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Here’s a video taken by a cyclist of an armed government worker crashing into him. And not just that. The armed government worker – on his sail fawn – makes a left turn into the wrong lane (right lane of the road he’s attempting to enter) where the poor cyclist is waiting (stopped at the stop sign) to make a right turn.

Naturally, all will be forgiven the reckless armed government worker. There will be no reckless driving citation, certainly. As there certainly would be, if the reckless driver in the SUV happened to be an ordinary person and not an armed government worker.

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  1. Just another day on a bicycle plus some.
    I’m rather surprised the cop didn’t try to make it the bicyclist’s fault.

    • Hi Ed,

      The part that grates – for me – is not the cop’s being distracted and making a mistake. It is that this same cop would almost certainly have issued a “reckless driving” or “attempted vehicular manslaughter” cite to any Mere Ordinary who did the same thing, especially to him – probably at gunpoint, too – while Hut! Hut! Hutting! all over himself.

      • Yes, true, but that point has been made so many times that it kind of goes without saying now. I try never to miss an opportunity to ridicule the ridiculous, skinhead, ringmeat retards with their mirrored Oakley shades. 😉


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