Glendale Sadist Yucks up His Tazer Torture Session

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Here’s a video follow-up to the story of a few days ago (see here) about the Glendale, AZ armed government worker who brutally tortured the passenger of a vehicle pulled over for allegedly making a turn without signaling – his punishment for questioning the AGW’s belligerent demand that he produce ID, which he wasn’t legally obliged to do, under Arizona law.

Nevertheless, his questioning of the AGW’s Authority triggered an almost immediate and unbelievably brutal attack. The AGW not only Tazered the victim 11 times but actually pulled his pants down and Tazered his testicles.

New video of one of the sadist’s accomplices – an AGW named Mark Lindsay – shows him laughing about the incident:

The AGW starts babbling about “suspicious activity” – the new open-season card on us.

What does “suspicious activity” mean, exactly? You just missed the point. Which is that like “officer safety,” “suspicious activity” can mean anything – the definition determined by the AGW and not to be questioned by us.

There is no statute in any state – yet – that defines “suspicious activity” as illegal, because there is no way to define it.

Anyone’s “activity” can be described as “suspicious” – as it is all in the eye of the beholder.

Is it “suspicious” to sit by oneself alone at a coffee shop for several hours? Is it “suspicious” to go for a walk late at night? To board an airplane carrying only a small backpack?

If an AGW says so, then sure it is.

The beauty – from the standpoint of AGWs – is that there is no counter to “suspicious activity.” They get to define – and we get to submit.

The AGW attempts to justify the Tazing which followed by claiming that the victim “looked like he was trying to fight,” which the horrific video shows was clearly not the case. The victim merely “tensed up”  – as the AGW placed hands (and Tazer) on him. Not unlike the way you or I might “tense up” in the dentist’s chair as the drill gets close to our mouths. The man could sense what was coming – it being as obvious as a semi with locked up brakes getting bigger and bigger in the rearview mirror.

“Tensing up” seems perfectly reasonable in the context – and at any rate, to describe the victim as “fighting” his tormentor is as despicable as faulting a man being whipped for flinching.

Next eructs the usual nonsense: “We kinda told him, ‘stop resisting’ ” – as they jolted him with electricity, making it impossible for the man to control his own now-writhing body.

The AGW in the video goes on to whine about the man’s wife attempting to defend her husband – the victim – by throwing a bag of water bottles at him. This is why the AGW is giving the interview from a hospital bed.

He is attempting to portray himself as the victim, in the manner of a Klansman who strained his back while forcing the rope knot around the neck of an “uppity nigger.”

The video of the attack did not go public until just recently.

The event took place more than a year ago – and all the AGWs are still on the job, not in the clink. An “internal investigation” has yet to be concluded – and will likely conclude the AGWs did nothing wrong, much less illegal.

But a civil action is no doubt in the works and the local media has been covering the story, including public broadcast of the original video. Which strongly indicates the AGWs violated the law to begin with by demanding ID from the passenger/Tazering victim, whom they had no specific reason to suspect had committed any crime and so was not legally obliged to priduce ID – and then without question needlessly escalated things and used barbaric tactics that can’t be justified by any standard other than the North Korean.

The AGW in this video shows no remorse, no humanity. This creature has a badge and a gun – government authority.

He is out there.

And he is not alone.

. . .

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  1. See Johnny Reb’s story right below this post.

    For the love all that’s holy DO NOT TALK TO COPS.


    Exercise your right to remain silent and consult QUALIFIED legal counsel, immediately.

    Watch this…really…please…watch this:

    Law professor at Regent Univ. explains why you should NEVER talk to a cop.

    This is required viewing in today’s police state AmeriKa.

    • Hear, hear!

      That’s a good video. I’ve seen it a couple of times, but I should watch it again. I think everyone should watch it every six months or so. As AF says, this is REQUIRED VIEWING in Police State Amerika…

  2. I used to support the cops even though the two I personally knew couldn’t stand other cops. Now I’m like more and more Americans who have the attitude of F’ the cops! I get so tired of them being called heroes and whining about how dangerous their job is. Yeah well I fly helicopters and every year we are usually hit the top five most dangerous jobs. They almost never even come close to the top ten. I’ve never heard a pilot whine about how dangerous their job is. We chose it, know the risk, and still do it. Nobody makes us. If it’s too much we can change careers.

