Diaper Report 5/9/21

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These may soon become Needle Reports.

Diapering is waning, apparently everywhere – even in places where compliance with both “mandates” and social pressure was nearly universal as recently as a month or so ago. Even in places where the signs are still affixed, the enforcement is lacking. I reported recently about being able to enter a Hot Zone of sickness psychosis, the Earth Fare store in Roanoke, VA. This place had been closed for months to the face-showing, who had to face a gantlet of BLOCK LETTER, Soviet-style placards before you even got near the door that faces MUST be effaced to enter.

There was also a Gesundheitshilfer by the door to make sure the RULES were obeyed, too.

All gone now, except for an almost-in-passing sign off to the side of the door – inside the door – asking that faces be effaced. There is no attempt to enforce this.

My correspondents around the country are reporting similar.

It makes me uneasy.

Because it is likely temporary.

Weaponized hypochondria hasn’t been treated. It is merely – probably – that millions of its victims have been Needled. They now feel safe and so show their faces. It’s hard to divine any other reason for this sudden, visible change – unless it is that people have become sick of playing sick. I’d like to think so – but the past year has taught me to have little faith in the average person’s capability to resist the effects of TeeVee (and sail fawn) fear programming.

I wish I could say, channelling Darth Vader, that I find their (apparent) lack of faith encouraging. Rather, I suspect their belief is as strong as it ever was.

Only now it is belief in the power of the Needle rather than the Diaper.

The Needling of America – apparently, about half the population has been injected with whatever-it-is – has not only instilled a sense of false immunity (remember, taking the “vaccine” doesn’t mean you can’t get the ‘Rona) in many, who’ve cast off what is styled “their” Diapers for just that reason – it has also made it impossible to tell at a glance why they have cast them off.

A month ago, when the Diapered saw my face at the supermarket, they knew I was one of those very bad people who didn’t care whether granny might die. That I was (and remain) an Unbeliever, not of the body. And I knew that when I saw another face-shower, it was almost certainly a fellow Unbeliever.

Now, no one knows.

Are they sane? Or merely injected?

Which brings up what has me worried.

This may be a brief interlude of apparent return to some-kind-of normal. But deceptively so – like the calm before the tsunami rolls in.

Is it reasonable to expect – given all that we’ve seen and endured over the past year-plus – that sanity will pick itself off the floor, shake off the psychosis and that normalcy – the real deal – will make a comeback? What about the other half – or other third or other fourth or whatever it ends being – of the populace that for reasons of sanity and due diligence shies away from the Needle?

What will happen to them when – inevitably – the cases! the cases! “surge” and “spike” again, this fall? Perhaps because of spike proteins within (or without) the bodies of those of the body?

Will the Needled and renascent fearful tolerate the proximity or even the presence of the uninjected? Given the attitudes expressed toward the Undiapered to date, the answer to this question need not be spoken.

Everyone knows what it will be.

New signs will go up.

You MUST be Needled to enter – or else Diaper.

Obergesundheitsfuhrer Cuomo of New York has already shown the way this will go. The volk in the gesundheitsgau of New York muss either carry their Excelsior Pass (an app in dey sail fawn) which establishes the fact of their having been Needed or they are excluded.

Or they must Diaper – and “practice” Kabuki, eternally.

The Black Codes re-established but this time not on the basis of race but of face. If you show it, you must show proof of Needling.

If not, you are out.

The same is also already being applied by airlines and unless this practice is curb-stomped with both feet before it has a chance to become widespread and normalized, it will become the next “new normal,” as the effacing of faces became, as the fondling of junk became.

Polls indicate that half the country supports Excelsior Pass (vaccine passports) for all. Not just for them.

Some may believe these polls are unreliable, rigged to give the desired result. I wish it were so. I remember not seeing all those faces. I saw the effect of the cases! the cases!

Sickness psychosis probably hasn’t waned, because it hasn’t been treated.

It has merely become less visible.

For the present.

.  . .

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  1. Reporting from far N. Ga:
    My wife had elective surgery today at a rural hospital. Upon walking in the front door, a typical Amerikan Babushka (Fat surly young fembot) ordered us to don our holy rag and stand before the electronic totem (A selfie camera image appears as you stand before the post and snaps your temp and prolly your image automatically). My wife didn’t hear the instructions and I translated loudly that you are to don the “holy rag” and get your temperature checked. Stickers were provided as we were instructed to place the “screened” sticker on to our upper chest. I pulled out my holy rag which I’ve used maybe a dozen times since March 2020, and as I looped the mask upon my ears, noticeable evil eye wafted from the Babushka. Who could blame her, in big block letters “OBEY” stretched across my face. I affixed the “screened” sticker onto my forehead…I was now cleared to enter this ‘secure’ facility.

    A couple of wheelchaired elderly women were hanging out in the lobby as well, even they managed a wrinkled scowl. I have value ;). Another elderly pink uniformed lady (Not the Candy Stripers that I remember) saw the mask and started laughing out loud and commented that she liked it, as we walked through the lobby toward a corridor. I took off the holy rag while cruising down the corridor toward the pre-op waiting room. I did put it on when called into pre-op area, but not before another discussion ensued with the nurse about the necessity for it. I did receive three “I like your mask” and accompanying giggles from female staff during my stay. Nothing from male staff…hmmmm. We need to test all the time; make ourselves pains in the arse, alternating between smiles and blazing contemptuous scowls.

    PS: I should note that we had to register prior to going to the preop area, wherein a massively fat masked woman sporting a nameplate like object with the reminder: “I am vaccinated, are you?” Yeah, vaccinated but still suffering from leprosery apparently, explaining the need for the Covid-Burqa.

    • Thanks for the update, Ross!

      I’m sorry you and your wife had to deal with this. I’ve been able to avoid it all – so far – but only because I work for myself, do business with those I chose to do business with and have been able to get necessaries at places sans the Kabuki. My left shoulder is, however, preventing me from getting much sleep dues to whatever’s wrong with it. I’d like to at least know what’s wrong with it, but that would require Kabuki and I’m determined to not play their game, no matter what. It infuriates me that we’re all being leveraged and manipulated in this way, to one degree or another.

      • Thank you for responding. I wish you’d get checked out, even though donning the Covid-Burqa is a provocation, each and every time. We’ve been fighting the good fight here in Trump Country (My previous reports bear out that they too comply overwhelmingly) since the beginning. For the most part, it has been a battle that we individually have been winning, and it’s sadly enough…empowering. Whodda thunk.

    • Ever notice how many of the women who work in the medical industry are a) fat, b) ugly, and c) stupid? You might think more of them would be health conscious, and take better car of themselves, but nooo. Sadly, there is no cure for stupid.
      RE: your mask slogan
      As Eric predicted, the Resident has issued today a Führerbefehl decreeing the “unvaxxed” should be made to wear face diapers permanently.
      Time to break out the gold, six pointed stars with “kein impfen” stenciled on them.
      Actually, they should probably be gold triangles, since color coded triangles were used in the KzL to identify various classes of “undesirables.”

      • Here in SoCal, the KzLs are already built, cleverly disguised as “school” facilities. Children from age 5 spend their days behind bars, being made to walk in straight lines, “socially distanced,” with their faces obscured.
        All that is missing are the guard towers, and those can go up in a heartbeat if constructed of wood.

      • Hi Turtle,

        A good friend of mine works at the VA – as a nurse. He’s my lifting buddy; big dude, very healthy and fit. He gets harangued by obese female nurses about his stand on the Diaper…

    • All the vax-takers are in a lottery…it’s just a question of what “prize” they’ll receive- Cancer? Blood clots? The ‘Rona?

      Forget professional poker-players and casiono-goers….these vax-takers are the ultimate gamblers!

      The vax and EVs are a lot alike: The government has to make a concerted effort to bribe people with redistributed wealth to take ’em! Yeah, ya know that’s gotta be good for ya, if Uncle Joe and Donald Trump and virtually all pols are united around about wanting ya to get one!

      • Play stupid games and win stupid prizes as they say. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least. Anyone stupid enough to fall for that or for free Krispy Kreme donuts every day for whatever the duration of their vaxxed life happens to be, or for fries and a burger as mayoral idiot DeBlasio advertises on video in exchange for their life DESERVES what they reap for sowing that stupidity. Back in Old Testament days, Jacob’s brother Esau likewise was conned into gladly selling out his birthright for a bowl of soup……the Biblical equivalent of a Krispy kreme donut. Nobody’s learned from history, so here we go repeating it again………

        • Hi Catherine,

          You are absolutely right. There is no incentive or tangible asset that can sway me to get this jab. I cannot believe the amount of people that have done so little research on this shot. I spoke to a client earlier this week. They just received the jab after being diagnosed with COVID a few months ago. They were ill for about four days with no complications. I asked why they override their natural immunity? Their response to me was “They are going to make us get it anyway. I might as well get it now and not be inconvenienced.” I cannot reason with these people. 🙁

          • I’ve heard the same thing from a surprising number of people – “they are going to make us do it anyway”.

            Just giving up and giving in…unfortunately for them, their problems are just beginning. SMH

            • Hi A,

              It makes no sense. Why do something in which they are not forcing you to do (at least yet)? Personally, I think it is peer pressure. It is somebody’s spouse, parent, child, friend, employer saying to them “You need to get it.” Most people have no idea how to say no.

