Taxpayers on the Hook for $5.5 Million To Pay Victim of Another “Hero” Beatdown

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A man who suffered a concussion, deep head cuts and broken bones in his arms at the hands of Alameda County, California sheriff’s deputies will receive a $5.5 million lawsuit settlement.

Attorneys said Friday that the Alameda County Board of Supervisors approved the settlement for Stanislav Petrov on Tuesday. Petrov had been sitting in a reportedly stolen vehicle in the parking lot of the Travelers Inn on Foothill Boulevard in San Leandro at about 1:30 a.m. on Nov. 12.

He led police on a 38 minute car chase. According to officers, Petrov used the car to ram two patrol cars, which injured one deputy. He was then pursued “to Oakland, onto the freeway, over the Bay Bridge and through downtown San Francisco and finally onto Stevenson Street.”

That’s where he crashed the car and fled on foot. Video filmed of the incident showed deputies Paul Wieber and Luis Santamarianear chase Petrov to the corner of Clinton Park where he surrendered.

He was then tackled to the ground by the cops who rained down punches and over 40 baton strikes upon his head, face and body. Petrov can be heard on the footage crying out in agony.

Following the beating, Petrov was transported to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment, where he was latter released into the custody of officers and processed into the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin.

“From what you can see on the video, he’s turning the corner and they’re able to subdue him,” Petrov’s public defender Jeff Adachi said at the time. “They clearly had him on the ground. He didn’t pose any threat at that point, and they are clearly using excessive force and trying to seriously hurt him when he was on the ground and subdued.”

Watch the raw footage:

“I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t be handcuffed and taken into custody,” Adachi added. “The blows, after they took him to the ground, were excessive by any measure, any standard. It’s shocking to see.”

Following the incident, Petrov filed a lawsuit and an internal investigation was launched to review Wieber and Santamarianear’s actions. Both “heroes” have since been fired and face assault with a deadly weapon and other charges.

On Friday, Alameda County insurers authorized the $5.5 million settlement and stated the payout will “hold the deputies accountable for their really egregious actions and send the message to law enforcement that this conduct isn’t tolerable in a civilized society.”

Another “hero” on the scene of the beating is accused of stealing Petrov’s gold chain and using it along with cash and cigarettes to bribe homeless witnesses. Deputy “hero” Shawn Osborne was fired on July 29 and still remains under investigation.


  1. The problem isn’t Gail or any woman. It’s men.

    You wouldn’t expect her to understand or practice complex automotive engineering principles.

    Why do you expect her to grok equally complex anarcho-capitalist principles?

    Gail is living by collectivist principles created and popularized by a group of men. She is a consumer of principles.

    She uses them in the same way she uses a vacuum or a microwave.

    Your philosophy is grossly incomplete and unfinished.

    It is not ready for use by someone at Gail’s cognitive level.

    I am grateful she is here and helping us.

    We need women in our emerging culture. You can’t just jerk off to your male fantasies, and pick up a woman and child at the Walmart.

    For now you need to partition your consciousness, and have a gearshift that makes you functional in the feminine statist culture, we’re all forced to deal with sometimes, until our preferred culture is actually built.

    • I wish I could, Tor… but I can’t Speak Clover (or female, apparently).

      I’m done trying – as regards both.

      Or at least, women.

      American women. I’ve reached my fill of Oprah-ized, Deepak Chopra’d anxiety-laden, embittered, unhappy, expect-you-to-read-their-minds (but don’t know what they fuck they want) women.

      I’ve had my share over the years, so it’s not like I’m missing much.

      And there is Internet porn in abundance. Once the Japanese perfect the Sex Robot (it must give backrubs, too) we’ll no longer have need of their drama, demands and general hassle.

      I’d much rather have a cup of good coffee, a good book and a comfortable sofa.

      • You’re doing plenty of course.

        If we’re going to survive, we’ll need to do something familiar and relateable. We’re too complex and abstract right now.

        One idea, is to form a Libertarian Motorcycle Club.

        The club could get together for a ride or a weekend get together.

        Other ideas. Libertarian bicycle club. Libertarian coffee club. Libertarian fitness club. Libertarian car geek club. Libertarian marijuana social club. Anarcho-capitalist Owls lodge. Libertarian farmers almanac. Anything tangible is good.

    • Hi Tor,

      Point taken, which is why I thanked Gail for her work overcoming one aspect of road tyranny and decided not to irritate her further. However, while pondering how non-coercive institutions, based on voluntary cooperation, could do a better job of “ordering” society than current coercive systems is complex, understanding that it is problematic to grant a monopoly on interpreting the law to the very institution supposedly limited by the law, is not. I have had substantial success getting people to recognize this conundrum without ever using the word anarchy. Most will not embrace voluntarism as an idea, but many admit that this is due more to fear of unknown consequences rather than insistence that the current ideology is correct. The first step in building our “preferred culture” is to get enough people to recognize that something is wrong with the existing culture.

      Kind Regards,

        • For me, parts of the mainstream culture are intolerable.

          My response is render only the appearance of compliance with its strictures.

          If living in Trumps America is like being a computer running Windows 8. And this computer is where my family and job exist. That is one iteration of who I am.

          With intelligent statists I can discuss my registry, BIOS, with people who know my legal name address and history.

          I also have an interior kernel in UNIX which is never shared with anyone from my Windows persona.

          This deeper anonymous self has no tethering to Windows world or right and wrong. The people in this self’s life no nothing about the other self.

          This free self can do anything peacefully possible. And I do mean anything imaginable nearly anywhere with almost anyone.

          I’m turning 50 in a few weeks, and both these conceptual realms are still alive healthy and well. This is my adaptation to an unfree culture.

          If I wake up tomorrow and the US is now East Cathay. And English is outlawed. And Mandarin is official.

          I won’t much care. Because my other inner self will still be there. And not much changes but the shape of my vocal systems when I utter the new mainstream verbal commands and responses.

  2. “hold the deputies accountable for their really egregious actions” ??!?! WTF. The only ones “accountable” for these assholes are the taxpayers! I’ll bet not one dime of the settlement will come out of the pockets of these dirtbags, and as soon as they are found not guilty (which always happens), their union will get their jobs reinstated – more than likely with back pay. This shit isn’t gonna stop until these heroes are held PERSONALLY responsible, with settlement money coming out of their own pockets and not ours. Of course, whatever money they have came out of our pockets in the first place, but that’s another discussion.

    • They can always get a job at another cop shop. The hero who murdered the 13 year old boy in Cleveland now works in South Carolina, looking for another victim.


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