Why Aren’t Law Enforcers Required to Know the Law?

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Here’s a video sent to me by a reader; it shows a cyclist being harassed by multiple armed government workers – aka, “law enforcement” – who do not know the law.

The cyclist was legally riding on the road when accosted by armed government worker/law enforcer Number One. When the cyclist – rightly annoyed about his travels being interrupted by a bully with a badge and a gun – demands to know what law he’s broken, the armed government worker/law enforcer “detains” him and calls for “back-up.”

Multiple law enforcers appear – none of whom know the law.

The man is eventually issued a citation – subsequently dismissed when the video became public – for “impeding traffic.”

The question which ought to be asked but never seems to be is: Why aren’t law enforcers required to know the law? And why aren’t they punished when they act outside the law? Any of us would be. We are not only expected but required to be aware of the law; or rather, not being aware of the law isn’t a legally viable defense. We will be held accountable.

Why doesn’t the same standard apply to law enforcers, whose job is to know the law?

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  1. They know the law. They are playing dumb to generate revenue. They also resent anyone that might prevent other traffic, even if unintentionally, from breaking the speed limit, thus depriving them of more revenue. They have do interest or desire to curtail any actual crimes, no revenue in that.


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