  2. Fun fact! Your unsubscribe link is broken! And while I am thoroughly enjoying the discussion as much as humanly possible, I have this strange urge to tell myself that perhaps I’ve seen enough of it. But alas, the link is broken. So please continue… Eric is awful because he binned the comments and RG isn’t for everyone and yadda… yadda. Let me pop another bag of popcorn though… I’m sure it gets better.

  3. Two good things from my latest trip to town:
    The sign on the Dollar Tree still says you must be diapered to enter, but two employees were wearing them under their chins, faces exposed.
    A big bin full of Holy Rags as you approach the Walmart checkout is now marked “CLEARANCE.”

  4. Last December, I ran a simple, anonymous Poll in my English village … “Do you support compulsory vaccination?”

    64% of my fellows were supportive of compulsion.

    There is an interesting parallel between this number and the general findings of Stanley Milgram. In simple terms, his experiments suggested that ‘two out of three people’ are prepared to kill you, if so ordered by an ‘authority figure’.

    • Hi B,

      I’m not surprised. Western civilization no longer respects the individual’s rights; it is premised on collective “rights” – and upon forcing the individual to submit to the collective. If the collective can simply take your money – “taxes” – why, in principle, can’t it also force you to take the Jab?

  5. Hey guys, The wife and I went out to the club this evening, first time in over a year. It’s the biggest strip club in Greensboro and I am so happy to say that there we no temp checks, no masks and no Kabuki theater whats so ever! None.
    Saw some old friends, had a couple beers and a nice meal. Actually felt like normal again. 🙂

  6. Personal abuse? Is this what we call noticing the traits of another poster?

    Picking sides Eric? I note you have not chastised Joy for such. But maybe you will tell me it has not done similar. But I smell a teachers pet.

    If you like, I can back up each with direct attribution to each of the RG posts highlighting such. But since that would probably be frowned upon as attacking your pet, instead, I will leave you and Joy to each others company.

    Some animals are clearly more equal than others.

    Congratulations Eric, you have created a safe space for Joy. Bye.

      • I’ve often found that it’s the ones who get censored/banned/etc.- who are often the ones who truly have the most to say, and make the points which cause one to think the deepest. They may not always play not nice…or may just be perceived that way as we are not used to those who operate outside of the norm. Words by anonymous strangers on the interwebz can be easily disregarded if one so chooses…or engaged with- but I don’t see the sense in censoring them.

        • Hi Nunz,

          It’s very rare for me to moderate a poster; to qualify, they must be serially abusive, gratuitously insulting and (above all) unwilling or unable to acknowledge a fact – for example, the fact that duress is applied to everyone in business (and, arguably, anyone thinking about it). This is not censorship, incidentally – as I am not the government.

          • Hey Eric!

            Yes, and I respect your right to do as you see fit on your site- even though I may disagree with it. I mean, Anon is not like some of those spammers/clovers from the past who were just wasting your time; he was interacting and contributing constructive stuff…..I guess personalities just got in the way- but it just seems like we are losing something valuable just over some quibbling and minor disagreements (And we all disagree on something!) 🙂

            • Hi Nunz,

              It devolved into ridiculous personal attacks (e.g., I “regard obedience as the highest virtue”) as regards myself and also RG. It’s the sort of thing that I leave to Reddit, et al. I’ve worked hard – and so have you and others here – to create a comments section that is a cut above the usual poo-flinging contests one finds elsewhere. I aim to keep it that way!

    • I wasn’t going to delve into this (and will probably live to regret it). 😜

      Anon, you have not been moderated. Not once. Eric did nothing more than ask you to cease name calling, that’s it. Eric would have said the same thing to me or anyone else if the circumstances were the same.

      I am not Eric’s pet nor has he made this site a safe space for me. I have had more than a few times where I have been bitch slapped (some rightly so, others not so much, at least in my opinion). When one is debating or just out and out arguing things get said that may not be the most mature. We either hold on to the bitterness or we let it roll off as water under the bridge. I understand you don’t like me. Believe me, I am not for everybody. Sometimes, my own spouse would share your same sentiment. I hold no ill will toward you. You and I know nothing about each other. I see no reason to hold animosity toward someone who I have never laid eyes on and who sits behind a computer screen. We both could be Russian bots as far as the other one knows.

      Tuan was the only person moderated.

      Give Eric some respect. This his site and he can run it as he sees fit. If either one of us don’t like or it is too much for us there are a million other sites that we both can turn to.


      • Thanks, RG –

        I think it’s important for people on our side to remember that, even if we’re not all in absolute agreement, we’re not on the other side. The French Revolution got out of hand when its leaders began accusing any who disagreed with them on any point as closet monarchists. Hoping that kind of thing doesn’t happen to us!

  7. Well, waddya know.
    Even the Noo Yawk Slimes is calling out the Emperor’s wardrobe deficiency, at least to a degree.
    While still insisting that “Masks make a huge difference indoors ” (rubbish!) it nevertheless asserts that “These recommendations would be more grounded in science if anywhere close to 10 percent of Covid transmission were occurring outdoors. But it is not. There is not a single documented Covid infection anywhere in the world from casual outdoor interactions, such as walking past someone on a street or eating at a nearby table,” and point out the mendacity of he CDC’s lies in he latter regard:

    “C.D.C. officials, who picked a benchmark — 10 percent — so high that nobody could reasonably dispute it.

    That benchmark “seems to be a huge exaggeration,” as Dr. Muge Cevik, a virologist at the University of St. Andrews, said. In truth, the share of transmission that has occurred outdoors seems to be below 1 percent and may be below 0.1 percent, multiple epidemiologists told me. The rare outdoor transmission that has happened almost all seems to have involved crowded places or close conversation.

    Saying that less than 10 percent of Covid transmission occurs outdoors is akin to saying that sharks attack fewer than 20,000 swimmers a year. (The actual worldwide number is around 150.) It’s both true and deceiving.”
    Here is the link:
    Small victories, I suppose.

  8. Hey, what’s going on? I’m seeing some people’s posts disappearing. Have they snatched Eric and replaced him with an “agent”?

    • And again last night. Eric shitcanned my (Anonomous) response to you and Eric, after it was posted.

      He seems to have binned another this morning. (though there will be a rationalization for why this was appropriate, just trust him, you don’t need to see it)

      But RG will tell you flat out that it never happened. Seems Eric will let her continue to believe this.

      For me, some insight into who Eric really is.

      Be well Nunzio.

      • Anon,

        Eric is unwilling to provide a forum for serially abusive posters. Disagreement is welcome. Disparaging people here – especially regulars, who freely give their time to provide thoughtful commentary – is contrary to the purpose of this site. I have “binned” several of your latest, because they add nothing to the substantive discussion. I welcome and encourage you to continue posting. But within the parameters just described.

        • It’s ironic how this kerfluffle erupted right on the heels of the debate involving the invocation of property rights by diaper sign posters. As much as I oppose those signs, I think there is real danger in libertarians arguing against property rights in any respect because eventually something seemingly self evident and moral to someone else justifies in their mind an argument, or at least a complaint, against your property rights, which, assertions to the contrary concerning various impairments notwithstanding, you do have. I just didn’t think it would happen so fast.

          As the property owner of this site, you have every right to set the terms of the site and require guests to respect them. FWIW, I’ve been moderated and banned from a number of both MSM and libertarian sites over the years and I’ll have to say that you are the absolute most reasonable and respectful of disagreement and debate I’ve ever come across. It really is like old times on here, even down to the oversized egos storming away, for good!, then coming back again to continue to make their cases.

          • Thanks, Zek!

            I “binned” Anon and T – not permanently, necessarily – because they keep attacking me and others personally in truly disgusting terms.
            It gets old – and it does nothing to further any meaningful discussion. It just alienates people who come here to discuss things intelligently.

            • Hey Eric!
              If I may interject: Sometimes we perceive something as a personal attack and or are more sensitive about it/take it personally when we are being used as representative of the concept we are representing.
              Or even if someone is ‘attacked’- so what? Not everyone likes everyone else. Unless it gets out of hand to the point where it starts to totally disrupts the forum, why should anyone care?
              PLEASE, if anyone ‘attacks’ me, please don’t censor them. I’d feel like the little sissy kid who runs to the teacher any time someone sticks their tongue out at him.
              Again, I totally respect your right to run this site as you see fit- and you’ve done a great job, and created a wonderful place which attracts the highest caliber of participants, but I’ll tell ya, years ago when I had my forum, I had a disclaimer posted saying “This is a free=speech zone where only outright spam will be removed- other than that, there is no moderation, so if you don’t like what you see or feel you are being attacked, don’t come bitching to me, because i won’t do anything about it”.
              Funny thing was….everyone was so well-behaved on that forum- likely because they knew they could play games, such as currying the moderator’s favor and manipulating them against other posters- and that people were free to defend themselves- tit for tat.
              I just don’t get it though- censoring people who contribute valuable content….for what amounts to conflicts of personality. I may not agree with everything T. or Anon say……but when you think about it, agree or not, they DO make one think, and much more so than some others with whom ytou have no problem.

              -Just something to think about.

