Update on the Glendale Sadist

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The local media in Glendale, AZ is doing a capital job reporting on the story of the AGW who brutalized the passenger in a car pulled over for an alleged minor traffic violation – failure to signal a turn. (Original story here.)

It turns out, the AGW may have made that up – the failure to signal – in order to have a pretext to brutalize the people in the stopped-for-no-legal-reason car.

ABC affiliate reporter Dave Biscobing has been dogged in his pursuit of the facts about AGW Matt Schneider – the sadist who ended up Tasering the passenger of the stopped car 11 times, including a shot in the balls, after the AGW pulled his pants down – after the man had been handcuffed and thrown violently to the ground . . . for the crime of questioning Schneider’s demand that he provide ID.

It turns out the pretext for the torture session was just that – a made-up “violation.” As Biscobing proves, there is no way the AGWs could have seen a failure to signal. The car enters the parking lot where the torture session occurred from a sidestreet on one side of the building; the SUV with the AGWs in it enters from the opposite side of the parking lot, from another street. It would have been physically impossible for the AGWs to have witnessed the other car signaling – or not.

The ABC reporter then  notes – with the help of an expert – that the AGWs approach the passenger side of the car first, which is odd if the reason for the stop was something the driver supposedly did.

So, the stop itself was based on a deliberate lie.

The Tasered man is about to become a very rich man – but not, unfortunately at the expense of the egregious AGW. The taxpayers of Glendale will be forced to pay for Schneider’s crimes.

Speaking of which . . .

This Schneider creature has been “causing problems for years” – and nothing (surprise) was done about him.

Biscobing found out that Schneider had been “disciplined repeatedly,” for abusive actions – and “suspended twice times” – one of those times for “intentionally destroying” a citizen’s personal property . . . but was never fired, much less charged with any criminal offense.

His boss actually praised Schneider for “thinking outside the box.”

The pattern of abuse goes back more than a decade.

Schneider was described by his fellow AGWs as “bullying” and “insubordinate.”

How did these upper echelon AGWs imagine this psychopath would treat the unarmed and legally helpless public?

After the video of the most recent horror got out, the ABC affiliate attempted to find out whether Schneider – who would have felt right at home at Treblinka – was still “patrolling” the streets of Glendale.

“We decline to answer questions concerning this matter,” was the indignant response of the AGW shop that unleashed him.

The FBI is reportedly investigating now – and not just Schneider.

If any good comes of this, it will be that the public demands that taxpayers no longer pay for the abuses committed by AGWs but that they be held personally liable, both criminally and civilly.

Just as any mere citizen would be.

Had any mere citizen just marched up to someone else, then Tasered them in the genitals, they would be sued into oblivion as well as facing hard time in a hard place. Why should Schneider, et al be held to a lesser standard?

It is inexcusable – intolerable – that AGWs are allowed to dodge personal responsibility for the crimes they commit. Which crimes are made all the more inexcusable because they are committed under color of law.

If AGWs are not held to at least the same standards as any other person would be, the results will inevitable be explosive.

No one in his right mind wants that.

Particularly not for the sake of someone such as Schneider, a thing in human form who ought to be placed safely in a cage somewhere, forever.

. . .

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  1. Nice followup. You are correct,,, absolutely amazing a MSM reporter is doing his job. Seems the Governor believes the case needs reopened as well. That’s startling in itself! Apparently the plaintiffs are willing to settle for $15 million which is rattling the local PTB cage.

    As for the FBI investigating this….. lolol …. They shot a mother holding her child at Ruby Ridge,,, allowed the perp to perp at the Florida school shooting last year and lets not forget Waco!
    IMO,,, If they do anything it will be even more surprising than that brave reporter bringing all this to light.

  2. Any side bets on whether this degenerate is a mason? Membership would explain the actions of all involved to this point. Mason first duty is to other masons. This is why masons should be excluded from all government service – their priorities conflict with the public’s priorities.

  3. Wow! After watching this video, it’s amazing that the Glendale PD gets away with how they’ve logrolled this case. Their refusal to directly answer the question as to whether Officer Schneider is still on patrol duties with their department (if he’d been dismissed or resigned, they simply would have said, “Matthew Schneider is no longer employed with the City of Glendale” and left it at that). If that’s not an instance of the cop union, police management, and the city manager all colluding (aka, “The BLUE WALL”) to silence a notorious case, I don’t know what is.

    There’s only one answer until this case is satisfactorily resolved: AVOID Glendale, AZ, altogether, not only to cut off discretionary spending from local merchants and to shut off the flow of sales taxes, but also, for simple self-preservation! It’s obvious that residents and passerby of Glendale, AZ, need ‘Police Protection’…that is, protection FROM the Police!

  4. As terrifying as the SS and Gestapo were in their costumes, seeing Eichman, Himmler, Franz and all the others in civvies you can tell just what cowardly little balless worms they really were. Take away this AGW’s costume and he’s no more than rat pizzle

    • Interesting to note that the husband of the infamous “Bitch of Buchenwald” (Ilse Koch), one Karl Koch, was relieved of command of KZ Buchenwald, arrested, court-martialed, and sentenced to death, the sentence being carried out on April 5, 1945, one week prior to the camp’s liberation. Among the charges were TORTURE of the inmates and CRUELTY, as well as embezzlement (the primary reason he was fired and jailed and finally shot). Even the SD (sister organization to the SS) has some ‘scruples’!

  5. I like the front/side pictures of this loser you posted. Just as I suspected, he looks like an absolute pussy. Without his batman belt, he’d surely be the one getting brutalized (and probably has). May he get what’s coming, and soon.

    • Thanks, Anonymous!

      I did so on purpose – for just that reason.

      A chinless mongoloid. As the Gunny said in Full Metal Jacket: Looks like the best part of you ran down your momma’s leg!

  6. “…was described by his fellow AGWs as “bullying” and “insubordinate.”…”

    There is the proof that there is no such thing as a good AGW: They watch this character abuse people and do nothing about it.

    I think THEY are actually worse than Schneider.

    • Hi Aljer,

      Yes, indeed. The “superiors” are even worse than this real-life Amon Goth. The whole lot should be criminally charged and civilly sued into oblivion.

    • It’s worse that this incident isn’t the only one attributed to this sadistic creep with a badge. Why the hell is he STILL on the force?


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