    My latest was an accident in a parking garage due to a temporary medical condition. Long story short. Take a breathalizer – 0.00, so he says I’d like you to take a blood test if you’re willing. Sure, I’ve got nothing to hide. Next thing I know he says ok you’re under arrest for suspicion of DUI. I’m hand cuffed painfully I might add, stuffed in the back of a squad car, left in a holding tank for an hour then dumped off at a hospital still in cuffs I might add. First thing they do is get me a bed, start pumping fluids and meds into me. Doc tried to get me to stay for three days but I bailed after two. So, humiliated in public, endangered my health, ruined a 23 year career as in my work anything like this on a background check is an automatic fail even if dismissed, possibly cost me a pending job. I’d love to sue these aholes beyond the orbit of mars but what are the odds. He’d just claim he was just doing his job hut, hut, hutting around. Final insult was him saying thanks for being so cooperative. Still pisses me off!!!

    • Hi Johnny,

      I’m very sorry to hear about this. And it’s stories such as yours that prompt me to remind people that they should never “cooperate” with an AGW. Do what they law requires, nothing more. The “job” of an AGW is to “bust” you. Your job is to not help them do so. Do not volunteer information that can and will be used against you. Don’t agree to tests you’re not legally obligated to take, submit to searches he hasn’t got legal grounds to make.

      My impression – based on talking with numerous people, none of them “criminals,” all of them people who should have no reason to fear and loathe cops – is that the wheel is turning. That a large and growing percentage of the general population does fear and loathe AGWs. Is sick of the “hero” talk coming from body-armored poltroons who brutalize people the instant they say they “fear for their safety.” Of seeing people Hut! Hut! Hutted! over nothing more than challenging the Authority of these “heroes.”

      It is genug, already.

      • Thanks Eric and everyone else. Yeah, it’s a bummer. I’ve taken it on the chin a couple times these last two years. Talked to a guy the other night and he tells me in this state I’ll be lucky if the blood test gets back in 4 to 6 months. Oh, yea!

        Yep, AGW’s, in this state I guess they are trained to escalate first instead of de-escalation. What could possibly go wrong?!?

        I have discovered two things though. One, if you get a decent cop, the reason they do the field sobriety first before the breathalyzer is they know some people are drunk at .04 and some people are ok at .16. I once had a cop tell me I passed but he really thought I shouldn’t be driving. Decent guy. Two, get a commercial license. Decent cops know three tickets in a year and you’re done so they go easy.

        Good luck finding a decent cop though…

        • I’ll add this. Just to piss y’all off. Once had my car stolen. While the officer was taking my report his buddy racked up two felony warrant arrests. So he tells me Saturday mornings they play a game to see who gets more arrests. Then he proceeds to laugh and tell me how they do it which comprises telling people to do things which are either illegal or that they have no obligation to do. He just laughed at how ignorant of the law most people are. Most people just go along and won’t push back like my friend tracy who finally had a judge tell a cop it was obvious he was harassing my friend and if he ever saw the two of them in his court again, he’d throw the cop in jail. Ah, one can dream eh?

    • JR, it just kills me when they say “We want to go home at night”. Since trucking generally comes in as 10 on the most dangerous job list, it seems ironic they want to come home every night when truckers want to come home every couple weeks and we’re stuck by ourselves with no backup and the constant threat of cops 24/7 jacking with us “because they can”……enough reason needed……for them. I’d as soon they all got stacked into a giant cargo ship(s) and hauled out to sea. Cue Bobby Bare