              Hey, if someone ‘attacks’ me, I can tear ’em a new one…or ignore them- whatever….but I’d hate to have to have someone else fight my battle… (Maybe I could even consider their argument/criticism, and learn from it) <– NOT aimed at you.

              • Hi Nunz,

                I don’t believe any of us on here (at least to my recollection) has ever asked Eric to remove or moderate someone. Most of us sign up knowing it is a free for all and if it gets to hot we leave the kitchen until it cools down. None of us have tattled or stated “so and so needs to go.” We know debates get heated especially on opposing sides.

                • Hi RG,
                  Oooo, I know- that was my very point. Intervening on someone else’s behalf when not asked to makes the person whom one is trying to protect look weak and feeble. You certainly seem like someone who is perfectly capable of taking care of yourself.

                  • Eric moderated them when they went after Eric, not me. I don’t blame him. The joys of being a moderator gives one special perks and calling the host names doesn’t win you brownie points.

                    Anyone that has read most of the posts know that Anon/David and I have been at each others throats since last December. This is not something that just happened. It has gotten worse, but it has been at least six months in the making. Sometimes I played along, other times I ignored it. I wasn’t a passive participant in any regards.

                    Please don’t get me wrong I am not shedding tears of not being called sanctimonious or befouling the place on a recurring basis, but I don’t believe this was done for my benefit.

                    Tuan and my back and forth ended in April. Even when I returned to post we ignored each other.

                    I can’t speak for Eric, but I am sure he is trying to keep the discussions on topics rather than personal attacks.

                    Sometimes it is fun to read for a minute or two, but then it gets pretty old, especially when the same things are rehashed.

        • I found this in the garbage. Does it belong to anyone?


          “serially abusive posters”
          Conflated and confused. (oops. That was in a moderated post so nobody will get the reference, except you Eric, maybe)

          “I have “binned” several of your latest, because they add nothing to the substantive discussion.”

          We both know the truth. I guess nobody else will since you hide it. Certainly not to bury your mis-attributed accusations against me….I am sure.

          What harm would there be posting them? Who has an interest in NOT having them seen? Yup.

          Funny what you see when you pull back the curtain.

  9. On another slightly interesting note – heres a guy who didnt buy the con – out in Tanzania. Went public with the fact that goats, papayas and birds were coming positive for covid!!! (car guys will be pleased to know motor oil wasn’t positive – but they tested it too!) This may be some of the most scientific work on Covid from a national leader.

    Unfortunately guess where that got him…. 6 feet under…… its crazy but now it seems that even those African dictators are less corrupt than western leaders !!


    • Hi Nasir,

      Isolate the trees especially the ones with PawPaws in them!

      It just shows how corrupt our governments have become and they don’t even bother to hide it from the public anymore. When someone points out the corruption TPTB go in and silt their throat. We live in a pretty evil world.

      • You know theres a video of a kid in Scotland who used those home covid test kits to test a grape. Guess what – the grape had covid !! (that kids more of a scientist than most of the “scientist” the media quotes if you ask me!!)

        • Hi Nasir,

          Someone posted a video a few days back on here, I believe it was Horst, that showed a gentleman walking into a CVS and taking his J&J vaccine (literally running off with it). He sent the vaccine to a few scientists who were going to test the ingredients in the vaccine.

          To be perfectly honest, I am surprised, that no one else has done this yet. Yes, we have a list of ingredients on what are in the “vaccines”, but we don’t know the dosage being used or if there are other items that aren’t being listed.

          I would think “real” scientists would have already analyzed these and would have reported their findings during a peer review or in a medical journal, but maybe the media is shutting down all access to such information.

          • RG, I saw that vid )Just came across it on YT) Just an FYI to all those who have watched it: That guy has now been arrested for taking his “free” vaccine……

            • Oh, that stinks. Big Brother has his eye on everyone and everything. They will go after the scientists next. I guess it really was not free.

  10. Do not worry yourselves, this pipeline closure is an only a test You will get instuctions on how to live without motor fuels or heat.
    We will resume your regular programming when we get around to it.

  11. I still think that the gal front and center on your diaper page has a nice shape. I have several NATO and other gas masks so that conversing with her can be safe. If the Japanese gal is reticent on masking, I have a functional WW1 gas mask that is completely functional excepting that it will not translate my words of ardor into the native language.
    This place must be made rid of goomint.

  12. You are correct Eric. This isn’t over. I just finished driving from NY to the western edge of Wyoming. The magic spit sponge muppets are ensconced in every nook and cranny of this entire spiritual wasteland of a country. Yes, there are many that don’t practice sickness kabuki, maybe even the majority in some areas. But the fact that so many do, and feel comfortable doing so, even in r team hotbeds with populations of 200, dead nuts in the center of flyover country, indicates that the sickness, the mental illness, is deeply rooted in, and only needs a little freshening of water and sunshine (fear propaganda and coercion) to bloom forth mightily again. Just like the warming cultists, this religion has appeal for far too many. But this should surprise no one. In a society devoid of any real spiritual moorings, any matchstick of a philosophy will do to tie off to.

    • Ironic, that in an age which has reaped the uncountable benefits of science and engineering based on logic and reason, there are so many whose lives are ruled by unreason.

    • Hi Jody,

      The closest thing to what we are dealing with that I’ve read about is the way anything German was demonized during the WWI era – and this is much worse. It is setting itself to become what happened to the Jews in Germany, with those of us not afflicted with sickness psychosis being the ones characterized by the regime as a “dangerous bacillus.” It’s telling that the same kind of language is being used now – as it was then.

  13. “The cases! The cases!”

    I think that stage is over.

    Let the spike protein shedding vaxxed continue to become manufacturers of a new virus over the summer and spread a new virus around that attacks more of those the elite want gone next fall, Boomers. This time it will be “the deaths, the deaths”. Unvaxxed Boomers will die, vaxxed ones will live, for now. It will be the reason they mandate vax-slavery upon the world.

    In the end, the sheep who took the vax, will die as well.

    On the mandatory burqa for the uncleansed, mine will say, “Vaxxed will die by 2025”.

    • Hi J,

      That’s how I see this playing out as well. In fall, when people start getting sick again – not merely “cases” – it will be promoted that once again “lockdowns” and Diapers are unfortunately necessary because a “new variant” is “spreading.” This “variant” will likely be the result of the “vaccine.”

      As you say, a large number of “vaccinated” will die – and it will be blamed on the unvaccinated. Who will then be targeted, witch-hunt style.

      They will continue to play this game until they get what they want, which is either mass population reduction or complete control of the population – likely, both.

      • “either mass population reduction”

        Have you seen the population? How can I help?

        Seriously, I find little of the masses worth saving and would not mourn their passing. I’ll go further. I cheer those who mindlessly walk into the ovens, as it were.

        • Hi Anon,

          Yeah, this is the conundrum. I understand the point of view of the “elites.” I agree with them, as regards their low estimation of the intelligence – the intellectual laziness is perhaps better – of the average person; it is self-evident. Where I differ from them is that I pull back from any intent to do them harm. Rather, I prefer trying to help them see the harm – though I realize that, for the most part, this is like attempting to teach a pig to sing.

          • “Where I differ from them is that I pull back from any intent to do them harm.”

            Intent to do them harm? I have none. Content to watch them stick the fork in the light socket after being warned what will happen? Yup.

          • Sad thing is, Eric, that things might be far different, and we’d have better success at reasoning with people if it weren’t for the fact that the vast majority of the population are under the spell of media and state indoctrination- increasingly from infancy.
            Not to in any way excuse the complicity of the average person though. The overlords appeal to the basic lusts- money, sex, power. A demoralized populace has no problem being led around by the nose for the prospect of gratification, since it has lost the values which used to warn Westerners away from such pursuits.
            So now, they will gladly countenance two decades of socialist indoctrination and subserviance training, and even pay for it, for the hope of “getting a good job”(money); They will countenance endless advertising, inane low quality ‘entertainment’ and lies, for the prospect of seeing a boob (Although I don’t think Biden makes too many TV appearances…) or vicariously experiencing some emotion or feeling through fictional characters, etc.
            It’s kind of a vicious cycle: The elites have a low estimation of the average person- but their estimation is usually accurate, as borne out by the fact that such people so easily and willingly succumb to manipulation.
            This creates a strange situation, because at the same time, people are partially victims, and partially complicit- and one thing they all have in common, is that they are effectively turned into proponents of the very overlords who control them, and thus our enemies.
            We would not manipulate nor wish harm on them- but as we are seeing, they are increasingly used to molest and harm us. It’s as no-win situation. Even those who haven’t chosen a side- or who don’t even reralize there is a battle, are used as soldiers in Uncle’s army.

              • Ah, Eric. If only people were more like cats and dogs….the world would be a paradise! At least we can get a taste of that by surrounding ourselves with these wonderful creatures.

          • “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.”
            – Henry Ford

        • Anon, I can’t help but to echo your sentiment. I mean, while I don’t wish anyone any harm as long as they leave me in peace, one can not help but notice how screwed-up this world is, even irrespective of any particular government (And government is really just the product of those people, anyway.)- and how much better a place the world would be if it weren’t for all of these people! (And they can take the elites with them on their way to Hell- as those elites have used the base tendencies of the beasts to manipulate and further their descent), for their own nefarious purposes.)

