So Much For Not Being Required to Answer Questions

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Here’s a video that just surfaced of an armed government worker who arrests a man because – his words – he’s “obnoxious” and “refused to answer questions.” Neither thing being a crime.

How is it that armed government workers can simply make up laws and then enforce these made-up laws without themselves being charged with violating the law?

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  1. The most angry I’ve made cops is by showing that I’ve actually read the vehicle code.
    They haven’t. Not even the simple stuff. I’ve not found a single cop who has shown knowledge anything more than a handmedown telephone game version of the vehicle code and law in general. Or maybe I simply don’t get stopped by the ones who know the law.

  2. I hate what they are in this moment. They are just noise to me. Why even bother listening to the blahbluhbluh blahbluh that comes out of their greasy maws. It all adds up to whatever Kenny from SouthPark or the school Loudspeaker in Peanuts is saying. Nothing coherent, intelligible, nor worth the effort to unscramble and decode.

    The best I can do for them, is to remind myself they were children once, and actual human beings before they became part and parcel of the predatory alien clusterfuckery that calls itself first responders these days.

    ¿A quién le importa?

    People point me out
    They point me with their finger
    They whisper behind my back
    And I do not give a damn

    What else does it give me?
    If I am different from them
    I’m nobody
    I do not have an owner

    I know they criticize me
    I know they hate me
    Envy corrodes them
    My life overwhelms them

    Why will it be so?
    It’s not my fault
    My circumstance insults them

    My destiny is the one that I decide
    The one I choose for myself

    Who cares what I do?
    Who cares what I say?
    I am like this and so I will continue
    I will never change

    • Amen, Tor…

      Their lack of humanity is depressing. But then, it really is as Morpheus explained in the first Matrix movie. These people are part of the very system which seeks to enslave us all, but they don’t see it that way and will defend it viciously.

      A very good friend of mine is a conservative Republican and he and I argue about this all the time. He defends armed government workers while I condemn them as a class. I take the position that there can be no such thing as a “good” one (he disagrees) because by definition what they are and what they do is very bad. That the only way they can be “good” is to cease being armed government workers.

      My friend says, “some are good dudes” and explains that he knows them. Knows that they also smoke pot sometimes, as a for-instance. And would never “bust” him for doing the same. But what about me, I ask him? And what about other people – strangers to the armed government worker. Does he not “bust” them?

      Of course he does.

      I actually am more disgusted by the preferential/special treatment these armed government workers extend to their friends and so on. It shows that they know perfectly well that what they are doing is despicable (would they “give a break” to a murderer or rapist?) but don’t mind screwing up the lives of people they don’t know.

    • Those cop on cop videos are always good. Hero’s go out of their way to avoid stopping each other to begin with, but when they do, hilarity often happens. Sometimes they seem close to blows (or gunfire) as they try to outdo each other. But they never ticket each other no matter what. I haven’t seen one get a ticket from another, no matter how mad they are at each other.

      It’s part of the blue code, never traffic ticket each other. No matter what. Wish the general public got the same perk.


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