Hastert, who was speaker of the House for long time during the Clinton years. He was (is) a pederast. What could be better – from the standpoint of those who pull the strings – than to have them attached to a guy like him who knows what they have on him?

              • Eric,

                An office holder is also easily controlled if they’re senile. Just look at the current President. Not only is he compromised, he’s also senile, and he just signs & says whatever the Neocons/ Deep State/ Klaus Schwab types put in front of him. He actually “plans on running AGAIN” next year, but 2 Democrats are challenging him for the 2024 “D” nomination: Marianne Williamson & Robert F Kennedy Jr. After Bobby’s announcement he’s running, the media started running hit pieces against him, which suggested to me that they’re afraid of him.

    • It never fails to amuse me, how the US is so adamantly against all things China, while they do their very best to make the US just like them. if not worse. Social credit score and all.

  28. You can reduce the use of raw materials by more than half if you don’t build ICE vehicles. That will save a lot of money and energy, the vehicles won’t be there anymore. No more gas to haul, no more tanks to fill, over, done with.

    Nicht so schnell!

    Still have to manufacture tractors, combines, implements, big rigs for the highways, you won’t reduce the use of raw materials by 90 percent just by reducing the number of vehicles for transportation by 90 percent. Have to build ships, locomotives, planes.

    Exxon/Mobil continues to operate, they want some money.

    Can’t stop it all. Steel for structures will still be available. Gerdau’s smelters will keep cooking more steel. US Steel has 25,000 employees. They all are on the job today.

    JP Morgan isn’t going to shutter US Steel.

    Probably time to shutter the US gov, they’re in the way all of the time, big time.

    Numismatic gold coins, US minted, are expensive on Ebay. A five dollar gold coin is priced between 800 to 900 dollars. That puts gold per troy ounce at 3200 to 3600 dollars.

  29. While some people might be happy getting riding in the “mobile homeless shelter” formerly known as a bus, I ‘m not looking forward to it. Some say UBI will be the way of the future. I believe as that old saying goes: “The devil has work for idle hands” will be proven true and those elites are going to get mighty nervous driving under bridges since we know people who realize who impoverished them might just take it personally.

    Since gasoline taxes pay to maintain the roads. Who will pay those taxes if the peasants and workers no longer do? The roads are poorly maintained now; so what happens next?

    • I forgot to mention that as Henry Ford once said (more or less) “People who want the government to take care of them should look at how the government took care of the Indians”.

      UBI = Slavery Whether you are collecting it or paying it you are a slave to the “masters”.

      • We were delivered into slavery loooong ago. Conscription is slavery. Forcing a baker to make a cake for homosexuals is slavery. Hell, paying taxes is slavery. In other words, government is slavery. Period. All of them.

  30. I was recently watching an episode on the History channel of a series called “The Men Who Built America.” It dealt with the titans of the period, J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie etc. deciding they had to “buy” the Presidency to stop the progressives of their day. Maybe these present day geniuses running GM, Ford and Stellantis, should have made a wiser investment.

  31. I think the new standards for emissions are due out on Wed. A majority of people are not paying attention and when they can no longer afford to work, buy food, ect because of gov mandates there will be major violence. I’m not sure TPTB understand this…but they will.

    Whoever ran the numbers for the car companies severely miscalculated. They will be out of business as well.

      • Eric – “What are you doing up this early…”

        Some of us aren’t “up this early”, we are going to bed.
        “The nightlife isn’t the good life but it’s my life” lol

      • I can’t figure out the time stamp on comments, but I was up at 2:30 CDT. I hit your site last, to give you time to write something, reading other posts made late yesterday. Although the reason I get up so early is my 69 year old bladder gets me up, and my rheumatoid arthritis pain keeps me up.

    • Hey Manse,

      a. Violence — I think TPTB really really want this, to do martial law and put all their AGWs’ military gear to good use. But fortunately, or unfortunately, Fatmericans…

      b. Miscalculations — I think the car company CEOs — Farley, Barra, etc. — are reading their script exactly as it’s been written and will run those co’s right into the ground, exactly as they’ve been told to do. What will be interesting is when the L2s, L3s, and L4s at those companies start to connect the dots and speak out.

      • Hi Kurt,

        I know a number of people within GM (and Ford) in mid-tier/engineering positions and – I assure you – they are not happy campers.


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