  14. I feel I need to point out the obvious here.
    We are being terrorized.
    Seriously terrorised by govt, media and corporations. It would be bad enough if their was a real pandemic, but those of us honest enough to see right through the absurdity of it all are facing reality.. And neck deep in genuine evil, right here in our home towns.

  15. naturalnewsdotcom/2021-05-09-is-pine-needle-tea-the-answer-to-covid-vaccine-shedding-suramin-shikimic-acid.html

    Trying this again, just to help those reading protect themselves against the shedding

    • Hi Zane,

      I love reading about natural remedies. I have never heard of pine needle tea, but a few years back I actually read a few Chinese studies that found licorice root to be beneficial to keep SARs 1 at bay. Licorice actually contains glycyrrhizin.

      The NIH actually conducted a study back in June 2020 (of course, the MSM doesn’t cover it). https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32592716/ on the benefits of glycyrrhizin and how it could be a potential SARs 2 treatment.

      I actually started drinking licorice root tea in January 2020 when the outbreak in China was occurring. It is something that is not for everyone and you have to be very careful of the dosage and LT effects of taking it. On licorice root tea there is a warning that licorice root should not be taken longer than once a month and should be used sparingly. It also has some side effects with certain medications and should not be used by women who are pregnant or nursing. Too much can actually make you very ill.

      I drink it when I start feeling ill along with popping Vitamin D (which I take everyday) and elderberry syrup (which I take during the winter months). So far it has been kind to me.

  16. You get jabbed, you got 3 years tops in ya: bitchute.com/video/HN45vkchJKWE/, and unfortunately, it can shed, although I found this last night and got the article version of the hour long report: naturalnews.com/2021-05-09-is-pine-needle-tea-the-answer-to-covid-vaccine-shedding-suramin-shikimic-acid.html

    I’m gonna attend lots of funerals in the future, kinda depressing knowing the damage is done and there’s no real cure for the ill informed. Hopefully though sharing this helps out

  17. Good news from Montana. On Friday the governor signed into law HB702 which prohibits discrimination based on vaccination status or possession of immunity passports.

    • Hi Roland,

      I know Biden is talking about siccing the IRS on the “wealthy”, but apparently, he has yet to realize that they (the govt) have defunded them so much they are still processing returns from 2019, are unable to answer their phones, much less complete any type of audit (in person or correspondence). The pay is dismal, the benefits unsatisfactory, and the turnover rate is high. The working conditions are miserable, morale more so, and who wants to deal with angry taxpayers day in and day out. It is a horrible job nobody wants.

      The federal government has them processing the stimulus payments and also handling the Marketplace Obamacare programs. Two thirds of them are still working from home due to Convid. Wait until they force them back into the offices – 1/3 will quit before that happens.

      If I was Old Joe I would worry more about getting the Colonial pipeline up and running before I would think about using the IRS has a counterpunch to go after his enemies, which is all this is going to be.

      • Howdy RG,
        I hope you’re right about nobody wanting that job, but I’m skeptical. It has been astounding to discover how many seemingly sensible people believe that they have to make rules just because, well, er, we have to have rules!

        • Hi Roland,

          They are trying to get blood from a turnip. The Biden Administration has destroyed this economy so badly who do they think is making money? The items that are in demand – building supplies, paint, ammo, etc. are suffering from shortages. Restaurant sales are down and retail is a atrocious. Business owners hands are tied because those who could be profitable can’t be because the benefits offered from Uncle Sam are pulling people out of the workforce.

          I was reading an article yesterday on the Colonial pipeline and if it remains down for any length of time they have to truck in the fuel to the East Coast. The problem: almost 30% of truckers have retired. Not to mention that those who are able to transport fuel for a living need a special permit. Forty percent of the training facilities are still closed. It is a mess.

          If the federal government has any hopes of bringing this economy back they basically need to deregulate everything and Uncle Sam needs to close his checkbook and stop writing checks his ass can’t cash.

          • But, getting back to my initial concern: if they do increase the number of audits, and I’m unlucky enough to attract one, it might come down to a choice between covid obedience and prison. Federal buildings already require diapers, and I expect “vaccine” proof to be next. I was audited once, in the 1980s, and I don’t recall them offering to meet me at the IHOP.

            • Hi Roland,

              I have sat through a few audits and they have always been conducted at the place of business or at an accountants office. I have never had one at an IRS branch.

              Technology has changed quite a bit since the 1980s. I don’t see a whole lot of face to face audits in the IRS’s future. Most will be correspondence audits where they are going to want certain documents or additional information.

              If one was to look at the positivity of Covid there will be a lot less face to face meetings in regards to private business, but government agencies, as well.

              Most things will be pushed online and I see a lot of FedEx and UPS shipping in our futures.

              • I was in traction at the hospital when the IRS decided that I was a winner in their lottery of tax cheats.
                They ended up refunding a 600 overpayment.
                I try to play by the rules so that I do not need tax lawyers and associated high cost non productive labor. Gee I hate the goomint. I get crap from the wife for being rude to known goomint drones. That makes me more hateful.
                I see the goobermint in the context of an ignorant fat assed colored woman bending over to pick up “her” pencil. It is not racism as I hate all of them equally.

                • I wonder when conversing with gooberment drones are how they are doing with the Afghanistan civilizing war is going. Is Iraq turning to western civilization? They have no notion of even where Libya is. Muamar Khadaffi was the stabilizing of that place, and stole a lot less than DC.
                  All that one gets for taxes is destruction of both foreign and domestic.

                • Hi Erie,

                  Mencken’s quote comes to mind:

                  “All government, in its essence, is a conspiracy against the superior man: its one permanent object is to oppress him and cripple him. If it be aristocratic in organization, then it seeks to protect the man who is superior only in law against the man who is superior in fact; if it be democratic, then it seeks to protect the man who is inferior in every way against both. One of its primary functions is to regiment men by force, to make them as much alike as possible and as dependent upon one another as possible, to search out and combat originality among them. All it can see in an original idea is potential change, and hence an invasion of its prerogatives. The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos.”

      • RG – we complain about government being incompetent and not getting anything done – but im starting to think thats for the best…. i mean whenever government gets something done – its never good anyways, causing another problem for society to deal with!!

        On a slightly funny note – in the UK when we call our “HMRC” (british version of the IRS) – they refer to us as “customers” !!!!

        • Hi Nasir,

          It is for the best. 🙂 When I hear such things as vaccination passports and REAL ID cards required by the government I am not the least bit nervous. They have never met a deadline in their life or followed through on anything in 250 years. It is the large corporations that scare me. The Walmarts, Amazons, Microsofts that have the ability to implement such things and the rest of society lines up and follows.

          • You know something scary – here in the UK, under the last labour government they tried to make a centralised computer system for the NHS. They spent over a decade and “invested” (ie pocketed) somewhere between 10 and 20 billion pounds. In the end – it didn’t work and the plan was scrapped.

            Now, last month – out of the blue – the NHS all of the sudden has a new “app”. This app contains all patient data, including covid tests and vaccination status, which people expect to be used as a covid passport. Also, people who got the jab already have had their records on the app updated.

            This has to be the fastest and most efficient the NHS has EVER done anything in its history !! It makes you wonder – how was it possible. was it all really done NOW, or has this been planned before. And who is pushing all of this?

  18. Meanwhile, these vaccines are by definition a medical experiment, which it is a US and international capital crime to coerce people to participate in, especially without informed consent which is totally absent in this campaign. A number of NAZIs were hung at Nuremburg post WWII for doing exactly that. Though they were a bit more in your face with their coercion, the result is the same.
    I’m hopeful to see an abundance of civil actions against such coercion concerning the vaccines. Adverse event incidence is rapidly rising. How are those that require them to be taken before services are available, or those that require them for employment are NOT liable for those adverse events?
    Regardless how aggressive the demand I take one may become, given the choice between death from the vaccine and death for refusing to take it, I’ll choose the latter.

    • I’ll also choose the latter, but plan to go down fighting.

      Actually, I don’t plan to go down at all. I think I’ll make sure THEY go down instead.

      • “No one ever won a war by dying for his country. He won the war by making the other poor bastard die for *his* country.”
        – G.S. Patton

        • However, one may choose death over a life in chains, or death at the pleasure of their master.
          Patton made a critical error in this statement. No “one” ever won, or lost a war, period. They are a collective effort, almost always misguided, or manufactured from lies.

    • Yes, but all this talk about the Nuremberg Code, Federal law, etc. fails to take into account that any such challenges today will be brought before courts that don’t care or won’t listen, or otherwise will back the official line. Understand this – there will be no redress from the judiciary. Employers, schools, universities, businesses, etc. will coerce the vaccines, and there will be no civil or legal remedy, no injunction, no criminal charges, and no consequence.

      Truth, morality, ethics, right/wrong and, indeed, humanity, have all fallen to some crazed agenda. And this time, there are no “good guys” coming, and we will need to self rescue.

      • Da.
        The Shrub didn’t get prosecuted for waging a war of aggression, after sending Gen. Powell to lie his ass off at the U.N., now did he?
        He who has the most guns, makes the rules.
        As General Curtis LeMay once observed, had the western allies lost WWII, he and Arthur Harris likely would have been tried and convicted as war criminals for incinerating hundreds of thousands of German and Japanese civilians with incendiary bombs.

