That Meeting in the Middle . . .

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A few weeks ago, I was rambling about they way mid-priced  vehicles are closing the features/amenities gap with the high-end stuff and this ’21 Kia Sorento provides a good example of that. Have a look for yourself!

Also, check out how much close to looking like the new Ford “Mustang” Mach-E this thing does than the Mach E looks like a Mustang!



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  1. One of the reasons for the McMansion era was high efficacy HAVC systems. If you gain 10% in efficiency you can condition a 10% larger space. Yea, I know that’s not quite how it works, and heat pumps can actually get to the equivalent (like electric cars) of 200+% efficiency gains because they move heat instead of making it.

    My point is that Those Who Advice Uncle know that (hell, they did the study), so the regulators feel it necessary to put a halt to improvements. Even if they cannot stop progress, they can jump ahead of the customers and tag that gain in HP for their priorities, not yours.

  2. Ignoring govt mandates & purposeful inflation, this is how the market is supposed to work.
    producers get more efficient and make a better product for a better price.

    We have reached a point that any car you buy should be of a certain quality & amenity point, and that is a win for consumers.

  3. Eric,

    They say that how a car’s door closes is indicative of its quality. If that’s true, then there ISN’T much difference between the high end cars and the lower end cars. Pre Corona, we had a good, local auto show here, and you could look at all the new production cars. I sat in a Mazerati and a couple of other high end marques, then compared them to offerings from Nissan, Toyota, GM, and Ford. Guess what? There wasn’t much difference in how the cars felt and looked! I didn’t drive any of these cars, but I couldn’t tell much difference between the pricey nameplates vs. the more prosaic ones we can afford-certainly not enough to judtify high five figure and low six figure price tags…

    • Hi Mark,

      Without doubt. I say this as a guy who has direct/personal access to all the new stuff and has had it for many years. There is almost no meaningful difference in terms of “how the doors close” – fit and finish/body integrity – between a typical $25,000 car and a typical $50,000 car and a typical $80,000 car. This is great for the people who cannot afford a $50,000 car but not so much for the people making and trying to sell them!

      • “how the doors close” – I like that, I’m going to keep that saying/perspective around, it should be useful for persuading myself, and others, while applying it to other subjects as well.

        Thanks for mentioning it, MarkyMark.


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