    • That’s why one NEVER, unless you’re either underaged or on DUI probation (one of the terms typically being that in return for the mandatory SIX MONTH jail sentence being suspended, you must submit to a roadside Breathalyzer test, or “PAST” as it’s termed her in CA), you NEVER agreed to any field sobriety test, whether the PAST, Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (movement of the pupils of your eyes), or any coordination test (“Walk and Turn”). Contrary to what’s commonly believed, you have every RIGHT to refuse these ‘tests’ immediately. With the exception of the PAST, which typically is well-confirmed by the accepted Breathalyzer or Blood tests, the other “tests” have no scientific merit whatsoever and of themselves are NOT considered as evidence of impairment. Why, then, are they used? They are used by the cops to establish PROBABLE CAUSE to arrest for DUI. The cop, IF he’s acting in good faith, already believes that you’re impaired, he’s looking for you to VOLUNTARILY give the PC to make the arrest; the “judgement” will be rendered once you have the validated breath or blood test performed. So, like they preach in the Navy, don’t, for pity’s sake, VOLUNTEER for anything (unless it’s to serve in submarines and you want the pay and advancement opportunities).

      It gets trickier when the subject is suspected of impairment due to “Drugs”, legal, OTC, or “recreational”. Unlike alcohol, which at least has a wealth of research and field experience, there is precious little on most drugs, including marijuana, in comparison. That doesn’t stop the police from alleged impairment, as you found out, unfortunately. So never let ANY OTCs or Rx be in plain sight when driving, and DON’T EVER admit to taking so much as an aspirin within the last 24 hours or having a prescription! Thanks to all the moral panic about OTC and Rx drug abuse (“opoids”), the cops have an incredible amount of leeway to arrest you for impaired driving, which, though it’s always a misdemeanor as compared to DUI, which can be, if either a repeated offense, or resulting in bodily injury (and always if someone dies), or with minors present in the car or at an intoxication level way above the presumed limit (usually 2X), charged as a FELONY. The hell of it is that although there’s no “presumption” of intoxication of say, marijuana or common opoids (I used to have a regular Rx for Vicodin), if you’re arrested on suspicion of impairment and there’s SOMETHING in your blood or even your hair (yep, the Atty General of AZ vowed that anyone found to have THC in his hair, which can be present for as long as THIRTY DAYS after use, would be prosecuted, actual impairment be damned, so the cops there often demand a snippet of the subject’s hair for testing), it can be a bitch to defeat in court!

  3. The family of this poor guy should track that criminal AGW down and give him a tazing of 240v at high current till his heart stops…..oh wait, that wouldn’t work since he doesn’t have a heart.

    • Too many people have been killed by shooting a croc in the head. Nearly impossible to hit the brain, what there is of it. The rest of it just keeps on chomping and running. Now shutting down every Dunkin Donuts would eventually starve them to death.

  4. The US is a police state now. Americans should be out in the streets with pitchforks and torches, but instead they would rather shut up, cover their ears, and put their heads in the sand.


  5. I’m in extreme danger of being tortured on the side of the road by one of these bastards any time I get pulled over.

    I treat them like the clueless, lawless bastards that they are. So far, I have only gotten out of tickets by treating them poorly. They are so surprised at the way I treat them, they turn into the loser they were in highschool, where they just want to be your “friend”.

    I suppose I’ll have my day at some point, but treating vermin respectfully can result in torture or death just the same. Why give Nazi’s any courtesy? They are collectivist blood sucking scum. Every damn one of them. This video is indicative of the general population of “LEO’s”, not the exception.

  6. So how do we counter these heartless and brainless brutes who enjoy torturing poor civvies when given an opportunity?

    More I read about this, more mad I get

  7. I generally oppose lynching, but in some cases — Brailsford, for instance, and this creep, too — I wouldn’t shed a tear if it happened.

    Of course… it WON’T happen, because our country isn’t full of individual MEN with a sense of honor and justice… it’s full of dolts who are horrified at all those stiff-armed, “Seig heil”-ing Nazis of the 1930s but don’t realize that all their flag-waving and hand-over-heart Pledge reciting and “hero”-worship of the cops is really no different than what the average German was doing back then.


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