      • I agree, BAC, but we should still make them go through the motions. Possibly giving them public exposure of their crimes, regardless whether they suffer legally.
        The main thing we need to focus on right now is gun “control”. Ours, not theirs. Because that is our last resort. 1A, lets talk. 2A, enough talk and I’m not accepting your tyranny. Perhaps a reason for their order in the Bill of Rights?

      • That’s how I see it too – it seems that we’re living in a time of complete lawlessness. I don’t understand how injections can be forced on people, in a supposedly free country. I used to be a fan of science fiction, so it doesn’t take much for my mind to imagine where this might/probably will go. (It’s time for your yearly injection; this will be your last-nice knowing ya!) This is someone’s dream come true; some psychopath’s dream – question is, what psychopath is ultimately controlling this nightmare? And does it even matter; people are willingly giving up control of their lives to it/him/her/them.

        • Hi Snap,

          The creatures behind this – who are responsible for this – have stated openly why they are doing this. They consider the world overpopulated; they regard two-thirds of the population as expendable cattle. As deleterious cattle, trampling “their” Earth. They therefore seek to cull the herd – ideally with the cattle walking themselves into the abattoir.

          • Well said, Eric. It’s diabolical and well thought-out. They knew that some would see through this scheme so they locked us down and prevented people from talking to each other in person. Online conversation was still there, but monitored and censored, effectively neutering and shutting down the opposition that might have stopped this needling campaign and the culling of the herd, as you put it.

            I always was suspect of the yearly push for the flu vaccine, making it so easy to get, while you’re at Walgreens, for instance; quick and easy. Not enough people cared, so they concocted this pandemic to scare everyone into getting a yearly shot. Who knows, now that they’ve convinced everyone that they need boosters all the time – what’s in the liquid they inject next time. It’s already bad enough with this one.

            • Indeed, Snap –

              I knew that the Face Diaper push was the prequel for the Needling. They had to establish the universal look of a “crisis” – in order to condition the populace of the “necessity” of measures to ameliorate it.

  19. In over a year now I have only encountered a few places that denied me entry. I have seen a couple people literally jump out of my way when they saw I was diapered. I could see the terror in one lady’s eyes. Other than that it has been smooth sailing. Also, the “passports” are banned here in Florida. For now.

  20. i saw two guys live-streaming working out in a gym with masks on and they were having trouble breathing. i says does this gym take action against open breathing? they says maybe. i says do you feel the cost benefit analysis truly necessitates this intervention? one guy immediately put his mask ajar and was like “i don’t know, that’s a good question”. i took it as a glimmer of hope & reason.

    • Hi old hickory,

      My gym does not and has not enforced Diapering, so most don’t. But there are a few Freaks. I observe their bizarre behavior with professional interest. The Freak will wear its Diaper to walk in, goes to the treadmill and then takes it off – because the “virus” cannot penetrate the Shield Wall the Freak just engaged by getting on the treadmill.

      These Freaks aren’t afraid of getting sick. They are simply, sick.

      • The only reasonable conclusion that can be drawn from observing the behavior of the vast majority of people is that mental illness must be very wide spread in the population.

      • I saw a woman shopping in Whole Paycheck yesterday wearing gloves, two masks, and googles. If she is this afraid, why not use Instacart or similar?

        • She was probably inoculated also – two Pfizers. Still, you raise an interesting question: Why do we diaper heretics have to resort to shopping alternatives? Why not these nut jobs, and leave the rest of us to go about our daily lives?

          • Hi BAC and Myles,

            We have to delve into the crazies mind to assess such a thing, but they aren’t terrified, they are attention seekers. I saw a video on YT last night and a guy was in Costco filming a woman with gloves, a mask, and a hula hoop wrapped around her with a sign that said six feet. This is not an individual who is scared witless of dying, but someone who wants their 15 minutes of fame.

            A person who is fearful of Covid and all that it entails isn’t going to go out and if they do they will be using curbside pick up, drive up windows, and as you mentioned, Instacart. These people would hunker down. Instead, as it has been mentioned many times on this site, we have the virtue signalers.

            They believe it is their compulsory duty to accost and embarrass those that don’t toe the line. These people are so unhappy within their own lives and are so ingrained with what the media has dictated to them they feel a comeuppance on those of us that use logic, actual science, and prior historical patterns to rationalize the “sickness.”

            We are to be hated, because the media has told them to hate and fear us. There is no rationale behind it. It how it has always been with discrimination whether it is racial, religious, sexual, etc. The majority has always gained up on the minority. How one vindicates an entire group of people with one broad stroke I don’t understand, but it is very easy to comprehend how the minority can easily detest the majority. I sincerely sympathize with groups that have had to deal with this for hundreds of years. I think many of us can say the shoe is on the other foot and it sucks.

            • Ok. Not T or “David” here.

              The “majority has always ganged up on the minority.”


              The “majority has always been ginned up against the majority.”

              You must have some kind or Archie Bunker kind of tendency towards malapropism or I’m just trippin’.

              • Correction: “The majority has always been ginned up against the minority.” Jeez, maybe it’s contagious…

                • LOL. It is contagious.

                  Just call me Mrs. Malaprop.

                  Sometimes my fingers work faster than my brain.

                  Where is David by the way? I haven’t been insulted in a few days. I must have scared him away when I indicated we were soul mates.

                  • Morning, RG –

                    I temporarily pulled the plug on T – after he accused me of holding “obedience the highest virtue.” I, too, can only take so much. Not because I’m a snowflake. Because I’m just too damned tired to waste my time – and yours and that of others here – refuting or even dealing with trollish posts.

                    • It was eerily quiet last night. I figured he was taking a break.

                      I found several of his posts to be quite funny (those not directed toward me) 😉 and he is obviously well read and a pretty smart guy.

                      My only complaint was there was no let up on a topic to allow anyone to move on to another discussion.

                      We can only rehash things for so long before two people have to decide “Ok, we see this differently and we aren’t going to agree. Let’s shake on it and change the subject.”

                    • Hi RG,

                      Yup. I draw the line when someone I’m trying to have a discussion with refuses to concede a fact. For example, the fact that duress obviates free choice. This is self-evident. You aren’t “choosing” to pay taxes; you are compelled to pay them.

                      In any event – and as you say – serially beating the same dead horse doesn’t further discussion. It ends it.

                    • Welcome back, David (or is it Maddie)!

                      You are going to have to do better than that.

                      I am cuter than Joy. We have nothing in common.

                    • “I am cuter than Joy.”
                      So is a pitbull.

                      “We have nothing in common.”

                      Other than manner, arrogance, shamelessness, sanctimony and obliviousness to your own idiocy…… yeah, nothing at all in common.

              • By the way, Hat, it is much easier to comprehend my posts when one is three sheets to the wind. They make perfect sense. 😉

                • I suspect that was probably also the nature of the contagion, as it were. It was a day of the week after all…

            • “The majority has always gained up on the minority.”

              It can go the opposite way too.

              In case no one has noticed, White people are by a slim margin still a majority in the U.S. Yet, nearly all institutions wielding power in this country are arrayed against Whites and actively work against their legitimate ethno-racial interests. After a year of violence, looting, arson, assault, and killings by marxist BLM / antifa, or before that numerous domestic Islamist terrorist attacks, somehow so-called White Supremacists have been officially designated as the country’s single most dangerous terrorist threat. Yes, a statistically insignificant fraction of the dissident Right is White Nationalists, but they are separatists, desiring only to be left alone in a small homeland of their own while respecting nationalistic movements for Blacks, Arabs, Jews, etc. as well. Yet every minority here now demonizes all White people with the backing of nearly the entire culture, labels all of us as racists and supremacists, whatever the f*ck that means, and openly calls for our eradication.

              Another example of a numerically inferior revolutionary group capable of persecuting an entire native population were, as they were called at the time, the Judaic Bolsheviks, who wielded enough power to massacre the head of state and his entire family, successfully suppress the Orthodox Church for 70 years, enslave the common folk, and genocide more than 20 million White Christians in the Ukraine.

              • Mack –
                Your point is well taken that Nationalists, or Separatists, are *not* the same as Supremacists.
                Randy Weaver was a white separatist, but not, AFAIK, a white supremacist.
                Muhammad Ali was a black separatist, to a degree, but not a black supremacist.

        • Hey Miles, Yesterday at the Home Depot I saw an old man fully diapered, with face shield, gloves, and some kind of plastic smock fondling a large jug of bug juice. He was morbidly obese and his skin was the color of frozen meat. By the time I got my old flip phone out of my pocket and got the camera on he had put it in his cart and moved on. As they say the stupid, it burns.

  21. Nephew planning to go to college next year, got accepted at Bard.

    Parents have kept him away from vaccinations all his life.

    May 5, Bard made the vax mandatory for students. It appears all colleges and universities are going down the same road.

    What to do?

    • Aloha Andy,

      “What to do?”

      Depends on if you like him or not.

      If no like, it’s off to school with a quick stop for the jab.

      If you do like him, encourage, encourage, encourage.

      Plenty resources brah. Free colleges online. Toss him a few bucks to setup a website and get him drop shipping. All kine things for him to do uncle.

