Latest Reader Questions (Nov. 8, 2017)

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Here are the latest reader Questions, along with my replies:

Tony asks: I don’t know whether you have noticed or not, but none of the police departments report to the the people. They  usually report to a police chief , who is appointed by  the mayor, or by the Board of Commissioners who are appointed by the mayor. Sheriffs are elected ….but not police chiefs… So the police can go about their merry way collecting stipends to support their department.

My reply: Amen, Tony. In my small rural community, we have a sheriff’s office and the sheriff is elected, which does impose some degree of accountability. However, the deeper problem remains. Cops are no longer keepers of the peace but enforcers of the law. And most laws they enforce are, arguably, tyrannical because they punish people who’ve not harmed anyone but merely affronted a statute.

That is what must change for their to be real change.

Skip asks: And where is there anybody local who is willing to denounce the police? They are defeated and cowed and not supportive of this young man because he cannot give them anything tangible like fiat money. As a Rothschild is reported to have said “Give me a nation’s banking system and I care not who makes its laws”. Sad.

My reply: Quite so, Skip. The fundamental problem, as I see it, is “respect for the law.” How about respect for people’s rights? As I explained in my answer to Tony (above) the fundamental problem is not these costumed goons. It is the system – the laws – which empower them.

If we must have police – and I do not think we must – at the very least, they should be peacekeepers only. If someone isn’t harming anyone else or their property by his actions or lack of action, then – as I see it – he has an absolute right to be left in peace. Put another way, no peaceable person should ever be the focus of aggressive violence – which is what law enforcement is, by definition.
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