Sadist Government Worker Tazes… Taxpayers Pay His Victim

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Here’s a video which shows an armed government worker gratuitously escalating a trivial parking ticket into a $98,000 settlement to his victim.

A man had parked his car illegally on the sidewalk – apparently because the spot across the street was being worked on. Regardless, a parking violation.

The car’s owner walks over to speak with the armed government worker – who almost immediately begins barking orders and demanding ID (which isn’t necessary since the car could be ticketed, per usual practice). When the owner hesitates and tries to discuss the matter with the armed government worker, the armed government worker escalates – telling the man he is under arrest (for what?) and threatening to Taze him. Which he does, moments later.

It looks as though he was eager to do so. All he needed was an excuse.

However, the victim was not violent or even aggressive. His “crime” was insufficient deference and submission to the Authority of the armed government worker – for which the citizens of the area will now have to pony up a six-figure settlement.

Hut! Hut! Hut!

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  1. About 12 years ago, on a coin forum I used to participate in, there was a cop who collected Buffalo nickels. He posted one day about being issued a Tazer and said that he couldn’t wait to use it. His signature line under all his posts was “Click it or Ticket”. I flamed his ass off in response and told him I hoped someone would take his Tazer and stick it up his ass. What a mongoloid. ahaha

    • Hi Kent,

      Much as I hate having to agree, I do. Even the “good” ones – the ones who might not enforce the law to the fullest (or even at all) when they have the discretion and may well be decent people, if you knew them as individuals nonetheless serve an evil system and cannot avoid culpability. I have had this discussion with a very good friend of mine, who defends them. I point out that unless they limit what they do to dealing with people who cause actual harm to others and refuse to harm people solely because they have affronted a statute, then they are harming people who’ve harmed no one – which is the very definition of tyranny.

      Also, unless they are paid with money provided by voluntary contribution, they are thieves – by definition.

      • Things would change very quickly if damages against police are paid by the cops themselves, rather than taxing all of us to pay for their legal settlements. This is just like Wall St moral hazard. They transgress, we pay, so why bother behaving?


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