      Not a very good idea to let a kid get himself saddled with a shit ton of debt going to college anyway.

      Besides, isn’t private schooling considered racist today.

      • There are fake “vaccination certificates available on line along with PDF files where you can “make your own”. Lot numbers for the various poisons (oops, I mean “vaccines) are also available on line. I would encourage those who value freedom and liberty to “make your own” vaccination card, fill it out yourself and go about your business.

    • Hi Andy,

      We all have our line in the sand, or ought to. For me, the Diaper – and the Needle – are lines. I won’t wear – or submit to – either. For reasons of principle and health. Your nephew may decide the same.

      College is not worth what it was, once. Or rather, not as necessary as it once was – to get through various doors. One can also acquire the skills one needs to work in various fields via other routes. College has become to a great extent expensive indoctrination in rote memorization rather than development of the mind.

      I’d opt out myself if I were 18 again.

      • Hi Eric,

        Attending college is still such a rite of passage for middle class families. My daughter and her husband have saved and saved to put their boy through college and they are proud of it. I am too removed from their family’s decision making to have much impact, though I will be watching closely and offering my opinion if consulted. They are strongly against the vax, and so they will have to grapple with their choices ahead.

        Really sad to see families having to go through this difficult period of setting up their red lines or just ‘giving in.’

        What is the result of ‘giving in?’ I’m glad I have my solid resolve, willing to die on this hill, but what about others like my nephew? What must it be like in their heads as they make such a momentous choice?

        • Hi Andy,

          As with this Diapering business, there are almost certainly options. Just as it has been possible to get food and so on without Diapering, so also it ought to be possible to find a college that doesn’t require Needling. In fact, this is a good way to find a college that is less “woke” and pushy Leftist, as so many colleges have become.

          I’d recommend they look at options… keep us posted, please!

          • Indeed, there are actual accredited colleges operating on line, and have been for several years. Brick and mortar colleges are only needed for hands on work, as in labs and such. Even STEM is getting woke though, so maybe not even that. Brick and mortar schools secondary function is to supply a venue for drug and alcohol abuse and promiscuity. How much is that worth to you, mom and dad?

      • “Your nephew should tell Bard to go fuck themselves.”

        This!!!!! If enough did just that this would end tomorrow.

        Sadly that is not happening. My wife’s boss took the double jab after having convid in December. Almost died. I had another idot leftist tell me how terrible she felt for a week after the second moderna jab and then stuipidly added after, that’s how i know its working. You can’t fix or stop this kind of stupid you just have to ignore it and not play their games. If it means alternative society or living off the grid at this point i’m willing because i won’t be part of their evil game.

  22. Masks still everywhere on Kauai, zero change these last 60 days. Now we are on level 3 (restricted group gatherings) due to a recent spike in ‘cases’. Went to the auto parts store yesterday and a customer angrily asked me where my mask was. I didn’t respond. He said he wanted to punch me in the mouth, but left the store before me.

    We seem to be getting some spontaneously appearing ‘cases’ from the resident population. How does that work? Is there some shedding going on?

    • Hey, Andy,
      Long time friend recently relocated from Kilauea back to the mainland.
      I treasure the memories of visiting her there several years ago.
      in particular,, the view of the Milky Way from Princeville on New Years Eve, and the view of the sea from Kilauea Light are priceless. I have many photos which I took, of which one is presently my computer background. Waimea Canyon was also memorable.

      Aloha from a SoCal haole.

  23. And from Deutschland:
    >Some protesters have been seen wearing yellow stars similar to those Jews were forced to wear under the Nazis, carrying the words “not vaccinated”.

    >Others have worn concentration camp uniforms and carried placards with the words “Impfen macht frei” (“Vaccination makes you free”), a reference to the “Arbeit macht frei” (“Work makes you free”)

  24. I’m not too worried about passports, though there will be some of that in the nuttier places. Too impractical. Instead, they are after the children. The next phase is emergency authorization for teens and kids, then it’s game over. No little league, school, college, or anything without a note from the pediatrician that they’ve been needled. What are most parents to do?

    In CT, they just removed the religious exemption for school vaccines. A pawn being moved off the chess board.

    See, it’s not that the vaccines are intended to kill off the adult population, though some will die. Rather, they are likely intended to reduce fertility. If there’s any truth to the syncitin cross-reactivity, then the vaccines are really to target proteins involved with reproduction. Be assured they’re working out the kinks for the boosters. How else to achieve the population reduction goal? Not by killing old geezers, but by knocking off the ability of the younger generations to reproduce.

    Yes, curb stomp vaccine passports, but look deeper, and see where this is really headed. Forced needling of kids. Stomp that, and those who support or advocate it.

    • Unnecessary. They already largely accomplished that, via several other means.

      1) Feminism. Enough said.

      2) Inflation–too expensive to have/provide for children.

      3) LGBT movement

      4) Abortion on demand

      5) The Pill

      6) The Green Movement/”Climate change”–having kids is ruining the planet, or whatever.

      Notice how this all stacks up in one direction, and all of it started in the 1960’s? What’s next, the Junior Anti-Sex League or a society of freemartins playing Find the Zipper? I submit that it’s a little bit of both. A universal sterilant would simply be icing on the cake for the deranged Malthusians.

      • And guys! Don’t forget: They’ve already got the children! I don’t know the official stats, but I’d be willing to bet that at least 97% of the sprogs in America get all the regular litany of vaccines- Last time I checked, it was 29 by age FIVE!!!!

        My take is, that in addition to making everyone even more dependent upon the medical tyranny, the vaccines and passport scheme is going to be used to eventually have all the plebes injected with a chip, which will contain everything from medical info, to financial/payment details; real-time tracking, and everything else that a smartphone does…only the chip will be your phones SIM card…implanted in you, so that you will never be able to “lose” it, via switching phones or tossing your phone in the ocean, etc.

        Interesting how 5G AND COVID vaccines were rolled out right around the same time, eh?

    • Testosterone levels have been dropping steadily for decades. This is true not only among humans, but some other species.
      Suspected causes:
      1. Certain types of plastics.
      2. Estrogen in drinking water.
      Women who use oral contraceptives excrete estrogens in their urine, which is *NOT* removed by wastewater treatment plants. Treated wastewater containing high levels of estrogen is returned to the aquifer and reprocessed as drinking water.
      General Ripper was correct. They *have* managed to sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids, though perhaps not in the precise manner anticipated by Gen. Ripper.
      I expect that, if present trends continue, in 20 years or so most males in Western societies will have sperm counts so low as to be effectively sterile, and will be incapable of reproduction by normal means.
      Meanwhile, we have effeminate soy boys prancing around, screeching about “injustice” and pretending to be “against Fascism.”
      Have a look at the behavior of so-called “Antifa” rabble. The “males” do not stride; they scamper like rabbits. These are not men, in the historical sense of the word.

    • BAC,

      TPTB want to kill the old people. Why? Insolvent pensions and an underfunded health care system. Killing old people kills those two birds with one stone. They no longer have to pay pensions or provide health care to people to people who are now dead. Also, Bill Gates said in his now infamous TED Talk that, thanks to the use of vaccines, world population would be reduced 10%-15%. Just something to think about…

      • If you’re going to have a Glorious Revolution you have to get rid of the people who remember was life used to be like.

      • He always starts to grin and giggle a little before he makes some dire prediction. I can’t prove he has evil intentions, but my gut tells me he does.

    • The generation born in the early to mid nineties and onward is already deeply screwed up and was well before the covid hysteria. In order to attention the government indoctrination centers they need 72 vaccines, even to attend college which is really just a higher version of government indoctrination. The covid vaccine is just another dose of poison on top of all the others parents are coerced into giving their kids by the State. Fed a daily dose of processed foods chock full of artificial flavors and colors, corn syrups and dyes, refined sugar and other lab made junk, it’s no wonder there’s so many neurological, developmental and mental disorders in kids today such as autism, ADHD, bipolar, etc. These people will eventually grow up and put an even bigger stain on the welfare system. What’s more, they are brainwashed into believing in identitarian politics at earlier and earlier ages and led to believe they’re in the wrong body and need to take drugs and undergo a sex change to feel ‘normal’. Most young adults grew up overparented and even at the age where just a few decades ago they would be moving out of their parent’s houses, starting their careers, buying their own houses and having families of their own this is happening later and later. It’s become impossible for young person to make it out of college on their own.
      Fertility has been decreasing for a while now.
      It’s no wonder there’s now an argument people make that you’re not “fully developed” until 25. This generation is being infantilized, grows up on drugs, eats crap, has no thoughts or opinions of their own outside of the internet. The covid collectivist nonsense is the icing on the cake, now children will grow up believing wearing face diapers and getting tested to know you’re even sick is “normal”. The only way out of this mutant nightmare is to form our own country where we raise our kids without the poison, teach them to be free thinkers and build a better society. The human race has already reached full blown idiocracy.

  25. This is the ultimate scramble our brains, create confusion and interfere with every aspect of our lives, destroy every social experience and get everyone to say, “fuck it, I’ll just stay home and avoid all the commotion” strategy by the rulers.

    Soon, everywhere you go, you’ll have to wait on line, have your papers checked not only for what they want, but for authenticity, then are you up to date on your shots, or have you passed a recent enough test, then are you free of variants, then you have to look around and see if others are masked to see whether the implied peer pressure exists for you to mask up and conform, or whether the place has mask signs but doesn’t really mean it, etc.. If you don’t, will you be confronted by a Karen, will you be escorted out by the employees, will you be denied service, will you be in the right section of the stadium, will you be in the right bathroom or at the right water fountain, etc.?

    Going anywhere or participating in anything will be a complete cluster fuck, and that is designed to break our will and resistance to the needle (“If we all just do it, life will be simpler and we can avoid all this confusion’ will be the eventual attitude).

    It’s hard to say whether people just refuse to patronize these places/events and place enough economic pressure to overturn this, or whether they’ll take what they’re fooled into thinking is the path of least resistance, and just conform.

    • The masses ALWAYS take the path of least resistance! This is what “they” count on. Witness what people will put up with just to board a filthy airplane these days……

      • Yup. Which means one of two choices; Comply or raze everything and start over. There will be no middle ground as these people are, as famously said, “not agreement capable”. It is their way, or they will pretend to compromise just long enough to figure out how to really fuck you over.

        Half measures = full failure.

        • Correcto. There is no in between, just like belief in the narrative.
          If you believe any of it, you believe all of it.

      • Indeed, half the people you meet are below average intelligence, and never underestimate the insanity of people in large crowds.

  26. What we’ve been witnessing I do believe has just been “the first phase”- to just get people used diapering and needling and all of the other Kabuki being just “normal”- something that one doesn’t even think about, but rather just DOES- just the way all of the slaves submit to the TSA thuggery at the airports without the slightest care.

    BTW: In NY now, they are enacting legislation to make forging proof-of- vaccine documents a FELONY! Just shows you where this is going, and how it is obviously intended to continue for a long, long time.

      • You must be one’a them kooky conspiracy theorists! 😉
        Next thing ya know, you’ll be saying that our wonderful benevolent government is spying on us and monitoring our phone calls!

        • Yeah, I guess I should be more reasonable and just chalk everything it seems they planned for and talked about months–sometimes years–in advance to coincidence. That would be the reasonable thing to do.

          I definitely would hate to be considered weird by by the average Murican.

    • Hey Nunz,

      And who’s doing most of the “wetwork” in this normalization of tyranny, the ongoing assassination of civil society?


      • Hi Jeremy,

        You mean…the country which boasts the highest percent of it’s population being vaxxed….whose nationals also own the media which has made all of this possible? Hmmm….no, I don’t think you mean that….. 🙂

  27. Went out to dinner last night, not one word about our bare faces headed the 10 ft from the front door to the tables. Clearly many of the waite staff are done with the games as well, many had the diaper below their nose and 1 guy i could tell was wearing the double incognito mask so he could breath freely. Bar tenders were all dropping the diaper to speak to the bar crowd. Although we were down in a shore town in new jersistan and it seems like the further south you go in jersistan the less adherence there is to the weasle governor’s dictates.

  28. Everyone will eventually be genetically modified. There are those who already are. There are those who will involuntarily receive them through replication transmission by proximity to the genetically modified. The remainder will receive theirs at gunpoint, or be executed if they resist or refuse.

    • through replication transmission by proximity to the genetically modified.

      I.e. ‘shedding’

      Quite a few videos and articles out there about that spooky subject. If it’s true, force won’t ever be necessary.

    • Yes. Practically everyone I work with has taken the needle. Everyone has had “side effects” from their two stage jab. People are “returning to work.” I want to stay home now. During “COVID” I wasn’t afraid for one minute and thought it was an over exaggerated hype. Today, I feel like I have a bio weapon aimed at me on a daily basis.

      Next: the two weeks off for COVID will be gone and special accomodations will disappear as more of these sheep/cattle get the jab.

  29. Graffiti writ on a downtown Seattle building, ‘The Needle is goddess, Space is the place’.

    Can’t argue with that.

    Stop quoting your laws, we have swords – General Pompey

    That crazy Christian pastor up in Calgary was arrested and taken into custody yesterday, just so you know.

    It is full on socialism up there Canuckistan. The insolent renegade of a human being must be jackbooted, you know, hey.

    Resistance is futile, you will be oppressed, no matter how much you speak, shout, vociferate, it won’t do any good, once they’re out to get you, you will be a prime candidate for cruel and unusual terrorist tactics by the shitheads in charge. har

    Meanwhile, Melinda Gates ordered three wood chippers, industrial sized. Bill is toast, that’s the way it goes moving west.

    Everything at once, looks like it up here from outer space, the only place to be.

    • “It is full on socialism up there Canuckistan”

      Wrong. It is full on totalitarianism. And it did not start recently.

      Canucks are (mostly) passive childlike simpletons who will follow whatever they are told to do. They are (mostly) socialists but the government is not.

      • What the good ol’ US of A needs is another war with the Canuks.

        Why go all the way to Afghanistan when Canukistan is just across the border? Think of the gas we’ll save.

        Fuck Tim Horton! I’m a Red Wings fan damn it. Bring the troops home.

        Then send them south. Across the Ambassador Bridge!

        Tear that stupid crown off the 401 and replace those signs with the Red White and Blue interstate signs. Let that pristine road deteriorate like a true American highway.

        I’m tired of needing a passport to go to Jason’s. And I want my Brador back!

        End the bilingual bullshit with the labels. Let’s make Canada the 51st state!

        Why can’t a man get Mabel to get him a Black Label anymore?

        • They’ll greet us as liberators!

          Honestly, after Trudeau, who wouldn’t?

          Maybe afterwards, we can get them to apologize for voting him in!

          • Er, no.

            I think that while Trudeau is a POS moron closet homo and probably the worst leader who have had in many decades, our southern neighbors have far more to apologize for. We elect POS idiots and assholes but they tend to fuck up our country and not the rest of world.

            • A mere function of means. Can Canada fuck up the rest of the world? If so, would Trudeau not eagerly do so?

              • “Can Canada fuck up the rest of the world?”

                Directly, no. But they are happy accomplices to the Big Brother US/UK.

                And sort of. Trudy would screw up everything but I doubt he has the IQ to form intent.

  30. Apparently most people have been driven insane. This was already apparent years ago but has really shifted into overdrive with this hoax over a mild cold. People I work with, even a conservative from TX, that are otherwise reasonably intelligent will pull their mask over their face talking to me outside in the parking lot at work. Not only are the inmates running the asylum but they’re all bull goose looney. It’s actually kind of scary TBH. You never know what crazy people will let themselves do.

  31. I’ve said it before, when I first encountered those Star Trek style automatic motion sensing sliding glass entry doors to stores, I thought to myself, there will come a day when certain classifications of people stand before those doors and the doors won’t open for them.

    What we have been hearing all along from ‘The Others’ is something like, “Won’t you care, and get The Shot, so you can “Carrousel” and be “renewed” like us?”


    It’s about the same here in Iowa as others report, a whole lot less face diapering going on but still seeing close to a majority of people put them on in the parking lot of stores and not taking them off until they load their car and get inside their safe car.

    I saw some couples have outdoor garage sales while wearing them. I stopped by, they were all very polite (strange enough, most maskers are overly nice and polite these days) however; I just could not get myself to want to purchase anything from them, just for what they represented, craven mindless obedience.

    I saw more stores with bare-faced staff, and quite a few younger staff in other stores with the most un-trying of mask wearing, they’d have it cocked sideways and at half-tilt below the nose and other loose, yet complying with their boss methods. It seems like I’ve been getting The Best customer service from them than I ever recall getting. Was it because I was free-faced? Idk.

    Eye of the hurricane, for sure.

  32. Grand Junction update: No face mask, inside or out. Many people were the same, don’t want to say a majority but in some stores for sure maskers were in the minority. One notable place was Popeye’s chicken. Remember pre-COVID there was a brilliant viral marketing scheme from GUT Miami (their ad agency) that had strong women of color destroying front counters over a sandwich? Well, with a twinge of nostalgia for 2019 I figured yesterday was the day I was going to find out for myself what heaven on a bun tasted like. Turns out, kinda meh. Maybe there’s a different sandwich for ADOS and People of Color™…

    Anyway, I walk in, there’s an older white woman (it’s Grand Junction after all), attempting to order through her mask. The cashier technically is wearing a mask, but might as well not bother. The rest of the customers were not masked at all. Nice to see people risking their lives in a greasy chicken joint not obsessed with their respiratory health either.

  33. Valid concerns. We don’t yet know where this all ends.
    For now, I am going with a follow the money approach. The Rona is being used as a self fulfilling prophecy to line the pockets of pharma & big tech/big box.

    I think that is the real reason dissent is not allowed online, lest you have a life and spend less time on facebooktwittergoogle and cost them $.

    We are being prepped for the semi-annual covax shots.

    If people are feeling good due to the shot, so be it, as long as that means less mass mental disease.
    Will that result in the non vaxed being treated as “others”?
    Only until profits are effected.

    But I can’t discount the idiocy of the average American lemming, so anything is possible.
    Ultimately, who owns me? I do. And if you think you will force medical experiments upon me, you will be disappointed.
    I hope there are enough others that will make it not worth the hassle to attempt enforcement.

    • Why is any of all of this horseshit even being done? Who in God’s name came up with this shit? Anyone? Bueller?

      Some crazy bat soup imbibers changed the course of humanity. The biolab in Winnipeg had the genetically modified whatever it is and was absconded by Chink lab workers while in Winnipeg then flown to Wuhan. The rest of the story. lol

      Rumors abound, the Chinese can make fubar look like a Sunday picnic.

      If the first jab doesn’t kill you, the next mandated jab might, if not, the next one will do the job, maybe. If not after that, you will need just one more, won’t be that bad, just take the jab until you die.

      What more can you expect? What more do you need?

      More cowbell! More vaccine!

      Get me outta here. Beam me up.

      • ‘More cowbell!’ — drumphish

        NYT, here to help:

        ‘Have You Satisfied Your Covid Compliance Officer?’ — headline today

        GAHHHHHHH! *sticks index finger down throat*

        Mindless socialists of the Lügenpresse, gorging on their own cognitive vomit …

    • >Ultimately, who owns me? I do.
      For now.
      But what happens if your DNA is modified?
      It is already well established that if you buy genetically engineered soybeans from Monsanto, you are prohibited from planting the beans produced by those plants. Monsanto sends goons around to enforce their “ownership” rights.
      If Pfizer, or some other pharmaceutical company, modified your DNA for “public health” reasons, do they own the seed of the ‘modified you?”

      • Hi turtle,
        Don’t know if you’ve read any books by Robin Cook but there was a recent one with that very theme. A guy gets treated with some patented medications and then Big Pharma comes looking to take a literal pound of his flesh as in The Merchant of Venice; guess he should have read the EULA a bit more thoroughly. Can’t recall the title of that one but several of his recent books hint at what’s been coming down the road in the way of medical tyranny, scary stuff indeed.

        • Hi, Mike,
          Not familiar with that one, but long time fan of R. A. Heinlein.
          Been some years since I read it, but the main character in Friday was an “artificial person,” meaning, I guess, entirely man-made.
          >medical tyranny, scary stuff indeed.
          You’ve got that right, IMO.

  34. “Polls indicate that half the country supports Excelsior Pass (vaccine passports) for all. Not just for them.”

    I tend to think that these “polls” are like so many others – rigged, manipulative, push polls designed to get an intended result. And if 90% of the 16 people surveyed said they are in favor, I couldn’t care less. Don’t really care what other people think anyway, and less so each day.

    I am also encouraged by those proprietors who are excluding the Needled. I agree, however, that this may be a calm before the storm, perhaps we are in the eye of the hurricane. There is a pattern to this type of abuse on an individual level, which is being played out in an institutional way, worldwide. Let the abused think they have gained a bit of ground by giving in a little bit or giving back a little bit of freedom that was stolen, then go full-on nazi in a few weeks or months.


    • The eye of the hurricane is the time to reboot and regroup. It will be ending at some point, though who knows when. Or maybe not. Regardless, the reaction to the “virus” reminds me of how the 55 mph speed limit was imposed on drivers in 1974. It started out badly and got worse for quite a while until it was relaxed in 1987 to 65 and finally eliminated in 1995. From 1974 to 1980, public opinion polls showed that only about 20 percent of the public opposed the 55 mph speed limit. Opposition grew slightly in 1986 when the first attempt to raise to 65 was tried in congress. Public approval was right around 75 percent during the middle 1980s. When the sheep finally got their taste of freedom, public approval of the relaxed 65 mph limit was around 65 percent. When it was discussed, only about 40 percent of the public approved of raising speed limits beyond 65 mph. It could have been a lot higher due to poll manipulation, but there is no way to measure that.
      The same applies to the mask and jab polls.

  35. I’ve seen a couple of indications of what I’m about to suggest. There was a video on Lew Rockwell the other day of a doctor who refuses to see “vaccinated” patients. Apparently, he has some young female staff, one of whom is pregnant, and he will not subject them to possible “shedding” of proteins or whatever is happening because of potential adverse effects on his staff. Good for him. Del Bigtree on The Highwire the other day had an interview with a director of a private school in Miami who advised her staff who hasn’t yet had the needle to wait until the end of the school year to do so (if they want it), otherwise they can’t come back to work in person. This is in an effort to protect those who do not want the needle. Also good for her!

    I have a suspicion that those of us who refuse the needle need to set up our own parallel society and explicitly reject those who are dumb enough to take the experimental gene therapy. Needled? Then you’re not welcome here. We should have our own stores, schools, doctors’ offices, etc. After all, if they can do it to us, then we should, and must, turn the tables on them and exclude them.

    • Via Wiki:

      Logan takes the ankh to the computer, which tells him that it is a symbol for a secret group whose members help the Runners find “Sanctuary”, a mythic place where they will be safe to live out the rest of their lives.

      • Logan’s Run, right? I used to watch the series as a kid and, at the time, I found it very compelling. And I had recently thought of it… drawing parallels to where it seems as though we’re all headed as a society.

        IIRC… there were episodes where they suggested that the killing (by the govt) was not random as it was supposed to have been. Early exposure to that kind of thing is what makes me question quite a bit of what’s going on.

        I think a guiding principle for almost anything is that “if anything is possible to be corrupted, people will try to do so”. Even things that are supposed to be “sacred” (in practice) like… you know… voting… or health care… policing… etc, etc.

    • Hi Jim,

      I think you are right on. It will be the unneedled vs the needled. The issue I see is the “vaccinated” will over take most of society. Not because they necessarily believe in it, but for the convenience it offers. I have heard everything from “I won’t get the shot until I want to travel” to “Well, I have to eat” and my all time fav, “We just need to get back to normal”.

      I stopped at a NC rest stop on I 95 yesterday. Hubby, my daughter, and I were the only ones not masked. It was pretty busy with close to 60 or 70 people milling around. My husband and daughter went into the refreshment station to get a few drinks and snacks. Hubby stated “people refused to even come through the glass doors until we both left.”

      We also visited an Italian restaurant in Florida on Thursday night. Four of us walked in unmasked. A couple who was seated next to us (probably in their mid 70s) called over our server and stated “We want our check now, those people are unmasked and we don’t feel safe.” She then asked the waitress why they allowed us to come again. The waitress stated “the state has lifted the mandates and there is nothing that they (the restaurant) could do.” The couple said nothing directly to us, but it did make me feel like a leper. I just wanted to sit and have a good meal so I kept my trap closed, but I won’t lie and say I didn’t garner a good amount of ill will to these jerks.

      • I would have liked to say something to those old farts. I would have given them a piece of my mind. I’m glad that the waitress stood up. In Texas they would have asked me to move or something.

        My question is how can these cattle/sheep feed themselves if they are wearing a mask. Jerks.

        • Hi swamp,

          It isn’t about the science or even basic common sense to these people. I would have said something if they asked us to leave or move, but they didn’t so I let the ignorant remain ignorant. How do these people know we didn’t have the jab already? We, of course, don’t, but how do they know?

          I am curious on how willing these small businesses will be when the large companies begin implementing the Covid passes, which they will.

          I agree with your post above. It is time to reboot and regroup. I think we have a small window of opportunity before the hammer meets the nail.

      • Hi RG,

        I know it’s not your style, but an effective line, and one that feels really good to say in that situation is, “Fuck you, you old piece of shit.”

        • Some of these lamers might have difficulty feeding themselves even *without* a face diaper.
          Require predigested food, as well as predigested ideas.

        • LOL. Those words may have filtered through my head they just didn’t leave my mouth. 😊. Unfortunately, I highly doubt it will be my only run in with crazy little old people.

        • Hi Anon,

          Another – which I’ve got locked and loaded – is: I’m sorry you’re ill; I hope the therapy helps. And: I’m not a member of your cult.

        • My 21 year old son did exactly that to an older guy that confronted him at Home Depot. I was as proud of him as he was of himself.

        • Just continue to fuck with their already paranoid mind. “Really? You are worried about a near zero death rate from a near zero chance of catching ‘Rona? If I were you, I would be more worried about the Hepatitis and other cooties your likely undocumented third world cook has.”

          You can’t reach them with logic. Drive them over the edge with fear and with any luck, they will off themselves or keel over from an anxiety related heart attack.

          Fuck these people, I want them all dead.

    • “I have a suspicion that those of us who refuse the needle need to set up our own parallel society and explicitly reject those who are dumb enough to take the experimental gene therapy.”

      There is no way that they will allow this. Not a chance.

      The one thing that all sheep have in common is that they cannot abide an outsider. They will act as we have seen over the last year, hypochondriac crazies that demand social distancing but will physical attack those who don’t share their hypochondriac delusions, negating the distancing rule.

      Don’t ever think that a logical approach to differences is ever going to work with the insane paranoids.

      In the end, I am very sure that violence to prevent forced vax is going to be the only way. We will not be left alone, guaranteed.

      • Anonymous,

        Of course they won’t “allow” it. The question is, can they stop it? I have my doubts. But they might try, and it might get ugly.

      • in my mind, “social distancing” is the same thing as “social hostility,’ and I can be one hostile SOB if I so choose. I *do* so choose with anyone who wishes to be “socially distant.” Ignorant cretins reap what they sow.


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